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real question is asperger's really a thing? it seems like

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real question

is asperger's really a thing? it seems like it's a diagnose for people who want to be officially classified as retarded but don't want to go full retard. people get it for themselves as an excuse for why they're sort of odd. parents get it for their kids so they can have an excuse for why they've failed as a parent.
As someone with a sister who has Aspergers Syndrome I can confirm it's a thing.

In layman's terms you could call it 'mild autism' but it is most definitely real. A lot of young people self diagnose though just because they're a bit obsessive or daydream a lot, taking away from those who genuinely suffer because of it.

It is fairly common for people to be on the autistic spectrum though.
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but the symptoms are like

likes stuff
not good at communicating

that describes around 100% of the people i know

it really doesn't seem like it deserves to be a thing. what do you even gain from a diagnosis of mild autism?

Asperger's is a high-functioning form of Autism, not just being 'a bit weird'.

Like for example, my sister can do most normal things such as dress herself, talk coherently and perform day to day tasks.

She must live within structure though, for example, my dad takes her for a walk on Monday afternoons. There could be a storm blowing outside but she will still insist on going out, otherwise it causes her a lot of distress. It's not just 'throwing a tantrum', it's beyond her control.

A person with Aspergers has special needs and requires assistance in day to day life a lot of the time, as reasoning is not a strong point.

It's a lot more complex than what you describe, on 4chan everyone screams 'lol autistic' at anyone who is a little obsessive or overly serious.

I think probably best describes the difference is when you see an Autistic person you KNOW, they will have obvious ticks and behave very strangely (drooling, ignoring people etc.).

A person with Aspergers can be brilliant intellectually, usually only in one subject though so for as long as their routine is unchanged, you won't tell. You set of one of their triggers (not in the reddit bullshit term) and then you see the Autism.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, for all it's a shit show, is a reasonable example of a high-functioning Autist.

A lot of people use it as a 'get out' for social awkwardness, "I can't talk to girls in the club, guess I have Aspergers" but that's the same as all these otherkin faggots, looking for an easy tag for their personality.


think of it as how many parents are happy to give their kids ADHD treatment just because they have a lot of energy, it's a similar kind of misdiagnosis
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You know the rules sheever
You sacared sheever away faggot
so if for example there is a hurricane outside on monday and she cannot go outside without literally getting swept into the air and killed, she will still do it?

isn't it just like, for your dad it's mildly inconvenient that it's raining outside so he'd rather not go for a walk but for your sister that shit doesn't matter? what's a little rain?
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I mean if something she normally does becomes an impossibility. For example, she ALWAYS watches Simpsons at 6pm but if for whatever reason it's not on it completely throws her, easily remedied by getting a DVD.

The way when she is 'triggered' she acts, if you ever saw it you'd know something 'wasn't right'. If you swear (which is anything from 'bloody' or 'damn' upwards) you must apologise because as a child she was taught swearing is wrong. It's stuff you learn to live with but in real world situations very limiting.

You've probably read 'tard rage' stories on /b/, it's very true. A switch is flicked and she goes into a rage similar to that of a mother seeing her baby getting raped, real life or death stuff.

It's not all anger though, it's all these little mental blocks, like if she sees someone putting on shoes (not neccessarily dirty ones) while she's having breakfast she will gag and sometimes throw up. Same thing at lunch or dinner, no reaction.

Basically think of it as the brain being wired up incorrectly, she can be reasoned with but within her frame of understanding and there are brick walls. A fully autistic person simply cannot compromise whilst someone with aspergers just struggles with it.

and sorry, yes. She would put her shoes and coat on and go out by herself regardless of risk as it's what she 'always does'.

This is why TV shows getting cancelled or shops closing down is really distressing for someone on the autistic spectrum. Routine makes them feel safe in a scary world, mess that up and they panic.
theres many different levels of aspergers too, i've met some who dont have the routine thing but still have the social difficulties and obsessiveness etc
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>likes stuff
>enjoys food
>thinks orgasms are great
>once sneezed and farted at the same time
Basically, if you aware enough to self diagnose yourself as having a form of Autism, you don't have Autism.

The world revolves around you and you are the only normal person.
stupid fu ck!
Everyone is searching for reasons to justify their mistakes. Of cause its espacially hard etc. its human nature to lie to themselfes.
I do have a sort of asperger but im not retarded its basikally the other way around (HFA) with higly visual thinking / with nearly none verbal. That basically means I just think in Pictures nearly no words.
Sometimes I catch myself thinking in language and i immidiately stop because I already know what my brain wants to tell me and further on, just so slow thinking in languages.
Asperger makes you different because you are thinking different as the normal population thats it. Its like a cat a dog they live together,but do different things react different etc.
Normal people are just to stupid to think that not everyone is the same, so they dont know how to handle the aspergers. And thats it.
More sheever. Especially body shots.
My son has aspbergers and trust me the last thing he wants is to be labled as anything. Honestly he just wants to be a normal kid.
I live a normal life now, but as a kid it was different I had heaps of routene, but I come to figure how the world works so I got rid of those changed to integrate.
You wouldnt notice anything about me. Maybe just that my language sucks and that I can not put my thoughts in words. (you would think im retarded)
But in nearly any case Im a couple of steps ahead thinking about every occurence every path just everything to for example make you think about me what I want you to think.

Life is earier when ppl think your stupid also.
In any case my log IQ is over 150. verbal 110 and overall 126. (>inb4 IQ means shit)
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just seems like "hard to reason with" or "stubborn" are traits that other people have as well. maybe it's more pronounced in people with asperger's but where's the limit between stubborn and asperger's? and do they really need a tag?

you really just sound like someone with a boring and dumb opinion of himself

that's my point, it seems like an unnecessary label for someone who is just a little weird but a lot of people are a little weird
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so aren't you just a guy who thinks ahead?

why do you need some catch-it-all label instead of just being you, who is a person who thinks ahead?

unrelated i also think that life is easier when most people think you are stupid.
ahh well to correct it total is 140 if you take in case that i was just 9 when taking the 10 years one. which results in as 9 years I was mentally 12,6 years old.
Converting it by /9 * 10 or * 10/9 = 140
I was interlectually 2/5 th of my age ahead but at that time socally like 1000 years behind.
And thats the case with asperger
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Thread images: 8

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