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Wincest thread: I wrote this days ago, but since you liked it,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread:
I wrote this days ago, but since you liked it, I added some details since I was typing it at the moment very fast...

This happened about 10 years ago in April 2005, with my cousin... now she is almost 24 and I am almost 28...
Pic related, it'ss her.

I used to babysits my 13 y/o cousin and her 8y/o brother, 2 times a week.
During the morning I studied and in the afternoon we normally played stuff like dominoes, bad cosplaying, cards, video games, watched tv, it depends of their mood.
It was fucking sad, having to do this for free 2times a week during about 8 months, as a favor to my aunt and at the same time I was forced to study there.

I remember she liked me, a few years earlier when she was at school, she told her friends she was in love with me, she was a kid, and kids are retarded and her friends made fun of her at school for that.
She always had a good image of me, and I always was very kind to all of them.

They both, my cousin and her brother were from different father, but same mom; after me babysitting for 2 weeks, the father of the kid wanted to babysit the kid, since he did not see him very often,
It was ok, less kids to take care of. The girls dad is in the army/military police so he is away for a very long period.

So I came every Tuesday and Saturday at 9am to my aunt house, she prepared me food and talked shit and then I had to take care of my cousin from 11am until 9pm, sometimes, even util the next day.
My aunt spent most of the day working and going out with her friends. She only worked 2 days per week.

DAY 1:

> after a few weeks of babysitting.
> Its about 1 pm, my aunt left since the 11am, I already studied, I am with my cousin, as normal.
> we were in her room, playing stuff, like normally do with her (and her brother, but he was not this time).
> I was not attracted to her at all.

File: cous2.png (717KB, 600x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
717KB, 600x556px
> I was not attracted to her at all.
> She is very attractive but its my cousin, and 13 y/o, so no fucking way.
> She is punting make up and a dress, since we were playing about "cosplaying" sailor moon and "toxedo mask".
> She looks good, but I keep focus on her game, I did not want to think dirty stuff. I know her since she was born, and I was kid, so try to think nothing sexual, because its akward.
> We start to watch tv in her room, the Sailor Moon crap, as every day at 1pm.
> We are in bed, watching, normally I spend my afternoon watching tv with her, so its a normal day so far.
> For some reason I got a boner but I did not notice, probably something related to the Sailor Moon crap.
> she see my pant is raised, and hit me on it with her hand, while she laugh.
> Fucking hurts, but...
> I was ashamed for a lot of reasons.
> fuck why I am hard? why she did that? why it felt so good? I want more... but why? Then...
> grab my boner, hiding it, pretending to be ashamed and in pain ( I was, but it felt good at the same time).
> she said... "What is that?"... I pretend to be ashamed but I kinda like it.
> "What do you think it is!!!?"
> "Penis!" (She said in a childish way)
> "yes, leave me alone" (kinda to stop the situation).
> Why is so hard? ( she asked )
> "I don't know, Id did not notice when it happened".
> "Can I see it?" ( she asked ).
> she says, "let me see it", so I open my hands and shows the bulge in my pants.
> she said: "Can I touch it?".
> fuck! my heart start pumping hard, and my dick even harder.
> I was like pretending not to want but I started to want.
> "umm, well, go ahead".
> So I let her touch the bulge over the pants.
> She ask me, "can I see it for real?".
> At this point I felt like I was going to cum, since I was a betafag.
> ask her to close the door, she does so, we were alone, but I don't want surprises.

File: cous3.png (117KB, 328x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 328x186px
pic related too...
File: riku.png (142KB, 430x430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 430x430px
File: cous4.png (145KB, 375x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(pic related)
> I open the pants a bit, the zipper.
> I said to her: "Ok, I wont do it, you do it... open it".
> She opens my pants, touch my boxers and said, "It is super hard! never saw one, well in real life...", then she start talking about
one picture that saw on the internet, about a man holding his dick and that she saved it in her computer and how sexy it looks.
> (In my mind I was like... "probably she masturbates to it, maybe I can ask her to show it, so I get her more exited").
> "Show me", I asked and making fun of her a bit.
> she sowed me an HD image of a guy holding this huge dick, it looked more like gay stuff not even for girls.
> she look at it and I can tell she likes the image and she is craving cock by the way she looks at the picture.
> until this moment she is still rubbing my bulge while watching the picture.
> Slowly, I grab her tiny and soft hand and move it inside my boxer.
> She goes all the way inside my boxers, I can feel her hand and I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
> I push the boxer down and she pull my dick out.
> crap, I think I will cum at any moment, I don't want it to end yet.
> she start holding it... while she see the picture in the computer.
> I move to the bed holding her hand in my junk.
> I act shy because I don't want her to freak out, and I am a bit shy anyway.
> lay down in bed while she try to touch me but she don't have an idea what to do, she is just like touching it.
> I grab her hand and wrap it around my cock and teach her how to make me feel good.
> I don't have a huge cock, but is thick, very thick.
> There is a big mirror in the wall, and I can see her ass while she is kinda in doggy and his Sailor Moon costume.
> I started to touch her back, pretending to go slow, since I want to touch her ass, but I don't want to scare her, since I al ready feel like abusing her.
> So I tell her, I will touch her too a bit, since I am such a beta, and she did not answer, I assumed it was OK.

File: cous5.png (220KB, 304x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 304x320px

> I am touching her ass while she does that, she has this sailor moon skirt on, so I just put it up and grab her ass slowly.
> I asked her for the computer to google more dick's pictures, I know is gay but seems that she is in to it.
> found one, a picture of a girl sucking the shaft of a guy.
> Ask her if she wanted to do the same. (put it in her mouth).
> She did not answer, she just did it. trying to imitate the image.
> so I put it in her mouth and try to teach her how to make me feel good, with tonge and hands.
> I am a bit beta at that time, so I don't even know what a good blow job feels.
> She start to lick it, I ask her to suck it like it was a candy...
> she does...
> fuck it feels good men.
> While she is at it, I look for a video in her computer, a blow job in .
> found one that I like, show her, how to do it.
> She imitates the girl.
> crap, my cousin is sucking my cock, and it feels so good.
> I feel the heat, I am not longer ashamed or shy at this moment.
> I ask her to swallow the "milk", when it comes out.
> She approved with her head.
> She had this huge mirror, I can see her whole body in doggy style, while sucking my cock.
> While she suck it and rub it, I start touching her vagina.
> is so soft and tight...

How'd you get a pick of her like this? Nudes?
thats not his cousin m8
File: cous6.png (350KB, 413x411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
350KB, 413x411px

> is so soft and tight... I see it in the mirror.
> I cant contain it, I will come in her mouth...
> I said "swallow it".
> I cum buckets in her mouth, while moaning hard.
> She drink it like a champ, no complains, she took care of my cum, not a single drop was droped.
> she keeps liking a bit but...
> Start to feel the shame, that I was just taking advantage of my cousin.
> I feel the regret, so put my pants up, and said, brb...
> went around the house to make sure we were alone... I was regretting it bad.
> came back and tried to cool everything by saying hey! Dragon Ball is on tv, so I tried to change the situation by talking her about the series.
I was almost 18 and she was in the second year of HS. I was scared, I asked her not to tell any one or I was going to jail. I just told her that to avoid the shame with my family.
I was not scared about jail, I was about my aunt knowing.

DAY 2:
So next week, I come again, I was afraid, she could have told my aunt.

> come, and everything looks like normal. I bring my homework as usual, and go to the table to "study".
> Aunt left...
> about 1 hour later.
> my cousin is in her room, trying some new clothes she got the last weekend.
> she came out and ask me if I like her out fit... some nice dress.
> she goes to her room again, come out dressed as Lara Croft, asking me if she looked ok.
> In my head... "crap, last week I saw her like a my little cousin, now I see her all grown up and hot..." I feel like a perv.
> I said yes, you do look good. :)
> 15 mins later...
> she comes with a dress and tells me, that Sailor Moon is on tv, if I wanted to see it with her... and I start to have a feeling again.
> the boner raises a bit.
> I will be there in a minute, trying to decide how not to end up like the last time.
> So I decide to go, enter the bedroom.

He's saying pic related, and it's titled cous.
I'm living vicariously through you lol.
We went to the Hot Springs and she sat on that thing, so we took that picture...
this is /b/ that dont mean shit
File: 1413973474017.jpg (38KB, 640x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 640x512px
File: cous7.png (263KB, 261x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263KB, 261x565px

> I sat in bed, the bed is next to the door.
> She came and laid next to me.
> Sailor moon starts.
> after some 5 mins...
> I cant stop thinking about last week, and see her sailor moon outfit in the wall.
> instant-boner, I cant hide it, even more that she does look good today too.
> She see the boner, but I dont hide it.
> She tell me "close the door, pls", and my heart start pumping wildly, I know what she wants.
> I extend my arm to close the door and lock it.
> She puts her hand on my pants, like... shit here we go again.
> She puts her head over my tummy and start rubbing my bulge.
> we both pretend are watching tv. but she dont stop, goes slowly.
> start to play with my pants, open them slowly.
> we kept pretending we are watching tv.
> I help her, to make things faster.
> I open the zipper and put down my pants a bit.
> she insert her soft tiny hands inside my boxer very fast... straight to the base of my cock.
> she grab her and masturbates me slowly, pretending to be distracted.
> We still pretending to watch tv, to make it less awkward.
> I put her dress up, so I can see her ass.
> She had some nice sexy undies.
> Rub her ass.
> she suddenly take my cock out and put it in her mouth... fucking glorious... she is good.
> ask her if she practised.
> She said that has been watching videos.
> In my head: "crap, I don't care any more, I will keep doing this for ever."
> feels good... then 2 mins later...
> phone rang so I have to take it, if its aunt she will get mad if I dont answer.
> take my dick in my pants so I can answer the phone that is in the living room.
> In a quick way, before leaving the room... point my finger to the Sailor Moon dress.
> tellling her without words to put the sailor moon outfit.
> run to the living room.

File: cous8.png (356KB, 412x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356KB, 412x412px
> pick up the phone.
> it is my aunt, asking me if I am hungry or what to eat, and blah blah, about she is not coming until tomorrow. couple of mins later call ends.
> Go to her room.
> She had the outfit ready, She was in front of the mirror putting some lipstick.
> I know she was doing that for me so I got even more exited.
> She looked so pretty and hot...
> I have the biggest impulse, I want to kiss her... she sucked my dick but we haven't kiss yet.
> I go to her and french kissed her, grabbing her ass and pulling up the sailor moon skirt.
> go back to lock the door again.
> run to her and kiss her, guiding her to the bed while grabbing her ass.
> we laid in bed, still kissing.
> I open my pants a bit and she goes down, I can tell she is obsessed with sucking dick.
> she open my pants fast, I pull it down and she go straight to take it out.
> since we are in bed I can reach her pussy, put my hand under the skirt, exactly like the last time.
> so I touch it a bit, then she moves and approach it to me...
> so we are now in 69, she is over me.
> While she is is there, I am very nervous, a few weeks back she was just my little cousin... never imagined she could try this.
> She is very submissive, she ask me if she is doing it ok and ask me for directions...
> Still on 69, she got a small body, well formed and big tits to her age..
> pussy is completely shaved, (felt like pedobear).
> start licking clit.
> she rubbed her pussy in my face wanted me to tongefuck her, but my tonge is small, I tried my best.
> lick the clit very fast.
> She stops sucking, and start pressing my head with her legs, I can tell she is comming hard,
she is pressing my skull hard with her legs.
> she came...
> she breaths hard and let her body fall on my face.
> she now resume the sucking...

File: cous9.png (100KB, 163x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 163x257px

> She came a second time, now I can tell when she comes, she close her legs hard and stop sucking every time.
> After the second time she get confident enough to squeals when cumming.
> by now I know how to make her cum, so I play with her a bit then try to make her cum as many times as I can...
> I make her cum like 4 o 5 times more.
> I want her to make me cum so... stop licking her clit and start to talk a bit dirty like...
> "will you swallow my milk again?"
> She said, "uhum", aproving while having the dick in her mouth.
> When she answer to my dirty talk I get more exited...
> Start to imagine how could be fucking her tight pussy, since it look like I cant fit there.
> She then says with my dick in front her face: "Give me my lunch, I am hungry, give me the cream"...
> that way she said it... I just fucking could not contain it any more.
> Start to come in her mouth, press her head hard against my cock, she swallow it, she don't let a single drop fall and keep licking.
> She tells me that taste like pineapple, wich is weird...
> feelsgoodmen.jpg
> a bit less shame this time. We kissed and ask her not to tell anybody or I will be send to jail for 25 years. ( I am not sure if its true, but I used it to recinforce it)
> She tells me if we can be boyfriend and girlfriend.
> Tell her yes but it MUST be a secret. My aunt will kill me and my mom probably too.

Leave to home... but still ashamed about all of that, that I actually liked it but it is the daughter of my aunt...

DAY 3:

> cant stop thinking what I have been doing, I am glad, but ashamed.
> its sad she is hot and cute and I cant tell anybody we are fucking.
> I come again next Saturday, I haven't touch my dick, I want to see her swallow a lot this time. So I accumulated my babies since Tuesday...

Cont... bump?
It is my cousin.
Bump. Moar pics
This is great OP
cont. we are here
Keep it alive!
keep going
Yiss cont I am lurking hard
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5
File: cous10.png (176KB, 222x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176KB, 222x356px
> I dont have condoms, I dont think she wants to fuck anyway and I am not making plans for it since losing her virginity could be a bigger deal.
> I am glad with the blowjobs, and I am a betafag.
> A day like normal, start to study, aunt left a few hours later.
> she is in her room. doing her stuff.
> 1 hour later...
> she comes to the table. Where I was.
> Notice she has the Sailor moon skirt.
> and said "today there is no Sailor Moon on Tv".
> Then says "But I can dress as one if you want".
> instantly my boner knock the table...
> I said, "ok, do it, I will be there in a couple of mins".
> She left to her room.
> I start thinking... I am going to fuck my cousin again... I hope this don't end bad.
> I went to the bathroom, washed my cock, I wanted to do it again.
> I was exited since, as I said, I was accumulating my cum since Tuesday.
> went to her room, and there she was. Dressed as S.M. putting her make up.
> again I close the door, as she see me in the mirror.
> I walked straight to kiss her.
> kissing her on my way to the bed.
> Touch her body, completely...
> I was exited so I pull my dick out
> Start fingering her, while she has her cloths.
> Open that thing and pulling out those tits, very big for that age.
> Started to suck them, they are perfect, big natural tits as shown in the pictures.
> ask her if she wants to suck me.
> grab my cock, and there she goes... She removes her undies...
> 69 again... while we are at it... I was appreciating such a tight, clean cute pussy... so virgin...
> I cant imagine my cock in there, since it looks very tight...
> I inserted my fingers to see her reaction, she did not wanted at the beginning, but I made it, I inserted my fingers.
> I try to make her cum, licking faster her fav spot and pressing her tits.
> Make her cum about 3 or 4 times
> She squals hard and press my head I knew she came...

The real question.. She single? MOAR
>can confirm. am sailer moon costume
File: cous13.png (270KB, 191x779px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270KB, 191x779px
> I repeated couple of times, she was wet.
> I stop and ask her if she wanted my cock inside her.
> She did not answer, and kept sucking for a few seconds.
> "ummm .. I am virgen", she said... then I said "I will go slow and we can stop if you dont like it".
> She then put her tiny body over mine. and sat over my lap, with my cock infront of her while stroking it.
> She looked like thinking a lot about it...
> Then I heard... "I want it inside". So she still with the Sailor moon outfit, she get up, and put her self in a doggy position.
> Well, it was the first time for her and the second for me, so she was asking me to go slow.
> I was horny so, even if I wanted to go slow my dick wanted to enter bad.
> No condom because I was a betafag and I was horny... I will pull it out at the end...
> I dont have a long dick, but is fucking thick, a fat cock... like really thick cock, it actually makes me feel tiny but I am about 6.2 inches. Not big but thick.
> I put it in the entrance of that tight pussy. I don't think it will fit, I probably will hurt her...
> Push a bit, while she is in doggy and I am holding her to me.
> She pas her arm under her body, grabs my penis, to have some control and give me some direction since I was lost (beta)
> I start to push a bit, and she control how much of me enter by using her hand.
> The head enter and she close her legs like it was hurting a little, but its fucking wet...
> After going very slow, in a out I have almost the middle in and I can tell she start to like it more and more since she moves to get more...
> then I push it all the way in, holding her waist and she throw her face to the pillow and squiled like she came, I am not sure if she did, she just felt it all in...
> Start fucking her right in the pussy since its all the way in...

Sage sage sage
sage this shit
File: cous12.png (349KB, 319x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349KB, 319x437px
> Start fucking her right in the pussy since its all the way in...
> so fucking tight and since she is tiny I look huge.
> I got some speed already, and it is tight... very tight...
> When I saw it all in, I was like, I hope I dont hurt her, she makes me look huge.
> She came again, and started to make noise... we were being loud, fucking hard...
> I lift her to change position, since she is light and tiny I didnt even need to pull my dick out...
> keep fucking nice and make her cum a couple of times...
> I see my aunt picture in her desk, reach it while fucking and put it face down since, I don't want her to watch us fucking, and because I feel guilty I am fucking a family member.
> I see the mirror and I can see I am fucking sailor moon, I can feel she is cuming once again.. and it gets me...
> start to feel like I will cum inside my tight cousin...
> grab her legs hard and pushed her against me , all the way in while filling her with all had...
> I started to cum inside her body. It felt GLORIOUS, I even farted while cuming. The sensation bent my knees I could not hold it...
> fell on the bed weak...
> she fell too...
> and I saw she was driping cum form her vag...
> shit forgot to pull it out.

That same day went to buy condoms and those aftermorningpills... fell really nervous
I spent several weeks afraid, but no retarded baby came...

We kept fucking regularly until she was about 19yo, I moved out to other city for work related stuff.
My brother found us once while she was sucking me.
We had a lot of very good times... and some bad times...
File: dof.png (2MB, 1920x1142px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x1142px
your brother found you? fallout?
That was great
File: cous11.png (123KB, 121x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 121x382px
Any body has other similar to share?
I Wish
>My brother found us once while she was sucking me.

need more info op
sorry /b/ro. My step sister is 6 mos older than I am, and when we were 14, we messed around a bit. Hers were the first tits that I saw / sucked, and the first ass that I licked (while playing hide and seek with others ... god I liked hiding in that storage unit with her). Unfortunately I have to run. Thanks for your story.
Well, We had the same schedule, start doing dirty stuff after aunt left. She was like 16 by this time...

> since we got confident several times, we started to do it in the living room, instead of her room.
> She went down on her knees... and started sucking...
> We know no body is coming since, the front door is super locked.
> My brother enter from the back door but we did not notice...
> he walks straight to the kitchen saying "When you 2 finish let me know".
> WTF...
> she went to her room.
> we never ever talked about it... my brother never mentioned anyway.
> we ketp doing it...
Used to have a similar relationship with my cousin, but fortunately for me, I'm ugly as hell and she didn't want to explore any further eventhough I know she must have seen my raging boners underneath my sweatpants.

13 years younger than me, and below sexual-content age. I'm glad she didn't go any further, as I wouldn't have said no.
I will add this and others to the file so other day I can write it again :) also I will try to get nudesfrom her, she send me sometimes but I lost my phone last week so I dont have them right now.
it's sad this thread is over...
File: _CIMG2059_2009.jpg (181KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 533x800px
Thanks for the story OP
She looks pretty hot

based OP
Really great
Thank you!
File: 1426850574532s.jpg (5KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 125x125px
thanks OP for a wonderful story
File: 1308195313346.jpg (166KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1024x768px
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He probably knew all along, bro.
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[Real Incest] Mother and Daughter: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13177
Brother Sister Incest Fantasy: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13843
Family Incest Sex Party: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13842
Wincest Thread!: http://wehasporn*com/fetish/13895
Wincest (Image Set): http://wehasporn*com/amateur/13896
Super Taboo Complete Collection [Incest Manga]: http://wehasporn*com/hentai/14623
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Thread images: 20

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