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Anyone on here tonight have/had a really crazy life? Amazing

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone on here tonight have/had a really crazy life? Amazing stories, tragedies, pains, mental illness and addiction, etc. I'm in the mood to hear some tough shit people have been through. Feel free to share.

Pic unrelated
i stubbed my toe today
It's an amazing story when you hear I used to have sex with my dog when I was a teen, and am now a doctor.
I heard you were a faggot.
Also check 'em!
i bet you fap to traps too faggot kys
I'm addicted to weed
Kek pls give advice on study habits and what makes you smart. Aspiring student here.
wtf is wrong with that?
vaguely thought, after waking a little last night on my bed, that i had moved 2 inches horizontally by 'absorbing' myself from 2 inches away
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>uncle has strong ties with the cartel, don't know much about it
>was molested by my pastor when I was 5
>struggling with anemia for 12 years
>old friend of mine has permanent mental disability bc he left a line of acid in his pocket and it got wet
that's about it really
can relate. Successful but not a doctor.
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I'm in therapy for having antisocial personality disorder, have aids, studying physics, and grow weed/write bars for a living. Is that considered interesting?
1. if you can't be confident, act confident
2. You have to allocate the time if you don't have the intelligence to understand something. Develop acronyms and other memorization techniques for things difficult to understand, and don't waste time studying things that are intuitive to you.
Sound like a faggot to me
why did you catch the aids gaybo?
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>Had sex with 30+ women by the time I got to 20
>have sex with man
There's your problem there. Doctor/dog fucker here. You can't catch AIDS from a canine. And I didn't lose my virginity to a human until age 22
Thank you /b/ro!
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Considered it at one point, but never had the opportunity/really tried

>Type 1 Diabetes
>I wear diapers sometimes because I like them, don't need them.
>33 year old virgin
> I want to end it all
How long do you normally sit in your own excrement?

I don't normally shit in them, but when I do.. maybe about 30 minutes max

When I piss in them.. hours sometimes.
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>be OP
>make thread hoping to hear from people who hitch hiked across the USA after losing a first childhood love to cancer after being kicked out of a single parent trailer home
>its just perverted faggots with STD's

never change /b/
>molested as a kid
>lost my virginity by rape
>was raped a couple more times
What happens when acid gets wet ? Pls explain
Sry bout your life though
I do NOT like that picture!
Yes please tell I'm worried.
Killed a guy when i was 17 (22 now) cleared of any charges because he was breaking into my house turned out to be a close friend

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Close to nothing except loss in potency
>mental illness
You were probably retarded in the first place if you let your stuff get wet
You're the type of person who shouldn't be allowed to have firearms.

People who are even friends with you are stupid.
Got $160000 when I turned 18, spent all most of it on acid, Molly, mushrooms, cocaine, and "friends". 22 now work with police as a dispatcher while also being addicted to cocaine. Do drugs at work regularly, know one cop suspects stuff but he can't prove anything and is waiting for me to slip up. Rest of my time is spent playing Csgo in my parents back bedroom as all my money is spent drugs.
Life was pretty boring before college, started selling weed with a friend, doing a lot of drugs such as shrooms, acid, cocaine, lean, xanex, and of course weed and alcohol. Now I'm threatened by the school to be kicked out for teaching boxing without permission. A couple of weeks ago I got into a fight at a party where I knocked 2 guys out and got peppersprayed by the cops. I sent a guy to prison when he threatened to kill me, turns out he had multiple warrents in other states. Its been pretty fucked up since I started college
Can you PLEASE stop posting this bitch.
How do your parents allow you to blow 160k and then live in their house?
Kek i carry a gun on me everywhere i go
You, are the problem here. Just ignore her you fucking retard.
and end up killing your friends because you're an idiot with an inferiority complex
I hit the heavy bag at my gym until my fist start bleeding what are good boxing moves
Pay $400 rent. Lie a lot. Think they are going to kick me out soon as they keep talking about me figuring out my life.
I'm more of a regulator imo i hate thieves and wish i could kill more
How am I a retard? I'm sick of this nigger posting old news

Acid can be absorbed through skin. So shit ton of acid gets wet -> seeps through pants -> comes in contact with skin -> mental illness (supposedly)
How the fuck do you get raped four separate times?
So you watched Young Guns...and then bought guns...and then killed your friend...
Work on your basic tecniques/stance. Keep your hands up and wrap your hands and use gloves to hit the heavy bag. Honestly just learning to do the basics well in boxing is enough to fuck up the average nigger
You know... You can stop if you really want to.

Gay boy subconsciously enjoys it and then chooses to hang around rapey ppl
Nice thanks, what year in uni are you?
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If you was cash you would be fat stacks
If you was pork you would be fat back
If u was drug you'd be best crack
If u was a dick I would suck it.
Clean it up with a bucket
Feed it some chicken nuggets
Don't know where I'm going but fuck it
If you was beer I would chug it
If u was rats I would rug it
I you was o'war I would tug it
If u was a tree I would hug it.
Sure don't regret it one bit either ill kill anyone who is breaking down my door
Wow that's new for me
Now my only problems are the school making a fat deal out of the boxing/sparring without permisson. As far as the drugs go the only one I probably do in excess is weed, but I can function and get my shit done regardless so I'll come off that habit another day
Using just quick notes of main events...
I met a woman online. Moved to her country to live with her. Lost my job because of moving to another country.
Had 5 wonderful children with her. Discovered some of our children were autistic.
Wife reverted to self harming and overdosing from stress, she was hospitalized many times. I stood by her throughout.
Child services involved, made me primary caregiver of our children.
My wife and I had a heated argument, non-violent but police called because of broken window. I was taken away believed to be crazy because of a remark of desperation not known in that country!
Children taken from us. Child services lied in court papers accusing us of sexual abuse of the children, which was retracted in the second hearing as it was an unfounded claim and they knew it! Lawyer turns his back on me, only would work for my wife!
I had a breakdown and hospitalized, wife left me at her first and only visit. I was mistreated in the hospital.
Wife took me back after 3 months of hospital.
Hospital sent me a bill for over 5000 for being there despite it being against my will, extortion!
My wife decided to give up fighting for the children. I overdosed on that news. She threw me out on the streets at the start of winter.
Homeless, in a foreign country with no family or friends, diagnosed in hospital with an anxiety disorder. And that is just the start of my hell that is my life now.
Have a girlfriend of 12 years, and now things between us are stale. I made a mistake a few months ago and had sex with someone else while we were in rough times. I've never had the balls to tell her. Now I just feel everything is meaningless. I ruined what was sacred, and all I want to do now is be alone and drink myself to death for what I've done. I'm only 29, it's too much to bear for 50 more years. I honestly don't think I'll make it. So please if anyone else is in my shoes, don't make the same mistake. Not really a hardship as some, I just hope someone listens because I have no one else to talk to. Thanks anons.
Gotta be handy with the steel if you know what i mean
First year, been boxing for about 6 years
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Is my life good? Sure.

Why wouldn't it be, I'm still fucking kicking it.
This is a story about how I changed myself from a typical socially retarded fedora fag to an actual man.

It includes blood, sex, regret, love & lust.

>Used to be typical /b/tard
>overweight, socially insecure, found amusement in others misery
>resulting in a foul mouthed, morally corrupt, edge fag who would've worn a fedora if I could fit one on my over sized head
Probably filled with shit tbh
>overall disappointment to the family
>no great skills or hobbies
>except video games of course
>didn't even excel in school, was never motivated by it
>yet cognitive enough to skate by
>did I mention I was the only male descendant with my family name?
And I look like I'd never get pussy in my life
>overall fucking degenerate

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Used to be a professional motocross rider, surfer, all around bad ass. Had a Porsche, big house with land and a pracrice track on it, daily drove a lifted truck, sponsored by Monster energy. Had a massive crash at X Games prelims and was in a coma. Lost all my body mass and didn't fully learn how to walk again for a year after. Sold off all my shit for medical bills. Career died, moved back with mom and her dyke feminist lez wife. I was 22 at the time, had my own empire from 16 to 21 when i crashed, dad died during my coma so I couldn't move in with him. Anyway mom sent me to college, i was in a wheelchair for the first year, an electric one. I went from tan and mega fit to pail and skelton. Did my classes, did well, got lonely, ended up meeting a chick, she wasn't into me romantically but we became friends. I eventually fully recovered and she introduced me to her freinds and at my second year in college I ended up with like 10 friends who were the most feminine id ever known. Needless to say i started developing gender identity issues. Mom, my friends, and my doctor all agreed what should come next and i was put on hormones. Now I'm 26 in a new state and fully living as a woman. Life is strange indeed.
>pic related, me
Who is that girl anyways? There is some dude getting butthurt over this. Story?
Okay Warren G
I literally just shit in my bathroom floor in front of my girldfriend..
I cooked my leg on the sink counter to let out a fart and ended up sharting a liquid pile of brown poo onto the floor,
Her response was laughing and saying what the fuck and walking away.
I have experienced universal consciousness.
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My brother has to submit himself as a level 2 sex offender. My mom works with kids. And to top it all off, we're all black. Fucking kill me. I feel death is already calling me. How do I cope, /b/rothers?

>Lol ur a nigger kys
I already have disdain towards blacks, this incident's gonna destroy our already crippled family for life.
My refridgerator is running, and I still can't catch it
All that typing and no replies? Fuk man
Who are you, Christian Slater?
Nice wish i started boxing young but my mom wouldn't let me smh
This isn't really too crazy, but it's fucking horrible.
Also one of my first attempted greentexts so don't judge me

>be me
>like 6 or something
>live in a townhouse
>family consists of mother, her most recent boyfriend since my father up and walked, my cat and dog.
>just leaving the house to go... Somewhere, I can't remember with my best friend at the time
>all of the houses have these over hands above the doors, no picture I care to find, but if you want you can try and find what I mean
>about five seconds after I leave I hear this deafening crash, along with some other high pitched noise.
>turn towards my house and run back home with friend
>arrive and see crumpled pile of shingles and metal on front step
>after a brief conversation with my mother we decide to whe Eren we were going while we wait for the fire department to come get that shit off our step
>arrive home a few hours later
>mother has to break the news to me
>fucking thing landed on my cat
>cat was dead instantly
>cry like the 6 year old bitch I was
>our landlord doesn't care enough to repair the fucking thing and just puts a sheet of corrugated metal over the exposed concrete
>stayed like that till I moved out
>I'm 20 now, it's still there.
Do you think telling her the truth would help? My gf cheated on me few years ago and I knew it was because of me, I didn't treat her well at that time. I forgave her and ended up apologising for being a dick. we lived happily until I fell in love with someone else and left her.
Ur mom is a liberal trying to soften you up. Defy sometime. Become the dope motherfucker.
What was I thinking?
Yeah well I bet you couldn't find my sister because I'm out back fucking her in the lambo
That's gay, been better off dying in the crash
>Pic unrelated
PB&J ruined my life.
get a job a home and then get your kids back via a good lawyer.

never speak to your ex again.

find a new waifu.

no excuses

Happens to many people.
Either tell your gf that you made a massive mistake and feel sick. Or, get over it because you now realize you love your gf

it might be a good thing
I was abused horribly by my first step mom from kindergarten to 5th grade. Went to the hospital twice one for a gash in my head and one for a dislocated shoulder. Shoulder was from being thrown across the room into a wall, the gash was from a broken wood fence post with nails sticking from it, smashed me over the head with it and the nail stuck in me, still have the indent today from it. A couple of my teeth are fucked up and never grew in right because she smashed me in the face with a toy firetruck. I will still never understand how dyfs did not get me and my brother's out of there. The school was constantly calling them because we always had bruises, cuts, and cig burns. She also thought it was funny to make us smoke weed and drink beer. She was a big coke user i don't remember if she had us do that though. She would make me where a dress if I ever cried from her beatings too and even though I was young I could tell how much joy she got out of fucking with us. I wasn't a bad kid at all either she was just crazy..one of the funnier things she would be furious at me for was that she was convinced I was drinking water from the toilet bowl...she'd beat me until I would admit it then beat me more. I went to a lot of therapist and they are convinced she molested me as well but say I'm blocking it out. My second stepmom was not much better although not nearly as physically abusive if anyone cares to here about her bullshit.
Doesnt sound comfy
Nice pasta faggot
The kids were all adopted out to other families. I have no rights to see them. I am back in my home country living alone.
Thanks anon but I have no idea. I seriously doubt it. I don't know who I am anymore or what I want out of life and to be honest I'm too scared to find out. All I know is I deserve whatever comes to me. I know this sounds whiny, and it really is. I'm just glad someone is listening.
What do you mean?
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>You know you're a disappointment when you're fathers parents give him shit for raising such an excuse of a man
>this goes on until I'm about 14
>I go from a small K-9 school which I've gone to my whole life, where student pop was only 500
>to a high school where there 1500+ student from all over the world
>China, Mexico, Phillipines, Croatia, and South America
>it's crazy what feeling like a foreigner in your own country will make you think
>start grade 10 & I instantly start abusing the school system
>school had some bullshit platform where it emulated college by having weekly seminars per course
>rest is time meant to be working on designated floors
>found out you can just walk out
>find out smoking weed is way cooler than playing vidya
>toss the Xbox controller for a bong
Real fucking nice bong too, no cheap shit.
>smoke every fucking day
>literally before school, during lunch, at the end of school, and one more time before me and my friends parted easy to go home
>then I meet...


You know, her. The first girl you sleep over. The first girl that you get to know and you become completely overthrown. You don't even know why. Is it her perfect smile? That beautiful laugh? Or was it her gushy happy personality. That personality where you work your ass off for those heart emojis you wait for when she's going to bed. The girl you're too scared to tell her how much you love her, despite the times you go over the scenerio in your head the day before

>only to pussy out

Yeah, her.

Cont? Anyone reading?
Did i say i was god you fucking retard?
Also do you know how to read?
I'm a product of incest. I found out my Uncle is actually my Father, and he had been screwing my mother for years. My mom ran off with another guy around the same time, but I suspect she only did it to claim he knocked up up instead.
File: My pov.jpg (126KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My pov.jpg
126KB, 640x480px
Meh, what else was i going to do? No way i was going to be who i was again, plus the coma changed me. Im a fucking secretary now too lol
File: 35995_original.jpg (46KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Needless to say i started developing gender identity issues.
the cause was your inability to take responsibility for your own life and seek escapism in the form or a new female character


That's the gf test

she failed. not you

why does that affect you?
just do something with your life and don't use the 'because I'm black' excuse
tldr stop being a whiny faggot
The problem is I don't know who or what I love anymore. And I know it happens to many, it's just so fucking shitty to experience it firsthand knowing you could have fixed it...
Post pics of dirtbike stunts
Cont !
Well during thw entire time after my crash i was surrounded by women, wtf was i going to do? All my "bros" totally abandoned me after the crash. If you were in my situation you would be dilating your neo vag rn.
Did the bike cost 50 bucks?
I was in my preteens.
Dam dude you dun goofed should have hopped on steroids instead of hormones
Add 3 more zeros to that
Already lost everything.
Pity fuck them? You massive faggot
>dad is a professor
>he moves us to UK for a sabbatical for one year
>meet a girl, she is super hot and the nicest person I've ever met
>make a ton of other friends as well
>move back to US at the end of the year
>sad and alone
>i wanna fuckin die
If I sounded whiny and used the black card, my bad. The thing is that I live in a kid-populated neighborhood and I don't want a Shameless-style pedo witch-hunt (I'm a stay-at-home community college student) that will kill my bro and Mom. Also, I do work in the city at a library.
you have to get a lawyer and tell him exactly what your goal is
have him give you the steps you ned to take to reunite you with your kids

and that includes looking into the conduct of the authorities that took them

make the first step.. then the next

that's fucked up

were you forced to watch as your father had his throat cut slowly while your mother is raped by a gang of mercenaries, and then they raped you? no? then stop this bullshit

know people have had it way way worse and are now doing fine

you know it was wrong and you know not to repeat any of the the things she did.

good. now move on and make your life amazing through hobbies, work and friends.

you have a lot to offer and maybe you could talk to kids who are going through similar shit, to help them.
>Pity fuck them?
Who? I havent had a penis for 2 years
>be me
>be 10
>parents force me to go to summer camp
>older kids take all my shit
>guy who runs the place lets them
>they did it to the other young kids
>sleep in the cold, with no sleeping bag
>find out that whichever age group has this stick is in charge
>older kids eat all the food at breakfast
>make slings and nets with the craft materials
>go out to forage for food
>find hornet nest
>weave a basket
>make a fire underneath nest to sedate them
>climb up the tree and tear it off the branch
>get stung a bunch of times
>put nest in basket
>throw nest into mess hall while old kids are eating lunch
>them and the guy running the place get stung a bunch of times
>go and get the stick
>the adult guy is pissed
>he locks us in a "prison camp"
>no food, forced to drink rain water
>escape below fence with muddy ground beneath
>set traps for older kids
>pour tree sap and poison ivy over the kids guarding the camp
>free other kids
Uh..yeah I'm well aware people have have it way worse.. i just always share my story for that exact reason that it is fucked up but there is a lot worse and anyone going through any of that kind of stuff can turn out fine...I never use it as an excuse only my wife and brothers even know the full details I am quite fine though
Not gonna lie that's some good r34
you would think you would start boxing or some shit
that doesn't fuck you up. and there's probably no physical or mental problems.

It was pretty normal up until around 80 years ago

man up and get on with your life

and you don't have to open up to everyone about it either

you're 22, still a kid mentally
chill the fuck out. get some space and have a normal life with friends and family

you might find that you really miss her, or not

but you need to deal with it or you'll turn into a fat online gamer basement dweller or something similar so as not to have responsibility

You need to be a man
that doesn't mean you need to fix cars, watch football and throw empty beer cans

it just means you need to take responsibility

you'll be happier in the long run
>fuck it up
>how it usually goes
>don't tell her how I feel
>she finds another boy
>I'm forgotten
Typical fag shit right?
>this is where it gets better
>start dieting
>working out a bit more
>getting generally healthier
>improve my social skills
>delve into the world of even harder drugs
>sell weed for a bit
>get in with the popular clique at high school
>always up to no good, known for degeneracy yet smart enough to remain uncaught
>fast forward two years
>it's now grade 12
>done crazy shit
>enlisted in the army at age 16 did BMQ
>defied death and walked on sides of sky scrapers with friends because of a dare
>do and sell all sorts of drugs
>get into bars and clubs and party hard while we had school the next day
>lost a friend because his high school crush throws it up for me
>find myself s good girl who will let me fuck around with other women, a girl I can call my best friend

Keep in mind this is all before grade 12 graduation.

Then it happens, that girl I told you about? The one who rejected me?

>she came crawling back
>and she's as sexy as ever
>we get weapons from tool shed and archery range
>picking off older kids one by one
>one guy knows how to deal with engines
>takes car battery from only car on camp
>all that's left is the head of the camp
>take a weedwacker to the only phone on camp
>catch him trying to escape with the car
>collectively hold him down and tie him up
>take his wallet for bus fare home
File: Muh vag.jpg (175KB, 640x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Muh vag.jpg
175KB, 640x852px
>You need to be a man
Too late for that, already had the snip
that's the cost of an expensive car
you payed too much, no matter how good the bike was
this is part 2 of
move back or do the same thing in the US

welcome to life

make friends everywhere you go and don't think that they will be around forever either they move on or you do

nothing will happen

chill out and act good to all your neighbors and friends

you already said you hate the nigger/thug culture, so great, step one accomplished

carry on being a cool person and cool things will happen. you can't control the rest merely shape it in your favour

cool bro
It doesn't work that way numb nuts. It was a factory ride, nothing on it was stock
But the guilt might be the only way I ever have the guts to leave her.
I know, and that's what I'm afraid of. It feels like I woke up like neo from the matrix, but all I wanna do is go back to dreamland.
one of my dads friends was in NAM. When him and his platoon were stationed in a village.well one day,this little girl who had been delivering bread to them,out of nowhere. PULLS OUT A FUCKING GRENADE AND PULLS THE PIN! My dads friend takes out his 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN AND CUTS THE LITTLE GIRL INTO TWO FUCKING PIECES WITH ONE SHOT!!! Turns out the grenade was a Dud...He says he has nightmares every night...
File: 1489894072143.png (75KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 800x600px
Thanks, bro, I'll never forget that. Here's a pic of nu-Samurai.
cont you fucking faggot
Fuck I'm you right before the cheating and I think cheating might set me free idk
I went through a bad streak years ago, ended up deserving it, came out on the clean side.
>severe depression as a teen
>find someone i love, manage to fuck it up by hittting her a couple different times
>she tells my cousin who was my best friend
>cousin fucks her in front of me, im too fucking beta to do anything about it
>after she finishes, he drags me over to the bed, fucks me in the ass (he'd been after me for years at this point) i didn't say no, kinda enjoyed it though, fiancee left with him, got married to him
>couple years pass, went through a bad streak again, but found someone new, get fired, same downward spiral, get drunk one night, hit her the same way i hit my ex
>cousin and ex show up one night
>turns out gf works with ex, told her all about it
>she and ex fuck in front of us, numb at this point
>cousin takes me aside, tells me he is going to straighten me out, that hitting women is wrong, that he will get me out of my funk, but that i have to make a change
>i get down automatically, start sucking him, with everything going on, it felt right
>gf comes over, tells me to get on my back,
>cousin proceeds to fuck me
>days pass, we move out of our shitty apartment into my cousin's guest house
>cousin gets me into working out, gets me off the alcohol
>gf starts to wear the pants in the relationship so to speak
>i sign up for online schooling in buisness degree
>couple years pass, intensity between all of us dies down a bit, im clean as a whistle, almost have a degree
>gf proposes to me
>wtf, never in my wildest dreams
>say yes of course,
>few weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant
>we get married, cousin and i best friends again, get along well with ex. i know she and wife bang all the time but who cares, its girl on girl and i get to watch occasionally.
>i have a decent job, a happy family and i learned my lesson about drinking, havent touched the stuff for 5 years.
Went to Arby's and did not vomit as much as usual
I understand that you feel strange about it but sometimes we over react stuff, especially when there is no one to tell you "dude it's not even that big deal". It happened many times in my life and got worried until someone come and made me realise that it's just what it is. it happened, you can't go back to change it so just deal with it. Life goes on, don't look back just focus what's in front of you.
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