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Hey /b I have fucked up. >be me >burn out 21 >all

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b I have fucked up.
>be me
>burn out 21
>all I do is snort rids and smoke weed
>never had trouble with girls tho
>while in class see one of my friends gf
>she is 9/10 asian/irish breed
>thick and long dick sucking tongue
>think to myself she looks nice
>walk up to her while shes sitting down in class with her friends
>lean over desk and get pretty close to her and tell her she has a great smile
>she blushes like fucking crazy
>all girls around her laugh
> i smile back while making crazy eye contact
>i then walk out like i did nothing
>at the time i didnt do this thinking about fucking her, i had other girls in my aim.
>fast forward 1 week
>catch her always looking at me
>wink at her occasionally when our eyes meet, again just my personality, not trying to fuck her I just treat all woman like that.
>she asks if i want to hang out while im leaving campus
>i say sure why not
>still just chilling smoking bowls etc
>tell her i have to go out and do some paper work for my grandmother
>thats a long story but she cant really walk that well
>anyway, she insists she comes with me
>/shrug Whatever
>get back to my place around 6
> her bf/my friend is there waiting for us
>he is obviously mad that his bitch was following me around
>play it cool
>next day come around
>he shows up at my house after im done with class crying and shit saying how he dumped her because she was a slut
> I'm not good with men crying. I really dont know how to be supportive with out emasculating him
>just sit there while he crys in my room while i smoke a bowl
>he starts tattooing himself with a tatoo gun out of anger
>i just stare at him while he does it because agian, idk why he is acting like this about one girl
>he leaves and tells me to not hang out with his ex
>next day comes and im hanging out with his ex
>i make her cook me french toust
>imeditally after we fuck like animals on my carpet it just happened
>i had rug burn on my knees i fucked her so hard
im waiting
Hurry up I got to go back to bed
Don't ask, just cont.
>me and her are fucking like animals now
>this must be heaven
>i instantly know she is a slut because of how well she can keep up with me.
>all we do is fuck suck and rotate while high as techno barbarians
>go to super market with her to pick up some dinner
>still were just friends
>she wants me bad
>literally she went into a full classroom and told the whole class to stop hitting on her because she only had eyes for me
>i get weirded out
>i never have liked clingy females arpund me. It just doesnt work for me but the sex is good so i say whatever
>at the grocery store
>her ex is there just death staring me
>he looks like he wants to kill me
>just smile. Play it cool
> wave at him
>he just glares back.
>walk into store for about 45 mins
>he is still outside looking at me and his ex walk out
>she is grabbing me and shit in front of him
>i tell her to knock that shit off amd to stop being so childish
>3 moths later
>have fucked about 300 times
>I'm not joking
> i tell her im leaving for las vegas for escort job
>she crys
>ignore her now a days
>still messages me to this day
>still feel bad for my friend
>i fucked up
>currently in las vegas taking woman out for dates for caah living a pretty decent life
what a boring story
That was pretty anti-climactic
Man are you naturally hot.
Did you put in work to be hot.
I want to know how I can go from somewhat above average to hot male.
picture of this allegedly 9/10 breed?
Well, this was boring.
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>freind became drunk
>dropped out
>i think its my fault
>keep saying to myself its just pussy why would he do that over a chick?
>pretty sure he wants to actually kill me.
>he introduced me to 4chan kek
>if you see this dude im sorry
>didnt have the balls to ever tell him before i left
I have to go to work now my kik is going off like crazy. Cya /b
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I had to work for it. Highschool i was fat 190lb
I'm 6 ft on the dot and around 170 fit
Go to the gym it honestly works wonder
Might want to go to a psychologist. You sound like a sociopath.
Thread posts: 15
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