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>be me >be 26 >be NEET >wake up at 7pm >mummy

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>be me
>be 26
>be NEET
>wake up at 7pm
>mummy has made dinner
>it's vegetables
>i hate vegetables
>refuse to eat it
>"well, you're going to go without dinner tonight, anon"
>she thinks she's won
>go back to my room
>hold myself over for a few hours on mountain dew
>wait till mummy is asleep
>start screaming "I WANT FOOD I WANT FOOD" as loud as I can
>mummy wakes up and stumbles to my door
>"anon what are you doing?!? It's midnight!"
>walk up real close to my door and stop screaming
>"anon, are you ok?"
>mummy opens the door
>me standing right there
>scream "I WANT FOOD!" two inches from her face
>she falls backwards into the hall
>keep screaming "I WANT FOOD" as I head to the kitchen
>start taking food items from the fridge and throw them all over floor
>throw gallon of milk onto the ground and it explodes
>mummy is pleading with me to stop
>mummy crying
>"Why do you do this, anon?!? WHY?!"
>mfw I see her getting her car keys
>mfw she comes home with hot, greasy tacos and a double serving of Jack in the Box tendies
>mfw she'll never get rid of her little boy!
2 guesses who you voted for the last 8 years
God damn it, im only 23, but i think this will be my life someday.... i am not far from it. Wait this is my life, just without the screaming part...and its about anything i dont like, and she nevere dares to defy me... so this dosent happen often, get a grip anon.
This is just fucking pathetic. Thank god your not my kid I would've cut your tongue out, and there ain't shit you would've done. Your clearly far too dependent or your family to even consider leaving, so if I beat you senseless on a daily basis, you could either sit there and take it, or call the cops. I'd go to jail but then you'd sit in that fucking house and rot to death because we both know you don't have the first fucking clue of how do shit for yourslef. But hey I've seen a bunchance of people live out their lives as parasites, one of them even made it to thirty two before killing himself, in the end they all kill themselves.
Thank you for this story OP. My night was pretty shitty but this made me laugh.
OP you should kill yourself as soon as possible
more of these stories please
these are always god tier
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>34 years old
>in Mcdonalds for their My Little Pony toy promotion
>get mom to order me 10 Happy Meals all with girl toys
>she looks at the ground and sheepishly says "But anon, you're getting a little heavy. Maybe you should only have 6 Happy Meals."
>stand on her feet and refuse to move until she complies with my order
>she cannot move and almost falls as she tries to pull her feet out from under mine
>the bitch begins to cry as she realizes I have trapped her, checkmate whore
>she quietly agrees that big boys need ten Happy Meals and she goes to pay for the food
>while she is ordering I get on my hands and knees, she hands the packages of food to me
>I grab the bags with my mouth and begin walking on all fours to the play area
>I slowly crawl up the slide, barely fitting whilst letting out enormous amounts of gas
>once I'm inside the main play area my flatulence has become to over powering that it even brought a tear to my eye
>the children playing inside begin to run out, complaining of the putrid smell
>I yell "get out normie scum! I claim this as the beta uprising headquarters!"
>I sit in the center of the play gym and begin to have a picnic with my happy meals
>I give each pony a bit of cheeseburger
>I'm setting up an awesome play story with my ponies when my bitch mom and the mcdonalds manager come into the play area
>"Sir we have been getting complaints about an adult in the play area. You must be under 8 years old to use it."
>tell him to fuck off
>mcdonalds employees begin entering the play structure
>my mom is yelling that she can reason with me but I don't negotiate with normalfags
>push my back against the wall and start kicking them as they come towards me
>all of the weight of the normie invasion plus my 300lb-self breaks the play structure
>I fall through to the ball pit, the entire structure collapses
>as the normies try to save a girl trapped under the structure, we escape
>mom begins crying in the van
>make her stop at Dairy Queen for dessert
Ohmysides these are my favorite things to come from /b/!
I assume you had the requisite GBP and mommy was stiffing you. If so, you did the right thing.
File: NEET-Needs-Tendies.png (808KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Wake up at 8 PM after my nappy-wappy
>Remembered I've been a really good boy today
>Go to check my Good Boy Point (GBP) whiteboard
>30 GBP
>Enough to go in the playroom AND get a tendie meal with ranch dipping sauce
>Wade through my piss bottles and shit jugs to get to my door
>Waddle over to mummy's room
>"Mummy! Mummy! I've been a good boy and I want to go to the pwaywoom!"
>Mummy checks my chart and leads me to the playroom
>As she unlocks the playroom, she tells me that she'll get my tendies ready
>I quickly remind her, "Don't fowget the wanch!!"
>rush into the playroom and fall over headfirst onto the racecar mat.
>begin playing with my blocks
>One hour later
>Door opens and she has my tendies, except...
>No ranch dip
>"y-you never asks for ranch, sweetums..."
>"d-don't worry Anon, I'll go right back down to get your ranch..."
>Throw one of my blocks at her and it hits her straight in the eye
>That's gonna leave a bruise.
>Lean in close to her ear
>She leaves crying
>Notice I made some wawa in my nappy.
>Mum comes back and changes me while I enjoy my ranch-dipped tendies
>She's still crying
holy shit anon, get a life you fat fuck. or kill yourself either way, 99.99%won't do any of those.
Where do you guys get these from they're great!
tl:dr the thread that sorts out the normies who think this is real to the actual /b/ users
keep em coming OP
tendies and tacos
fuckin lost
File: More-Tendies-Mummy.jpg (138KB, 1955x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sitting in room
>finish plate of tendies mummy made just for me
>hmm, I want some more!
>decide to play a prank on mummy (might cost some gbp, but fun is fun)
>rig one of my pee pee bottles to pour on whoever opens my door
>position my wittle bottom towards the door as well and pull down my diaper
>bang my steel drum to get her attention (at 30 gbp I simply had to!)
>Hear mummy coming
>A grin grows across my face as she draws near, my eyes crinkle and a "teehee!" slips out
>Mummy enters the room
>my pee pee pours in a steady stream on her head
>At the same time I begin blasting her with my nasty poo poo, coating her in a thick baby waby green layer!
>heehee! messy mummy messy mummy I say rhymically as she is covered in my nasty
>She doesn't say a word as my prank plays out
>finish my poo, turn and sit bare bottomed on the floor, leaving a wittle poopy stain
>mummy, did you wike my joke? ga ga goo goo!
>I begin giggling and drooling while slapping my wittle feetsies together as applause
>She does say anything
>Mummy, waugh at my wittle joke!
>I can see tears running through my pee pee and poo poo on her face
>Mummy, you don't want to upset your perfect wittle boy do you?
>She is still fighting
>My eyes sharpen and I drop my voice do a gravely, gutteral tone
>Listen you normie cunt, laugh at your sons prank or I'll kill you and kill myself, I'll drag you into the bath and slit your wrists while I fuck your fat whore ass
>Punch her in the face for good measure, hard enough to leave a black eye
>Mummy sees reason and lets out a chuckle
>heehee! I think that deserves 20 gbp for being such a funny and creative prank, don't you mummy!?
>She does a sort of weird nod and walks out of my playpen
Good Boy Points is too easy to get, even when being a naughty boy! She even took me out for more tendies that day, at no cost!
> be me
> be 28
> joined military at 19 got out at 28
> live with parents
> mom is nice like OP's mom in a way i suppose the way he put it
> I don't treat my mom like shit .. dam OP
> I have a Dad that is polar opposite of nice mom and he's also conservative religious fanatic. and goes shit cakes on my mom sometimes with long conversations about jesus and morality. sometimes this is a good thing and i can take a power nap 4 hours sleep while hes talking shit during the day.
> 9 months NEET so far.. still got 19K saved up and all the stuff in my room, (bed, electronics, TV, PC, Car all the stuff is MINE and i worked for It)
> Life is good but Dad is asshole and yells at me every day about not liking me doing nothing and using my computer.
>have to use PC at night now cause dad is around too much.
> basically on a good day I'm free to game around and watch anime, play nintendo or do my PC.
> If my dad is having a shit fit it'll last about 2 hours and i can't really have fun the rest of the day so i take a nap until he calms down and shit.
>got 36 months of free college when i feel like it, only been 9 months and i have like 14 years to use it.
> Feels good to be a Top tier NEET. OP is like on the lowest of the low but i'm 2 years older than him..
That bitch had better have gotten you the monster-sized tacos.
File: Autismo.png (24KB, 695x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Wake up this tuesday morning feeling good
>Pull the special edition Battlestar Galactica blanket off my bed
>Tie it around my neck like cape
>Step over my piss bottles and old food containers
>It's an autistic ballet as I tip toe to the spots on my floor that aren't covered in garbage
>Finally make it out into hallway
>Rush to look at Good Boy chart on the wall
>MFW only 10 more points needed for a Double Tendie Dinner!
>Run downstairs so fast my cape floats behind me
>Do a running slide onto kitchen floor to tell Mummy the good news
>Mummy just looks at me sternly
>Says to bend over so she can check my diaper first
>"You know I have to check every morning, anon."
>"Nooooo! I don't wanna!" I yell defiantly
>Tears start to well in her eyes
>She starts walking away from me
>"Wait...Ok..." I say as I lean over the table for her inspection
>Pull down my pants
>The smell of partially digested tendy shit and cheese diarrhea wafts to her nose
>She instantly vomits into the sink
>"That's minus 50 GBP!" she screams with her chin covered in puke
>I screech and rip off my diaper
>Throw it onto the dining room table as hard as I can
>Orange and brown chunks splatter everywhere
>Some gets on the ceiling
>Some gets on mummy
>She curls into a ball sobbing uncontrollably next to the sink
>Reaches up for a towel but accidentally cuts herself on a kitchen knife I left out
>She's bleeding and covered in vomit and poo while screaming how I'm a bad boy
>Quickly put on my shoes and stuff my pockets with frozen tendies
>Run to my car crying because now I'm late for class at community college
File: 1485297680469.jpg (188KB, 657x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me again, 28 years old guy that got out of military at 28.. So i weight around 150 pounds and i'm not fat. about 5 ft. 6in. tall. I don't have any abs though i lost my abs since i don't run and exercise anymore but yet i'm not fat.. Eat healthy and don't eat as much as when i was in the service. drink lots a fluids and tea , no soda. life is good boyyyy. hate to see depressed neets up in here when there is great things you can do with your time.. as in time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
Adopt me please, I can be your little neet /b/ro!

I have no education, no job, no PC. I have a phone, a truck but no license. I'm 19, and my life is going nowhere. What do I do? I can't join the military because no diploma, and I'm 280lbs 6'3" white dude.

You sound like you've mastered the neet ways, teach me please!
Some of these people are fility. Desk and floor covered in piss bottles and wrappers. bed sheets haven't been washed for 8 months. floor hasn't been vacummed in 9 months. I keep only 1 Gigantic piss can and i clean it every other day using straight diswashing liquid and scalding hot water. that's so i can pull all nighters and not have to get up to pee like freaking 9 times. and it makes too much noise in my house if i move around at night. so piss cans are conveient when used properly
File: enraged pepe.jpg (8KB, 236x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
enraged pepe.jpg
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>be a 27 year old NEET
>wake up at 6PM and roll out of my racecar bed
>piss jugs are all full, have to use the toilet like some subhuman normie
>waddle downstairs to find mummy for my wakey-wakey tendies and bakey
>lights off, nobody there
>there is a note on the refrigerator
>"Pumpkin, your new daddy Leroy and I have gone to the movies for the afternoon I made some of your favorite chicken tenders, just heat them up in the microwave if you get hungry for num-nums. Love you, Mom"
>fucking cunt has let my tendies get cold and mushy
>and she expects me to heat them up myself like a slave
>she will fucking learn today
>change out of my cloth diaper into a disposable one and hit the road
>spend the entire walk to the cinema filling my diapey with poo poo
>arrive at the theater parking lot and coat myself in a thin layer of pee pee and poo
>brace myself and enter the lobby
>let losse my battle cry
>pull handfuls of poop out of my diaper and fling them at random
>staff tries to stop me but I am too quick and too slippery
>entire venue is being evacuated
>navigate my way to La La Land
>mummy and new daddy are in the front row
>covered in poo and pee, two steaming loads in each hand
>mummy's face is a mixture of shock and indescribable terror
>walk slowly towards her while chanting "...tendies...tendies...tendies..."
>our eyes are locked
>as if from far away I hear new daddy say "ayo wut tha fuck this nigga-"
>cease my low chanting with a final "TENDIEEEEES" and smash the handfuls of rancid diarrhea onto either side of her head
>bring my piss-soaked face right up to hers
>her ears are filled with my poo, eardrums are ruptured, and eyes are nearly blinded by a mixture of tears and more poo
>say very slowly and clearly
>"Don't you ever fuck with my chicky tendies again"

And the best part is the dumb whore was too scared to even take away any of my good boy points
Wut? i'm the only NEET here with a queen size memory foam bed form SERTA? all you people and your lightning mcqueen sheets make me giggle.
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>Wake up at 4PM from napsy time
>Glance over at my Good Boy Points scoreboard
>Fuck yes, 25 pointsies!
>Time to play some video gameys
>Waddle downstairs to living room in my jammy wammies
>Mom has her book club over, occupying valuable living room space
>"Anon, we're having our weekly book meeting here, can't you go play in the playroom for a little while?"
>No bitch, I saved up my Good Boy Points to play my Weegee game
>"O-okay, Anon, but please try to keep it down."
>Of course mommy, I'm your good boy!
>Load up New Super Luigi U
>Hear mom in the background: "A-as I was saying, I think Jane Eyre..."
>The game starts
>Start chanting Luigi catchphrases
>Absorbed in the game
>World 1 boss, so toughy tough!
>Start farting from the concentration
>Smells like rotten meat
>Sniff fartsy farts and giggle
>Made it to world 2!
>Fart out a hot burning one
>Hear one of the bookwomen gag
>"I'm sorry Anon's Mom, I think I've left the lights on at home. I really have to go!"
>Hear her run out while gagging
>Look over at mom and her friendsies
>They're all looking at me disgusted
>"Come on, Anon, why don't you go to the playroom for a little bit. I think you've had enough tv timey."
>"Please, Anon, we can talk about this later."
>Bitch has got to know when to stop.
>Rub Wii U Gamepad over my wee wee, get a semi
>Start violently farting and shitting in my diapies
>The smell is horrific
>Women start throwing up while scrambling for the door
>Mom starts crying, completely broken down
>It's just the two of us now
>I laugh and roll around
>Mom just sits there, staring blankly at me
>Tummy tums starts growling
>Mommy, now make me tendies please?
>No response
>No wonder dad left us, you useless whore
>Throw gamepad at her face, shatter her cheekbone
>She nods silently and makes my tendies
>Dine like a king
What do you want,a freaking medal for pissing in a bottle? Jesus christ some of these faggots
I also have one of those, idk if its from serta but I know its a queen (both are). I have 2 queen mattresses stacked on each other, I can't use a bedframe or else my head and feet hit it.
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>Wake up at 9pm after a particularly exhausting Minecraft session
>tummy is making hungry noises
>navigate my way out of my room through the piles of weewee jugs and trash
>make my way downstairs, peek into the living room
>mummy and new daddy are doing a special backwards hug on the sofa like uncle phil showed me once
>new daddy is making funny sounds like a steam train
>don't care, hungry
>mummy screams, new daddy swears and nearly falls off the sofa like a silly
>says to mummy "why is that retard still living here, isn't he like 30"
>I don't like being called a retard
>not since the incident with the toddler in mcdonalds
>feel my inner wolf break loose
>let out a mighty howl and try to rip off my creeper hoodie
>not strong enough in my hunger-weakened state
>new daddy is laughing, I'll fucking show him
>pull down my crusty cargo shorts and grab my tingly tummy tendie
>start spinning like a beyblade and weeing as hard as I can
>mummy is screaming and crying, new daddy swears even louder and tries to grab me
>dodge him with my veteran CS reflexes but fall because I'm dizzy from malnourishment
>new daddy gets me in a headlock and starts punching me in the tummy
>he doesn't know I've been saving a satisfying tendie-and-dew-fuelled doodie for later
>bum explodes like a fat man in fallout 3 (I don't play 4 because it doesn't have my waifu Moira)
>new daddy is covered in doodie, he looks like a swamp monster
>he lets go and starts vomiting
>mummy is on the phone, I think she's calling 911, new daddy is trying to make her put the phone down and shouting something about "the meth you dumb bitch"
>crawl to the kitchen, everything is spinning and I feel faint
>"MUMMY MAKE TENDIES" I manage to shout before blacking out
>wake up locked inside the basement bad-boy cage next to a plate of hot tendies
>new daddy is gone

great success
samefag here posting about chicken tenties and shit... fuck off. i wanna hear real neet stories.
File: whatidowrong.jpg (100KB, 436x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 436x490px
>wake up at 2pm
>30 year old NEET
>had accident in sleep which I rolled around in
>grab cum-towel off nightstand and do my best wipe mess from my folds of fat
>tummy gurgles loudly, so hungry
>plop out of bed, navigate through shit jugs and piss bottles in my room
>waddle downstairs to check GBP board
>wait a minute to catch my breath before I look
>just enough Good Boy Points for some tendies and sauce!
>legs buckle under own weight
>roll myself into the living room where mummy is watching her favorite soap opera
>"mummy mummy I have enough Good Boy Points for some tendies!"
>she turns to me with the most disgusting look on her face while I lay flat on the ground stuggling to get up
>"s-sure honey, le-let me just get some tendies for you"
>she struggles to go to the kitchen without vomitting from the smell and sight of my obese, putrid, feces and semen covered body
>she pulls the tendies out of the freezer after letting the oven heat up as she begins to cry into the sink
>I roll over and pull myself up to my high chair that starts to creak as I sit down
>have my crayons and Power Rangers coloring book to occupy me while I wait
>the tendies are finally done and she puts them on my plate
>she can't hold back the vomit as I open my mouth to eat some tendies and vomits all over my plate
>I can't let these tendies go to waste, so I eat them along with the vomit
>"yummy wummy tendies in my tummy, thanks mummy"
>do my best to muster a smile but the rows of decaying teeth only disgust mummy further
>high-chair finally breaks from my heft
>causes me to have another accident
>mum runs away to her room, sobbing uncontrollably, so ashamed of her baby boy
>I just sit there on floor, in my own filth, thinking about what a disappointment I am
being this new
File: happymanchildpepe.jpg (68KB, 596x795px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 596x795px
The following is completely true. Unlike the rest of you idiots I actually live the dream!

>29 years old
>In my play room
>Need to make poo
>Lean over my inflatable ottoman
>Put my toy dump truck between my legs and make a shipment.
>Poo-poo is a little runnier than usual, but it doesn't matter.
>Now I'm hauling a fresh load across the country
>Mummy brings in my lunch (nachos. I like to change it up)
>"Anon, I told you not to play with your poo poo!"
>I'm getting real fucking tired of hearing this.
>Flip the plate of nachos into the wall
>Start punching my own head
>"Anon stop PLEASE STOP!" she screams
>You made me do this I say.
>She runs out of the room to get the tethers to tie my arms back and stop me hitting myself
>Stand behind the door and wait for her to come back.
>As soon as she runs back in I punch her directly in the face as hard as I can, making a weird, wet cracking sound.
>She falls over and hits her head on my dinosaur table.
>I go back to playing with my toy trucks and stuffed animals
>She wakes up a bit later
>I don't say anything, I just stare at her
>She quietly leaves the room, rubbing her fresh bruise
>I can hear her crying from her room.
>Am I worried? No. Regretful? Certainly not.
>I'll wait it out and things will go back to normal.
>It's easy for me to be a good boy.
>If Mummy does what I say I'll be a good little boy.

If she doesn't like it she should have had an abortion. She chose this life.
> The following is completely true.

Post proof, upload pic of shit covered truck.
>have my crayons and Power Rangers coloring book to occupy me
Why is this the saddest part?
>Mom gets off work early without calling first
>Finds me in the pantry emptying my poop jug into the cat's litter box
>Starts yelling at me, saying that I'm fucking disgusting
>Tell her that it's all her fault for breaking up with my dad when I was six
>She tells me that I need to be an adult
>Cry and scream and even throw my shit jug at her
>She says that from now on I have to go to bed before midnight
>Tell her to fuck off and go to my room
>Don't go to bed because it's fucking bullshit and I'm not a god damn wage slave
>She opens the door flat out at like one AM and is really pissed
>Tries to push me away from the computer, but I'm too heavy
>I start yelling at the top of my lungs
>She rips my computer tower out of the wall and takes it up to her room
>Knows I'm too fat to climb the stairs and thinks shes won
>Lay down at the bottom of the stairs and scream until my throat hurts
>Still no computer
>She goes to work the next day
>Wake up at like 3 PM and no computer
>Bitch has fucking overstepped her boundaries now
>Go into the bathroom and lift top off toilet tank so I can shit in it
>Sitting on tank and begin to turtle-head when I get an idea
>Pucker up my ass and waddle into the kitchen
>Take huge shit in the microwave and set the timer for three hours
>Mom comes home an hour later and the whole house fucking reeks
>She's screaming about a fire in the kitchen
>Can hear her crying for hours and even hear firemen stamping around
>Later that evening she comes in sobbing
>Sets up my computer tower for me
Flawless victory
>Be me
>Be 25
>Wakey from king sized pony bed
>Check GBP board
>10 points
>I get angry
>"Mommy mommy I need points for yummy yummy tendy treats"
>She starts sobbing
"No anon you need to earn them"
>No im really angry
>I had been saving a pee pee poo poo jar
>Go into play room closet and grab the jar
>Dump it all over mommy
>Shes now messy mommy
>"Anon what the fuck" mommy yells
>She starts puking and crying
>Its a mixture of rancid shit and puke
>"Mommy messy all because my points are low" I chant
>"Give me good boy points for my yummy treats"
>My mother added 200 fucking points
>I have a full tendie and ice cream dinner
>Eat it in my play room
>If she doesn't like it she should have had an abortion. She chose this life.
Agreed! All our mothers used to be slutty normalfags bitches. We wouldn't have pity with them normally. Ironically the only reason we do pity them is because they forced us into existence, which is the same reason we should hate them even more
Real neet story:
>Be me
>Wake up
>Go into my bathroom
>Look at myself in the mirror
>I'm fucking disgusting, I'm a waste of space.
>I'll never amount to anything
>Go online
>Job hunt for the majority of the day
>Go on 4chan every once in a while
>Mom and dad tell me they're proud of me regardless of being a neet
>I know they're not
>It's getting late
>Go to bed
File: smuggywuggy.png (203KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 499x499px
>it is 11pm, can hear mummys slippers timidly shuffling up the stairs to tell me its time for beddy-bie
>i am dressed in mummys bra and panties that I stole from her drawer while she was out getting tendies for din din
>am peacefully writing love letter to my imaginary waifu
>hear timid knock on my door
>"h-honey, its lights out time. open your door so i can give you your night-light"
>dumb fucking bitch doesn't understand that i go to bed whenever i want. i dont need whores like mummy telling me what to do
>yell from other side of door, "TENDIES FIRST"
>"n-no baby boy, you don't want to upset your stomach and make poo-poo again do you?"
>feel rage seething throughout my plump, pink body
>roll out of bed and start pounding floor
>o-okay honey, but then you have to g-go night night. your mummy has to be up bright and early tomorrow for work
>i win, she goes back down to heat up my leftover tendies. listen to her cry while starting microwave
>pee-pee starts to get stiff
>she comes back upstairs and i open door, she has FUCKING 3 tendies on a plate and FORGOT MY FUCKING SIPPY CUP WITH APPLE JUICE
>"h-honey, why are you in mummys undies? i t-told you not to go in my room while i'm done"
>i began to shake violently
>hit plate of tendies out of her hand
>she begins sobbing
>pick tendie up off the floor
>point it at her, tell her to lay down and open her mouth, and teary eyed, she obeys
>violently face fuck her with tendie, jamming it down her throat until spit bubbles out of her mouth and she begins vomiting
>stomp on her meany face
>"next time, you make me 50 fresh tendies when i ask, bitch"
>she gets up, picks up tendies, and goes downstairs to cry
>that'll teach her
>i continue to write my letter.
Made me sick (zero keks), as I'm sure "people" like this exist in real life. Such subhumans would never have made it to 26 in earlier times.

I wouldn't have made it to 6yrs old, my parents being who they were.

Raged and successfully baited.
File: coolneet.png (6KB, 300x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 300x355px
>in my room browsing /e/ and deviantart
>mom comes in
>"anon, we're having company round later, could you please shower"
>remind her to call me shadow killer and tell her that water burns my skin (the only liquid I can touch is mountain dew)
>"o..okay shadow killer"
>throw a piss bottle at her to frighten her into never forgetting again
>5pm now
>ask my whore mom where my chicky tendies are
>there are people here
>"everyone this is anon" says my stupid dad
>scream at him that my name is fucking shadow killer
>everyone looks tense
>"hey anon, what are you into?"
>tell them that I like hentai, mlp and 4chan
>"what's 4chan anon?"
>that's it
>attack him with my blazing shadow technique while shouting that my name's shadow killer
>he dodges and I fall into the wall,smashing through because of my weight
>use my spell attack "mortem omnibus normies"
>"what's a normie?"
>grab the shitjug I was concealing under my trench coat
>smash it over the stupid cunts head
>shit's everywhere
>remember about my chicky tendies
>hurl myself at my bitch mom
>screaming CHICKY TENDIES!!!
>she's crying
>grab her by the hair and drag her into the kitchen
>say get to work bitch
>"anon, you're 28, can't you make your own chicken tenders?"
>smash her head against the oven while screaming DARKNESS PILEDRIVE
>there's a loud snap
>go back upstairs
>check deviantart messages
>can hear ambulance sirens outside

Fucking normies.
This is my life lately, except instead of my guardians telling me they're proud they yell at me all day.
I'm a special NEET. my mom didn't get pregnant from sperm. there was no daddy. Logically speaking, this means i'm the 2nd coming of christ!!! I was a baby jesus! I'm the beloved of God! I will come take all you slaves of society to my NEET kingdom and we will worship there. In jesus name.
that's more like it, thank you man.
File: d33.jpg (35KB, 600x657px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 600x657px
>Some of these people are filthy
>has a piss can

Just piss in the toilet you lazy fuck.
>Tonight Chad took me out for "bro's night" cause i overheard mommy telling him to
>Mommy said I needed male bonding and that she wanted Chad to take more of a father figure role
>It wasn't until we were in the car that Chad dropped the bomb that we weren't going to Wendies but to a new restaurant, Chad's favorite restaurant
>I reeee'd and stamped my feet and punched the dash. Chad told me to shut the fuck up or he would kick me out of his car and leave me in the snow
>I didn't bring any shoes, and I was really hungry from all my reee, so I decided to humor Chad until tendies were delivered
>I slide the back of my sweatpants down and made a little poo smear on Chad's cloth seat
>It was dark, so Chad had no idea my 300lbs+ was permanently grinding the runny poo deep into his car upholstery
>Chad rolled down the window and told me to stop farting in his car
>As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot i saw it was called Hooters
>Not a good sign. Tendies come from chickens, not owls
>"Order me my tendies", I told Chad
>Chad said he would also order me a beer too since I was over 30 but I said "no, choccy milk".
>He told me the don't have choccy milk so i reee'd a weak little reeee cause I was extremely famished and anyway they had Mountain Dew. Maybe this place wasn't too bad.
>The tendies promised weren't tendies at all. THEY HAD BONES!
>I flung the nasty bonies and began to reeee and reeee harder than I had ever ree'd that night
>Someone said "Get him out of here. He stinks like shit and he's not wearing any shoes"
>They were talking about Chad, but Chad was wearing shoes. Even the people at this restaurant were stupid
>Chad put me in the back seat and took me home, but not after going through the Wendy's drive through
>Checkmate. eating my tendies right now as I type this and I can hear mommy and Chad yelling at each other upstairs
File: 1485837660933.jpg (57KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 480x480px
Piss can is huge.
saves toilet flushes.
flushing toilet uses water.
less toilet flushes means less water bill.
File: neetbux1.jpg (52KB, 600x578px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 600x578px
>am now filthy NEET, its almost normie tier
>filthy whore mother informed me NEETBUX can be exchanged for GBP
>I do like GBP
>have her leave work to pick me up
>roll me to car to take me to NEETBUX vendor
>disgusting nazi at bum office asks if ive looked for a job yet
>fucking normie shmuck dares speak to me?
>start breathing in through my teeth and blowing out my nose
>snot starts running down
>starts getting sucked into my mouth
>wait till mouth is filled
>grab wagecuck social benefit bureaucrat by his ugly tie and and scream PUSSY spitting my snot all over his face
>stand up flipping the desk with my belly
>guess mother dearest was tired as 5 security guards carried me to the car

>mfw I dont have to go to bum office anymore
>One day I wakey and mommy isnt home
>I text her on my emergency phone
>She says that shes at her job
>This fucking bitch
>She says I have to make my own tendies
>Im fucking outraged
>I go over to her worky work
>I grab a set of her special plates before I go
>Go to her office
>Throw plates at her
>I chant "I dont make the tendies!"
>I grab my weewee
>Start pissing all over her desk
>She starts screaming and crying
>When we get home she makes me 50 tendies
>Free of charge
File: reJoroC.jpg (14KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 320x320px
>wake up at 3pm
>fill piss bottle
>waddle out to check GBP board
>finally reached 100 for not shitting in the car yesterday
>REEEEEEEEE in excited delight so loud and high the window cracks
>too out of breath to walk
>roll into kitchen where mummy is doing the budget
>mummy slowly looks up, her eyes wide and quivering
"b-but I-I have to work today and that takes four hours to make..."
>heave myself upright, all 450 pounds
>face is bright red and sweating bullets from exertion and fury
"I c-can't... we don't have any..."
>what the fuck did you just fucking say to me you little bitch
>begin quaking with apoplectic rage, jiggling like a triple decker jello mold
>throw mummy to the ground and start tearing off her only dress
>shove my cock in mummy's mouth
>haven't washed in months of course
>mummy pulls away gagging and sobbing
>it's ok, five seconds was long enough
>blast all over mummy, grunting and moaning like a semi passing on the highway
>inexplicably have huge volume despite jacking it eight times a day
>make sure to get it everywhere
>point and laugh
>laboriously turn around and shift backwards
>spray diarrhea all over mummy for solid minute
>wheeze and collapse from exhaustion, falling on top of mummy and trapping her underneath layers of fat
>takes three hours until strong enough to roll back to couch
>piss myself five times
>grind trail of filth into carpet while rolling
>mummy gets hose and mop, starts cleaning me up
"w-who's my b-big boy..."
File: 1486278361466.jpg (17KB, 480x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 480x584px
WHY just WHY
What's wrong with vegetables?
File: 1476804078689.jpg (26KB, 618x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 618x412px
>be me
>playing club penguin trying to hook up with bitches
>my mum comes in and says that after I lost her her job I should get a part time job
>I tell her to fuck off
>she sighs
>"I-i-t's okay, Anon. It's not your fault you're special."
>Stupid bitch. Why does everyone need to tell me that?
>Ffwd 1 month later
>now she just wears really red lipstick, fishnets and short skirt and goes upstairs every night with a male friend to play 'games' with a locked door.
>lying bitch, how can we still be poor and she can still play around?
>sometimes I hear beating and her crying.
>note to self: buy noise-cancellation headphones with GBP.
>my tummy is hungry
>I go upstairs and knock on the door
>no answer
>I put my ear against the door
>hear them exercising
>faggots must have put in earpiece and listening to music
>no one fucks with my tendies
>go to backyard
>climb up tree outside mummy's window
>am big-boned but tendies motivate me
>see their silhouette behind curtain
>he's helping her do sit ups
>I am Enzio Auditore
>swing like pendulum and crash through window
>I roll gracefully and crash into mummy's drawer
>don't know why they're not wearing clothes, it's not that hot
>her friend is spilling mayonnaise on her face
>her male friend goes wtf
>he storms out and says he'll never "spend money on a stupid whore again"
>mummy just sits there and cries
>I bang on my chest and scream "I WANT TENDIES"

Tfw when she left cooked tendies on the dining table before all that.
I'm not short like you so my fat doesn't make me look like jabba the hutt.
File: hey brah.jpg (128KB, 409x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey brah.jpg
128KB, 409x409px
>Be hanging out with my daki (Mikiru is best waifu)
>Mommy comes in and asks me if I want to go to Friendlies for a platter of tendies and some icy creamy
>Clap excitedly and rush to the car with Mikiru
>Sit in backseat with her, mommy gets to car and starts driving us to Friendlies
>Mikiru gets frisky and starts eyeing up my crotch
>Decide to give her a show
>Pull out my cock and start tugging it around
>Mikiru looks at it hungrily, cum on her face in a matter of seconds and scream
>Hear mommy sigh from front seat and mutter that she made a mistake
>Tell her it's okay,I love mommy and I can get her her OWN Daki
>She sighs, obviously with relief
>We get to friendlies, get out with mikiru and we order three plates of tendies and frenchies, thinking about what kind of Icy Creamy I'll get
>Mommy orders a glass water and some toast
>Asks for three slices instead of two
>Warn her not to go over board or new Chad Daddy might not like her flab flab
>Shes so grateful for my advice that her eyes start to water
>Me and Mikiru finish our tendies and mommy makes a comment about me not throwing stones
>She KNOWS I'm sensitive about my beautiful curves
>I control myself, but Mikiru is in love with me
>She lunges forward and attacks mommy for disrespecting her hubby
>Waitress comes over and grabs me
>Why grab me? Mikiru is the one hurting mommy!
>Realize... the waitress is in love with me too
>Lunge forward and start making out with her, Mikiru stops attacking mommy for some reason
>Waitress pushes me away, I knew I should have stuck with Mikiru
>Shit pants and start crying
>everyone in restaurant staring at us
>Manager man comes and says we have to leave
>Never got my icy creamy
>Go home with mommy, she's apologizing for ruining my night out
>Tell her that after TONIGHT, only a threeway with mikiru will make up for what she did
>Mommy starts sobbing tears of joy knowing that she can do something to make me forgive her
alright anon, i've met people like you, people who share stories of a similar ilk to yours and play mindgames with their mummies and i gotta tell you its just not on, anon, its just not on. 【°〜°】

what you're doing is abusing your mother and it is a foul thing to be doing anon, a very foul thing indeed.

god put man on earth to work and be moral. you are doing neither and should be ashamed. very ashamed. all you of you 【°〜°】
File: blurg.png (267KB, 479x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267KB, 479x503px
>sisters birthday friday
>her and her friends are having a party downstairs
>she begged my mom to let her do it somewhere else, but my mom said that she would make sure I wouldnt bother her and her friends
>she is 15 and her friends are around the same age
>all her friends are vapid cunts and I dont want to risk losing my virginity to anyone but my 10/10 virgin dream girl so I decide to stay in my room
>just finished watching a couple episodes of mlp
>those qt ponies always make me parched
>sneak past mother and go downstairs into the kitchen to grab another two liter mountain dew
>I crawl on the floor like a snake so I can slither by them without them see me
>their slut senses must have picked up on the fact that Im only wearing my semen stained undies
>they start to leave the kitchen revolted
>out of the corner of my eye I see the most beautiful semen demon you an imagine
>pig tails
>short shorts
>no make up
>she couldnt have been older than 12
>literally perfect
>I run over to her and grab her to take her into my room
>she starts screaming when i put my hands on that soft pale skin
>all the girls seem really scared
>lol. like I would be tainted by their gaping cunts
>i hiss at them and drag this beute up the stairs by the root of her hair
>dad must have heard the screaming and came to see what was happening
>right before I get into my room he hits me in the back of my head with a closed fist
>"anon bad!" he screams
>i drop the girl, turn and hiss at him.
>barely make it into my room with my life

Didnt get any sweet loli puss, but mom and dad got a visit from the police with the girls parents. kek. those sluts wont be coming back anytime soon
This, except I have a job, so I guess I'm not NEET technically.
File: King of NEETs.jpg (90KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
King of NEETs.jpg
90KB, 1024x683px
>Be Mummy's 24 year old bouncy happy healthy 350lb baby boy
>In the middle of my 5pm post-breakfast MLPforums and /trash/ browsing session on my 2011 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 running FreeBSD (fuck those Linux plebs)
>hear a knock on my door
>it's Mummy
>"God fucking damn me and slutty Princess Luna don't have time for your normie shenanigans you ungrateful sow!!!"
>She interrupts me mid-REEEE! and says my normie sister has come home from college for Christmas and she brought me a present
>"Fine! I shall take her gift as compensation for your heinous act of interrupting my browsing session!"
>Pull my healthy, 350 pound /fit/ as fuck body out of my racecar bed and waddle down the stairs
>Fucking normalshit basic bitch roastie sister is in the living room holding a wrapped present with my name on it
>"Hey anon! I can't believe it's been 3 years since..."
>"MY NAME IS SHADOWCLOUD! My ponysona is me and I am my pony OC!!"
>"S-sorry, Shadowcloud. I thought you might like this. I earned a little extra cash from my job at Starbucks and I thought I's use it to help you out a little bit"
>Snatch the present out of her probably cum-drenched whore hands
>Tear into it with the force of a thousand Narutos
>It's a MacBook
>"W-well I thought you could use a new laptop s-since yours is kinda old..."
>"How dare you insult Shadowcloud's presence by offering him this pleb-tier technological trash!"
>Mummy tries in vain to contain my unstoppable rage
>"Anon! How dare you treat your sister like this! She cares about you and this is how you repay her!?"
>Bitch, you just poured gasoline on a raging, eternal fire
>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with the force of a thousand Thuu'ms (not that I'd ever play a normieshit game like Skyrim)
>Throw the MacBook onto the floor and bodyslam it with 100% pure muscled buttocks
End pt 1
File: neetfrog.jpg (85KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 900x900px

>Clench my gut and let out a triumphant fart followed by a stream of poopoo so hard it rips through the buttflap on my Barney onesie
>Continue REEEEEEEing the entire time while I'm emptying my cavernous bowels
>Mummy tries to pull me off the box
>Throw a fistful of poopoo at her
>Sister screams and runs to her car
>Fling poo at her but miss and hit the Christmas tree instead
>Get up and let out a triumphant roar as I jump one the PlebBook with all my might one last time to finish off the Apple-made abomination.
>Retreat back to my lair and drink a 2 liter of Mr.Pibb in a victory toast with my beloved equine waifu Luna
>Mummy comes up sobbing 2 hours later and changes me out of my poopy clothes and serves me a megatray of Tyson tendies (5lbs worth) and another 2 liter of Pibb to wash it down
>spend three hours on the shitter while mummy cleans my room for me

And to think that fucking bitch had the gall to say that I was the one who ruined Christmas.

At least I'm never going to see my roastie whore of a sister again because Mummy told me she got something called a restraining order. Fuck that bitch. I hope she dies choking on Chad's cock while my peepee remains purely for Ponies.
>Mommy and girl are talking about me
>Mommy comes upstairs and says I'll be going on a date
>I tell her thats for normies but I do it anyway
>Get in girl's car
>She stops at local tendie shop
>I eat good tendies
>But she...
>She ate salad....
>I get fucking outraged
>She jumps back in fear
>I fucking flip over her shitty salad fake food bowl
>"YOU ARE WHORE" I chant
>Whip out erect 4 inch weewee
>Grab tendie
>Start shoving tendie in her ass while face fucking her
>I cum in 5 minutes
>Rest of restaurant staring in horror
>Take off all of my clothes
>Proceed to poo poo pee pee all over tables
>Clerk calls 911
> I throw myself at the clerk lady
>Start fucking clerk
>I go into kitchen
>Throw clumps of shit into tendie frier
>They make me 25 tendie
>Mom drives me back home
>I purchase ice cream and mtn dew sundaw will new earned GBP
File: 1484539819762.png (129KB, 327x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 327x333px
stop with the mom abuse. I love my mommy.
File: angry_pepe reeee.jpg (65KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
angry_pepe reeee.jpg
65KB, 900x900px
>wake up to my room of piss jugs and shit bottles
>first thing I do in the morning is check my gbp
>saved up enough good boy points to buy a steam card
>crawl out of my Teen Titans Go blanket (I got it from Santa instead of coal for being a good boy)
>rip off page of my gbp chart and hobble downstairs
>mummy cooking me a breakfast of tendies
>"mummy mummy! I saved up enough good boy points to get a steam card!"
>"let me see that my special little boy. You've been so good these past few weeks! Here are your chicken tenders."
>fucking normie cunt, who calls them chicken tenders
>eat my mountain of tendies then get into the car
>mummy starts to drive
>suddenly get motion sick
>"mummy I don't feel very good"
>puke all over the back of her car, tendie flakes everywhere
>oh my god! -10 gbp. We are going back to the house now
>what the fuck you stupid bitch I was good all month for that steam card
>was going to buy Sakura Angels with it
>get back to the house
>enact plan of revenge
>mummy goes to sleep
>pick up shit jugs with caution, pull out mummy's space heater and place the shit jugs with it next to her bed
>20 min later
>shit bottles explode
>hot poop splatters everywhere
>mummy gets plastic shard and poop-juice in her eye
>has to go to the hospital
>doctor said its infected and has to be removed
>mummy now looks like nick fury
fucking normie bitch that's what you get for taking away my gbp
File: original.gif (2MB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x180px
Thanks, this is the first thing to make me genuinely laugh out loud for ages.
Did you go to college too?
>Be 29
>Puppa kicked me out of the house
>Says he will help me find a place once I have a job
>All because I threw one fit when my tendies were still cold
>It's freezing outside and I pooped my pants
>In the library right now
How can I get tendies in the adult world? My puppa gave me my GBP receipts when he kicked me out, can I use them at McDonald's?
File: chickymentos.jpg (34KB, 448x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 448x366px
>be me
>wake up in a cold sweat wheezing
>waddle over to kitchen
>exhausted from the walk and lay on kitchen floor like an overturned giant slug
>open the freezer
>no tendies
>almost suffer cardiac arrest
>feel a festering "REEEE" in the back of my throat
>waddle as fast as I can towards the slut bitch cunt's room
>watch over her
>she looks exhausted from working her two jobs
>no response
>Mommy wakes up with a gasp
>looks at me and starts crying
>"Oh, anon, no... I- I forg--"
>get unto the bed on top of her
>hear her groan under weight and hear something pop
>"No nuggies so I make Mommy into huggies"
>"Sweetie, I--"
>with speeds that are unfathomable I pull down my pants and put her face right into my butt
>haven't taken a poopie in weeks
>as horrible juicy farts are released from my cave, an explosion of chunky diarrhea explodes into my Mom's face
>as thunderous farts and blobs of poopie explode, I roar and tremble in orgasmic pleasure, my saggy tits jiggling in unison to my quicering jowls
>hear my Mommy gagging and sobbing
>sleep on top of mommy because ordeal made me sleepy
>wake up next morning
>Mommy gone
>waddle over to fridge
>Tyson nuggies on shelf

Give me one good reason NEET life isn't worth it
Wait, you actually carried the semen stained hugpillow into the restaurant with you?
File: wheelchainneetpepe.png (31KB, 850x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 850x850px
> be me
> 28 years old NEET
> raised as an only child
> I caused mummy and daddys divorce
> nothing matters except the scrumptious taste of tendies
> mfw its 03:00am
> mummy I'm hungries
> yell into intercom for snackitysnacks
> her tired voice reponds with "NOT NOW SWEETY MOMMY IS WORKING!!"
> challenging me at this hour?
> insolent woman I know there are tendies in the freezer bring me my tendies
> keep chanting for the tendies that are rightfully mine
> evil jew landlord tells mummy to shut me up
> eww mummy is sleeping with nasty landlord
> naughty man. Making mummy's ladylettuce smell like sardines
> The war has begun.ctn
> enter sunrise. All Preparations are complete.
> nullifying any chance of escape I reeeee into mummies "office" on my valiant reinforced electric wheelchair.
> douse jew in two jugs of poopyjuice before he can activate his spells
> evil jew is unable to battle!
> ram him into the corner and then leap off of my valiant steed and mount mummy's face
> Groan as I release a big boy turd so nasty her fingernails begin to peel backwards
> gaze into her eyes as the impact sends mummy into panic attack
> expel the last of my poopies on the sheet. How many times must I break you?
> tidy up my toys and waddle into kitchen to await my spoils
> slithery jew slithers out of my castle and says we don't need to worry about rent ever again
> victory.ogg
> mummy finally arrives visibly shaken and broken inside
> opens the freezer to make my tendies
> puts hot plate of tendies in front of me and blows them until they are cool
> "mummy you have to chew them for me"
> mummy breaks down in tears and screams for death
> yawn, give myself 5 extra gbp and fall asleep without eating them.
I haven't laughed this hard in weeks
>Birthday last week
>Mama got me the Littlest Pet Shop cake I wanted
>Get a card from grammy
>"Enjoy your birthday, sorry I couldn't be there sweety, I hope you can use this"
>A lot of weird green paper in there
>Mamas eyes get big
>Ask her what these are
>"It's money, I use it to buy your chicken and videogames"
>"Can I trade it for good boy points?"
>"Yes you can, of course you can"
>then new daddy walks into the room
>smells like smoke and adult apple juice
>slaps mamas butt
>sees the money
>"I need this for the poker game tonight"
>Mama says no, I traded it with her
>He slaps her faces butt now
>Mama screams
>I'm sitting there eating my cake
>Ask her when dinner is ready
>She says I gotta help her
>take off all my clothes and jump on the table
>Press my willy in the cake and run to mama screaming at the top of my lungs flailing my arms
>hit mama in the belly
>hear a loud oomf
>new daddy looks at me
>I look at him
>I get down on my knees and grab his crotch
>he goes back and asks me what I'm doing
>I just wanted to show him I can be mama too
>Run at him and bite him in his crotch
>even though he wore pants he dropped to the ground crying
>now everyone was crying
>my diaper has been full the whole time
>put some cake in diaper since mama isnt changing it and feed it to new daddy
>new daddy never came back after the poker game
>mama made me fresh chicken tendies with a side of pizza that night
>she didn't even charge my good boy points
>best 40th birthday ever
I think he wants some GBP's
>Mommy takes me on tendie picnic
>I drink my mounty dew and eat my tendie treat
>I chew and chew but my chewing stop
>When mommy says its time to go
>I Shreek i scream I moan I growl
>She packs up the bags and she thinks she won
>She says she ate and now is done
>I grab her quickly by the wrist
>I throw her down and throw a fist
>Mommy mommy see what you did
>I didnt finish my tendie meal
File: uh-oh.png (51KB, 240x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 240x232px
>at new daddy's country cabin for the weekend while the house is fumigated
>him and mummy go out for the day, leave me in my race car bed that mummy carried all the way here on the bus because she can't afford gas any more
>noon rolls around, get hungry
>get out of bed, unlock the baby gate they set up (she doesn't know I know how, dumb bitch) and go into the kitchen/hall area in search of din dins
>just spam and jerky and soup in the cupboards and frozen deer in the freezer
>pile all the spam cans up and go pee pee on them to show what I think of this
>fucking normies don't have the first clue about nutrition, this is a fucking outrage
>go into new daddy's bedroom, maybe he keeps an emergency stash of tendies hidden like I do
>look under his bed
>nothing there but a load of magazines with pictures of ladies wearing no clothes and some men too
>there fucking MUST be tendies nearby because the magazines are covered in ranch
>notice a shoebox a little further back
>grab it and bring it out, it's heavy. These must be his tendies, quite a few of them too
>open it
>it's a gun
>looks like a Glock 17, I can tell from extensive experience in Counter-Strike
>take it out and pretend I'm in Wanted, making the bullet curve around the doorway and hitting Chad on the other side
>suddenly there's a loud crash in the hall and a man's voice shouting
>fill my diaper and start shaking
>the gun goes off, I go deaf and drop it
>crawl under the bed and squeeze my eyes shut
>work up the courage to check things out after a few minutes
>peak around kitchen corner
>new daddy is lying in a pile of spam cans, ouchie-juice leaking from his tummy
>mummy is crying over him and on the phone to the police

this is going to cost some hefty GBP
This automatically proves you're a normal/newfag GTFO
>Be me, working on my minecraft peaceful world
>mummy comes in, hands up in submission
>"a-anon... It's time for your doctors appointment..."
>look her dead in the face
>"if you make me go to that jew Doctor I'm going to shit in your fucking bed."
>"now anon, if you behave... I'll give you a triple Tendie meal from anywhere you want."
>sold, but resolve to give her as hard a time as possible to punish her for not just GIVING me the triple tendies for being her perfect little baby boy
>get in the car
>"oh boy mommy, I really do need to go to the docy docs! I am feeling so... Sick!"
>shit my big boy pants
>she screams at me to get out of the car so she can clean it, say no, docy docs now!
>she reluctantly drives me over, go inside office and wipe my shit on the Windows
>she apologizes, pays for damages and we wait for the doctor
>mommys shoe starts to dangle off her heel
>start jerking off
>mommy sees me and desperately whispers at me to stop before someone notices
>moan as loud as I can
>she's in tears now
>look her in the eye
>"Touch my cock, whore." I say loud enough for the whole room to hear
>she sobs loudly and shakes her head no
>pinch her nipple and twist until she agrees and gives me cummies
>Doctor calls me in, immediately call him a kike
>spend whole checkup farting, pissing, and belching strategically to ruin the doctors day
>checkup finally ends, mom is still sobbing
>"triple Tendie time now mummy!"
>lets out a louder sob and rushes to the car, me in pursuit
>"wh-where do you want tendies from, anon?"
>tell her I want wendies tendies
>she takes me to wendies, and we discover, to her horror, that they only have nuggets now.
>REEEEE at her while shitting and pissing myself
>she rushes me home and leaves me there, saying she'll be back soon with as many tendies as I can eat
>comes home 20 minutes later with 7 orders of Popeyes tendies
>smile and thank her
>she sighs with relief and decides to take a nap after her ordeal
>Left a surprise in her bed
File: amerifatpepe.jpg (29KB, 600x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 600x487px
>be me
>mummy's chunky 550 pounder
>wake up at 5pm
>roll over in my play pen
>something is missing
>my waifu pillow is gone
>that bitch has kidnapped her
>no reply
>roll out of the pen but too fat to stand
>crawl along the floor
>poopoo and peepee bottles fall in my wake
>my soiled mlp onesie becoming a jackson pollock canvas of poo and pee
>roll down the stairs and see mummy in the kitchen
I-I don't know what you're talking about sweetie
Your pillow... thing. I took it to the laundrette it was all gross and crusty
>pull myself onto my legs for the first time in years
>can feel my knees buckling under the weight of my ample frame
>i strap on my naruto headband, grab my minecraft sword and waddle out the door on my chivalrous quest
>people gag as i pass them on the street
>others flee in terror at the sight of me lumbering down the street trailing poopoo behind me
>get to the laundrette
>the laundrette worker looks shocked
e-excuse me
oh, y-you're mrs anon's ch-child... your mother's washing is over here
>i see my love being drowned in a vortex of water and suds
>i use all my tard strength to rip the machine door from it's hinges
>water floods the room as i stand triumphant sword held high and waifu in hand
>make my way home expecting tendies for the returning hero
>instead see the blue and red flashing lights of the law
>they tackle me to the ground, the stench causing them to vomit all over me
>they separate me from my love and throw me in the back of a car
>i can see them dragging her away as my eyes fill with tears
>never see her again
man, these are great.
I don't often actually laugh when I'm on my own
>>I yell "get out normie scum!
I fukd died lmao.
Normi cunt
>I have 30 good boy points
>Enough for play room and tendies
>I go to my mom with my gbp chart
>She says shes adding a new rule
>She calls it good boy tax
>Its aparently some bullcrud to make me learn about money
>She says i need 10 more gbp
>Im fucking outraged
>I throw the chart and shit on it
>Mommy starts crying
>She says if I eat the dindin she makes I'll have enough for 2 tendie dinners in the playroom
>Shes trying to fuck with me
>I am not dumb
>She gets visibly scared
>She says no
>Still trying to test me
>Rip off her shirt
>Bite her nipple hard
>She starts yelling to stop
>Says I'll lose gbp if I dont stop
>She is lying
>I see hurtie juice coming from titty
>I stop
>She starts bawling
>She makes me free tendies for a week
>And lifts the tendie tax

fucking quads and nobody points it out
File: hatesnormies.jpg (8KB, 250x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 250x241px
>Up in the wee hours of Thursday morning
>been masturbating to Sailor Moon Crystal
>finish up and get the munchies
>Wake up mom at 3am
>Tell her i'm hungry for chicken mcnuggets and to go buy some now
>Says she has wake up early for work tomorrow (dumbass that's today) and she'll pick some up on the way home
>Fuck that
>Place subwoofer speakers against the wall facing parents room and blast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPRF1gXh5VY
>She knocks my room door for 5 minutes meekly asking me to turn it off but I kick back and scream CHICKEN MCNUGGETS every time
>Finally she stops and gets in her car and comes back 40 minutes later with my mcnuggets
>Double 50 piece with extra dipping sauce plus an M&M McFlurry to wash it down with
>Furiously gobble the entire thing in four minutes
>Crash for 12-hours
>Wake up just intime to see mum home from work
>She's exhausted as hell but brought me the same order without asking just to make sure I don't wake her again
>I do anyway

Kek fucking normalfags
That sounds like a pretty lenient doctor's office.
File: pepenaughty.jpg (34KB, 480x458px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 480x458px
>playing some call of dooties tree
>my belly starts to rumble
>"Mommy I need some Tendieeeeeessss."
>"Anon, for the last time, you're on a diet and can't have fried food!"
>"But momeeeeeee! I have enough GBPeeeee!!"
>no response
>wait a few minutes
>Hear the "bump bump" of mommy walking down the stairs
>a tray slides through my flap-flap on my basement door
>mommy had it installed because "she couldn't bear seeing me"
>remove the neck of my poop jug from my anus
>been sitting on my poop jug as a chair all day
>it makes my peepee feel tingly
>wobble over my bedroom door
>look at the tray
>so taken aback by the horror on my tray that I fall over
>clench fists hulk-style and start yelling "IM.... ANGRY"
>just like my hero, saitama, knock the basement door off of it's hinges in one punch
>start hobbling up the stairs
>have to stop on the 5th step because exhausted
>take a nap on the stairs for about 30 minutes
>continue making my journey up the last 3 steps
>get to the top, reminds me of rocky
>roll up to mommy, poopy butt leaving trails on the carpet
>"hello anon how was your dinn-"
>roll straight into her legs, knocking her to the ground
>Start rolling on her like a steamroller
>hear her bones cracking from my beautiful curves
>activate "Muddy Lemonade" protocol
>start pissing and shitting as i roll over her
>I halt
>she crawls to the kitchen her broken legs dragging behind her
>see her pull a handful of what i think are tic-tacs from an orange bottle and put them into the milk for the breading
>I hate mint flavor!
>slither up behind her like a snake that has just eaten a elephant whole
>get mommy's head and bend it backwards so the back touches her butt
>she's limp
>have peepee fun friction time with her mouth
>roll back to basement and start playing CS:GO
i lost
>>mummy gets hose and mop, starts cleaning me up
A mop to get the bulk of it out, yes, but she's still going to have to reach between those folds and scrub hard to get the residual filth. Give it some real elbow grease.
Sounds like it was a NEETBUX checkup office, they're used to dealing with 'tards.
File: pepetongue.jpg (52KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 499x499px
>be me
>38 years old, still unemployed
>horny after watching 10 episodes of Pokemon: Johto Journey
>clomp my way across the landing to mummy's room
>clamber onto her bed
>she wakes groggy and confused
>"Oh no, no Anon, please. We said-"
>she bursts into tears
>"We said I would only do it once. You got your 50,000 GBP to promise to never do it again."
>stupid bitch is crying hysterically now
>"I need to get up for work in an hour. The office told me if I'm late again I'll be f-f-fired."
>grab her hair and yank her head up
>tries to wriggle away, gasping hysterically, but I grab her slender wrists with my Charizard strength
>MUMMY YOU ARE SO PRETTY I tell her as the tears stream down her red, puffy face
>she nods slowly, lower lip quivering
>squat myself over mummy's accepting face and pull down my black shorts with the flames up the sides
>mummy opens her mouth, trembling with horror and racked with sobs as she tries to keep still, I can feel her hot breath on my hairy, shit-encrusted anus
>(tendies tendies from my endies, from my tummy into mummy) I whisper into the night air
>within seconds I feel something
>a gushing of release and relief from my guts expels explosive and gaseous from my itchy bumhole, spraying and splopping chunks and jets and gooey ropes of every colour all over mummy's face and into her pink, waiting mouth
>hear her gagging and crying even harder underneath me
>relief is so intense I fall face-first onto her bed, booty naked in the air
>EAT MY TENDIES MUMMY, THEYRE SO GOOD AND YUMMY I say into the bedding, muffled
>hear her trying to swallow
>just keeps gagging and crying
>I fall asleep there and when I wake up at 3pm she's gone

fucking normie bitch
File: bleeeeeeuh.jpg (27KB, 517x326px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 517x326px
>Be me, 342 lbs of proud, big boned badass
>In my room playing Sonic Free Riders
>Tumbly gives out a rumbly
>Reach for another handful of Bugles but the bag is empty
>"It seems my food has been depleted. I guess that means some more is needed!"
>Engage my mommy pager device aka pounding on the wall with my strong thick big boy arm
>Let out a scrart (screech fart) to convey the urgency of the situation
>Mommy comes into the room, dark circles under her eyes
>"Anon it's 3:45 I have work at 5:00 and I only just got to-"
>"Cease your whining, vile whore. I'm out of snacks and I need more! Fix me tendies now, posthaste, or my vengeance you shall taste!"
>Brandish my katana and threaten to slice open a poo sack
>"That's not a katana anon that's a wiffle ball bat"
>Mommy sighs and turns to leave when her nightgown snags on the dresser, jostling it and causing my Ayanami Rei figurine to tip over
>"o-oh anon, your doll I'm sorry"
>"She's not a doll, and now you're through! I'll drown you til you rest in poo!"
>Get off the bed with a mighty roll
>Clutch my sword
>Take a deep breath and begin my charge to defend my lady's name
>I'm not closing the distance fast enough, mommy's getting up!
>Another scrart startles her enough to freeze her
>Grab the nearest poo bag and drop it on her back
>It doesn't break
>Time to show my full power
>"Attack my woman, you craven trollop?! Beware, your baby packs a wallop!"
>Bring my katana down on top of the bag, bursting it and covering mommy in my chocolate
>Mommy's cries and slips in the poo
>See Rei on the floor
>Combined with this alpha display, I'm pretty horny
>Start rubbing my willy now that mommy can't stop me
>She looks up in horror as I let a milky load rip all over her pathetic existence
>Lean on dresser for support
>It can't stand my high-test figure and breaks
>Splinters fly everywhere.
>My hide protects me but they cut mommy
>She stops moving
>Still hungry
I'm THIS close to calling child services
>I wake up from my nappy nap
>But mommy hasnt brought me my post-nap tendies
>Play roblox for an hour
>Still no tendies
>Play roblox for a little longer
>But no tendies
>I get angry and rush downstairs
>I start to shout and pull my hairs
>Start throwing the hair I pulled out at mommy
>"A-anon you ran out of GBP so I cant give you them"
>Now im fucking mad
>Slam open freezer
>Grab the tendie box
>"Im sorry tendies I must do this"
>I throw the box of tendies onto the floor
>She starts crying
>Daddy Chad comes home
>I start shitting
>Hes staring at the horror going on
>Mommy crying in a ball while I shit on a tendie box
>He calls me a retard
>I frisbee the shit covered tendie box at him
>It hits him right on the face like the clowns do it with pies
>The tendie box slides off onto his shirt
>He gets so mad he starts giving mommy hurties
>I start running back to my playroom and hide so he doesnt give me hurties
>Mommy comes in the room
>Grabs my Lightning McQueen toy
>I dont see what happens but I hear a thid and mommy screaming
>I get scared and drink some of my hidden mounty dew
>Chad calls mommy a whore
>Now im mad
>I grab my 9 inch horse dildo
>I charge at daddy
>He is knocked over onto table
>I carry mommy back to my room
>Daddy never came back home
>Mommy gives me free tendies and weird game where she lick my weewee
File: pepeflipbird.jpg (33KB, 495x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 495x495px
>Mommy gives me $20 and tells me to go walk to the movies so she and New New Daddy can have some alone time
>"For tickets alone, this sum shall suffice. But I must eat too, and that begs a higher price!"
>Jesus Anon, when are you going to stop talking like that? It's really getting on my nerves
>bitch still gives me another $20
>"Mummy, upon leaving the theatre, the hour will be late. A ride I demand, and I don't like to wait!"
>Anon, the theater is a 5 minute walk away. Get home yourself
>"Neglect of your child is the worst of my triggers. Do you wish to see me set upon by unruly niggers?"
>Anon, don't use that language! We live in a safe neighborhood, now go
>"The march to the theatre looms long and unfriendly. To maintain my stamina, I require Tendies!"
>mummy is visibly mad at this point
>Anon, I'm not making you more tendies, you had two cases earlier. Your body doesn't need any more!
>"Ah, i see it's a matter of my digestive capacity. The solution, I assure you, is not beyond my sagacity!"
>stick thumb down throat
>puke all over mummy's special Just For Daddy dress
>"My stomach is emptied, it demands to be refilled! Now cook up more tendies, the only task in which you're skilled!"
>mummy starts crying
>walks toward bathroom
>I pull her back into the kitchen
>she cooks me tendies while sobbing silently
>I wolf them all down, smiling brightly
File: yesh.jpg (45KB, 500x452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 500x452px
>Be me
>Living with mommy and asshole stepdada
>Usually keep to myself down in the basement with my animes, and vidya while they screw around upstairs
>That fucking chimp thinks I cant hear him bang my mom in this house of paperthin walls
>One day he's doing laundry
>Motherfucker thinks he can put his undies in the same basket as mine and wash them together
>Tell him that's a big nono and tell mommy on him
>She has to listen to me, I've earned many GBP last week for calling a truce and not chucking my doodoo in the Tyrones aquarium
>That fucking junglebunny had the audacity to tell me to grow up and stop making my moms life a living hell and move out and get a job
>A job
>run to my batcave and take out my glorious 3rd Reich armband
>Eat this subby
>Parade around the house screaming Sieg Heil and Heil Hitler
>Notice my neighbours watching
>My middle schools bff dad, I heard he moved out and married a fitnessjock in SF
>Tyrone chimps out
>Comes at me full speed
>Start spinning my arms in a forward direction
>Actually sock him in big fat apenose
>"MUTHAFUCKA WHITEBOI" "That's it Martha! I'm out!"
>Notice moms in the corridor crying like a little bitch and smoking ciggs
>Tyrone runs upstairs and starts packing his suitcase
>Run to mom and put my face a few inches from hers
>"Start vaping bitch"
>Run to Tyrones aquarium and lays the big poopie that was laying in my underino all this time
>That'll teach that slave
>Tyrone comes downstairs and goes out the front door
>Mom runs after him
>Tyrone pls dont! He's just a boy!
>kek, like age has anything to do with that
>Moms still screaming behind him and he stops, he looks like he's coming around
>run out and stand between him an mommy
>Steals neighbours car and drives off
>Mommy realizes I'm the only man for her
>Mommy's good boy wins again
>I go into mommy's room to get some chicky nugs
>Mommy says we're having spaghettio for dindin
>This fucking bitch
>I am angry
>I charge at her whilst screaming naruto opening theme song lyrics in english
>Change some of the words to tendies
>Believe tendie
>I whip out my cock and spray piss all over her panty drawer
>I made sure to eat a lot of asparagus because I knew I would need it
>She starts screaming at me and calls me a failure
>She insulted momma's perfect
>I get the can of spaghettios
>Pasta sauce is included
>I dump the pasta and the sauce
>Because I am the fucking boss
> She deducts 40 GBP, but I got a big bucky of chicken nug
Y'know, I've been thinking about this for a little while after reading a bunch of these stories.

Don't you think they perfectly describe the ownership of cats? They're fat sacks of shit who treat their owners/parents like shit and only want to lie around and eat chicken.
>Tuesday afternoon
>tugging it to Nick Jr all day long
>Finish squeezing big boy gooey gunk from my winker
>Mumsies comes home from work
>Poo poo in my diapie due to excitement
>Earned 70 good boy points earlier today by promising not to empty my piss bottles on mumsie's bed while she was at work
>Expect delicious tendies immediately
>Squat walk downstairs with full diaper of excitement
>No good smell
>Mumsie looks upset
>Anon you're 33, I talked with a friend about getting you a job
>Fucking normie mom
>Remove my shit filled diaper and wield it like a sling
>Anon please..
>Swing my shit sling at her
>Diaper falls apart and flings wet sloppy big boy chocolate all over the room
>Ring of fecies whips her in the eye and she falls do the ground recoiling and grabbing her face
>Slap her open handed and squat over her face
>Queue a huge wet fart bubble followed by a mexican mudslide in the rainy season
>Literally pours over her face like a generous helping of piping hot chili
>She wipes it off her face and tries to gasp for air
>Quickly plug her shit covered mouth with my still-erect big boy weenie peenie
>She spasms and mumbles what might be a yes
>waddle back to my room and play some XBox
>Serves me tendies later while sobbing and promises to give me lots of good boy points
>mfw I put that bitch in her place
>mfw I always get my way.
Nick Tardie?
File: blissfull-neet.png (257KB, 600x579px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257KB, 600x579px
>i wake up for another sing-songy sunshiney funday
>i stretch and yawn as I rip my daily wakey gas, the feeling of liquid splattering against my Magic School Bus jammies makes me proud
>i haul myself out of bed, kissing my Rei Ayanami body pillow good morning, only for my legs buckle out from under my generous frame
>oh well! I guess I'll have to be a Roly Poly from now on
>i roll over to my GBP chart and check it
>I've saved up a whole 5 GBP! That's a new record I'm SURE mummy will be proud of!
>i roll down the stairs to see what mumsy is up to this wonderful morning
>i slip and crack my nose against the stairpost
>mumma gets up shocked, "Anon are you okay?!"
>i'm bleeding from my nose and it has a weird shape, but I don't care, "mummy mummy, where's the yummy chickie tendies for my tummy?"
>i lift my shirt and begin slapping my tummy like a bongo "your precious little angel has saved five GBP, make some chickie tendies, and make them all for me!"
>"Anon, you know the price for a tendie meal is 20 Good Boy Points. And after the Legoland incident you should be grateful that you still have 5 left."
>i freeze. This BITCH, has the fucking GALL, to deprive me of my well deserved poultry cutlets.
>i sit up and begin slamming my feet on the floor angrily and punching my head
>she closes her eyes, "Anon, please calm down..."
>i begin screaming and simultaneously poopooing and peepeeing my pants, but my engine has been burned out and I curl up in my own waste, peacefully sleeping
>i wake up clean and tethered to my bed, a plate of yummy tendies on my tummy with a note from mama jama saying she's sorry for being so harsh and that she's proud of me for being such a good boy
Being a bad boy has its perks, but nothing beats the satisfaction of being mummy's good little boy!
So...are these suppose to be the new fluffy shitposting of 2017 or something? These are kinda retarded.
File: guyfepepe.jpg (18KB, 236x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 236x314px
>Be in my bed after crashing from an LoL binge
>Shitstained undies starting to stink up a storm
>Sweat coagulating in a thick, gel layer on my skin, literal crumbs falling out of my two inch neck beard
>I guess it's time for my monthly shower
>Waddle down to my shower
>3 am, lights all off. Use my 2DS as a flash light
>Get to shower, clean as a whistle since mummy uses it too
>Shower, cleaning the dingle berries and solidified shit from my asscrack
>Touching my sphincter causes me to shit
>A huge amount of fecal matter comes flying out of my ass, cum from the anal stimulation
>Leave shower immediately, still dripping wet (that way I get EXTRA clean)
>No more poo poo inside of me means it's time for a third dinner
>Take chicken from fridge and bread them
>Put a few shots of fireball whiskey in the egg for the breading
>The uncooked tendies are wet and slimy like my turds, get grossed out and puke on the floor
>Heat up oil on the stove in a pot
>Rapidly boiling oil
>Mommy always adds water to the oil to make the tendies more moist
>Add an entire glass of water to the rapidly boiling oil
>Steam and insanely hot oil explode onto my face
>Fall to the ground as the oils heat peels and blisters the skin off my face
>6 AM Comes by, mommy comes downstairs to get ready for work
>Finds me, my shit still in the shower, my vomit on the floor, and my horribly burnt oil on the stove
>Claims it was a miracle the house didn't burn down
>Brings me to hospital
>Tendies for lunch at hospital while my burn wounds and permanently disfigured face are treated
File: rareblue.png (422KB, 554x568px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422KB, 554x568px
>up at 3:AM because hard core gamer
>playing tf2
>looking at pony spray when suddenly I get killed by demonigger
>rage and nearly shit myself
>tummy rumbles
>rub my fap lotion on my belly and slide to the kitchen
>look in freezer for hot pockets
>none left
>tip toe to mommys room
>she tried to lock her door but I pick it with my handy screwdriver that I keep in my cloth diaper
>silently open door, get on the floor and do a tactical lizard crawl to her bedside
>m-mummy I shake her
>"yes, sweetie"
>your good boy needs more hot pockies
>"no anon I have-"
>squeezes her boob and punch her in the nose
>she doesn't say anything, she gets up and leaves to Walmart
>go back to computer and fap on e621 to furry hentai
>she comes back leaves the hot pockets on the counter and goes back to bed
>I grab the box
>fucking ham and cheese
>thought I told that bitch pepperoni
>go to her room again
>door locked yet again
>this infuriates me
>with all my force I break open the door
>nail her in the eye with frozen hot pocket box
>same routine, made her go back to Walmart to buy the right hot pockets
>mfw she brought back two boxes
>mfw she even brought back Baja blast from Taco Bell just to be sure I was sated
File: mamaslittleman.jpg (24KB, 640x598px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 640x598px
>5 AM
>Browsing YLYL threads on /b/
>Laugh so hard I shit myself
>Whoops, special baby needs a new diapy
>Hear frantic footsteps running down the hall
>Mama opens the door winded. She can't forget what happened last time.
>"Baby boy made a messy messy"
>Lay down on the bed with feet up in the air
>She's changing my diapy
>Wait. What's that feeling?
>Instead wet wipes she's using fucking TOILET PAPER
>Kick her in the face
>By this point she's shrunken in fear
>"I-I'm sorry anon b-but I forgot to get the w-wet wipes when I was out getting your t-tendies"
>Go on a full blown rampage
>Roll down the hall spewing rancid diarrhea
>Knock over Grammas ashes
>Knock over the wine rack
>Roll onto Mama and crack her femur
>Limps to the car
>Rushes out to go to the store
>Go back to browsing the 'Chon
>15 minutes later she's back with the wet wipes and 4 boxes of tendies
>The nearest store is 25 minutes away
>"A-anon I have the wipeys you wanted"
>Serves me three whole trays of tendies
>Gives me wipey wipes and makes me a special bubble bath
She hasn't looked at me in the eyes since. That's what she gets for neglect
File: ylättys ilo apu.png (27KB, 657x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ylättys ilo apu.png
27KB, 657x527px
>Wake up at 4pm
>Hear talking downstairs
>Start yelling I NEED MY BIG BOY SLEEP
>Waddle over to the door, knock poo-poo jar over
>*whoops, guess mommy has some work to do* I knock over another just for good measure.
>Waddle down the stairs to living room. Mommy is talking to a lady in a business suit about "coverage"
>Mommy looks in my direction and apologizes to the lady.
>Notice that lady has really pretty hair
>Mommy tells me to go upstairs
>Lady has really really pretty hair
>My pee-pee goes hardy-wardy
>The diaper pops off from the force of my pee-pee, leaving me naked except for my Fluttershy t-shirt
>"Mommy is this the girlie-friendie I asked for?"
>I can't believe that fucking bitch finally did something right.
>Mommy looks really emberassed and tells me to go upstairs. The lady is really scared.
>Start waddling over to the lady.
>She recoils back in horror.
>Keep waddling over.
>I slip on the diaper around my ankles and fall to the ground.
>I do a big poo poo and begin crying on the ground, but my pee-pee is still hardy-wardy at my new girlie-friendie, so I keep crawling towards her
>The lady turns around and runs out the door
>Mommy has tears in her eyes, tries to lift me off the ground
>"Mommy, was she my girlie-friendie you got me?"
>She brushes the tears off her face and nods
>"Yes dear, s-she's just embarrassed. She's never seen a boy as handsome as you before!" She says as she wipes away another tear.
>I smile, proud of how handsome I am
>Mommy tells me that maybe if I earn enough good boy points, she will get me another girlie
>She pulls me up the stairs and starts cleaning the floor
>Uh-oh, my pee-pee is still hard
>I get out of my bed and walk up behind mommy
>Tell her she can be my girlie-friendie too
>She looks kind of disgusted for some reason, says mommy can't do that
>I start yelling REEEEEEEE as I rip off my diapers and shove my pee-pee at her face
>She sucks my weenie-peenie to make me stop yelling

Good day today.
File: neetphone.jpg (48KB, 676x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 676x426px
>be me
>be 350lb normie slayer
>wake up at 7 in the evening
>tummy growls for tendies and mountain dew
>screech at the top of my lungs
>then proceed to yell
>hear mommy sobbing
>I didn't ask for crying I asked for tendies dumb normie bitch
>still hear mommy crying like a little bitch
>Thats it
>grab my pee and poo jar
>lay on my skateboard (my big bones are too heavy for me to walk)
>surf down the stairs and get a big owie
>now i start crying
>sobbing gets louder
>bitch doesn't even come to give me kisses
>normie slayer is enraged
>stand up because of my anger strength
>knock down mommy's door
>bitch is screaming in fear
>take off my diaper throw it at her face
>spin around and shit and piss everywhere
>mommy is begging for mercy
>too late bitch
>throw pee and poo bottle on her
>glass breaks on her
>she's knocked out cold
>pick up a glass shard and stab her nipples
>she's bleeding from her head
>go to the freezer and grab all the tendies and stuff them in my pockets
>climb back up stairs to my dojo
>watch mlp for 5 hours while eating frozen tendies
>finally decide to pick up the phone and call the popo b/c I'm a good boy
>hear the popo sirens approaching
I hope they take away my abusive mommy and give me a new tendie vendor
File: tendiemeal.jpg (58KB, 640x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 640x500px
> Be healthy 300 pound baby with a loving mommy
> wake up right on time at 5:25pm after a night of intense gaming on garys mod
> Go out with mummy to buy the minecraft sword I was promised, to defend against normies
> Arrive at Gamestop, mom makes GBP transaction with the wagey behind the counter
> Feel instant rush of anger when I finally get the sword, because I need to show I'm superior to dumb wagecucks
> I hit the wagey with it, as hard as my big boned muscles will allow me to
> "Anon! WHY!?"
> This dumb bitch thinks she can get away with this, I warned her
> "REEEEEEE" I scream, as I pull down the shelves in the store to block off mommy
> Rip down my diaper, the stench immediately causes the other customers in the store to vomit
> Put my brand new awesome sword between my bum bum cheeks, pointing it behind me
> Start fiercely grinding on the sword, the mere sight causes all the normies in the store to get shocked from amazement
> Can feel the individual pixel changing as I do move it
> Sword is now covered in my healthy, thick blood
> Pee on the sword for good measure
> I am now the master of all the elements, blood, pee pee and poo poo
> Start hitting everyone in the store with the amalgamated weapon
> Everyone flees
> Start rolling around in the aftermath
> Pass out, because I was hungry
> Wake up in bed with tendies, mommy happily swinging on a rope by her neck
> Decisive victory
File: liltugger.png (43KB, 717x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 717x628px
>be me
>wake up 6pm
>waddle out of my SpongeBob race car bed
>do a poo poo in my diapy for mommy
>tummy growls for McDonald's nuggies and 3 cheese garlic crusted hotpockets
>I can hear my stomach REEE internally
>crawl out of my play area
>grab my megaphone
>knock over my mlp bodypillow
>whatever mommy will pick it up
>hear footsteps and quiet whimpering
>feels good to assure dominance
>30 minuets later cunt still isn't here
>crawl to get my Zombiekiller throwable dual bladed katana that i got as a gift for not pooping on the cat
>crawl down the stairs to mommy's kitchen
>she is visibly scared shitless
>"I-I-I'm s-sorry sweaty pie, the chicken nuggets are still heating up"
>I specifically asked for McDonald's Nuggies not Tyson nuggies
>I am enraged
>mommy falls on the floor shaking and sobbing
>oh no my tendie vendor is having an autistic breakdown
>waddle back up to my room
>google how to cure autism
>its a bunch of ads to Jew doctors
>fuck it I'll fix it myself
>grab my dragon dildo and anal pump
>waddle down stairs
>mommy is shaking violently
>rip off her clothes
>shove dragon dildo into her vagoo
>pump her asshole until she gets an anal rose
>poo poo on her face
>shove my pee pee willy into her mouth
>big cums into mouth
>get up and heil Hitler
>run back upstairs, exhausted
>fall asleep on my SpongeBob race car bed
>wake up with a plate of nuggies and hotpockets
Serves that bitch right
File: 1472694092749.png (78KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 400x400px
>wipe slimy mucus from my eyes
>try to get out of racecar bed
>bed post breaks
>call out to mommy
>footsteps are heard running up to my humble abode
>"of course not, sweetie, the only male I need in my life is you, my bestest little boy."
>that's what I like to hear
>as she changes my diaper I can almost hear her gag, but mommy has to do for her favorite little boy
>Ordered tendies with my GBP and delicious tendies sauce
>mommy knows I've been a good little boy who deserves more than what he demands because hes the best around
>smell cologne when she kisses me
>she stops dead in her tracks
>"W-what, poplins?"
>"N-no, anon silly. It was just a casual encounter from last night"
>Wrong move, slut
>I tell her sweetly that she can do what ever and have Chad make her pee pee hole feel good because she's hasn't been a neglecting mommy this week
>she smiles, leaves and brings back my delicious tendies and sauce, no charge of GBP
>she even removed my piss bottles without hesitation
>go about my day by tapping to furry porn and demanding more tendies, like a charming young king
>wait for Chad into the night
>Pack myself tendies and mtn dew for my journey up the stairs into mommy's room
>First 5 steps kill me, I must save my energy
>take a nap and continue to the peak
>Kick down mommy's door into her room and see her and Chad wrestling
>"Anon baby, what are you doing?"
>unleash my bowels full of fiber and tendies
>throw the giant logs at the Chad
>he knocks me over and runs out saying that mommy will never find another good man because of me
>mommy starts crying and I call her a slut because her good little boy is all she needs
>wake up at 4pm
>smoke a fatty joint
>waddle to the door stone while stepping over piss jugs
>ask mamu for chickie tendies
>she sais were all out she has to go get some at the store
>she leaves to the store
>im dieing of starvation I get upset and punch a hole in my good boy point poster
>hear a car pulling up
>anon I got you some chicken
>rotisserie with bones
>I slap her 5 times in one second
>she falls to the ground sobbing cheeks red
>I take the rotisserie and throw it out the window into the dirt
>she runs out crying
>is gone for over an hour I get so mad I knock the refrigerator over food spilling out all over the floor
>she went to the next town to get my tendies
>eating tendies the good kind not some normie rotisserie
>no longer need good boy points because she cant keep her promises now I get infinite tendies
File: barneypepe.jpg (10KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 320x320px
>be at Burger King
>they have $1.49 for 10 nuggets deal
>this means I can order more nuggies!
>time to load up
>decide to get 200
>make ma-ma do the conversion from USD to GBP
>only 60 Good Boy Points for 200 nugnugs!
>I clean out their nuggie saucies (costs 0 GBP so I order extra, 1 sauce packet per 2 nuggies)
>my table looks like the famous Scarface scene but with nuggies instead of cocaine
>scarf down my nuggers n' sauce while ma-ma plays Candy Crush on her phone (shitty pleb game)
>mum tells me to slow down else I get a tum-tum ache
>stupid bitch thinks she can tell me what to do
>later that night I wake up with a big hurty poo
>rush-waddle to bathroom
>trip and fall before I reach toilet
>laying on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out and pooping all over the floor
>1 hour later i clean myself up in the toilet bowl and wake up mommy to clean my poopies
>didn't get my 50 GBP for sleeping through the night
>lose the 30 daily GBP bonus I get for keeping my poo-poos in the toilet
>can't go to sleep now
>do peepee fun rubby-squirty on the Baby Bop pages of my Barney and Friends picture book
>miss the pages and and get pee-pee mayonnaise all over my bedsheets
>mums get upset when she sees the stains and takes away the rest of my GBP
And that's why you never choose nuggies over tendies
File: laughing smug pepe.jpg (47KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laughing smug pepe.jpg
47KB, 499x499px
>3 o clock in the morning
>get hungry for chicken nuggets
>go into mummies room
>she is play-wrestling with new daddy
>I don't like new daddy
>they are playing under the sheets
>they don't see me enter the room
>I remove my clothes
>I squat beside the bed
>as I squeeze, I let out several grunts and moans
>mummy and new daddy are also grunting and moaning
>squeezing hard, I feel my sphincter throb and pulse
>double double toil and trouble something wicked this way comes
>the brown goodness pours forth from my anus and veers in a sweeping motion slightly to the left and touches the ground
>my sphincter closes off, like a valve, sealing my back passage shut
>I behold my work
>a solid mass of brown goodness
>I am proud
>mummy and new daddy have stopped wrestling
>new daddy says "um...d-do you smell something?"
>mummy pleads "oh god....oh god please not again"
>mummy is well learned in the ways of brown goodness
>but new daddy still must learn
>he is about to
>throwing back the sheets
>mummy and new daddy look upon my work and despair
>new daddy retches at the sight of me standing, now with brown goodness in hand
>new daddy screams "is th-that fucking real?!?! I-is that fucking shit??!?!?!
>mummy buries her face in her hands in shame
>she knows what is coming
>I lean on top of new daddy
>he tries to struggle free
>I'm 350 lbs of pure blubber
>he's going nowhere
>his arms are pinned beneath my might
>I take my brown goodness and paint new daddy's face
>I make him a brown man
>a brown chocolate man with my brown chocolate goodness
>he shakes violently and vomits several times
>I struggle to keep him still
>mummy is sobbing by the bedside
>her days of trying to reason with me are gone
>she has given up all hope
>she is broken
>after I am finished my work, new daddy is covered in my brown goodness and chunks of his own vomit, tears streaming down his face
>after daddy is done gagging, I lean in close
>I whisper "can you take me to mcdonalds to get some chicken nuggets?"
File: e68.jpg (184KB, 665x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 665x662px
>Be masturbating to family photos of my mom when she was in middle school
>Mommy comes in and sees
>Asks me to stop
>Stand up, still masturbating (Slowly, dont want to cum yet, but dont wanna have to start over)
>Explain that incest was just invented by normies to make it harder for robots to get laid, and that only a fucking freak wouldn't be attracted to viable pussy when available
>She sighs and leaves, her eyes tearing up
>finally able to finish up, want some spaghetti
>Go downstairs and see mommy in kitchen
>Cooking roast chicken
>Screech at her and ask why she didn't make spaghetti
>Her answer is the final straw
>"What? You didn't ask for spaghetti."
>Lunge at her and punch the shit out of her
>She's out cold
>Shit on her whore face when she's down
>As she lays there, her pants ride up quite a lot
>See her ass clearly through her pants
>Mutter "Only a freak wouldn't be attracted to viable... viable pussy..."
>Don't want to lose virginity yet (saving for my highschool friend who I haven't spoken to in 17 years, still holding out hope we'll meet again and she'll have stayed pure for me too)
>Jerk off onto her ass instead, write a note on the white wall of the kitchen in my own shit
>"Spaghetti. One hour. Or next time, I'll do it worse, then kill myself and blame you in the suicide note."

>>Don't want to lose virginity yet (saving for my highschool friend who I haven't spoken to in 17 years, still holding out hope we'll meet again and she'll have stayed pure for me too)

fukn gold.
File: hehehehegoodboy.jpg (28KB, 636x545px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 636x545px
>4am, right in the middle of my 5 nights at freddy's session
>suddenly my pee pee feels funny and tickles from the inside
>she doesn't respond, she's been eating a lot of sleep-candies since when second daddi left to buy tendies (she promised she'll share with me soon enough yay! )
>i'm forced to waddle out of my 80 GBP gaming chair and go in her room while screaming "PEEEEEE PPEEEEEEEEEEEE FIZZY MUMMY HELP BABYYY GUU"
>the stress of this causes my belly to relax and I let out a steaming brown tendy-log in my XXL diapey - i'm mummys big boy, she always says that :)
>i plot down in her bed while she looks at me in horror and disgust
>"mummy my pee pee feels tickly, need pee pee funny dance"
> tears are falling on her cheeks, she closes her eyes and starts taking my diaper off
>the smell of fresh tendy-log and 2 days old diarrhea smeared on my hairy asscheeks makes her gag
> i let out a teehee while saying "mummy belly burp!"
>then, while sobbing, she grabs my pee pee stick and starts going up and down
>my smegma crusted foreskin hardly retreats while tear drops fall on my belly
>i let out my funny-happy milk on her hand "OOHUUHHHHHHU PEE PEE IS GLAD, I MADE IT FOR MUMMYY"
> "you're my special little baby boy, thank you for your gift to mommy" says her, while becoming red in face from happiness
>mummy grabs orange bottle from nightstand and rewards herself extra-helping of sleep candies, hehee she deserves it!
> i leave her room and the diaper on her bed and go back to my gaming session
> the next day she's still tired and sleeping on her bed
i wonder when she'll wake up, maybe she's preparing a surprise for babby boy gu? so many GBP & tendies await me for not waking her up!!
File: angrypepeangry.png (135KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 900x900px
>Wake up early its 4pm
>Dont smell tendies in the air.
>I waddle to my door around the piss bottles.
>Start slamming my head into the wall and screaming TENDIES TENDIES I WANT TENDIES
>Slut bitch Mommy slowly opens the door to my lair
>With tears in her eyes she slides in my tendies and juice-box.
>I tell her iCarly is on later so she better prepare me the highest luxury goodboypoints can buy
>I make my way back to my bed exhausted from my journey across the room and back i rest
>my diaper seems almost full ill need a change before the big event later
>pondering what is going to happen in tonights episode i drift into slumber my little pony playing in the background
>I am awoken to mommy cleaning my piss jars up i tell her i need a diaper change aswell she nods with a look of disgust on her face
>Soon iCarly will be on the grand event
>The theme songs starts playing i scream at mommy to hurry or ill murder her and feed her to our dog buttersnout
>Mommy enters my room she is dressed in appropriate apperal plaid shorts converss sneekers and a hoodie her hair dyed the perfect shade of blonde.
>Now my Good boy favorite boy reward rivaled only by tendies and juice boxes begins
>I wait for a scene with sam in it my favorite iCarly character she is the best i then have mommy do her special service to me and pretend its sam
>i came five times tonight it was the best i finish by blowing on sams i mean mommy butt and tell that dirty slut to go make me SOME FUCKING TENDIES
>she starts walking away when a sight i never witnessed before appears before my eyes SAM IN A BIKINI JUST SHOWED ON AIR OMG
>With a speed of achilles i move like a lion and grab mommy before she makes it out of my lair
>I throw her on my computer desk and did adult things too her more then i ever thought i could
>when im finally finished mommy isnt moving
>iCarly is over i lay down and start watching adventure time
>covered in my special sauce mommy starts crying
File: 857.jpg (30KB, 563x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 563x542px
>11pm, i'm in bed
>wake up with a hankering for tendies
>sneak downstairs even though it's past my bedtime
>see mummy and new daddy watching something on Cinemax
>be extra sneaky as i go past to the kitchen
>pull big box of tendies from freezer
>ham-handedly drop it and it makes a loud *THUNK*
>mummy hears it and thinks I'm a burglar
>new daddy rushes out of the room to investigate
>he runs into the kitchen and i shit and piss everywhere in fear
>he gets angry and starts yelling at mummy
>'why the fuck do we have to live with this fucking autistic creep! he's an adult for fuck's sake!'
>things get heated and he hits mummy
>big mistake
>pick up a fistfull of the shit and throw it in new daddy's face
>quickly jump on him, throw him to the ground, then sit on his face with my ample 340lb frame
>sit there for a while, new daddy stops moving
>command mummy to make me tendies
>she does
>now new daddy needs a special chair he controls with his mouth to get around
>he grimaces every time i walk past
>mummy makes me tendies every day, no quibbles
>wake up on the floor at 3pm from a rough night of erotic asphyxiation
>body is covered in piss, shit, puke and jizz
>I use mummies cum encrusted panties I stole to clean myself up
>end up just smearing shit all over
>hear mummy make her way up the stairs
>"whats wrong anon?"
>as she walks into the room she slips on a stray turd
>as she falls over she smashes my prized Hachune Miku poop sculpture
>I struggle to lift myself onto my feet for the first time in weeks
>my diaper leaks with weeks worth of digested tendies and a mixture of cum, piss, and disappointment
>I navigate my way to mummy through piles of garbage and shit
>a swarm of dormant flies rise out of the garbage and fill the room
>she struggles to pick herself up, slipping on piss and shit, "MUMMY IS SO SORRY SWEETIE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS"
>I remove my belt from around my neck and tie her leg to my bed
>I pick up my destroyed Hachune Miku sculpture and shove it in mummies screaming mouth
>she gurgles as she weeps and tries to ransom her life with promises of unlimited tendies
>after an hour long struggle mummy finally eats the entire statue
>I waddle back to my computer to continue on my path to reach my goal of 10,000 gameplay hours in CS:GO
>mummy sits on the floor in the fetal position weeping for the rest of the day
>finally untie mummy and tell her to get me tendies
>"s-sure h-honey"
>she disappears for a few hours
>waddle downstairs to see whats taking so fucking long on my god damn tendies
>mummy slit her wrists in the kitchen sink and then hung herself with curtain cords
who will make me tendies now? ;_;
File: 1472433724015.jpg (3KB, 118x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 118x125px
>be me 37yr old newfag
>get up at the ass crack of noon and smell the golden tendie's cooking
>just the smell has my throbbing 3inch chub about to spew all over my voltron sheets
>grab my filthy cum encrusted sock from under my racecar bed
>nut with the force of a thousand death stars as I stare into glory of all my MLP posters on the walls
>wondering ware my fucking food is mommy should have this shit on point after all these years
>MOMMY YOU LAZY CUNT!!...hear frantic steps rushing up the hall to my room
>door flys open and she has the look on her face *fear*
>fling shit jar at her for not bringing the nummys with her
>the shit it in her hair her teeth and I could smell it from bed GLORY TO BIG BOY! I keep canting
>5 min pass she is back with a shivering smile and my big boy tendies
>*have nut sock under blankie* she leans in and I jam that fucker down her neck
>laughing as she heaves and pukes all over the floor I have a new game I wana play
>I roll off my bed take down my superman undies and roar SEA WORLD SEA WORLD!!!!
>flapping around on the floor like a sea lion shiting myself
>mommy crying a lot more then before not like when daddy left us
>now clean big boy up so he can go out and play MFW she just keeps sobbing
>grab her shirt and rip it off babby wants to see boobies she recoils back in horror
>get insta hard she is shivering balled up whispering to her gods praying for a quick death
>I jerk off like a spider monkey on pcp letting lose a nut that rivaled the gods in volume
>mommy crawls off to get her cleaning robes ..whew all this and I still have tendies to eat
>shit smeared tenides are still tendies
File: sadfaf.png (71KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 800x600px
>3 am
>12 hours into my League of Legends normie killing campaign
>playing my waifu jinx
>some normie is obviously using hax and kills me.
>I manage to hold back a scream. Only for my beautiful waifu
>still angry, decide to eat tendies for comfort.
>reaches to special curves
>lifts tendie fold
>no tendies, only sweat and barbie q sauce
>pull out my sauce covered hand, screaming in rage
>why didn't mommie restock my folds yet
>screaming continues, using my rage to stand
>pukie all over keyboard from the stress
>smell of barbie q and pukie fills the air
>how dare mommie make me look like this in front of my Jinxie
>lumber to the door, barb ba qu sauce drips down my body as it mixes with sweet.
>I can hear a panic shuffling. Mommie must know the wrong she did.
>throws self down the stairs, my big boy bones are too heavy for the steps and the stair chair is too slow.
>My sensual rolls break my fall, leftover barby sauce squirting out as I land.
>Mommie tries to run for the door
>she slips on the bar ba que that discharged from my store folds.
>Mommie's big dumb head hits coffeetable then floor
>"Mommie mommie"
>I poked mommie with saucey finger
>dumb cunt doesn't wake up, lying in barba quey sauce
> I must have spilled ketchup too
>Red sauce everywhere
>go to the freezer
>start shoving tendies into my folds to heat
>refuse to use oven like some useless mommie
>step over mommie and squeeze into stair chair.
>Stair chair whirls loudly
>Mommy still not up.
>roll back to computer
>my team lost while I was dealing with mommie
>fucking pleb normies
>looking at Jinx makes my tinkie feel spicy
>use my slippy sauce covered hand to make my tinkie feel extra spicy.
>tinke pukies on keyboard
>goes to the chan to find more pictures to make my tinkie spicey
>next day mommys still sleeping
File: mmmmm.png (24KB, 400x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 400x367px
>be me 31 year old fatass NEET
>watching a Tyson Tendie Commercial on repeat
>rumbly tummy says it's time for another batch
>waddle through my room
>trip on a poop jug from last night
>spend 10 minutes farting and struggling getting to my feet
>thought for sure I told mummy to clean my room today
>make it out of the room and down the stairs
>mummy's cleaning the kitchen
>"mummy mummy your boy is hungry! Where are my tendies?"
>"Anon, you ate the last box. And no, it's too late to go out now. I have work very early."
>A flicker of rage sparks up inside me
>"then how will your good boy eat tendies tonight?"
>"I don't know. It's not my problem. You're 31 for Christ's sake"
>what's that? not her problem. Fucking kek
>"you brought me into this world you stupid bitch. Now TAKE CARE OF ME! Before I shove a poop jug up your cunt you fucking whore."
>she raises her arms in surrender.
>"fine" she sighs.
>watch her leave
>40 minutes later she's finally back
>she brings in great value brand tendies
>great value
>don't even say anything
>hobble to my room farting frantically
>grab biggest poop jug I can find
>back in the kitchen she has her back to me finishing up dishes
>kick her as hard as I can knocking her off her feet
>plop down all 300 pounds on her chest
>feel her ribs crack as I unscrew my shit jug
>"ANON! ANON NO!!! PLEASE!!!" She gasps out, her eyes full of terror. She knows what's coming
>arms and legs flailing all around but I'm too heavy
>slowly pour god knows how old tendie diarrhea on her face
>overflows over her mouth
>watch her cough and gargle on my own shit
>see the life begin to drain from her eyes
>use all my might and stand up
>she rolls over gasping and grabbing her chest
>Take out peepee
>piss in her hair
>"Tyson now bitch"
>mfw that cunt drove back to wal-mart with shit on her face and broken ribs to get me the brand of tendies I deserve
This is the funniest shit I've seen in ages
File: yaI29tq.jpg (178KB, 419x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 419x610px
>be me
>be first day of high school
>mom drops me off
>she gets my rolling backpack full of fruit-snacks out of the trunk
>"are you sure you'll be okay here anon?"
>"yes mommy i am fucking fine"
>have one thing on my mind
>barely make it to the classroom before collapse in desk
>health class
>skinny fucking normies are staring at me
>obviously never played WoW
>next few classes breeze by
>finally lunch time
>shove my way through the line
>something smells familiar
>holy fuck i cant waddle fast enough as the line moves forward
>lunch lady says "hi sweetie what would you like?"
>"how many good boy points do tendies cost, slut?"
>"excuse me, what did you call me? and what are good boy points?"
>ignore cumdumpster
>i grab 5 trays of tendies and waddle to the condiment station
>grab 10 containers of ranch dip
>take 3 bottles of coke and guzzle one on the way to lay down
>lay on floor
>i eat one tray of tendies and i get the urge to pee pee and poo poo
>piss in coke bottle and shit in the tendie tray
>entire lunch room is staring at me
>jaws dropped
>i fucking hate normies
>principal sprints over and yells at me
>he leaves for help
>shove the remaining tendies in my pockets and guzzle down my cokes
>principal and football coaches return and slowly hoist me up
>it took 5 of them
>poo poo the most ever in my life all over the principals shoes
>maintenance brings a golf cart with a bed on it to drive me to the office
>parked outside because they don't want to even try to bring me inside
>obviously normie principal tells me how disgusting i am
>i'm expelled from school and he calls my mom
>mom shows up furious and takes me home
>in the car she tells me
>"anon, I am taking away 500 GBP"
>"but i only have 100 right now you dumb whore"
>"so now you have -400 GBP"
>fucking cunt
>we get home and she sends me to my room
>mfw more tendies in my pocket than i could have gotten in one week
>great success
File: madmadpepe.png (17KB, 467x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 467x453px
>mummy planning special tender dinner date with new daddies family
>mummy promises me 15 GBP if I wear my grown up boy clothes and don't ask any questions to new daddy's family
>arrive at restaurant but getting hungy hungy, mummy tells me to wait
>start playing my 3DS XL on full volume because restaurant is noisy but getting bored
>can see new daddies family are getting hungry too so decide to go on a quest to bring us tendies
>go to the front counter but get given a big green bottle instead
>start drinking it, tastes like the old mountain dews I found in my closet
>makes me feel kinda good, start chugging it down
>mummy tells me to stop and food will be here soon, bitch thinks she can tell me what to do
>gulp down the rest and throw the bottle to the ground
>food finally arrives
>green mush and bread, smells like day old poo poos
>feel my neck heating up, hands begin to tremble
>bitch lied to me, realize I'm not getting my tendies
>flick the plate at the wall in protest just like my old new daddy taught me to with a frisbee before he left
>start feeling dizzy, seeing two of everything
>good boy clothes aren't as comfortable as red onesie with my poo poo flap
>start pulling shirt off but slip and fall onto the table
>knock big, hot soup off the table onto new daddy's family, new daddy's family begin to shriek and scream
>normies begin to crowd around our table, mummy tries to push them away from me frantically but its too late
>throw up all over table and new family
>get escorted out of the restaurant by the mountain dew man
>mummy cries all the way home
>can't hear my fucking 3DS game properly and didn't get GBP
shitty shitty day and I woke up with a bad headache
File: fee.png (258KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 960x720px
>be me
>live at home with mom
>she has a party and invites our friends and families
>big pot luck but all I want is chicken tendies
>go to freezer pull out tendies
>throw some in the microwave
>come out of the kitchen with my chicken tendies and mustard
>everyone looks at me as I go back to my fap fortress
>mom comes in and tells me, "Anon, will you please be social for our family and friends? Please do it for me!"
>Go back to the living room
>"so anon I hear you like those chinese cartoons like the dragon ballsy and naroootoe?"
>starting to get pissed
>giggle and just say yeah
>then some faggot pulls out a Macbook Air to show off his faggot families vacation
>rage ensues
>grab piss bottle
>throw it at macfag
>hits him everyone goes silent
>Then I scream "Filthy fucking casual!"
>Apple is for fags
>mom grabs me
>Back hand her
>faggot white knight steps in and tells me to calm down
>start to scream and helicopter
>shit my self in the process
>everyone pulls out their iPhones to take a video
>more rage
>run back into room and grab my wooden katana
>here them talking and asking what they should do
>run out and chop at the macbook asshole
>the guy tries to tackle me but my ninjitsu skills are second to none
>he trips and bust his head open on the coffee table
>everyone runs out
>someone calls the cops
>go hid in my room
>clutch my Tifa Lockhart body-pillow and pray to my framed picture of Gabe Newell above my bed
>set up trap using my jizz bottles
>cops knock on door and tell me to open up
>They bust in
>first cop gets a bucket of jizz I proped over my door
>second one trips over my fleshlight
>cops throw me to the ground and hand cuff me
>mom's crying
>go to jail
>missing warm tendies and comfy animes
File: 1483535258607.png (192KB, 711x633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 711x633px
>Be me, mummy's number one boy
>sitting in dark room illuminated only by my computer
>reach out onto my plate for a tendie
>"Mummy, your big boy needs more tendies!"
>no response
>"Mummmyyy, I'm getting hungreeEEEE!!"
>fuck it, ill get my own tendies
>lift myself off the ground
>Mummy doesn't get me a chair because i keep breaking them
>i'm a growing boy get a stronger chair cunt
>i'll get her for that later
>wade through the sea of poo jugs, piss bottles, and cum rags that litter the floor
>don't bother lifting my feet off the floor, tip over dozens of jugs and bottles that sink into the stained carpetry
>finally make it to the stairs
>each step makes me sweat
>make it to the top
>waddle down the hall, the kitchen is at the very end
>slowly make the trek across the sahara desert for my tendies
>get to Mummy's room
>it sounds like she and new new chocolate daddy are wrestling again or something
>hear Mummy crying
>door is wide open, look through
>Mummy is tied up and chocolate daddy is using his third thumb to play tag with her
>Mummy sees me
>"Anon, help! Call the police!"
>phone is all the way in my room
>continue my journey to the kitchen, ignoring her screams and chocolate daddy's primitive whooping
>finally get there
>get my tendies
>waddle back to my room
>Mummy's screams are still loud
>put on some headphones and go back to playing minecraft

i dont get to see her anymore
Kek, watch a real life version of these stories:

File: 7777dcgc.png (32KB, 657x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 657x527px
>be watching nemo in my room while my mom makes diner
>yummy yummy i hope the diner will please my tummy
>i go downstairs to check on mummy in the kitchen to see if she's not calling a psychiatrist or anything naughty like that
>she's not. she's making diner like the good mummy she is
>i walk on all fours towards the dish to see what sweet yummy food she made for her good boy
>it's braised vegetables
>braised fucking vegetables
>I rise and look down at my mom from my 6'5" height
>i start to chant
>she quietly starts sobbing, knowing exactly what will ensue
>i pin her down to the floor with all my 360 lbs might, an exquisite wonder starts to form in my undies, like a rare bird
>i take the magical present and shove it right in her eyes
>immediately she starts vomiting
>Another flow of brown mystery finds its way in her mouth
>sshhhhh mummy you know i do this for your own good
>eventually she stops fighting back, she just lays there motionless
>i wake up and take out frozen tendies from the freezer
>since i don't know how to use the microwave, i eat them raw
>while i'm concentrated on something else, mummy wakes up and runs upstairs, screaming like dementia
>i know she is sad, but i have to be firm if i want to teach her how to be a good mummy
>today was a good day
File: dfc.gif (1MB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x200px
>be me
>wake up from ten hour nap, starving
>craving tendies
>saved up some extra gbp by helping mommy bring in groceries
>only problem is mommy's boyfriend chad is with her in their room making snugglies
>fucking hate that bitch i want tendies now
>yell at mommy through closed door
>"not now anon ill get you some later"
>fucking bitch ill show her
>get my pissjugs from under my bed, along with my cum blanket, pretty much completely crusty at this point
>barge into mommy's room
>chad is on top of mommy
>take one of my pissjugs and pour contents onto them
>mommy is sobbing
>chad punches me, fall over, breaking pissjugs on floor
>piss is everywhere
>pee is a fetish of mine, get really horny
>take out my iphone 6s and type in my favorite hentai
>start using my cum blanket to jerk off my dick
>chad and mommy are staring in shock
>chad gets up and leaves, mommy chasing after him
>"CHAD, WAIT!" mommy is crying
>"I can't handle this anymore Stacy, you're son is a fucking freak."
>chad slams door and drives away
>finish fapping, cum buckets into my cum blanket
>drape freshly minted blankey over mum's head
>"ill go get your tendies now anon" she says, sadly
>tfw I break her
>mommy comes home with tendies
>gobble them up while watching the littlest pet shop and fapping some more
>and i still have 50 gbp left.
File: mad sad pepe.jpg (50KB, 596x590px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mad sad pepe.jpg
50KB, 596x590px
>be me
>about 330 in the morning
>zulu time (gotta stay on top of those coumterstrike fags)
>just spent the past 8 hours playing runescape with sonic underground playing in the backround
>just ate the last bit of my sweet chili doritos and on my last case of Dr. Thunder
>resupply convoy needed.jpg
>grab bitch summoning stick
>bang said bitch sommoning stick on mlp poster on summers face
>fucking normalfag roastie ponyslut (she'll get her just deserts one day)
>here footsteps coming
>its mummy with tendies
>4 minutes and 55 seconds not too shabby
>here you go sugar, says mummy
>she turns to leave
>"forgetting something you fucking dunce"?
>mummy says "sorry sweet heart ill put on thomas the train for you"
>thats more fucking like it.jpg
>she even started playing the end credits song from peewees playhouse over the intro to thomas the train because i had to teach her it sounds more asthetic (thats another story in itself)
>she leaves
>somethings not right.jpg
> i look at tendies, somethings off, i go retrieve my exacto knife from where i tried to get the triforce by opening the ocarina of time cartridge 10 years ago, fucking lying newgrounds faggots
>i cut into tendies
>light that shit
>use all my strength to roll downstairs and start the car
>put that shit in reverse and get out
>run head first into cement wall
>just you wait mummy, when social services come, it will be you whos final tendie is done
i'm practically a normie, but this thread has me questioning all of my life choices
these tards have it made
i want this life, but no mom... no tendie-vendor
File: neetking.png (690KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
690KB, 640x640px
>Parents are wagecucks, tell them how pathetic they are at dinner every night
>One day wake up, 6:30
>Nobody woke me up for dinner at 6:00
>Run down the steps, screeching at my parents for trying to let me starve
>No answer
>Go into parents room
>See them both dead, holding hands, a gun in each of their off hands and a bullet wound through both of their heads
>Note between them
>"Dear anon, we are sorry, but we cannot stand this type of existence anymore. We both love you very much, but our lives simply aren't worth living if they're going to be like this. We left you chicken tenders and bagel bites in the freezer, and instructions on how to reheat them. We're so sorry honey bunches. Please, please forgive us, and be okay. Love, mom and pop."
>mfw my parents became an hero because they couldn't stand being wagecuck's anymore
>Start to panic, know that Jewman will make me leave the house if they find out my parents are dead
>Hide their bodies under the mattress, eat the tendies that they left me (ignore shitty bagel bites)
>they left me enough power and internet to last a while, play Smite & Runescape for a few weeks
>Eventually run out of tendies
>Go to the bites
>Almost out of those when I hear a knock at the door
>It's Mr. Shekelsteens wagecuck HR Person
>Parents are both high up in their company, when they wouldn't answer their phone for such a long time, Mr. Shekelsteen sent this asshole to check on them
>Tell him they went on vacation in Wagekuktopia
>He doesn't believe me, starts to get panicked because he smells "carrion"
>Runs up to my parents bed and finds them
>I get charged for murder even though I didn't do it
>Court case lasts 17 months, spend most of my time in lock up because I can't afford bail, not after they stopped giving me my NEETbux
>I am found not guilty, but they also find that I am "Mentally unfit"
>They give me triple the NEETbux parents used to give me
>mfw I keep their house and eat tendies like a king for my entire life
>and blast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPRF1gXh5VY
Pretty catchy. If was your mom I would've just rolled with it and danced the night away.
File: smugbabypeeps.jpg (44KB, 400x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 400x267px
>playing RuneScape solo
>vs KBD
>Antifire runs out, die
>Scream and punch my wall, putting another hole in it (they stopped getting fixed when dad left)
>Fucking normalscum mom yells up to me "Anon, please stop getting mad at your nintendo! Pause it and come down for din-dins!"
>All the while I'm running back (~200k risk)
>Start screaming, run downstairs, tripping over my pissbottles
>Mom is standing by the router, dumb bitch turned it off
>"Now, anon, I'm sorry I had to do that, but Doctor Goldberg says I need to set limits-"
>Cock my fedora back and punch that smug cunt in the neck
>She drops to the ground with a gasp and just lies there shaking
>I start screaming, stamping my feet and turtleheading
>She pushes past me on the way to her room
>Yell "OW BITCH YOU HURT ME!" and start crying
>She ignores me, locks herself in the room
>I follow her, still crying, stand outside her door and start kicking it, chanting "YOU DON'T LOVE ME MOMMY YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR GOOD LITTLE BOY"
>She begs me to leave her alone
>I tell her I'm hungry and she's starving me and if she doesn't get me some tendies right fucking now i'll report her for child abuse
>She tells me dinner is on the table
>It's fucking broccoli and meatloaf and shit
>Start pounding on her door and demanding the tendies I am owed
>Eventually get tired, bitch isn't responding, curl up on the floor outside her door and fall asleep to the sound of her quietly sobbing on the other side
>Wake up in my own bed, tucked in, a note on my lamp:
>"Sweetie, you made yourself sick and messed yourself, so I changed you and bathed you while you were asleep, I hope you don't mind. I'm sorry. I love you, you're my special little guy. Don't ever stop being my little boy, honey. I'll love you forever. Please forgive me."
>Plate of tendies on my nightstand
tfw mummy realizes I call the shots
File: livingthedream.png (424KB, 547x411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424KB, 547x411px
Ok I seriously feel really depressed after reading these. I have to do something more with my life...I'm not like this but I want to be as far from this as possible
File: 1485473808195.jpg (11KB, 261x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 261x200px
At 23, you're able to take an adult beating like you deserve.
I hope someone kicks the everloving shit out of you some day and you grow the fuck up.
Grow up you little fuck!
>Be me average neet getting gbp one day at a time
>usually able to save up enough gbp to get tendies 2 even 3 times a week sometimes
>get once in a lifetime opportunity
>mummy says she'll give me a million gbp if I go to university
>ace all exams get into oxford
>first couple of weeks felt like limitless tendies
>had enough to move from the basement to the attic
>dumped old loli waifu for even younger loli waifu
>after a few weeks though tendie prices started skyrocketing
>went form 20 to 50 to 500 gbp in the matter of a few weeks
>soon enough I'm paying thousands of gbp for a single tendie
>stopped doing chores so now the entire house is in chaos
>threw a piss bottle at professor as a show of strength
>ended up getting kicked out
>doesnt really matter I only went a couple of times because I didnt feel safe around those (((normies)))
>mummy fines me hundreds of thousands of gbp
>couldn't make payments on attic
>waifu leaves me
>got evicted by daddy #6 muhammed
>be me now back in basement
>market still at inflation prices so chores arent even worth doing since it'll take weeks to get one tendie
>making arsenal of piss bottles, poo canisters, and cum rags to allahu akbar this house

Don't fall for get comfy quick schemes lads. You'll just end up waifuless, tendieless, and in need of serious domestic reform like me. Beware of GBP inflation.
Be 26
Fuck off..kys you little useless faggot.
what happened with the good old /b/..
TF Wrong Wit u??
I'm confused, what is a 'neet'? Why are so many supposed adults acting like children?
A neet is someone that is not in school, and isn't employed.
File: pepetooktheredpill.gif (607KB, 800x792px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607KB, 800x792px
>be 35 year-old virgin NEET
>wake up at 6pm
>glance at my GBP board
>momsey raized my Tendies by 5GBP EACH!
>Fucking makin me a bitch boy
>Go online lookin for advice
>I heard Reddit is helpfull
>Crawl through forest of NeckBeards
>Fined haven of the Gods!
>Turns out momsey is just a whore needing an Alpha
>Must sell Beta Bux for RedPills
>Check Momsey's drawers, normie bitch has packets of Control pillz !!!
>Controll pillz will suffice
>Tear open packs swallow every last fucking Control pill
>Momsey walks in screaming at me, give her knowing smile, punch that bitch in her baby maker
>I AM ALPHA! I continue to shout while beating my chest like a Silverback Gorilla
>Pull out my peepee n slap momsey as she cries salty tears
>Belly is all Rumbly Tumbly, Control pills must be workin
>Start slapping Momsey showing my true dominance, I don't need no GBP I scream in her fucking normie face!!!!
>Black the Fuck out

>Wake up in hospital, stomach freshly pumped now Im hungry as fuck!
>Momsey crying in corner
>MFW nurse gives me pile of chicken tendies...
File: batteruppepe.jpg (41KB, 396x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 396x385px
>Settling down in my man-palace after a hard night of teaching scammers a lesson in Runescape.
>It's been a bit hot lately, so the Coke shit-jugs are starting to ferment. I can see gas-bubbles forming, and the bottles are expanding. Mommy's been getting lazy. I resolve to have a stern word with her.
>Feeling a bit peckish. I'm still only on my second dinner, after all.
>Check my GBP chart and see that I have 25 good boy points saved up! That's only 5 short of a whole box of tendies!
>I hear a glass smash, and a sob from outside my door. Obviously, in her rush to tend to me, the wench has dropped whatever beverage she was preparing for me. I scream louder.
>"MOMMY!! GET IN HERE NOW!". I start throwing piss bottles at the wall. One goes my window, and into the neighbour's house. I don't care. Mommy will fix it.
>All this exertion wears me out, no strength left. Lose control of my sphincter temporarily and blast shit all down the back of my limited edition Final Fantasy jammies.
>Mommy comes in and looks around the room, her face is all scrunched up, clearly distressed at how much she has displeased me.
>"I want tendies! Now!" I point in the direction of the kitchen, and expect to see her much dutifully away to prepare my nourishing reward.
>Mommy sighs and looks at the chart "Anon, you know the rules. You still need 5 more GBP for a box of chicken tenders."
>"They're called TENDIES you stupid BITCH!" I scream as I lunge towards her. I go to fetch my little league bat so I can bash her head in, but the fates cause me to miss by a TINY bit.
>"Sigh, clean up all these bottles, Anon, and I'll give you the last 5 points."
>Before I deliver the fatal blow, she walks out, and closes the door.
>In a weakened state, unable to continue the fight. I decide to clean up the jugs.
>Go to collect them all, too many for one trip. I refuse to take multiple trips, it's undignified, so I pile them all on my blanket and wrap them up.
File: pepeohwell.png (660KB, 1106x1012px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
660KB, 1106x1012px
>Shit and piss jugs leaking everywhere. No bottletops on any of the MTN Dew bottles (I keep all bottlecaps in my Fallout Limited Edition Vault while their value increases!)
>Put the poopy-pile in the secret area under my bed! :^)
>Another glass shatters outside the door. How stupid IS this woman? I hear another, louder sob.
>Mommy comes in, a bullet rolls in past her foot. Maybe she was buying me that new pistol I wanted! (I'm prestige in CoD)
>She looks around, checking for poopy-bottles and pissy-wissy jugs. She doesn't know our little secret! :^)
>Tendies already on a plate! She's semi-redeemed herself!
>Ready for my reward!
>"Sorry, Anon. I still see one bottle." Mom points, and holds the plate out of reach. I see one piss-bottle I've missed! Blast!
>"N-No mom! That's MTN Dew", noting the clearish yellow liquid.
>"Oh really? Then drink some." She says.
>Horrified at the idea, but really need those GBP! Still too exhausted from talking, and the shit is starting to pool around my feet.
>I walk over and pick up the bottle. Looking down in disgust, but trying to hide it, I take a swig.
>Immediately feel the overpowering urge to throw up. Try to keep it down, but can't. Still too tired from the battle with mom earlier.
>Start throwing up all over my room. Lurch forward and trip over my Pinkie Pie plushie.
>Vomit hits my mom in the eyes and she starts screaming and vomiting too. The tendies go flying in the air, and mom smashes into everything.
>Fall back onto the bed and the shit jugs burst out from underneath. Shit and piss everywhere.
>Mom slips over in the shit, unable to stand up. Eventually she crawls out. Crying. Probably in disgust at how lazy she is.
>Tendies land on the floor in a pool of liquid shit and piss.
>Not wasting 30GBP after all that.
>Sit down for my meal.
>as I work down the shit&piss covered tendies I hear one last, sad sob and then a loud BOOM
serious question losers, would you ever actually consider doing this to your mother?
File: pepegoodtogo.jpg (89KB, 1000x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 1000x800px
>be me, last night
>mom tells me we're going to a family event, wants me to come
>"it will be good for you to get out of the house, anon"
>"fuck off slut" (im in the middle of minecraft building)
>she UNPLUGS MY COMPUTER, i freak out
>dad comes down and yells, mom is in tears
>im infuriated, facing the other way, but mutter obligation, feeling crafty in order to spite my normie parents
>i shower, brush teeth, and get dressed in normie clothes (jeans, sketchers, and white shirt)
>come upstairs, mom promises tendies, things start looking brighter
>we arrive, people try to greet me and say "its nice to see me"
>typical american slave families all around, i scoff to myself and acknowledge no one
>we sit down, scan through the menus
>only shit-tier food: lobster, crab, grilled chicken pastas and steak
>fuck this, ask mom wheres the tendies
>she says that they dont have any
>says I'll get tendies next week if I behave myself tonight
>the gall!
>lying bitch, i become infuriated
>i throw my menu and stand up, knock over my chair and my water glass (i had asked for mountain dew)
>all normies shocked, i feel a rush of adrenaline
>leap up on table
>decide to HULK THE FUCK OUT
>try to tear apart shirt, doesnt work
>oh well
>leap down from table
>storm out of restaurant with pride
>mom and dad come out, mom is crying and dad is fuming
>mission accomplished
>silent drive home as i snicker to myself in the back seat
>mum makes me tasty tendies for brekky today
>now enjoying a nice sunday morning on /b/ and basking in my accomplishment.
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