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Feels thread >be me >no job, no education >got layed

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread

>be me
>no job, no education
>got layed off last month
>close friend just told me today she's done with me

I'm considering leaving my fucking country to go live with some relatives and start a new life
At least it's not an hero. Good choice.
>No education
It shows
At least you're not a nigger
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I don't have the balls to an hero.
start working-out 6days a week.

invest in yourself. and eat healthy.
>close friend
>pick one

No offence anon but would it not be fair to say that you wanted to dig this girl's meat trench? If so you were never really friends and her abandoning you was probably just her realising that youre disingenuous for pretending to be her friend when deep down you actually want some snatch. Tough break about the other stuff. Do you feel unintelligent or just poorly educated? Because one is easily rectified
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This though anon.
there is a vanilla WoW private server that just went live again
c'mon cheer up!!! things can get way worst...
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anime pics always tbh
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>no job,no education
Yes,you deserve to die ignorant piece of shit.
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Not really the situation. Sure I found her attractive but there was never anything between us and we both knew. Last time I saw her I was telling her about a love triangle I was in.

Going to the gym tommorow for sure. Hopefully I make it a habit.
no new posts
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Mfw these capatchas are the closest I'll ever get to seeing the outside world
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pretty much every day for me, can't even admit it to anyone because I know for a fact that they would never ever be able to understand. It's the most trapping feeling in the entire world.
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contents of my life. pic related.
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A love triangle? plz go on...
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Will mention I'm only 18 (graduated and got a job at 17) with a high school diploma and 1 semester of community (on my second semester). Not enough to get me a decent job though which is why I said no education. Anyway I would move from the US to Mexico to study (most likely engineering since I have an uncle who makes a living in that profession and might help me find a job in that field). That's one of many scenarios though. Thanks for cheering me up though.
fucking assholes think they can just be happy without even thinking about it. It just comes to them so easy, they don't question anything. Everything just happens and there's no thought as to what comes next, maybe it's god or nothing but they aren't thinking about it. But the fact of the matter is, whatever happens after this is fucking terrifying. Close your eyes, imagine it, really imagine it. It's scary if you never experience though again, but it's also terrifying that an all powerful being gets to judge you. Being able to think is absoultely terrible in every way. Why? What's the point? There's no end goal, it's not a video game. We're just animals that had the unfortune to be able to thik and I think that kinda sucks.

I'm not trying to instill 'muh edge', I'm legitimately scared of everything all the time and wish I didn't have to think anymore because it's all the worst and I hate it!
>be 21
>Dropped out of HS May of Senior year
>Didn't go to college
>Dumped my gf in November
>Started a Real Estate business 2 months ago
>Quit my day job 4 days ago
>Moving to LA with $95,000 and no car
>Happen to know one Instagram famous girl there very well(12 million followers)
>Got a beachfront apartment for 500 a month

Starting a new life with you OP, Just network and make some contacts, where ever you go you'll be fine.
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I'm so fucking sad tonight, I don't know what "triggered" (oh god) it.
Sounds like Asperger's
Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. $95k is so much god damn money to me and all the other suicidal poorfags. That's half the reason we're in the situations we're in is because we have no money, friends or future.
No it's being existentially terrified. I understand why people do what they do. I get social queues, I understand friends and emotions and all that.

But it seems pointless, and futile, and stupid.
>be me
>junior year
>no gf no friends
>nobody cares about me
>everyone calls me a school shooter
>decide to come back my senior year wearing hip new clothes and acting happy
>still nobody cares
>nobody wants me
>hate myself
>feel worse now than I ever did before
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>Be 22
>deleted all social media
>only interact with my uni peers when necessary
>paint w40k, smoke hash
>got an nhs research grant to make a synthetic muscle to dampen the motion of new prostetics
>life is good

Dont into caring about others anon, its great.
upskill. learn something.

right now im working out 5 days a week, learning italian and getting programming.

just because you're neet dosent mean you cant upskill yourself at home.

at the very least get a typing speed of 70-80 words per minute and go find a job in data entry or something.
>become schoolshotter
Fuck high school. As soon as you get out of it, everything's different. What you thought is important, isn't, Who you thought was cool, is an alcoholic druggie.

Stick it out a few more months and you won't have to see these assholes ever again.
christ. right in the feels
bad news anon. it dosent get any better in college.

luckily by then you're not forced to be in that environment anymore.

some people were meant to be different. just gotta find what makes you happy.
It's not an interesting story but I'll make it entertaining since you got dubs.

>be 17 years old
>have huge crush on grill
>we'll call her Jane
>second grill has crush on me
>we'll call her Mary
>Jane and Mary and me are friends
>every time Jane sees me she gives me a hug
>not just ordinary hug but an embrace
>working up balls to ask Jane out
>find out she has a thing for my cousin
>assume she would flirt with me to make him jealous
>talk to brother about
>he tells me Mary likes me
>she told him she was willing to leave her bf at the time for me
>don't care since still heartbroken and angry
>a couple months pass
>brother says Mary asks what's the situation with me and Jane
>according to Mary, Jane likes me
>immediately become angry and sad and all those emotions from before return
>was going through other troubles at the time so I put all that at the back of my mind for another month
>when I cared enough to find out, I heard Mary still likes me but Jane has another guy in the picture
>resent them both for no real reason now
>that was all last year
>still see them both at least twice a week

Sorry it took long I'm on mobile
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yah ill blame you for wasting my fucking time because you cant be content for a fucking minute
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ok brother. thats fine.
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you're a retard.
the difference between a person and an animal is the ability to plan ahead.

instead of doing things that increase your value as a person, you spend it chasing tail and get angsty when you dont get it.

you should feel bad, but not because they dont like you, but because you waste your time doing shit that dosent even help you in the long run
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dude... just have the courage too walk up to a girl you find attractive and tell her "hi, how you doing... my name is..." its really easy. It's all about confidence not all about looks man
I don't really resent them. Fuck I meant I have like a sort of grudge against them

But anyway yesterday Mary tried showing off her tits in front of me
>in a good mood so I make small talk with Mary
>hey Mary that looks like a 21 Pilots shirt
>it's a spoof of it with donuts but I didn't notice before
>opens her jacket to show the shirt
>oh no my cousin got this for me
>isn't it cute? Look at all the donuts!
>waves chest from side to side
>skips away like a schoolgirl
>instead of getting a boner like a normal person I just think about how much I wanted a coffee at the time

and Jane is still a bitch who never says hello anymore despite all her friends receiving me with hugs.
this is less of a feels thread and more of a ''woe is me'' thread
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>single for 3 years
>was good with girls in teens
>now despite best efforts havent had more than a first date

Its just so weird and frustrating. Its making me start to hate the female gender
getting a girl isn't even the main thing for me I just want people who care about me. I talk to people but they don't talk to me.
Nigger I was in high school at the time filling out all my college shit. I didn't even try with them. It was shit that happened. Yeah I should've put more effort into my education but I was 17 at the time and didn't know any better. I see where you are coming from though. I should've applied for more grants and should've made school my priority amd not work. The only reason work came first at the time is because my family didn't have any money. All that bullshit was high school drama. Doesn't fucking matter though does it?
why's that?
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of course it does.
everything does.

ever play dota?

its kind of like when one team starts snowballing.

that's the thing about life. everything you do builds into more exponentially.

but to get better in one area, you gotta make sacrifices in others. that's just the way life works.

you make a goal, you work for it, you realize you gotta work harder and you neglect other parts of your life to get to that goal.

ultimately you're either all in or you fall short. the middle ground is an illusion.

you cant afford to coast along in life. not as a man. as a women sure, you may find a nice guy before you hit the wall and settle down, but as a man, you dont have that option.

gotta make goals, decide what you want, decide what you are willing to give. that is why we look up to people with morales and integrity. its because they know the boundries of what they want and what they are willing to give up.

its never too late, but early is always better than late.
Checked and yeah I know. I intend to just feel with some image dumps but I don't even know fucking why we got into my situation and then the other guy with dubs asked about the love triangle so I didn't shut up about that and I keep responding to the (you)s
regardless, this wasn't a feels story. it was just a 17yo being a beta faggot and very in touch with his emotions.
Fuck this is my situation for like 3 years she's happy and im dead inside hopefully I do sports so Im fit so I fuck some pussy but I want to fuck her pussy so idk and btw sorry for bad anglish
brother if your situation is like this for 3 years then maybe it is time for some change. i know your feels, i am in a situation like that aswell. it will hurt at the start but then it will feel better.
get out. cut all contact.

you'll feel like shit for the next year or so. but then it slowly goes away.

in that time focus on yourself.
I get you. Right now though I am unsure of that goal. It should be education but the thing I have no idea what to study or to study it here or in Mexico. I mentioned engineering but I want to be a movie director. But I also have to try and find a way to support my family so I do need a job. But I do think I am thinking in the right direction. Thank you for the advice.

Yeah that shit was completely unrelated to what the op for this thread and isn't what my original feels were. I just posted that story since that one dude asked and he got dubs so I did.
I was thinking about this so I think im gonna do it cuz I have my driver licence test in 1 month and with my work I have enough money to go but idk she's here and :/ you know
get a nice girl, that appreciates you.

i can't let off of her aswell. shes perfect. i have no chance on getting her still i can not cut the contact. if you make it, you are a real man.
here's a tip from the other side.
what you want to do careerwise is irrelevant.

once you get good at something you'll want to do it more regardless.

therefore just choose something thats got job prospects. good ones. like 6 figures by the time you're in your mid 30s sort of jobs. once you get good you'll automatically enjoy it. if you dont, commit to getting good and the enjoyment will come naturally.

sometimes we want something comfortable. but the fact you feel shit is an indication that you need to change.

when we feel like shit, that's an indicatoin there's something wrong. so fucking man up and change it.

its one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. but do it anyway. no pain, no gain.
Thx for those precious advises
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