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Do you have any strange or taboo fetishes you don't tell

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Do you have any strange or taboo fetishes you don't tell anyone about?
I get hard with crazies. I want to fuck crazies so badly.
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me too
but everyone is tellnig me it's a really really bad idea
Yes, and you are a part of anyone. Good day sir/ma'am.
Glasses, I love to hide them before sex so they can't see my micro penis
my wife and I are exhibitionists. I love fucking her in public and forcing her to expose herself in public settings.
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I'm pretty sadistic and probably retarded. I like watching people suffer emotionally. Physical stuff is hot, yeah, cuts and blood, bruises, men without eyes. But emotional stuff is just perfect. I'd like to design stuff like in saw or human centipede. Those movies were pretty hot.

Fluffy abuse gets me hard, yeah, but I'd like to see it happen with humans.

Otherwise, a weird kink is I like jiggly things. Saggy balls, flaccid riding, jiggly boobs. It's gotta be sexual though, i don't fucking jerk off to jello.
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leaving lil surprises in my gf's friends' shoes
>pic related
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>But emotional stuff is just perfect
grew up in a broken home myself and I remeber I was so in love with this girl all through middle and high school
When I finally got to her she wanted to be just friends, we were pretty good friends and she told me about her abuse tep dad and how she used to cut herself. I remember when she showed me her scared belly I got so horny and I have no idea why.
She also had a sister which was overly protective of her and she kept her from seeing me so I never got anywhere with her
That's a preference, not a fetish. Fetishes must include fixations on non-sexual objects or traditionally non-sexual body parts.
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I sometimes fantasize about sexually torturing my sister
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I want to get dominated by thicc black women
I just want them to force me to lick their pussy and ass, slap me, sit on me etc.

I'm also into incest but only if it's other families not my own.

No fucking clue why I'm into this
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That's very interesting, I grew up in a great home but had a very hard time in school.
My eight grade gf was either a compulsive liar or a teenaged prostitute, we got very close, but she wouldn't do anything sexual or kiss me because that was "what I do for THEM, not what I do for the people I love" she'd say.

But her arms were no joke, something was wrong because I've never seen more cuts on a girls arm. Not in online photos either.

It was like this, but denser, with more variety and common words, like fat, slut, die.

It's a shame her sister kept you two distanced, perhaps you could have became something? Or maybe it's better this way.
Grannies. Been fucking a 59yo for the past 2 months

>be me, legitimately 23
I was very lucky to see some exhibitionism in a major city. It was busy in daylight, 12 or 2 pm-ish. Guy, maybe 45-55 pissed himself. Walked pretty proud, anyone else would try to carry their briefcase in front of their pants or duck into a restaurant.
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Her cuts wasn't that bad, she had really long and thin cuts on her belly and arms and I remember she let me feel her arms once while we were drinking and it was so amazing

I think she's fine now
Haven't really spoken much to her since after high school which is like 6-7 years from now.
She has a job as a cashier, got a bf and an apartment and she's not the person she used to be
I'm still the same guy I was when we first met, I don't know why I have such a hard time moving on with my life, maybe because there are things in the past I wish I did differently or something
This is gonna be bad but one I have is pedophilia, just imagining kids innocently playing with my penis as a toy until they get a special surprise, while I probably won't do it in real life animated is a good substitute
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also, any pics?

Google it it's hot as fuck.
If I had any on this new phone I'd post them. Her and I are past the point of trading pics back and forth...she lives maybe 10 minutes away from me at most.

Sweet talking them older bitches on dating sites without being corny or transparent...and actually looking as my pictures depict me to look. That's how
I find it hot when girls swallow cum and love doing it, I need to see it somehow and it's boring when they just have their mouth over the dick the whole time and you never see it go down.
Anal gaping.

My bf is not even aware of it.
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That's hot as fuck.
I taught my sister in laws kids to breastfeed using my dick. They always swallow and the gummies are incredible
I fantasize about swinging with my gf
I fantasize about choking a woman to within an inch of her life and repeatedly ejaculating in that instant so her body is weakened enough for me to easily impregnate her. I've thought about doing that to every woman I've ever met.
If they die, oh well.. had sex
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I relate, I wish I knew the secret to moving on. I suppose part of the issue is I don't know how to get hurt. Some children fall and laugh because shit happens. Other kids fall and cry and they wonder what they did to deserve it. I was the second kind of kid, and still when my emotions get hurt I blame people and myself instead of just circumstances.

Besides that, I try to not value old memories too much. I probably remember events nicer than they were, so the good old days are actually just fake. And no one was as great as they seemed. Maybe if I value memories of people less, I won't feel hurt when I see the person or my memory of them is otherwise messed-with.

But that's just me, maybe none of these things apply for you. Moving on is just ridiculously hard for some people, it sucks. Good luck
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Nothing about the body works the way you phrased.

Personally I am a fan of various forms of breast torture.
those poor titties ;_;
I secretly want to hold a woman's hands, look deeply into her eyes and tell her I love her.
Public sex, especially in highly populated area. Something about the thrill of getting caught just turns me on.
I fuck and blow random dudes. Truck stops, bath houses, parking lots, walking paths. But I'm "Straight" to everyone else.
I don't even really care for sex that much and have to be dragged into it. damn my good looks and money.

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we all do
random asian/indo/thai dude sits next to me on the train.
small talk.
asks to suck my dick on the train.
I say why? and if u ask me again ill sort you out with a fist lol.
walks away in a rush.
one day you people are gonna get bashed and be scared
I have a belly button fetish.
I want to know what love feels like
Why dude free beej
Retard alert
i dont roll that way. who knows how many ppl hes done that too already haha. would be too funny to see that rocking up to the station your getting onto.
Faggot alert
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4. Redheads
3. Exhibitionism / Agoraphilia (Outdoor)
2. Urophilia (Pee)
1. Hebephilia (Early Adolescence)
Butt-fucking 16 year old girls. Only does this once tho (had to go to states where it was legal). Didn't arrange it ahead of time, since that would be crossing state lines for the purpose of sex...federal felony.
I have a friend who I share creepshots and pictures of my daughters with. I let him smell, play with and cum in their panties and shoes.
Let's see their belly buttons
How old are they?
8 and 13
Timestamp older one's bra or gtfo
What fantasies have you guys come up with? Have you thought about letting him do things with them?
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 17

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