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Passed out, drunk, sleeping, etc Post your stories of how you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Passed out, drunk, sleeping, etc

Post your stories of how you took advantage sexually of someone :)

GUY OR GIRL welcome :)
Please add detail as well, such as locations and dates.

It uh...helps.
Okay fair enough.
Me and roomie got piss drunk together. I was a lot more sober than he was though and I knew what I was doing ;) This was about 2 years ago now. Arguably the best nights of my life. I've been in love with him since we were about 13. Very very very very long story.

He...sort of knew, sort of. Long story.
I did it to him once when he was like 14 and these twin boys I was friends with when I was 11-13.

Fun times to say the very least lol.
Where was this again?
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This is his delicious cock. I enjoyed sucking on that thing. First time I ever sucked a dick or did anything sexual with someone and somewhat having their consent lol.

At first I admit I wasn't the biggest fan, but I miss it now. It was a fun suck. Needless to say if I could suck it again I'd be all over it in a hot second.
Our apartment
No, where? City, state?

Anytown USA
>be worker at student aid job
>sometime co-worker is cute petite blonde
>after a couple weeks, suggest going to the bar after work to her
>it's a no
>couple more weeks, ask again
>it's a no
>following week, she asks me to go to the bar
>uh, OK, and I'm not asking why the change
>she likes white russians
>she drinks fast
>she drinks a lot
>it's only 10-friggin-30 PM and she's barely able to walk
>bartender gives me the eye to tell me to get her out the joint
>half-carry her back to the dorm
>get her to her room
>powerslams me on the bed
>she starts stripping
>I strip
>happy bj action
>wants me to return favor, I do
>she gets on top, rides until done, no condoms were given
>that was a nice surprise
>she falls asleep, I get dressed and leave
>see her at work couple days later, nothing is said about that night
>Friday comes, I ask if she wants to stop at the bar after work
>Cheery "Sure, anon."
>the night is an instant reply - drinks fast, drinks hard, two hours later she's out of it, back to dorm, fun ensues, she falls asleep
>Realize she loves the D but can't admit it, needs to be completely drunk so "it's not her fault"
>I am OK with this, never tell anyone
>Repeat 2-3x a month for the rest of the school year, same scenario each time
>none of the other co-workers have a clue, nobody ever finds out
>that was a very good year
It's okay, we've logged your IP.

A van will be there shortly. I would advise you remain calm.
It doesn't matter anyways, he was pretty dare aware of it, he just pretends that he wasn't. He would wake up naked beside me so obviously he knew what was going on. I wasn't subtle about wanting to get piss drunk with him all the time either so yeah, clearly he knew. He remarked how he enjoyed those nights very much as well but never brought up the sex. We were both just playing dumb but we knew what was going on.

There's a hell of a lot more to our story as well. He plain as day knew what was happening lol. He knew since we were like 14 that I wanted to fuck him badly. This was no surprise. He was pretty fucking into it. In fact he said he wanted to ass fuck me and I was the one not really into it (penetration isn't really my thing),

So yeah. He knew. And he knows about it now when I "came clean" over something he already knew.
The first time I ever went down on a girl I was 14 I sucked a 11 yo girls pussy while she was asleep who had to stay the night at our place.
I'll just show the texts I snapped of his skype confirming he knew full well what was going on ;)

He discussed it with a friend of his (who happens to be an old homosexual friend of his that also wants to fuck him, and did IIRC). So he knew ;)
More details please. Any and all you can think of.
>Be me horny 14yo
>Have single mother who is friends with another single mom
>She has 2 daughters 11 and 12yo
>Sometimes they stay over if it's late and moms have been drinking
>Never have a chance to do anything or catch a peak as they all sleep in the spare room together :(
>Other Mom gets sick of her daughters fighting all the time
>Asks my mom if one of them can stay the night to give them a break from each other and to take the other one somewhere for reasons?
>She drops the 11yo off, she's best looking one and better personality, other one is bitch
>After dinner she goes to have a shower, try to catch a peek but she's smart enough to locked the door
>Hope she comes out in just a towel or something, but she changed clothes in the bathroom
>Afterwards she comes into my room to watch a dump kids movie on my TV that she bought with her on DVD
>Mom is in the living room watching her shows
>Starts to get late mom is asleep on the couch as usual
>Girl falls asleep on the mattress on the floor that she bought in from the other room to watch the movie
>She's wearing baggy shorts that are loose
>Have a few attempts at rolling her on her back but she keeps flinching almost waking up
>Roll her on her back, shorts are really baggy so I can already see her yellow panties
>Slowly start moving her legs open for a better look, she doesn't flinch much
>Blood was really pumping at this point, got brave and tried to pull her underwear to the side
>And she didn't even move! And now I'm looking at the most perfect little pussy :)
>I was blown away and I just sat back and enjoyed the view for probably 30 sec, not believing my luck
>I'd had my dick sucked before from 2 girls from when I was 11 (playing truth or dare) but I'd never licked a pussy

Hot story. Yeah some people use beer as liquid courage, just like my friend.

Dude knew what was going on and still pretended surprised when I brought it up, which was a dick move laying blame on me.
Yes, as many details as you can think of, mundane or not. I love all details.
Part 2
>I start to stick my face in but as soon as my cheek hits her thigh she rolls over (Shit) I swing around so fast and pretend to be watching the movie just in case she wakes up
>Wait a little bit for her to be deep sleep again (really pissed that I have to start all over again) but her underwear are still to one side so I can still see her perfect little pussy
>Roll her over a bit and open her legs up again, here we go again round 2!
>Start to go in...have one last look up to see if she's still fast asleep and BOOM!
>Mouth full of pussy!!! Almost immediately I'm addicted to the taste! Slowly sucking and licking a perfect little 11yo pussy
>After about 20 seconds or so she moans and moves a little bit, I sit up just in case but false alarm
>Go back down on her for what seems like forever (So good!) but was probably only like 2 min
>She starts to moan and groan again and flinches closing her legs, I sit up real quick again but don't panic
>Ready to go in for round 3 but then I hear noises in the kitchen (Shit!) Mom woke up and is doing her thing before she goes off to bed
>Way to dangerous to doing anything now with her awake
>Go out to the kitchen to get a drink of water as an alibi, like "no I wasn't doing anything weird in my room!"
>Tell mom that Girl fell asleep in my room, she says "You OK to sleep in the spare room?" Sure :(
>I didn't want to protest too much in case Mom thought something about it
>Turned the TV off in my room, brushed my teeth and went to sleep in the spare room
>Had the best fap ever and went to sleep with the satisfaction of having sucked my first pussy :)
>Mom and I dropped Girl off home after breakfast the next day.
>The end.
Pretty hot. Sucks you got blue balled a bit though. You shoulda just felt it out and said you didn't mind.

I went through all that and THEN SOME when I was 11-13. Every sleep over with my twin best friends for years. But for me it was their legs and feet :p

I've had that fetish since I was like 5. Very interesting.

I've gotten more or less caught before but still got away with it :D

I was a horny little shit. I'd undress fully under the covers. They clearly started to suspect as time went on. They seemed a lot less interested in sleepovers as time went on. I also left massive cum stains all over one of their navy blue bed sheets once. I was too dumb to clean up my cum or care. Dumb kid :p

I was wicked horny every time.
If you had the whole night do you think you would have gotten further?

Man you shoulda snuck into the room later in the night claiming you forgot something or whatever.

I'd sneak into both my friends' rooms all through the night to get different fuck action from both :)

I was in heaven!
Share your dick sucking story too :D
I was not that bold to go further to start pulling pants down and stuff, there was certainly no way I would have got my cock in that virgin pussy so I didn't even think about going further.
When I was 24 I had a good look at my 16 yo sisters pussy when she was passed out due to meds she had to take.
You shoulda fapped in the room or something. You shouldn't have gone out for that water lol. If you had just pretended to be asleep in the room with her you'd have been good the whole night.

Haha, sorry to torture you man, but I think you could have gotten even more mileage out of that night.

Plus I say this as someone who got away with actual contact for like 2 years every sleepover lol. Several times a night.

The few nights where it didn't work out or I only got 1 orgasm I was suuuuuuuuuuper bummed.
Not much to say on that one was over at a neighbors after school playing normal games and stuff, one of the girls wanted to play truth or dare and it escalated to each of them daring each other to suck my dick. they were both 11 the same age as me, school friends.
Did you cum? Where did this event take place exactly? Outside? Did they take turns or at the same time? Clothes on?

See? There's plenty to share :P
I was satisfied so I was happy with it.
Got accused with messing with a sleeping friend with a friend on spring break

Got drunk with friends and a mutual friend was all over me & my friend C all night. She was sitting in our laps and just being really flirty. The place closed and she told us she wanted to spend the night in our room. We happily agreed. Stripped down, fucked and got our dicks sucked until the sun was about to come up.

She didn't want to be labeled as a whore so told several of our friends she woke up to us cumming on her....
No didn't cum, I was 11. It was for only like 10 seconds each, and one after each other, clothes were on but they both did show me their pussy, skirt went up pants came down on one of the dares. We were in the garage/back shed of one of the girls parents house.
I could cum when I was like 10 :/

Were you super hard? Did you unzip or did they? What'd they say when they saw your cock and before/after/during sucking?

Ah too bad it was so short.
What a cunt.

How was her cunt?
I was diamonds! I we were all sitting on the floor, I pulled my shorts to the side to free my cock and then they both moved close leaned in and stuck their head in my lap and sucked it. Did say anything about my cock they just both giggled to themselves after having both sucked it.
>be me 20
>back home from college for the summer
>first summer since dad died
>mom has become a heavy drinker
>first few days are ok
>drunk mom starting to get annoying tho
>about the three weeks in
>she barges in on me in the shower
>she's not fucking leaving
>just stands there
>i get a fucking boner
>more awkward, quiet standing
>she finally leaves
>she doesn't mention anything for the rest of the day
>goes to bed immediately
>the next day i notice she's wearing less clothes
>loose top, short denim shorts
>i can see her nipple outlines
>i think it's clear what's happening
>she's acting strange
>more drunk than usual
>ive read enough momcest to know what happens next
>i karate chop her throat
>i have saved the universe
>you're welcome
>be me, 17 y/o track runner in high school
>get none of the pussy because i'm like 110 lbs
>go to a party, booze was involved
>semi-attractive, very drunk girl grabs my hand
>"C'mon anon, I want to show you something!"
>jfc, what in the world does she want
>we go to a bedroom
>ooooooooh, holy shit this is awesome!
>"Take off your pants anon!"
>do so, sit on bed
>she starts slobbin on my knob, like corn on the cobb
>this is amazing!
>suddenly, she stops
>look down

Uhh.. Hey, you okay?

>can still feel her breathing, so its not like she died
>nudge her head

Hey, are y--

>nudging her head suddenly made her slide down my cock further
>nudge her head again
>this time seems to constrict her throat, and push herself up off the dick
>.... i'm gonna do this one more time. for science.
>nudge her head again


>she starts crying, still gagging and throwing up
>she manages to say between gags, "I'm so..." puke "... sowwy"
>she keeps repeating this
>her makeup is now streaming down her face and she just keeps apologizing
>I now have vomit all over my crotch and jeans
>I smell hideous
>I make her wait, in vomit and tears, while I use the bathroom to clean up
>we never talk again after that
Did you even get enough time to be noisy and moan up a storm?
lol wow is this true?
No I was pretty naive about sex at that stage, I was just shocked that they were doing it, these girls were a lot more advanced then I was.

Leaving the party was the most awkward thing ever because I had a giant wet mark on my crotch, I smelled vaguely of half-digested shit, and people tried to stop me on my way out, like "Brah, party hasn't ended yet man!"
I felt kinda bad because I treated her like a prick and she totally thought it was her fault for passing out and vomiting on my dick. But I might have played a part with nudging her head like 3 times.
Yeah me too. I really didn't know much. In fact that first sleep over I was fucking my twin friend's legs/feet was just pure instinct. I didn't even fully realize what was happening but seeing that peek out from under the covers I must have had a huge hard on and just instinctually felt I had to rub and stab my cock against this. I wonder how long after it was that I made it a habit. I don't think I'd ever jerked off before that. In fact, I didn't jerk off even AFTER that lol. I didn't jerk off until later, and even when I did it wasn't very much. Weird eh?
What was your face like when they were doing it and this was all about to go down. What did you say after it was all over? You/them had to have said SOMETHING...

Did either of you like eachother before hand?
always starts with one of the fucking parents dying
Yeah I think I started to jerk off later that year and really had pussy hunter eyes for any opportunity to get my dick out.
A friend of mine had invited me over to watch movies, play video games and more, and since there were supposed to be other women there I brought my sister with me. We got there early and it was just him and a few of his friends (all guys), he said everyone else would be coming later so we all sat down and had some drinks. They'd put something in our drinks and neither of us really remember much of what happened after we blacked out. It was pretty clear what happened after we woke up but both of us were still kind of out of it. The guys didn't really try to hide what had happened either. My sister and I cleaned up and went home, got plan B the next day. My sister and I do our best to avoid him, but he's got a lot of friends in common with me so it's been difficult
Small town, small school everyone knew each other, so all the kids were friends to each other but I don't think anyone was really BF/GF at school at that stage. Face was in shock I'd say, but after was when I asked them to show me their pussies to be fair as they had seen (and sucked) my cock.
that's fucked, pro tip girls shouldn't go to parties of only guys.

Y'all should have called the cops
why isn't that guy dead yet? He fucking raped your sister right next to you
How old were all of you? Sisters pussy full of cum? How was your ass?
>be me 20
>go to party
>get drunk
>pass out
>wake up sore and with cum on my clothes
>never tell anyone
I had an employee throw herself at me after a drunk office party. I would have literally never touched this fat bitch but she waited until I was wasted and asked for something through the open door. I came in and she went right for my dick ass naked just out of the shower.

I remember thinking it was my gf sucking me, then riding me, then calling me daddy while I was about to cum- then me pulling out and finishing in her mouth just completely wasted... totally no clue what was going on.

Came too after and was 100% shocked- totally unaware other than those memories. I would have considered myself a piece of shit other than having (((THANKFULLY))) the memory of her - essentially- raping me.

I would have never believed female on male rape existed until that day. I still have real deal emotional distress from the ordeal. I understand now how women talk about wondering if it's their fault, thinking people will just claim they asked for it, struggling with guilt, being disgusted by anyone that looks anything like her because her fat fucking Mexican body laying there when I came through brought it all back into focus.

And that body spray she wore... fucking YUCK.

Worst thing that has ever happened to me.
Ugh are you fucking serious? That is fucked. You're a guy??
You wanna go to a party this weekend?
>age 15
>huge party at parents home while they were away
>people drinking everywhere
>super drunk 15yo GF passes out in my bed
>start kissing and finger banging her
>hear her 14yo friend calling for her
>quickly button her back up and open the door for friend
>drunk 14yo asks if we are having sex
>say no, GF is TOO drunk

>14 says she isnt too drunk to fuck and we start making out
>end up on the bed and fuck her basically on top of passed out GF's lifeless body
This sucks.

Yeah I'm sure what I did with my friends must have some impact on them. Sigh. Now I feel guilty. But I can't help what turns me on and I try to be incognito about it.

One was when I was a little kid and didn't know any better (to be fair it was just their legs and feet but still...still messed up to do), one was when I was a super horny teen (one night, but I got caught and it didn't end well because we fought, but that's a looooooooong story as I said), and last was debatably mutual drunk sex. Again, I admit I knew I planned it when I saw how out of it he was one night he was drunk on his own, but like I said before this guy totally knew what was going on, he has no excuse. He was WILLING, he REALLY was lol. He straight up said he enjoyed it and clearly looked forward to our drinking nights pretty eagerly. Plus he could easily just claim he's drunk and act like it never happened. Win win for him, he gets off and experiements with someone he's been curious about for like 15 years, and he gets to play the victim if he wants to.

But I sympathize with the situation for you others, it's tough for me to step outside myself. It's not like I don't know it's wrong and shitty. I just tell myself I'm not violent, it's not RAPE, it's not penetrative.

>You're a guy??
No, I'm not. Pretty messed up but at least I was out of it and didn't have to go through it.

Hahaha sur... I mean, no.
This story better be true. More more more more more details.
I haven't read the thread. Which one are you?

I have also been accused of raping a girl that I literally helped one night when she was blackout drunk. She claims I fucked her, but I literally fought her off my dick and sent her on her way- someone else fucked her on her horny way back to her dorm (or wherever she went) and she only remembered being in my room.

I'd been friends with him for a long time, I knew a couple of the other guys really well too. I'd gone over there dozens of times previously to hang out and nothing bad ever happened. The thought he'd do something like that honestly never crossed my mind.

I live in a fairly small area and his family is very powerful and wealthy.
>My sister and I do our best to avoid him, but he's got a lot of friends in common with me so it's been difficult
Have you hung out with him since?
Saw my moms pussy once when I was 16 while she was sleeping, I wasn't attracted to her but I did like what I saw. I had to go into her room to wake her up and got an eye full of pussy, probably looked for about a minute or so before waking her up. Pic is almost exactly what I saw.
How many guys were there?
Not in small groups or private settings. He does still text my sister and I though asking to hang out a lot.

you a chick or dude?
I'm this girl

Be grateful you know who it was, I don't and so I'm sure I've been with him (or them) socially since. Yikes.

Feel for you, nobody sees that we are just like men. We get drunk. We get horny. We do things. Bad for both genders, that nobody talks about this.
How old were all of you? Your sister wasn't a virgin at the time?
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Thread images: 3

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