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/b/ i've had a weird gay experience with friends. i'm

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/b/ i've had a weird gay experience with friends. i'm not sure if things'll be akward or if they'll look at me differently now. has anyone had a similar experience or advice ? i'll greentext.

i have posted this thread yesterday and the overwhelming response seemed to be that i'm basicly his bitch now and what i want doesn't matter. but i'm still unsure on what to do, so i'm trying to get more opinions.

thread 404'd pretty quickly a little bit ago, giving it another go.
>be with 2 best friends (a couple)
>they're very open, they talk about sex alot. she doesn't do anal because she think he'll never fit.

> often jokes if he wants to do it he'll just have to find someone else.
>one day the jokes going on as usual but i say say she's probably overeacting (have experience with plugs, prostate and all.)

>tells me if i think it's so easy, i shouild do it.
>good friends so i just play along with the joke.
> he stands behind me and bend me over and says to her "like you'd let me"
>she just shrugs "it's not my ass, i don't care"
>i don't really know how to respond. i've thought about it a few times but never found guys attractive.

>he lowers my pants and i kinda freeze not sure if it's still a joke.
>she's suddenly not that sure anymore either and walk up to us
>he pulls down my boxers and drops his pants.
>feel his dick drop on my ass/lowerback
>feels massive
>she looks at me and lives this look like "are you really letting this happen"
>keep quiet and just look in front of me
>feel a big glob of spit fall on my asshole
>suddenly feel pressure on my ass
>he pushes in slow and works the head in
>he grabs my hair and pulls me back onto his cock.
>she asks "so anon, is it as easy as you thought ?
>shake my head "no... he's big"
>proceeds to fuck me infront of his girlfriend.
>calls her to him to make her watch how he's balls deep inside me "see ! i'm not too big"
>she tries to be kinky "so how does it feel getting fucked like a whore anon" ?
>ignore it and lay there doing my best to take it all.
>he goes really hard. to the point where it's kinda painful
>feel a strange feeling in my gut and start to drip some cum
>have an orgam, feels way different than anything before.
>she loves it "omg anon did you jsut cum like a girl ?"
>i spasm slightly and tighten my ass
>he grunt and hammer in balld deep
>cums inside me.
>pulls out and slaps one of my cheeks.
>pulls his pants back up, while i just lay there, bent over

>after a smirk from her they kinda go back to what they were doing
>i follow after a minute or 2 and sit newt to them watching tv for a bit
>stays really quiet, but not sure what they're thinking>
>i leave shortly after, i was supposed to anyway.

this happened last weekend. haven't been there since, not sure how things are now.
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nice try m8
eh, can't blame you for thinking it's fake. it's pretty damn weird
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meninanua com
this is my dream
i wasn't a bad experience i guess but it's definitely not something i ever thought about
This was posted yesterday go away
can't say i didn't see that one coming.
yes it was. i also mentioned it was posted yesterday so... reading helps
You're a homo that loves the cock. Plain and simple.
u dont just let guys fuck ur ass, bait/10
u just want to be called a faggot
would be easy if it was that simple

But it is.
to answer your question, yes things will be awkward and they will look at you differently now
i wouldn't have this problem if it was. for one this isn't just a gay random encounter they're friends that i've known for a long time, and i've never bene physicly attracted to men. i i was the one doing the fucking i doubt i'd even be able to get it up. men just don't do it for me
so did you enjoy it in the moment or did you get raped?
i do hope not. we've been friends for ages. i don't really want anything to change
it wasn't a horrible experience in itself, though it did hurt aswell.
Well, if this is real, they are probably gonna be chill about it. They let it happen/set it up and you let it happen/didnt complain so i dont think you have anything to worry about unless you make it awkward. Source, fucked a dude in the ass, and made it awkward after.
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i do hope so. the '"set it up" has chrossed my mind aswell, she seemed too much into it.
good story op, but how about saucze on that pic?
don't have sauce on it unfortunatly, it's one i saved from here
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Well did you like it? I mean, it was grounds for rape, but if you liked it, whatd it matter?
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if you could meet up again what would you do next?
it did feel good in the end, though there was pain involved aswell. i wouldn't call it rape, i didn't say no or fight it so...
i'm seeing them again next weekend. i have no idea what i'll do.or how to act. it wasn'thorrible as an isolated incident but i don't want to end up as a fucktoy
Well talk to them about it. Or just him. I know it'd probably be awkward but just tell him it was a questionable experience but you don't want it to effect the friendship. You will probably just be reassured that it wasn't a big deal. Than go home, get drunk, and question sexuality into an alcoholic oblivion.
well if you liked it, tell him to not pound away next time so its less painful. you could have a nice sexual relationship where you get fucked in the ass and maybe also get to fool around with his girl in a 3some. sounds like a win win
i might just not say or do anything if i don't notice anything different, but i might talk about it if i notice they treat me differently
the weird thing is the hairpulling and pounding , it kinda added to the appeal it had. i've never been into guys but in that moment it didn't seem that bad.
In my case I'd have let it go as far as him pulling my underwear down before I would seriously try to get the girl involved for a 3way. If there was any dispute then abandon ship but if they went for it... Might take a load for the chance to fuck my homie's girl with him. Then we'd all bond and try it again sometime but I'd bend him over this time and eventually we'd be a big happy fuck family :D
Dude, your homie fucked you in your virgin ass in front of his gf. Seeing as you posted this twice you clearly have a reaction to it. Could even scar you. Do you want a conclusion?
i don't know, maybe it'll just blow over. it was the first time things ever went from joking to this.
That is beautiful
Thats nice OP
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 6

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