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Feels thread I'll start, >Be me >be 19 >live

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Feels thread

I'll start,

>Be me
>be 19
>live in Australia
>like 1 hour from the inner city
>Need to go to the city every day to go to uni
>Take train
>Stops every station
>Takes 2 hrs
>Go out one night in the city
>Meet some girls from my uni
>9/10 and a few 7/10 or 8's/10
>Totally getting in.
>Broken up with ex girlfriend and i don't have feelings for her anymore
>Still not sure where my hearts at
>Night gets longer
>Talk a lot with the 9/10, really open with each other.
>Tell her about how far away i live and how shit it is
>Tells me that i should stay at hers for uni
>Act unsure
>Go home that night and stay with a friend
>Add her on fb
>Adds me to one of her events, a party at hers
>I can't go because i wouldn't have anywhere to stay and it's tomorrow.
>See her at uni and chat before she has class.
>Tell her that i'm 'considering' her offer
>She just nods
>2 days later i message her on fb to ask her
>She saw it the moment i wrote it
>2 days later it still says seen and it's holidays for 1 week.

>What do? Wait it out?
>Worst part is, is that i think i might of ruined something that would of been nice.
If she hasn't even bothered since then, chances are for her, it was just a passing thought that she hadn't put that much thought into and would of changed her mind last minute or regretted it within the first few days.
It's annoying sure, but don't worry about it and move on.
OP you screwed up. She was hinting you something. She wanted you at this party and she wanted you to stay at her place. Why in the hell did you even refuse the offer?
Done is done. Now just keep the holidays far from your screen and just do your shit. When uni starts again just go to her and ask her out. You'll know if she's still interested.
Thanks but it i don't think it was, she was quite specific, talking about how large my room would be ect.

I don't know i guess.
I just don't know.
We didn't even talk about costs but i'd still be willing to pay good. :/
Fuck, you reckon? I didn't even really connect this.

Maybe she'll have another party and i can go to that one? Then i'd be able to see her casually again.
> be me
> be 20
> dropped out of college today cause I'm dumb and lazy
> mom yelling at me to get job but I hate talking to people
> life sucks wish I could get cancer or a disease to kill me that way I don't have to an hero like a coward
>suggests staying at her place
>Invites you to a party

>Then you don't show
>But you still are interested in her place
>She doesn't reply

Clearly because she was into you dude and you didn't go to her party man. She probably thought you weren't interested in her like that or her at all and now you're trying to get what seems like a second chance.

Girls like that don't give second chances. Good luck.
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American i see

What were you studying? Now you've dropped out you're going to need to find a job. It'll earn you some money but you'll realize how good the job you would of gotten if you hadn't of been lazy. You need to get up off the ground.
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Motivate yourself or you'll fuck up ya lyf. Sorry annon but it's the truth.
"accidentally" an hero. i plan on doing this sometime in the next couple days
Explain please
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No point being an hero. Stop being a pussy. Get your shit together.

>The good thing about being at rock bottom is knowing that it can't get any worse.
I have no interests I build up motivation at the beginning of every semester but it fades away quickly
To keep that spark flying you're going to need to do something that you're passionate about.

Find the thing you love.

Hold onto it with both of your hands and never let it go, because once you find it. You'll never have to motivate yourself.
I feel you man
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>be me
>meet girl from when i was on a boarding school
>she says hi, i say hi
>about a week pass
>meet her again same basic greeting
>start getting this feeling everytime i think about her
>me being a bit of a weirdo think it's just me being weird
>weeks pass
>realize i'm really falling in love with this chick
>can't stop thinking about her
>she is a pure natural beauty, she is so pretty without shitty fake ass makeup atleast 9/10
>realize i'm a fat, alcoholic, socially awkward beta faggot
>20 years old virgin, never had a girlfriend
>realize how hopeless this situation is
Holy fuck i'm still having these weird awkward falling in love with way too attractive and functioning people phase. I just wanna fucking kill myself for such a miserable fuck, i'm only too much of a pussy to actually do it.
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>text gf daily
>big walls of text
>we can't see each other so we're compensating for that this way
>she reads my messages
>always replies at around 1 AM
>ALWAYS, even when I send her the message like around 10 in the morning
>stalk her to see if she's busy
>she's not, she's playing stupid fucking league of legends and doing tumblr shit throughout the day
>get pissed
>ignore her for like 3 days
>"anon whats wrong"
>"sorry had internet problems"

Repeat process. I'm so sick of this, it's the only way we can communicate for now..
It's not love, you just like her a lot becuase you don't talk to a lot of girls.

Go to the gym.
You'll never feel like this every again.

Because it'll be girls feeling this away about you.
Realy dood don't an Hero just because you get slapped from life one time.
And if you realy don't care about ure life anymore, volunteer to the army. There your life will eventually save the life of sombody else when you die.
>get ure shit together
>volunteer and get a new life
If you are thinking of suicide then why just dont go kamikaze and ask her out
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make the conversation interesting,
really personal ones,
make jokes too and you should be set on keeping in good contact with her.

Ask her about skype maybe too?
al qaeda style, i like it.
Well i am going to start going to the gym and eating right. Try to stop drinking, don't know if i can though. I know what most girls like but i'm just not any of those things. I also fear if i start getting fit it's just my boring and slightly awkward personality that throws them off.
i've been in the same situation anon
>know a girl for about 5 years (was a friend of a friend)
>me be 22 kissless virgin
>random small talk whenever i saw her
>awkward as fuck
>this will never work
but because i was desperate, i remained persistent and after a month or so of actually full on talking to her, we ended up being together for about 3 years. I wouldnt recommend it if you just wanted pussy though, that was a lot of work
Man I do all of that shit and I know she enjoys talking to me.

But thay bitch is just lazy as fuck and it's pissing me off man, I've mentioned this to her once and she was like "I'm sorry for hurting your feelings but I need time to think about what to reply"

Considering we send like BOOKS to eachother.

I can fucking reply within an hour, it just seems lazy to me man. She has time for all this other shit throughout the day but always replies at 1 AM or later. And it sucks because she's too socially awkward to fucking skype.

Just venting my feelings here
You don't have to be boring man!

Learn to be more interesting, look up cute pickup lines and use them on her based on what shes into.

Eg if shes a surgeon use:
"Hey, you remind me of my appendix because i dunno what it is you do, but i think i want to take you out."

That is not sadness. This is not depression. Your life is so good you don't even realize it.
Idk OP, if she's a 9/10 she can find another 10 guys to invite to a party. You have to show your interest before she moves to next target.
Coffee is nice and better than a party because you get two advantages: no other guys to distract her, no other girls to distract her (and eventually be bitching).
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All good bro, OP Here i'm a total fucking cuck myself.

When i used to text my ex we got into a thing where she didn't text me sometimes so i just started to call her instead.

Ask her if you can call her sometime and tell her about how much you'd like it.

Or/and when you skype tell her she doesn't have to talk and make it so you both only type so that way her parents or people at her place wont hear and it will make it less awks.
Hope all this helps man.

I bet it fucking sucks.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 10

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