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That one kid/boy/girl in high school we all remember thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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That one kid/boy/girl in high school we all remember thread

>That one girl who loved horses and was annoying as fuck

>that one kid who always wore an anime shirt
Was she also incredibly rich?
I would say well off, not rich.
>that one kid who always talked about guns
The cool girl behind the school building with the free cigarettes and nice mammary glands.
>that one kid that would run everywhere, and always had his arms behind him
>that one kid who was always quiet and didn't have friends
> that one guy who was ugly af but all the girls
>That one kid who thought it was cool to have an attitude.
>That one popular girl who only ever talked to you once, to get you to vote her student president.
And now she's 10/10 and you find out she had a thing for you (and probably still does).
>That one rich Asian.
>that one kid who wore nothing but camo every day
>That one kid who wore baggy jeans.
The kid who was more than semi-retarded but could never figure out his problem and would create incredibly small paper books about mediocre, unfunny, puerile subjects influenced by pop culture.
>that one guy who was a hardcore christian but did drugs and had a new gf every other week
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>that one girl that was hot af but had severe autism
im the one who wrote ATTENDANCE PLEZ, so attendance PLEZ
The one kid who carried his entire locker around in his hands
Holy shit post the full thing that was gold anon
>>That one girl who loved horses and was annoying as fuck

i had a girl in my class, in math we were at the same table. Damn she was hot. We were maybe 14 at this time.
She had glasses, big boobs for her age, and a nice booty. Litteraly a 10/10

Her name was Margaux, i wish i could find her name.
>That one girl who was a 4 on a good day who thought she was the hottest girl in the whole school. And had friends just as ugly as her who cheered her on and agreed with her.
>That one kid who's dad worked for sony and who's mom was an astronaut
Fucking moar
Oh yeah, I knew a kid like that too.
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The retard who "falls in love" with a girl he doesn't even know on a deep level whatsoever.
>That one really fat girl who thought she was the center of not only attention, but also drama.
>When there was a fight, she went "I've gotta get out of here" despite the fact that she didn't actually do anything.
i guess ill report, ama if you like faggots

>be me, sophmore year in high school
>sitting in class, first day of school
>first period, so everyone just piled in and class starts
>history professor welcoming us back, the usual bullshit
>suddenly hear a loud knock on the door
>professor comes up to the door, opens it
>standing there is this giant female nigger, around 200lb, tard wrangler right behind her
>clearly has down syndrome, has that face, cant remain eye contact
>wearing some huge hoodie, sneakers, and has this frizzy ponytail tied with a rubberband
>professor is confused
>suddenly female nigger snickers to herself
>opens her mouth and says "ATTENDANCE PLEEZ"
>snickers again
>professor is like alright, gives her attendance sheet
>turns 180 degrees, walks to the door across the hall
>does the same exact shit, with the snickering and everything
>class quietly snickering and laughing
>little did I know this was the beginning of a ritual
>for the rest of my years in school, this happened to me every single morning, every single day, and every time the exact same fucking "ATTENDANCE PLEEZ"
>this autistic girl becomes popular around the school, everyone was always friendly to her
>but here's the fun part - no one ever fucking knew her name
>when she would walk down the hallway, most just said "hello"
>one day, probably junior year, my friend gets this great idea of a new greeting for her.
>she walks by that day, my friend goes "hey ATTENDANCE PLEEZ, hows it going?"
>she smiles and says "HELLOOOO, GOOOODD" and keeps walking
>entire hallway keks


>this goes on for months
>eventually our entire school does it
>nearly every morning you would hear and entire CLASS across the hall collectively say "hello ATTENDANCE PLEEZ" to her when she would walk in for attendance
>even seen a fucking teachers accidently do it once, and then turning bright fucking red
>end of junior year, principal finally catches on
>morning announcements
>"Today we will have a mandatory meeting in the lunch room at 11am to discuss a certain issue going on around the school"
>my test was at that time, im happy af cause i get to not do shit for what i hope is a whole period
>fast forward to 11am at the lunchroom
>principal comes in, entire student body is there
>starts givins us a speech about how bullying is bad, no one is really paying attention
>everyone thinks its just the regular old shit they feed us about bullying
>no one realizes this is about ATTENDANCE PLEEZ because everyone is so used to it by now
>principal brings out ATTENDANCE PLEEZ

Hey thats me

>"I've recently found out that this innocent girl was the target of bullying for a very long time."
>everyone has confused faces since everyone likes her and no one picks on her. some people even by her snacks on occassion
>"she has been tormented and abused only because of her condition"
>everyone still has not a clue whats going on
>"you, the students, for the past year have been calling her one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen in my career"
>faces of realization slowly kick in
>"you have all been relentlessly calling her "attendence please"
>collective OHHHHHH
>"this is a person. this is a human being. she has a name. her name is... um... beautiful"
>omfg you cant be serious
>"come here little lady, come tell us your name so that everyone can address you respectfully."
>tard wrangler urges her on, she comes up to the mic
>silence, everyone is awaiting to know cause to this day no one fucking knows
>principal is fucking shocked, speechless
>tard doing her smile and laughing cause she is so happy
>everyone is in fucking tears
>principal dismisses everyone, doesnt say a word more
>this shit continued on throughout my senior year, all the way to the end
>still dont know her name
My school shared the yard with the school for mentally disabled kids, one of them would always run around spitting on people or kicking them
You had no board with hours and clas you had with the teacher's names ?
That one guy with long hair who reeked of pot and cigs who wore a rotation of band t-shirts

>Iron Maiden
>Black Sabbath
>Van Halen
God, I wish I lived in a place where tards weren't in segregated classrooms with pretty much no contact with the rest of the student body.

I mean, this is the best way to do it, but I don't have any tard stories.
Shit that was me
>that one kid who was accepted back into school after spending a year in the state nuthouse, and who tried to pull girls' pants down so he could "taste their delicious poop"
>that one kid who used 4chan and bragged about it
That one metalhead neo-nazi who loved to talk about how he was descended from Vikings and had a heavy accent.
i have so many stories to tell but i'm sure people wont read..
Apart from Metallica, I approve of his tastes.
We fucking will.
brb in fewminutes for a smoke, bump the thread
>The kid who got a boner in the guys locker room
Retarded nig who peed in the corner when the teacher wouldn't let him go
>that one kid who would clearly lie about his life to appear interesting to his friends

tfw im that kid
That kid who was a black belt in something and so thought he was Chuck Norris.
>That one kid who always boasted about joining the military but was a cuck and never actually signed up
Im like officially mental ill and this was at a kind of school to get back in society

>That one kid that shot somebody who insulted his mother, held a baby chicken as a pet in his apartment and thought chickens give milk
See everyone calls bullshit because "there is a yearbook" or a "list with student names" but there is a reason.

The school I went to was a high school that also housed some special ed kids at another part of the building, so they were never actually in any of our classes. They had their own classes/schedules, and since they were special, they never graduated with us. They were learning words like "hi" and "no" when I was finishing calculus, and I know this because there were posters of all kinds of 2nd grade shit all over that part of the building.

Therefore, she was never in any photos from my senior year, never on any attendance sheets, and never involved with the actual senior activities. The school made the special kids do stuff like collect attendance because it was a way to teach them social skills and make use of them.
>be me 15 when this happened
>did something wrong in class
>teacher forced me to come 1h more after class another day
dont know you call these
>that day
>5 minutes before it will start i'm in the stairs
>while walking i feel like i have a shit comming
>no way i can get back to toilet (we had to ask for the toilet room...)
>fuck it, that bitch will regrets this
>decide i'll take a shit in the stairs
>take a paper and the shit
>spread it everywhere
>write on the wall
>"ENCULES" (fuckers in french)
>piss everywhere

keked hard
Same here my dude I had to trick my friends every day on the bus ride home to get them to come over
>tfw when they knew i was lying but still came over to hang out <3
>Be me
>14 year old
>Sitting in class as the retarded kid of the class walks in
>His jeans are completely wet between his legs
>Obviously pissed himself
>Teacher asks him wtf happened
>Kid weighs about 200 pounds
>Is fat as fuck and unathletic
>Replies: "I did the splips in a puddle"
>Whole class keks
>Kid gets send home
>That one kid that beat his parents to death with a baseball bat.
I appreciate the posting, but were you in the special classes?
>in Sport class
>time to change our wears
>in the guys room i have to pee
>goes to toilet
>when i walk back to the room i "accidently" open the girl's room
>one girl was not wearing underwear, i've seen her tight pussy
>seen boobs
>they all look at me
>"Hey anon, what's up, wanna stay a little"

>get bonner
>girls see it
>while i do a 180 i've seen one licking and bitting her lips

damn that was hot
>That one kid that shoots two cops and gives you his baseball glove as he's leaving school to go to prison.
No. But i'm like a retard, i like doing retarded stuff for the "lulz"
We were all 14-15 in that story

>in sport class
>we ware 13 max
>at the swimingpool
>changing ourself to go back to school
>one retard think it would be a nice idea to show his dick
>he actualy did (the madman)
>another grab his dick while asking to touch it
>they almost all decide to show their dicks too
>"mines better" "nah my dick has more hair' "huge dick!"
>teacher knock at the door
>not waiting for answer, she open it
>almost choking
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here's my autistic highschool memories
>that one gay kid that always hit on you in the locker room and sucked the coach's dick
>that one kid who always wears fingerless gloves and never took showers
>that one kid who thought he was an assassin
>that one group of kids who always wore trenchcoats and never socialized with anyone outside their group
>that one nerdy kid with good grades but had a bunch of rare medical problems that would probably kill him
>that one kid who was 4'10 and always talked shit to everyone but it was okay because he's short
>that one satanist girl who pissed her pants because the teacher didn't let her go to the bathroom
>that one kid with really long hair and some weird German accent that always listened to obscure metal bands that nobody has ever heard of
>that one artistic kid who drew masterpieces on the bathroom walls
>that one autistic kid who jacked off in the hallway every day 4th period and the teachers never did anything because he's special
>that one kid that ask "are you going to collect the homework?"
>Still in sport class
>something like 16-17
>teacher wear a very very tight yoga pant
>can clearly see her tight pussy and that she had no hair on hit
>that fucking hot
>get a bonner
>ask to go toilet
>she say yes a with a strange face
she saw my bonner but after the class i only knew it

>in the toilet
>no need to pee of course, i'm her to wank
>wank hard for 10 minutes
>decide i'll let my cum on the door (inside the toilet of course so no one would notice from outside)
>get back to class
>5 minutes later teacher goes to the toilet
i was looking for her while getting the balls we needed (toilet is in front of the room they keep all the stuff)
>she leave the toilet maybe 1 minute later she was in
>licking her finger and lips
>she look at me with a smile and a cute face

teacher licked my jizz...

i also feel like i need to say it

All the stories i post are totaly true. No bullshit. They look fake but it's fucking true
File: 1204376955957.jpg (305KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mfw when that kind spoke up in the last second of class
>Greasy dark hair
>always wore hoodies

me lol
Yeah there was always one. Usually a long haired faggot metal head that hung out with similar burn outs. I think ours was Dave? I can't remember, we just called him garbage
every fucking time
Quit trying to guess my archetype, anons
> that one straight-edge kid who openly discussed his distaste for weed for months and then after smoking it once out of peer pressure became a full-on stoner
Me. That was me all the way. Barely graduated.
>had "friend" in the school
he was a bit retarded...
>with others friends we decide to fuck around with him
>tell him that we all at least once took a shit in the stairs or peed

when this happened, it was a lie, but few month later i did this:

>retard say he's ready to do it, he's not a pussy
>class is in about 20 minutes so he got the time
>he leave us and tell he's going to shit in the stairs
>time pass, 10 minutes later then
>"I did it guys, told you i'm not a faggot"
>we all get where he took a shit
>fucking laugh
>keep this as our secret

>class will start in few minutes
>decide to write on a paper "anon spread shit in the stairs" and put that under the school boos's door
>hear the boss coming to take the paper
>immediatly leave to go at the class

>while in the class i can hear the boss's voice telling an idiot was spreading shit on walls
>boss screaming "OH MY GOD"
>teacher open the door to ask what's wrong
>teacher ask the class to come
>boss: "Anon, what the fuck is wrong with you"
we'll call my friends and me Group
>Anon : "Groups told me to do it"
>Boss and teacher tell that it's not possible as Groups have very good grades and we're not dumbass, like him
>kid cry
>boss and teacher are really mad
anon was fired from the school for a week

they never knew anon told the truth
I am laughing my arse off
>The one fat girl in jap class
>Wants to go to Japan
>Be friends with her
>Go to her house once
>Entire house smells of weed
>that one kid who tried to post /r9k/ shit on /b/
>those kids who didn't know the format

The fuck though?
You're an asshole.
that guys had his dad working in the school and because of that he though he was superior to everyone

maybe that why even teacher and boss told him he was dumb
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>That one kid that always bragged about being a hacker when really he didnt even know how to restart a fucking computer.
>pic of me in HS
Alec Valentine?
Thing is snitching is NEVER ok. If you're too much of a pussy to confront somebody, then just stfu.
fuck this was me, i was a fucking weirdo
>That one kid who was a massive faggot with no friends
>Mexican exchange student.
>always looked sharp, uniform nicely pressed, clean.
>tucked in his shirt, leather belt, big ass gold buckle.
>Carried only his books, and would leave his lunch with lunch staff to keep cool in the fridge.
>Charismatic as fuck, always did well in grades
>everyone loved him.
>Went to Uni in Mexico for political shit, got masters, PHD in Portugal for law.
>some fucking politician in Mexico now.
God damn Juan.
My sides
The kid who would break dance in the back of the hallway all the time.
>That one girl who loved horses and was annoying as fuck
same here
she also wore a hijab
knew her when msn messenger was popular
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