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incest stories. share yours or others and I'll share one

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest stories. share yours or others and I'll share one of mine. pure oc.

I was 5 and frequently "played" with my 11yo step sister and her friend. fingering, masturbation, and oral. then when I was 16 I had foreplay with a step cousin who stayed with me for a week. I still crave that shit, and miss it all terribly.

>be 16
>summer time break 13 yo cousin in law/ step cousin comes to stay for a few weeks.
>haven't seen her since I was 4.
>mom brings her home while I'm playing game cube. She comes in to sit on bed behind me.
>7/10 5'2" maybe 110 DD's!
>gather my composure and chat with her about her trip and life thus far.
>nothing much happens the first week.
moar pls. and keep writing you dick
Hurry up faggot. Pretype.
I broke my sister's arm when I was in elementary school because the fucking bitch deserved it.
Give me your own before I continue...
Alright faggot you have me attention
>moving on to next week we go to lake just us
>normal day just talking and now flirting. I hop in the lake while she starts taking off her over clothes.
>i look back to see her wearing a string bikini. She isn't chubby but she is curvy with a hourglass figure. >she gets in the lake with her arms crossed "it's cold anon"
>i tell her to come in it will get warmer once she is in more.
>she makes a face but comes in anyway.
>she makes her way over to me. "Anon it's your fault in cold you have to warm me up now"
>seeing her there in that maroon bikini her nipples hard from the cool water (95 degrees outside) and noticing that her breasts are perky which have no sag at all. I start imaging them free of that to.
>insta boner
>swim a bit away and tell her if she wants warmed up she has to catch me.
>she starts swimming after me "if I catch you have to keep your word and give me a massage.
>i reach the end of the swimming area where the water is about 15 feet deep I go to dive down to swim under to hide my boner and get away to play it off.
>she dives down where she is after she sees what I am doing. She intercepts me and grabs around my waist but I twist my boner rubs her right breast
Finish the God damn story and stop being such a nigger.
>surface close to her in probably red at this point.
>(I'll call her trish) trish surfaces by me smiling "looks like I caught you"
> i see her exposed breast porcelain skin light color not tan or pale, no tan line, small areola and small nipple
>bonerupgradesintodiamondboner. Jpg
>she doesn't act like she notices "it's really chilly now" she moves close hugging me and pressing against my boner and her exposed breast against my chest
>i wrap my leg around the cement marker behind me so it's easier to hold on to her while i rub her back.she moves closer
>my boner is right on her clit.
>trish moans slightly and lifts up putting her pussy right on top of my boner pressing it against my leg.
> she starts moving very slowly back and forth with tiny movements
> i arch an eyebrow and ask I'm hurting her with rubbing her back trying to deflect and not show how good it feels.
>she looks up at me and shakes her head. She has this innocent look but an undertone that says fuck me hard
>i move my left hand to very softly move across her exposed breast. I purposefully stop at her nipple and sweep around and once and slowly go over it towards the fabric to cover her breast back up
>she looks shocked at first thather breast is exposed like didn't know. She starts breathing heavy when I do this. And starts rubbing harder, but looks disappointed when i cover her breast back up.
>i really want to kiss her bite her neck and put my dick in that tight pussy.
> mustresisttemptation.jpg
>i push down on her hips and direct her hips to rub more and faster. I can feel every contour of her hot wet pussy through the two swim suits
>trish moans at this and we get lost in the whole thing until a fish swam by and rubbed her leg. she screamed.
> everyone turned to look what it was. And she turned bright red ."umm, anon were they watching us or did they look at me because I screamed? "
> i told her it was because of the fish I felt it too. Jokingly I told her she was getting pretty loud before though and I smiled.
> she went quiet suddenly and went to the shore. I asked what was wrong but she didn't reply. She went up to shower of and get changed so I did the same. She told me she wanted to head back so we could make dinner for my mom.
go on
That's all that happened sadly :(
> three days went by and she was distant. On the fourth night we were watching TV in my room about 1am
>"anon I'm sorry about the lake I really shouldn't have. We are cousins... even if it's only by marriage it's wrong" she starts crying
>i spend the next hour consoling her. I finally apologize too. Explain that I really got to know her these two weeks and i like her; not the family kind of like. Explain how weird it was that day but how we aren't related so it's okay. I even joked about how if her mom divorced my uncle we wouldn't be family anymore. She started to lighten up at that.
>"anon that is how I feel but I was so ashamed. Can I make it up to you? I have to go back home in two days. We will have to spend more time together and you'll have to come visit me too"
>i was so worried I screwed up. Hell yes! I tell her that sounds like a plan.
>trish turns the channel to skinamax to some bad softcore porn. "I really want your cock. I can't stop thinking about you since the lake. "She starts stripping! Leaving only her thong on.
>i am so fucking stoked. Looking at her perfect tits tight ass and firm curvy body is like a dream. I'm fighting a raging boner. Thankfully I'm winning.
> since we're sitting on the floor she crawls over to me with her tits swaying back and forth. She gets to my lap and tugs at my boxers as I look down she kisses me. Open mouth, tongue. Long deep passionate kiss.
> i pull her close. With one hand I caress her breast and supple nipple. With the other I grab her neck gently and tilt her head to the side.
>7/10 5'2" maybe 110 DD's!
>110 DD's!

that would be DD sized breast with a 110" round chest. she would have to be the queen of whales.
>i start kissing her neck and ear abs break it up with nibbles and hard bites on her neck.
> trish is moaning and breathing heavy throughout this process. She moves to position over my leg and slowly starts grinding my thigh.
> as soon as she presses on my thigh I know how turned on she is. Her thong is soaking wet. I pause to look at her. Her chest breast neck and cheeks are blushed.
> i switch breasts and side of her neck. She shudders with her thighs twitching at the first bite after i blew on her neck. She just came from foreplay!
>just lost the battle to control my hard on with her shudder and moans of pleasure.
> trish feels it against her leg. "I wonder how much I can fit. .."
>she pulls my dick through the slit in my boxers and starts licking it from top to base and back. Smiles and starts to sick it slowly trying deeper and deeper.
> she requires a little instruction but she's a natural! I found out prior to the lake she has only given oral once.
>we maneuver into 69. I pull down her soaked thong and start eating her out. She was so tight I could barely get one finger in. I work on getting 3 in over the course of 30 minutes.
> finally get 3 in and as it's in i hit her gspot she orgasms moaning loudly. As she does I blow my load into her mouth and down her throat.
>she is still shaking and gags a little but she swallows all of it.
> holyshitifoundakeeper.jpg
>she turns to face me. She looks like she is floating on a cloud. "Anon that was the best feeling I have ever had I could feel all of your fingers moving around inside me and your tongue there. The best was having you in my mouth that was so good. I think I came again when you filled my mouth and throat. "
>good damn it! Why couldn't this happen sooner.
>trish bit her lip "anon? I want you in me. Do you have any condoms? I'm on the pill but. ..i just want to be careful. "
>noises. My mom was up. Knocking. "Are you two okay? I heard a scream"
> trish"yeah we were watching a horror movie and a spider crawled on my leg so I freaked out. I'm so sorry to wake you aunt -----"
> mom "ok I was just checking. You two should get some sleep soon"
> thanks mom. Sleep well
>she stayed up for another 2 hours reading.
>We laid in my bed waiting but fell asleep.
> next day we found out that her dad had moved up her flight a week ago but my mom forgot to tell us Trish had a flight for 3 and we didn't wake up until noon. We had just enough time to wake up, get ready and go to the air port.
> Trish cried when we found out. Apparently things at home were bad and after the visit she didn't want to go back or leave me

A week after she left her dad called and talked to my mom and was mad about something and told us not to call them or to talk to trish.

I reached out to her on fb a few years ago found out her dad kicked her out for wanting to move in with us and told her that we didn't want to see her again. Long story short her life went to hell she was afraid that I wouldn't want her or talk to her same with my mom. She ended up growing up to be 5'8"but put on another 100 lbs and married some neckbeard.

damn son
btw this is her
gg right?
File: 1416379443875.jpg (32KB, 352x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 352x375px

Fucking mint, OP.
Post more pics of her.
OP here. so I share one of my secrets of incest and i get no content or other stories? what's up with /b/ today.
Nother story and I may share
pic of the step sister was the first pic last one I posted was my cousin. which do you want? on phone at work but I could log into my computer for some more content
Thanks for the story OP
Cant share any since im on cell sry
Both, OP.
File: 8546_e0a1_500.jpg (249KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Apparently, from what I've read on the cp site this is from, this girl's family are nudists, but the father eventually anally molested her after seeing how hott she was becoming. Not sure if the cat was raped or not.
I'm at work. that one took all day to type on my phone between work since I'm not suppose to have my phone. sorry mate but typing one would take hours on phone since the pc is locked out of just about everything
Poor cat
File: IMG_191991.jpg (4MB, 3648x2736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3648x2736px
Anyone have any screencaps of greentext wincest stories?
She sort of resembles the cute little girl who killed her younger sister on Walking Dead.
Pizza? where?
File: Trish.jpg (376KB, 819x960px)
376KB, 819x960px
last one to bump unless more content i think that is fair
There's a guy called Tormaster that posts links on 2chru dot net every now and then to his collection.
this site is 404?
File: ec7.jpg (82KB, 916x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 143225234.jpg (50KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 960x720px
File: t36f6d8_WiODG.jpg (27KB, 461x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 461x343px
Good site ?
I don't russian, help pls
File: 533324.jpg (40KB, 368x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 368x276px
Good cp site ?
anyone have stories?
File: 1423473881398.jpg (58KB, 400x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 400x299px
Ask the hacker 4chan, he might know the answer.
is that pattycake?
i fucked my dog.
she is LIKE a member of my family so...
Oh trish
Holy SHIT.
File: 1405645412739s.jpg (4KB, 121x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey OP i posted mine ages ago, but ill do it again
>be Northern Irishfag
>be 19 working in a posh hotel bar as a barman
>be new years time
>Im working away quietly cause fuck sake im working new years eve and new years day early
>everyone else is fucking drunk. fuck this shit.
>pop out for a smoke, see 16yr old cousin who is pretty hot looking for somewhere to party
>invite her and her 3 friends in to the bar, serve them drinks all night
>cousin gets absolutely shitfaced
>her friends are going home, im still sober and offer to take care of her
>I get to stay over in a spare room of the hotel for early work the next day
>carry her drunk ass to the room give her some water and let her rest
>carry on with work for an hour or 3
>I come back and she is awake and asking quesitons
>"where am I? Did you do anything to me while i was out?"
>"nah mate I'm not that perverted"
>"I wouldnt have minded though... if you had"
>"that reminds me, i didnt get a new years kiss from anyone
>go to give her a small kiss on the cheek
>she suddenly pulls me down into a deep kiss
>i very quickly get undressed and we start fucking.
>after i realise i hadnt closed the bar
> I tell her I'll be a minute and i have to close the bar
>close bar, phone her parents and say cousin is staying in a spare hotel room because drunk
>they are very thankful
>go back to the room more drunken sex
>sleep eventually
>wake up more sex
>I Call her a cab to go to my sisters and get fixed up for the day
>her parents send me a gift basket for being such an awesome dude to their poor underage girl
>"god knows what weirdo could have found her, we are glad it was you anon"
>top kek

and thats the story of how i fucked my cousin
File: image.jpg (20KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 262x192px
this is now a spiderman thread, faggots.
any pic?
you only fucked her this time?
how was it?
File: 64.jpg (34KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 544x400px
nope. she is a cam whore now though kallistipop.

there is a ml vid of her riding a plug fir me on vday a few years ago.

if patty cake was my step sister we would never leave the bedroom
File: image.jpg (53KB, 423x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 423x359px
spiderman reporting for duty, faggots.
You would have to or else you would starve
>sleepover with my cousins
>sleeping on a mattress on the floor in one of my girl cousins rooms
>she has a friend over too
>we can't sleep
>just messing around at first
>throwing pillows, jumping on each others beds, fun stuff
>get an idea in my head
>moon them
>they giggle
>get a better idea
>flash them my preteen dick
>they both run downstairs and tell my aunt and mother
>I'm not allowed over for at least a year
File: blank.jpg (158KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We shared nudes over whatsapp, but i lost them when i upgraded phone. im sure they're hidden on this computer somewhere

we fucked once or twice after that, but then i went to university and she was still in school.

it was good sex

pic related, is her
which one?
she is hot
she never told you that your relation was wrong? or never mentioned the word "incest"?
File: trish00.jpg (43KB, 674x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 674x674px
as promised
File: 1423280422983.jpg (92KB, 400x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 400x334px
File: 1423279938098.jpg (35KB, 269x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 269x187px
File: 548853835.jpg (23KB, 345x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 345x300px
retard, he probably meant 110lbs double d titties.

you got whale on the brain we understand you hippo fucking faggot
she is cute
File: 1423585915372.jpg (36KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 544x400px
lol least dedicated spiderman ever. He's started and stopped twice now.
we both knew, and didn't really care, we knew it wouldn't lead anywhere . we were just bored horny teens,

i asked her recently, if she regretted any of it. she said not a bit.

so yeah.

cute enough for another couple pics?
File: 1423285244712.jpg (10KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 262x192px
File: 1423344767478.jpg (35KB, 479x390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 479x390px
File: 1423284855249.jpg (65KB, 692x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 692x461px
yes, she is incredible cute
could you post a body pic?
give me a couple mins to search through my old phone sd cards. might find something
ok, take all the time you need
anyone have the google incest archive link??
Guys, a couple of days ago someone posted a greentext about how his 10 y/o niece sucked him. Did any of you capped that ?
File: 03252013.jpg (199KB, 615x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 615x463px
can you share? -.-
Oh, I don't have it. I just said that I'm sure someone does.
just looked through them, found the thumbnail of something decent, and the damn picture was corrupted.

welp heres 2 more normal photos
and im done.

hope you fuckers get that wincest you want.
File: kx1NP.jpg (42KB, 500x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 500x383px
Why is one arm huge compared to the other?
You mean Tasha's brother? Just google it.
style of the top.
you can see the neck of it goes past her shoulder
File: 1423476302961.jpg (91KB, 400x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 400x294px
Font know how to green text.
Fuck it.
Be me 17 at home. Alone with my cousin watching TV. She was 16.
De were realy close and never had a flirt or any shit.
Its late at night and our parents are sleeping on the rooms on second and third floor.
She s on pajamas and wearing bra, but i van ser ver tight slim body.
Start talking and i realize how hot she is.
She starts to out ver band on my face, só i cant see the tv.
I say if she doesnt stop i ll out my finger on her anus. Wat. Ok.
She keeps on messing up
I try to put my finger and for a moment touch ver pussy. De pretende nothing happened.
Keep playin
My heart stars beatin hard.
Só as my cock.
Boner coming
She s really up to keep touching me on face
As fast as i could, grab her left tit. I got impressed cause see she hás grown a large bit
As i grab her, she grabs my Dick. Wtf.
Insta diamond boner.
We look at each other still holding.

Should i continue?
>Be me 26
>brother goes weekend away with waifu
>oldest brother
>ask me babysit
>no problem
>friday afternoon brother and waifu leave
>me on couch with three kids
>oldest is 10 girl lets call samantha
>middle 8 girl lets call lisa
>youngest is 6 boy
>good kids
>nothing weird with them
>look good
>good grades in school
>nice kids
>me be single since gf left
>left for shitty alpha
>back to story, timejump evening
>me on couch with the two girls
>watching some MTV-shit they want to see
>me making fun bout that shit
>girls laughing
>me laughing
>nice evening
>girls both in pj's, big tshirts
>because nieces
>until youngest girl slides of couch
>watches tv on belly on floor
>nothing under tshirt
>legs a bit open
>look straight at her pussy
>i feel i turn red
>watching my nieces pussy
>full view
>feel bonergrowth
>samantha next to me
>asking me something
>totally frozen dont know what she asks
>'anon, you ok?'
>bumps my shoulder
>i wake up from my stare
>one niece with pussy bare in front of me
>other niece next to me, bumping shoulder
>long time since fuk
>long time since fap
>blue balls to the max
>turn to samantha
>bump her shoulder back
>'ouch! uncle, you hit too hard!'
>she grabs my arm and wrestle it
>wrestle back like bumping her
>tickle her in her belly
>lift her from couch and throw her back on
>see her panties numerous times
>while tickle fight
>pink cotton with little hearts
>lisa on the floor wants to help
>her sister that is
>not anon
>jumps at my lap while i hold samantha in knucklegrip
>starts yanking my arm
>grinds pussy on my dick
File: 1423585536788.jpg (83KB, 640x485px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 640x485px
raging boner by now in sweatpants
>this has to stop before i rape them
>i yell that we all stop at the same time
>they comply
>thank god
>fast pull pillow and drop on my lap
>cant wait to get to the toilet later
>samantha looks at me weird
>both girls cuddle back on the couch
>next to me
>lisa left side end of couch
>samantha right side, against shoulder
>after a while boner starts to drop
>want to run to the toilet now
>ride my hand like a mad man
>shoot my juices
>take away pillow and stand up
>but lisa is faster
>'gotta go!'
>after 8 seconds: 'wow.. uncle anon..'
>samantha stares at my crotch
>halfhard boner straight ahead in sweatpants
>hold breath, what to do
>sit fast, grab pillow back, put it on crotch
>samantha still stares at me
>enough with this
>'what?'never seen a dick?
>'not like that no..'
>'well, its not for you eyes'
>she stands up and walks away
yes please, the question is dumb
1 minute later her sis is back from toilet
>im thinking: shall i go?
>where is samantha?
>is she mad at me?
>lets just wait till she is back
>maybe talk with her bout this when sis sleeps
>lisa back on couch, now facing me
>back against armrest
>MTVshitshow starts again
>samantha comes back into the room
>face all red
>immedialitely drops back on couch
>against my shoulder
>says nothing
>after few mins she starts to move a bit
>holding her arm on her head
>brushes her hand softly on my chest
>after few more mins she changes position
>legs pulled up on couch
>head and hand now full on my chest
>at this time lisa moves a bit
>shifts her butt towards the couch
>head on armrest
>pussy in full view for uncle anon
>dont dare to watch it
>hand of samantha awfully close to pillow
>watching 8yo pussy is boner 2.0
>dont look anon, dont look anon
>dont look at that bare virgin pussy
>her hand subconciously on her ass
>scratches nails on her butt a bit
samantha has to notice this
>im pushing the pillow in my lap like crazy
>mtvshit on the t.v.
>8yo lisa next to me, carressing her naked ass
>10yo samantha with her head on me, brushing her hand on my chest
>and lower
>and lower
>then she looks at me
>i look back, weird look in her eyes
>i know that look, but from ex's eyes
>samantha is most def horny as fuck
>her hand moves to my hand
>the hand that holds pillow
>holds pillow like crazy
>starts brushing over hand
>wtf do you want girl
>i know what she wants.
>but this is wrong
>so wrong in all kinds of ways
>then she slowly get grip of my hand
>pulls it a little bit
>girl we cant, really, we cant
>she watches her sis while she pulls my hand
>one look from her at her sis's
>than her hand slides under the pillow
>hand brushes over boner
>grabbing it
>playing with it
>wtf is happening here
>pull her hand away, watch her angry
she smiles and looks glancy at me
>lisa moves a bit and laughs at shit joke on shit mtv
>samantha and i laugh too, bit too loud
>samantha uses laugh and noise to slip hand IN my pants
>cutest little girly hand on my hard cock
>i think im going crazy
>this is my niece
>of 10 years old
>this is so wrong
>her hand slowly brushing on my raging boner
>im furiously watching her sis doesnt notice'
>and back at her
>she keeps smiling
>that bitch
>keeps smiling
>she slowly jerks me off
>and i cant do anything about it
>dont want to either
>her small hand starts slowly jerking me off
>only just out of view of her lil sister
>who's ass and pussy are in full view for me
>for me and samantha's view
>and believe me, samantha noticed
>she gave me looks when lisa slowly brushed her fingers on her butt
>than. all of a sudden, lisa moves
>sits up, omfg if she looks at me, she sees
>but watches shit mtv
>samantha slowly pulls hand from under pillow
>cock twitching 2.0
>'Im cold' she says and quickly stands up
>hand back on pillow like lighting to avoid pillowlift
>lisa replies: 'me too!'
>After 30secs, samantha comes back with two blankets
File: trailerparkanon.jpg (2MB, 1424x3973px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1424x3973px
part 1/2
The one in the glasses is my niece. she just moved in with me because she's also my girlfriend. My sister (her mother) is cool with it because she knows I'll treat her right
>throws one at lisa
>who turns around and snuggles up against me
>blanket over her
>other side
>samantha takes same position as before
>but now under blanket
>everything out of sight
>takes her one minute to have her hand back
>her hand around my cock
>full raging hardon in 30sec
>still under pillow though
>lisa moves a bit and rests her head against pillow
>samantha looks at me in terror
>immidialtely stops jerking
>i look her deep in eyes
>melt her brains with frozen NO
>start singing 'Let it go' in my head
>There i am, fully erect in hand of samantha
>with hand of lisa just inches from it
>what to do?
>than all of a sudden lisa: 'anon, can i use pillow?'
>'er.. yes.. of course.. here ya go..'
>move pillow under head lisa
>She moves around a bit, goes on her back
>head on pillow
>two inches from her sisters hand around my hard cock
>Why are we still here anon
>Get out of here
>this will be loose loose
>you'll never get anything good out of this
>this is bound to get real bad
>then lisa reaches over her head
and feels her sisters arm there
File: trailerparkanon#2.jpg (3MB, 1432x4457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1432x4457px
part 2/2


>faster than a jet i pull her sisters arm away
>put mine in place
>lisa turns around
>looks at my arm
>looks at back of her sisters head
>looks at me
>i look back with 'what?'-face
>lisa clearly doesnt understand something
>but puts head and arm back
>Slowly samantha wants to get her hand back
>but no way
>lisa is obviously watching her sis
>little bitch
>8yo and keeping me away from that delightful hand
>than something happens
>lisa takes the pillow, moves all the way around
>puts pillow on armrest
>rests feet against my leg, pulls blanket over her
>shifts her ass down
>watches mtv
>completely out of view
>samantha instantly grabs hold of my cock again
>in two quick moves she frees it from pants
>under blanket i move hand towards her chest
>firm grip around my cock
>firm grip on her left tit
>she slowly starts jerking me again,
>i twist her nipple between my fingers
>this goes on for 3/4 mins
>subconciuos i start moving my hips a bit
>one hand next to me
>between me and lisa
>lisa moves
>pussy lisa is on my hand. WTF
>dating sister's friend
>she's submissive, into rough sex, etc.
>eventually break up
>she eventually gets a new boyfriend
>one day talk to my sister, end up talking about my ex
>ask how she is doing with her new boyfriend
>sister says ex is fine, but apparently missing some aspects of our relationship
>I am curious, ask what ex is missing
>sister blushes "oh, you know, stuff you did."
>keep pushing for an answer
>sister blushes even more
>eventually says "well, she tells me she misses getting spanked and stuff." apparently her new boyfriend doesn't do that
>"you two talk about that kind of stuff?"
>sister gets even more embarressed
>eventually confesses to having quite detailed knowledge of me and my ex's sexlife
>ask her why she apparently asked her friend so much about this
>"well, uhm, I was just curius. You know, friends will talk about all kinds of things..."
>demand a real answer, ask if it's that she likes spankings herself
>"well, I never got spanked, so I wouldn't know..."
>don't even know what got into me, but ask "would you like to try?"
>she doesn't even seem to understand what I am suggesting at first
>then she blushes again and starts going on about how she likes thinking about this and would kinda like to try but doesn't know anybody whom she could tell and who wouldn't take her for a freak
>"I don't take you for a freak"
>first she's shocked at the suggestion and very reluctant
>I am her brother, we can't do this and so on...
>explain to her that this is her chance to try out her fantasy in reality, without getting judged or anything, and that we aren't doing anything wrong, just seeing if she actually enjoys this
>eventually she reluctantly agrees, stressing that her pants will stay on, though
>"well, get over my lap then"
>her eyes widen "now?!"
>"now is as good a time as any"
>she looks incredibly embarressed, shy and helpless, words can't describe how cute she is in that moment
>eventually gets over my lap
>pull hand samantha away
>if i cum now, the blanket will be full
>i grab face samantha soft but quick
>look her in eye
>make very clear: later
>at that moment i feel lisa move on my hand
>look at lisa
>eyes closed
>samantha lift head and look at lisa
>makes face like 'she's asleep'
>but I know she not asleep
>cos she grinding her pussy on my hand!
>samantha look again at lisa
>again: 'she asleep!'
>Me angry look at samantha: 'here, look'
>samantha tilts head a bit, i lift blanket
>samantha sees her little sis slowly riding top of my hand
>Me insane
>samantha keeps watching sis
>samantha moves her head a bit
>shifts blanket
>pulls cock from under blanket
>takes cock in mouth
>im so horny right now, dont give a fuck anymore
>i slowly reach behind her head
>start directing her head
>starts moving her wonderful mouth on my dick
>in extacy i start moving hand a bit
>lift thumb a bit.
>lisa immidiadetly starts moving a bit
>grinding my thumb
>8yo niece grinds naked pussy on my thumb
>10yo niece is blowing me
lol. no pic
>Cock out in the open now
>samantha looks at me like: lisa cant see
>right, she cant see right?
>really dont know
>think she cant
>but really dont care anymore
>get back to your sucking my dick
>samantha lifts and turns head a bit
>in a sec i have my cock back in her mouth
>instantly start bopping her head on it
>Than the little bitch on my other side moves
>looking directly at what her sis does
>in horror i freeze
>let her sis go on
>she doesnt notice her little sis sees all now
>lisa looks at me in weird look
>tommorrow she's tell her dad
>say it little bitch
>im a pig i know
>say it
but.. she doesnt say anything
>looks at her sisters head going up and down on my dick
>moves her hand
>shifts blanket
>view for uncle anon:
>8yo touching herself
>rubbing her clit
>cumming hard, try to be as silent as possible
>holding samantha's head, shoot my load in her mouth'
>thrusting in it
>samantha tries to swallow it all
>chokes on my cum
>10secs later, still coming
>close my eyes, shame hits in hard
>after 30secs shuteye, look at lisa: pretends she sleeps
>samantha stands up, gives me look. Goes to room
>After few secs silence lisa goes to room too
>i stand up, we all walk the dinosaur to their room
The fucking end!

that's all there was posted
dear god Moar please
That is one kind of a story right there.
more pics! need to take care of this friggin' diamond mode.
I'll post the vid of my sister of anon can finish the story of his sis
moar plx
>I start to spank her
>don't go very hard, as it's her first time; also, she's still fully dressed, reducing the impact
>she still screams out the first time I hit her, but it's probably more out of surprise than anything
>then it's a series of little yelps and heavy penting
>her fingers dig into my leg more and more
>after some time I stop
>gently brush over her hair
>"well, did it feel as good as you imagined?"
>she lifts her head and turns it around slightly, so she can look me into the eyes
>her face is flushed, she's still breathing a little more heavily than usual
>gives me the cutest, shiest nod
>give her ass another hard smack, catching her by surprise, "good!"
>go on spanking her some more, a little harder this time, but still nothing too extreme
>still, she squirms and struggles quite a bit, till I have to hold her with my free hand
>slowly, my dick started to get up, which didn't went unnoticed by me and neither by her probably
>"uhm, anon, your..."
>my dick is pressing into her
>now it's me getting embarressed
>I let go of her and tell her I am sorry
>"it's okay anon... I am kinda wet too"
>there's an awkward silence for a time, probably made even more awkward by the fact she's still sprawled over my lap
>she doesn't move away either
>"d-do you want me to go on?"
>hesitantly I start spanking her again
>but after the first smack, she interrupts me:
>"anon, would you mind... pulling my pants down?"
>her face is hidden between her hair, she sounds too embarressed to look up at me
>I hesitantly and wordlessly do what she asked for
>I am now spanking her with only her panties covering her ass
>it's slowly turning pinker and pinker
>she starts to get louder
>I can't help but notice the dark spot on her panties
>after my slaps I let my hand stay on her ass cheeks for a moment, caressing them a little
>eventually move my hand down towards her pussy after one smack
>I don't even really touch it, just brushing over the edge of her pussy lips
good thread so far, its been a while since the last good one.

please dont let it 404
well he continuing so here is the link

ml 13B41EE. not stolen but the rest is accurate
im horny to this story

what did u do to me /b/
bumping for more stories
can not let this tread die
File: 1421986356165.jpg (78KB, 449x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 449x600px
Anon, i love you, i really do
Been looking for this shit since Sunday
You're welcome
bitch I'm op and i posted that shit so unless you posted it Sunday
> fuckoff.jpg
File: 000000000.jpg (136KB, 2500x459px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 2500x459px
this video is very good too
ML of course
how did you get your sister into it? my sister and I have pretty much always been single (i've only had 2 short relationships and a one night) but my sister really doesn't like being around me much, says I embarrass her, but her friends like me.
>she hisses
>immediately jerk my hand away, tell her I am sorry
>"i-it's okay, anon"
>ask her if she liked it
>her hair is hanging down all around her face, can't see her face, but see her hair nodding slightly
>slowly move my hand down her ass cheek again
>as I brush over her pussy, she gives another hiss
>I get bolder
>or madder
>slowly move under the fabric with two fingers
>she feels hot and wet and it's simply the hottest thing I ever felt
>work one finger a little between her pussy lips
>at the same time smack down on her ass again with my other hand
>she shudders, arches a back and gives out a muffled moan
>I pull my hand out of her panties like I just burned my fingers
>ask her if she just came
>"I-I think I did"
>she seems to have a hard time comprehending what's happening and keeping her focus
>she's still kind of shivering for a moment
>then, after a long while she mutters out of all her hair "I think we should probably stop"
>feel really guilty suddenly; it's probably my fault this ever went so far
>"y-you are right. I am so sorry."
>she half gets up, turning around a bit and hugs me
>"don't be. this was incredible."
>she kisses my cheek and whispers "thank you"
>then suddenly her mouth is on mine
>I don't even know which of us started it, but I am kissing my own sister!
>we finally pull away from each other again
>her face stays really close to mine, though
>she bites her lips
>"this is probably wrong"
>hastily say "we can stop if you want!"
>she thanks me, says that she'd like to stop for now
>did she just say "for now"???
>she brushes over her reddened ass cheek with one hand and tells me she doesn't think she can take any more at the moment
>tell her it's okay, again emphasize we can stop if she wants
>"I-I'd like to give you something back, though, if that's okay, anon?"
>I am taken by surprise and can barely comprehenad what she just said
someone know where else wincest stories are?
>taking care of sibs while parents are away
>hear boy's voice coming from sister's room, shes not supposed to be alone with boys, so i burst in without knocking
>she's nude under the covers, he's getting dressed
>she freaks out and he smirks; pretty obvious what happened here
>kick him the fuck out and ask her what the hell she thinks he's doing, and cannot believe the idiocy that comes out of her mouth:
>her boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with her because he realized he's gay, so as REVENGE she slept with the guy he has a crush on
>fucking girls, man
>she begs me not to tell anyone and i start thinking... tell her to let me see
File: 1354.jpg (139KB, 737x464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 737x464px
File: imgres.jpg (11KB, 215x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 215x234px
>be 13
>be invited to mountain cain upstate for skiing vacation with best friend family
>sprain my ankle on the second day
>Have to stay inside for the week
>anon’s parents in Italy
>Friend’s dad working on thesis, stays home all day to write
>Me, have nothing to do but watch TV and jerk off seriously in room
>Notices friends dad peeping from bedroom doorway
>day after
>hear moaning coming from friend dad’s den
>den’s door open
>Friend’s dad watching porn, jacking it.
>So stunned, drop crutch
>Friend’s dad sees me
>invites me to watch porn with him
>jerk off side by sides
>he grabs my cocklette
>friend’s dad ask if I want to put his penis on my mouth
>cums in my mouth and face
>remain secret lover with friend’s dad college
Thanks man. My hand is sore from typing all that shit.
File: 1422956941606.gif (920KB, 333x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
920KB, 333x250px
No problem :) and it should be that was a hell of a story!
>she starts arguing and i say fine, i'll tell our parents... her youth group.... our priest.... mention it at school....
>she's angry but fear is stronger, she moves the blankets aside so i can see everything
>trim, athletic body, a cups with stiff nipples, trim bush--and two things are obvious: she was a virgin and he didn't use a condom
>go get a washcloth, come back, start cleaning her up, she's like 'what the fuck are you doing?' at first but just closes her eyes and goes with it
>wipe away the blood and come, spread her legs, start rubbing her
>no response from her, just closed eyes, ragged breathing
>start undoing my pants with my other hand, she bites her lip but doesn't say anything, i'm still rubbing
>pants off and she sstill hasn't told me no, she's wet and my fingers are slick
>so i get on top of her, put my cock to her hole, her eyes are still closed, biting that lip hard, breathing heavy
>i push in and she's tight and slick, she grunts and lets out this long groan
>start fucking her and her hands are on my arms and she's just panting and grunting
>come inside, tell her that i won't tell anyone, and leave

>9 months later, i have a nephew
be mid 20's visiting parent's. Have a lil sis and cousin of the same age, they're 16, BFF's. Sis 7/10 cuz 9/10 I've always been close with them both

>mom goes out for drinks with her friends, I don't drink so decline to go
> home alone, sis and cuz roll in around 11, drunk and stoned
> watchin a movie, tell them to come sit with me
> i'm in the middle, one cuddles up on either side
>arms around them, eventually i start getting a little touchy, no complaints
>sis repositions so her back is against me and she's somewhat laying down, were under blankets
> slide my hand down the front of her shirt, they in nighties, no bra, rest my hand on her tit
>cuz also repositions into the same position,
> after a while of massaging and feeling them up, I can tell theyre getting horny as fuck
>slide hand all the way down and slip it inside my lil cuz, juicy as fuck
> bring finger out, stick it in her mouth and she licks it off
> glance down at sis, she's lookin up at me with dem fuck me eyes

Anyway, I get up, throw them both over my shoulders and carry them off to the bedroom, had an amazing night. Was the first and only time i had them together, and had never fucked either before, but i had felt them up quite a bit in the years prior since they started developing
honestly she was curious and asked. it stopped for a bit after her dad divorced my mom but we had the same problem.

I left a note or two explaining in detail like my cousin green text with no names other than mine and "she" or"her" what I would do to her and her reaction to what I was doing. I also made sure she would walk in on me getting out of the shower onetime after said note. then a few days later told her those notes were about her.

we were snuggling up watching a movie at mom's one night after that when I pulled her close and started kissing her neck from behind and nibbling. she got so turned on things went from there.

how that helps. I just don't know how to approach it with my half step neice.
>she glides down from my lap and onto her knees
>there's a big budge in my paants
>she slowly pulls the zip down, pulls my pants down a little, reaches into them
>I still barely get what's going on as she pulls my cock out
>she gives it a few strokes, then slowly lowers her mouth over it
>she sucks a little on it, then looks up at me, a hint of uncertainty in her eyes, as if she's looking for reassurance
>nod at her
>this seems to work, as she resumes sucking
>I can hold on for maybe a minute or two?
>yeah, like a goddamn virgin
>but hey, it was my fucking sister sucking me off
>this was by far the hottest and most intense experience of my life
>I cum into her mouth
>she's taken by surprise obviously
>still tries to swallow and does so for a moment, but ends up coughing and spilling the last spurts of cum
>... which probably isn't that hot, but I honestly didn't mind in that moment
>we end up cuddling on the couch
>neither of us says a word for a long time
>I just enjoy how soft ad warm she is and stroke her back a lttle
>after a long while she mutters "thank you. this felt really good."
>I turn to look at her
>she just bites her lip and gives the tiniest nod
>"for me too"
>we stare at each other for a long moment
>she blushes again
>then awkwardly and so quiet I almost don't understand her she asks "so you want to do it again?"
>"If you want to..."
>again she nods
>we keep cuddling till our mom comes home
>we were completely lost in each others arms, the outside world was completely forgotten
>so when we heard the door that took us by surprise and we literally jumped up
>luckily we weren't discovered and still managed to pull our pants up in time, etc.
>it still felt like our mom knew everything, but that's probably how you always feel when you did something nobody should know
The next days were kinda awkward. Even though we had basically agreed to do it again, it took some time to find the courage to bring this topic up again. But eventually we ended up doing more stuff.
And that's the story of how I started having a bdsm relationship with my sister.
I'm actually jealous. Your sister seems wife worthy, or atleast LTR. Wish I could meet her, she looks like more fun than my 9/10 sis would be anyway. I know as a brother that should upset you, but I like how cute she is with that innocent look.
as a fellow bdsm practitioner this story is beautiful.

are you both still doing this?
>are you both still doing this?
Yes. We actually got quite into it over the time. With my ex it was mostly just rough sex. With my sister I slowly developed into an actual dom. We both discovered quit a lot about ourselfs and our likes together and slowly went deeper and deeper into this. It's been an awesome ride so far. And even though it's not always easy, having to hide it all the time, I am really glad this happened.
no worries. she has her faults. we haven't talked since we were dating exclusively and i found her cheating on me. the apt she moved into was a bdsm house and she was starting to sleep with 4 guys and 3 girls. she grew into an attention whore and quite mercurial. due to being spoiled by her dad and new step mom
anyone have more stories?
OK so this is probably bullshit. Right? She had your son?
that is phenomenal! happy to hear that.

I've been in a vanilla relationship for two years now. she loves the bdsm but it doesn't do anything for her. if it wasn't for a newborn it would have been over.

my journey into being a dom started with an ex but really flourished with the step sister. I admit I miss it. she was the kinkiest person I know.
this saddens me. Would you have trusted her to a semi normal anon like me, or that? kinda upset, she was so cute
My sister was in a car accident a few years ago; it fucked her up real bad and still affects her today. One of the effects was, she got hooked on painkillers and it really started to mess with her sleep cycle. She copped some Ambien from a friend and took that for a couple of months, but stopped because the side effects freaked her out. Some people say it causes weird sleepwalking and stuff like that? She didn’t sleep walk, but she WOULD be awake and have vivid fantasies/hallucinations. Walking around, fully cognizant and capable of conversation, but stuck in weird fantasies that weren’t there. The first time she was saying she was “parading the turtles of Provincetown” and led some invisible procession around our house. But the thing was, after she actually got some sleep she’d have no memory at all of what had happened.
No memory at all.
So naturally I took advantage of this. Used her fugue state to make out with her, and fucked her on several occasions.
pretty sure its' not mine; face is definitely our family but none of us have hair like that. the other guy is paying paternity for it, anyway, so that's nice
care to elaborate more?
how did you convince her? what you told/did?
how she was at it?
any pic of your sis?
yeah. we had threesomes with other girls and on occasion a guy. our agreement was that if we somehow found another person we would talk about it first and that if either wanted to Date another we would let the other know. that didn't work obviously.
The first time I did it, she came into the living room with me, thought I was our dad, and told me she wanted to make breakfast for the family. So I went into the kitchen with her to make sure she didn't burn the house down, and I pretended to be our dad. Then I decided to kinda run with it, turned it a bit authoritative, demanding... "you don't want to disappoint daddy do you?"
She was a bit stiff/robotic, but for the most part when these were happening she was "awake," just not aware of what was really around her. It wasn't like she was passed out or anything. And the fantasy fugue she was in kinda morphed in response to what I said and did; kinda like how dreams are fluid, you know? She fully got into the daddy thing, too.

And honestly, I can't even imagine going back now. Even to what I had before. And definitely not to vanilla. Then again, maybe it just feels like that while you are in the middle of it, and when it really comes to it you can still adapt if you must. I wouldn't know. And I don't really care to find out. My sister is simply too amazing. Not just as a sub. The whole package. So I have no intention to ever end this.
Don't die thread I'm liking these
all these reads are fucking awesome...newbie here...I WANT PICS TO MATCH THE READS!
any pic?
she was a virgin?
how was her pussy?
No, she's no virgin. In fact that was part of why I felt safe in doing it; she had a bf at the time and if she got pregnant everyone would assume it was his. Pussy was waxed, tight, and VERY wet; one time I pulled her panties down and they were soaked through with strands dripping down from her. Incredible.
I'm afraid to put a pic up. Don't want anything identifying on here. She's 5'7", brown-eyed sharp-nosed brunette with hair past her shoulders; 34a tits, an athletic body. About 22 when this was happening.
take a screenshot of the picture, this way you are making a new one, also dont use a fb/instagram/etc pic
DONT 404
Bumpity bump
Are you dating? Or are you just siblings with benefits?
File: das3k.jpg (45KB, 328x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gonna regret this....
wow, i was expecting a really ugly women (i though this was the reason you didnt posted anything)
thanks anon and no, the people who regret this are usually very stupid, posting straigh up images from social networks, or from cameras with all the metadata
File: delete 21n.jpg (109KB, 492x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
delete 21n.jpg
109KB, 492x666px
to be safe i would delete if you are worried

bumping with the step cousin
Bump for the rest, I also missed the continuation of this story
bump =/
Don't die thread!
>/b/ - Random
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I misread and first though it said "Autism" on his t-shirt
File: 541678809.jpg (203KB, 1762x1254px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 1762x1254px
bump with story
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