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Hey /b need a feels thread >be me >fag >introverted

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b need a feels thread
>be me
>introverted as hell
>can't talk to people
>can't relate or empathize with people
>never met someone I legitimately care about
>playing CSGO
>dude over the mic calling me a cheater
>another guy joins in
>laughs at him
> me and him start talking
>lets call him John
>get on skype with him first day I meet him
>see his face
>cute as fuck
>I show him my face and he awkwardly calls me cute
>we both laugh
>talk a lot for the first 3 days we meet
>go like 10 days without talking
>after those days we start talking a shit ton
>like everyday he gets on discord and we play CSGO and talk
>develop serious romantic feelings for him
>don't know exactly how handle them because I've never felt this way before
>decide to confess
>try writing it to him on steam
>I stop myself from typing it
>sit in front of my computer trying to type it for ~30 minutes
>end up typing it in notepad and pasting it into steam chat
>it read "I'm a high functioning sociopath and I have a massive crush on you"
>thinks I'm kinda joking
>stay friends
>talk a lot
>then on Christmas, I tell him seriously that I have romantic feelings for him
>he tells me the same thing
>on Christmas
>this Christmas by the way, 12/25/16
>on top of the fucking world
>best days of my life by far
>spend all the time possible with him
>absolutely love him
>fast forward to yesterday, 12/31/16
>randomly adds me off steam
>leaves my discord too
>message him on discord
>he tells me he thinks I'm manipulative
>I lie, I'm disingenuous, something's off about me etc.
>none are true
>never tried to manipulate him in my life
>would've be able to live with myself if I did
>almost vomit from the conversation
>feels like bricks being thrown at my chest
>comes completely out of left field
>break down crying for 1-2 hours
>feel the most immense sadness I've ever felt, and I've attempted suicide before
>he also says I seem creepy, obsessive
>I basically told him I love him a lot
>and that I really cared about him the way I haven't cared for anyone else
>I did this often
>once a day
>made him feel uncomfortable that I liked him so much
>also says he's got lots of issues currently in his life
>can't deal with having a relationship
>in short, I add more to his plate while he makes my plate clean
>I drag him down he lifts me up
>a shame
>doesn't want to talk with me again
>says he wants me to forget about him
>a few hours go by and at 10 PM yesterday I'm able to get on skype with him
>talk until new years, 1/1/17
>he explains he loves me
>we still both love each other
>he just can't do the relationship
>he tells me he understands I'm not actually manipulative after the convo
>just says he won't be able to do it
>keep it together on skype
>last him I want is for him to feel bad about feeling a certain way
>I thank him
>for the best few days of my life
>for the best memories I've ever had
>for all the good times we shared
>tell him I love him
>leave the skype call at around 1 AM today at 1/1/17
>burst into tears immediately after
>completely emotionally shook
>time has been going super fast
>feels like only a few seconds have past from the incident yet it's been 3 hours
>I love him more than anything in the world
>and thats why he couldn't love me back the same
> I thank him for rhe best few days of my life
> Tell him I love him at least once a day
> Never met once in real life

U fucken 12, brah?
He only lived an hour away from me, and yeah, I'm a fag.
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Sounds like you fell for a male Stacy. He doesn't actually love you, he wants Chad's D.
I'm straight but I've been on both sides of this situation. You could still try OP. The best thing you can do is go at it from an empathic point of view, don't expect him to lift you up all the time, help him out first. In this case the best way to demonstrate love is with selflessness.
No he seriously did love me, he was like me, not so much interested in sex as he was a meaningful relationship
I've tried helping him, he just doesn't find my presence comforting, I understand his point of view though. I don't hate him for his decision.
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Where is she right now?
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I'll date you if you'll be the trap in the relationship.
Fuck yeah, are you okay with a 13 year old?
I LITERALLY could have been your father. You're just being a hormonal teenager, you'll find someone else.

Also, no underage people allowed on this site. Try Reddit or something.
I want you to be my daddy
So, that's all?
I'm a high functioning sociopath who's never connected with a human being my entire life, He's the first person I've ever connected to.
after reading that puke of a greentext I can definately tell you are not a sociopath
now stop trying to diagnose yourself with special snowflake syndrome
I'm totally infatuated with a girl I work with. We hang out a lot and we have the best time. She's great I love spending time with her. I confess and tell her how I feel and she doesn't feel the same way. It's been a few months since then. I still feel the same if not more in love. I can't stop thinking about her /b/. I know she isn't looking for me anyway but I can't handle not being with her. I want to be there for her and have her in my life if it's as a friend then that's okay because I'd rather have her in my life than not. But I can't help feel shitty because of it.
That's the only period of my life I've had human emotion towards someone. I'm medically diagnosed by the way.
I just miss her
>im medically diagnosed by the way
>no way strangers will lie on the internet
aint buying it stragner.
I don't have any reason to lie to someone on 4chan, I'm just giving my sotry
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Dr. Implying.png
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oh please, "high functioning sociopath" screams self diagnosed "i want attention"
Tits or gtfo you unwanted pathetic loser
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post feels you normies
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Don't be afraid to be sad anons
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I've lived in almost complete solitude my entire life, had mental breakdowns regularly until I met this guy.
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Motivational shit
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>When you realize today's culture is literally shit and the girl you love is probably a slut
Happened the same to me with a classmate. We are keeping our relationship as friends but I still have feelings for her. I hope such feels die before classes start again...
Explain, please, and if you were in solitude, how you knew you were a fag?

She's sucking Chad right now!
Can't talk to people, and never wanted to, can't relate with people at all, knew I was a fag because I liked penis.

Sorry anon it's all I have saved on my phone, I thought there may be somebody on here who will enjoy it.
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I feel for you man. It's so fucking shit. She's absolutely perfect and I'm just...nothing. I would offer some advice but there's no point. I just wish I would have either closure or for these feelings to fuck off. Hurts man.
You'll be fine. I was a fucking wreck from 7 to 27, now I'm rich and old and travel the world and have been mostly happy for years. Had my heart broken and confused so many times when I was young, now I have wonderful emotionless sex with random women and my 30 year old wife gives me fairly regular blowjobs. Life gets better gaybro.
Success story?
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Feel good story
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adonis complete 3.jpg
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well shit, didnt think id be seeing my story here again. but i added on since that one came (pic related) anyway ill answer any questions anyone might have.
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In not trying to be a dick but this is going to sound dickish...

That's how life goes sometimes. Sometimes you get zingers and sometimes you get wringers. I know it sucks but the sooner you realize and accept it happened, the sooner you can move on.

Hope you get to feeling better soon dude.
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Ill bite and by that i mean wallow in self pity.
>be 20
>start to drink again after a 7 month-ish hiatus
Now we go back in time
>quite smoking weed when i was like 18 felt good tbh
> semester at local uni
> turn 19 at uni have a solid friend group start drinking more
> avg student avg friends avg anon
>next spring semster rolls around and decide to take time off.
>move to texas, stay with familiy and do oddjobs, learn some trades and make friends along the way.
>stop drinking all togther.
>be in texas for 7 months or so, have a few pals and lady friend.
>fuckthis.jpg move home and reenroll at local uni.
>start hanging with old friends who are home on break.
>have first beer in a fews month followed by another.
>keep drinking more and more.
>drain a bottle of burbon anytime i start drinking.
>dont really talk to uni friends or texas friends.
>no appetite
>no lady friend
>rather drink than do anything else
> semster starts this jan
>why am i such a shitter?
>what now /b/
Also drank a fuck ton last night, blacked out and blew potential chance with ladyfriend
tell me how I just got dubs three times in a row
Thanks lord kek
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Does anyone have the story about the guy whose gf died while he was in hongkong doing business. It's really long and heartbreaking
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one of you other faggots contribute
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as someone who has experienced it, its over rated.
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bye bye thread
why the fuck would you stay friends with her like some pathetic beta hoping for scraps of attention from an ex-fuckhole,
Seriously anon tell me what to do
need adv
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