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Alright /b/, I've got some stories to tell. Back in the

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Alright /b/, I've got some stories to tell. Back in the day I went to high school like the most of you, but this school had some pretty damning secrets that only a few students got to know about. These are those secrets, involving 6 teachers, 50 students, marijuana, and cocaine.

>junior at the school
>story doesn't involve me but so be it
>all the teachers at the school have been working here for a good 5 years or longer
>there's one teacher, let's call him Mr. Jones
>he's a pretty chill guy
>short and stout
>balding, but only in his mid 20s
>he taught sophomores
>I had his homeroom
>sat near the front everyday, assigned seats
>we talked about politics every now and then, came off as a liberal to me
>be first week of school
>everyone's still settling in
>two girls start showing up in his homeroom to talk to him
>don't think much of it, I've got homework to do and shit
>second week
>these girls keep coming
>third week
>more girls now, there's at least seven of them
>fourth week
>there's a total of ten sometimes eleven girls coming to this guys homeroom just to talk to him, no one else
>now we had some of the most popular people in the school in the homeroom so people always stopped by to chat
>these girls did not talk to these people, only Mr. Jones
>notice that these girls are seniors, a few juniors
>Jones only teachers sophomores
>start to wonder if some shady shit is going down
>ask around
>second month of school
>find out that most of these seniors and juniors did "favors" for Jones
>ranged from a simple flirt to more extreme shit
>Jones would apparently adjust their grades accordingly
>the others just made friends with him idk
>now remember these were just seniors and juniors, no sophomores
>"oh maybe this has stopped"
>third month of school
>five of them
>oh shit
>these girls start coming by daily with fucking starbucks, cookies, muffins
>I shit you not one group of girls brought in cake for Jones' birthday

>the girls would bend over and balance their arms on his desk, showing cleavage
>some would just stand there
>either way this shit continued for months
>the info about some getting grades changed had only been rumor
>comes out that some of the dumbest in the sophomore class got high 90s on some essays
>people know exactly who she is and what she's been doing
>middle-end of school year rolls around
>teacher starts flirting with these girls in public
>in front of his classes
>one girl I had been friends with stops by
>she had to deliver attendance or some shit
>as she turns away from him, he says
>"Oh behave you, get back in the kitchen!"
>this is in front of the whole class
>she had been one of the girls that flirted with him, knowing she'd get grades changed
>ended up reporting him
>turns out he'd been reported 5 times before
>no evidence other than word of mouth
>nothing happens
>she continued to flirt with him into senior year
go on
Alright, OP. I'm interested.
Story 2: Mr. Simpson

>now the story of Mr. Simpson is much similar to that of Mr. Jones
>didn't get favors though
>second year of him teaching, I was a freshman
>word gets out in rumor that he's in a relationship with a junior girl
>no one knows who, nothing really comes of it
>sophomore year
>a junior girl, lets call her Amanda, starts flirting with Simpson like crazy
>she starts coming to his class during lunch periods, study halls, etc.
>he'd fucking interrupt class just to talk to her
>she didn't even have class with him
>they share phone numbers, snapchats, facebook pages, instagrams etc.
>they continue like this for a long ass time
>apparently some of her friends catch her snapchatting him at lunch
>they don't know what to do
>she's doing this regularly too
>Simpson's got a girlfriend at this point, someone his age
>Amanda knows but doesn't really care
>they keep talking regularly
>eventually the two start going out
>Amanda is only 16 at the time, Simpson's 24 maybe 25
>people start seeing them out at malls
>word gets around the two are sleeping together
>no confirmation on that
>eventually Simpson's girlfriend breaks up with him because of Amanda, claims he's always on his phone when the two are together
>Simpson continues to go out with Amanda
>she eventually confirms to some friends that they're sleeping together
>everyone in the school knows
>some people tell the faculty
>can't do shit, no evidence again
>one of my friends, we'll call him Sam, isn't aware of the situation
>prom time roles around
>Sam ain't got no one to go with
>Sam asks Amanda to go
>Amanda is "single"
>Sam and Amanda start going out prior to the prom
>Simpson doesn't know shit
>they eventually go to prom together
>Amanda disappears as soon as the dancing begins, Sam's got no idea where she is
>Simpson, who had to go to the prom to chaperone, is suddenly missing too
>Sam's getting heated, wanted to dance with Amanda
>can't find either of them

>Amanda comes back to dance towards the end of the prom
>she can barely walk
>her dress is a bit disheveled
>Sam's a short 5'5" beta, doesn't really say anything about it
>Amanda ends up letting something slip
>"ooh yeaa me and Charlie (Mr. Simpson's first name) had a greattt timeee"
>Sam's got no idea what to do
>leaves the table, goes to bathroom
>Sam had been visiting Simpson's homeroom with a friend of his and mine for some time
>the two were good friends with Simpson
>Sam knows he's been played
>prom ends, the drive home between the two of them is silent
>Simpson knows what happened
>one of our friends ends up going to the school board again
>no evidence other than word of mouth
>nothing happens (again)
>end of my junior year, word was that Amanda and Simpson were still fucking, and that the two were still "single"
there's a tiny bit more to that story but not much, should I cont. it?
whats the point? teachers fucking students, thats nothing special
Continue plz
Bump this is good shit
Story 3: Mrs. Jameson

>now this school was in an area of confluence
>half the students were poor as fuck, other half were rich sons of lawyers, doctors, etc.
>the rich kids were able to get around shit pretty easily
>school needed money for funding, these students provided much of that funding
>now a lot of these kids were also rich due to some illicit means
>there were three students in particular
>their families sold coke
>one of these families happened to be related to Mrs. Jameson, who worked at the front desk
>now Jameson didn't have the pull that the principle did in the school, but her family had clout
>donated thousands each year
>there were multiple instances where the students that were selling drugs did so in school
>they never got caught
>Jameson, who was related to one of them, would regularly clear school camera footage with hopes nothing would be found
>or so her relative that I had been friends with told me
>this sort of thing went on for months
>this guy was eventually caught by other people in the school
>guidance counselors, teachers, etc. all knew what had been going on
>the chief of education organization and the principle eventually talked to the guy in private
>knew that if he was reprimanded his family would pull funding
>also, Mrs. Jameson's family would pull funding
>not reprimanded in any way, got away with it scot free
>there was eyewitness and camera evidence for this too
>teachers pissed
>no one really does anything because these people needed their jobs
>guy continued to sell coke into senior year
>nothing ever became of that either
this school is fucking gold, thanks yurop for public funding
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dude thats some good shiet
Never imagined that American schools were this bad
>Mr. Jones
and me...tell each other fairy tales
yeah we stare at the beautiful women
she's looking at you, aw, no, no
she's lookin at me
Story 4: Mrs. Wu

>Mrs. Wu had a reputation for being one of the strictest teachers in the school
>she was in her late 60s
>one of those "no-bullshit" types
>she was a strict Methodist, so many thought she was also "pure" in regards to sexuality
>when she had been a senior at the schools, she was Leslie Williams
>the principal at the time was a man by the name of Steven Wu
>Wu continues to be known as one of the strictest disciplinarians at the school
>there was a time when a senior prank led to the front porch of the school being covered in tar
>Wu immediately expelled the people involved, no question
>this man was in his early 30s
>Leslie had been 16 at the time
>Leslie, as far as I'm aware, was an intelligent girl
>she didn't do "favors" like the girls I mentioned before
>she didn't have to
>she was, however, noticed by Mr. Wu
>Mr. Wu had been, at the time, married to the original Mrs. Wu for about 10 years, and the two were happily married
>this changed when Mr. Wu noticed Leslie
>she was called down to the office multiple times to talk to Wu
>there had begun occasions where the two wouldn't come to school
>these occasions saw greater frequency as the months in the school year went on
>eventually, the students started to make rumor of the whereabouts of the two
>someone eventually came to the conclusion the two were sleeping together
>some of the teachers eventually overheard
>one of them phoned Mrs. Wu and told her
>Mr. Wu found himself in a shitstorm when he got home that day
>the Mrs. gave him an ultimatum: quit seeing the girl or face divorce
>Wu moved out of his house the next week
>moved into an apartment
>Leslie apparently started meeting him there
>Wu and the Mrs. divorced a month later
>when Leslie graduated the two married
>Leslie went to college and majored in Spanish
>Now Leslie Wu, she applied for a job at the school again in the early 90s
>got the job no issue
>Wu still teaches at the school, now in her 60s, her husband in his 80s
This shit is boring
Mr. Giles
>Fed us acid
>Convinced us other people were vampires
>Killed many
Bumping for interest
no dude it is just building up
so you went to school in twin peaks. neat.
Story 5: Mrs. Lewis

>Mrs. Lewis was director of activities at the school when I went to it
>she was a very stolid person, didn't talk much
>never really smiled either
>remember I said there were a bunch of rich kids at this school
>most of them were involved in sports in some way
>sports was the biggest money maker for the school
>being activity director, Mrs. Lewis was heavily involved in sports coordination as well
>she was also involved in many service activities
>it just so happened that the best performing athletes in the school also, every year, performed the greatest amount of service
>here's why
>Lewis was a flirt just as much as Jones was
>the students at the school often performed favors for Lewis as for Jones
>the guy students I mean
>it was in this way that school got much of its funding
>I had one friend, let's call him Ed
>Ed was a great guy, football quarterback and all that
>he also had money
>started freshman year, was noticed by the schoolboard as one of the best the team had in years
>he eventually makes acquaintance with Mrs. Lewis
>he starts telling me and some friends how sweet she is at lunch
>she eventually starts pulling him aside during some games just to talk to him specifically
>she gets him snacks, gatorades, etc. etc.
>he liked her
>he thought she liked him
>Ed, and I at the time, didn't know all this shit about the school
>shit escalated
>sophomore year
>Ed's doing almost every service activity the school has to offer
>getting tons of fucking hours in the process
>incidentally, the school also got a new paint job over that summer
>I start to get suspicious, but nothing really becomes public
>ask Ed if anything's going down
>he says no
>other students say otherwise
>some students got to be good friends with other teachers
>such as the wonderful Mr. Jones
>these students would be the ones to tell me that Ed and Lewis had slept together
>they had also been the ones to tell me that was how that paint job was paid for
Didn't know Snapchat was available in 2010
>Ed still isn't saying shit
>is denying all of the claims that are now being made
>as before, people go to the office
>not a damn thing happens
>school funding eventually plummets
>turns out Ed had to call it quits after this point, cut funding too so people wouldn't remain suspicious
>things turn out okay though
>Lewis eventually did the same shit with a bunch of other guys on the football team

names and dates have been changed my man
>Story involves marijuana
You so crazy man
So you were in high school like probably less than 5 years ago

" Back in the day I went to high school like the most of you "

Lmao edgy cunt
>multiple students report to faculty that a teacher is fucking a kid
>nothing happens
>no investigation

This certainly didn't happen

Fuck off OP you ugly little cunt.

A girl I knew in highschool got expelled for prostituting herself to a 20 some year old teach. They were caught fucking in the bathroom and she got sent to an alternative school, she then ran away from her alcoholic father and I banged her for 2 months while she lived with me.

Your school sounds tame anon.
Story 6: the Students

>the students at the school were a mess
>remember this was an area of "confluence"
>half the school consisted of rich white kids, the other were poor hispanic and black kids from the inner city
>let's start with the white girls
>there were about 30 or so blond, white, airheaded girls in every single grade
>this was consistent too, each had a similar look, personality, friends, etc.
>as it turned out, their parents were often identical
>fathers had a cushy job, mothers were stay-at-homes that didn't do jack
>the teachers had a theory as to what was happening here
>as one teacher worded it
>"All those girls from the upper middle class? They're being bred for this sort of thing. Their parents don't want or need them to get a good job. All they've sent them here for, and all they'll send them to college for, is to get a rich husband with a good job. They don't need to do shit and they know they don't. They've been taught from childhood just to submit to whatever guy is around them in hopes they'll provide for them."
>and this was exactly what happened
>these were the girls that dated the athletes
>and also the ones that ended up pregnant with the athletes' children
>the same teacher would go on to tell me of this one girl
>she moved to our city from out of state
>eventually transferred here
>she slept with every senior athlete in 9th grade
>had her stomach pumped twice before the end of October that same year
>and drank on the daily
>these were the girls that participated in beauty contests, and enjoyed every second of them
>there was one girl that spoke to me about this
>"oh yea I've gotta be thin for this contest, been doing cocaine for about a month now and it's been working great"
>it would be a week later that the same girl would tell me her mother recommended she take xanax instead, since it was quote "more easily acquirable" than cocaine
>the guys weren't much better
>there were certain cliques as in any school
>of course there were the rich guys that dated the girls, etc. etc.
>they were the same ones that got cushy with the faculty
>it was among these guys that there was a distinct white supremacist streak
>one guy I knew in particular had tried to justify slavery to me on multiple accounts
>there were about 25 of them in total, in a class of maybe 200 or so, over 1 in 10 kids
>as you would imagine, shit got violent fast
>these guys would beat on the inner city students often
>there had been one incident when one guy, let's call him Chad, got into a huge ass fight with a black kid, let's call him Tayvon
>now Chad was the instigator, he ended up calling him a nigger at a school function
>football game I believe
>it was at that point that Tayvon punched him, knocking him down a few flights of bleachers
>of course, Chad's friends piled on the kid and eventually beat him unconscious
>the sentences for that altercation were light though
>they threw food at them during lunch
>on one occasion one nearly ran over one of them in the school parking lot
>being again that these guys had clout with the faculty, nothing ever happened because of this
>there was another occasion when one of them, lets call him Rudy, beat on this guy who had a speech impediment, Jay
>Jay wasn't stupid, but he wasn't that bright either
>Jay was often made fun of for his impediment, which he never truly got over and still hasn't
>Rudy was a dick, and everyone knew him for it
>during lunch Rudy purposefully squeezed open a carton of milk over Jay's head
>Jay was big. Had that "retard strength" that I've heard much of
>Jay pushed Rudy down and slammed his food all over him
>got a chair and threw it at him
>the whole thing was recorded too
>then there was the case of the cum cupcake, a story I've told here many a time
>a guy named Tom had a birthday thing, he brought in some cupcakes for the people during lunch
>it was freshman year, Tom was a nice kid
>anyway, a few of the guys had the idea to fuck with this one slightly disabled kid, we'll call him Toby
>Toby was that odd kinda disabled
>he wasn't dumb, definitely wasn't a retard, but had social impairments
>was constantly depressed, always talked about killing himself and how he "hated the world"
>he made these odd drawings and would show them off in his classes for attention
>he was hispanic too
>it was for those reasons that a lot of these guys didn't take too kindly too him
>so eventually the one gets the idea: get one of Tom's cupcakes, nut on it, and give it back to Toby just for shits and giggles
>Tom's in on it because why not
>one guy gives him a cupcake, he goes to the bathroom and does the deed
>scrapes off the icing and nuts underneath it, putting the icing back on
>gives the cupcake back to Tom
>Tom eventually hands it to Toby
>Toby takes a huge ass bite out of the cupcake and says to Tom
>"Thank you for the cupcake. It's so warm and creamy."
your school is fucked up
>then came the inner city kids
>they were a nightmare
>I was friends with a few of them just for the sake of friendship, you know how it goes
>some of them were cool with the rich guys, they were like tokens
>the inner city girls were the most horrid
>it was because of them I couldn't go a day without hearing some bullshit slang, "nigga" or "deadass" or "bruhhhhh"
>that shit got on my nerves but I let it go since you gotta make do with what you have
>these were the girls that you'd find in worldstarhiphop videos, pulling at each other's hair and ripping clothes off because one said some gay shit to another
>this was exactly what happened junior year during a lunch period
>one girl, let's call her Tanquisha, said to another, we'll call her Naynay, that her guy had a small dick
>now this got Naynay pissed as you would imagine
>Naynay gets up out of her chair, and slaps Tanquisha
>some of the guys move the tables around in the lunchroom quick
>the whole room gathers into a circle
>Naynay is pulling on Tanquisha's hair
>Tanquisha's jabbing Naynay with a pencil
>the whole thing is caught on video and posted online
>eventually the two did later make up and nothing more became of it
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 3

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