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Hey /b > have a gf for 3 years > long distance relationship

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Hey /b

> have a gf for 3 years
> long distance relationship
> she's faithful as fuck, a russian girl, will be moving to live with me in a couple months
> see each other roughly every 4 weeks
> can't hold dick in my pants
> slept around in the past, but not in the last 8 months
> somehow I can't help myself
> considering going into a private and buying a hooker

Thoughts? Anybody else got this? Can't seem to be okay fucking just one person?

tl;dr Have gf but somehow wants to fuck somebody else
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Come on moralfags, tell me Im a faggot
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Yeah, you shouldn't do it.
You feel really guilty after and she will be able to tell something is up.
Imagine if she did that to you with a random guy, knowing that some other guys 8 inch cock has penetrated her and she loved it. It just isn't right.
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>implying she hasn't cheated on you
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she hasn't
she's lame like that
the russian kind can be very loyal
i've had her since she was 19
she doesn't know any better
If you really loved her you would care about her feelings
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I care about her feelings.
That's why I would always make sure she wouldn't know.
Jesus, it's not like Im ever going to tell her.
>she's faithful as fuck
How the fuck do you know that? It's hard enough to know that when you live together let alone LDR.

>protip: She had fucking loads of slavs squatting on her.
You don't feel that it is immoral to cheat on her?
try seeing her more often and trying new things
fucking fagget!
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Because she doesn't get drunk (she drinks, but not too much)
Because I had my share of sluts and can tell whether a girl pokes from 5 minutes convo
Because I know the other side of the table well
Dont do it OP, you will feel like shit after it. Also dont listen to those cucks telling you she cheated.
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I would be happy if you killed yourself.
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>long distance relationship
Op how did you know her, i wanna go for a russian too
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Yes, I do

Sadly, I somehow can analytically tell it's immoral but that doesn't stop me or bother me as long as she never finds out and isn't actually hurt

I also work in finance and screw people out of their money daily. Doesn't bother me either.
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I agree with the money thing, if people are dumb enough with their money to be scammed they don't deserve it. But something out of their control like a partner cheating in a long distance relationship I feel is immoral because the victim doesn't deserve it.
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Met her when I was working in Paris, she was studying French there

Exchanged numbers at some meetup

Got together for a date like a month afterwards, ended up making out five hours later

Now we both moved, she's finishing degree in Russia and I moved for work to London

Russians are best. Loyal. Awesome in bed. Kinky.
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Well meme'd my friend, with your imgur meme.

Not trying to cut you with my edges, it just somehow doesn't bother me.
Yeah I've done that, go to Montreal and get a nice gfe to make it worthwhile. Sometimes you gotta just spread your seed, it's biology. Hooker is a lot less complicated then a dating site or something that wills get you caught.
You should try French girls. Loyal as can get, mine would tell me if she shook hands with another guy. Gives head when I snap fingers. Loves experimenting in bed, especially being a sub.
Looks like your asking us to confirm you being a dick. If you can't be loyal then you don't wanna be with bitch you're trying to hide it from. If you can think about actually porking some one else then coming running to us for permission like a 15 year old school boy the relationship means nothing.
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Had a French gf.

Got engaged to her.

Super smart but had major issues. Bulimic. Depressed. Low self esteem.

Only gf who ever left me. Was hurt like fuck for years.

Russian gf is what you describe though. Tells everything, submissive, loves giving head.
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Okay peeps.

Won't do it.

You're right.

Thanks for help.
Just being honest.
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So basically you have every intention of sleeping around, you just want us to validate you so that you feel like less of a scumbag when she finds out and leaves you.
id cheat on my husband for a cock that big
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Thread images: 22

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