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Welcome to neo lolibread #1 cornstorch reporting in http:/

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Welcome to neo lolibread #1

cornstorch reporting in

For your loli and/or general archiving needs

Alongside the 10 gb folder in the OP post uploaded to Mega at:

It's now available as a torrent as well.

There's also a different 14 gb folder I have, that may have some duplicates of the stuff in the 10gb collection.

I also supplied some music thingo so you can listen to music as you fap (includes a tool to download pictures from a thread automatically):

Might start a Loli Mixtape sort of thing, basically just songs I like/currently am listening to
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Thank you so very much
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Let the derailing begin!
any videos in this pack?
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10GB? HAH!
I scoff at you.

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*raises eyebrows and clicks*
Wait, 14GB torrent...?
That's not my archive is it?
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>literally the file included in the loli collection torrent in the header
MEGA file link is helpful though, thanks.
if it is, I have a bone to pick with you
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Both linked posts are me, creator of cake.zip.

What seems to be the problem sir?
nice repeating digits
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I meant to say something nice to OP in that post but hit enter without even thinking. I wasted it
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Oh boy.
I've been working really hard to sort through that archive to get rid of all the CP, sonic porn, furry shit, spiderman pics, and other non-loli material so these poor anons can feel safe downloading it
Not to mention the sheer amount of duplicates, but that's an easily fixed problem
I get that you used the program I included with the music in the torrent up top, but you think you could clean out the images after each thread before downloading more?
Because now I have to sift through 20,000+ pics to delete all the non-loli and or illegal content
I don't even care that it's not sorted, that's not the issue
Show a little professionalism in your work
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Man, captcha keeps failing for no reason.
you still got those repeating digits,also bump
fight fight fight
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OP here
can we not?
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OK, for one, I was assured there was no CP in the collections inside my collection. Some gray-area stuff was found later, but confirmed to be CG. As for the sonic porn, furry, etc. I have no comment since I don't recall seeing any of that.

I never used any program on the images, the archive consists entirely of images downloaded from 4chan and other archives linked in loli threads.

Finally, this was never supposed to be an actual release or anything. This was an upload of my private loli collection I made for shits and giggles. I'm surprised it's still around, and I the fact it's a torrent makes me feel violated, but what am I gonna do, it's the internet.
>illegal content
Goddamn whatthefuck
thanks for not telling me OP.
Time to system restore and reset my router.
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top kek
I'm serious
I've been cleaning it out
And don't worry, it's intent that gets you time
I know the feeling! I have been sifting through all my cp to remove all the lolicon and legal material. I mean, WTF.
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>all this info
This is it. You've become general threads. It's all downhill from here. Even more downhill I mean.
Whatever floats your boat
Do the time of your life
No such thing as a grey area in the law. CG isn't illegal.
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I don't think naked ghosts have any right to complain
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Captcha "Skirmish Cookies"

So it begins
can I stream pics or vids?
Gray area as in "hard for normies to tell".
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 27

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