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Well, white people? What's it gonna be?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Well, white people? What's it gonna be?
That's more reason to vote for Trump.
>If you vote for someone I disagree with, I am gonna hate you for the rest of my life

This faggot simply thinks he sounds intelligent, but in reality he has an intellectual level of a cucumber used as a dildo.
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He thinks that nationalism and democracy are mutually exclusive so I stopped reading at that point.
multiracial democracy
What part of wanting to keep more of the money that I EARN instead of handing it over to people who aren't smart enough to support themselves and illegals goes against decency, justice, and democracy?

Liberals were quick to jump on the bailout and yell moral hazard but they fail to apply the same moral hazard to individuals. If your broke ass chose to skip school, get high, and make nothing of yourself, why should i be obliged to help you attain a decent lifestyle, especially considering you're probably doing the same shit to this day?

t. not even necessarily a Trump supporter
Tim doesn't sound very wise.
>I will not make nice
This absolute dismissal of Trumpfags or Berniefags as being worthless because of what the candidates symbolize to you is just you simple people falling for effective divisive tactics.

People these days are so ignorant of the nuances of reality because everything is fed to them as an "issue" with defined sides, & they're too lazy to define their own stance on it.

I refuse to respect a demand for me to define what type of "white people" I'm going to be. I'll be the best fucking white person I can be.
Someone who thinks rationally despite a parted sea constantly demanding I be "with you or against you". I'm dismissed by both sides.

Trump's supporters are not across-the-board racist monsters, you simple bean. They've got many other interests to consider, which they'll support him for acting like he cares about. And they believe he'll do it.
Bernie's supporters are not across-the-board snowflake cancer. They've got many other interests to consider, which they'll support him for acting like he cares about. And they believe he'll do it.
Both sides of vocal supporters are filled with contrarian opinions & reactionary stances because they're so much more concerned with disassociating from the other "side" than they are with admitting the chinks in their own candidate's armor. (And I love China by the way, wonderful people, great industry those people have.)

Bernie's folks love to call Trump's folks bigots.
Trump's folks love to call Bernie's folks faggots.
Pots & kettles love to talk shit.
In both cases, a mirror would do them some good.
White male signing out. Peace.
Poor retards. So easily swayed by propaganda to believe that Trump is significantly racist.

Three things you'll never believe: Islam's shit. Illegal immigration is shit. I'm liberal, likely more deeply than you fancy yourself to be, and would prefer Sanders for president.
It's ridiculous. There are so few quotes from him that display racism in any functionally detrimental capacity.
>inb4 so many qualifiers to justify racism

Nope. He has said nothing hateful about any race that I've been able to find.
His quote about "thugs destroying Baltimore" was aimed at the "black president" & was poorly constructed mudslinging at best. It was concerned with *some* black people in a specific situation. It's more racist to jump to assuming that was somehow an indictment of blacks as a people. Stupid.

That's just one example, but they all have very mild effect if you apply sense instead of sensationalism.
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The other two factors to consider is someone can say something racially offensive, but that's not racism itself if the person saying it is not hateful. There is nothing a non-racist person could possibly say that would make them racist.

And of course the ultimate factor: Have some Goddamn perspective. He's running against establishment Republicans who have been supporting verifiably, institutionally racist policy since the days of the civil rights legislation. But, yeah, don't get outraged about that. Talk about how schlonging someone who just happens to be a woman is the pinnacle of misogyny.
I hope niggers start an uprising and killing trump supporters so whites can fucking exterminate them for s legitimate cause

We need a race war fam.
Or some comments where he's talked shit about women?
>specific women, not "women"
Yeah, women are supposed to stand together, didn't you know? Especially against a sexist as massive as Trump.
Schlonged is an expression meaning to to defeated/humiliated/pwned. You may have heard it pronounced as schlonked. He described Clinton as being schlonged, possibly without being aware of the etymology, and it because the outrage of the day.
Shh shh shh we don't. We need a race truce. This fucking race-baiting the past several years has been very effective in manipulating people's actions & attitudes, but it is lies from on high.
It is specifically concocted situations & stories hand-picked to cause controversy.
We need to stop being black & white chess pieces, famb.
HA I guarantee you no man of his generation & position is unaware of the cocky meaning behind that.
if ur party affiliated, ur playing their game.
if u vote, ur playing their game.
its a game. none of these people have any real power.
they are puppets...
ur vote doesnt matter. they already know who "won".
sheeple disgust me
How about we segregate everyone again, then everyone can be happy!

Whites with whites, asians with asians, blacks with blacks.

Oh wait that won't happen. Race war now, I want niggers to leave
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We live in a world the has no compromise anymore.
"Your either with me or against me!"
Regardless who gets elected it's sad that the real thing that needs fixing is the society we live in.
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I never saw the word spelled until it made headlines and I was completely unaware that it was based on the word schlong. I'm nearly 34.
I hope Trump is elected. Not because he'll do anything - no 1st world country leader does anything significant these days and to the extent that they do it's only in regard to making the rich richer. But Trump should provide good entertainment value.
First world country leaders in yurope are destroying the entire continent and culture

That's pretty significant
Of course We choose White Nationalism. now gtfo tim cuck, I dont even know who you are.
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Friendly reminder that this man is a Jew.
Too bad, you're just gonna have to deal with people who don't share your viewpoints or lifestyle existing. You'll prob still get your war though, but nothing good is gonna come of it.
Fart rape.

Fart rape him hard and unendingly.

This is as dumb as the "If ____ is elected im moving to Canada!" statement that some dumb cunt says every 4 years. Someone has said this about a candidate every 4 years since the United States was created.

People are alarmist faggots.
People are easily led.
People are easily led alarmist faggots.
This is true, but that's just a trend. No given leader does anything different from the others. Australia has too much immigration, so does Europe, so do the States. Also too much immigration imo is >0
>White-guilting Berniefag
Go suck a Jew dick.
>de-freind me now
why is the american left so retarded? I mean i hate trump like the next guy, but why the meltdowns?

I'll take "The Regressive Left" for 500 Alex.
>too bad
>just settle with it anon, mudshits and niggers aren't so bad!

I wonder who's behind this post

Your cuck ideology is why USA is a fucking melting pot of pathetic coal burners and spic lickers

Go back to Sweden faggot
>just a trend

It's a big enough trend to fucking destroy a large part of the earth
File: 1458286991350.png (144KB, 800x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>De-friend me now
File: vyoid.jpg (65KB, 620x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's my argument for #Kanye2020
I don't believe in the politicians at all, none of them focus on what matters without an ulterior motive.
So I choose who I like best off of dankness.
Our past two presidents have been the dankest memes in the history of the office. Now I like Trump, because it's no contest. He's got the dankest memes. Then if Kanye was president? Fucking DOAT POTUS.
I don't wish it on him though, enough people hate him as it is, & I think it would really hurt his mental. He's a good guy who wants to help people, but he's unstable & doesn't deserve that shit.
That's alarming.
I dont know if this is reaterded or genious. People chosing their leaders based on what memes they have. I want off this ride.
if you really think that there would be any difference with this or that president, you clearly learned nothing, just look at obama, the savior of the people, elected only for his skincolor (so he is the first president voted for of racial reasons) and what has he done? doubled the debt, waged more wars than bush and pushed the drone war to the max....the american policy of "full spectrum dominance" will continue, waging wars will continue, debt-money printing (quantitative easing) will continue, cause if a president wants substantial
change, he simply would be killed (last one: kennedy, who tried to overpower the FED with a state-emitted dollar-note, 5 month later he was dead...so nothing will change, because the sad truth is: america is fucked, when the war machine stops, us- economy is depended on it
the problem is: the other countries in the world wont play along anymore...did you know that living standard in russia is way higher than in the us? all the people are victims of their governments and greedy elites...especially in the us: around 50 million people on foodstamps? were all fucked...
Tim Wise is Right! All us white people have had our privileges long enough. We should all give our houses to black people, and our wives and daughters. Then just put ourselves in some chains to serve the black man.

I mean honestly how dare we stand up against our own genocide.

It should be illegal for white people to run for office, or own a gun.

All white people should be taxed at 60% or a new 3/5 compromise to give all that as reparations to the black man...

Sadly Tim Wise is not very far off from my satire here.
You just invented an identity for me because your mind runs smoother if you can just fit anyone you don't agree with into one of the boxes your friendly global Jews have given you.
This is why you want a race war.
This is why you think I'm some Swedish cuck who wants to see culture deteriorate.

4chan get your asses in here in the comment section and tear this white guilt faggot a new asshole
>not reading the post & only looking at the pictures
Old habits die hard, huh?
File: BvbP6QBCIAEuhIu.jpg (27KB, 438x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just to show you what a
real president can do...
I read the post in which you said you were fucking a white male.

sus it
Of course it's retarded, but what better course of action do I have?
Hillary tries for memes, but she's a lame. She tries to slide into existing memes like the fake-ass facebook menopause that is her soul.
W? Obama? They were iconic. They let the memes flow through them. Donald too. They ARE the dank. That's why they're winners.
Fuck this shit. Why the fuck do "oppressed minorities" think white people are going to bend over and take it up the ass indefinitely. Just came from some black bitch's blog who said the guy that got 15 years hard labor in a North Korean prison camp for trying to steal a poster deserved it for being a white maWhat a fucking sociopathic cunt. Now I come here and see this shit. I used to be a fucking liberal but I'm at the stage I would give Trump a blowjob on FOx News if I thought it would piss of these fucking cunts.
There we go. This thread, it's almost like the rational people come out when all the kids go to sleep for school.
If a politician truly wanted substantial & sustainable changes, like Bernie purports to believe in, they would still not be able to achieve it. You can't sit in such a high office without playing by the rules.
Same with Trump & his money. People seriously believe "he's untouchable! He scares the Jews!" Bla bla bla. You can't keep Trump money without being a team player.
All of them can & absolutely will be bought.
Then you didn't read the post. Happy trolling though this fine morning.
You can't have a functioning democracy that's severed along racial lines. That's just begging for people to be played against each other, mid-east style. This is also why feminism has been such shit for the west, not because women are shittier decision makers but because everyone is thinking "how does this benefit MY side" instead of "how does this benefit US".
I don't understand the relevance of this instrumental. What is this & why?
Exactly. Anyone's a shitty decision maker when they let people who purport to represent their interests do the thinking for them.
It's particularly lame considering leftists defriend people over politics twice as much, and I doubt that guy in particular has any friends who are not far left.
Agreed. Trump and Bernie both are campaigning on impossible rhetoric. Trump is going to have a harder time making actual change IMO. Just to get elected he has to:
appease the GOP through the upcoming contested convention in July, then
he has to avoid the inevitable assassination attempts, then
he's got to beat the army of hillary-fags who are beating him in all polls, then
he needs to figure out how to do the things he says he'll do *legally*, then
he has to get the support of our cockblocked congress to do so, then
he has to avoid likely retaliatory impeachment scenarios, then
maybe he can make the changes he proposes...

Sadly, the truth is that the establishments represent the status quo and the status quo always wins - that's what makes them the status quo.
I doubt he has any friends that are left at all.
You're either full of shit, or a full on retard.
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What makes Trump racist? Is it the fact that he wants to deport illegal aliens who happen to be Mexican, which is not a race? Or the fact that he wants to defeat a terrorist group which is associated with Islam which is again, not a race? Is it because Trump is against BLM which is perfectly reasonable because they put criminals in a good light and disrespect authority? If it comes down to Trump vs Hillary, I sincerely hope Trump wins. People don't realize that Hillary has killed more Muslims than Trump could ever think of doing.
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>white male signing out
Are you serious right now?
Honestly, Bernie's railing against the bankers, Wall Street, & corporations, acting like he can knock them down to size...this man who has had a political career of more than 3 decades, to tell people he will do that, he is either very naïve & ignorant of the system he's spent so long a part of, or he's aware, & he's lying. Neither would surprise me, I give him the benefit of the doubt because he seems to be the only one who really stands for what he stands for, but either way, the Senate & Congress & everyone in DC is owned by those banks, financial, corporate interests. Ain't getting that shit run past them.

Side note, because of the level-headed thought & discourse I'm just personally curious, how old are you anon?
Yes, I am, in fact, a white male.
And completely unriggered by my own white balls.
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wow sounds a lot like a whining 5 year old not getting their way. his opinions arent important and ill bet all his friends facepalmed reading this paragraph of foot stamping and posturing, go live in afrika if you want to be a nigger.
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>I give him the benefit of the doubt because he seems to be the only one who really stands for what he stands for
IMO the problem with anti-establishment isn't in it's ideology, it's in the impossibility of it's practical application into the system we have now. The machine that exists may indeed be broken, but filling it with unicorn-farts is still not going to make it run. I tend to agree with anti-establishment sentiment on a philosophical level, but both will be chewed up and spit out by the broken machine (congress). Making promises that one cannot keep has a long history in all politics in every nation, but it does still surprise me how many people buy into it like a panacea. I don't have the answers but none of these candidates and demagogues are going to *fix* anything. What needs to be done is that people need to hold their congressional officials responsible for being suck-ups and cockblocks. That will actually change things.

>Side note, because of the level-headed thought & discourse I'm just personally curious, how old are you anon?
I'm old. I've got a vasectomy older than many of the people here. I'm not usually on /b/ this early but I got a knee surgery yesterday and I'm home until Tuesday. pic related

This guy is cool as fuck
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