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/b/ what's the scariest thing that's ever happened

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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/b/ what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you that you can't explain?

Honestly, mothing. Everything that I found creepy ended up having a much more mundane explanation, like gravity, wind, or a complete misapprehension about the true circumstances.

By definition, nothing is supernatural.
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Of the millions of potential champion sperm that swam towards the egg, I had to be the first one to reach it.
I wish I could say but it was so out of this world I can't really explain in a way you'd understand
its a tie between ego death and my first and last dmt trip
Kek, that picture was on a billboard here in michigan. No one knew why.
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The scariest and unexplained thing. Two almost-rolled-dubz in a row and no one noticed it.
Woke up early morning with the sun barely comin through the window. Roll over and see about 4 or 5 people standing around my bed with skin as white as snow and black voids where their eyes were. Roll over pull sheets over head and go back to sleep. The End.
I agree anon, if it exists it's not supernatural.
Browsing /b/
Used to be a lot of ghost encounters at the house I grew up in. I saw shit, other members of the family, and even a few guests. Shit was crazy, it just kind of paralyzes you for a few minutes.
I could bring up the specific stories if anyone's interested. I think there was only maybe 7ish good ones.
Actually its not always the first one that does the job, you could be second, third or even one hundread and fourteen
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I ended staying awake until about noon, and when I felt like going to bed, I couldn't because there was too much light coming through the windows. I thought it'd be a good idea to throw a blanket and some pillows in my walk-in closet and fall asleep on the floor with the door mostly closed.

At some point after I had mostly fallen asleep, I encountered pretty hardcore sleep paralysis. It was pretty scary because of all of the clothes hanging over me, and the rather confined space. I was sure I saw shadow creatures moving around, too, but who knows. It was nuts, and I hope it doesn't happen again for a while.
fuck it i'm doin it anyway. I'm bored
>be 14
>everyone in the family is over at my aunt and uncle's house for something for a few hours
>maybe about 9 or 10 PM
>chillin downstairs watching random shit on HBO
>TV is in an entertainment center with big pane of glass that covers the sound system
>You can see a clear reflection of the stairs that go up directly behind where I was sitting on the couch
>Hear one of the stairs creak
>"eh, the house makes noises from time to time" keep watching movie
>another step creaks, this one I knew was the 2nd from the top due to a slightly distinct sound
>eye catches something in the glass, there's a boot on that step
>"dafuq? was that always there?"
>keep watching and another boot comes into view and goes to the next step
>figure is now in sight slowly walking down the stairs
>its nearly at the bottom, about 5 feet behind me
>semi transparent figure wearing dark jeans and an old orange shirt, but i can't see any face
>shit just vanishes into mist
>can't fucking move or talk for the next 30 minutes
Damn, son, that's pretty spooky.
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I seem to hear noises and I see this Same exact shadow sometimes when I'm not paying attention.
Not scary but I'll never be able to explain it.

>be 8
>grandfather dies
>he was a mans man
>hunter, commercial fisherman, army boxer
>looked up to him like a god
>cancer takes him young
>feels bad man crying so much I couldn't even watch him get buried
>later that week asleep for the night
>have dream of myself walking through this stone tunnel lined with a red carpet and gold frill
>hear my grandfathers voice
>he's wearing hi signature flannel and carrying his 12 gauge, one of my fondest memories is hunting with him
>we talk for a bit about things I wish I could remember
>finally he says he has to go
>I ask why
>he says he has "something to do"
>but he "will see me at 6-30"
>wake up in tears and run to my parents room
>for a few years after that 2 things would consistently happen
>the shower current would curl ever so lightly around me
>and the foot of the bed would cave down when I was in it like someone was sitting on the other end
>my mom is one of those spiritual nuts who claims she feels presences
>I blow that off but that's still some shit I can't explain
>also I tell people close to me about that dream in case I die
>if for some reason my death falls on June 30, or June 2030 or 6:30 I want people to know I had that dream

Anyway that's it. I've had other weird stuff happen in my ex's house that she claimed was haunted
Yooo I woke up one morning and saw something floating above me in my tv. Called my mom in and she verified and we just never talked about it. Wrote it off as a glare
Creepy picture. Also is sleep paralysis random or are people prone to it?
This one was from my brother
>be my bro, maybe about 13 years old
>playin mo'fugin runescape at about 3AM
>computer desk is right beside the stairway mentioned in previous story
>I'm sleeping on the couch
>out of nowhere my brother gets a cold sensation on his right forearm
>looks down to his arm to see a hand thats made out of shadow
>follows the shadowy figures arm up to his body
>6'2'' ish shadowy figure just standing beside my brother staring him in the eyes
>the shit had deep yellow glowing eyes
>they make eye contact for about 5 seconds and it just fades away
>brother instantly jumps over couch ontop of me freaking the fuck out trying to wake me up
I shall fuck my grandma if I get it in the ass or 6666
I can explain it, thats the thing. Just only on the internet due to certain details.

>Last June
>rent place from friend
>place was built in 1950 as a restaurant, then turned residential later on.
>to the extent you could bang music inside at 4am and it wouldn't be heard outside
>trap house

Well one night I came home and the fort felt.. off.

>checked house, up, down, front and back
>backroom gives off weird vibe, meh fuck it
>nothing out of ordinary

So I proceed to smoke two bowls of meth, and jack off on the couch in living room in the dark for two or three hours. Entire time I feel as if I am being watched from the kitchen, decide to shrug it off to the dope.

After I cum and clean up I take a few Xans and pass out. When I wake up, I go about my usual business of checking around the fort. I walk into the back room and nearly shit myself. The window was broken out and someone had definitely broken into the house.

I choose not to think about whether or not I truly was watched that entire time that night.
I fucked a fat chick once.
You can often have it happen if you pursue lucid dreaming.
next one is from my brother's friend that we hung out with pretty often
>be bro's friend
>about 16 or 17
>playing xbox at around 1AM
>decide to go get a drink from the kitchen
>as you walk up stairs to the 2nd floor, the living room is directly ahead, and straight ahead in that room is a couch that the moonlight often shines on from a window
>see a bearded man laying down on the couch
>picks up his head and makes eye contact
>wave to him and whisper "sorry to wake ya"
>old man nods his head and lays back down
>grab mtn dew and walk back downstairs
>talks to my bro "so, who do your parents have over?"
>they're both pretty spooked out for the rest of the night
> this whole thread
Interdasting. Freshmen year I used to constantly lucid dream but I've never had it happen
Sounds like your bro and his friend are just fucking with you
>what is random?
I have something fucked up from kindergarden that no one could explain
>be me 5-6 yo
>it was summer and we had our lunch break
>playing outside , we had toys , a few little musical instruments like hand drums.
>i dont know how you call it in english but a hand drum is a 30cm long plastic instrument , that has a shape of a half circle , that have tiny bells attached to it
>you hold it with one hand and hit it on your other hand so the bells make a sound
>so there i was playing with it and wanted to slide down on our slide
>i climed up on the slide and sat down
>when you climb on the slide you have 2 metal handles on each side to hold
>i hit the metal handle with my hand drum and it goes through it , and locks
>imagine 2 half circle shaped circles lock together
>i call the teacher , teacher is shoked , she cant release the hand drum "how did you do that anon?!?"
>calls my mom , mom sees that and also have no idea what the fuck that happened
>15 years later this garden still exist in my city, and they never took off the hand drum from the handle.
>they left it like it is , and tell the story every year to the children of the kindergarden , about the mysterious magical hand drum, that can go through metal.
Here's one from me
>be me, about 15 laying on my parents bed because their mattress is fucking comfy as hell
>just relaxing for a bit, around 9 or 10pm
>the bedrooms are on the 3rd floor of the house and everybody else in the family is downstairs watching movies or just bs'ing on the first floor
>see shadow on the hallway wall through the door
>we always leave the hallway bathroom's light on and its usual to see a shadow like this when somebody walks through that hallway, and after the shadow is out of view thats usually when you can see whoever was casting the shadow (from my parents room at least)
>think its my brother and ask him if he can grab me a drink from the kitchen
>the shadow moves past the point where I would have saw the person already
>realize I didn't hear anybody come up the steps
>slowly peak out into the hallway and there is nobody there
>freak out and bolt down 2 floors to the rest of the family
>ask if anybody went upstairs recently
>they say nobody left the room for at least a couple hours
>freak out due to the fact I saw a shadow cast by nobody walking through the hallway
It's when you actively try to make it happen, rather than lucid dreaming occurring on its own.
>honestly nothing
>I should make a post!

fucking nice contribution faggot
Are you talking about a fucking tambourine?
I was turned into a human centipede.
my brother can't lie for shit. the fear in their eyes were genuine. Their skin was pale, cold sweats, all the general fear shit. and the fact everybody else has seen shit makes me feel it happened.
No I know. I would wake up and fall asleep over and over until it happened
Yes , very very smilier
What country are you from? I need to know what instrument you are talking about.
>Be me, 12 years old home alone
>Its noon on Saturday and I'm watching cartoons
>Suddenly becomes very dark, like something is eclipsing the sun
>Ground starts to shake and all the electric devices in the house freaks out
>Hear a loud noise that sounds like a jet engine
>Lasts for about 10 seconds
>Sun comes back, electric stuff working normally
>Freak out and call mom
>Everything is fine where she is
>Hang up and try to forget about it
another one from my brother's friend
>mid day, everyone in the family is out somewhere
>brother and friends are over and they're just fucking around in the backyard
>friend goes to grab his shoes real fast through the kitchen door
>opens the door and leans down to pick up shoes then a voice just whispers "stop" a few inches from his ear
>he looks over and sees nobody there
>"alright... i'm just going to go outside then..."
>slowly backs out the door and tells my brother and the others what happened
>they're all too afraid to go back into the house until we get back home
Israel. in hebrew its called "tof miryam" , translated - Miryams drum.
One from my sister. I pretty much already did the good ones, the rest are rather short
>walking out of bedroom into the top floor hallway
>from this angle you can see into the hallway bathroom's mirror and you'll see the bath tub
>she see's our deceased grandfather just sitting on the edge of the tub looking down at the floor in the bathroom
spookypasta plz.
damn we all know how much you wanted that, too
>went to old abandoned hospital in my town that every teen eventually goes to
>went with a mate, fem mate and the cunt bf
>went to top floor
>I kept staring at a shadow that was moving
>fem was staring down an elevator shaft for about 30 minutes
>she then proceeded to fall backwards away from it
>got up and walked about 5 meters then fell over
>had a seizure (she gets them occasionally)
>We tried to pick her up, took 3 of us
>carried her down the stairs to the car
>I thought music was playing the whole time
>mate said his phone stopped when we got o the roof
>when the fem was at her house she kept writing the word "prowling"
>had a random bite mark on her arm too
>she was also extremely aggressive and then kinda just stared at nothing for a while
>she was fine the next day

I have no clue what happened but I'm sure there's an explanation
the older women in my family are witches and communicate with the dead
2 years ago

One night i had a horrific dream where my family and I were fleeing something, i remember a volcano erupting and we were fleeing it, humanoid pale creatures with no eyes and giant mouths were chasing us in our truck on this road in the desert. As we were driving they were running along us, trying to reach in, one of them was smarter and ran ahead of the truck, then turned and smiled, then stopped and jumped through the windshield onto my dad, who was driving, i grabbed a gun and shot it, my dad was dead, backseat, by brother and baby nephew had the window break, so i shot the one in the window, no driver , no control and we wrecked, my mom died on impact, brother and i got out, pale creatures watching us, we gathered supplies from the wreck and started walking, we talk in the dream, but each time I realize im dreaming and ask whats going on I get told to wake up by my dream family.

Months later
One night I had the dream, and i hadnt had it in a while. I felt lucid the whole time and replayed the dream as normal, shot creatures etc. At the end we wrecked and the grinning one was there, all shot up. I asked it why..and it said it wouldnt let me forget about it, and to wake up.

Every few months i get the dream now each time its different too, last month i had the dream, and i was driving instead of my dad. I knew what would happen so I turned down a different highway road i made it a few miles before the grinning one appeared. It jumped through the windshield and I remember it frowning at me as it hit and yelling that I did it wrong. I woke up terrified, heart ounding trembling.

Shit sucks

Worst part is that if I know im dreaming, the creatures change how they act
this one isn't from my house, but in the same town. happened to a few of my highschool buddies. its not super scary but its just kind of weird
>they're outside one night drinking
>decide to go on a little hike through the woods to one of my town's old 17th century graveyards for lulz
>they find one tombstone that had our friend Joe's exact name, but the stone was so old that the dates were eroded
>one part was visible though under the name "Joseph will rise again, but his friends and family will not recognize him"
>they go back to the house and sleep
>decide to walk back out there again in the morning to get another look at that tombstone, but its not there
>the shit just vanished

not super spooky but it was just weird that we couldn't find it ever again
Yeah...get joseph in a ring of salt, get iron filings and a silver stake..something is up
Dude I know what you mean. For a while I'd have lucid nightmares and be screaming out loud at myself to wake up. Eventually I smartened up and realized if I died I'd wake up so I usually found a way to kill myself. Glad inception didn't come out before that otherwise I probably would've thought I'd die for real
another one that happened to me, my brother, sister, 2 of my cousins, my mother, and my aunt a good while back. All of them recall the same shit happening
>be me, about 4 or 5 years old, at one of my town's cemeteries
>this cemetery has a long paved walking path thats about a half mile or so long, so my mom and aunt would walk it for exorcise, and my siblings, cousins, and I would come along and usually just sit in the grass
>out of nowhere we see a dog running through he cemetery
>not coming straight at us, but in a path that was bringing it closer to us
>as it got closer we all saw that it was semi transparent, and seemed as if it was floating maybe 6inches or so off the ground as it was running.
>Mother and aunt nope the fuck out and sprint towards us and we all get in the car and go back home
>they stopped going there for walking after that day
Its all good until the shadow people stab you repeatedly
sleep paralysis is no joke. that shit is scary as fuck....
I dunno man. Joe's usually too drunk 24/7 to really be a threat to anybody. If he's really immortal, I'd be pissed at him for not sharing that gift more than anything else lol
>Tells us his story
>remains anomalous
>will not know if his spoops are real
I had only one thing but it was the most fucked up someone heard about and until now i'm afraid to sleep near computer screens
>be me 16 yo
>its tuesday evening
>play video games and chillin around
>nothing weird yet , decide to sleep afew hours later , shut down computer
>wake up at about 3am have to pee like a mother fucker (happens often as i like to drink liters of Fanta when i play video games)
>pee when suddenly i hear a loud as fuck scream from my room
>shaking from terror , i take a little look at my room and see my computer screen change from black - to white - to dark green and again and again. each color lasts for a second and switches to next.
>after about 30 seconds the same scream plays from my stereo system the screen goes white then black and shuts down.
>shows windows with "goodbye" as it does when you turn off computer and goes silent.
>mfw stereo system was off all this time
>mfw i have no viruses or malwares on my computer
>my mother comes in yelling at me for playing video games when i have school tommorow
>she heard the second scream too
>hfw i wasnt playing and my computer was shut
>i slept on my couch in my salon 2 weeks after that
Cant sleep with computer screens near me ever again
Haha I said I tell people close to me. I don't really share it for fear of judgement
my best friend of 18 years passed and for the first few months following his death, the radio in my apartment would turn on by itself (I didn't have a remote for it) and his favorite band, 311, would be playing. I know those feels
trying to think of more stuff. There was a lot but its hard to recall details, and some of it wasn't really as good as what I already posted
Here's one from my mother
>a few months after my grandfather on my dad's side passed away my mother has a dream, and he talks to her
>In the dream he started with "you have to keep this a secret, you can't tell anybody"
>a few months later there's a party at our house for my sister's birthday
>my mom is talking to my aunt and talks about the dream she had
>right as soon as she mentioned he said keep this a secret, a painting on the wall falls down behind where my aunt was standing
>aunt says "NOPE, keep it to yourself. Don't worry Jack (grandather's name), I'm not letting her say it!"
and that was the end of that. I don't believe my mother talked to anybody about that dream after that and never said what my grandfather said to her
I tried it once. Self killing.

Told myself if i died it would end right.
Dream started, i decided to take the gun and explore, family left me pale things left me, i explored a nearby house, guess it was mine. Explosions rocked the house and shit, from the volcano. I walked into the kitchen and the fucking grinning one was waiting for me. Told me and I did it wrong i went to shoot myself and it said wake up...i woke up alive and soaked in sweat.

Next time I had the dream the gun was gone. Like entirely. So i thought shit was going down, got in the truck, panicking to myself. Dream went normal, until a bridge came up, i told them to stop, i jumped out, i saw the grinning one chasing.

I looked over the edge, knew it would kill me
So i climbed over, looked back, it was frowning, looked pissed, screamed "no" at me so i jumped off. Hit head first and woke up screaming from how jarring it was. Never tried it again because I woke up covered in blood. However much time passed since my death to waking up. I had bled from my nose and left ear. My dad burst into the fucking room as im panicking from the blood, and the dream went to the doctor from the blood, told me I had gotten too hot and started bleeding from that.

That night I had the dream, different because only the grinning thing was there and me, with the truck. It told me to drive, and to run, but it would catch me and it wont let me go.

Lately though, the dreams have been slowing, and changing slowly. 4 months ago i tried shooting the creatures before they got to us, but they started leaping at us instead. Now they just get back up and stop chasing
>Be me, freshman in college
>two other friends, nick and brad, and I drive up to the top of a local mountain late one night to play in the snow
>We get there at about midnight
>We saw no cars or anyone on the way up
>We have a whole forest and mountain top to ourselves
>Moon is out, an actual beautiful setting
>Throwing snowballs, playing with tree branches, a bunch of other stupid shit
>having a good time
>Walking around in the forest
>I hear a few steps in the snow in the distance
>I stop, brad stops too
>We look at each other
>"did you hear that?"
>Nick didn't
>probably nothing
>Hear it again few seconds later
>All three of us heard it this time
>The sound of a foot stepping in snow, it's unmistakable
>"Hello?" nick calls out
>No answer
>We hear the steps a few more times
>We sprint to the car and nope the entire way down the mountain

We thought it may have been a park ranger or something, but they would have had a flashlight on us and at least identified themselves when we called out. And those foot steps sounded way too heavy to be an animal's. I still don't know what it was to this day but bricks were definitely shat when we kept hearing those footsteps.
Another from me
>walking downstairs from the 3rd floor into the kitchen
>from where I was standing I can see into our dinning room
>see a basketball sized ball of yellow light just floating alongside the dinning room table and it just floats off through the window
>I wasn't moving so it couldn't be glare from the table, and at the time the sun was facing the opposite side of the house
>this shit was just a bright yellow orb casually floating through the room clear as day
Think nocturnal, with a full moon probably right? Yeah deer or an elk would be out at night moving. You probably scared it too
The most unexplainable and spooky thing that has ever happened to me was several years ago...

>be 16
>it's a cold night of winter
>me and two friends went to the house of let's say... Ralph's girlfriend
>Ralph and his girlfriend stayed indoors
>me and let's called him Louis, decided to talk about some stories of the houses and folklore and shit
>we were waiting outside the house and I say "hey lets take a walk" until Ralph fuck his gf
>Louis agreed, telling me things about his childhood and that kind of stuff (he used to lived in that neighborhood)
>suddenly, I feel something pulling me back, like grabbing my tshirt really strong
>Thought it was Louis trying to stop me for some reason
>Said: "Ok, why did you do that?"
>Realized Louis is by my side, not behind
>He noticed I was moved
>There's nothing behind me, it'd an empty street
>we stare at each others eyes
>Ran like bitches

To this day, I can't explain or understand what the heck happened.
Hi guys, I’m not good at writing or expressing thoughts, even in Russian, let alone English. But I would like to tell you a story which I found and translated into English (my English is kinda bad, because I’m still learning it). We have a lot of paranormal stuff here in Russia, a lot of websites about it, and the stories there as it’s said are supposed to be real stories that happened to real people. I’m pretty sure that paranormal things exist, don’t know why and whether depends it on religions or not. A lot of Russians, especially from rural places encountered weird things. You can hardly find a family that has never faced something paranormal.

Ok here is the story.

Hello. My name is Nico. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me many years ago when I was serving in the army. It took place in 1995. After a year of serving I was sent into a military unit in Siberia. By this time I had already served a half of the term – one year. New squad accepted me nicely, and I got along well with everyone. Everything was nice there except the place was really distant from the civilization, it situated in twenty kilometers from the nearest city, among wilderness of the taiga. In ten kilometers to the north there was old, but still working career. Once in a while we (the soldiers) were sent to the career to help there with daily kinds of jobs. From the words of other soldiers I learnt that back in Soviet times somewhere around were carried out underground nuclear explosions.
Before I got to the military I was a veterinarian, so I was appointed as a military canine. I was in charge of a few dogs, all the dogs were german shepherds. The dogs were being trained for finding and rescuing people disappeared in woods. I was given a dog to train, it was a young german shepherd by the name of Taiga. It was a really strong willed dog and was hard to tame. At the first day of training the dog even bit me, but after that we got along well, she was really smart and had a good flair.

Half of a year passed and I was anticipating “the day of freedom” when I will be sent back home.
It was a day in august, it was sunny, but wasn’t hot. I and a few other soldiers were sent to the career to load a truck with sand, after a few hours of working we were sent back to the military base. In the evening before the sleeping time, I went out to see the amazing north night sky and smoke a cigarette. Unluckily I was noticed by a drunk lieutenant which hastened toward me and yelled “Hey, soldier, you must go to the career now and take my gun, which I had forgotten there”, I said “It’s already night, please give someone to go with me” The drunk lieutenant said “No time for this, you must go there right fucking now” So that night I left the military base alone. I was going on a path among north woods in night. The farther I went the more frightened I got. I remembered all stories about weird things, about disappeared people, about spirits and lights in the woods, about the radiation, about wolves and bears. I tried to cheer up myself, but I failed. The wild deep forest escalated the horror and I was almost panicking. I intended to reach the career after an hour and a half of walk.
After long, long walk I felt that it was already time to reach the career. Then I saw a faint yellow lights somewhere ahead among the trees. “Thank, God, there it is” – I thought with relief. The lights must be coming from the career’s searchlights. After a minute of walking, a thought came to my mind that these weren’t searchlights, because the lights that were coming from behind the trees weren’t homogeneous. However it seemed as if people with lanterns were roaming somewhere ahead. I stopped behind a tree. The lights went on, however the shimmering lessened. I glanced to that side again from the behind of the tree. For a few seconds there was darkness, but then the lights appeared again and started going my way. I didn’t know what to do, I was frightened as hell, almost crying. I have realized that the lights only start approaching me when I look at them. So I sat behind the tree for maybe an hour, all paralyzed with fear. The light was still shimmering neither getting brighter nor fading. I have decided to run away from these
sources of light and not watching back. After a long run, I thought, I broke away from these things, so I looked back. The thing that I saw was surreal. I saw a ball pursuing me, it was very bright as if made of a red-hot metal, it was about a meter in diameter. It had outgrowth on it’s surface and the whole thing resembled a hot-red underwater mine. The thing was rolling on the ground, leaving traces on it. The last thing I remember I screamed.
I woke up in a hospital. The doctors told me the rest of what happened. That night I neither reached the career nor came back to the military base. Officers gave commands to organize a search group. There was no stone unturned left in the surrounding woods. They couldn’t find me. They declared me a deserter and extended the searching area. In the evening of the second day of searching, a command was given to get back, because it was almost night already, when my dog Taiga suddenly rushed to the depths of forest. Next morning the search group took the trace of the dog with another dogs and found at first pieces of my clothes and then a bit farther Taiga lying on my consciousness, naked body. I was found in 40 kilometers from the military base in the opposite direction to the career. The pieces of my torn clothes were lying in equal distances from each other, there were stains of blood on it. I was barely breathing, doctors said the dog saved me because if it hadn’t spent the last night with me, warming my body, I would have been frozen to death. For some reason there was not a single hair left on my body. Doctors examined my body and didn’t find anything unusual or wrong except the fact I lost all my hair. I don’t know what happened there in the woods, doctors tried to recover my memory of what happened with hypnotherapy, but it didn’t give any results, I can’t remember what happened there at all.
I'm fairly certain that area doesn't usually have deer or elk, or any unusually large wildlife. I don't remember seeing any deer or animal x-ing signs on the way up the mountain. I'm not saying that it must have been something paranormal, but I'm not completely sure it was an animal.
That sucks man. I don't really dream anymore. Ever since I became an alcoholic, recovering now, I don't dream. With that being said if I was in your case, which I have been in the sense of lucid dreaming in a nightmare, I'd just keep trying different shit. Do you still get frightened? Cause at this point the smiling one and you seem like you know each other haha. maybe just act disinterested in the whole situation. When I lucid dream though I can materialize anything. But that's only cause I got really good at it in college
You too?
Yeah your senses are hightened in those situations. When we're out deer hunting squirrel steps sound like deer and actual deer steps sound like fucking thunder.
>be me
>baby sitting my brothers and his wife's kids
>they're only about 9 at the time so it's an early bedtime for them
>watching space balls cause all the other movies I could find were for kids
>get off my lazy ass to get some food out of the pantry
>walking back I see this shadowy figure just standing in the hallway
>sacred as shit so i bolt back to the kitchen and turn the light on
>shadowy figure is now gone
>go to bed
>later that night bro and his wife get home from their date
>bro sees a guy sitting on the porch outside and thinks it's me
>walks up to the figure and it just disapears
>walks inside and tells me about it
>tell him about it
Also had something pull my shirt. Was doing hw with gf and felt a tug and said stop. Happened again harder and I said stop and turned to look but she was across the room with her headphones on
shit nigga. Dying never free's me from lucid nightmares. I also feel pain in my dreams.. intense lifelike pain

I remember the one I had... I would wake up in my apartment, then voices would just start whispering. I couldn't see anything, then a phantom with sunken eyes and an elongated mouth would just appear and eviscerate the shit out of me and I die chocking on my own blood.

Then I wake up, but i'm still dreaming. The same shit will keep happening, literally hundreds of times in a row, but each time its slightly different.

The one instance I woke up and my brother was over and I guess slept on my spare mattress. He seems slightly startled, and I tell him about my nightmare. He tells me he had the same thing happening to him
>brother goes on in detail about the dreams
>starts imitating the screeching the phantom would do before he murders you...
>he doesn't stop
>solid screech for 60 seconds
>his eyes start to sink into his head
>jaw unhinges and opens 2 feet wide
>fingers elongate
>slices open my stomach and rips out intestines and proceeds to start chocking me with my intestines

After I died the first few times and realized I was dreaming, that thing would just start randomly possessing people I know in my dreams and doing the same....

After I woke up for real I had no idea if I was truly awake or not for the entire day. Shit was crazy
I think what freaked me out more was after about the 7th time I died, I started to think about the phantom's face, and realized It was a distorted version of me...
Maybe its a ghost or something, the thought of feeling something "physical" actually applying force on me and turn over to see nothing, still give me goosebumps to this very day. I dont know if I really want to know whats that thing or wtf does it even means

Also my tshirt was intact, like nothing happened, but still I was pulled back hard
Fucking shit this is horrible man. I'm so happy I don't dream anymore. I will say out of all the dreams I've ever had the weirdest was fever dream I had when I was real young, I must've been like 3 or 4 but I was still in a crib like bed

>Have nightmare in crib
>wake up standing my room
>but in taller
>a lot taller like a grown up
>turn around in my room and see my bed
>see myself dreaming, sweating, and thrashing from my over fever nightmare

It was fuckin surreal I'll never forget it
Yea my gf claimed her house was haunted. We would fool around "alone" in her house and hear the front door open and close. But when we checked it was still latched with a chain
If i act bored or ignore it, the dream goes as normal. If i try to change anything i get the creepy grinning thing yelling at me, and i wake up. Some nights i get the dream out of order and things change permanently. Everything changes if i act on it. Once I told myself that in in control, and tried killing the grinning thing, that night he killed everyone, and told me it was easy for him. But impossible for me.

Once i tried asking it why. It responded, why not?
Take a nap around 4 p.m. in the Winter, wake up with sleep paralysis, a phantom type creature with a huge distorted jaw comes out of my closet and slowly approaches me, eventually it melds into me and I can finally move.

My closet is where I keep my booze, phantom was trying to warn me but I still drink erryday.

The End.
fucking shadow people.
Nigguh you possessed
>>got to know an ex police officer
>>always tells stories about his experiences
>>niggers be crazy..weird people times he had to use his gun etc.
>>sitting around the table one night with him and his son
>>son says tell him that thing you told me about
>>if you dont tell him ill tell him and i would probably tell it wrong
>>he begins to tell me a story
Hmm that's strange. Does it ever try to kill you?
I have no idea what your talking about,and i live in Michigan

Other weird things I've had, I have these strange memories that I've always recalled having. I'm not sure if it was some crazy fervor dream I had when I was 2, or if its some shit from other lifetimes, but its memories of some place where I believe souls are created or possibly heaven, and hell. My family was never really religious and I had never been to church as a child so i had nothing to base these visions on.

Hell was like this strange barren wasteland. The ground was a scorched yellowish orange, the sky was nothing but clouds of a deep rust color, and the landscape was nothing but old brick and stone buildings in decay. Constant heat that felt like 90 degrees, and constant strong wind always kicking up dust.

There was nobody else there but me, just wandering around. I remember slowly going insane as years went by, then regaining my sanity by becoming too insane somehow as more time went by. It was nothing but loneliness for what I recall being about 70-100 years. Shit's too weird
when i realized i'm part of a species that thinks disembodied consciousness is possible
File: 1426412955581.jpg (31KB, 687x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 687x530px
>working on a CNC Milling machine
>tie comes untucked
>tie cockslaps spinning death like a motherfucker
>goes cold- balls undrop, i start squealing like a pig, knowing whats about to happen but not reacting fast enough to stop it
>tie catches and is reeled up around the machine
>my head gets slammed against the CNC bastardo
>doesn't stop spilling against my face
>silk tie tears
>fall backwards onto railing
>go unconscious
that was pretty spooky
workmates call me shrieker now
mfw i had 14 stitches
Lucid dreaming is a hell of a ride, you can "do" anything, add to that sleep paralysis and you got a realistic nightmare out of your control. I have a theory that it is the subconcious, and if you learn to control it, maybe it will make you better. Maybe, because some people say what comes after sleep paralysis is the separation of the body and the mind, astral travel iirc.
Anyway, have you tried to make yourself stronger in those dreams or consume that thing? Maybe, regenerating your injuries like accelerated healing, for me it worked visualizing I had an "armor" all over my body, then, I stopped seeing shadow people or demonic things, but then I started to feel vibrations and tbe feeling I could move, but my body was still laid. Weird, huh?
Damn that's fucked. I hardly ever dream now but whe. I do they are usually short and I realize I'm dreaming and try to fuck the nearest woman.
the other place was nicer in a way.
picture a giant funnel cloud, like a tornado, but maybe 300 yards wide, and not moving.
>I was inside sitting on a cloud that seemed to spiral down for miles into a bright light
>I look up and the funnel goes up forever
>I realize I'm not alone and all along this spiral of cloud there are others sitting down, all staring down into the bright light at the bottom
>the light at the bottom is the only source of light, so everything farther up is quite dark
>the people I was with were bald, and had no expression, and I couldn't really make them out too well
>all I saw in them was the reflection of the light in their eyes
>it was some kind of line spiraling downward to enter that light

Again, maybe it was all a dream, but the shit just seems too weird for a baby to dream of in my opinion
Yea that is intense. Like too imaginative I kno what you mean. That's why I thought the conversation with my grandfather was strange (I was that guy)
>yellow eyed demon
>confirmed that you watch too much Supernatural
>your stories are fake as fuck
>>divers go missing
>>nothing weird about that people often die diving
>>they find the hole they went diving in
>>its near the airport
>>they send in 3 divers to go find the bodies
>>those 3 divers never come back
>>they send in top fucking i am a hero diver with 2 others on his team
>>top fucking hero diver guy comes back
>>he cant stop talking about lights
>>he starts to cry and tells the cops they were being forced to go deeper
>>he could not stop the 2 others from going in deeper
>>he said he needs to go back
>>says he needs to find out what he saw he needs to go save his team ..says they arent dead they are with the lights they are safe
>>cops tell him to go home hes fucking crazy upset just lost his team etc
>>they had to force him to leave
>>fuck it the hole has taken too many....time to seal it forever
>>that night the hero diver goes back to the hole
>>dives in and is never seen again
>>they close it and they decide to keep it from the news
>>not that hard its probably the smallest town in the state.
>>fuck diving
nigga, this shit happened before supernatural was even a thought. and yellow eyed shadowpeople have been in stories for centuries if not thousands of years
Shit. I got one more that happened to me
>be me about 16
>it's like 5 PM
>hear noise coming from bedroom
>thought it was just tv so I ignored it
>noise gets louder so I go to investigate
>box sitting in the middle of floor
>open box
>a skeleton pops out
Didn't sleep for like 3 whole hours.
I fucking hate water, I almost died drowned in a river when I was 10
Jesus fucking Christ that's terrifying
>>>/x/ * faggot cunt
>le spoopy skeleton
File: heath_habitat_1.jpg (75KB, 640x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 640x395px
my house backs onto a heath like photo attached. I've been experiencing a reoccurring dream where im buried up to my neck on the I of a T junction and i can just see down to the junction where a hunched over, yellowy pale man with a hunch back is walking from the left to the right of the 'main road' of the T. im praying to fucklord Muhammad that he doesn't see me and he walks agonisingly slowly until i think i'm safe, where he just swings his head round to look straight into me. i just always go tense and cold here, he has rolled back black button eyes like a great white . i wake up after varying amounts of time before he reaches me; each time has been a little longer and he has made it closer and closer to where i'm buried. It started with him just moving his head round to look at me and i fear soon he'll get to me. I wake up when i close my eyes in the dream, but as he gets closer it seems harder and harder- even with the heathsand blowing in my eyes at foot level. Sorry for not greentexting but this is my only personal spooky
man i have had dreams like this where it just keeps on going..i was talking to my friend..i look away for a second and then look back and his all disfigured and distorted
>be me
>be spoopy ghosty
>go to faggot's house
>scare the cum out of his ass
>make him post on /b/
This kind of faggot is new
my dad and uncle still cave dive at 60. i wish them happiness but seriously have they even seen Abyss?

yeah, that wasn't me. just some asshat
Go back to Facebook, cancerous faggot
Sleep paralysis faggots
Yes, it does. But only if i do something wrong. A few times I have been forced to drive in the dream, and he comes through the windshield and i wake up.

Twice it killed me, and i am sure of it when I go too far in a dream. Usually car wrecks i wake up from ny brother telling me to. I tried leaving him and running, and it laughed. I felt a pressure and I woke up.

And a single time it actually killed me face to face. I told him he wasnt real and that he couldnt do anything to me. So it frowned, and stabbed me in the chest. It hurt so bad i woke up.
So many dubs can't be wrong.
I'm a little upset it took so long for someone to point it out to you faggots
File: spooky.jpg (64KB, 570x649px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 570x649px
putting my finger in a fingerbox HOLY SHIT
>pic related
Dreams are super spooky
Holy shit. Vintage as fuck. How much did it cost??? I have a newer, sleek, metallic model.
My house gets amazing wifi. But everything I got to the guest room bathroom to shit and play snood my internet doesn't work. Scary stuff
>thinking this makes his stories any more real
I'm not sure if I had a case of sleep paralyses, but I woke one night with my dog next to me, looking worried, if that makes sense. you know how a dog acts when it's trying to figure out what you are doing? It did that, I woke up, saw dog (mattress on floor), I started shaking and went to scream 'mom', but at most all that came out was a whisper (not even sure that happened - might of just been an exhale), I shook so hard my pillow moved and I hit my head on the piece of wood behind my head (The bed frame? kinda. was a bunk bed, but bottom was a floor level mattress). I passed out, and woke in the morning with my dog lying next to me on the floor, the same spot he was when I woke the night before except asleep. He sometimes slept in my room, but never beside my bed like that. I think somehow, he knew something was going to happen.

I haven't had a seizure (Which is what I think it was looking back) since. Don't know why it happened, or what caused it, but is freaky considering I don't have seizures (before or since).
File: rare pepe #739.gif (139KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rare pepe #739.gif
139KB, 200x200px
if you don't believe it good for you mane. I know what happened, and I don't give a fuck if some random anon over the internet doesn't believe it
>>live deep in the woods
>>no neighbors for about 3 miles
>>2 dogs
>>family is out
>>bro and me are in my room with the door open playing games
>>we see a shadow walk down the hallway
>>we both look at eachother
>>was that mom?
>>MOM? ......mom?
>>we both jump to go see wtf
>>the way the shadow went there is no exit to the house
>>we see nothing
>>we look at each other and we run into my room pick up bats
>>we search the house
>>we go outside and circle the house looking for anything
Sucks. When I lucid dream I'm in full control so I'd probably just rip him in half like a phone book
around 70euro my friend, had to buy it in germany, they wont ship it:( I can understand why, had a terrifying moment when I inserted my finger damn...
>Posting rare Pepe
You are cancer of the worst kind.
I'm not that guy, but idk. I have lucid dreams where I'm in godmode and everything is in my control, but occasionally I will be aware I'm dreaming in nightmares but have absolutely zero control over the dream. sometimes the subconscious can just fuck with you hard
spiders jump all over my face
do tell me more
Yea. I either just regular dream or lucid dream in god mode. My god mode is always sex related now tho
Just letting you kno
i was playing my older brothers sega meadrive when i was younger. i was playing aladdin
i was on the top bunk and i start to hear this really heavy breathing coming from the bottom.
i throw the controller on the floor and run downstairs to my mommy.
i ask mommy where are my brothers she says they are out.
then who was breathing????
appreciate the input
i got a gf
i'm 31
been together 6 months
first gf
No internet
I can trigger sleep paralysis quite easily by being a little thirsty, and then taking a nap in the afternoon.
I have become so scared of this now that after every lunch, i din like a liter of water. So I end up pissing all afternoon.

> still better tjsb the madafaking sleep paralysis
>be me this past weekend at my property about an hour or so outside of the city
>its 80 acres or so of forest (im going to start clearing some land to build on this summer)
>camping out alone with my dog on saturday night
>warm night so not in a tent
>wake up in the middle of the night and notice dog not sleeping next to me
>call her name
>moments later she comes running over to me
>suddenly, the forest around my lights up like a lightning strike hit
>no sound or anything like that
>think im just seeing things, try to go back to sleep
>happens again
>scared to go investigate as it is just me and my dog in the dark forest alone
>eventually sleep
>next morning notice a circle of skin and fur missing from the inside of my dogs leg
>no explanation of what could have happened
any ideas?
I've never had it thank science. Can't even imagine what it's like
File: spooky.jpg (13KB, 315x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 315x231px
Someone attempt to explain?
File: aliens.jpg (109KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 400x400px
Ayyyy lmao
I could really use one now you know, back then I always thought I was going to die if I didn't woke up. Now I want to know what happens when you stay there longer
> Sleep paralysis
> guy with a red face dripping what looks like red candle wax in front of me
> reddened eyes
> leans into my ear to whisper something
> "listen up y'all cause im'a tell a story about a little guy who lives in a red world!"
> shut eyes
> wake up screaming
> that song is ao overrated
>>living with family
>>hear crying
>>go see whats up
>>my 12 year old sister is sitting on the couch crying alone
>>mom comes running wtf did you do to her
>>what? i came to check up on her
>>takes us like 10 minutes to calm her down
>>she tells us she saw an old man walking down the hallway and she thought it was one of dads friends went to go say hi to him
>>she said hi he turns around looks at her and disappears.
>>later that night we are all sitting around the table eating ..
>>i ask her so if you saw him what did he look like what was he wearing?
>>mom tells me to stop bothering her ..shes says its okay
>>she describes him
>>father starts going white
>>stops eating
>>wtf dad
>>gets up pulls sisters chair with her on it gets to eye level
>>Why are you messing with me?
>>she looks at me and shrug ...im not messing with you i swear i saw a man i promise
>>she starts to cry and father leaves the room angry? upset? ..
>>goes into his room comes out 10 mins later says hes going to his storage center place bye
>>comes back asks all of us to come to the table and sit
>>he said he was sorry to little sister
>>he has a book with him
>>pulls out a picture
>>puts it in front of my sister
>>she jumps screams starts yelling thats him
>>its her fathers father in the picture in the exact same clothes he was wearing in the pic and the clothes they buried him in
>>we all just kinda sat there
ah but seriously though. are there any high tension power lines near where you were camping? and was it extremely windy?

The only thing I've seen that lights up the sky really fucking bright other than lightning is when a windstorm causes those lines to short out. It'll be a bright neon green flash that fills the night sky and it can be seen for quite a few miles.

As for the dog, possibly got in a scrap with a coon or something, or it had a flea and just bit the shit out of that area on its leg to get the flea
What happens?
and I mean the whole fucking sky. When I've seen it happen i was about 12 miles away from the lines, and the light still filled up the sky in a full 360 around me. there were clouds though for the light to reflect off of
>accidently walk into mlp convention
no nothing like that, there arent roads or anything nearby either. The flash was mostly under the treeline though, not so much in the sky.

I dont believe in aliens haha (at least not ones visiting earth), there must be an explanation but I dont know what. Also yeah probably something like that for the dog, or maybe just got caught on some brush
Being born.
>>walking down the street with friends 4 am
>>his phone rings
>>wtf look at this
>>the number is like ooo 666 6666 ooo something like that tons of ooo and 666
>>well pick it up bitch
>>the reception is horrible
>>but we can hear something
>>womans voice
>>we can hear her saying hello? is anyone there? ..hello...please....
>>Help me ...i dont know where im at
>>its dark i need help
>>im scared
>>cuts off
>>fuck phones
yeah, i'm usually skeptical about aliens fucking around on Earth, but I wouldn't put it outside the realm of possibility. Likely not the case for you though. Idk.. maybe people on quads and their headlights shined up through the trees? Possibly somebody hunts that land and set up shitty trail cams that have a flash for god knows why? random night hikers shining a spotlight? or possibly something supernatural. I'm running out of normal things it could be
or another possibility, you didn't wake up and only dreamed you did, and the lights were merely a dream. That sounds like a real possibility there
File: 1241061668767.jpg (25KB, 298x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>/b/ what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you that you can't explain?
two airplanes full of fuel magically taking down two giant steel towers
>Be me 5 or 6
>Bro and mom standing across from me in a T shaped hallway
>Left goes to moms room, Right to our room, only light is coming from kitchen which is at the bottom of T
>Mom is sayimg good nights, love yous, etc.
>Little black ball zips from moms room to our room, we all see
>I say what was that did you see, brother starts freaking out
>Mom says stop trying to scare your brother it was Lena (pet dog all black sma ll don remember breed)
>look towards mom room see Lena standing there quietly, say "But Lena is right there"
>Mom says to sleep with her tonight
Brother still recalls this today at 23
Me and some friends were once out in the countryside late at night when we were kids, also really high.
Got chased all the way back to town by a dark figure riding a pennyfarthing and ringing his bell constantly
In the house I'm currently living in, I see this vague shadow just appear and disappear in a split second. And at other times when I'm walking in the hallway I feel paranoid and scared as fuck and just want to get out of there as soon as possible.

I also usually experience these vague hallucinations for a reason I don't even fucking know, help me
File: zergface.jpg (70KB, 601x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 601x384px
In getting inspired to 'embrace' this SP
Honestly? I think a commatose case; last one I had, my heart beats started to accelerate, then i felt vibrations, like my whole body filling with electricity and I managed to sit, only to look at my fucking body sleeping, except everything was a little bit different, like the colour of the room, hell, it was like wearing sunglasses, shit was spooky. I woke up, I closed my eyes and it happened again until I stood up and breath
>Go to babysit for old couple....
>Shits cash literally cause 1.5x min wage
>Go inside to take care of "babies" in the crib...
>Mfw its a diaper wrapped around two midgets... like one diaper and two midgets...
>Couple is into weird sexual shit
>Say I need to use bathroom
>Saw it on the way in....
>Fuck the fuck out of there....
Same happened to me once, couldn't sit up though fully paralyzed trying desperately to move, everything was a deep purple just like a sunglass filter. Wake up and shake it off, realize purple was same color as blanket, fuck man shit made me sick
My best theory is that it was illegal hunters on my land. There land is pretty fully forested, no room for quads but definitely room to walk around. It would make no sense for hikers to be there, especially at that time, but hunters might have been. My property has no hunting signs all over it, which means that if they were there, they would have been quiet.

They happen to walk near where I am sleeping.
My dog hears them, go to investigate
Her leaving wakes me up
I call her name
Hunters startled to hear something flash their flood light that they otherwise had off a few times to see who is there
Quietly leave
The mark was just unrelated from getting caught on a bush, tree or something

I mean, there have never been hunters there before, and I am not close to any towns or roads so they would have had to walk in a long ways in the middle of the night with minimal lighting, but otherwise I have no idea at all.
>>gf is sleeping in my room
>>i walk in shes up
>>just sitting on the bed looking freaked out
>>i sit down ask her whats up
>>she tells me how when she woke up she fell into a dream...like she was thrown into a dream but she woke up
>>tells me about being in a house its on fire everything is burning a little girl is burning to death in front of her she looks up at my gf and asks her are you here to help me?
>>gf is terrified ..i guess it showed because the little girl said its okay it doesnt hurt anymore.
>>later that night on the news
>>house burned down with a whole family inside ...they show picture of the family
>>gf starts to freak the fuck out
>>thats the girl
>>thats the girl i saw
please tell me more about this haha
File: 1421289163986.jpg (39KB, 222x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 222x264px
>be me, five years ago
>Aimlessly scanning internet
>its Christmas eve, 11:59 PM
>family has this little drummer boy music box kept out during the season
>its mostly aesthetic, no one ever winds it. It just sits on a cabinet downstairs
>I decide I want a dr. pepper
>Head downstairs towards fridge, it's pitch dark except for the light coming from my room. No one else around.
>Suddenly, hear something abnormal; not cats, nothing like that
>Go silent, DEFCON 1
>It's the music box, playing loudly as if from full wind. It's been hours since anyone's been up.
>unfathomable WTF
>Go and inspect music box like horror movie idiot
>stare at it while it plays for the full duration of the song, several minutes
>pick up, confirm unwinding.
>Finally winds down in the spoopy, slow way music boxes do.
>mfw I'm about to be haunted by the infamous christmas chronology ghosts.
>prepare to nope the fuck back to room
>but wait
>acquire dr. pepper
>nope the fuck back to my room, shut door, lock gaze on glorious internet
>never encounter chronology ghosts

And that is how I was spooked by skeltal jeebus.
Wtf 0_0
that sounds pretty probable actually. some hunters don't really have issues with trespassing sadly.
>Black friend invites me to a party...
>House is dark...and "empty"
>Walk inside
>All his friends are black
>Get gang raped by niggers
From mine and other people's experiences it is apparently unlocked when you are in a "haunted" house, from the on you can have SP on regular basis or never again. I recall living in a spooky house for a short period of time when it first happend, it all starts with you being unabled to move but your eyes, the more you have sleep paralysis the more you can move, but trust me, you dont want to have SP almost daily for months, its tiring and leads nowhere, apparently
sometimes I just get bored and put on my black morph suit to chase kids out of the woods on my pennyfarthing. Is that unheard of or something?
Your gf could've saved a family, she should feel bad
i would love to do that
>Be 5 or 6 years old
>Home alone
>Watching cartoon
>Notice a figure look pretty like my mom wear blue go downstairs, can't see that thing's face
>"hello mom"
>feel unsafe
>remember that she's not home
>look up
>See nothing
>instantly call my dad and beg him go home
>never home alone until years later.
>5 or 6
>home alone
Bullshit faggot. Your pussy ass had a bad dream.
>>be 17
>>life just got complicated
>>i mean a problem that still follows me to this day
>>i have no idea how to handle this situation
>>i cry
>>i cant believe this shit is happening to me my life was going to be great but now this.
>>like i said i dont know what to do im crying i decide to pray i guess
>>i dont really know how to pray besides things i see on tv
>>not a church family
>>i pray i cry i ask for help
>>ive said my peace im done being a retard
>>i think about how stupid what i just did was
>>get up to go back inside the house
>>when i stand i hear a loud DEEP voice
>>knocks me back like someone shoved me
>>This was not like a nice voice it was deep it was strong it was power
>>who the fuck did i just pray to?
>Be dogsitting for sister
>Finally time to leave
>See car waiting to turn onto road I was on
>See truck coming up behind it
>Truck just keeps coming
>Truck passes through car and turns onto road
>Look back, truck on road, car gone

Still not sure what to make of this. I'm positive the car was there, indicating it wanted to turn, but then the truck came and the car just disappeared.
fucking 10/10 would be spooped again.
Recently my dorm complex was harassed by a high-as-a-kite homeless guy riding around on a bike and screaming "Don't be afraid, think about dairy."
I met this girl at a bar, she was so fucking cute.
Anyway we get talking and I buy her a few beers, she buys me a couple of whiskeys. She tells me she is a secretary at a famous magazine companies offices. I tell her I'm a docker at the local port. We end up going to her place. Sonn her hand is rubbing my cock nice n gently and she begins sucking it. My hand are all over her titties, I almost ripped her bra off her to get those beautiful pert 22 year olds breasts into my mouth. I put my hand up her skirt and take her panties down, then my hand reaches up and i massage her balls and cock. WHAAAT THE FUCKKKK????? A COCK OMFG !!!!! After a few beers this chick had turned into a guy. To this day I cannot explain how a few beers could affect a woman so much that she grows a dick and some balls. I sucked her off anyway and let him shove his cock up my ass. It was cool. I shot my load up his arse and left
...i think i love you
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>be 12 afraid of scream movies
>making cereal in kitchen home alone
>look at corner of hallway see scream dude looking around corner
>scared shirtless never forget.

>>after that at some point i began to have the same type of dream over and over
>>im always trying to run or get away from some form of authority
>>school teachers police big black men people with guns etc...
>>the catch?
>>i am always saved by some type of demon
>>one time it was lilith
>>she was a monster woman but beautiful
>>she told me where to go to get away
>>she told me she has my back
>>always always being saved by monsters demons etc. in my dreams
I'm kind of jelly. Dreams where I'm chased down basically always result in me dying to a shot or knife to the back, respawning or something akin, and doing exactly the same thing again. First it gets dull, then it gets fucking frustrating.
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ok i just heard two fucking horrible ass screams while lurking the thread
might come from the appartment below
what do
tfw when I dream I just look for the closet chick to fuck cant fuck around people though nope gotta be private for some fucking reason
White people
when im sleepy and im just about to sleep i hear a loud voice in my head that wakes me up, it only happens once in a night tho
it doesnt happen everyday but pretty often i think, i dont really remember
not sure why it happens

>mfw you can't spell hundred

white people are demons from the underground
thats why they have no melanin, they're used to live in caves but they came up to fuck the world up
hang yourself and post stream

p.s. i am the voice from the apartment below
I always get saved in my dreams

>>having a dream about being back home family house
>>im outside in the yard
>>see nigger jump my fence and start heading towards the house
>>i try to stop him he is huge and just pushes me aside and keeps going
>>i yell for father to get his gun nigger coming
>>i get up run after him see father and him fighting
>>mother in corner crying yellng
>>father gets shot
>>nigger turns around and looks at me
>>i step back and turn around to run
>>i keep running but i know that with a gun he will fucking get me
>>i go to jump the fence i can get lost in the woods
>>i jump towards the fence and when i try to put my foot on a piece of wood to help me get over MY FOOT MISSES THE WOOD
>>i dangle like an idiot on the fence
>>i think to myself GOD if you are real if something in this universe is strong enough to help me now is the fucking time
>>i close my eyes and say fuck it im done
>>i hear click
>>click click
>>i turn around and the guy is looking at his gun like wtf
>>points it at me click click click click click
>>i think to myself thank you gods i see a piece of wood and think im going to bash this niggers head in..
>>i wake up

i wont do it just because you called me a nigger
fuck you
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> when i was little lived in this house
> small two bedroom one, shared a room with two brother
>dad was nice and installed a skylight thinking how cool it would be for us
> with talking about it or giving each other any visual clues, all three of us were suddenly terrified of that skylight
> i was the youngest at around six oldest was about ten
> we talked about it to our dad years later who revealed all three of us at random times came up to him and told him stories about remembering red glowing eyes staring at us from the bottom corner of the skylight, again we never talked about this with each other until much later in our teens
> that house was haunted though, even our skeptical mom admits weird feelings and some weird things happening
there was also this pathway between the front and backyards, on the same side of the house the skylight was on in fact
> it was perfectly usuable, but for some strange reason none of us could or can explain no one would us it, everybody but my dad would go through the house if they wanted to get to the backyard, even strangers coming over for the first time avoiding that stretch like it was poisoned
> dad only used it a couple of times and always almost ran through it
Nice almost trips.
I once had a night terror where I kept waking up asleep, it went on for what felt like years, I tried escaping my room and left scratch marks on the wall.
File: 1410339451061.jpg (9KB, 182x178px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i feel like this is bait.
>Be me around 8 years old
>Riding bikes with the neighbor girl and her little brother in the rain.
>She's in the lead, I'm in the middle, little brother is at the back
>It's raining a little bit and windy. It's kind of hard to hear.
>Girl says "Close your eyes and catch the rain, it tastes like candy. Pass it on!"
>Call back to the kid, pass it on.
>We ride a little way eyes closed, tasting the rain
>Hear a loud screech, we'd just gone through an intersection. Kid behind me gets hit by a truck.
>We'd just arrived like 2 houses away from home.
>His mom comes running out. Somehow she saw it.
>Those screams...
another dream

>>walking with friends and a huge fat nigger down the street
>>nigger starts to get angry at me
>>we start to fight but more like im trying to get away from him
>>he picks me up and throws me up in the air
>>I fucking keep going up
>>i am so high up that i am above trees
>>i start to fucking fall
>>falling fast
>>well nothing to do now but die
>>change my mind ..i want to live
>>once again i say something like hey fucking universe crazy fucking shit happens sometimes do you think you could use some of that to save my life right now? ...anything anyone for no fucking reason
>>right before i hit the ground i start to glide
>>hard landing but im alive wtf
>>nigger is looking at me like he wants to kill me even more now
>>demon thing is to my left and tells me to run
>>i wake up

Did he die?
this is called lucid dreaming or at least the start of it
you are actively willing your subconscious to change the outcome of the dream
next time put a trigger in there, say you see a red ball bouncing of a tree, you can start training yourself to realize its a dream as its happening and actively rather then subconsciously change what is going on
Surprisingly not. He was so little that the truck just knocked him over and went right over him. Scared the fucking shit out of him and us though.

He had some pretty good road rash cuz it dragged him a little ways. Other than that he was fine.
Was this before or after you took part in 9/11, you God damn Jew?
>Be young
>School trip we stay in a Tudor Mansion
>Said to be haunted honestly every room is creepy and old, people died on the estate and other things took place historically.
>With my school mates in one our bedroom joking about ghosts trying to scare each other
>Try to get some sleep, everyone else seems to go to sleep fine
>Can't sleep hear wind and rain howling outside
>Suddenly I hear someone pacing around in the corridors by the library outside
>Think it's just a teacher up late
>Open bedroom door and shout "Is anyone there", suddenly the footsteps stop then resume walking in the direction towards my bedroom!
>Try to wake people up before person gets to door, absolutely no one wakes up after shaking them, it's like everyone is in a trance I am not bullshitting.
>Panic and hide under the covers and start sweating look up at wall with eyes half shut scared to look at door.
>On the wall I see a silhouette of a man in a Tudor costume he has a feather in hat as well
>Friend that days tooth fell out he put it in the drawer by his bed
>Person/Ghost opens the drawer and takes the tooth
>It then begins to walk out the room
>Just as before it leave it stops and turns around to look in my direction at the bed as if it knew I was awake
>It then leaves
The next day I told people about this and they laughed at me, I used to be sceptical about ghosts but this I cannot explain. Especially that it had the clothe for the itme period wtf

My first day on /b/ in 2005
>>brother and i are outside watching the stars
>>we are talking about who knows what
>>well im looking up at the stars still talking
>>still talking
>>i stop looking at the stars still talking to him
>>i look around and i dont see him i interrupt hiim asking him why is he hiding
>>he laughs and asks me what im talking about
>>he says wait wtf where are you?
>>i walk in the house go to his room
>>hes on his bed looking up at me
>>i asked him when he came inside wtf and why could i still hear him if he was inside
>>he said he walked inside a bit ago and thought i followed him talking to him while he rolled a cig
>>did we just use telepathy? wtf
never talk about it again
There was this one time I was jerking off so fast and with so much lube that my hand slipped off my dick and I almost punched myself in the face! Scariest thing EVER, I shudder just thinking about it...
This story may sound like a joke but its not. I try not to even think about it because I dont believe in paranormal shit, but I cant logically explain it.

>home alone
>having a shit
>finish shit
>flush toilet and wash hands
>walk away
>sit down in bedroom
>can still hear water gushing like fuck
>think 'oh fuck the toilets blocked and its still going'
>rush to the toilet
>its fine
>look slightly to my left to my bath where the cold tap is on pretty much full blast
>water gushing out
>i stand and stare at it in complete comfusion for a few seconds
>slowly turn it back around to turn it off, takes like 3 full rotations to to turn it off.
>stand there completely mindfucked
>shout in the house to confirm no one else it there

Anyone wanna explain that shit
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dolan pls.png
481KB, 1012x1012px
>Like nine or something
>Really into the movie Balto
>inb4 furry
>Was on some fansite
>Terrified older brother will catch me, know I'll be ridiculed for the rest of my life
>It's pretty late, so not expecting anyone, but still on edge
>Door creeks open and I fucking whirl, trying and failing to close the tab as I do so.
>Thinking on my feat I try to explain away
>Door is cracked a little now, but there's nothing there.
>figure it was a pressure gradient and turn back
>Just as I turn back to the screen, a voice whispers "Baaaaaaaaaaaltooooooooo" in the fucking creepiest possible tone.
>Whip the door open, nothing.

About 90% sure what I experienced was an auditory hallucination based on my anxiety of being discovered by my brother. Holy shit my blood had iced though.
> be sixth
> be lost in store
> they had bought out their competitor next door and were currently in renovations, pretty much the entire right side of the store was blocked off
> i guess somehow i gotten over there
> looked like a store without any products, just empty shelfs so guessing they were just about ready to stock and open completely
> wandering around, lost in the empty aisles
> six year old me was to stupid to just start walking back the way i came in i guess
> come across this man back to me, looked like he was looking at something on the empty shelf
> was wearing a black suit, i remember it looked like an older style, and way to fancy for a department store
> i was near in tears at that point, i walked up to him to ask for some help ( simpler time, stranger danger wasnt really a thing taught yet
> i remember hearing him muttering, and kind of moving in an odd way
> when i got close to him the muttering stop and he stopped moving
> for some reason i got really freaked out of nowhere
> like just instant panic cant even think
> when he started to turn around i fucking booked it away from him
> i just fucking ran as fast as i could down the empty aisles. willy nilly not bothering to figure out where i was going
> i swear to go i heard shoes slapping after me the whole time and once or twice muttering and breathing like he was literally right behind me
>i dont remember how it happened all i remember is running and the next thing i know my mom is hugging me as im bailing and telling me its ok
> they found me clutching the center pillar in one of those circular clothing display racks on the other side of the store with my eyes shut and just crying like i had lost my dog or something
> according to me parents they heard me scream like i was stabbed or something all the way across the store were they were with the manager.
> i was told by the therapist it was a hallucination brought on by the traumatic event of losing my parents and being lost
> I'm a sad, hateful, overly sensitive faggot
Fucking nice contribution shitbird
> be me, little anon of 12
> going to sleep
> wake up in middle of the night
> feel wierd presence
> look at hall way see a little girl in white standing/staring at me
> shit scared eventually fall asleep again
> days later
> talking about ghosts etc at dinner
> dad sais he sometimes sees a little girl in a white dress
> even more shit scared now
> daddy thinks it is his little sisster who passed away when she was young
> sometimes see white flashings in middle of night in the hall, pretty used to it
so back when i was about 14 i lived in a 3 bedroom house where all the bedrooms had connecting walls, so front bedroom was my mothers, middle bedroom was mine and back bedroom was used for storage.

Something about the corner oposite the door always made me feel uncomfortable, and that corner that was on my side of the wall was always really cold at random times, but it was an old house

Anyways, one day had a friend sleep over, and i had this weird fucking dream, everything was black and there was this, face, with grey lank hair that looked like it was underwater, and all i can remember was we were staring at each other, and it was clearly dead, but its fucking eyes, i just remember thinking the thing hated me for seeing it, and as its face slowly turned into a scowl it raised a rotting hand and slowly reached out and grabbed my neck

I actually woke up in pain as though someone had just jabbed me in the neck and i quickly sat up thinking it was my friend being a dick, but it turns out i had been sleeping facing that fucking corner, and my friend was in the lounge room playing wow on the computer doing bgs.

i dont remember what else i did that morning but all i can remember is that fucking things eyes

looking back maybe it was just a cool breeze on my neck giving me neck cramps or something, doesnt explain the dream or why that corner was always so fucking wierd
thats nothing to be scared off
thats a watchful spirit
shes probably watching over you guys

I know that feel anon. We've had it happen in our house as well. I've seen an elderly lady standing at my bedroom door. Try spraying lemon juice mixed with water around the house - haven't seen them since.
never heard a guy call his dad daddy, even if referring to himself at the tender age of 12.

What's going on, yo?
i remember hearing how sometimes electical charges in the air can give people sensitive to it weird feelings and vibes
its possible that corner had some messed up wiring
just giving suggestions
was the house an older one?
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I got raped in the locker room when I was 12 and kind of liked it.
Jesus. How many floors does one family need
File: 1412735486059.jpg (60KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hate it when people sit there and tell you everything about them forever and

you sit the and comment on all of it and try to make them feel better about

their lives and then they just go and leave with out asking you any questions

or assume that there is anything going on in the world except them that they

should think about. You then realize that you just wasted a good portion of


EXPECT GRATITUDE AND SUPPORT DURING CRISIS. some friends deal with crisis and

others AVOID IT.) on someone who really doesn't give a fuck about anyone

I'm not scared anymore, pretty used to it now. still see her sometimes. but seeing her the first time was scary tho.

nothing much, just close to my dad. we chill sometimes etc.
I know that feel. My ps3 turns on by itself. I dont even have auto updates turned on
One of the scariest things that ever happend to me

>be me 14 y/o
>playing dota
>suddenly power shuts down
>turn on phone
>clock shows EXACTLY midnight
>be spooked
>go to living room to see outside the window if its not only my house
>whole city seems to be shut down
>walk back to bedroom
>see a pair of glowing yellow eyes
>run to kitchen
>get water
>get flashlight
>go with flashlight into room
>figure disappears
>couldnt sleep for a week
yeah it was a old weatherboard house, though no major wiring was in that corner
did you by chance wash your hands using the bath tub?
Happened to me all the time when I was on adderall
So this took place last year
>be in sixth grade
>traumatized by rain thanks to el nino year in california
>live in the valley so shit was flooding (90's storm systems were bad)
>sitting awake at 4 a.m. watching the weather channel because rain is so bad outside
>tv is low so I don't wake up anyone
>hear the bathroom door open and close
>no big deal
>hear the shower turn on
>wtf who is showering at 4 a.m.
>too creeped out to check
>give it a few minutes to see if someone will come out and say something to me
>nobody does
>slowly get up
>lights aren't on in the bathroom
>open the door
>only hot water is running
>I can feel the steam from the heat filling the room
>turn the lights on
>nobody in there
>slam the door and run back into my room
I have no fucking idea what happened that night
suddenly waking up in the middle of the night,can't take in ANY air, start to cry and freak out but nobody could hear me. weird buzzing in my ears the whole time. but then it stopped, i was so spooked i couldn't sleep the rest of the night
Your town flooded
Fuck. Having the third time dream where a nigger (by nigger i mean a negro)chases me with a knife in last 2 months. Iam scared /b.
File: oh shit.gif (1MB, 240x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh shit.gif
1MB, 240x252px
My town flooded...and that turned on the hot water in the shower?
Obviously. How else can you cook grilled cheese?
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>Be me 7 or 8
>Around 11:00 pm
>Everyone's asleep
>Start feeling hungry
>Get myself a bowl of cereal
>Quietly as to not wake anybody
>Get back to my room
>Start eating
>Why does food taste better at night?
>Closet opens up
>Shadowy tentacle motherfucker with a shit ton of eyes comes out
>"I can see all that is"
>"Past, present, and future"
>"Tonight my will is to dine on the souls of you and your family"
>Some bat shit reaction allows me to speak
>"So you can see everything?"
>"Yes, foolish mortal"
>Hold up bowl of cereal
>"Can you see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?"
>Mfw it couldn't
a good read. thanks for sharing anon
but who was tv?
Probably phones m8
Thanks for the Dank Rare Pepe.
Top fucking kek. Thanks for posting that, now I should be able to sleep. This thread wasn't making it easy
Also from Michigan, never seen it. Where and when did you see it?
for threads that dont belong anywhere else.
one time when I was going home late at night from a friend I went thru a park to save time and in one of the bushes on my left I heard a strange growl and stopped frozen. Out of the bush came big black dog something like an english dog and a doberman breed it had blackest fur I ever seen and wierd piercing red with orange tints eyes. It came closer to me and sat never gazing away from me and I felt very cold like I have been in near freezing temperatures (it was middle of the summer). Then I heard a strange voice in my head it was deep and rumbling yet clear - nothing my imagination could have made. It said "I have an offer You cannot refuse" as I heard it everything went silent I couldn't hear anything - no cicadas cars not even my hearbeat like I have been sucked into a vacuum of space and then I heard another voice it was female and told me to run and so I did. I have run with everything I got and while I was doing it the feeling of incredible hatred, malice, blood lust and rage was sticked on my back I have run all the way home (about 3 kilometers) on full sprint never looking back. There is a follow up story after this if anyone interested.
>believe it or not but this story is not made up
>Around ten or so.
>Wake up in the middle of the night.
>Strange, dream, can't remember.
>Any memory of the dream is lost as I realize something feels weird.
>Split-second later land hard on the bed, distinctly recall the sensation of body impacting evenly across the mattress.
>Bounce right the fuck back up and sit, terrified.
>Room is totally dark like usual, no sounds.

I mean it CAN be explained by me sleepwalking into a standing position on my bad, jumping backwards and waking up at that exact moment. But I asked my parents/brother and they say I never did sleepwalk as a kid, and I never had it happen again.
Have a story.
>Be me 14
>live in house with fam jams
>in house with younger bro
>playing halo on legendary like a boss
>getting dark
>walk around and turn lights on
>walk into sisters room and turn light off
>walk into brothers room and turn light off
>back to playing the box
>hear screaming from brothers room
>walk to brothers room, light is on
>turn light off and walk out
>playing box again
>hear screaming from brothers room
>walk back and light is on
>freak out
>call dad and tell him what happened
>dad comes home and tells us not to worry
>week later, call priest to bless house
So much shit happened in that house, if anyone wants to hear more, just say so.
Sry im late but yes plz, thought the thread died
Go on
Get diddled by the goof ghost
Better late than never, mate. Best wishes.
All good homie.
Well another story.
>be same 15
>alone with lil bro in house
>sitting in tv room watching tv at 6pm
>behind us is door leading to mum and my/lil bro room
>past doorway is three doors
>one to the left-parents room
>one to the right-toilet
>one to straight ahead-my/lil bros room
>doorway to three doors is closed
>watching tv and then door behind us slams shut
>turn back to see and door is closed
>turn back to tv and continue watching
>door slams shut again
>turn back to door and door is closed
>turn back to tv
>happens a couple more times
>nope.webm to friends house across the street
>don't come home till rentals come home
>angry rentals "why we left the front door open"
>explain what happend
>rentals go pale
Got heaps more stories if you're keen
I heard a female voice whisper to me "Why don't you believe in God?" a year or so ago.
She's spoke to me a few times after that, but she's 'in my head', like her voice in simply in my mind, only the first time she spoke to me sounded like she was right next to me
Once I heard her say "Maybe he IS God!" and then she asked me what my name was and where I was from.
There are 4 explanations to this.

>1. She's an angel and I might be God
>2. I've got demons
>3. It's my mind trying to fuck me me
>4. I'm going insane

Shits scary though, you never get used to it, it feels wrong when somebody else in your head.
Was fixing some sandwiches, stories always appreciated man. Love to read this.
Man, you're having auditory hallucinations. Go see a GP or a specialist. Shit happens.
Dextrometorphan , Diphenhydramin combination.
Fucking love sandwiches man. Get that shit into you. Sorry I'm drunk. But sandwiches.
Well here is another one
>Sitting in room with lil bro
>Sharing room and talking shit
>hear back door open
>stop dead and listen
>hear footsteps and voices muttering
>get out of bed and go to dads room
>wake dad and tell him what happened
>dad tells us to grab weapons
>we grab anything we can find
>walk through living room
>walk through kitchen
>walk through dining room
>get to back door
>back door is closed and locked
>big bros room light is on
>turn off light and walk back to room to sleep
>stay up with lil bro talking
>hear noises
>big bros room light is on
>sleep in dads room
>mfw happens everyday
Want more?
Ure fine. Chill ;) take some neuroleptica of u wanna stop it.
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>explain what you can't explain
It sounds psychological. Unless someone else can verify, or it can can be recorded with technical means never overlook hysteria, stress, psychosis, etc.
>see faces imprinted on walls and windows, usually in dust or in the steam on the mirror when I take a shower
>have seen this shit for years
>don't tell anyone because I'm afraid it means I'm crazy
>sometimes I'm fapping and feel like I'm being watched so I have to quit halfway

it's not so much scary as it is weird and awkward. I don't think its spooky ghosts or whatever, but I do fear I am severely retarded
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Okay I got a good one.
>be me living in Japan and dating a Japper
>getting married
>visit her parents house
>can't sleep in the same room as her because parents are traditional
>have to sleep in room with the little shrine thing to their dead ancestors
>30 or so pictures of dead Japs staring down at me in the middle of the night
>hard to sleep
>wake up in the middle of the night
>hear the tiny bell they ring when they do their ching chong chant and pray for the dead
>start to freak out think its all in my head
>wait a bit, complete silence
>go to close my eyes but feels like someone is in the room
>bell rings again
>can't look like a pussy so I stay awake all night with all of those eyes staring down at me
>Be me
>Sleeping in bed
>Hear whispering
>Think its a dream
>Wake up realise windows open
>Some things are missing
Mfw i live on the 13th floor and have no balcony

Tldr flying niggers
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Get some brah
File: 1428046551845.jpg (94KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a week or so goes by and I'm back at my apartment
>hanging out on the computer late night, playing games
>decide to boot up Fatal Frame on the emulator because I'm a fucking moron
>3am hear the ringing of that same kind of bell
>freak out say its definitely the game
>i hear the bell again
>freak the fuck out and sit on my porch all night smoking cigarettes
why can monsters never catch little faggots? I could probably lightly trot after my six-year-old self sprinting at full speed and catch him.
It's fine, bro.
The majority of them stopped a while ago, I get the odd one every now and again, but it's nothing.
The last one was a man that sounded like Rik Mayall and he call me a schizo, but that must have been at least a month ago.
It's probably going to catch up with me in the long run, but I started smoking weed a year ago and ever since I had my first joint, I stopped hearing them as much.
I already know like 6 people with schizophrenia, so I guess the odds are very low that I'll develop it as well.
>live in old 70s trailer home
>kitchen floor is breaking and creaks when someone walks on it
>sitting in bed one night
>almost asleep and hear the floor creak
>sit up and turn my phone on and look around
>nothing in the kitchen
>try and sleep again
>same shit happens
>decide Fuck this I'll sleep on the couch
>all fine then

Scared the fuck out of me and no idea why it happened, it only creaks if someone heavy walks on it and I was home alone
>reads thread
>middle of night
>weird as fuck noise outside
>need to piss
believe it or not I had seen shadow people b4 while sleeping but not sleeping....
Falling reaction, quite common
If you have a pre-disposition to mental illness, then you have a problem. So ask your parents about your family history.
It happens in high times of stress and sleep deprivation. Just relax and take it easy. If you start getting them on the norm, then go to a doctor. Apart from that, you should be fine bro.
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>Masturbate to huge futa horsecock draeneis
>Mother enters the room
>Internet freezes
>Turn the shit out of the computer
>Mother pretends like nothing happened
You live in a trailerpark...
Obviously a crackhead/nigger.
>school starts at around 7:30AM
>my dad goes to work early so I told him that I would like to go to school early to copy my classmates homework
>shit didn't know he wakes up at 5AM
>went to school at 6AM or so
>first student in, no one there but the guards and some teachers
>my room was on the second floor
>as I was entering the building I saw my classmate with a sad expression on his face, looking out the window
>he sees me
>I say Hi
>he nods
>went upstairs to find the room locked
>went to the faculty room to get the key
>I opened my room
>no one there
>find out later in the day that he had killed himself the day before

and I never went to school early in the morning again
Since then I've trained myself to silent masturbation technique. However I'm living on my own now.
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