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Hi /b/. This is not a rant but an actual attempt at creating

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hi /b/.
This is not a rant but an actual attempt at creating meaningful conversation.
Lets talk about quality of /b/.

Lets start by speculating what remains if we remove all of the following:
>All "Rate my X" threads
>All FB fap, WWYD, pics you should not share etc. wanking threads
>Trap threads
>Nudes by area code threads
>White/Black race relation threads (including blacked jewposters and neonazis)

Point is, all we have left is ylyl threads. And those threads? Full of bananas.

TL;DR: /b/ stands for /b/ananas
pic definitely fucking related
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Also post literally anything. It's what the board is for
loli and shota and guro and SOMETIMES TRUMP

and sage
>quality of /b/

wasnt it just always just poppin or bs on par with the equivelency of a wave graph?

That's cool because I don't give a fuck about the universe, either. The universe can go fuck itself for all I care.
wrong, mine matters to me
and that of my brother and my sister
and my mother
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rekt threads can be good but generally the same recycled material. ylyl has more potential but overran with your mum will die memeys and bananas.

Been here since '09 and it just kinda seems like I browse out of habit anymore. The occasional shitpost is satisfying. Seems to be more normies and reddit-tier fuccbois. Feels threads are also shit now, seems like all anyone ever bitches about is not having a gf and the same gay ass fucking pic gets used as the thread img every time. All the political talk is usually shit and normie status (Trump should be a meme not someone who actually gets support through the boards).

Yeah I dunno it's pretty gay now. I miss more of the anecdotal threads and ongoing memeposts/happenings. Now it's just the same cancer posted over and over again, and a bunch of uneducated "depressed' try hards.

Fugg m9
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All that remains is DESU
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After the first fappening is when this board really went to hell. That's when all the normies learned about us.
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nigger killer at heart
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literally /b/ has devolved into teens being edgy, not knowing what real edge is or having any maturity. most original fags are gone or have givin up on this hell hole. fuck this place
Bro, it was long before the fappening.
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b was full of people that protended to be idiots.
After 4chan became famous because of trump memes, it got flooded with actual idiots.

TL;DR cock rate has succeeded.
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It is what it is but I can't lie...it was better. Been here since '06 and the quality is total shit now. Funny how the random board is the least random of them all.

However, there are still a few good threads here and there. I especially like Cam Guy's threads whenever they're up
I saw a thread yesterday where people were sending dick pics to ho's on instagram and posting reactions. It's was actually pretty hilarious
Yes. Or a few months back an Anon was shooping dicks onto hot girls(hanging out their bikini or out their pants) and posting it on their facebook, their reactions were hilarious
b is for loli
b is for b&

/b/ut in all seriousness,
The overall intellectual capability of the world population has plumetted.
It continues to fall.

Try reading ancient philosophy texts, or novels/studies witten 80-160 years in the past. Their level of comprehension was far beyond what is acceptable today.
Why this is, I do not know.

Some argue it is the effect of having advanced techlogies at our disposal.
Though very few actually understand how even the most commonplace electronics work.

The intelligence level of the average person is dropping at an alarming rate. It is closing in to a singularity of conformed mentality.

Few know how to think for themselves. 99% of you spew out beligerant streams of informational repetition. The mentality of this majority is composed wholely of memetic patterns, rather than of original thought.

This is why you have shit taste. This is why the quality of /b/ is falling at an observable rate.

When given an outlet to communicate random idealogies, all you have at your disposal is a lifetime of blatant repetition. There is no longer anything random about it.
holy fuck that sounds hilarious, any pics of the reactions?
how about we let /b/ be /b/ if we start trying to regulate it, it will get more lost and nothing will be good teir. just my two cents
Sadly I lost them, it was funny af. Hot chicks aren't very nice ya know. Actually there was one girl that messaged the Anon and told him she thought it was funny
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 21

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