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>>717175000 Got a winrar in the last thread! >Advice,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Got a winrar in the last thread!
>Advice, friendly conversation
Continuing where Reimu's thread left off, but unlike her, I can't do tarot. As for advice, just like her thread, advice is free for everyone to give and receive.
And as before, feel free to talk about new years' plans.
sure,i'll start
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bump. and since spooderman is here, I'll ask; how do i shot web?
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My Self

well did you,get bitten by a radioactive spider??
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Yes. I have the cancer to prove it.
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I'm not Spiderman, but I believe you're supposed to have a weapon made to produce the web material.
I had one, but it wasn't a sleek wristmounted one, it was a full size gun.
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well there's your problem silly,you need even more cancer till you're at the point of no return,then as you take your last dying breath,you will become a superhuman who can shoot webs.Or you could just use the cheat code up up down down left right left right b a start
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You've been awful quiet. You okay there?
instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in ceiling fan.
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Leaking my way to 2017...try this out on any girl in your school lol snap-leak-cf
Thanks for bumping the thread, faggot. Reported for spam.

>inb4 reported for announcing a report
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whats up yo austraya best aya
>whats up yo austraya
straya isn't up, silly. It's down under! :^)
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the best under
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whats going on anyways
So I recently did something retarded and I'm in some trouble.

But before I did that I was on an acid trip and came out to some people I don't know that well during my trip, that I originally was going to kill myself that night, but decided to drop acid instead.

I am now suppoused to go to a new years gathering tommorow, where the people who know I almost killed myself a few days ago are, and the people I had trouble with will be there aswell.

The trouble involves drugs and money, I basically took drugs from the dealer and left him money and he dident like that, thinks I went behind his back, which I honestly did a tiny tiny bit, I took like for 10 bucks than I should have, but yeah...

In any case, I need advice neko-san-senpai-sama-kun-chan, on if I should go there tommorow and eventually leave if the people I have trouble with show up.
There wont be a fight, but I dont want my friends" knowing im retarded.
That's a tough-sounding situation, Anon.
If you're certain it won't turn to violence, I'd say it might be best to just go and if the topic comes up, settle your trouble any way you can. It's also usually best to man up and apologize. Since it involves drugs, that's probably best done in private. But that's the most my little kitty brain can come up with for advice. Some others around here may be able to provide further input.
I agree with >>717180204 *honk honk*

If you know you were in the wrong, the best thing is to apologize and make amends.
dubs check'em. too bad, no tarot tho :(
At this rate, I'd try it if I could, but I don't even have tarot cards.
Maybe someone else could do tarot if they're willing?
it's all good. I don't exactly believe in it anyways, just kind of fun imo
Well I guess have a fortune cookie.
"Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try to understand."
Sounds like it's more just relevant to acid anon's problem, though. :3
I think you're right, because I don't exactly have a problem right now, at least as far as I know/am willing to admit.
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seems the thread is Zed, now....
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