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>with girlfriend at the time >she's rich >has Tivo

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>with girlfriend at the time
>she's rich
>has Tivo
>has recorded some South Park eps
>puts on one
>it's the Woodland Critter episode
>finish watching
>she fucks me

How did you lose your virginity?
nigga im still a virgin
>>684915386 (OP)
What the fuck is that picture
Your mum
it's another dick
yo is that a dick move? like are they keeping a donor penis alive by stitching it to his arm and leg so that the body doesnt reject it outright when they attach it do his original penis was?
This picture confuses me.
>talking with a girl online for a long time
>it's around 2002, so this is unusual
>exchange pictures
>she decides to come over
>she drives 875 miles to come to my house
>she brings her ibook G3 and several Cowboy Bebop DVDs
>we go out and buy condoms, snacks, and subway after she arrives
>we fuck shortly thereafter
>IHOP for breakfast, then more fucking
>watched Bebop for the first time while spooning

It was a memorable weekend.
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Ed is my favorite Cowboy Bebop, don't like Faye though
fuck man, that sounds great.
And yours story end after this?
>Go out with girl for nearly 2 years
>Never went all the way home with her
>Did lots of fooling around.
>Fingering, handjob, oral, playing at a movie theater
>Several months of playing around
>She was abstinent, so never wanted to go all the way yet.
>Sometime later she dumps me for some ginger
>Get all depressed over her.
>Two weeks later, fuck a friend.
>She was dating some dude in California. (We in Washington)
>Wasn't worth it.
>Like a hotdog down a hallway.
>junior year of highschool
>this one girl been flirting with me since freshman year but she was playin games
>solid 10 body though tbh but she was annoyin as fuck
>tried fuckin earlier on but she wasnt into it, decided not to push it
>on a bus on the way back from an orchestra trip
>she and i are making a bunch of sex jokes or whatever on the bus
>she casually says "im looking for a hookup"
>"alright sure i know this place behind the library"
>shes serious
>while im still in my rented tux, we go to the gas station and get condoms. its sorta surreal for me
>diamonds the entire time
>at first we go to this garden by the highschool
>she takes out her tits first
>holy shit theyre perfect
>suck on em for a bit, not sure if im doin things right
>she gets nervous tho and we change places
>we go to this abandoned pool shed between this apartment complex and the library
>she starts blowing me
>she asks whats wrong, dont wanna deter her
>"feels too good"
>she decides to ride me
>feels great at first but she leans back and bends my dick
>too beta to say anything
>she rides me for 2 hours behind a library

thought i was gay after that cause honestly that was terrible. we fucked again later on after shed slept around some more and it was a shitload better
My bad, it was only 575 miles. I drove up a few more times, and she drove down a few more as well.

I caught a lot of hell from my family for basically bringing a girl over to fuck after the first visit, and they insisted on a very awkward dinner and chitchat the second time she came over.

It didn't last very long. Relationship tension, and me fucking her two best friends during a very drunken and rebellious camping trip crushed the arrangement pretty quickly.
Be me at 13
At friends house playing games on pc
Friends sister is weird hippy 15yr old. Sits next to me whole time slowly progressing with little movements like rubbing my back and shit
Friend leaves to do chores
Oh shit we alone.
Forget games
She says "have you kissed a girl yet anon?"
Ok kiss me then... I dont mind.
Kiss her and she grabs my dick
Starts rubbing my dick
Says lets go to my room i wana show you something fun...
>See this character before this sentence and the next?
>That's how you greentext.
why do you even bother asking ofc you should continue
go for it
Dont care buddy
Just enjoy the story
I don't care, either. Just bored, lol.
>be me
>six months in womb
>penis comes out of nowhere
>"it's too big"
>it's enters me
>I don't know what's happening
>I hear yelling
>my dad said as my mom was getting fucked
That's how /b/. And I will never forget.
>follow her to bedroom not sure whats gonna happen
We get to her room and she closes and locks the door behind us...
Keeps saying things like "dont be scared"
Im just standing there with my young boner looking confused
She walks over to her bed and pulls her pj bottoms down exposing her sweet assand no panties on.
She been sitting next to me with no panties whole time
She calls me over and i follow
I get nervous and start shaking
She keeps comforting me over and over
She asks if i like her ass
I just nod
She tells me to pull my pants down as she turns around exposing her bald v area
Same way, same girl
Hurry up faggot im losing my boner
By a lake in the woods and in my first car, good old Ford Sierra. I'll never forget you.
The bitch was awful, so forget about that skank.
>Be 8
>First boners
>Sister notices
>Year older than me
>Learning about sex for the first time
>Practices with me for about 5-6 years.
Fuck girlfriend raw missionary position, feelsgoodman.jpeg
Pull out to find dick covered in blood. Weird because it wasn't on period and she had done it before but stoped mid way.
She takes my pants off and starts rubbing my small hard dick
Precum instantly
Shes suprised at this and takes a bit on her finger and pops it in her mouth
She smiles and asks if i wana taste her
She puts a finger in her sweet pussy and fingers herself for a few sec
She pulls out a wet finger and puts it into my mouth
Tastes great omg
She asks if i know whats sex is and how to do it
Ofcause i do but i act dumb and say i sorta know
She says she wants to try it with me
At this point im just going with whatever happens
She bends down and tells me to hold still
She starts sucking my dick slowly
My dicks hurting already from being so aroused
>Be me 16
>Playing some fifa at gf's house
>Everytime someone scores a goal the other has to take off a piece of clothing
>She gets rekt
>I'm winning 7-0
>tfw we didn't even started 2nd half and we are already fucking
File: 2HOURSLATER.jpg (16KB, 259x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ahahahah xD
Nobody gives a f uk about your story. Go killyourself
>first saturday of school holidays
>won volleyball game
>qt in team runs up and hugs me
>buy each other some drinks
>both feelz good
>want to come over to watch a movie, anon?
>walk to her house
>10 mins later we're fucking on her sofa
>after first time cum, look at her and say "this was my first time"
>she smiled and said "me too"
>fucked like rabbits for 2 months
>mfw she moved countries at end of holidays.
>8 years later, we still chat
>both now in serious relationships
>would probably jump each other if we were ever in close proximity
newfag learn how to greentext
She stops and gets on the bed laying down on her back with her legs open
Look at her pussy with dick in had still tasting her juices
She signals me onto the bed and i get up over her
She tells me what she wants me to do and i have my dick right over wanting pussy
She grabs my dick and slowly pushes it into her
Omg this is great
She starts moving her hips and soon enough we fucking
Im not even sure what im doing but its great
Oh shit knock on door
Its her bro
We just keep quiet
Shes still grinding me
I say i feel weird like i need to pee
She dont care keeps fucking me
I feel real close to cumming so i pull out and shoot a small (and my first) load all over her stomach
She smiles and says that was great
Im still spazming from the orgasm and shes scooping up the cum from her chest and licking her fingers clean. We lay there for a few mins still naked and covered in cum.
A while after we get dressed and i bail out the window to act like i went home already.
We fucked like twice after that it was great.
Hope you all enjoyed my first time
explain this picture
Also this was typed on a shitty phone while im at work with assholes peering at my screen
About a month later
>be me
>seven months in womb
>at court
>parents divorcing.
>I hear "child support"
>I'm already ordering my mail order bride.
it's pretty cool
>start dating goth in grade 9
>cool as fuck
>after months of dating and talking about sex we give it a shot
>get condom from friend
>put it on, super fuckin tight
>shove it in a few time and instantly go limp
>sit there and laugh with her
>she finishes with her hand

had sex plenty of times after and enjoyed it a lot more. Broke up at the beginning of grade 10 and feel like ive been a king in bed ever since. she taught me alot. still wonder what shes up to now
>be 15
>be football player
>meet cheerleader
>clone of Michelle jenneke
>pic related
>start talking
>I ask her out
>says yes and we start dating
>year later she moves away
>agree to keep in touch
Fast forward last November
>19 in college
>football fucked up my arm so I'm taking pain meds
>lasts 6 hours and always kills my boner
>girl gets a hold of me tells me she needs a place to stay offer my dorm
>at girls house
>watch The Thing
>hang out on her bed talking
>kiss her
>This doesnt mean anything
>"sure it doesnt anonita"
>kiss more, get really frisky
>stick it in her
Op here

Orthopedic and hand surgeon here: I do these. This is a variant of a pedicled groin flap. You raise the skin of the flap from the donor site (in this case the lateral thigh all the way down to the knee) and maintain a flap base still connected to the donor site (near the hip). The flap is wide usually 4 inches or so. The cut end of the flap is sewn to the recipient site (in this case the thumb). The flap is sewn into a tube and is used to cover a soft tissue defect and recreate a tubular structure like a finger or thumb. The skin flap is left attached to the donor site for about 3 weeks then it is separated from the donor site. This time allows blood vessels to grow into the flap from the recipient site and supply the flap after it is cut from the donor. It swells and gets engorged, hence the reason it looks like a penis. This swelling goes away over time and the flap shrinks significantly.

TL;DR: It's a skin flap used to cover a hand defect
>making out with girlfriend at the time
>5 in the morning
>started fingering her
>got mad gobbyz
> me: 'I just want to see what it feels like'
>mfw no longer a virgin
>mfw it turned out I stuck my dick in crazy
>glad I dumped her ass
Good job
good advice
Kill yourself normie faggot
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>roommates gone for the weekend
Cool beans.jpg
>she arrives
>we hug
>she kisses me on the ear
>I get her set up in the dorm
>catch up til night time
>go out to dinner and see some shit horror movie
>make the yawning reach around
>she shrugs it off and gives me an awkward look
> shit
> go to the bathroom
> take pain meds cause my arm hurt
> comeback to seat and as soon as I sit down she lays her head on my lap
that shit is crazy man i spent like 10 mins looking at that pic because i have never seen anything like it
i am fairly certain i need an adnoiedectomy (pending some biopsy results) i am not going to die, right?
if true, well played. although I don't know about any pussy juices tasting good.
>gf at my house
>she starts getting touchy
>say we should fuck
>slap on a condom
>go to my moms office to fuck
>get it on the floor
>almost get walked in on
>be 13
>go to camp in the city (summer camp)
>field trip to concert
>ditch counselor and other campers
>find pot smoking hippies
>cousin is there
>introduces me to hot hippie redhead but she is 15
>ask me to give her a blunt charge
>kisses me and exhales in my mouth
>holy shit I think I'm in love.....
>start making out by Porta potty
>pulls me into one, smelled like death
>pulls my dick out, slides it under her dress
>rides for about two minutes

That was it
File: rick_scott.jpg (260KB, 750x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get back to my place
>start going at it
>she tears her bra off braking the strap
> rips open my belt
>immediately starts sucking
>hard as fuck
>she gets on top of me and starts riding
>norco kicks in
Long story short we had to stop and she left the next morning while I was sleeping. We hadnt talked since, a month later she made a post on Facebook saying how she's two months pregnant and can't find a good man and I kid you not she poked me a month later
Also Im pretty sure I'm still a virgin
Back then for a horny kid it did lol
Also its 100% true man
nice one. actually, I lie. I pulled this girl from uni a couple years back and I ate her out, it tasted sugary and I made her come for the first time. lol I could have done it all day, and that's saying something.
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Thread images: 7

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