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Childhood sexuality experiences cont.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Childhood sexuality experiences cont.
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Fapping. Hurry. Bump.
fucked my 15 year old cousin when I was 13
When I was four my mom took me to this Mexican girls house (also 4) cause the parents though we were friends.
Anyway, we were up in the attic and she asked me to pull down my pants cause she wanted to see my weiner. I was embarrassed and said no, even though I was arroused by her asking. She said she'd let me see what was under her pants if I did but I was still too embarrassed.
That's all that happened. Shoulda gone for it tbh fam.
>be 6
>friend over, girl, also 6

>in bathroom peeing
>she opens the door to look
>i get embarrassed when i notice her there

>she says sorry
>also says that to be fair i can watch her pee too

>too embarrassed
>don't do it

I was a dumb kid.
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played a weird a game that we made up with an older friend. we pressed different of each others bodies and the one being pushed did something random.
at some point of the game it was always the same, everytime i pushed any part of him, he would take out his cock and have me suck him. at some point we just stopped the pushing and he had me suck him continously and he came in my mouth. i was like 11 i think and he was 14-15 or something
We have all played that doctor game.
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>Be 6-9 years mid 90's
>Live in small neighborhood without many kids my age
>My best fried for a few years was my next door femanon neighbor
>She is 3 or 4 years older than me
>We spend every day playing together. She has cool cars for her dolls and a sweet sega genesis.
>Last year we are friends she isn't as interested in video games and dolls anymore - what we normally did.

will continue if interested
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do go on
>be 10
>field trip with class
>share a bedroom with two friends
>first night
>have a last talk in the dark
>conversation about our dicks
>we turn the lights on and show each other
>mine started developing while theirs are still tiny
>they laugh at my "weird" adult penis
>we turn the lights off and go back to bed
>an idea gets in my head and I can't get it out
>first urges of exhibitionism and I don't even know what exhibitionism is
>actually it's the first manifestation of my later transformation into a sissyslut
>"You guys wanna see something gross?"
>I get out of bed
>I turn the lights on
>I'm in the middle of the room, completely naked and rock hard, foreskin pulled
>they're laughing but can't stop watching
>their stare on my naked body is the first real sexual thrill of my life
>I'm too nervous to do anything more
>I go back to bed and fap as silently as possible thinking about what I just did
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>be me
>probably 7
>out of town family gathering
>I'm on floor
>looking up everyone's skirt
>they don't know
>dick is diamonds
>go upstairs
>see cousin walk into bathroom
>she dosent close door all the way
>look in
>see first vagina
>dick tries to cum
>I'm seven I can't cum
>weird feeling in my dick
>balls hurt for rest of day
cont come on
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Girls shunned the everloving shit out me as a kid.
Does anyone have the last story about the step sister screen capped? I wanna continue it
continue please
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Where was I at though I didn't cap it and i think last threads dead
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>Out families are military families and it was typical for her to be left alone while her mom slept
>We start playing different games. House and doctor are what stand out the most.
>"I'm the mom and you can be the dad"
>She is really commited to being a "good wife" and is always asking me what I want her to do. Maybe hr parents had this dynamic and she was mimicking? I don't know.
>I have no idea and am really not that interested in these games. Would rather go back to Sonic or her barbie corvette or legos or w/e
>She starts to get a little more deparate as days go on.
>Pretty sure I was her only friend
>One day she straight up asked me to take my clothes off.

sorry I'm slow at typing this shit
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>I go back to bed and fap as silently as possible
They all heard you
>be me
>older sister has 9/10 friend
>my window overlooks pool
>sister and friend in pool
>her friend is wearing very small bathingsuit
>get a hard one
>don't know what to do
>rip hole in pillow
>hump the shit out of pillow while watching her sunbathe
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yes. this guy needs to finish his damn story
>rip hole in pillow

No you didn't.
even if they did they had no idea what I was doing
aint mine, but i capped this a while ago
U didn't have a sharp pencil or pen in your room at age 8?
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>I ask why do I have to be naked? She responds with "Because thats what moms and dads do together. They get naked and lay in bed together"
>Whatever. I really thought nothing of it at the time. We go into into the section of her room she had forted off with large boxes. The 'bedroom' of our 'house' so it had her small bed in this area.
>She strips down naked. "Ok your turn"
>Specifically being confused at her anatomy. Ask "wait how do you pee?"
>She looks confused as I get naked
>We both stare at each other for a minute. Realizing we are different at this point for the first time.
>She says I dunno I just pee. She is kind of focussed on my penis at this point.

Still reading?
keep going, im just lurking
Please continue
When I was like 7 or something, I remember a class trip where we went on the sea side for a week, sleeping in a huge castle, girls on one floor, boys on the other.

One night, after dinner, my two lover's of the time barge into the room, throw my friends out, and strip. One of them was blocking the door, the other tried to take off my pyjmas, was so fucking horny but too embarassed to let them do it, ended up having a good look though.

Later on at like 11, discovered some porn at a friends (male this time) house belonging to his parents. It was a bit weird in the beginning, we ended up watching like 7 movies, kind of jerking in our jeans but not really to be honest, we did not know each other very well, he was only the kid of one of my dad's friend
you deserve the dubs, good man
greentext it faggot
how i lost my virginity

>be me, years ago
>aunts and uncles com over at a hot summer day
>play with my cousin in the pool
>run around the house all the time
>shes says she has to pee
>tell her to just pee to the bush
>whes like wtf im not a boy
>my peepee looks different than yours
>oh rly?
>lets check it out
>wee stand behind the house looking each others genitals
>touching each other
>get hard
>lol whats that anon
>get closer
>try to stick it in
>doesnt really work, still try
>cousin seems weirdly into it
>actually stick it in
>kinda hump her for a while
>she says she wants icecream, leaves
>lol dunno what just happened

thats how i lost my virginity guys. she was 5, i was about 27.
> girl in my neighborhood, her 8, me 9
> i wanted to see her vaj but she was real shy about it
> i offered to show her my dick, hoping that would inspire her
> "yes please"
> we play with my dick for a while
> she gets more comfortable with the situation
> shows me her slit, we play with it for a while
> dick is diamonds
> but i was also too stupid to know about sticking dick in there
> so we just played around
> we had several more sessions over the months
> when i turned 10, i started realizing that pressure could cause an awesome penor buzz
> this was before i could squirt, tho
> one day i showed her my pressure technique for penor buzz
> she said that she was experiencing that too with her clit
> showed me how she did it
> we basically wanked for each other, good times
> it was exciting like nothing i had ever experienced before
> we had a few more sessions, but stopped doing it eventually
what a crock of shit
Fucking kek

How do I do that ? I'm a newfag
>she was 5 I was 27

File: 1452978957451.gif (665 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he doesn't know about meme arrows
File: IMG_1372.jpg (264 KB, 714x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mom calls for her for some reason and she throws my clothes at me and tells me to get dressed
>I am confused at this point because I didn't think anything is wrong. If parents came in I would have just told them we were playing house and doing the mom and dad thing.
>She says something along the lines of "When moms and dads do this nobody is supposed to see. My mom yelled at me when I tried to see them. Trust me I know what to do so hurry and get dressed before she sees us"
>So confused but whatever. I get dressed.
>On my way out the door she says "Don't tell anyone about what happens in our house ok?"
>Go home and think nothing of it
Two years earlier she was up in the attic with this anon:
>People who post multi-part stories spanning many posts and include a bunch of unnecessary details.

Nigga, ain't nobody gonna read all of that. Just get to the part where you fuck.
> Google is my friend :)
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>"Anon she's 12, just tell her you need to share the bathroom with her"

does OP even live in the real world?
It's worth the read. trust me.
More like
>Anon, she's twelve. You go within 20 feet of that bathroom and she'll lose her shit.
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Somone had a story about a blonde girl and a pool in the other thread. finish it you fucker
be 12
> parents divorced
> mom finds older guy with one daughter
> start to spend weekends at mom's house
> daughter has long blonde hair and green eyes, very skinny frame, average face
> play board games and video games with girl during time at mom's house
> mom and step-dad often leave us alone and let us do whatever we want
> mom and step-dad lived in a trailer at a trailer park
> don't really feel safe staying there but it's only for weekends and I wanted to see my mom
>summer time comes
> mom and step dad decide to get an above ground pool for me and my new step sister
> step sister and I start swimming together and we stay in the pool for several hours a day, usually only coming inside to pee or eat or sleep...
> middle of summer
> start noticing step sister is starting to grow up

> I can't help it, dick starts to get hard one day
> obviously staring her down in the pool, trying not to Jerk it
>her tight body swimming around and her tan making her skin glow.. her bikini bottom that's starting to be to small for her
> fuck it,commence underwater stealth fap anyway
> she notices but I guess pretends not to, blow my load in the pool while watching her swim and jump in the pool after about 30 seconds of fapping
> continued on playing like normal, I worked my horniness out for a while
> night time comes, parents bring dinner home, we have to go inside to eat..
Story not mine from old thread
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>Next day mom calls me downstairs "Femanon is here for you!"
>Kind of weird, I normally go looking for her if I want to hang out.
>She enthustically asks if I'm ready to play today and after I get dressed we head back over to her house
>"My mom is out getting groceries so we shouldn't be bothered again."
>At this point I am a little annoyed because I assumed she wanted to do more confusing shit and I really just wanted to ride my bike or something else and it was early I wanted to sleep in and she woke me up.
>Ask her do we have to do this? The naked thing?
>She says "It's ok if you're tired because we are supposed to lay down. You can sleep in my bed with me. Mom and dads sleep together like that"
>Theres no way I could sleep in that situation it would be weird. But whatever lets just get it over with
>Back over to the box forted off bed in her room
It's also a great indicator that the story is fake and the teller is shit at making things up on the spot. Not even good things, there's literally nothing happening. The logistics of it don't even make sense. He's 8 or so, she's gotta be 11 or 12 (based on his info) yet she's confused as to why he has a wang?
Sauce for the gril when you're done with the story plz.
>everyone eats, parents tell us they have to go somewhere after dinner and will be back tonight late
> parents leave, we both decide to shower and watch a movie
> she goes to shower
>I shower after her
> we meet in the living room to play a video game on the big tv and she's wearing a tank top without a training bra and some red pajama shorts
> she didn't always wear a bra but she had been lately
>no bra tonight though perky hard nipples very visible
> I tried so hard to stop the bones but it came up anyway
>grab a blanket before sitting down beside her on the couch
> hide Boner and cover myself up with blanket
> hormones kick in
> think if I am silent enough she won't hear me fapping under this blanket right next to her
>engage silent fapping, pull down shorts and let my dick spring loose
> after a few minutes she asks me what the noise under my blanket is
> she buys it or at least pretends to
> harder than diamonds staring her body down
> she notices me catching glances at her chest but still sits just a couple feet away pretending to watch the movie
> she starts to notice my cover moving and starts stealing glances at it..
> welp, she's looking. Should I stop?
> nah
> continued looking at her hard nipples, tan skin and looking into her eyes
I keep reading anyway and it's painfully obvious the guy who wrote this never met a human being in his life
> so young that I couldn't even walk properly, was about 2 years old
> discovered fapping
> did it basically everywhere I had the opportunity
> one day in kindergarden, at the age of 4
> built pillow fortress
> started wanking in it
> feelsgood.jpg
> other kid tries to break into my fortress of glory
> kindergarden teacher notices
> "hey, leave anon alone, he wants to play on his own"
> keep fapping and finish
> kindergarden teacher later tells my mum
> mum tells me not to do it in public anymore
I had a great childhood. ^^
> finally she gets frustrated, demands to know what the heck I'm doing under the covers
> I say ok but if I tell her she can't tell her dad or my mom
> she says fine
> pull back covers, show her my diamond hard dick
> she laughs and says something like (she talked really bratty, like a little Valley girl) well yeah I knew you were doing something with your privates I just didnt know what
> she seems fine with my hand right here on my cock in front of her
> she goes silent, and I start to Jerk off again without the covers... she's staring right at my cock with a curious smirk on her face
> why didn't I do this sooner.jpg
> beating my meat like no bodies business
> we start to talk again , she starts to ask a million questions and I ask her some as well
> I learn she had seen porn before and her mom had the sex talk with her already
>but she's never seen a penis in real life until now
> I ask what she thinks of them and she said they looked a little funny
>she starts blushing, it's pretty cute on her because she had a really skinny face and frame with cute bubble chipmunk cheeks and they were rosy red
> she asks to touch it
>thank you jesus
> I take my hand off my cock and tell her yes
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>Strip naked again. She said something about how she asked her mom what is different about boys and girls and that she thinks our anatomy differences are normal.
>I'm still kind of stuck on the peeing thing. So I told her I don't get how she can pee with nothing to aim it with
>At this point she spread her lips and just said it comes out of here. I remember being completely amazed at how this worked assuming everyone stood up and peed.
>She bent down and looked at mine this time. She smiled and said it was funny
>I showed her how I could make it into funny shapes by squishing it together. We both laughed.
>At no point did it seem that either of us were bothered by this. We were both just confused.
>She said she wondered why she didn't have one of those and that she can't do anything fun with hers.

girl in pics is gf
>be me, 9
>be round hot 15 year old cousins house

> she takes her right hand and rests her palm flush onto my ball sack, rolling my balls around slowly at first
>her hands are softer than velvet
>she plays with my balls for a little while
> giggling talking I know parents gone for a while
> hey sis why don't you let me see you naked too?
> She's sorta iffy at first but after a few times asking she agrees
>peels off her shirt first showing her growing perfectly perky milky white chest..
>she was tan all over except where her bikini was
> she gave me a tan line fetishes to this day
>then she takes her skirt and yellow cotton panties off
>we are both naked.. I ask her if I can touch her privates because she touched mine...
>be 6
>with different friend, also six and girl

>"hey anon do you want to play doctor"
>"i don't know, i don't have my bag"

(My dad is an MD so he had given me his old reflex hammer, otoscope, stethoscope, etc.)

>"no anon it's okay, you can just take off my clothes and give me a checkup"

>too shy
>nope myself out of there
> she has a wide grin and her cheeks are still glowing red but she nods yes
> I ask her to lay down on the couch
>she lays down on the couch on her back and I walk up to her
>cock harder than diamonds, leaking pre cum all over the place
> place my hand over her smooth mound of a pussy and begin rubbing
> so soft, smooth and getting warmer
> Jerking off like I'm getting paid for it with my other hand while rubbing her puffy pussy in circles
> ask her if it feels good and she says 'it tickles' a couple times.. her breathing picking up and she's starting to tighten her eyes shut when I realize I can't hold it any longer
> blow the biggest load of my life all over her chest ,belly, and a little on her face thinking about how warm her mound was getting... I freeze up and try to catch my breath
> she starts giggling
>said she knew what cum was but now she's seen it
>she jumps up off the couch and goes into the bathroom and wipes herself off with a towel and starts to get dressed again quickly
> I ask if we could do it again sometime and she nodded her head yes while changing and going into her room and shutting the door behind her
> I go in my room and go to sleep at like 9:00 because cumming made me sleepy I guess
>next morning
> I wake up about 10:00 , sister already awake and watching tv. In the pajamas she teased me in the night before
>be like 11
>was the more popular guy in class
>year ago girl knew I liked her
>she didn't react then
>now suddenly she likes me
>go to a friends house
>in the car she puts my hand in her pants
>rubbing, laughing
>im exited, but I didn't have sexual urges at that age I think
>know it was something you shouldn't do in public
>at friends house she says lets play hide and seek
>know what she means
>friend hides, we fool around
>he found out pretty quick we weren't playing hide and seek
>he probably thought we were pulling a prank or something

>one other occasion
>in my room
>start trying and explore more
>she doesn't want me to look
>I only can finger/rub her with pants on
>pretty boring
>she also told me she had sex with a older guy already
>probably had some issues

well stopped there, was interrested in exploring more. But I don't had any sexual urges. So when it stopped at only rubbing, I became pretty bored. We didn't even kiss
I am op of this story. I will let you post up until I left off then I'll continue okay
Yes, absolutely. And post the story two lines at a time, don't bother getting anywhere near the maximum post size before breaking into another post. And be sure to include a bunch of details that are mostly irrelevant to the actual sexy part of the story. I want to know the entire background history of every person in the story.
Oh come on that'll take ages
File: IMG_1613.jpg (253 KB, 735x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 735x980

>She says "Ok do you want to lay down now honey?" What her parents called each other.
>Sure whatever
>We get into bed and lay there awkwardly staring at ceiling.
>I'm still kind of bored with this and want to play vidya or ride bikes.
>She asked me if I was going to sleep. I told her I wasn't really tired.
>"Well I think we are supposed to kiss now"
>I kind of snapped back and said that kissing a girl was weird. I had seen it in movies and was the typical young boy who was kind of grossed out by it
>She told me thats what mom and dad are supposed to do and the typical "you said you would be the dad so you have to do it"
>Told her I didn't know how to kiss
>She said ok maybe we should get up and practice it.
>She says she never kissed either but that shes seen people do it and its easy

almost done. Also don't expect some super climactic lewd ending. This actually happened
>cousin says hey anon would you like a drink

You're almost there already
bump for these guys

File: 1443152825423.jpg (193 KB, 620x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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finish it so he will continue
File: 1440174619610.png (142 KB, 415x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumping for science!
>be me
>be 5
>playing in backyard with 9yo girl from down the street
>her name was Dimity
>stupid fucking name really
>she was my only friend so spent all my time with her
>spend majority of time in treehouse avoiding my parents and brother
>treehouse has table and chair
>frequently play domestically themed games (man, wife shit)
>they always got confusing though
>kept ending up naked
>don't know why
>Australia's hot though so probably would've happened anyway
>one such time, we just skipped straight to nudity
>decided it would be funny to race around the back yard with our pants around our ankles to see who could win
>she did, bitch

File: story.jpg (3 MB, 1500x3473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1500x3473
Now give us more
go on
Alright, I was maybe 9 and she was 6 or something and it was at a friends sleepover. I hadn't seen her in a while (I moved from my house 2 years ago) but my other best friend invited me anyways. All I remember was her jumping on me and clinging onto me a lot for piggyback rides and I was getting pretty aroused and I think she noticed even though I'm a girl? She asked my friends mom if we could just sleep in the corner of the kitchen and she said yeah. Our other two friends wouldn't see us sooo yeah continue or nah?
>She said she wondered why she didn't have one of those and that she can't do anything fun with hers.

Ha, same thing happened to me. I was about 9 and I showed my cock to a younger girl and she got real confused and wondered why she didn't have one. I didn't really know why, so I just made up an answer like: "yours must have come off when you were too young to remember".

Also, I remember another time talking to another girl about it, and she said that she actually had something there, but it was smaller. I had no idea what she was talking about, until a few years later when I learned about the clit, and realized that's what she must have been talking about.
"commence underwater stealth fap" kek
Thanks !
Am writing now
When I was like 6 I was swimming with my mom and climbing on her in the water. It felt good rubbing up on her body and I got a boner. She was kinda shocked and said, "anon! I g-guess you don't know what you're doing..." (I knew). "Does it feel good?"

Ijust nodded and she let me rub my dick on her through my trunks for a bit the she started to rub it. She stopped when my dad came outside to do some yard work or some shut. Nothing ever happened again.
>When I was 12 I went to this linguistic trip abroad with kids from everywhere around the world.

>We would have classes during the day and be hosted by local families who were pretty permissive.

>Comes the last day of the last week, there is some kind of party organized
> Me and my friends being the brats we were give some money to bums so that they can buy us voka
> end up with 2 bottles of simrnof for a group of 8/10 kids
> Don't even drink it all but everyone is fucked up, we did not even went to the party, spent the whole night in a closed park, drinking, fighting with grass, mud anything we could find
> After trashing the place everyone starts to go home, its around midnight.
> Still have 1/3 of a bottle of smirnoff, trying to drink it while waiting for the bus. Got like 40minutes to wait
> Weird dude in his 40s comes, drinking too but beer. Starts talking to me
> I am drunk, I play the man, we exchange drinks, he ask me how long I still have for , propose to go some place he knows while we wait because its cold
> I don't want to seem stupid by saying I am going to stay, the guy seems nice enough
> We start walking, and end up behind some kind of buldings , there are other people here, around some kind of camp fire, bums
> I start to get a bit scared when he talks to them , he is standing behind me pushing me into a corner, telling me we are going to be better over there
> Pushes on my drunk shoulders, tells me to kneel down, get his dick out and pushes it against my lips, tells me to suck.
> I was and I am still not attracted to men but I just did it, I was scared and I don't know its seems like the only option at the time.
> I blew him, in front of the others, laughing and yelling while he kind of teached me, moving my hand on his dick.
> Almost chocked when he came, spit most of it bot not everything
> As soon as he pulled out and turned to his friends, ran away , to scared would have to do everyone of them
File: IMG_1922.jpg (178 KB, 646x825) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 646x825

>Sitting cross legged on the bed naked it was time to kiss
>This was the only time I was nervous because I felt like I had to perform the task correctly - whatever kissing was
>I did complain a bit more but she insisted. For some reason I thought it might hurt so I asked her and she said she didn't think so.
>She leaned in and kissed my lips. Both of our eyes wide open. It was just a peck.
>She told me to wait a minute and got up and started digging around under her bed
>She pulls out some kind of fashion magazine and flips to an ad with a couple kissing
>"They have their eyes closed and are touching each other" she pointed out
>Orders me to close my eyes when we do it and this time she puts her hand on my cheek just like the picture
>"It didn't hurt me, did it hurt you?"
>"No I'm ok"

Go on
Them quads
>I'm a fucking retard
Details are what 75% of these stories are about. If it's just: "Anon, 10 make fuck with cousin 10 end of story", who gives a shit? You need the detail to appreciate it.

Go watch porn or something.
My then 10yo sister asked 7yo me if I wanted to watch her stick pins in her vagina. I didn't know wtf she was going on about so I said no and left.
It's a fucking greentext story, not a novel. If you can't fit everything into a single post, you're doing it wrong.
retarded? posting one line of info is garbage and makes nobody interested. just post the damn story
I've got a ton of these. Two of my female cousins (sisters) I'm pretty sure were abused becaude they were always acting out towards me sexually.

>be at their house on friday night
>me aged 7
>our parents are outside drinking
>they send us (me, my sister aged 9, two female cousins aged 6 and 9) inside to get ready for bed
>girls want to have bath together
>lay on floor to watch tv while they are in tub
>hear someone approaching from behind me
>buck naked 9yr old cousin stands over me and squats down
>i just stare at her pussy
>she laughs and spreads her lips open
>gets up and runs away laughing
>the other girls were watching from the doorway

Always stuck with me for some reason, fap material literally for like a decade

> we make out in this position for about 25 minutes or so
> my hips bucking and ramming my cock head back and forth down the middle of her velvet soft , extremely firm ass cheeks
> trying to focus on kissing and making my tongue work correctly but my dick is starting to throb.. it's time..
> I stop kissing for a second to let out a loud groan as I explode a load onto her ass cheeks and into the pool water
> her warm pussy staring to grind into my pelvisbone is what Sets My Load Over the edge
> she unwraps her arms and legs and giggles at the noise I make during organ
> she swims back over to the pool deck and puts her clothes back on
> she says it felt really good for her to rub against me and I told her we could do it again later on after our parents go to sleep
> she says okay and tells me to go into her bedroom tonight after our parents went to sleep
> than you lord.

Story continues in my next post after dinner time and bed time
he's the storyteller troll
yes, THE.
Sure, go ahead. Try to greentext it though. Describe it more like actions and events than a continous story text simply cut up. You can see the examples in this thread.
Well earned quads
Yes, but it shouldn't be too brief either. Post length limit, then new post. Obviously it's better if it's pre-written, but that rarely happens.

The point was that the whole idea of describing stuff like this is for us to imagine it in detail. The less detail you use, the less you have invested in the characters in the story, and the less it means.

Yeah, I agree. But you're retarded for wanting all of the details ommited. You can't just have line after line of "and then I fucked her like that, and then like this, and then-" you need some breaks, some filler where they're just eating and say something funny or whatever. Pacing, man.
This is my first time posting but I've used 4chan for over 2 years. I thought this was too good a moment to pass up so, here I go. (Dont know how to greentext either)

I was around 6 or 7, my dad was dating this bitch named Janet who had two daughters. Won't throw out names in case they come across this. Well her oldest daughter(about 14-16) was so fucking hot, my little baby dick didn't know what was happening but it liked it. Her younger daughter around my age, maybe a year younger was SEX OBSESSED, like she wanted the clock so bad. But like I said I didn't know what sex was. She would try to touch my dick, lick it, suck it, all that weird shit. She wanted me to go down on her but I was really uncomfortable with all of that shit. Well eventually she was a porno on tv and figured out how to sex it up and tried it on me, I refused until the point I was yelling. (Her and her sister shared a room) and she woke up and called her mom and my dad in. They realized what was happening and WORE US THE FUCK OUT. I was crying, she was crying, I pissed my pants, and it was over. About a week later I was visiting my dad again(visitation rights) and we had different beds which I was relieved of, now get this. This bitch came over to me in the middle of the night while I was asleep and pulled my lil baby pecker out and started sucking it. I had a bad bedwetting problem as a child and woke up peering in her mouth... She screamed and woke everyone up, her sister saw it all and said she was the one who came over to me and bothered me. So she walks to the bathroom covered in puss and has to sleep in the parents room that night. That was the last time I saw them. Our parents had some big fight and broke up. Probably about him being abusive and a cheater but that wasn't new. Even after all of that, I STIILL want to bang her older sister. Good memories.
>be 9
>weekend afternoon
>me and friend on computer
>look up some porn
>shes 2 grades ahead of me
>shes also getting hot
>starts rubbing my dick through my pants
>shoot a blank in my pants
>dad walks in
Learn to greentext
File: IMG_2288.jpg (208 KB, 980x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 980x735
>We try kissing a bunch of times. Each time she tried to do it just like the picture.
>She stops and looks a little nervous. I'm still waiting to get this over with.
>"Have you heard of french kissing"
>lol obviously not I'm not even interested in regular kissing
>She flips the page in the magazine and another couple is kissing but if you looked closely you could see they were using tongue
>She points this out and says that this is a more advanced kiss where you lick each other
>Again I'm grossed out but she is insisting that we are experienced enough to try it
>She tells me lets do it again but this time keep your mouth open a little. She will take care of the rest
>We kiss again but this time she licks my lips and then orders me to open my mouth more.
>I did feel a bit uncomfortable at this point. I guess I felt a little violated but wasn't sure what I was feeling at that time.
>She asked me to touch her back this time and put my hands on her chest
>We did this for another 10-15mins over and over. I felt uncomfortable and eventually complained enough that we stopped and played games

we did this a few more times but never got past what we initially tried. I thought nothing of it and never brought it up until my 20's. The images still don't really turn me on even though I like these kinds of stories. My mentality at the time I think ensured that I won't ever consider that moment a sexual one.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the gf
One time when I was 15, I took my mom's Victoria Secret catalogue to my room and started touching myself a bit. I got caught up in it and ejaculated eventually. Scared the shit out of me. Never again.
Im not the type of guy to share this shit, but whatever, been here so long that I might as well.

>Be me
>11 year old, hormone filled fuck
>just figured out I could cum etc
>visiting hometown for vacation
>at cousins house watching tv
>lay down in sofa, my head on my 9rl old cousins lap
>were family so thought nothing of it
>she randomly plays with my hair
>get daimonds, not sure why
>move my hand into her lap
>start to firmly move my hand in circles over her pants
>dick is throbbing and already precumming
>do this for like 30minutes
>her breath is heavy as fuck
>both seem to enjoy it
>at some point I cum
>take hand away and keep laying in her lap
>she hasnt told anyone as far as I know
>never talked about it

I felt kind of bad about it, but we still are close as far as family goes and it never made things awkward. Dont think of it anymore though.
>what a faggot........all she wanted was a good time
File: IMG_2286.jpg (163 KB, 670x893) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot to quote

>"she unwraps her arms and legs and giggles at the noise I make during organ"

Me too
>Keep going
>At Level 12, need to get to level 11 for them diamonds
I was sexually abused in a Brazillian care home at age 3. No it wasn't a "big booty latina" like in the porno's and that shit straight fucked me up. Was all female staff though.

Consider this,i never even had the chance to learn how to kiss and i'm 21,fml
File: 1450346072109.gif (4 MB, 450x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 450x253
>start to firmly move my hand in circles over her pants
>at some point I cum
>you need some breaks, some filler where they're just eating and say something funny or whatever.
Why? Why on earth would I care about that? Just skip it over and get back to the part that people care about.

Look at stories like these:

Short, sweet, to the point. And only one post each.
I bet your sexuality is pretty interesting. Care to share? Do you like femdom?
>we're racing up the tree
>I'm below her
>looking up
>whoa wtf
>that looks like a hole or something
>she must pee a lot
>back in tree house
>completely naked now
>asks me to get the dirt off her bum
>wipe it off, but just keep rubbing her bum
>decide to ask her about what that hole I saw was for
>she just kinda... bent over
>uses her hands to open things up a bit
>looks at me from between her legs and giggles at my face
>I remember being transfixed, and thinking it looks like she's been hurt there
>still just rubbing her bum
>notice some dirt from sitting near the hole
>start brushing that off too
>she jumps a bit
>thought I'd hurt her like when you accidentally touch a fresh cut and it stings
>said sorry, but she said it's okay she didn't mind it
>decided to show her mine, and show how there's no hole
>bend over like she did
>she starts rubbing my bumhole and nuts

more or should I stop
>At age 3
At 4 you probably had seen more action than I have in 20 years.
I have been fapping at least 5 times a day everyday since I was 4. I'm now 46.
Enjoyed both. Thanks, Anon.
I reckon you could knock out a bull with your right hand.
>its why we're here
It was weird, wont argue on that.
I turned out fairly normal.
>Turned out fairly normal
>Is on 4chan
moar im lurkin and jerkin here
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Well I'm into girls and shemales but recently wanked off a guy and found it quite good. Never sucked a dick though. Sometimes I wish molestation was voluntary then I'd be signing up immediately. I enjoy it a little, milf handjobs do it for me a lot of the time just look up alexa rydell handjob for my idea of the perfect scenario. Pic related
>me, 6-8 years old, don't remember exactly when
>a south american family lives with my family temporarily
>the daughter, 4-6 years old, was in the backyard with me
>while shes standing, i get on my knees and put my head next to her crotch
>she pulls her shorts down
>i start to basically eat her out
>20 seconds later she starts to piss in my mouth but i don't stop
>my mom and her mom see us and start yelling at me in spanish
>i open the minivan's sliding door, jump in and shut it
>my mom tries to convince me that everything's okay and to get back out
>never hear about it again
more of gf?
>next post
Times you have touched an actual vagina in your life: once.

When your mom squeezed you out, your right hand briefly touched her pussy lips.

> She's sitting on my lap kissing my cheeks
> I keep laughing and telling her to stop
> Room is dark, pretty sure other two friends are sleeping
> "Anon do you know what a lesbian is?"
> "uhh"
> She kisses me on the mouth before I can answer
> Holee fuck first kiss
> I sorta just grabbed her butt and she started grinding on me
> We're both quietly giggling and sighing?
> Only in our underwear mind you
> "Anon do you know what lesbians do?"
> Pulls down my underwear, getting her head between my legs
> Where is my mind by the Pixies
> It was so hot and warm all I could remember was making short sighs
> She's giggling against me which makes it worse
> Trying to push her tongue inside me but stops suddenly
> Tells me to do it to her
> I'm in too much of a haze so I just go ahead
> Sits on my face instead of leaning down
> Doesn't really move just kinda rocks from side to side
> I CAN BARELY BREATH but it's nice
> She keeps saying "Holy macaroni" and shaking
> Can't cum cause you're like 6 so nothing happens
> Gets off and falls asleep beside me with just our tops on
> I kiss her head goodnight
> Haven't seen her in 8 years
I started fapping to Lego porn (yes Lego porn) when I was 7 years old, I used to rub my dick against the wood floor
I can't remember everything that well cuz I was like 10 years old (she was like 7, 8)

>be me 10 years old
>one day a good friend comes up to me in school and tells me he met a nice girl
>said shes crazy and makes out with him etc.
>i already had some experience with kissing/making out (made out first time with like 6 lulz)
>told him alright, i'm comming with you
>went with him on the same day
>see the girl, she was playing with some friends infront of her house
>she ignored my mate and only wanted to play with me
>they had some small garden house in their garden
>she tells me to come with her
>she started making out with me, smelled like lemon juice out of her mouth
>go home
>next day go back to her house
>friends of her tell me to get inside her house
>i go inside some dark room, can't see shit
>a group of like 6 or 7 girls stand in a circle around me
>they tell me today anon and girl marry
>girl walks in with some shitty paper ring around her finger
>pulls pants down
>i was nervous and scared as fuck so i literally searched excuses
>all the girls start holding me
>i fall down and the girl put my shoe in her vagina
>i leave and didn't talk to her for a while
>some weeks later i go to her house, she moved away

found some pics of her a few days ago, shes pretty hot now
File: 1435873111647.webm (3 MB, 1000x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1000x562
I love this woman... She's made me cum loads of times.
>be me 10 years old
>small town in woods of NH
>best friend was 12 year old femanon
>always hung out after school
>one day all alone at my house
>she said she has to pee
>I tell her where bathroom is
>minute later "Anon come here for a sec!!"
>I go to bathroom door "What?"
>"can you come in I need help?"
>thought nothing of it and walk in
>femanon naked
No. Fuck you. Don't continue. Your story sucks.
sauce? nice ass
OK :(
>in cow pen, shoveling shit
>me 13, learned to fap recently, crave pussy
>see cow, massive cow pussy bulging out
>get cravings
>get on my knees in shit and slide my dick inside. best sensation ever
File: 1436448207787.webm (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080
Whoops.. Wrong one.
Don't listen to that faggot. You don't stop. You never stop.
Plz no
File: IMG_1047.jpg (108 KB, 784x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sure I'll post a few. What kind of lewds are we looking for?
how long does it take fuck
You fucking champion you...
Some Czech chick who does public porn fuck. She's on xHamster a lot.

Anything for a /b/roner
>at baby sitters age 8
>her daughter in same class
>we experiment kissing each other
>progress to touching and looking at at eachother naked
>one day she proposes I stick my baby dick in her baginer
>what's a baginer?
>its this *points to her baginer*
>ugh OK
>we go into the basement while she was cooking
>we get one of the younger kids to watch the door for baby sitter and he does it because he thinks we're cool because we're older
>we lay out behind a couch so we can ,..I dunno why, less likely to get caught maybe
>awkwardly have sex.
>our man guarding the door shouts "OH HI ANONETTE" real loud so we can hear him.
>we scramble to put our pants on as babysiter comes down there looking like she's suspecting some bullshit
We're still behind the couch pretending to be playing some game.

Anyway we had sex a few more times but we almost got caught every time so we decided to stop because we were afraid of getting caught.

She ended up going to a different highschool. Then in my mid 20s I bumped into her and we fucked again even though she was married. She seemed to have a soft spot for me.

She's a total autist nerd now. I have her on Facebook and she says the cringiestshit constantly professing her love for her husband and he responds with equally cringe replies.
>Be me
>Went on a family trip to visit cousins and etc
>One cousin is 13, she has a decent ass and tits sexy dirty blonde hair
>the other is just 10 but he's a little immature so I hung out with the older one
>Starts to get dark, parents went out drinking with her parents
>We're sitting together watching movies
>She's wearing lose sweatpants that sit low on her waist and a spaghetti strap top with a bra
>I'm kinda hard, looking at her
>I wrap myself in a blanket and slip my hand into my jeans
>I'm slowly stroking my cock when she looks over at me
>she smiles and looks back at the tv
>ff 20 min
>she starts to complain that she's sore and wants to sit on the couch with me (I was sleeping there that night so she sat on the floor)
>I let her up and she sits a little close but I don't complain

Should I continue?
umm i am not saying fbi but fbi
Any other anons got a question for someone like me?
Jesus fuck stop fishing for (you)'s so hard and just continue the god damn fucking story

is it that much to fucking ask
File: CLFlZSUWcAAAi-i.jpg (68 KB, 600x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me around 7 years old
>babysat after school while mom was at work
>nice lady, daughter around my age, older brother
>girl wants to play a new game
>wants to play "love"
>she tells me to pull down my pants
>starts sucking my tiny penis
> pulls down her pants and tells me to kiss her down there
>awkwardly kiss down there
>then she tells me to lay down and she gets on top
>we kiss mouth to mouth and she rubs her cunny on my dick
>tells me to get on top of her and kiss her
>tells me her brothers dick is much bigger than mine
>mfw I realize much much later that her older brother was molesting her
This dumbfuck of a name for a pussy makes me believe in this story, congrats anon
File: soflo.png (272 KB, 492x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You damn legend
File: cat1.jpg (8 KB, 232x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 11
>Bro is 15
>find shit load of porn vhs in parents wardrobe
>watch them, confused as fuck
>mostly straight, some gay
>start wondering why man is putting his cock in another mans ass
>bro says it is so men can blow off steam when no women
>we have to share baths, poorfag family
>one day he is in a bad mood because of school
>ask him if I can help him calm down
>bend over on bathroom floor
>he has sex with me
>hurts like fuck but it helps him out
>do it often when hes had a bad day
>stops after I start secondary school
>puberty hits
>randomly remember
>mfw I used to have incest sex before I knew what sex was
"Should I continue?"
>Are there any men jerking their hard cocks at my story?
>I'm gay and like pleasing men
If this is true anon FUCKEN KEK

Yes there are
File: 1419666743890.jpg (4 KB, 180x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 180x180

>be nine years old
>always play cops and robbers with two older girls/sisters

>one age 11 the other 12 or 13

>constantly be the robber they pin be down and mount me

>one day go back to their house with both of them, they pin me down mount me grind on me

>they start unbuttoning my pants
>i say no,
>older sister holds my hands down
>younger one unbuttons and puls my pants and under wear down
>touches my penis

>i begin to get hard, they both begin to touch me
>the older one puts in her mouth
>they start sucking it together
>get hard as diamonds
>sucking harder

Just kidding the part where they started sucking isnt real, but they did do everything before that including touch my bare ween while holding me down
File: 1435969268996.jpg (2 MB, 2592x3872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can someone quote the decent stories? Some of these just stop mid story
>tfw this is true
IM fapping bro but only cuz it feels good. like im playing with my junk but the context of these posts isnt getting me hard. I would be worried if it did kek. continue anon im amused.
File: _20160115_213815.jpg (50 KB, 1173x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 1173x720
If I had died when I was 12 they would have buried me in a Y shaped coffin. My legs were open to everyone
Was raped by an 8 year old girl when I was 7. Still remember the smell of her pussy.
are you straigh tho? or a fucking fgt
>...she wanted the clock so bad.

top kek
First time I got a boner where I realized what was going on was when I was in 8th grade...hot girl in my class was in front of me in line and they made us squeeze together to get more people in the room where we were. We were good friends so we started joking around...before I know it she's rubbing her ass up against my junk. Instant boner...she had to have felt it too

>Forget what movie was watching but it's was a little sexual but not much
>cousin is slowly shifting closer to my side
>I'm still hard but I stopped stroking it
>while I'm thinking about what she's doing I feel her hand creep up onto my thigh
>I grab her hand lightly and ask what she's doing
>"don't try to say you don't like it, let me go anon"
>She must've found out that I like feisty/bossy girls so I let her go
>we continue watching until we get to a kiss scene I'm not shy with kissing, done it before
>"Anon, my brother is asleep in the other room. I want you to kiss me"
>apparently she was getting flustered the whole kiss scene she was rubbing herself through her pants
>before I respond she grabs me and starts to push her tongue into my mouth
>I don't fight back but let it happen
>she moves over to my lap and takes her top off
>my jeans are still on but she's grinding on my crotch
>she stands up from my lap and starts to get undressed while I undo my pants and pull out my cock
>I have her lay on the couch and I slip it in she's wet and heavily moaning (missionary style)
>I start to buck my hips and she takes it
>"anon we're going to wake up my brother"
>I cover her mouth and she gently bites into the palm of my hand
>I pulled out shortly before I came onto her stomach
>she gets up and wraps herself in a blanket to go out and get a towel while I get dressed again

We did this years ago, but the last time we had sex was maybe 2014 ish we're both in our twenties now so we stopped due to significant others.
>be 11
>visit aunt and uncles for christmas
>cousin is same age
>she grew nice little perky boobs since I saw her last
>little fat ass too
>after dinner parents are getting drunk
>me and cousin watching boy meets world in basement
>jokingly ask cousin for some of the tissue she stuffed her bra with
>"I don't stuff!"
>MRW she flashes me her boobs without hesitation
>fucking diamonds
>giant puffy nipples are the best
>she notices
>tells me I have to show now
>show her my little dick
>she flicks it
>hear a noise
>parents coming downstairs
>put pillow over pants
>never talk about it again
>me and cousin are still cool
Straight as an arrow, bro and me have grown apart over the years, currently engaged to a girl I've been with for 6 years.

Dude, you are wrong. You are obviously just being over verbose and stretching your story to like 6 posts just to hijack this thread and make this thread about you. Don't trip, it happens to the best of us. Just don't deny it - take a look at yourself from outside.

These guys are right. But it doesn't seem like this faggot gets it. I think he's too far gone in his self absorbtion.


And Jesus fuck I don't have this on notepad pre typed, I'm a slow typer.
i posted my story about a month ago. i used to give my father oral sex as "favors". literally.

"im gonna need a favor". "do me a favor later?"... phrases like that. he never used the word sex. just favors.
>be 14
>had a "gf"
>she be 12
>in a car, back seat
>she's next to me, got my arm around waist
>i grab titties
>she was kinda chubby but them titties were really nice
>i work my way lower
>dick is diamonds
>put hand in her pants
>she's too scared to let me go in her panties
>rub her through her panties
>fap to that later

I bang her later. Want to hear it?
U made my dick uber daimonds
yup continue now u started

> she wanted the clock so bad.
> Well eventually she was a porno on tv
> woke up peering in her mouth
> So she walks to the bathroom covered in puss

this story is much more interesting.
When I was 5 I showed my cock to another class mate and he told his mum and embarrassed me in front of the whole class.
Edit: The mum embarrassed me in front of my teacher, my mum and the entire class. 15 years later she still holds a grudge against me kek

>I grabbed my clock so quickly
>Eventually TV became porno
>Peering in her mouth, I couldn't take it anymore
>Clean up on ails three
>Cover it in puss
>Retreat to restroom where I did the same to mum in the bath
my earliest memory:

>be me
>be 3
>parents work so daycare for anon
>daycare is basically some lady's house full of like 15 kids
>one of the other kids, 6 y/o or so, i don't really remember:
>"hey anon, let's do something cool"
>follow him upstairs where no one is
>we go into bedroom
>he closes the door
>tells me to take my pants off
>i do
>he takes his off
>convinces me to rub butts and dicks together
>we do it
>i realize i probs shouldn't be doing this
>put pants back on
>go back downstairs

/weird experience

not really traumatic but definitely my earliest memory and my earliest sexual experience
>Be 13 sister 15
>Living at grandparents house
>Share same bed
>Go to bed early but stay up playing gameboy
>Sister comes in thinks I'm asleep
>After about 20 minutes feel the bed moving
>Turn around sister is curled up with her left arm moving up and down slowly
>Notice her hips gyrating
>Boner x1000
>Hearts beating a million miles an hour
>I start to rub my dick watching her trying not to get noticed
>Shaking like a brick in a washing machine
>Hear her slightly moaning
>She stops shits quiet for a bit
ive got a couple memories of some suff from when i was a kid.

when i was 7-11, my grandmother used to run a daycare/ afternoon care for grade school kids. there was this one girl named tiffany, she was a few years older than me. she was alos not that bright. there was about 8 of us that would be together after school at my grandmothers house. i was always around tiffany though(i had an obvious crush on her). when we would nap together we would sleep under the same set of covers. she was at the age where she was developing too. i used to suck on her breasts and finger her pussy every chance i got. being young, i didnt know too well how sex worked. so only thing i could ever think of was having her jerk me off in return. could never get her to stick her head under the covers though :/

when i was in 2nd or 3rd grade i sat next to this girl named tionna(black girl). she wasnt that much to look at but she let me play with her under the desks, so i evened out. looking back i never understood why she let me finger her in class. i didnt care though. we were caught one time however, not by a teacher, but by a girl named farrah that sat across from us. i thought she would tell on us, but it turns out she was just jealous.

had a few more funny things happen to me back in highschool, but this thread is for childhood stuff.
SO you're apart of the D club?
>so we see a movie
>i want to bang, lil me full of hormones
>she's super shy
>"i dont want to get pregnant anon"
>offer to use condom
>"no i dont want to"
>suggest we do anal
>took much convincing but it worked
>sneak into a bathroom at movies
>use large stall in mens
>bend her over sink
>she's a lil chubby so her ass is plenty nice
>fuck that ass from behind
>i had fapped alot before so it was kinda anticlimactic
>she complains it hurts
>wants me to finish
>i'm so full of hormones i could go on for hours
>but fine
>maximum overdrive
>hammer that ass
>cum inside her ass
>holy shit, the fucking best
>legs are shaking
>we do that two more times
>i dump her after a few months
>still see her pretty often, awkward as fuck now
File: cathat.jpg (363 KB, 1432x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me age 10
> dad takes me to his new gf's house
>she has daughter who is 12
>we go to her room
>she puts in the cat in the hat movie (pic related )
>i sit on floor
>after 25 mins shes like anon come sit in bed with me
>embarrassed kek but gets in bed
>she starts moving closer
>kisses my cheek
>try to touch a tit because im 10
>she kinda pushes my hand away and kisses me
>start rubbing on each other
> she lays me back
>gets on top of
>grinding on me
>dick is diamonds
>this is where it gets weird
>she dry humps me with clothes on for almost the entire cat in the hat movie
>after she takes off my shorts
>gives me dry hj
>puts a little in her mouth
>sucks me for like 5 minutes
>doesnt cum
>pizza guy is here we have to go eat
>My Grandma comes
>She gets on the floor
>Everybody walk the Dinosaur
yus continue
>Be me 9
>At a shitty party

>so we see a movie
>i want to bang, lil me full of hormones
>she's super shy
>"i dont want to get pregnant anon"
>offer to use condom
>"no i dont want to"
>suggest we do anal
>took much convincing but it worked
>sneak into a bathroom at movies
>use large stall in mens
>bend her over sink
>she's a lil chubby so her ass is plenty nice
>fuck that ass from behind
>i had fapped alot before so it was kinda anticlimactic
>she complains it hurts
>wants me to finish
>i'm so full of hormones i could go on for hours
>but fine
>maximum overdrive
>hammer that ass
>cum inside her ass
>holy shit, the fucking best
>legs are shaking
>we do that two more times
>i dump her after a few months
>still see her pretty often, awkward as fuck now
>Wait like 45 min in the dark
>Poke her back
>No response
>Say fuck it
>Lift sheets she's wearing pj shorts
>Move her shorts up and see glorious butt
>Get brave and squeeze it
>So soft so amazing my dicks gonna explode
>I dare to go further
>Start poking around between her legs
>Never touched puss till then
>Was wet and gooey
>My hearts beating out of my chest
>Precum is pouring out of my dick
>Rub in between her lips with one finger
>She moves a bit I freak out and stop
>Wait for what feels like forever
>Go back to touching her ass
>Fapping like cray but trying to stay quiet
>Brilliant idea appears
>Grab her hand wrap it around my dick
>Hold her hand and move it up and down
>Cock is throbbing
>About to cum
>Not enough time to react
>Jizz all over her hand
>Don't know what to do
>panic and just turn and just turn around
>Next day sister says nothing
>Got away with it
File: 1431873061349.jpg (285 KB, 1042x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285 KB, 1042x1500
>Then fucks her for you
>Be me 53
>Walking down the street
>See this beautiful 16 year old girl

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Story of why I was a dumb kid
>7th or 8th grade
> talking to qt3.14 for a couple weeks
> she talked to me every day and every night
> just thought we were friends
> one night text me saying "anon im cold"
> me: lol that sucks
> her: it's not funny im really cold and I just shit my window
> me: put a blanket over you
> her: I'm still cold
> me: put on more clothes then
> her: but im comfy
Me being curious
> me: what are you wearing?
> her: training bra and boy shorts
> me: what are boy shorts?
She sends me picture of her in bra then just one of her ass
This is wear my autism has kicked in
> me: oh those look weird
Then continue talking about how to nake her not cold
She kinda stopped talking to me after that
>hot 4yo girl
>grab her
>kiss her in the mouth
>realize that i am 7yo
If you want

>Ask if she is single
>She says yeah
>Ask If I can come to her house
>"Sure Anon"
>In house
>She gives me goggles
>put it on
>Realize that "She" is a tranny
>And that He is black
>He then takes his wig off and throws it out the broken window

You used 4chan for over 2 years yet never posted? KEK i doubt that
put penor in vag and got it licked and licked vag when i was about 7. 3 diff girls but didnt really know what i was doing
takes her skirt off? i thought she was wearing pyjama bottoms
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Zozzle* N99b.
nice pizza anon
Zozzle sounds fucking retarded
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Screenshot (43).png
150 KB, 1024x768
I know you are here. finish it
I too saved this when I saw it last year. Fake and gay as shit but a classic.
>be me
>middle child
>between two girls only a few years apart

we did a lot of stuff that I'd rather not think about. We were so young though I don't think any of us really let it bother our relationship now
>we did a lot of stuff that I'd rather not think about
We all want to think about it. Please elaborate.
Low class nig nog detected
File: 1452600474653.jpg (64 KB, 640x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks, bought it myself.
> be six
> last year of kindergarten
> after lunch, kids getting ready for the nap
> sitting down, taking off shoes etc
> be sad for some reason
> girl comes in front of me
> asks why sad dude
> say idk
> girl comes even closer
> pulls down pants revealing her pus
> w0t.mp3
> touch it
> go to sleep not sad
I'm hoping you meant 7, not 27.
I saw my mom naked when I was 5.
My sister would tie me up and put makeup on me when I was 4.
>Be between 7-10, can't quite remember since I have partial memory loss
>Only friend a girl
>We both bond since our moms are alcoholics
>Spend most days together so we had somebody sober to conform to
>We talk and talk, and do standard kid shit. ie video games
>One day she suddenly decides to play 'truth or dare' because she saw her brother playing it
>First kiss
>Escalated over time to flashing, stripping and playing
>Furthest we got was I caressed her bare ass and panties over her pussy

I sometimes browse her Facebook to see how she's going, not too well sadly
>be me
>kindergarten so 5-6
>for weeks on the bus home from school this girls my age would rub my penis
>she had me rub her through her underware
>she would ask where pee came out and stuff like that
>one day she wasn't there but her friend told me she had told her to "play" with her instead
>dunno what happened to first girl because I never saw her again
Still blows my mind this happened every time I remember it
Nice. Thanks for telling it. I was playing a game, so couldn't respond.

>I sorta just grabbed her butt and she started grinding on me
>We're both quietly giggling and sighing?
>Only in our underwear mind you
Bueno. We need more lesbian stuff.
well hello there fellow 603 b/tard
>I'm still kind of stuck on the peeing thing. So I told her I don't get how she can pee with nothing to aim it with
Kind of had a similar experience. My sister and I used to take baths together, until I was maybe 5 or 6. I used to wonder why her privates looked so different from mine, and sort of assumed she had a dick inside that slit. Never said anything about it though.
NH is strong tonight - I'm in Manchester at work
2 things. 1 this is b and most green text is fake obviously. 2 parents are homeschool fucks and girl is 12. It seems like a really liberal family (as evidence by the daughter) and if anon is close enough to family i can picture them not careing if he sees their daughter naked as they in no way suspect what follows. That being said its probs bullshit
>The Pron Chan

in dover at work. who knew there even was a NH game?
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