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>Be me >have gf of 2 years >have to move because of

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>Be me
>have gf of 2 years
>have to move because of job
>move several states away
>in love with this girl
>we decide to try and give a go at the long distance relationship
>buy her valentine's day gifts 3 weeks in advance, have them shipped to family member in home town to wrap them up
>theyre not super fantastic, but hey, I work with what I got
>have family member deliver presents to gf's house a day early
>she doesnt get me jack shit
>didnt even say "happy valentine's day"
>gf goes out all day with her best friend and 2 other guys they work with
>we discussed this, she asked permission to go out with them
>didnt like it, but hey, who am I to tell her who she can and cant hang out with
>tells me she wants to skype later when she gets home
>waiting all day, alone, pretty much just for her to get home
>friends invite me out to get wasted and play pong/cards against humanity
>so tempting
>decide to stay home so I can talk with gf
>she gets home
>she asks if im mad that she went out today
>well, I didnt like it but im not going to hold it against you
>argue for a bit
>make up
>waiting for her to mention skype
>still waiting
>still waiting
>i finally mention it
>"I can't, it's too late:/"
>im 2 hours ahead of her
>feel pretty fucking beta for letting her treat me like this, but at the same time mostly just pissed off
>not sure if beta or not
Well /b/, how was your fucking Valentine's Day?
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Also, dumping random porn, gonna beat my dick into a stump and then go to bed.
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umm dude, you gotta watch your back. I was in a long distance relationship for 3 years. they cheat if they think they can get away with it. aparently mine fucked like 8 different dudes. most innocent looking thing you could ever see. when they go out and "cant skype" something is up
married, doesn´t matter anymore
rage and dump her or you are gonna get cucked
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she's stuffing all kinds of dick up her puss dude, drop that shit.
She's cheating. LDRs never work, to women it's not cheating if she doesn't get caught.
How did you find out?
My girl is pretty innocent, and I have a lot of friends back home that would tell me if anything went down
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I honestly have faith in her. She just isn't that kind of girl. Christian, good girl, I am her first boyfriend, first everything. Christ, she hasn't even let ME hit it, so I don't think she's letting other dudes hit it.
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My valentines day was great! Im the dude who was working today and whose gf went out with another guy. > She said she really enjoyed the movie.
> they didnt end up going to dinner.
> she walked him home and they talked.
> he invited her upstairs
> she declines
> says he wants to see her again in 2 weeks when hes free
> he hugs her goodbye and gives her a peck on the lips
> she asks me if its ok that she sees him again
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that, man
I'd say drop it, if she wants to see him again
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Holy shit you are literally getting cucked hard. This is amazing.
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Well shes kinda conflicted. She says hes nice, but the kiss was weird and awkward
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Well, if that really is the case, I'm going to need some solid evidence before I quit it
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If she didn't want the kiss, she wouldn't ask to go see him again

IMO she's looking for other dudes
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We'll see what happens. I still dont think she's even told him she has a bf
What a strange position to fall asleep in.
kek I lost

"I can't handle a long distance relationship if you're going to act like this, it's just not going to work, I think we should look for other people."

sorry to be negative about your situation but save yourself the heartache now of finding out she is cheating on you later.

long distance relationships dont work.
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This is now a ylyl thread.
I already lost to this..

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Top fucking Kek.
You win 1 whole internets.
It sounds like tell tale signs of fading interest. Going out usually means alcohol, and at the very least flirting. Just let go of the strong feelings and let it go where it goes if you cant break up. Seriously though dont expect it to last.
Holy fuck dude... I want to kill myself for you.

Break up with her ive been through this same exact shit, its not worth it.
Stream it fagot
fuck you
I lost
I am a patient man.
Can confirm annon, used to have a long dist. relationship before and it WILL fail happened to me before
She's looking for other fish while she has you hooked already. Lol what a whore you're dating I wouldn't be surprised if she actually went upstairs and fucked his brains out, you poor bastard
2 years... and I lose to this fucker.
Op don't listen to these neckbeards and teenagers...just have a conversation with her about how's she was being a major fucking bitch>>598399290
This is b8
what distance is considered ldr?
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