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HDD STORAGE SYSTEM THREAD 1. How many do you have? 2. Capacity?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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1. How many do you have?
2. Capacity? 2TB, 3TB, 4TB...
3. How many times have you lost one?
4. Have you been able to recover the data? How?

I´ll start
>1. I got 10 HDD. I don´t like external. I buy internal and use a dock (SataQuickport3.0)
>2. 2x4TB, 4x2TB, 4x3TB, 3x1TB
>3. Yes (I guess it´s inevitable). When the clusters are fucked I´ve never been lucky. Maybe I´ve recovered 30% only. Three days ago three 3TB stop working. Fortunately, it was the Master File Table that died. Data, apparently was intact and I´ve already managed to recover 2/3 with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard.

I mostly save series, movies, docs and sports.
17 400 Terabytes of CP
Go outside some more.
1TB internal, 1TB porn drive, 2TB media drive and a 4TB that backs up the other three.

Why? I cannot see a need to save so much shit or have that many TB available.

I use 2, 1TB WD Velociraptor
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>about 3 TB worth of old HDD.

>got 2Tb HDD on my main PC.

>4 200GB SDD.for games

I've never had a hard drive problem besides one time when i was about 14 when a hard drive on XP system stopped working. Can't remember model or specs though.
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HD takes up a great deal of space.
I guess, at some point, I finally got sick of TS-Screeners, DVDrips and HDrips.

I also do not like depending of Streams, which most of the time can´t be real HD.

I find comforting having a huge collection at my disposal anytime, anywhere.

However, I recognize, it´s kind of a sick and sometimes absurd obsession. I could definately live with less
If only SDD were cheaper. They beat the shit of out HDD, which are fragile as fuck
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Do you even RAID nigger?

>256gb SSD Primary
>2TB and 3TB HDD
>2 3TB externals

Only lost one, it was a cheap Hitachi 1TB but it was under warranty. When it was time to upgrade the thing died after I transferred everything important so it was alright.
>$60 for 1TB in 2012
>mfw the company that made the HDD make mega vibrators

What ever makes you happy dude, but I just personally don't need all that much.

I actually just changed one the other day as I was drunkenly chatting with a possible ISIS recruiter on torchat, sobered up and thought that the cops may not accept my defense of being a drunken idiot, relating to terror charges. So I Dban'd them and got rid.
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No, I don´t.

I´ve read something about the system, but I still have to find the time to read it slowly (I´ll probably could be doing that insted of browsing /b with this bullshit thread).

I can´t say I fully understand of it works but could be interesting.
>1. 4 HDD, 1 SSD
>2. 2TB, 1TB, 700GB, 1,4TB, 120GB
>3. 2x
>4. yep, Recuva

1. 2
2. 256GB SSD, 2TB secondary
3. A 1TB HDD on my old computer died 2 years after I passed it on to someone else for use (meaning it survived for ~6-7 years)
4. Nah, didn't bother
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Careful with that shit, bro
30TB for long term storage and an old 750 for os. storage drives have XFS as the file system and ext4 for the main downloading drives. I had one of the xfs drives almost failed but I was able to repair it temporary with an xfs repair command and migrated that over. I still have files that go back to 1998 so it's been stable
I'm sitting on just over 20 TB in a couple of NAS devices
Pretty much there are 3 configurations, can't remember the numbers.

Splits data between multiple drives so if recovery's needed, it can piece it together.
Holds copies of the same data across multiple drives.
Both above combined.

Not sure if you still need a RAID card or if there are virtual controllers or whateverthefuck. Been a while.
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128GB SSD for OS
3x3TB storage
500GB for games.

I'm a photographer so it gets used.
stop using piece of shit WD drives.
HDD1 & 2:
>WD Red 2Tb (Different batch & age)

HW Raid Controller:
>DC-7210 RAID in RAID1 mode

Also two Samsung Evo SSD's with 250Gb - one for Linux, one for Windows and another 1TB Hitachi for less important stuff.
Had a problem with power loss once and it needed one resync but its working now for a bit over two years without faults. Got an small UPS now.

I got some Seagate external drive for cheap money which broke completely just a week after the warranty ran out.
Fagg op here.

One thing I keep doing, don´t know where I took it from is NEVER use the HDD´s directly to reproduce whatever we´re watching at home.

I copy it to a USB, and then plug it into TV.

Sometimes it´s fucking annoying, going through the whole process everytime, but as I understand it, I´ll enlarge their life (lower load cycle count and shit)
1. 1
2. 1TB
3. never so far
4. nope no need for it so far

also havin a SSD with 128GB for OS
Is there actually a better brand?

I´ve had bad experiences with Seagate, and I´ve always consider Hitachi inferior.
Tha´ts actually the next thing I´m doing. People keep telling it far better that having the OS in a regular HDD.
>1. How many do you have?
>2. Capacity?
3x 750GB 1x 2TB. 1x 250GB SSD
>3. How many times have you lost one?
2 x 600GB killed by RAID0 several times until i replaced with the 750GB ones
>4. Have you been able to recover the data? Good joke

I live in 2007
>>4. Have you been able to recover the data? Good joke

I guess it depends on the origin of the problem.
Bad sectors it´s difficult as fuck. Almost impossible (not even with HDD Regenerator)

If it´s only the Master Data Table... I tell you, three days ago I thought I lost 3x3TB, and I´ve already recovered 2 of them.

I´m working on the thrid right now. All Fools are lucky, I guess
try to save data from a lost raid0. larger files are lost forever. no chances at all for recovery

You live in 2007?

Run you fool! Bet against the housing market!
That sucks.
I´m illiterate when it comes to RAID.
may be interesting for you if you have the money to mirror everything. having an external flying around as a backup of the most important stuff is doing the trick, too.

I guess it won´t be cheap... so... unfortunately I don´t have the money.

I guess I have some kind of insurance in the fact that some relatives and friends have copied most of my collection. Not a total mirror, but it´s something
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4x 2Tb in PC
4x 2Tb in a shitty Raid 5 USB3 Box
4x 1TB in a shitty Non Raid USB3 Box
1x 1Tb on eSATA
120Gb SSD for OS.

This PC runs the DVR for IP Cams, shitload of movies/music/porn, and all other documents for the other PCs in the house. Also other shitty tasks like Solar Inverter logging, etc

Everything duplicated to backblaze (aside from the IP Cam footage).

The other 5 PCs in the house just run enough SSD space for the OS/games/whatever Programs each PC is used for.

Documents all go the the first PC.

Tits for reading.
any general recommendations, besides the obvious (not avoiding hits and stuff)?

also interested in any confirmation, if anybody knows it... of this:


Using them only for storage, and not reproduction, may enlarge their lives
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I had 2 Seagate drives fail due to an error in firmware, they were from the same batch. Both sent back to Singapore to be updated at their cost and sent back to me. Otherwise I have not had any failures where I have lost data or total loss of drive. All Seagate apart from the SSD c:
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1. 7
2. Σ = 17 TB
3. never
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 10

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