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Hot school stories! let's go >me about 16 >It's

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hot school stories!
let's go

>me about 16
>It's a friday in summer
>need to go to school again afternoon
>some important shit to give to the teacher I forgott this morning
>school almost empty, It's 4pm
>feels a bit creepy tbh
>almost at the teachers door and seeing that one hot slutty girl in our year
>we know us pretty good and she is always a bit flirty with everyone
>we talk a bit (she had a detention) and then i leave her to get to the teacher
>leave my important shit at the teachers room
>walking down the floor when i see that chick again
some backstory: we had together sports class and we sometimes were jokingly touching each other (non sexual) and shit, i dont know how to explain that.
>I dont know why i was that brave at that moment but I jokingly said to her: My biggest wish was always to touch your amazing butt"
>she hugs me and says "go for it".
>touching that perfect butt while hugging her
>suddenly we start kissing
>she said "come follow me"
>went to the girls bathroom
>starts blowing me
>came as hard as i could
>went home
>best day of my teenager live.

pic related, it's her
>Be me 16 years old with best asian qt3.14 friend
>Effectively friendzoned since I met her
>But we're very close. Skin touching most of the time we sit next to each other etc
>Known her for 3 years now go to her house whenever I want if I ask her really
>She's got homework for a class and I don't so I'm just chilling while she does homework
>Sitting on her bed while she does homework at her desk
>"Hey you should do your homework on your bed so I'm not so bored"
>Mfw she's like sure and doesn't care.
>She's almost always in her PJ's, changes out when she get's home afterschool
>Tfw they're almost always too big for her so I can see her tit's half the time through the arm hole or down the collar
sure, why not
yes ofcourse
Yeah i guess
go ahead
That'such a dream come true...
I had huge opportunities like this but blew it because I was a fucking imbecile that age.
Like I had to stay an afternoon in school with this girl who I had kinda been flirting somehow (I was terrible at it back then but she was into me and I knew that but didn't know exactly how to get past it).
Fast forward and later that day we finally kiss after playing around the whole day (the jokingly touching thing and whatnot). I had just left a relationship with a girl who she was friends with from the same year but not classmates...
Anyway, I only got to kiss her like once after that and didn't even get to touch her up or anything.
She had such an AMAZING ass and such a great frame too like, skinny slim waist and a nice proportional hip with perfectly shaped asscheeks. I'm pretty sure I'd masturbate to the thought of her/her ass weekly even years before this whole thing happened between us.
So I've had a huge crush on her body for years before I got to that point... And I didn't touch it.
ye but you must know, that girl from my story was really slutty, i bet i wasnt the only one she blowed in her school time, but i dont care
>So she brings her papers and books onto her bed and shes laying on her stomach while reading her book
>Being bored me I randomly start giving her a back massage
>Start at her neck cause I know she always has a neck sore from reading for classes so often
>Assumed it would feel terrible as I have no experience
>"That feels really good please keep going~"
>"I'm not too sure what I'm doing but okay"
Edit: cut the "I'm pretty sure I'd" on the last paragraph, meant to say "I used to"
Post more at one time faggot
>My biggest wish was always to touch your amazing butt"
aaaand fiction
yeah dude, sounds great so far
more pls
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>be me 11-12 just started high school
>see this cutie guy who caught my eye
>become friends and get close
>one day while im sleeping over we do the 'you show me your dick ill show you mine'
>we flash
>later on i ask to suck him off
>'thats wierd but fine'
>used to suck him off all the time everytime after school whenever we were free we would do it
>one day i say you wanna try anal ?
>he agrees so i let him do me first
>after that i bend him over and fuck him for a while
>done this twice
>one day while i was sucking him off and kissing him he says 'I love you'
>I will never forget him saying that and i said the same back
>parents found out about us and schoolmates found out
>bullied to the point of suicide, but we still loved each other regardless of the homophobes
>mfw parents found out and moved me hours away from him
>mfw i will probably never see him again

It's already been 3-4 years since i last saw him and talked to him but i think about him all the time, I miss him like crazy
File: 1483486285261.jpg (61KB, 1000x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Once I made eye contact with a cute girl
Another time I brushed hands with a girl by accident
pic unrelated- found it here yesterday
Fucking homosexuals
I have a huge fantasy of imagining what it would be like for guys like this to have their personification of a perfect girl to perform their preferred or biggest kink/fetish out of the blue on them without the guy asking or doing anything beforehand.
Like kinda getting attacked in a way but not necessarily violent, the girl could be really submissive if that's what he's into.
But I imagine his reaction. Going from a kissless touchless virgin to getting to have their most idealized sexual scenario imaginable just like that.
Opps forgot to click reply thing. Oh well. Am typing this up as I go.

>Her PJ's today was long white night gown and only panties.
> She wasn't wearing a bra either so I could see her nipples a little bit through the gown.
>Thinking back on this, that was such a great combination of sexy and cute.
>As she was laying down and I was massaging her back and neck my position was starting to hurt my wrists so I decided to move
>Without asking her I just moved and sat on her butt like I was straddling her
>I don't think she thought much of it since it was a great way to reach all of her back
>Start working down, now at her back just massaging through her gown.
>"Hey it's kinda hard to massage you through your gown, do you mind if I go underneath it?"
>"Uh okay I guess"
>Holy shit
>So I roll up her gown so that I'm basically straddling her ass in only panties and slip my hands underneath her gown and was giving her full back masssage now
woow man, that's a really sad story.
I feel bad for you /b/ro.
Its really good you didn't let group presure gett to you and kill yourself..
I think the best thing you can do is.
do good in school. find a part time job study more.
And leave your parrents who doesn't support you.
And hide the fact that your gay.
Its a shame you have too. but that's just how people are.... fucking world we live in bro.
more pics????
no point hiding it, they all know, I've just not openly said it to them. If I did I'd probably get shitted on by everyone since almost everyone I know around me is a homophobe. Yeah I was one step away from killing myself but my bf stopped me. And yeah I wanna leave from this shithole ASAP and maybe I can then look for him again ? idk I really hope I see him again because I fucking loved him like nothing else <3

That's not the worst I've heard :)
Where do you live ? In stone age? There are mobiles... Call him. Look for a bus,meet him. Choose dirty in the middle. There are opportunities. Don't be silly. Fight for your love
File: 1241572456589.jpg (5KB, 350x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck! is this still /b/ ?? the fuck is going on with those huge faggots here nowadays ...
File: 1483063235568.jpg (8KB, 205x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is there more?
>I start working down and am now at her lower back and stay there for a bit since she said it felt really good.
>Once I get to her waist where her panties are I knew a good spot to massage was directly on the panties elastic
>I slipped my thumbs underneath the elastic and was being very conservative with how far I reached
>She said I really hit the spot when I started applying pressure with my thumbs
>"It's kinda hard to do it through your panties though..."
>"It's fine"
>"Okay then"
>So I rolled down her panties about halfway off so that I could massage the pressure points
>Naive me thought the entire time she was taking notes on what she was reading
>Can see her clutching her pencil while shaking a little bit
How would I find out his phone number ? I lost all contact with him. I'm broke and my parents already watch me since they know. But right now I'm trying to look for him. Right now I'm like hours away from him but I do hope I see him again, and when I get the chance im gonna take it and run to him
Great story, OP! Do you have anymore pics?
When I was in teenage years I was fighting civil war in Yugoslavia
>thank god i came to america
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ćuti mujo
I've got 3.

The first was freshman year. Stayed after school to copy notes from a class. A very hot 9/10 chick was doing the same. The creep teacher kept hitting on her. I finished and went to leave. She jumped up and left with me. Asked me to walk her home; she was afraid he'd follow her. So I did and she invited me in when we got there. This turned into a regular thing, and she put out a week into the routine.

Story 2. A bunch of kids were getting searched for cigarettes in sophomore year. The school slut approached me to hold her shit, since the teachers never gave me shit. She stuffed two packs of cigs and a wad of condoms into my pocket. After she put one of the rubbers on me in the gym bathroom for some thank you anal sex.

Story Three. This really weird 4/10 chick who transferred from a catholic school was my personal shadow for all 4 years. An epic prude. Tried shaking her off but she was clamped on me like a leech. Junior year she is with me in the library when she tells me about some guy flashing her before she transferred and how it scarred her. Then I asked her if she would have felt scarred if it was me who flashed her. I was ready to get slapped but she got all quiet for a few minutes (a miracle!) then said she probably wouldn't mind. Two months later I popped her cherry, just for bragging rights. She actually made an effort to look nice and got herself up to a solid 6/10, so I didn't feel dirty after.
Why did this make me laugh so hard
>I guess this will be my only chance to get anywhere. Maybe shes really horny today or something
>Instead of just sitting upright, I start to lean forward and lay my chest on her back
>Hands wrap around her waist first and slide forward going over her waist slowly down to her crotch.
>She's never had any arm hair or leg hair at all, so it was a silky smooth sliding my hands downstairs.
>Don't actually reach her pussy just yet, the area above it; where her kidneys are if I may crudely say.
>Start rubbing in circles in the area just infront of her hip bone, felt pressure there so It was a spot I could use to continue my "massage" pretext.
>For the first time in my life I heard her let out a really lustful sigh
>Applying pressure on my hip, she definitely feels my dicks shape between her butt crack
>"Does it feel good?"
>"Yeah... it feels really good."
Facebook? Old school friends could reach out for him.. anybody you know from the old town? A girl you trust. Maybe a teacher at the former school?
Where do you live?
Search an phone book (or online for the parents telephone) - call he will answer some day.
Don't give up.
I am hetero but I know how you feel.
>be me at like 14
>go to summer "camp" at school
>basically you go to the school and have fun
>yard supervisor is a Hot Import Night Girl
>always buying me chinese food or whatever she would have for lunch
>went to school dance with her
>hot as fuck/10
>one day calls me over to handball court
>asks me bout a fake britney spears porn paper i have printed out in my pocket, that i was showring my friends
>asks me to see it
>feel guilty I give it to her like Im in trouble
>starts laughing
>not even a good fake
>start talking bout sex and how fake it looks start moving in the direction you know this is going
>shows me real tits
>fuckin ringling brothers circus tent pitched in my pants
> turns around pulls down her pants down spreads ass and can see puss
>light headed because blood is rushing to my dick
>she sees boner
>checks around hand ball court everyone across the yard
>unzips starts jerkin and suckin
>came the biggest load I think I ever dropped in my life in her mouth
>she spits it all out/gags/throwing up/ laughing bout how my legs were shaking and if I was gonna pass out
>would fool around with her until I went to highschool year or so later
Hey there smart guy; Your kidneys are more in your back, just about where your ribs end on your spine. I am not to sure what part you are thinking about.
File: 1483318919363.jpg (38KB, 448x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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any pics
>I was in 11th grade
>staying the night at my friend's house
>I was a basic high school kid and happened to like his sister
>I told him I was going to grab my bag
>his sister walks out of the bathroom without a towel
>I freak out because I don't want to look creepy
>she told me to not tell anyone and smiled
>idk, it was pretty awkward
>we talked for a minute after she got somewhat dressed.
>but nothing else happened.
Once, when I was 15 or 16, one of the other kids sat next to me during lunch without giving me shit. It was almost like I wasnt a freak for a whole half hour.

That was a nice day.
ok this is hot
fuck, the last one made me remember another one.

Story 4. I was a part of an academic team. One day we have a meet at an all girl catholic school. No men's rooms, and if you wanted to walk around, the nuns would escort you around. I thought it was to protect the girls but realized they were protecting us from their sex starved students. The dumb girls bent over and flashed their panties, or tried to come up and hand us their numbers. The smart ones took their panties off ahead of time and could pass you a phone number with a handshake. One girl actually flashed her tits and jilled herself right in the middle of a round, and she slipped me her number and the numbers of every girl in her clique, so they could all get some action out of school.
Only in my yearbook and there was another one somewhere else of her and her friend mary. Ive been trying to find her for years now. Im 29 now and Ive been trying to find her on facebook or linked in and nothing dude. Plus her name is hispanic so it comes up with a bunch of fuckin names.
Tried fb for months but to no avail, looked left right and center but I just can't find anything about him, I live in U.K East Midlands and he lives over in Greater Manchester currently- but I think he was supposed to go back to Liverpool after a year or something. I do however know this one friend who goes there but I don't even have his phone number, once I find out it I could ask him to pass me his phone number (that is if he's still there) if not then It's gonna be alot harder. Thanks for understanding man, not alot of people do (some even in this thread lol). But I won't give up until I do find him :)
yeah... i agree. we need more pics.

also, tell us some battle/war stories.
i found many teachers, old hot students who aged like shit, you get it
all on fb, some had fucking common names like mary smith or other bs, i try and use the city/province and then their pic
time consuming? en effet.
inb4 walk the dinosaur, fresh prince, etc
Good luck.
Last think that comes to my mind are gay online portals, like grinder.
I bet you find him one day, or another love. And you will remember the German guy supporting you on 4chan.
Have a good live mate
he was massaging this chingachonga instead of studying, how can you expect him to know anything :D
dude, Im telling you Ive tried it already. I am friends with my first grade teacher on FB. I even was looking up her name because she was a Hot Import Night model too and I couldnt fucking find her there also.
File: 1483241954650.jpg (69KB, 618x718px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why did i kek
i came
have you ever thought that she may have been knifed (nogun britfags) in the face for not putting out
road trip time?
File: 1472940659959.jpg (59KB, 496x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cheers man ! It means alot :D even if I did move on i'll probably still feel sad at the fact that I was separated from the person who I held so close as he did and I'd probably never hold anyone that close ever, thank you for your tips i'll try all of them. If hopefully I do meet him again I'll tell him of the friendly German bloke who encouraged me. Have a good one mate :D
>19 minutes ago
Guess we aren't getting more? Well that sucks, it was a good enough story.
Yes please
It's a shame I had an asian who friendzoned me in High School who I was close with for a while. She was hot as fuck, just imagining her like this is great.
stfu I know its stupid
I'm not OP sorry.
Just wing it mate she'll be right

opps. maybe liver would be a better anatomical position

>Finish my massage and decided it was time to go all in.
>Start slowly sliding my hands down to her pussy
>Her voice was so shakey it was so sexy to hear. I mean. She was one of the shyest asian girls I knew.
>"What are you doing?"
>"Just continuing the massage"
>I cannot even describe the sensation of such silky smooth skin with no hair whatsoever. Seriously. Really want to point that out.
>Fingers reach her clit first and start doing circular motions
>She lets out a really sexy whimper
>After a few moments of that reach lower until my hand was covering her pussy
>Slowly slip a finger inside of her
>She lets out a really lustful moan
>She was so wet. Finger went inside easily
>Use my other hand to undo my pants and then lower her panties as much as possible without getting up
>My god I wish I could see her pussy right now but feeling it is good enough for now
>Laid my cock between her bare ass while still fingering her
>Looked up and could see she was clutching the covers on her mattress
>It was time
>Pushed my cock inside of her and she let out a really sexy "nnnnnnn" sound

I guess that's about it and the rest is just regular sex. Not sure if you guys would really want me to describe that. I came inside of her like the fool I was but she never brought that up so I guess she got herself a morning after by herself.

Afterwards we never talked about it and never got to do it again. We're still very close though.
I dont know know dude. I hope she didnt die though I still wanna at least catch up to her...
Thats like the same spot. but on the front. Maybe try ovaries or top of the pelvis?
I got one
>Be 17
>In a private school during senior year
>last few months of senior year
>need 125 community service hours to graduate
>havent done shit
>I found a house of ronald mcdonald (charity shelter for cancer kids)
>spend a couple of weeks there alone maybe some dude or two show up on my shift but we stay on different sides cleaning
>then a month of just me alone, cleaning with headphones on ignoring the kids just focusing on my shit
>one day, this chick walked in
>14 but she looked like she hit puberty pretty early
>im talking 5'0 (150 cm for you metricfags)
>she thicc with some banging ass tits, long and curly hair n shit
>I said hi and she started cleannig on the opposite side of the common area
>i stopped cleaning my side to tell her that i already cleaned there
>she just said bakka under her breath, i cringed but not externally
>I had my suspicion that she was a weeb cause she was wearing all black converse the ultimate in edgy shoeware
>i remember thinking "oh i know what type of chick this is"
>She asks me if i clean for the entire time im there
>I say no i go to the supply closet and chill out there cause there arent any cameras watching me not do slack off
>this actually true i would just chill there
>i ask her if she wants to go to the supply closet
Nice, makes me wish I was still friends with my asian friend.
yeah! that spot. basically a lil bit below the waistline.
>>She just said bakka under her breath
European here, not too many asians around when I grew up unfortunately.

>Grow up in northern europe
>Like asians and latinas
>Never go outside
I'll have to proceed along the thai-wife route if I can't solve it, I guess.. (which ironically represents most asians here)

Nice story. Thanks!

Calm down there, House.
of course we want you to describe it, thats like the climax of the building story buddy.
Please describe it, even if it's vanilla it's still good to most people
File: 1484765450288.jpg (177KB, 640x1138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 640x1138px
File: IMG_5579.jpg (976KB, 2576x1932px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
976KB, 2576x1932px
True dat.
>Be me
>Be first date, she eats my cherry out of my shake from chik-fil-a at the mall.
>Get to the car
>About three years ago, both virgins
>I pull out a condom and tell her "A cherry for a cherry"
>the end

>Be 17
>Have steady G/F, fucked a few times, but mostly head/handjobs
>Be computer nerd in 1995 before it was uncool
>Comp Science teacher gives me and 1 other guy a bookroom to make a school dial up bbs
>Total privacy
>G/f knocks on door one day (she goes to another school) playing hookie
>We make out
>Try to fuck her, but get shut down
>She tells me to lie down on the floor and gives me a handjob/quick blowie
>I'm in school.. thsi is awesome...
>About to cum
>Knock on the door
>Tell her to keep going
>Jizz all over myself, the floor and her hand
>fuck fuck fuck
>Tell her to get it while I try and clean up
>She opens door
>Its the teacher... says something, i have no idea what, I half acknowledge it while pretending to be doing something on the computer
>He doesn't give a fuck g/f is there
>Best day in school ever.
>Bet the cumstains are still in the carpet
hahah what the fuck is wrong with you man .. you fucked her and NEVER did it again ?! .. ,
you admitted few times she is shy... but you dont have to!
seriously go back to fucking her i bet she is disappointed as fuck for you not doing it again.
>she says yeah and we go
>its a little awkward cause i havent met this public school chick (remember im a private school dude)
>i looked at her all black converse and remember sh was a weeb
>so i just asked if she liked anime (i wanted to die after saying that but gotta do it for the poon tang yo)
>She says"oh my god i love anime" and starts going on and on about all the starter pack shit she likes (attack on titan, tokyo ghoul and death note)
>I have ADD so i just stopped listening after a while thinking about whatever
>i reluctantly say my favorite anime which is jojo
>she hasnt heard of it of course
>she also asks what type of music i like
>I say i like progressive rock and around those lines
>i just say that prog songs are long ass songs that change rhythm a lot
>i ask the same question to her
>she says that she likes rock, metal and grindcore
>"oh thats cool" i responded but at the same time i thought "what the fuck is grindcore"
>i swear music genres are getting worse than genders
>she said she liked my eyes (theyre green) out of nowhere (nothing unusual i get that comment all the time) and i tell her that shes cute and whatever
>for shits and giggles i turn off the lights of the closet
>after a while of talking in the dark we try to find the light switch and we touch it at the same time
>15 and friendzoned with qt3.14
>she's short, thin redhead, with nice tits and a good ass
>we were always close but nothing more
>in hindsight I was just a pussy beta and had no confidence
>in band, had an after school rehearsal
>her mom is picking us up and was running an hour late, chilling in band room til then
>she's been on the phone with a friend for awhile and leaning against a wall wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants
>keeps flipping her sweatshirt up and down showing her stomach
>person on phone is talking nonstop about some shit
>say to her "you really have a nice stomach"
>she grins and lifts her sweatshirt up and just holds it there
>i say "got any abs?" as an excuse to feel her stomach
>put my hand on her stomach and "inconspicuously" nudge her sweatpants down as i move my hand to flash some underwear
>heart beating fast, she's still on phone and i'm getting horny and nervous as fuck

>say something retarded like "that's a cool color" and lower her sweatpants enough to see her underwear
>still a bit awkward since she's on the phone, but whatever
>she says "what are you doing"?]
>"just curious about what it looks like"
>if this goes bad, potentially ruin friendship
>offers no resistance tho
>i start sliding her underwear down slowly
>her dark red colored pubic hair comes into view
>hard as a fucking rock now
>slide them down so that i can see her pussy
>she has a full, natural bush
>run my hand through it
>after 10 seconds she says "okay that's good" and pulls her sweatpants back up

We had one encounter later where I was able to see her tits during a dare with friends. Still have no idea why she let me do that. She was young and inexperienced like I was. Freshman year adventures I guess.
This only happened a few months ago and I've been wanting to share on here for a while so here goes
I'm 16, pretty good looking but awkward af and have no idea how to talk to girls. Anyway i switched classes halfway through the first term because fuck animation, walk into the class not knowing what to expect when out of nowhere this girl comes up to me and asks if I smoke. I do (no shame) so I follow her out to the smoking area with some moody lesbian but she's not that important. It's cold so this girl, she's 18 nearly 19 btw, asks to hold my hand because I've got gloves on or some shit. Later that day I see her looking sad in our colleges smoking area so I go and talk to her, some shit to do with her boyfriend wasn't really paying attention tho because I don't really care, we go on a walk to a park she knows nearby while talking about stuff. Next thing I know I'm getting blown in the middle of a woods, get close to cuming but then a random dog walker comes by. Skip to the next day, she's horny af. Takes me under the stairs, how about no. Go to the disabled toilets and fuck her doggy style for not even 5 mins before I cum. Think I came in her a bit because no condom but fuck it, had sex. More happened later on but she turned out to be a complete freak so I stopped before things got too serious. I really hope someone reads this shitty story.
Did read
>we're really close with our hands touching
>i stare at her and vice versa except she's a little confused
>i just say fuck it out loud and kiss her fora bit
>i pul out say sorry
>she says its okay and smiled
>i kept going my crotch pushing her to the door making a loud banging sound
>i grab her by the waist and moved her to the wall kept grinding her out and her to me
>we stop making out and i sit down on a piece of elevated cement (the utility closet was originally a shower)
>she asks "where do i sit"
> i say "on me"
*side note, please take a moment to reflect on how alpha the above line was*
>she get on top of me while im sitting
>she heavy but then again im a skinny ass dude but fuck it poon tang is poon tang
>we kissing but my hands just focus on her lower back
>i wasnt one hunnie % comfortable with this chick whose name i didnt even knoe so thats why i didnt grabbed her ass or whatever
>I felt too alpha and got over confident
>i grabbed her thighs and stood up attempting to carry her frontal piggyback style
>im too weak so i end up powerbombing her to the ground
>we laugh for a second and making out with me on top of her on the ground
>we try to stand up while still making out but she keeps putting her weight one me so i fall backwards with her on top
>the corner of a hard plastic square bucket is stabbing me in the back with her pushing me down but pussy is pussy so gotta keep going
>after this we leave and our shifts are over soon after
>we leave she kisses me on the mouth says bye
>i leave too
>start screaming and laughing after shes long gone
>whats her name?
Wtf does bakka mean?


>Still laying on her back with my cock inside of her
>My face all in her hair just listening to her while I thrusted
>You will never encounter anything sexier than a horny 16 year old asian girl enjoying sex
>Moved my hands up while tracing her frame grabbed her tits
>She was really small. A cup ish? But she had the classic small asian nipples. And they were so hard.
>Squeezed her tits with her nipples in the web of my fingers
>Couldn't really thrust properly in this position so decided to sit upright
>Could finally see everything
>Her paper and books were all pushed to the side
>She was still clutching the mattress with her hands
>Stopped thrusting and took my cock out of her
>First time seeing her smooth bare pussy
>I will never forget that sight
>But she was still on her stomach so I didn't see the entire thing and I really wanted to see it
>"Hey flip over"
>She doesn't say a word and just flips over onto her back
>Her face cherry red and she wouldn't look me in the eye
>So fucking sexy how shy and embarassed she was
>Couldn't handle it anymore
>Stick my cock right back inside of her while she was on her back and began thrusting again
>She had her hands on my thighs while I was thrusting
>"I want to see your boobs"
>Not like I haven't already seen them lol
>Stop thrusting for a bit to help her take off her night gown
>It was so incredible to see this girl whom I've known for so long completely naked and I'm fucking her
>Start thrusting again and lean over so that I'm hovering over her
>She wraps her arms around me as I'm fucking her
>There's no music playing or anything so all we hear is our heavy breathing, moans and really dirty sounds downstairs
>This will forever be the most lustful event in my life
>Fuck like this for awhile
>"I'm gonna cum soon"
>She doesn't say anything
>Start going a lot faster
>She wraps her legs around me
>I guess there's no going back now
>Cum inside of her

And that's all.
fuck man that was hot, even though it's just sex. good story
>after 3 weeks of not seeing her i gave up on future hookups
>She shows up one day
>we do our jobs for 10 minutes and then go to the closet and makeout
>next time its the same thing but it escalates
>we making out and she grabs my dick and massages it over the pants
>theres a chance that someone might open the door so nudity was an issue
>i grab her by the pussy and its just hot tongue and hands action aw yeah
>next week she puts on my jacket and we make out yeah yeah
>when our shifts are almost done she takes off my jacket
>i see some bra
>i lunge at her like a sexual panther
>she says stop she doesnt wanna go to far in a public place
>makes sense so i stopped we leave
>next week it goes farther
That's good stuff dude. So what did you say to her after all that or did you guys just not talk at all and you just left? Also is it awkward between both of you or do you just hang out like usual and everything is normal?
>invited to go to sundance film festival with two chicks and another guy for free (girls were 15 me and the other guy 16)
>napolean dynamite was making its debut that year
>my friends dad basically ran everything, we in hotel room with 2 chicks (one was his daughter)
> we all went to this big wig party, andre 3000 and paris hilton were in attendance
>start suckin down screwdrivers with one of the chicks, shes a 9/10 and qt3.14
>chatting, laughing with her, things get a little foggy due to the alcohol
>starting to feel turned on, thats all I can remember, we were both talking about nothing imparticular
>suddenly our bodies merge and we kiss, it honestly felt involuntary and very organic
>felt like two magnets connecting.exe
>our lips meet and I am so turned on I can still remember the feeling
>we are sitting at a round booth with a round table in the center
>first or second real sexual experience my body felt diamonds againgst hers
>heavily making out in this small booth
>shes grinding on my dick me aggressively
>I start feeling her tits over her clothes and grabbing her ass
>pull her shirt up half way and start to grab her stomach pulling up and down while she grinds me fully clothed
>we get so into it we somehow bash into the center table and it falls over into the middle of the club
>some barback or something immediately picks it up, doesnt say shit to us
>we dont even stop our grind session her shirt is up and her tits are showing and shes humping me like she needs it bad
>my cock was solid steel and I remember glancing over at the fallen table and not giving a fuck just contue my heavy petting and grind session
>holding her pierced and fantasic tits, perfect size nice and firm not too big (the way I like them)
>friends come to get us, my male friend was talking to paris hilton
>almost back at the hotel, me and the girl gripping eachother tightly, the sexual energy still on full blast as we walk
>she throws me against a car and starts to kiss me
>starts to put her hand down my pants and grabs my cock
>starts jacking me off underneath my pants
>i start rubbing her tits again
>pull up her shirt and start sucking on her pert and pierced titties
>oh my god im in pleasure town
>reach down her pants to feel her pussy, start to play with her clit
>she has an outtie, put two fingers in there and start playing
>shes moaning now and still has my dick in mouth
>continue at it for sometime like hot and horny 16 year olds in the middle of the night against someones car
>i cum in her mouth and she knocks it back while i'm playing with her pussy
>she is pretty moist but hasn't cum yet due to I don't know what i'm doing and her pants were in the way
>we enter the hotel room and go into the shower
>the two girls are in there
>both of them start to get naked, we all get into the shower
>we continue to shower all three of us and its hot as fuck, but no one really makes a move
>i start to get hard again, and the chick who i was working on asks me to fuck her
>don't know what i'm doing.gif
>i say I don't know....maybe not
>she gets closer to her me and i start to finger her again, we are all still very drunk
>she asks me again to fuck her
>i say lets light this rocket and go for it
>i start fucking her while standing up with the shower running
>the second chick is nude and starts feeling on both of us
>good lord this is heaven
>i continue to fuck, getting the hang of it, shes moaning and is so in to it
>i'm grabbing on her pierced titties and the second girl is sucking on them
>she begins to whimper and tremble
>>one day while i was sucking him off and kissing him he says 'I love you'
well this is simply impossible, unless he's a midget or has a 2-foot penis

nonetheless be glad you got to have hot boy sex when it was the best anon
>she starts to moan loudly, the other girls parent were in the hotel room asleep
>she tells her to quiet down
>she orgasms while the second chick is holding her mouth to shut her up but she is still moaning while taking it
>i cum into her pussy raw
>don't care, feel like a god amung men
>we all fall asleep feeling sexually spent
>finish the weekend at sundance film fesival watching movies we watch "the saddest music in the world" as well as "the dreamers" and get michael pitts autograph
>meet robert redford, extremely nice guy
>one hell of a ride
so much bullshit
just like my animes...
Pic is her
File: ya5.jpg (56KB, 473x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot pic
File: 1478056460495.jpg (30KB, 415x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1444185241986.jpg (75KB, 300x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'll give you guys a real story, it's not nearly as salacious as i would like it to be

>be 14
>not many friends
>bro says "hey there is this kid in the apartments that is cool"
>go over to his house
>he seems alright, cool, kind of weird
>we hang out, he comes over next day
>when we're alone he asks if i want to hump
>kissless virgin, never really thought about doing queer shit but i'm perpetually horny
>he grabs my hips and grinds against me for a few seconds, then pushes me away
>does this 2-3 more times throughout the day, always with pants on.
>no kissing, he always acts weird
>craving more, so make an excuse to get down to my underwear
>doesn't take the bait
>never see him again, for w/e reason

thus began a lifelong fantasy of having sex with younger guys. oh well.
>last time i saw her it was the same shit
>except she started lifting her shirt
>i went under faster than a whale in japanese controlled waters
>i tried asked her if i could take off bra, she says no but we still kissing
>we sitting on a wall
>she gets on me
>lifts her shirt again and pulls out them titties
>i suck on them tittes
>shes moaning cause we in a cancer kid house
>she breathing really hard tho
>she's so hard bro
>we stand up
>no more tittie action
>her leg is in between my crothc and vice versa
>we grind the fuck out
>i ask her if she wants to see mine
>whip that shit out
>she gasps and shit
>doubt she ever seen a dick irl
>she jerks that shit
>im thrusting her hand while kissing
>she kisses the tip
>cue boston's mre than a feeling guitar solo as i cum in her mouth at a shelter for cancer kids
>>719684217 anon the one scary thing about these drunk situations is waking up the next day to a girl saying "i'm pregnant" because you were so drunk you raw dogged her and she didn't take a morning after
okay that last part was a lie but i just couldnt resist putting the ending
>she kissed my circumsised dick tip
>immediately we hear a door opening
>dick back in pants and we get too paranoid to continue
>shift ends we leave
>i got her number tho so we good
>except it turns out its her moms phone so she's barely available
got one more story with this chick cont?
File: 1430770310058.gif (565KB, 147x154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how about you kill (You)rself

I like how this is so obviously a fat neckbeard's sad attempt to reconcile his horrible high school memories that it warrants to response
meaning his body, i was sucking him off and kissing his stomach and stuff, i should have specified
Be 12/13 always eat lunch in store of computer lab alone. One lunchtime a girl from my class comes in and tries to talk to me, I'm really offhand with her and a bit condescending. She starts to tease me about being fat... We're sitting beside each other in swivel chairs and I reach out and grab her leg intending to spin her away from me, she grabs my hand and puts it over her pussy (outside skirt) and holds it there, says something like "you'll never get that for real". At that second a female teacher opens the door, she's holding a plastic cup, looks at us both... Girl is still hold my hand to her crotch, teacher takes a dip from her cup and still giving us a hard state, backs out, closing the door.

I look at girl like, WTF? She hitches up her skirt, pulls her panties to her knees and starts rubbing her pussy using my hand... Eventually I catch on and start doing it myself, "not so rough" was all she said, not many strokes and she arches her back, throws my hand away, pulls her panties up and leaves. Don't think she spoke a single word to me again for all of high school.
She was just kinda laying there exhausted after all of it and I had already gotten several phonecalls from my parents to go home for dinner so I just told her that and left while she lay there.

It's not awkward between us and we still hangout like usual. I guess it's just going to be a once in a life time kind of thing that we won't share to anyone. We're in university now so we rarely get to see each other anyway.
Just finish it out
got it now. that's hot anon.

cherish the memories
sorry my dude
>i invited her out for a movie, early afternoon
>we go to arcade cause teeenagers and its empty
>we go to a photo booth start making out
>she pulls boobs out absolutely no hesitation
>its so soft and hard at the same time
>i swear breasts are the most magical thing ever
>i rub her snatch outside of pants and try to get inside of them with my fingers
>remembered that only dykes wear non skinny jeans
my two finger's blood circulation are gone
>they stuck in the waist band cause i was too horny to unbutton her pants
>she tries to unbutton her pants
>start hearing loud people
>she freaks and stops
>we go to the movie itself
>im trying to get some ass here but she genuinely wants to watch the movie
>x men apocalypse
>wasnt even that good compare to the last ones
>movie ended
>she said goodbye and kissed me
>she booked it
>then so did I
>tried texting her later
>she left me on read
>i got ghosted son
That was summer 2016, and that was the most action i have gotten
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So let's get this straight, I can mail something to an ex only to only get back for sex and that's all our relationship was, but is that sound? No phone, facebook, this girl is off the GRID
>Pic Related
jealous fuck
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This thread has made me depressed, even though most of it is bullshit
Well i believe you
with my best friend I told her "Hey I never saw your nipple" so she showed me, and we made out.
But I'm remembering the scene it's just stupid as fuck
Wow fucking cringy
faggot, wish you would kys
I guess I can contribute
>My friend is really into a girl (around start of 9th grade)
>She feels nothing for him and is mildly autistic (possibly)
>Wears a lot of black and used to cut herself all over the place but has a great rack and one hell of an ass
>Whenever she and I are in the same room my friend suddenly starts thinking I'm an alpha and tries to keep us at opposite sides of the room
>This leads to her grinding all over me when my friend leaves the room to do anything
>I just stand there passively so I don't get the shit beat out of me
>Despite just standing there I can feel her tits and god damn
>Friend can't find excuse to beat me up and can't get her off me without looking ultra overprotective of someone he's not dating
>Feel kind of bad but tits are tits fam

Should I tell other stories? (they're a bit spicier)
i'm upset ;) want some dick anon ?
the only interesting thing that ever happened to me in highschool was when a kids phone broke and it wouldn't stop playing 1985 by bowling for soup.
File: image.jpg (42KB, 428x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please continue...
I'll just go chronologically
>One time her, the friend, me, and another friend are sitting at a bench/chair hybrid thing waiting for friend 2's mom to pick us up
>My house is a three minute walk but I want to stay with friends
>Girl thinks of autistic knock off wheel of fortune game where you hit her hand, she makes a wheel sound and thinks of a prize
>Forget what other friends got but it gets to me
>Spin the wheel of autism and my prize is "an angry hug"
>Apparently an angry hug is her jumping on my lap and basically giving me a lap dance
>Very surprised but enjoying it
>Goes on for a minute then she gets off
>Somehow manage to conceal boner and friend can't really do anything
>Car gets there a couple minutes later
>Pretty tight fit with girl between me and friend1
>At this point no idea if she's doing all this to annoy friend or because she's into me
>Grinding her ass on me for the 1 minute ride to my house
>Jump out with friend staring daggers at me

Then it got even spicier
>At this point no idea if she's doing all this to annoy friend or because she's into me
I'll just keep going
>If i didn't mention it before, she was (is) a bit autistic and an anime retard etc
>Used to have cat ears in backpack for whatever reason
>One day we're at friend's house talking and whatever
>I think this was around the first FNaF came out so it wasn't cancer yet
>We were playing that and friend gets call so he ducks out of room
>He's out for maybe 5 minutes, just peeking in to make sure nothing's happening
>We're talking, I'm not into it
>Somehow get to talking about anime
>Suddenly she's speaking way faster and I have no idea what nip shit she's uttering
>Just kind of smile and nod
>Get snapped back to reality with her hand on my crotch
>Wait what the fuck was I smiling and nodding at
File: image.jpg (24KB, 518x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (1MB, 2460x3280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ofc you'll just keep going
90% in here are lurkers
Christ y'all gotta give me time to type
>Panic a bit because friend has smallish apartment and could come in at any second
>She says something like "Really, can we?"
>Activate beta mode
>Uh sure I guess sounds fun (awkward laugh)
>She chooses to ignore spaghetti flying out
>She whispers some instructions to me then announces she's leaving
>I'm supposed to wait 15 minutes after she leaves then meet her outside the apartment complex
>At this point I'm very surprised and a bit flustered so I don't say much for the rest of the time I'm with friend
We're still great friends today by the way
>15 minutes is up
>Say something like "Uh I better get home" and rush out
He probably meant the pelvis bones or something
File: pepe.jpg (25KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 480x480px
>She's out there waiting
>She grabs my hand and leads me
>We're going to her house
>Holy fuck
>I want to ask why she's doing this but also don't want to ruin oppurtunity
>Get to her house
>Pretty small but parents don't come home until later
>Motions towards couch and I sit
>"I'll be right back"
>Sitting there uncomfortable, no idea what to do
>About three minutes go by and she comes back out
>Only wearing bra and panties
>I just stare
>"Aren't you going to do anything"
>Stand up and walk over to her
>She must have had a lot of pent up sexual tension in her because she lunges at me and I'm struggling to kiss her back
>Bites me a couple times
>Jesus christ I wasn't ready for this
>Decide to get her off me by asking for her to get rest of her clothes off
>"Why don't you do it"
>Proceed to fumble with bra for a hot minute before she gets annoyed and takes it off
>I just stick to doing my own clothes and let her finish her thing
>Be 14
>ditched school with a buddy in the winter.
>walking around in the cold like a couple idiots
>he knows where to go. But we need to stop at the railroad tracks.
>He picks up lumps of coal and tells me to do the same.
>Strange but ok. true story
>Stopped at the store. I buy a pop.
>He stole a bottle of MD20/20. Banana Red
>We walk to a little white house that ive never been to before
>He warned me not to be alone with this guy Alonzo (his house) because he was gay as fuck.

Go on ?
nigga ofcourse you continue, most people lurk
>"So what no-"
>She starts slobbing on my knob like corn on the cob
>Holy hell
>This goes on for half a minute then she wants me to eat the pussy
>No idea what to do but thankful since I was about to bust anyway
>Just kinda lick
>Try to find clit but too inexperienced and retarded
>Figure I'll just go until she says stop
>She doesn't mind my lack of skill and is making the hottest shuddering moans
>I guess I'm a pro
>She stops me after a few minutes and leads me by the hand into her room
>Pretty fucking messy with clothes everywhere and fucking anime posters taking up every inch of wall space
>Pink bedsheets despite her being in high school and sort of emo
>Pussy is pussy so don't care
>She gets on back on bed
>Forgot to mention but her pussy was hairless
>Thank god too, or else I couldn't have eaten her out (hair's disgusting)
>Stand there for a second
>Look at her puss and realize I have no idea where to put it
>Get down and fumble around trying to find slot
>Try to act smooth like I'm rubbing her with my dick but in reality I'm being a retard
>Find hole
>She almost screams and I can't help but feel like someone's going to hear from across the fucking street
>1st year uni student, end of February wild birthday party, invited other friends from different universities
>decided it was time to go get some pussy
>the girls in the dorm that i invited were only there for the food and alcohol would not get to fuck em
>later that night when everyone was drunk enough we went out clubbing maybe would have gotten lucky
>the next day i realised that my birtday gift was methamphetamine added in a drink (small amount)
>in the club getting wild trying to get some pussy.
>the next day i realize that everyone got laid except me.
>decided to go to another friend uni which was at the capital
>two days trying to get laid but no luch there
>on the train ride home a cute girls asks if she can sit next to me
>during that time the train was full nowhere else to sit
>after two stops the train was empty and i was watching stuff on the laptop
>i see her watching at my screen and decided to turn it her way (poor view angles)
>after that we started to chat and i asked can i get your hand i wanna show you something
>i have worked as a masseuse for an year so i was gonna give her intense pleasure
>she actually agreed and wanthed her back massaged so she removed her top which left her with only a tshirt and a bra then i realized she had huge breasts and somehow i wanted to touch em
>with all my pent up sexual frustration i decided to take some liberties and have started being more touchy
>meantime she was moaning faintly which told me to continue into my exploration of her body
plz green text next time
Got a blowjob in class once after school from my then girlfriend...it was actually her first time sucking a dick too and she was fantastic, i came so hard.
OP pls...
>A bit annoyed that I have to figure this all out while girls just kind of get to sit there and have fun
>Eventually just try to emulate porn and start thrusting about
>So tight she's nigh unfuckable but manage to make it work
>Realize I'm super fucked if I bust inside
>Somehow reach enlightenment and surpass my body's urge to finish
>She's loving it and I get bolder
>Put her legs up on my shoulders and grab tits
>I think I grabbed way too hard but luckily she's a freak so didn't care
>Having the time of my life when she motions for me to stop
>Withdraw from her and she makes me lay down
>She hops on and I get a great view of her ass
>Sort of mad I can't see tits (preferences) but hey you can't always get what you want
>She's going mad riding on me
>Manage to hold out for 5 or so minutes before pulling her off me
>Say fuck it and put dick in her mouth
>Best orgasm of my life
>She swallows (very polite)
>Alonzo opened the door. Old man in his 60s.
>my buddy said to let us in. We brought liquor and coal.
>dude literally had a fucking pot belly stove for heat. place was a shithole
>lady sitting on a dirty ass couch
>Anon, meet Christy
>im thinking this lady is either drunk or retarded
>turns out both
>buddy asks christy if we can fuck
>no way youre too young
>not even for some mad dog?
>I cant believe shes going for it!
>They walk into the bedroom. >Beaded curtain
>oh fuck. Im alone with Alonzo
>I'm just in awe having discovered first hand the wonders of the female form
>Collapse on floor but pile of clothes keeps me from shattering a bone
>She just lays there with me
>Even better than sex
>Just get to lay there holding her on the floor trying to recover
>She sits up and gives me a smile
>Still an hour until my parents get here
>Look at clock and see that I still have time until I'm expected home
>Want to go again but exhausted
>Sit on her bed and she starts rubbing herself
>This girl's insatiable jesus christ
>Sit there enjoying
>After a while I feel like I can go again without dying from a heart attack
>Try to be alpha and flip her over but only manage to get her half there
>I pretend I meant to do that and insert myself with one leg over my shoulder
>Go slow because awkward position
>Don't manage to last very long and cum on her ass
>Still like half an hour
>"What now?"
Really regret I didn't have a phone yet or I would've taken loads of pictures
>She goes into bathroom and wants to take a shower with me
>Realize there probably isn't enough time and if I come home with wet hair someone will ask questions
>Decide to just make out for remaining time
>Go home

One of the better days in my life, friend never found out and kept going after her but she wasn't into it.
Fooled around a few more times if y'all are interested.
File: lolololol.gif (2MB, 240x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 240x192px
I read it but also reported you
File: doggo2.jpg (60KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes please, keep going
sounds like a girl I knew named sonja
>very awkward sitting there with Alonzo watching a black and white tv
>thick smoke pouring out of the stove
>buddy comes out and says im up
>lol whut? I walk through the beaded curtain
>Christy was just laying there on that dirty ass mattress
>im a total spaz didnt know what to do.
>strip down
>Climb on top of Christy
>mind you,shes like 40 and im 14
>figure out where to put it
>short stroke and blast inside
>so this is what sloppy seconds means
>i come out and my buddy is cracking up
>im actually proud of myself. So stupid
>on the way home we are talking about it
>he looks at me horrified. WTF do you mean you didnt use a condom?
>i didnt have one
>shes a prostitute
>oh fuck i panic .
>thank god i didnt catch anything
>yes. Iost my virginity to a retarded prostitute
>true story
Nowadays my friend lost interest in her and went after this senior asian girl with disastrous results (story for another time) But the emo girl and I had a couple more good times
>Some time later, she wants to meet up again after school
>I get to front of the school and she's here with one of her weep friends
>7/10 (Emo girl's a solid 9)
>Figure she's just talking to friend
>When I get near she points me out to friend and suddenly I have a thought
>Holy hell is this going to be a three way
>To my disappointment emo girl is actually busy and wants me to go with her friend
>Not sure if this is a sexual thing or if she just wants us to hang out due to ambiguous language
>Say okay and we leave
>Wants to go to her house which is good since my house is never empty
>Would also feel weird to fuck with my dog somewhere in the house
>Wouldn't be able to look my dog in the eye
>Aimless chit chat on the way
>Sounds like she just wants to play visual novels and do other weeb shit at her house
>Doesn't sound too bad, enjoy talking to her
>She doesn't make a lot of eye contact and is a bit shy but I figure she's just awkward
>it was a night train and also the lights were not working, i remember seeing small amounts of light get reflected of the skin of her breasts
>her moans started to get louder and louder while i was getting hornier with every moand of hers
>her tshirt was quite large for her size so i could see the outlines of her bra which drove me crazy
>while doing my magic she let out a loud moan and bent her head backward next to mine and at that moment with the smell of her skin i decided to kiss her exposed neck like a vampire
>the next moan was like an answer to me, telling me that it was just what she wanted
>my hands had their objective and strayed off twoards the goal of her supple breats and discover the shape and sive of her nipples
>but before that while kissing her neck i unclupped her bra with one hand which she did not even notice
>the alpha in me awoke and i became even mre dominant i took her head and pressed her lips against mine while at the same time my hand went on a journey to discover new tits
>she was like play dough in my hands i was molding her carnal needs to my desires
>while sticking my tongue deep in her throat i unzipped my pants and got my dick out and grabbed her hand and guided it right at it.l
>she was surprised at first hand and after a second just started to play with it like it was the first dick she touched
>after i have discovered that her nipples were the size of olives just the way i like them i became like a common beast and lost all rational controll
>my hand went right down to her yoga pants in serch of that dripping wet tight cunt
>like a slimy eel i was wiggling my middle finger between her tights barely a knuckle deep in her making her feel crazy
But of course
>Gets more awkward on the way
>Now I'm getting weirded out
>We get into her house and she suddenly blurts out "(Emo) told me you two had sex and I want to do it too" (or something retarded like that)
>Don't like that emo is pimping me out to her friends but hey if I don't have to put any work in and the chicks come to me I'm all for it
>Feel a bit more confident than the first time and move to take her shirt off
>She sort of recoils
>Bitch if you want to do this you gotta go along
>She says she wants me to turn around while she undresses
>Hear her stumbling over her clothes and she takes what seems like forever
>Just decide to turn around
>She's gotten everything else off but can't figure out bra
>I move over to help and she's having so much trouble she doesn't even care I turned around without approval
>Combined effort manages to undo it
>Her room is also covered in anime posters and I'm wondering if I'm only going to get weebs my whole life
>She had an average ass and medium small tits
>Pretty alright body and nice face
>Noticed some hair down there but I figured she wouldn't know about pussy eating so I wouldn't have to do it
>Let's get down to business
Haha faggot
fb or instagram profile it'll be appreciated.
Yeah, what a bitch. bf not paying attention to her and she goes off with you, no bad on your part, but you can't trust that kind of woman.
>Bend her over her bed and make my way in
>She lets out a loud gasp
>Jesus christ it feels like my dick's being strangled
>Still good though
>She starts moaning when I start moving
>Amazing voice
>Diamonds at this point and getting more into it
>Feel confident that I'll be able to not get her pregnant despite no protection
>Dog her for a while and decide to switch it up
>Call me a spanish colonist because I'm about to do some missionary work
>She won't look me in the eye and is really red but it's cute
>She wraps her legs around me which I realize is a problem but too caught up in the moment to do anything
>Pussy's drenched but also feels like warm velvet if that makes sense
>She gradually gets bolder and manages to look at me
>Go on for a while while feeling up them titties
>Finally time to finish
>Realize she's wrapped around me
>No escape
>Desperately try to hold on while getting her unwrapped
>She has an iron grip
>Manage to pry her off me in the nick of time and finish on her stomach
>Just glad I didn't get her pregnant of all people
>I don't want my child watching those chinese cartoons
>She picks up some of my goo and gives it a taste
>Cleans off the rest
>That's about it
>Watch some youtube videos and leave

All my other stories are pretty similar. Did the emo girl one more time and was with her friend for around half a year. Now I've moved on but have some memories for the ol' spank bank.
misspelled version of baka, baka desu
Facebook, fool. Nuff said

Plus, pics or it didn't happen.
Currently in a night train btw

>it was only us, the whole train was empty, we were lost in the moment, in the feeling, in the extasy
>every second felt like ages and the decision to pull her yoga pants with her undies down was killing me but she started to get aggressive with my dick which rang a bell deep in my mind
>i pulled her twoards me and also pulled down to her knees her yoga pants with undies exposing her to my lust for her gucci coochie
>my head was between her legs which were in the air, at the same time i was desperately trying to find her slippery hole and penetrate her
>she got bored with me and ny waste of time and go things in her own hand and guided my dick directly into her weak spot
>the moment i felt the wetness i just pusshed it in like a donkey(not a good idea)
>she moaned more like screamed and the animalistic banging of flesh started and continued
>while banging away there was only one crippling tought in my mind should i or shouldn't i cum deep inside her
>while lost in tought she wrapped her legs around my waist in preparation for her to cum, this made me go crazy like an animal in a corner i pounded away
>she tensed up and pulled me into her, this made me splurge my pent up load into her without any regret.
>pumping cum into her, happy about what i have done, i stayed in that positon a minute or two until she released her grip and i pulled out, and cum dripped out onto the seats, she just pulled her pants up and smiled
>after that we shared a cigarette (illegal to smoke on the train) and her stop was nearing, she left the train and i never saw her again
This was the most exciting fuck of my life until i went to china.
I'll contribute. Have a few stories, all taking place summer between sophomore/senior year (swecuck equivalent).

>Be younger me, 18
>Only ever kissed two girls
>Two heartbreaks, mad feels
Things were about to change though. No superalpha shit, but a fun first "active" summer.

>Recently got a new group of friends
>Not everyone is 18, so we don't go to bars
>Just go out to parks and shit where drunk people our age hang
>First night out with these guys
>They say we're going to a party, put on a shirt, a little bit fancy
>It's not really a party, just going out looking for people
>Also using matches for smokes, store was out of lighters
>Look like total fedora
>We run into a group of girls
>Chat shit with one of them for ages
>17, short blond hair, short girl
>Two of my friends hook up with her friends
>She leaves early
faget lol kys
excellent story. really makes me miss my youth
>Day after, get a text from my mate
>Blond girls friend asked my friend to get my number
>Ecstatic, no girls has ever (EVER) taken an interest in me
>Text a bit
>No bullshit, very obviously wants to date n shit
>But in like 4 days she's going on a 3 week language course in Bongland
>"But we can see eachother after? :)"
>Fuck that
>"Or you know we can meet before that, give you something to look forward to when coming home? ;)"
>Feels so damn slick
>Do that
>Meet up at café
>Looking back, this was a strangely romantic date
>Sit and talk for 3-4 hours
>Get dinner
>See movie
>During movie, I'm obv a bit freaked
>Never had something like this be successful
>"fuck it"
>Go for the kill
>We make out
>Damn proud of self
>She has to go home after, last buss, yadda yadda
>Make out a bunch at buss station
>Don't see her til she gets home, barely text, don't ever try anything with anyone else though (stupid)
>3-4 years since
Underage b&
>She gets home
>Hit her up "You wanna do [some activity]?"
>"Actually, could we just meet up at this cafe? we need to talk"
>We have been on _one date_
>Laugh hard
>Send convo to my mates
>groupchat is lit
>Speculating what the fuck is going on
>Work a bit that summer, after work go see her
>Well dressed, slight tan, looking suave
>My mate is nearby, wants to be the first to know what went down
>At cafe
>About 20 sec of small talk "Had fun? yeah sure you? yeah sure"
>She tells me how she fell hopelessly in love with a guy during language course
>And her heart was broken
>Super dramatic
>I'm just sort of smiling like a proper good, nice guy
>"So yeah I'm in a wierd place right now"
>"Alright, no probs. Hope it all works out, have a good one" basically what I said
>genuinelly nice
>Friend texts "You gonna see her soon?"
>"Mate already met up with her"
>We grab some smokes
>Some old dude comes and tells us he hasnt smoked since he was 13
>And is a milionaire
>Then he left
>End of girl 1/7, longest story probs
>me 16
>highschool 2nd year
>buddy has a dumb hot blonde gf
>me always eyein dat ass
>she sees me eyein dat ass
>buddy is a cuck
>at school in the morn oneday
>buckup and flirt w/ dat bitch
>shes liking it
>bf has no prob
>her solution is 3some at lunch
>go to have sex in buddys car
>apparentlyi get to fuck her and buddy is gettin blown
>she says "stick it in my ass"
>anal sex at 16
>stoked for 3 minutes
>shes shits all over me
>i puke on her
>buddy pukes on her
>we drive to my house, 5 min away to clean up
>that feel when you skip school with your three-way partners to clean vomit and feces off of yourselves
I wish I could beat your face with a hatchet you pathetic piece of shit. Your poor parents must be wishing you had been aborted.
you left out the 10/10 would do again lol
File: 1455760006200.jpg (594KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
594KB, 1920x1200px
>went on an overseas language program in Taiwan when I was 15
>met this amazingly cute girl with C cup at 14
>by the luck of the gods we get placed in the same class
>girl confesses to me that she thinks that I am cute
>dorm rooms are segregated by sex
>basically sneak in and slept in her dorm room every night after the first week
>had my first kiss with her in her room on top of the bunk bed
>I will never forget how her lips were dry, and her body stiff with nervousness as we shared a teenagers awkward first kiss
>Over the next few weeks, this evolved to french kissing and then heavy petting, and she became a natural at kissing.
>Every single night I would only get 6hours or less of sleep because every night I would just make out with her for hours.
>This continued for next 5 weeks for the duration of the program.
>Did not manage to have sex because of other girls in the dorm room.

She was my first girlfriend, and the first 'everything', as I was hers.
We kept in touch, and I flew back to Taiwan to see her again 4 years later.
The moment we met, the sparks were flying and I knew the chemistry was still there.
I went through the entire courting process within the 2 weeks I was there, from getting to know her again to the electrifying first kiss.
This time I brought her to a hotel, and sealed the deal.
It really was like going back in time to my teenage years
Time for the most appropriate for this thread story: Virginity
>My parents aren't home most all summer
>Kinda rich
>House all to myself
>Me and friends at my place drinking a bit
>Decide fuck it let's go into town see what's up
>We four guys meet a group of three girls in a park which is pretty empty
>Don't remember one, one was whitetrash, and one was the ugliest fucking black girl ever
>Bodywise not to bad though
>They have booze
>I don't really want any
>They keep pouring me drinks, insisting I drink
>Drunk goggles does not beggin to describe what happens next
>End up with my head in this ugly fucking black girls lap
>Start making out
>Super wierd, 7 people just sitting there quite close in a circle and we are GOING AT IT
>Like me getting my first boob, going for pussy going at it
>So I figure hey we should make out somewhere else
>"You wanna go somewhere more private?"
>We go down a hill into some fucking bushes under a tree
>Suddenly by belt is unbuckled and she's holding my dick
>Mad blowjob
>Too drunk to feel anything in my dick
>Dont cum, after a while we kinda just stop
>After a while, me and one friend leave without saying goodbye
>Next day get a text from her
>Panic ensues
>Regret already in maximum overdrive
>Try to keep cool
>Somehow offend her by saying like thanks for a good night
>She gets pissy
>I'm like what
>Never see or talk to again
>Friends find her pictures on FB
>Post in group chat
>Many laughs were had at my expense
sorry to hear that, dude. that really really sucks. I hope you'll see each other again.
Stop in Japanese
OMG you reminded me of something terrible about me in high school. My best friend used to call me Chief Nocullem because when I'd get drunk I would make out with and fuck anyone that was around. I mean there would be options available and I would not try to improve my lot I would just fuck whatever girl was talking to me at the moment when the mood struck me. I'd just say shit like hey lets go over there and fuck and some ugly bitch would say ok and then we would be fucking behind a car or some shit.
That was 2/7. Bonus: 2's last name is used for two purposes: Codeword for "Let's gtfo", and to instantly ridicule me.
Forgot: 1 wat 6/10, 2 was 2/10 for body and hoeness.

>Often when out, we run into this younger guy
>15, fat af, stoner, always has booze, call him Pat
>Totally chill dude tho
>He has his groups of friends
>One friend of his is 3
>Solid 7-8/10, depending on preferences
>We arrive at the park where we usually hang
>He's there
>3 literally walks up to me, grabs me by my hand and says "come sit with us"
>Never spoke a word to her
>We all sit in a circle, drinking, chilling
>Pretty fast start making out
>Me feeling ballsy due to recent luck, go for boobs
>It's a win
>Inside bra
>Go at it for a while, she goes to pee or some shit
>Pat comes and LIES DOWN ON ME (remember he's very fat)
>Tells me "Don't put your dick in her, she broke up today"
>(now) ex bf was there, friend of Pat's, i had no clue
>Alright, didn't think I'd get that lucky
>That's that p much

Anyone reading these anyway?
File: 1457325694579.jpg (77KB, 794x972px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 794x972px
Christ on a bike what's with the homophobes here ? I thought you guys love traps anyways huh O.o ? yeah my parents probably do wish that since their the exact same as you fucking degenerate hogs that show no love
Why would I take pics I was 11 at the time and that would be illigal if I sent it
I wont tell if you dont xd
Yeah it's bullshit and I do hope so, I'll probably try catching a train/ or bus and meeting up with him somehow soon.
Yes we are!
Homophobe means that I am afraid of you. Looking at you with a disgust that makes me want to vomit is not the same thing as fear. Think of it like the feeling you get when you pass roadkill on a hot day. That is how I feel about you. I'm disgusted to the point of nausea. I'm not scared lol.
Time for number 4. I should warn you, there isn't really anymore sex in these stories. Just shenanigans.

>Once more, out with friends in some park
>Start talking to this girl, 4
>6/10, but amazing tits
>Literally I am the conversation
>She just smiles, nodds, and stares longingly at me
>Not horny longingly
>"Let's get married and make babies" type of longingly
>Didn't really think of it then
>Her friend is there the whole time, noticably disliking me
>She is trying hard to keep watch over her friend
>But she ultimately fails
>Making out, hands under bra, etc
>Her friend is standing 3ft away screaming at her
>"We need to go home the last buss is leaving" etc
>4 just sorta moans "mhm just five more minutes" every time
>my sides would have been forever lost was I not making out
>After a while she does go, however
>Give her my number
>She instantly texts kissing emojis
>Never answer like a douche
>idk why i was just enjoying the newfound lifestyle
love me some shenanigans
File: 1467136712769.jpg (79KB, 811x608px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 811x608px
XD alright well I don't know the word for it but that then. Why do you think I'm disgusting ? I bet you're one of those Jesus freaks huh ? Why can't you let us Homos love who we want ? It doesn't affect you right ?
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