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incest thread. here we talk about incestuous experiences we

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest thread.

here we talk about incestuous experiences we had.

>be me.
>regularly making love with little sister for 2 years.
>never came inside her with no condom.
>have obsession with cumming inside her no condom.
>inside head, i know its really bad idea...
>but i still want to do it because idea is hot/arousing
>live on my own. small apartment. cheap.
>we're on my bed. im missionary on top of her.
>i decide to ask her about idea.
>[can i cum inside?]
>she asks me: "wont i get pregnant?".
>i tell her probably not.
>no response. just stays quiet.
>i ask her when she had her period.
>she tells me she had it/ it stopped "like 2 days ago".
>i tell her its probably ok then.
>[but had no idea if it was true.i just wanted to cum inside her.]
>she thinks about it
>asks me if "it will really be ok."?
>i say yes. its fine
>she says "ok then."
>i resume sex.
>but knowing she's ok with me cumming inside her sex more arousing.
>so i cum really fast.
>cum inside sister.
>no wrods to describe feelings.
>but after i cum i regret it.
>think "i shouldnt have done that".
>worry about it after for weeks.
>when i talk to her different times i ask her if she had period.
>says no every time.
>gets worried.
>i dont wanna make her worried/paranoid, so i stop asking.
>tell her she'll get it. its ok.
>weeks later i pick her up from parents house to go eat.
>im driving...
>she casually mentions she got her period.
>[oh, i got my period]
>indescribable relief.
>have nice meal because happy.
>i think to myself i wont do it again because how horrible its to worry.
>next time we have sex... in heat of moment again.
>"ok this is last time".

pic not her. just picture i got here.
damn how did you get to start fucking your sister?

sleeping together.
elaborate? how did it lead to that? when did it start? is it still going on?
got any pics of her to share?
i wish i could fuck my sister, i wanted to when we were younger

used to play truth or dare with friends when we were kids but thats about it

i know she has nudes on her phone, i looked through it a few times

bump for sister stories
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>was 19.
>(i am 30 something now)
>sleep with sister sometimes.
>we talk as we fall asleep.
>talking about secrets.
>says if i tell her mine she tells me hers.
>tell her about ditching school when younger.
>she tells me she seen porn
>i get erection because of her talk. description of porn.
>she asks me about guys dick size.
>if all men big like that.
>i tell her no. not all guys are big like that.
>im horny and not thinking. into horny moment.
>i tell her "my dick is normal size". you want to see?"
>she says no. but laughs.
>i am horny. get dissapointed but we just keep talking.
>eventually we fall asleep. nothing happens.
>another day she changes her mind later on.
>says she wants to see...
>i ask her what she is gonna show me if i show her.
>says she will show me her boobs.
>i get horny, excited immediately.
>i tell her ok. its deal. but wait till parents not home.
>(parents not home.)
>i show her my normal size dick.
>she laughs cause my dick is hard.
>she asks if ok to touch it.
>i say yes right away.
>she touches it but not sexually.
>then says she's done.
>i tell her ok. to show me her boobs.
>she shows me her boobs.
>i try to tuch her boobs.
>she says no. backs off. like stepping back.
>i tell her if she touched my dick i can touch her boobs.
>she says "ugh fine"..
>i touch her boobs.
>cant stop touching.
>she says: "are you done"? like annoyed.
>i say ok but not wanting to stop.
>parents supposed to comeback soon.
>so we stop.
>nothing happened again that day.
>kept doing stuff like that when sleeping together.
>picture of her butt more than 10 years ago.
so lucky anon
got more pics of her?
this story sounds farmiliar
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i have posted before. i post here sometimes when i am not doing anything.
His stories are pretty ok.

Tends to mix spanish in with them that makes them a bit weird.

Really want to see his sister properly though.
more sister pics please
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i remember stuff in spanish, but then i have to write them in english, and sometimes it doesnt translate exactly the same. so i sometimes write them in spanish because thats how i remember them exactly.


one more.
anyone else in here do anything with their sister? wanna see stolen nudes or creeps
All good buddy. I'm not criticising, was merely observing.
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>Really want to see his sister properly though.

similar but not same. just look alike.
Bumping for the fap material
this and bump for hot sisters
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>around mid 2000's
>pick sister up from school to go eat with me.
>shes waiting outside.
>there's a guy talking to her. looked same age.
>i pull up and she says bye to guy and gets in my car.
>i ask who guy is.
>she tells me guy likes her. wants to go out with her.
>says he's nice but she doesnt like him that way.
>i tell her "ah ok"...
>she says: "he asked me out but i told him i was gonna go eat with brother"
>then sister laughs and says...
>"you know what he said to me?"
>(the guy that was standing outside with her)
>"what kind of of brother takes his sister out wherever she wants.?"
>i immediately feel awkward. but she's laughing.
>i ask sister what she said to him.
>she says: "nothing, i just told him thats how we are. we hang out all the time".
>i pretend what he said doesnt bother me.
>but i got a paranoid after.
>figured maybe we were too obvious or something..
>me 19.
>[more than 15 years ago.]
>sister sleeping with me.
>talk about secrets/sex again.
>asks me questions about it.
>asks me about when i first had sex.
>i tell her about it.
>she asks me: "how do guys know when they're gonna cum?.
>i tell her about sensation of cumming.
>conversation makes me very horny.
>i ask her if i can see her boobs again.
>she says No. i ask her "why not?"
>she says " no. cause we'd have to turn on the light".
>bad. but still horny.
>so i ask: "can i just touch them then?.
>she stays quiet for a bit... then says: "ok, fine".
>we are under the blankets
>i slide my hand up her shirt and under her bra and start boob touching.
>touch her boobs for a while
>she says "are you done?"
>i tell her i am. (but wasnt)
>she fixes her bra and shirt.
>disspointed because i wanted to keep touching her boobs.
>but then she tells me "so if you touched my mine i can touch yours".
>i am surprised she says that.
>thought she was annoyed i even asked for boob touching
>but i immediately agree to it.
>so i let her touch.
>she starts touching my dick but over my clothes
>she mentions my erection.
>i am super horny now, not thinking.
>so i ask her: do you wanna touch it under my pants?
>she stays quiet for a bit.
>tells me "alright".
>i pull the elastics of my sweats down on front with one hand...
>and i guide her hand with my other hand onto my dick.
>her hand is on my dick skin to skin
>she starts grabbing it
>not sexually, just like grabbing an object
>touches up and down and touches my balls
>she mentions my balls having hair.
>thinks it funny for some reason.
>then she pulls her hand away and tells me "im done".
>i pull up my sweats but im now more horny and hard
>we lay there talking more
>i wanna keep doing stuff but she just keeps talking
>so erection eventualy goes down.
>she eventually just stopped talking and fell asleep.
>i fell asleep after. really horny.
>she's touched my dick few times.
>over and under clothes.
>and i could just ask if i could touch her boobs too by now.
>most times she'd let me.
>but sometimes she'd say no
>on times she would let me, boob touching escalated
>complained my hand under her bra "made it tight"
>so she would pull her bra down or just take it off sometimes
>this one one night we're in bed talking
>she's letting me grab her boobs with my hands
>(bra is down to her ribs)
>im laying next to her on my stomach
>holding boobs in hands. looking at them
>want to suck them, but dont know how to start.
>i ask her if i can kiss them.
>she asks me "why?"
>i tell her "i dont know. that i just want to."
>(thats all could think of when she asked)
>she thinks about it
>then says:"ok."
>really horny now by now
>so i start kissing her boobs. (just kissing)
>but figure i'd already gone this far...
>so i start sucking one one of her boobs
>then i start sucking other one
>forget about what im doing.
>look up at her accidentally
>see half of her face (cause dark) looking down at me
>has sort of horny/confused look.
> but doesnt say anyting
>so just keep sucking her boobs more.
>but whe i stop sucking on them...
>she pushes my hands away from her chest
>and complains i left a lot of saliva on her chest.
>starts wiping saliva off with her shirt
>and im i really horny and want to do more
>but i dont wanna push it too much
>so i get stupid idea and tell her im going to bathroom
>imply i have to masturbate.
>she gets it but gets annoyed.
>then turns around on bed face away from me.
>i realize shes annoyed/pushing to fast.
>so get back in bed with her
>and dont try anything else.
>just hug her and try to forget about horny thoughts
>then felll asleep really horny.
>not having the story pre typed
OP is a nigger confirmed

there was something happening here and i was distracted.
>be me.
>20 by then.
>regularly sucking her boobs when she'd let me.
>been sort of masturbated once
>(because she wanted to see what cum looked like in real life)
>but it wasnt good masturbation (it was awkward)
>and we stopped before i finished
>because parents door room opened as she was doing it under blankets..
>and we stopped
>and she didnt do it again after parents went to bed again.
>another day, i am watching tv with her in living room.
>parents home.
>mother in kitchen talking to father at kitchen table.
>not paying attention to their conversation cause TV.
>mother approaches me and asks me if I need something from the store.
>says father taking her to store.
>i tell her i dont want anything from store.
>then mother asks sister if she wants to go with them.
>sister says she doesnt want to go.
>she wants to watch tv.
>parents leave to the store.
>its just the two of us in living room. sitting on different couches.
>we're watching S Club 7..
>i realize this is good moment to bring up what we were doing before
>I call sister's name, and she turns her face to me.
>i ask her: "you still wanna know what cum looks ?
>but she says No.
>says she wants to watch tv.
>i am dissapointed to hear.
>but dont wanna push it because sometimes she'd get annoyed an not wanna do anything more.
>so i figure probably better leave it alone.
>just keep watching tv and dont say anything else.
>but then like 5 or 6 seconds later...
>she says to me if it "will it take long?".
>my heartbeat spikes up in an instant
>i tell her: "it probably wont".
>and she says "ok then, or ok fine." (i cant remember.)
>she asks me: "where we're gonna do it"?
>and since i had been thinking about it for days, i already knew.
>i jump up from couch to lock the house door
> i lock the door with both locks.
>i tell her to go with me to the bathroom
>she follows me.
>I leave bathroom door open in case parents come back we could hear them.
>my parents house's bathroom had a long sink, and the toilet was next to it.
>she leanes against the sink waiting while i showed her.
>i was already hard by time i got to bathroom.
>so all i did was pull my pants down and start masturbating over toilet.
>my dick doing all the thinking for me now.
>so i figure I might as well ask her for "help".
>she asks me "how"?
>i grab her hand and tell her to do it "like she was doing it the other night."
>she grabs my dick and starts doing it with her hand.
>and it wasnt really good the way she was doing it.
>(it was awkward handjob)
>but i came really fast anyways. like less than 10 seconds.
>cum inside of toilet and outside of it.
>look down on her hand and notice she has some cum on it.
>she brings her hand up to her face and starts looking at cum.
>sort of playing with it with her fingers. looking at it.
>she brings her hand up to her nose and smells cum.
>tells me" "it kinda smells like chlorine".
>she grabs some toilet paper and starts wiping it off her hand.
>i grab some toilet paper from her and start wiping self too.
>she says to me: "that was cool" .
>like it was nteresting or something.
>i tell her to wash her hands before she went back outside
>then she washed hands and went back to watching tv
> im paranoid i was gonna miss some cum on the floor or something
>so i stay cleaning and wiping the floor over and over.
>finally feel confident no cum on floor or toilet.
>and go back outside with sister.
>and unlocked door.
>kept watching tv with her.
>parents home like 30 minutes later.
Good story scared of dinosaur.
Who sleeps with a bra on ffs
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>me 20.
>handjobs regular occurrence now.
>(i'd ask her)
>usually at night and we're under blankets.
>mostly in a hurry too because school..
>but i been asking about oral
>(if she wanted to try it)
>but she kept saying no and just did it with her hand.
>suddenly stopped sleeping in my room with me.
>figured she was mad or something.
>stopped asking her about anything.
>few weeks later one night we're playing ps2 in my room and it gets late.
>our mother comes into my room
>talks about mundane family things.
>(she's standing at door frame while she's talking to us)
>she asks sister: "are you gonna sleep here or are you going to your room"?
>sister says she is staying there with me.
>i am confused
>thought she was mad.
>mother says "ok" to sister
>tells me to lower volume cause father in bed already.
>mother says good night and leaves,
>me and sis keep playing PS2 till late.
>finally gets tired. says she's going to bed
>[she was already on bed.]
>bed literally behind me. im sitting on the floor. tv in front.
>sexual thoughts obviously arise because she is there...
>not sure what to think. maybe just my dick thinking for me.
>dont wanna push my luck or anything
>keep playing PS2.
>then maybe like, 3 or 5mins later.......
>she asks me: "what time are you coming to sleep"?
>im my head i thought she was already asleep...
>im confused and slightly aroused
> dont know if what im thinking is what she wants... or just me thinking it.
>tell her "i can go to bed right now if you want me to".
>she tells me to "just come to bed.".
>again, i didnt know what to think...
>but get up and turn off the PS2 and the tv and get in bed with her.
>my room was mostly dark with tv off...
>but there was a light fixture right next to the window outside, so some light would come in
>and you could still see things.
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>i get in bed with her under covers i spoon her
>with my hips away from her butt to avoid erections.
>not sure if imagining things or just thinking wrong
>so just laying there in bed with her quietly
>not trying anything or asking for anything.
>im starting to get sleepy.
>start to forget about sexual thoughts.
>suddenly she sort of moves around on bed
>tells me she likes sleeping on my bed cause its softer than hers.
>(which was very true, her bed was hard)
>i figure this is good time to ask..
>so i ask her if she was mad at me.
>she tells me she wasnt mad at me.
>i ask her if she minded the hand jobs.
>she tells me she didnt mind.
>i ask her if she was mad cause i was asking her for oral.
>she tells me "no estoy enojada o nada asi".
>(i am not mad or anything)
>i figure im pushing my luck again...
>so i just stay quiet and keep hugging her with my hips away from her butt.
>then maybe like 5 seconds later...
>she says to me: "If I do it to you, will you do it to me?".
>(those were her exact words will take to my grave)
>and obviously i get horny like right away even though i was trying not to have sexual thoughts before.
>i tell her yes. i'll do it to her if she wants me to.
>she says to me: " I wanna know what it feels like"
>my heart pumping hard./fast.
>i ask her if she wants me to do it now.
>but she doesnt say yes or no.
>she says to that i have to "close the door first"
>i get up and close the door reaaaaaaly slow
>likke i lefted it up so the hinges and knob dont make noise when I lock it.
>then i get back in bed with her...
>before i even say anything she says: "you do it first".
got extremely drunk with my sister on her 21st. we slept in the same bed, and before I passed out I grinded up on her ass until I blew my load and passed out. woke up and did it before she woke up too.
File: foto.jpg (17KB, 266x243px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>already have erection for obvious reasons.
>i tell her its fine (i do it first) and i ask her to take off her pants.
>she lifts up her butt and takes off her pants down to her ankles.
>i tell her to take them off all the way off or I cant do it right.
>but she says no and leaves them on on one ankle.
>(says because of parents.)
>then she opens her legs for me.
>and i lay down on my stomach between her legs.
>i start eating little sister out.
>vagina smells like armpit and urine.
>but really horny and dont care and keep doing it.
>only thing she says is" it feels good".
>then like a moment later she says "stop" and i stop.
>i asked if she liked it
>and she just said "yeah. it feels good" and nothing else.
>she puts her pants back on (sweats)
>says to me: "ok now me".
>i lay down on the bed with a pillow behind my head
>trying not to make too much noise while i move on bed.
>i pull down my sweat pants and my erection sort of just sprung out of my pants.
>asks me: "how do i do it?"
>tell her to lay down on my stomach. sideways.
>she grabs my dick..
>puts my dick in her mouth.
>i cant describe the feeling.
>but heart was beating really fast.
>it wasnt a very good blowjob or anything.
>but still had to constantly keep telling her to stop or I was gonna cum too fast.
>I tried to make it last as long as possible...
>but the whole thiing probably lasts maybe couple of minutes
>about to cum.
>tell her im cumming.
>pull her away from shoulder.
>(because i didnt wanna ruin anything with her)
>cum all over my stomach and own my own hand.
>we move around room quietly and clean up with dirty clothes.
>take turns going to bathroom to wash ourselves.
>cause parents at other end of hallway.
>that would happen again many times.
>go to bed.
>wait for parents to be asleep.
>get blowjob. go down on her.
>like 2 years later have actual sex.

i believ your story. did she ever find out or ask you about it?
got a story about first time she ate your cum?

i dont remember the exact time that happened. i thought i did, but i dont. i remember her doing it different times, but i dont remember the very first time.
Story about the first time having sex?
oh well. hope you knock her up and raise a nice little incest family together.

don't share your woman. keep her for yourself
Age difference between you two?

Also, what kind of fucked up parents let teenage siblings sleep together? That's beyond retarded.
that i remember clear as day.

>me 21.
>parents not home.
>ask her for blowjob.
>says ok.
>get blowjob from her.
>wants me to do it to her.
>lays down on bed.
>bed had no legs.
>just box and matress.
>legs off bed.
>she is really wet before i even start.
>and i notieced.
>anyway, give her oral.
>her vagina is like leaking down from my saliva and her fluids.
>my tongue gets tired.
>get up on knees and start rubbing my penis on her vagina entrance to rest my tongue.
>expect her to tell me to not put it in like she always said for like 2 years.
>but she doesnt say anyhthing.
>try pushing penis inside her more.
>and she still doesnt say anything.
>i ask her if it hurts.
>says it doesnt hurt. says "it only burns a little."
>i think "maybe she wants to have sex now" and keep rubbing penis and pushing.
>still doesnt say anything.
>i figure ok she wants to have sex...maybe.
>and tell her to get on bed completely so i can get on bed too.
>gets on bed and i get on top of her.
>she opens her legs and i keep doing same
>rubbing and pushing.
>figure she really wants to have sex so i just start going in.
>she hugs me (like my one of my arms and back)
>and i keep going in.
>feel her vagina fluids on my penis.
>realize i am inside her completely.
>urge to cum starts happening almost immediately.
>i go slow and tell her to stop sometimes because she was humping me back now.
>she slows down and stops sometimes.
>but still feel like cumming.
>cant hold it too long.
>pull penis out and cum on bed sheets.
>asks me "did you cum inside" and i say i didnt.
>i remember her looking down an cum and blood between her legs.
>says she need to go to bathroom.
>i tell her ok.
>i try to clean sheets with towel cant.
>mother washed for us, so i throw sheets away.

we dont do anything anymore. shes married and has kids. but they arent mine.


>Also, what kind of fucked up parents let teenage siblings sleep together?

no soy americano y nuestra cultura es muy diferente a la tuya.
Bullshit. That's abnormal in any culture. You said you both had your own rooms. Any parents with more than two brain cells wouldn't allow that anywhere in the world. Your parents are either retarded or degenerates.
How about your best time having sex?

never been to latin america, but my mexican ex slept with her parents until she was a teen herself. maybe it's common down there. cause I know Mexicans here don't move out until their 20s and shit. it's weird.

all the times. but theres some times i remeber more than others.
Just wanted to update anyone who still cares or remember about that story I promised I would write a few months ago but I finally finished writing it all out. I'm just working on correcting grammar and spelling mistakes now. Hopefully two more weeks and I'll be done. Sorry!

>come home at night.
>sister in living room watching tv.
>see her and immediately get ideas.
>dont want to be too obvious.
>ask her about parents, day, etc.
>says parents in their room.
>sit down and watch tv with her.
>ask her if shes gonna sleep in her room.
>looks at me and makes wierd pause.
>says she doesnt know.
>ask her if she wants to stay in my room.
>says "if you want me to".
>(si quieres)
>i tell her yes. and she says ok.
>i tell her im going to shower and eat and then im going to sleep.
>asks me if i want her to go to room now.
>i tell her no to just go when i finish.
>says ok and i go to bathroom/shower.
>come out of shower and sister in room watching tv.
>talk to mother about stuff.
>mother asks where sister is.
>tell mother she is in room.
>she asks me if shes gonna sleep there tonight.
>i tell her i think so. yes.
>mother says ok.
>take food to room with me and watch tv with sister in room.
>mother comes and says good night and not stay up late.
>(for her)
>mother leaves room goes to her room.
>moments later check for light under door.
>sister asks me if theyre sleep already.
>i tell her i think so and check again on way to kitchen.
>walk back to room queit and tell sister they asleep.
>close door really really slowly.
>lifting door so hinges dont make noise.
>lock door slowly too.
>sister asks if take clothes off.
>i say yes and start putting blankets and pillows on floor.
>between space of bed and wall.
>both naked now.
>asks me how i want to do it.
>i tell her to get on top.
>sister gets on top and penis goes in.
>starts going back and forth slow do dont make noise.
>sometimes she'd stop me and say i was mking too much noise.
>other times id tell her she was making noise too.
>we would switch and i would get on top and she on bottom.
>and in beginning i would always pull dick out and cum on floor or towel or hand.
>like squeezing penis while i came.

Did you tongue-kiss as well?
File: IMG_2153.jpg (63KB, 394x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thoughts on my sis
My and my cousin have sex since I was 15 and she was 14. I'm 24 now and it hasn't changed. Even if she and I both have a relationship we still fuck coz it's good and it's convenient. We don't even love each other or do stuff that couples do. Just casual sex once / twice a week.We even took it a step further and now she does anal too and some minor degradation it turns her on but she has low pain tolerance.

we did it one time while we were having sex and we never did it again. we didnt tallk about it (it felt weird) but the next time it was going to happen we turned out heads sideways and just hugged.

we would kiss while in sex but only on cheeks.

Would rape

More to the point, what are your thoughts?

Looks a little old to be starting incest with her anon, you needed to have fucked her way before now

i think incest is really normal for cousins. how did you start doing it? who made first move?
>Be me, 16 virgin
>All my friends are having sex
>Can't even talk to a girl without sounding like stutter-fag
>Only girl who can even stand to be in the same room with me is my 13 y.o. sister
>Start getting a crush on her
>Try to put those awful thoughts out of my head
>Can't do it.
>Start watching incest porn and reading stories
>Every day it's just getting worse
>Start to think I see signs of her flirting with me
>After about a month of this, convince myself that she feels the same
>Left alone for the day, I make my move
>Grab her and grope her and try to kiss her
>She's horrified, begs me to stop
>Too much porn... think I just need to keep going
>Tell her to relax and she'll like it
>Get her on the floor, pants off
>Diamonds as I enter her
>She's screaming and crying
>A lot of that porn was Japanese, figure this is a normal reaction and that she's loving it
>Blow the biggest load of my life into her
>Roll off her
>She's still crying
>Shit.. I might have fucked that up
>Parents come home a few hours later
>She tells them everything
>After dad gets done beating the shit out of me, sent to some sort of boys' prison ranch
>Got my GED there, left the second I turned 18
>Been on my own ever since
>Haven't seen any of my family in almost 20 years.
Had to stay with sis-in-law for a month years ago. 2 daughters, 8 and 12. She's lift the 12 yo into 8 yo bed and I'd sleep in 12 yo's bed. 12 yo would climb into her bed beside me and sleep. Diamonds. Would stroke her pussy while she slept. Couple of nights later as she climbed in she asked me to do to her what I had done last night. Ended up after a few nights licking her pussy and she would suck my cock and let me cum in her mouth. I loved cumming in her mouth.
Sometimes I'm an idiot and forget to say who I am but yes it's me.
*10 years, sorry.
Hurray. Can't wait for the next story. How do you rank it compared to the previous two?
I was about 20 years old and one time she grabbed my cock in my cargo shorts and jerked it a few times then she kinda laughed it off.....I jerk off to that day everyday. Aunt is gorgeous btw

Did you stick it in her pinata?
File: ooii.png (195KB, 560x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 560x410px
>.I jerk off to that day everyday.

i am op. i know exactly how you feel. regular relationships dont work for me now. i cant even cum with normal girls and i just get tired and give up.

if you mean anal, yes and no. we tried in very beginning but it hurst too much and we stopped. but some of it went in. just no sex sex.
What the fuck took you so long woman!!!?

no sex?
The fuck is wrong with you
Was 16, skinny and an Alpha Fag, older sister was 20.

Wakes me up at night and says come to my room. I get out of bed am wearing slighty oversized Boxer Shorts that have a big flap at front to go to toilet easily. I get up sleepy still busting for a piss and can feel my dick feels larger than normal.
Go into sis room as instructed, she's sat on her bed I approach and stand right infront of her. She tells me she is making a surprise for our folks anniversary and wants some help. I then notice her eyes looking at my groin whih is same height as her head and close. I look down and my swollen penis is on full display and as i was very skinny probably looked huge. Sis smiles and says thanks for help. I leave room and go for nice long piss. Get into bed...5 min later Sis sneaks into room again and asks for help again before leaving.
I get up notice I've dribbled piss all over my boxer shorts and have a wet patch and my penis has returned to its pathetic size.
I put on tracksuit bottoms go into Sis room...she looks at me dissapointingly and says its okay I don't need your help now.
Go back to bed lay there thinking...penny drops...feel devastated and worthless fag.
Regret going for that piss ever since.

Another time hear 14 year old sister shout from upstairs - am 16. Go and investigate its coming from bathroom. I knock and ask if everything is alright. She says theres no toilet paper left so i go fetch some.
I knock again and she opens the door enough for me to see her black school trousers and knickers are around ankles legs on full display and white shirt covering her enough so I cant see anything. I stand shocked she smiles and says thanks seductively I l go red and mutter er....nice legs.

I then back off and she shuts door.
Go back down stairs turn on tv and penny drops (again).

Feel sick to stomach for being a loser and tell my penis how much i hate him for not helping me.
I'm so glad you specified that wasn't your sister, since there was a chance in hell anyone would have thought that
It's long. Very very long compared to the other stuff I posted. I think overall it's okay. At least I hope it is.

I've been procrastinating. To be truthful I've just been very lazy.

sorry. i have been asked before if pic i posted is sister. so i put that there all the time now.
At this point I can't even recall tbh.
I think it was because of a mutual friend who was into me but was too young and scared to say anything about that so she teased that me and my cousin are having sex. She sort of made my cousin do nasty things to me and then it turned sexual at some point.
We got rid of her eventually but the sexual after flavor stayed.

mmm... must be awesome to have a live in sister to fuck whenever you want. fucking lucky bastard.
The longer the better, I can't wait to read it. Hope you let us know when exactly you'll be posting it so I wont miss it.

This is why mexi's jump the border to get out of that shithole retarded country.

she didnt always want to sleep with me. sometimes shed say no and just sleep in her room.


you guys always think i am mexican. its weird.
Lazy bitch. Jk but do finish soon. Also how's the family?

How do you feel knowing you are a rapist?
File: espanol.jpg (251KB, 800x745px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 800x745px

If your brown, it's all the same. I'll pick you up at Home Depot for a project one of these days.
>If your brown, it's all the same.

some of us are not brown. are all americans this stupid? what is wrong with you?

Yes, mexicans call themselves all kind of different things and live in all different places. But when people say white people... Same fucking thing, faggot.

Some of you are niggers too, we get it.
>Same fucking thing

but its not the same. everyone is different. even in the way we talk.
>but its not the same. everyone is different. even in the way we talk.

All Americans talk different too that are from different regions, faggot. But yet, you call us all Americans. How fucking stupid are you?
I just hope it's long and good. Otherwise it'll all be in vain haha. Also I'll make sure to post a week ahead or so to let everyone know.

I probably deserved that and I will try my best to finish asap.

Also the family is doing well. Not much has happened these few months. The biggest thing that happened is probably having my brother move out soon. We found him an apartment building already and this upcoming Friday they're going to check it out.

but you said "white people", not americans. are you just being frustrating on purpose?

Just help me differentiate my fruit pickers from my landscapers.

well i think you're just acting stupid on purpose. but ok. end of story. you win. peace anon.
What? Why is he moving out?
Shit dude. That's messed up.

No you're just being a little bitch, it's like saying you American Indians and your getting pissed off people don't want to know what specific tribe. Yup, each had their own variation of language and for Latinos their variation depends whom they were colonized by. So you know damn well what I meant by mexican, could have been spanish for ever who the fuck cares of portuguese in brazil or cuban. You are basically genetically the same fucking people get over it.
File: 1486010155624.png (73KB, 500x501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 500x501px
Not sure if this is B8, holy shiettt that's a nightmare...
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo
He found a job in another city that's about a four hour drive away from ours. He had to move out eventually.

I fuck navy seals like any typical trap bitch. Especially when they use old, no longer edible copy pasta.
My aunts friend blew me when I was 21 ...my aunt knew!
I think my aunt might of coaxed her who knows
Nope, just oral, but she loved me cumming in her mouth and sucked my cock whenever she got the opportunity.

did she ever get pregnant from all that unprotected sex?
No more DP and gangbangs for you then? How does he feel about not having his family to fuck with anymore?

yes but we didnt have it.
This has been posted b4 you billy bullshitter
Really love fucking my little sister.
Cum inside her sweet little cunt all the time
She loves it too, begs me to cum as i fuck her
"Please, dear brother, cum inside, I want to feel your hot jism shooting up into my tummy. I want you to make me pregnant, I want to have your baby"
Knocked her up once, aborted it later but not before her sweet tiny tits swelled up with milk and I sucked them dry every day for a week. She and I still turned on by the idea of impregnation
Sometimes I come home from school and she's gotten there before me.
She likes to make things in the kitchen, while wearing just a crop top and thong panties
Guy here. My older brother made me start sucking his cock when I was 7 and he was 13. When I was 8 he told 3 friends and made me suck their cocks too. For 5 years I was their cumbucket and I grew to love feeling their cocks cum in my mouth and looked forward to it, and would suck my brothers cock whenever I could.

same op.
i think its bait
>be me
>12 Years old, cousin 13 years old
>cousin come for dinner, sleep over for weekend
>Brother is at hockey pratice
>Mom calls for breakfast
>cousin awake, i'm still in bed
>mom tells cousin to get me up
>she knocks on door
>tell her to come in
>morning wood, like always
>she tells me to come down, pulls blanket off me
>i'm only wearing boxers
>she sees boner
>I see her staring at it
>i lay there for a few seconds, get up
>Boner sticking out through boxers
>looking but catch her also looking at boner
>she tells me to come down, leaves room
>eat breakfast

many stories with cousin..this is when it started,

Disgusting pedos
yeah man moar
File: 16 - 2.jpg (41KB, 460x297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 - 2.jpg
41KB, 460x297px
pls more
More plz
-be me
-15 years old
-The whole family slept the night over because of party
-in the living room
-I slept late the night before
- wake up and notice no one was around
-figured family was in the backyard cleaning up
-I hear the back door open
-Didn't want to help, so i pretend i am asleep
-cousin maybe 12 walks into the living room
-ask me "Anon, you going to get up food is being prepared"
-i am not facing her
-she then approaches me, and starts pushing me to get up, but i just pretend im still sleeping
-she then stops for a min or 2 and i believe she is gone
-then i feel a hand touch my bottom very lightly
-it tickles, and i turn around
-i see that its her, but squinting pretending i was asleep
- she walks fast embarassed
-when she is about to turn a corner i call her name out
-she turns slowly
newfag pls
op here. have to go. thanks for chat. bye.
Thats either bait or horribly stupid. If you really fucked that shit up that way go and anhero
Maldito negro, no nos tires tu mierda al resto.
File: guero.jpg (34KB, 468x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 468x412px
>my cara cuando...
- i pretend i wake up right there by saying, "Oh, where is everyone"? Anon cousin replies hesitantly, "E-everyone is in the back"
-tell her "ok, tell her i'll be right over"
-for some reason i have morning wood or maybe horny because of the idea
-i uncover the blanket and get up to put on my pants
-slept with my boxers because it was summer, and boxer's have the opening in the middle, and with morning wood or whatever it was a bad idea
-i didnt know my dick was showing ;)
- she then looks at my crotch with wide eyes and she stares for around 30 seconds or so
- i look down and say, "omg, im so sorry i didnt know" ;)
-i tell her, "sorry, morning wood gets me every morning and since i sleep with boxers these days(because of summer) it pops out a lot"
-she turns around, and i notice her face is red
- she then asks me, "what is morningwood"?
File: jaime.gif (483KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
483KB, 500x281px
k i wont cont thx for honest opinions anons... bye
Nice, nice.
go on
learn to greentext fucking newfag
Was it worth it?
My fantasy/unrealistic life goal. I would buy one of those large countryside estates and... well drug my wife so she od's on her meds. Collect insurance money to buy said estate. Live just Me and my loving daughter. Slowly weine her away from her friends and make her dependant on me. At a moment of weakness during one of her suicidal episodes when she cuts I'll take advantage of her like usual but this time (in my fantasy) I'll eventually over time; impregnate her. From there I'll repeat the cycle myself with our family and raise our children to revere me as a godlike figure (inb4 father Comstock meets Crossed Family Values) but yeah cock worship is my kink. I'd have our young on their knees just begging for it each clammering for a touch, a taste, a moment to prove their devotion to the new family. (Sons, daughters if they are my own I would happily be bisexual)

And no not a typo whenever she cuts she's always followed it up with her antidepressants and my wifes painmeds. I dont stop her since most of the times I've come onto her during her... high lows I guess you could call them she'd just say sweet nothings and dopely unbuckle my belt and we'd just spend the night together. Her mothers always drunk or shooting up on something so she can't keep track of her "legal" drugs letalone keep an eye open long enough to keep itnon the two of us. Its a cycle of depression I'm working on getting us out of But it's hopeless since they both steal from me. At least I know Mia feels guilty about it... her mother just takes my cash to buy more shit. Really my kid's the only reason why I haven't given up on it all... And the only things keeping me from just beating this bitch to a bloody pulp and killing myself. It's like I've got Stockholm syndrome from my depress itself and this sadness is all I know and my girls the only one giving that joy, that love, that... Light at the end of the tunnel. I love her more than anything in the world; I guess me then I should...
you are fucking insane kill yourself
this one time i saw my sisters niple in the sauna

>sitting in sauna
>sister comes in with a towel around her body
>she sits down
>towel slides just below niple
>nothing more to it
>i giggled
>she said "grow up"
>penis grew
>then i laid down on the flor
>something something dinosaur
You realize most religions start with this kind of shit right? I'm not him, I'm just saying
Doesn't matter, had sex.
Fucking hot. Ever graduate to anal?

My uncle taught me everything and more when I was 11.
File: IMG_4798.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2448x3264px
I get really hard taking creeps of my sleeping sister. Also play with her tits and pussy to try and make her cum in her sleep. It's worked a few times. Feeling her get moist and then really wet in her sleep makes me cum so hard. Pic related.
Insane. Look where you are. Your a "lizard people run the government" motherfucker calling the cunts wearing tinfoil hats retarded. Know your place faggot. Your in a incest thread just like us. Sit the duck up we are no better than you and vice versa.
She's awake dude. She knows.
moved to the south
I have sex with my daughters. They're currently ages 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. In a few months there'll be another one.
There is nothing like cumming in a girl you made yourself.
how old was she at first?
You wish, sick fuck. You're a fat bastard alone on his computer.
File: yREYku9.jpg (19KB, 311x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 311x313px
You tried
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