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Let's play the degeneracy game! List every aspect of yourself

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Let's play the degeneracy game!

List every aspect of yourself that qualifies you as a degenerate, the more you have the more points ya get.

Whoever has the most by the end of the thread wins

>scat fetish
>interracial fetish
>gore fetish
>incest fetish
>beastiality fetish
>cut myself
>don't shower regularly
>fap upwards of 4 times a day
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>watch anime
>admit to liking anime
>browse /b/
>sit down to pee
>see no problem with incest fetish
>masturbate with left hand
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not sure if degenerate but
>was serving tonight at my work in downtown
>pretty muscular guy, attractive
>these two girls come in to eat and one of them took a liking to me
>my shift was slow, so i spent two hours just talking
>turns out theyre both bartenders at a local bar. ohshit
>one of the girls tells me to go see her after i get off work, she wanted company and they would give me free drinks
>get off work, wasn't feeling it, so i went to the gym instead
>kinda feel like a dick for not sticking with my word
i don't care at the end
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>I enjoy sex with my wife in the missionary position for the sole purpose of human reproduction
>Shut in
>Slightly overweight
>Never talk to friends anymore
>Actually happy being alone
>Used to be big into /d/
>No longer fap
>Don't practice hobbies
>don't actually have a job but pretend to look for job
>Live with folks
>Happiness is almost non existent
Forgot to mention It all started after high school
>is on /b/
>has a small amount of happiness
But you guys make me happy
I get horny with corpses of burned kittens
i fingered my poopie hole when i masturbate
i always fantasize about my female friends, like non stop

thats about it, im a pretty cool guy :^)
I hope you feel like an idiot for not banging that chick. She clearly wanted the D, hell she was even willing to get you drunk.
>diaper fetish
>bondage fetish
>slave fetish
>hate exercising
> likes little girls
> faps to loli hentai almost daily
>looks at young girls at a nearby elementary school

damn Japanese little girls are so cute

> pic related
>masturbate too much
>never go outside
>internet is only form of human interaction
>never exercise but still drink and smoke
Well damn dude he clearly already feels bad about the situation, ya don't gotta be a meanie
she works a couple blocks away, i'll just go and suprise her one day..
lots of scat femdom (snuff with cucking is a bonus)
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images (18).jpg
29KB, 443x332px
My list:
>Browse 4chan
>Masurbate 2-3 times a day
>Smoke cigarettes
>Drink alcohol
>Shower once a week
>Hate socializing
>serious gambling addiction
>bet all my wages
>lie and borrow to bet more and buy weed and beer
>barely wash/eat because all time and money is drink smoke and gambling
>also fap 4+ daily
Fuckin hell dude
> scam old people for money over the phone
> used to sell coke and xans
> have absolutely no morals
> born in a very white uper class family and I go to poor neighborhoods and ghettos to witness how bad people have it for enjoyment
> have fucked many escorts
> go to college but never go to class still maintaining 3.7gpa
Nice dubs. It hurts me more than him, but sometimes you have to inflict pain in order to make people realize their mistakes.
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Go for it Anon
> have girlfriend that likes them as well
> girlfriend cosplays loli characters

asians are awesome!
Sounds like me in every aspect. I am an alcoholic now too.
In other news children are getting sexier,..and that's pretty cool.
how do you scam the old people? Genuinely curious
>Diaper fetish
>Baby fetish
>Cuck fetish
>Latex fetish
>Sissy fetish
>About to fail out of college
>Never had a gf
>Closet neo-nazi
Me too, need extra neet bux, also just generally dislike old people.
Call saying there being detected for overcharges on the phone or haven't payed phone bill and ask for credit card info. Very easy
File: 1485794070900.png (200KB, 827x590px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fap exclusively to shotas
>the cuter the better

I tried giving it up and using normal porn but i eventually kept bargaining with myself, changing the 'rules' until it ended up being a lost cause.

It's pretty much all i can get off on anymore and is my primary purpose for going on /b/. the only reason I'm in this thread is because there is no shota thread right now.

Not into 3d thankfully
File: sexualcavalry.jpg (220KB, 760x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm a trap
do I need to say anymore?
Credit card info is easy to get. How do you cash out the cards and launder the money??
You're living the dream
Buy bitcoins
>heroin addict
>cheating on my wife
>no job
>spend most of my day getting high talking to the cat and nodding out
Is your wife on drugs too?
But how? All the sites I've visited either require you to somehow sync your entire bank account, or they put caps on how much you can buy. And more often than not, both.
i like preteen boys
Being a trap transcends degeneracy, it comes full circle and becomes wholesome again once you're passable
>have participated in a breeding party
>have sucked 15 dicks to ejaculation in less than an hour and resumed clubbing with a stomach full of cum
>only to take seven dicks up my ass to ejaculation and resume clubbing
>the two above were in one night
>have sucked dick in a church of almost every denomination
>have fucked on a catholic altar twice
>have fucked someone at funeral home serval times before
>have fucked in the same room as the casket before
>have gotten my dick sucked to ejaculation while riding to the cemetery in a funeral procession
>have fucked and been fucked in a cemetery several times
>have fucked at an uptight christian summer camp
>have gotten fucked in the ass while fucking a pussy while at a christian summer camp
>have fucked in a county jail
>have gotten my dick sucked in a liquor store
>have drank my weight in liquor several times
>have been fucked and filled with cum in a public park feet away from playground in broad daylight
>have fucked several times in a public shcool
>have gotten fucked and fucked at a private christian school even more
>have sucked the cum out of a pussy several times
>have milked a guys cock so hard he begged for me to stop
>have literally almost drowned in cum once
and more things I can't remember at the moment but you're all far more massive faggots since /b/ lost its power level in 2010
Are you a sex addict?
>have sucked dick in a church of almost every denomination

Time to call Guinness...
Jesus you must be the faggot king /b/ was looking for
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All hail the faggot king!
What gave it away genius?
Irish are hard fucks and god damn does it feel good.
Well since moot left this place is isn't anything impressive anymore.
>Fap at least 2-3 times a day without fail
>Will fap and have fapped in near-public situations
>Hentai addict who hates IRL porn
>3D girls don't matter to me unless they're underage
>Incest enthusiast with mummy issues
>Chronic liar
>Lazy bastard
>33 and counting Gigs of Hentai
>Monster Girl fetishist
>Nightmare/Xeno waifu enthusiast
>Have fapped to furry porn
>Have fapped to bestiality in the past (don't even like it)
>Will fuck fat ugly chicks just to satisfy my urges, no matter how bad I feel after
>Don't even know how far I will go to satisfy my lust and am scared of finding out
>Everyone thinks I'm a morally upstanding, successful, mildly attractive normie - if they only knew
>Over 3000 songs in music library and counting, all pirated
>Have fucked stuffed animals just to get off
>Stay up until 3 every night without fail
>Possible screen/technology addiction
>Glutton (not fat though)

All I can remember. You can hate me now.
>will fuck fat ugly chicks
pick one
You know why I say that? Because I'm trying to get one to fuck me right now.
Ive been shitposting in support of jews niggers and fags on /pol/ since 2008
21 and jobless
interracial fetish incest fetish asain fetish dog fetish
fag I watch bbc bbw anal porn and I pretend its me getting assraped
only 1 friend who i havent even seen in person for 2 years
still cyber stalk my highschool crush
animu obviously
the only person I talk to on a daily basis is my mom,
when I have money I spend it junk food, can eat a whole pizza plus wings in one sitting with little issue
dropped out of community college
watch porn on my dads laptop
go the library and litterally spend all day playing snes roms on the public computers
post pics of my fat ass on craigslist and flirt with niggers to make myself feel wanted
>can eat a whole pizza plus wings in one sitting with little issue

I can do that twice over and I'm not even fat. Sometimes I do do it. If you can't do that I find it wierd.
Just become an alcoholic dude, way better than keeping up with all that little shit lmao
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 13

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