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I know you're thinking about them. What's their name, /b/?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I know you're thinking about them. What's their name, /b/?
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I don't even wanna type her name
Let it out my friend. /b/ is the BEST safespace. :)))
The white walkers
Susan. Didn't start thinking about her until I saw this thread. 25 years ago she teased me relentlessly in high school for a few months so I got my revenge by prank-calling the bitch and her mother at all hours of the day. She killed herself a year after highschool and I'd like to hope, in some small part, that I helped with that descent.
Dania, she's my girlfriend and for the moment we're apart from each other and it sucks just hearing her voice through the phone when just not too long ago she was just feet away from me

Here's hoping for a good and unlegislative summer.
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My girlfriend shattered my heart today, so it's her name I'm thinking about. Hailey.
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Oh oh, Maia, shes fucking crazy though, it ended, but probably for the best I guess. Still think about her everyday she hates my guts though soooo......
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Mercy and Charlotte.
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>What's their name, /b/?
the jews
Edna, 3 years of my life went to waste.
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Aritz, what a guy, we're friends but he has other relationship opportunities, so there's no point to it all.
Vaughn, long distance relationship right now, all I want to do is hold him. Hopefully I get stationed close
There rely isn't a girl anymore I hope one day I'll find a girl but for now I think my words & time were all for naught as they say
Im sorry, I know it hurts, but if you can make it, your love is worth it. :)))

Be strong for your own sake, Anon.

If you can realize it was for the better, more power to you, Anon.

I'll hope that you do too, Anon. Best of luck.
Adriana, she was the one that got away...
Thinking about trying to get back in touch with her sometime this week. Been three weeks without talking to her since she decided to break it off. Girl was my best friend and my source of motivation.
fututi mortii ma-tii sa-t fut numai un roman prost putea sa scrie ":)))" pe internet in 2017 bagamias pula in gura ta de tigan obosit mars la cacat
am futut-o eu
honestly i'm desperate enough to fuck the next person who knocks on my door. but i'd rather drink bleach.
Let some of that negativity out. ;)
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I dont know anyone I like
My son Dominic. I get two hours every Tuesday under guard supervision due to ex saying I am a danger to him. See you soon lil guy. <3 : 143-224 : zc53
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i'm actually wondering if she dated neal brennan for 5 years because reasons
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Acacia, wanted to date/fuck her since freshman year and she was a sophomore so i thought she was out of my league. but did get to "fuck" her junior year (didn't go well), i'll tell you my story if you guys are interested
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yes i am interested
We got 1, can i get a least 3-4 people?
btw the "fucking" didn't go as well as you'd think
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Tell it before the thread dies
Interested here too anon. And Stephanie. Ex that manipulated me and emotionally abused me to get what she wanted lol
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Split up sat night, Just passed nursing degree and decided she needed space.
ok ok
>be me 15 nerdy little shit
>just transferred school
>started living with my dad
>know absolutely no one
>girl in my ROTC class is perfect 10!
>somehow work luck and dumb jokes
>get really close
>then she gets boyfriend out of nowhere
>decide to give up and stay friends
>skip 2 school years later
Puppy love isnt real love
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>Merry Christmas! I know it's not much, but I wanted to get you something for Christmas because... I can't even put into words how great of a friend you've been.

>Not only have you been there for me since the beginning, but you also provided humor on my worst days.

>You gave me an escape when things with certain family members became unbearable.

>You threw me a birthday party; which was a first for me :), and you put so much fun into my life.

>Ha, I'll never forget our city walks, movie nights, pillow fights, and long walks on the beach together.

>Thanks Anon! I'm sure there will be plenty more memories to be made! :D

He was truly, a real McSpankey's man.
Mel. Bitch gave me the clap on new years.
Haylee. Total fucking normie girl but still totally in love with her even though she abuses me in every way but physical
idk man, i guess Ayra?
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(forgot to mention 1.was complete virgin and she was not so had me nervous as hell 2.she was a bit of a hoe too apparently but only found out way later)
>in junior year feeling confident
>got friends, better clothes
>lost my v-card by some other girl
>currently had a gf and recently took her v-card
>out of nowhere i get a message from her
>start talking to her again through kik
>find out she did like me freshman year
>start making dumb sex jokes
>play a question & answer
>ask her she ever been eaten out
>she says once so i tell her i'm pretty good
>we strike up a day and go to my place after school
>priar to that day i had sex with gf then fapped a shit ton after she left
>she explores my room
>after 10 minutes of awkward conversation
>strike up confidence to start eating her out
>she kinda leads me while i do
>not so very good (she really wanted me to focus on her clit)
>after awhile i think i'm hard
>pull it out and i'm half hard
>i try rubbing it against her lips still half hard
>try inserting head
>basically she thinks i've been teasing her for 7 minutes
>still can't get hard for shit
>stop trying
> we quit
>we walk out
>ask her if we can try again
>she gets really aggressive and avoids me
>quit talking to her
>she graduates and goes to bootcamp
btw i know i'm a cheating asshole but the opportunity showed it's self after a long time but karma got me so it's fair. gf found out anyway
you dont deserve any kind of sympathy
I'd type her name, but I know she lurks on /b/ too. :/
Dude IDK.... I mean yeah I think about my exes but I wouldnt take them back... Or maybe I would. Man all I know is im happier now that im single.
Really misjudged me there buddy.
I'm awake now simply because my sleep schedule is fucked.
Isabella, dear god help me please.
It's 3AM here and I have a job interview tomorrow kik
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>Kik exists

Underageb& also kill yourself.
Was that a poorly spelled attempt at kek?
they are called cloudpeople and they are stealing my nitros to power their mindcontrol call-center
Marlenne, she fucked up, but still, I don't know if I love her or hate her
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Don't judge me. Like I said, it's 3am
Alright, 4AM where I am.

i'm a fucking retard
shit happens man i really don't give fuck, and if you've never had sex in high school that's you either way having or not having is not unique. i try everyday faggot
She just wants to dance bro
My "girlfriend" she keeps saying she's sorry but come up every weekend with an excuse to not meeting. I love her like I never loved anybody before, it will be 4 weeks in a row soon
what is that a reference to
Courtney. Best friend that I would honestly do anything to fuck.
>Armine, met on steam, we really hit off on sc/skype.
>2 weeks within meeting, we already sent nudes.we talked alot on skype. >On oct. 7 i confessed my love to her. >She didnt feel the same way
>Over 200 hours chat history on skype
>She lives 2 hours away.
>didnt even give me a chance
>shes not "ready for a relationship"

Im still her friend and we still talk. Though it pains me that i will only ever be a friend. She made me realize how lonely i truely am. Im so glad she entered my life, but now my heart just hurts
I believe she is getting the D from someone nearby. Sorry, bro.
Same here kek, she knows anyways so...
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I want to hold him and protect him. His humble intelligence makes him one of a kind. I'm not even weird or gay or anything.. I just feel so sorry for this man -- his geniusness is slowly wasting away because of mental illness.

>he's schizophrenic
>programmed his own OS from scratch - TempleOS
>thinks he talks to God through his OS
>has a special hatred for "CIA niggers"
Green is not a creative color
Hanna song
Hopefully i find someone like you. Scizhophrenia blows.
Fuck off with your gender neutral pronouns you SJW cancer.
I don't know her name, but I know she likes cats and anime.

The other one is Garrett, born of my pure cold hate.
Her name is Ann-Kathrin. Anni for short.

> Meet this girl on dating app
> She avoids me first
> Slowly start to warm up
> chit-chat ensues
> Tells me constantly how shitty her life is between studying and working
> We chat dayli and deep into the night
> She is worried about a job, I re-assure her
> Continue to chat
> One night on verge of tears, her best friend fucked her current love interest
> Continue chat for few weeks
> Talk about trying a relationship a few times, because we really like and trust each other
> Also talk about it could be hard
> We remain friends
> Notice how unstable she is and it kinda worries me
Now we come to the point where I met my amazing gf (relationship lasting 2 years so far, good times)
> We still chat, but told her I am with my gf now
> Texts me one evening, she is really down, since another friend of hers betrayed her badly
> One day later, write that I am at gf's grandparents house for a meet and greet
> Completely loses her shit, texts it is way too early for such a huge step, kinda throws a hissy-fit
> Tell her to fuck the fuck off and that I don't need shit like this and just delete her number / chat without blocking

Never heard from her again, sometimes I think she commited suicide or just went down the shitter, but since she has no social media outlets it is really hard to tell.
Gonna go back a few years, maybe around 2012 / 2013

> Meet a girl named Charlotte in a game, we start to chat and exchange contact
> She lives in UK, I live in Germany
> After months of writing each other, she tells me she fell in love with me
> Never seen her face before
> Ask her to send a pic
> She refuses first, but sends one later
> 8/10
> Talks about how her mother and father neglect her and that she had an accident involving a big fire in her childhood and that she got raped and what not
> Do not really believe her, but just roll with it
> Friend of mine shows me the Google Pic search feature on Chrome
> Test it on her pic
> Result is that the girl in the pic was some semi-famous french actress / singer
> Still fapped
> Confront her about it
> She goes mad at me for not trusting her
> mfw women
> breaks up with me
> sends me a merry christmas card one year later, without pic or anything
> Still fapped to that French girl

Afterwards, I never had a long distance relationship anymore. Fuck that shit.
her name
her name her name her name
her name na uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
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Never give up on fighting it. New meds are on the horizon and things can improve. Just do your best not to push people away in the meantime.
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