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What was the youngest girl you've ever fucked /b/? Give

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What was the youngest girl you've ever fucked /b/?

Give us pics and stories
my first girfriend

she was 14, and even did anal
i still cant believe i fucked a 14 year old in the ass hard. I was 17
Nice try FBI
I was 16
18, I was 19. Same night a 15 was coming on hard but I was smart. No statute of limitations on that shit
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>she was 17, I was 21
>age of consent was 16 so whatever
>overly protective mom had gos tracker on this girl's phone
>fucking in usual spot, in undeveloped spot in her neighborhood
>on sleeping bag, for all the stars and gods to see
>finally find my rhythm then I hear a car door shut
>I see the silhouette of her mom standing upon the hill, it's dark out but there are street lights
>before I can even react this girl shoots off butt naked in the woods
>I do the same, except I still have my socks on
>after about 30 minutes of running and hiding from her mom, we go back
>upon arriving back to the fuck spot, I find that her bitch mom has taken my clothes
>I had to put a dirty sock around my dick and walk about a mile to get my shit back
>best and worst sex story I have had
When i was 17 i fucked a 19 year old, that's the youngest for me.
Are you me?
What was her name?
13 i was 16 i fucked here almost everyday for a year

13, back when I was 17.
15 was 19
>before you say anything, French so age of consent = 15
>mfw i remember her little tits bouncing up and down in the green light of the alarm clock as she was riding me
I was 13 at the time so not really that exciting
17 I was 23
a 13 year old anime fan.she was a cutie too. i'm 35
21 and i was 31. She liked to swallow every time
i was 14 and lost my virginity to a 15 year old back in high school. probably the best story i have about fucking her i'll greentext

>be 14, get call from girlfriend because i didn't have a cell
>tells me her dad has gone over his buddy's place for sunday football
>says he's always gone all afternoon and doesn't get back until late
>all i say is "ok" and hang up, tell mom i'm going over friends house
>get on bike and i end up passing cars in a 35
>get to her place and park my bike out behind the house as a precaution
>right as i came on her stomach, i hear the tell tale sign of her dad's diesel engine truck pull up
>don't even clean my dick off
>get dressed in maybe 3 seconds
>open her second floor bedroom window and hear the truck door close
>wait until i hear the downstairs door open and jump out the window
>grab my bike and haul ass around the house opposite the driveway

her dad was one of those stereotypical over protective types. tall, brawny mechanic and scared the shit out of me
I hate women like that. Like, why take your clothes? What a colossal bitch.
>>597142057Ok.. Time to come true..

>Be me 26
>brother goes weekend away with waifu
>oldest brother
>ask me babysit
>no problem
>friday afternoon brother and waifu leave
>me on couch with three kids
>oldest is 10 girl lets call samantha
>middle 8 girl lets call lisa
>youngest is 6 boy
>good kids
>nothing weird with them
>look good
>good grades in school
>nice kids
>me be single since gf left
>left for shitty alpha
>back to story, timejump evening
>me on couch with the two girls
>watching some MTV-shit they want to see
>me making fun bout that shit
>girls laughing
>me laughing
>nice evening
>girls both in pj's, big tshirts
>because nieces
>until youngest girl slides of couch
>watches tv on belly on floor
>nothing under tshirt
>legs a bit open
>look straight at her pussy

she was 15 i was 16

>she was an overweight teenage mother who cut and was bulimic
>i was depressed and thought itd make me feel better, it didnt
>i didnt cum

16 i was 16. we were both virgins. it was bloody and uncomfortable for both of us.
She was 20 something I was 18

Now 20 and will never feel a 14 year old pussy around my dick
i was 17
Yes please
5. I was 17. They still haven't found the body. Was while I was on vacation in Mexico, so they probably think it was cartel.
16 when i was 25
Cont your bait man
23 right now 19 yo gf. It's fun. All the bitches I fucked in high school were college girls.
20 year old virginfag here.
>tfw you missed out on the best years for sex
Yeah i'm sure...
more please
Im 20, youngest was 14-15
21. i like them experienced but not over 30. i'm 26
She was 14 and I was 15. Best years of my life. I wish I could play rewind and relive my golden youth.
I was 17, she was 14.
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Her: 16
Me: 25

Typical goth kid with daddy issues, hung out for a couple months, had our fun, and parted ways.

Say whatever you want, the damage is done, age of consent here is 18, she consented anyway, and I got away with it.
i'm intrigued..
cont pls
>>597145222>i feel i turn red
>watching my nieces pussy
>full view
>feel bonergrowth
>samantha next to me
>asking me something
>totally frozen dont know what she asks
>'anon, you ok?'
>bumps my shoulder
>i wake up from my stare
>one niece with pussy bare in front of me
>other niece next to me, bumping shoulder
>long time since fuk
>long time since fap
>blue balls to the max
>turn to samantha
>bump her shoulder back
>'ouch! uncle, you hit too hard!'
>she grabs my arm and wrestle it
>wrestle back like bumping her
>tickle her in her belly
>lift her from couch and throw her back on
>see her panties numerous times
>while tickle fight
>pink cotton with little hearts
>lisa on the floor wants to help
>her sister that is
>not anon
>jumps at my lap while i hold samantha in knucklegrip
>starts yanking my arm
>grinds pussy on my dick
Can I know your address?
I'm curious...
well not with that attitude, anon
File: 1422815275416.png (390KB, 716x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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FBI, is that you?
File: 1416160391910.jpg (5KB, 224x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>best years for sex
they get better when they mature you know.
prove or it didnt happen
>>597146418>raging boner by now in sweatpants
>this has to stop before i rape them
>i yell that we all stop at the same time
>they comply
>thank god
>fast pull pillow and drop on my lap
>cant wait to get to the toilet later
>samantha looks at me weird
>both girls cuddle back on the couch
>next to me
>lisa left side end of couch
>samantha right side, against shoulder
>after a while boner starts to drop
>want to run to the toilet now
>ride my hand like a mad man
>shoot my juices
>take away pillow and stand up
>but lisa is faster
>'gotta go!'
>after 8 seconds: 'wow.. uncle anon..'
>samantha stares at my crotch
>halfhard boner straight ahead in sweatpants
>hold breath, what to do
>sit fast, grab pillow back, put it on crotch
>samantha still stares at me
>enough with this
>'what?'never seen a dick?
>'not like that no..'
>'well, its not for you eyes'
>she stands up and walks away

Pedo, plz go.
File: 1375604154163.jpg (6KB, 245x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if by better you mean spiking birth control and whining about marriage
nice trips
Sister was 13, I was 11. Her and her friends played around with me for years before that. I honestly wonder who fucked them up, cause they seemed to know what they were doing.

My story
>16 year old
>am i rite?
go on...
14, but i was also 14. she was so slutty, it was awesome. she even let me fuck her in the ass a few times.
Yeah, no. I haven't heard anyone say that ever. It may be better because you have been with that person for a long time, but you can have that experience with a 18 year old hot bod too.
>>597146803>1 minute later her sis is back from toilet
>im thinking: shall i go?
>where is samantha?
>is she mad at me?
>lets just wait till she is back
>maybe talk with her bout this when sis sleeps
>lisa back on couch, now facing me
>back against armrest
>MTVshitshow starts again
>samantha comes back into the room
>face all red
>immedialitely drops back on couch
>against my shoulder
>says nothing
>after few mins she starts to move a bit
>holding her arm on her head
>brushes her hand softly on my chest
>after few more mins she changes position
>legs pulled up on couch
>head and hand now full on my chest
>at this time lisa moves a bit
>shifts her butt towards the couch
>head on armrest
>pussy in full view for uncle anon
>dont dare to watch it
>hand of samantha awfully close to pillow
>watching 8yo pussy is boner 2.0
>dont look anon, dont look anon
>dont look at that bare virgin pussy
>her hand subconciously on her ass
>scratches nails on her butt a bit
Fuck off, cancer. You fags whining and bitching about age-of-consent are what's killing /b/.

You are the hero we need. Continue.
more lol
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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>whining about marriage
oh come on, you know not every girl/woman is like that
I know they say it is wrong for siblings to experiment sexually, but I think it is perfectly natural. I had sex with my cousin at quite a young age and was fine. She was about 6, and I was 35.

15. I was 15 too. Got the head in and she screamed and started crying. Pulled out. Didn't get dick/pussy contact again until 19.
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>First girlfriend, solid 9/10
>Both 15 (maybe she was 16 at the time?)
>Did anal after about 5 months
>I get done
>Pull out
>Jizz on her ass
>She looks behind and says "Awww, I wanted you to cum in my ass"
>Broke up with her a couple of months after
>>597147143>samantha has to notice this
>im pushing the pillow in my lap like crazy
>mtvshit on the t.v.
>8yo lisa next to me, carressing her naked ass
>10yo samantha with her head on me, brushing her hand on my chest
>and lower
>and lower
>then she looks at me
>i look back, weird look in her eyes
>i know that look, but from ex's eyes
>samantha is most def horny as fuck
>her hand moves to my hand
>the hand that holds pillow
>holds pillow like crazy
>starts brushing over hand
>wtf do you want girl
>i know what she wants.
>but this is wrong
>so wrong in all kinds of ways
>then she slowly get grip of my hand
>pulls it a little bit
>girl we cant, really, we cant
>she watches her sis while she pulls my hand
>one look from her at her sis's
>than her hand slides under the pillow
>hand brushes over boner
>grabbing it
>playing with it
>wtf is happening here
>pull her hand away, watch her angry
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
you need to kill yourself

Her 7, me 8

We snuck off every time she was here, tried kissing, oral - it tasted weird but felt nice so we didn't do it much, tried inserting it a few times, it was pretty painful, dick was adamantium yet it friggin bent when trying to push it in and only went in halfway at best, only thing that felt good was pulling it out, inserted it into her butt a few times, it went easier than the pussy but still the only good thing was pulling it out so we mostly stuck to rubbing my dick against her puss.


Keep telling yourself it's normal to like little girls because the ones your age know you're a fat creepy faggot. And then die in a fire made of AIDS.
sure pal
I laughed. Carry on, good chap!
no, he needs to cont
I had ,,sex'' with a 5-year old girl when I was 4. We were both kinda ,,well-educated'' for our age. My peepee wasn't hard, doe. I wonder if she grew to be as perverted as I am.
>And then die in a fire made of AIDS.
Are you 12?
>>597147438>she smiles and looks glancy at me
>lisa moves a bit and laughs at shit joke on shit mtv
>samantha and i laugh too, bit too loud
>samantha uses laugh and noise to slip hand IN my pants
>cutest little girly hand on my hard cock
>i think im going crazy
>this is my niece
>of 10 years old
>this is so wrong
>her hand slowly brushing on my raging boner
>im furiously watching her sis doesnt notice'
>and back at her
>she keeps smiling
>that bitch
>keeps smiling
>she slowly jerks me off
>and i cant do anything about it
>dont want to either
>her small hand starts slowly jerking me off
>only just out of view of her lil sister
>who's ass and pussy are in full view for me
>for me and samantha's view
>and believe me, samantha noticed
>she gave me looks when lisa slowly brushed her fingers on her butt
>than. all of a sudden, lisa moves
>sits up, omfg if she looks at me, she sees
>but watches shit mtv
>samantha slowly pulls hand from under pillow
>cock twitching 2.0
>'Im cold' she says and quickly stands up
>hand back on pillow like lighting to avoid pillowlift
>lisa replies: 'me too!'
>After 30secs, samantha comes back with two blankets
>Die in a fire made of AIDS

You're so cool, but you're also unfunny cancer.
13 I was 16
same thing with 15 for me
When I was 19 I fucked a 16 year old.

It's okay, fat creepy faggots. I'm sure you'll eventually save up enough money from your fast food jobs to hire a crackwhore someday.
depends. i still fap to the memory of my ex with perfect C-cup tits at the tender age of 14.
You COULD stand to take it a bit easier on the filename jokes. Also, please cut the shit with the urls. The only funny one is hownew.ru.

Jus' sayin', cuz.
13, I was 29.
14 when I was 18. She was in the town my parents lived in, so it was easy to get talking to her on MSN and get her in love with me. It was the day before Valentines Day in 2010 and I was sleeping over at my parents place home from school. At midnight we walked about 6 km each and met in the dark, I walked her back to my place and snuck her through the window. As soon as we got to my bed without a word we both stripped down and she started sucking my dick while I fingered her. she could only fit the tip in her mouth. After 10 minutes her so I said I really wanted to fuck her, she said the same. She climbed on top cowgirl style and prepared to mount but stopped nervously as my cock rubbed round her clit, she said "I don't think it will fit".

I legitimately remember muttering "Ill make it fit" and rammed it home.

I fucked her for about 40 minutes. I remember her crying at the beginning. I sucked her puffy little nips a lot, groped her ass like it was leaving for Liverpool. Finally came on her chest. She held onto me all night like a leech and I mentally smoked a cigarette. I had a really creaky bed in the basement so the next morning after I snuck her out my parents asked if I'd heard any banging (no pun intended) in the night and I said I'd slept like a baby.

Can't believe it's been half a decade already

i was 20 and in love though
>be me 19, 8 year old girl cousin.
File: Chris-Hanson.jpg (11KB, 180x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 180x469px
Someone's projecting, methinks. Why would I want a crack whore when I could get me some tender lovin' from a curious little loli?

You got a little sister, anon? I'd just bet she's the curious type.
with my future wife at 14 we've been together since 13 both 22 now

Pic related
15-16, I was 25 :D
she was 11. I was 15. I definitely would have fucked her 13 year old sister too. she was always really sexual around me and i think the younger one picked up on it.

it has fucked me up and depressed me and i know i was a kid too but i'm still the guy and thus the instigator.
File: 1350065266550.jpg (80KB, 468x698px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 468x698px
underage b&
Keep going anon!
I think 19
What in the fuck am I reading?
how do you feel about only fucking one girl in your life?
13. I was 14. Lost virginity. Feelsgoodman.jpg
>>597147995>throws one at lisa
>who turns around and snuggles up against me
>blanket over her
>other side
>samantha takes same position as before
>but now under blanket
>everything out of sight
>takes her one minute to have her hand back
>her hand around my cock
>full raging hardon in 30sec
>still under pillow though
>lisa moves a bit and rests her head against pillow
>samantha looks at me in terror
>immidialtely stops jerking
>i look her deep in eyes
>melt her brains with frozen NO
>start singing 'Let it go' in my head
>There i am, fully erect in hand of samantha
>with hand of lisa just inches from it
>what to do?
>than all of a sudden lisa: 'anon, can i use pillow?'
>'er.. yes.. of course.. here ya go..'
>move pillow under head lisa
>She moves around a bit, goes on her back
>head on pillow
>two inches from her sisters hand around my hard cock
>Why are we still here anon
>Get out of here
>this will be loose loose
>you'll never get anything good out of this
>this is bound to get real bad
>then lisa reaches over her head
and feels her sisters arm there.
File: thumbsup.jpg (5KB, 197x163px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 197x163px
>feels guilty about not rape

Thanks, society. Fucking thanks.
Took the virginity of my 15 year old 9/10 gf at the age of 18. Better in bed than a 8/10 experienced Asian. Nearly one year on and its still daily fucking
Groped her ass like it was leaving for Liverpool....... Loled.
File: inglorious-hitler.gif (1MB, 350x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 350x186px

>I still have my socks on
>have my socks on
>my socks on
Pretty good how does it feel being a wizard?
it dont matter son. you have a wife like that, sex is secondary.
>I was 25 :D
Implying you're older than that now. Yet still you use emoticons.
>Mental age vs physical age, I guess.
At this point, I don't even care if you're telling the truth anymore.
Bumpin for justice
keeep goin
smells like FBI
Ohhh shit!

Go on..
14, I was 15

She was also my cousin
Keep going you cunt I'm fapping here
You mad bro.
I'm 27 now.
File: 768.png (554KB, 720x496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
554KB, 720x496px
My ex-gf, which at the time was 15. I was 15 too so no illegal stuff happened.
I fucked a 6 year old girl, I was 6 years old too. It was great to have a girl next door you could put your weiner into on a regular basis.
>>597148701>faster than a jet i pull her sisters arm away
>put mine in place
>lisa turns around
>looks at my arm
>looks at back of her sisters head
>looks at me
>i look back with 'what?'-face
>lisa clearly doesnt understand something
>but puts head and arm back
>Slowly samantha wants to get her hand back
>but no way
>lisa is obviously watching her sis
>little bitch
>8yo and keeping me away from that delightful hand
>than something happens
>lisa takes the pillow, moves all the way around
>puts pillow on armrest
>rests feet against my leg, pulls blanket over her
>shifts her ass down
>watches mtv
>completely out of view
>samantha instantly grabs hold of my cock again
>in two quick moves she frees it from pants
>under blanket i move hand towards her chest
>firm grip around my cock
>firm grip on her left tit
>she slowly starts jerking me again,
>i twist her nipple between my fingers
>this goes on for 3/4 mins
>subconciuos i start moving my hips a bit
>one hand next to me
>between me and lisa
>lisa moves
>pussy lisa is on my hand. WTF
15, but I was 15 at the time, so that's not that shocking.

Fucked a 20 year old when I was 26. That was my biggest age difference on the young side. Fucked a 35 year old when I was 25, but that's a different story.
Youngest for me was 27. I was 18 at the time. I'm 22 now and have only fucked four women and 27 was the youngest, 45 the oldest.
"Gf" of a year. 13, I was 15. Came right in her.

Next gf was 16, I was 17.

hey i remember you, anon with the nice eyes
She was about 5 years old
>Me being 13
>Raised extremely christian, mothers side, didnt really know what sex was and never saw porn
>My friends always raved about porn mags in the woods, spice channel and other things but i wasnt ever there for it
>Abit sheltered
>Dads new girlfriend
>I'm baby sitting her daughter when they both are getting shitfaced during night time
>She is sitting on my lap only wearing panties
>She starts to go up and down making retarded noise
>I hold her inner thighs and pressing and rubbing her with my boner
>Eventually try to prevent yelling as I cum
>Go shower

We ended up doing this rubbing game like 6 times then we stopped and dad broke up with her, i repressed all of this until recently when she added me on facebook and talked

I'm a neetfaggot and that was the closest to sex i had and she is like the most understanding person i know we talk forever but I dont think im gonna hook up or whatever
she was 16, i was 20.
fucked her in the library during a night-shift. i left the used condom inside one of the books.
fucked her no condom at my place. she allowed me to do her anal but i didnt know what i was doing so couldn't stick it in.

also, when i was 13 i couldve fucked a 14 yr old but got all nervous and ended up just making out. total fail.

when was 5 or 6 did the "show me yours i'll show you mine" thing with a 6 yr old and her 5 yr old sister. both showed me their pussies and i showed them my dick, coulda done something something there too but girls were "ewwww" back then
File: 1422947489819.png (148KB, 2500x1645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 2500x1645px

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 no h8
Fuck you anon, hnnnnng.png
Song related

>>597149334>instant blackout
>pull hand samantha away
>if i cum now, the blanket will be full
>i grab face samantha soft but quick
>look her in eye
>make very clear: later
>at that moment i feel lisa move on my hand
>look at lisa
>eyes closed
>samantha lift head and look at lisa
>makes face like 'she's asleep'
>but I know she not asleep
>cos she grinding her pussy on my hand!
>samantha look again at lisa
>again: 'she asleep!'
>Me angry look at samantha: 'here, look'
>samantha tilts head a bit, i lift blanket
>samantha sees her little sis slowly riding top of my hand
>Me insane
>samantha keeps watching sis
>samantha moves her head a bit
>shifts blanket
>pulls cock from under blanket
>takes cock in mouth
>im so horny right now, dont give a fuck anymore
>i slowly reach behind her head
>start directing her head
>starts moving her wonderful mouth on my dick
>in extacy i start moving hand a bit
>lift thumb a bit.
>lisa immidiadetly starts moving a bit
>grinding my thumb
>8yo niece grinds naked pussy on my thumb
>10yo niece is blowing me
cont pls
I rest my case
>fuckwit. I bet you thought that was a bait, didn't you?
Back home, years ago:

>Be me, workin shitty movie theater job.
>Friend is over to watch new cop flick.
>Meet qt and her friend.
>her friend and my friend hit it off, but nobody gives a fuck about that.
>Me and QT start to chat.
>I get her free movie, like boss
>we only watch previews, then makeout through movie.
>I has mustang. she like.
>How old you, woman?
>she says just turned 18.
>We drive to secluded part of town on next date.
>we fuck like bunnies in my car. (Fucking cramped mustang)
>nut in her like no tomorrow.
>Finally take a break.
Anon, I gotta get home!
>Her phone is literally smoking from the number of missed calls
>Drive to her neighborhood.
drop her a few houses down, her Dad is hawkeying the street.
>Calmly to corner then roar engine through town.

A few days later:
Phone rings.
>"This is her mom. did you know she's thirteen!??
>Flashbacks to all the sex
>How much does the mom know?
flashbacks to cumming in her four times.
>"No, miss Anon, Shh-eee t-t-told me she was 18..."
Even my sweat is sweating.
>Hear her mom on phone.
Momanon comes back on phone
>"I'm sorry to have bothered you"-click.

Keep goin anon.
Can you fucking die please nobody cares about your faggy story, keep it minimal homo
>in b4 everyone walk the dinosaurs
>be 20
>talk to 14 year old
>she wants it bad
>talk about walking and meeting halfway
>walk and meet
>she says "anon be gentle"
>she hugs me tight and get instaboner.
>shes wearing only a hollister shirt with sweatpants
>walk over to side street
>find spot
>she starts making out with me holding me close
>puts my hands on her bare ass
>hears a wimper
>she keeps going and we make out for what seems like half an hour
>moves us to a ledge
>she gets on my lap and I grab her small breasts
>she starts grinding
>precoming the whole time
>she asks if I can go down on her
>of course
>pulls her pants down and we switch spots
>goes in close
>god damn she has a tight one..
>lips, perfect hair
>starts eating her out and she puffs fast
>heavy breathing
>"anon i'm ready"
>pulls my shit down and prods her
>she yelps and she covers her mouth
>start going in
>holy shit she is tight but not even a virgin
>she wraps her legs around me
>i go deeper and get a rhythm
>her nipples get hard
>change spots and she rides me
>she knows it too, goes faster
>hops off me and goes right into deepthroating me and finishes me off
>knows for a fact some went in her, she wanted it all but we both know that wouldn't happen
>shes not preg and I ended up moving out 3 weeks later to my current house
16 when I was 30. Totally legal . It was rad.
>Middle school
>Scoping out this 12 year old hottie for weeks
>Spot her walking in hall during class
>Take her by the hand
>She giggles
>Lead her to secluded spot
>Back stage area of auditorium
>She blows me for a bit
>Then I lift her skirt and eat her pussy
>Once she's good and wet I fuck her
>So tight I cum in under a minute
>Wipe excess jizz on some drama class costume
>Write her a note and send her back to class
>Being the Principal has its perks
>Even my sweat is sweating

Can I use that line?
top kek
>had 16 year old gf when 19
>best sex i've ever had
>now 30
>tfw young girls are much hotter, hornier, subservient, eager to please and adventurous than anything you can get when you're older
Keep it. Its yours!
>tree fiddy
Thanks lori!
>Be 23
>Dating and fucking a 14 year old
>We date and fuck for 4 years
>Then we get married
>The end.

>She don't care if she wrong or if she right

I was 17 and it was my friends little sister. She was hungry for cock so i fucked her and treated her like a little slut. She's 19 now so every now and then, she'll come to me saying how horny she is and i'll fuck her just like I used to.
She was 18 and I was 26. Broke up due to her being a little crazy, and as boring as the sex was she had amazing tits and was cute as hell.
where has based anon gone?
Awww :')
>>597149930>im gonna cum in minute
>im slowly fucking samantha's mouth
>and that little tongue is terror
>lisa meanwhile is really into it
>pretending she's asleep
>but moving her hips
>so she is basically riding my lifted thumb
>so this is it
>samantha is gonna swallow it all
>cumming any second now
>samantha looks up at me
>sees im gonna cum
>lisa moves up, sits up straight in 1 second
>samantha instantly lets go of cock
>i pull up blanket
>now it looks like samantha just watches tv
>with head on my belly
>lisa looks at her
>lisa looks at me
>clearly sees there was something going on
>but maybe naive
>or just didnt understand
>meanwhile, she's still sitting on my hand
>so i pull hand back
>weird look in her eyes
>im speechless
>dunno what to do
>so give her a peck on her forehead
>and say: watch your show
>she lies down again
>some position as before, but now without my hand
>and a little higher on couch
>samantha notices sister being back down
>starts rubbing my cock again
I turn 20 in a couple of days, and in these 'teenage years' i fucked a few girls, youngest was 14 but i was 14 too, so i don't think that it counts!
My last gf was 15 and we've been together until last september, so if we consider the age gap the youngest girl i've ever fucked was 15.
Also, she has been the nastiest yet, i had so much fun. I don't have pics, but memories are enough to make my dick diamonds.
i've never told this story but i think you guys would like it
i'm a girl, and i used to do some pretty fucked up shit
i literally have no clue how i even discovered this stuff, but i was super sexual since the age of like, 9
when i was about 10/11 i'd go on chatango and flirt with random dudes and send them pics.
i told everyone i was 18, which was obviously untrue
i was mildly developed and i had this hoodie with wolf ears on it i'd always wear
to this day i wonder who out there owns those pictures
keep goin
tits or gtfo
>trying to make people post CP

nice try, FBI
I've not fucked her, but I meet a girl once, she was 10yo and she asked me to have sex with her, I said no because it was so wrong, but I really wanted to, she turned me on, I had to go to bathroom and fap, is something wrong with me? why I was attracted by a 10yo girl asking me for sex?
File: 1349286271592.jpg (36KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 612x612px
caught me
Not even one letter.
You're home now.
It takes a while to write these, i get that. but why didn't you just finish it there. just cum in her mouth and end the damn story so i can jerk off would you
I'm with you!
File: welcome.jpg (71KB, 425x567px)
71KB, 425x567px
Welcome home, anon.
Fuck you the story is the best part I want to finish when it's over
File: 8eddcdb1.png (72KB, 251x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 251x200px
I was 16 or 17, she was 13 or 14,

I haven't told this to alot of people, and I don't know how to be a hip greentexter, but it was something like this:

>Go Skiing and snowboarding with Girlfriend, her mother, mother's boyfriend, her littlesister, and littlesister's friend (girl)
>Arrive at the Ski Lodge (nice little cottage 2 levels, all ourselves)
>Mom and guy sleep downstairs, me and gf upstairs, and littlesister with friend in another room upstairs
>usually just snowboard and making out with gf in our room, go to sauna etc.
>one evening me, littlesister and friend watch some movies in their room, gf didn't come for whatever reason.
>watch cool horror movies on their bed (room was literally bed + tv)
>repeat next day
>more movies, at some point start fondling littlesister under the sheets, first somewhat ''casually'' her leg I dont know
>decide how much further I can go
>I literally slip a finger inside her panties, no resist.
>at some point her friend falls asleep
>at this point I am pretty much fingering her, she moves over her friend to my side (she was curled up somehow between us)
>puts her hand in my pants
>stroke stroke
>kiss kiss
>take pants off, insert penis
>so tight it was almost awkward
>in out in out few times
>''yeah maybe other time again'' I say
>''yeah maybe better so, I cant really do this to my sister''
>(other time never came)
> walk out of dark room, into dark corridor as it was already very late
>see figure
>turns out girlfriend was just outside the door
>HIGH POWER SLAP in the face
>go to our room
>''what did you do in there! it was dark and you didnt even watch anything!''
>''uhh we just finished watching so we already turned everything off''
>''hmm okay sorry I slapped you''


Had to spent rest of the few days in the same place with her gf in there, only us two know, thank god her friend didn't wake up when the bed was bumping. Awkward somewhat.

Honestly I don't know what I was thinking that was horrible and I learned human nature
Its old as shit you tools
This is an old story, and most definitely a work of fiction. Come on people, don't think with your boners.
When I was 14 there was a girl who was visiting her granmother who lived next doorto us for the summer. She was 11, had been there several times, we'd been "flirty" before but I guess that summer she felt ready to go. Slender, tiny, olive skin, freckles, auburn hair in a pageboy cut. She started blowing me and jerking me off, I'd finger her, we'd make out. A few days off that and she wanted to ride my dick and I must have pumped a gallon into her tight hole that night.

Tried anal once, bloody and dirty, neither of us knew how to do that shit. Regular fucking resumed ;) She was great. Fucked her again a few years later, she was in college in town and I was managing a video store. She was still hot but 11 year old her was best.
lol, i used to tell guys i was 18 all the time. i lost my virginity around the age of 10 to some highschooler. i probably got fucked by 10 guys before i was actually 18, none of them knew.
yeah, that's why he should've ended it. waiting isn't the best part, reading the end of the story and wanking is.
Yes it is literally impossible to enjoy a fictional story.
Who cares if it's real or not? I hate faggots like you. Do you sit watching TV talking about how none of it's real and it's all written? Do you not read any fiction whatsoever?

who the fuck cares, i can fap to it
it's the level of detail that makes me suspicious.
18. I was 19.
don't care, still hot
My little cousin often sit on my lap and she loves when I touch her thighs.
I think she's 8 or something.
Always make my dick rock hard.
I'm sure she knows it and does it on purpose.
That's why I try not to see her.
pls go on
everyone knows this allready dosnt stop it from being a good story
Cool story, homo. You know getting it in the butt doesn't really count as "losing your virginity" for guys, right?
insecure faggot detected

captcha: Wisdom giviez
Aww, you got all butthurt. Clean the sand out your vaginas.
I think he got ban
Same pic
>are what's killing /b/.
two things..
1. that is fucking specific, and it's not killing /b/
2. /b/ was never good nor alive
>>597151175>Cock out in the open now
>samantha looks at me like: lisa cant see
>right, she cant see right?
>really dont know
>think she cant
>but really dont care anymore
>get back to your sucking my dick
>samantha lifts and turns head a bit
>in a sec i have my cock back in her mouth
>instantly start bopping her head on it
>Than the little bitch on my other side moves
>looking directly at what her sis does
>in horror i freeze
>let her sis go on
>she doesnt notice her little sis sees all now
>lisa looks at me in weird look
>tommorrow she's tell her dad
>say it little bitch
>im a pig i know
>say it
Writing takes time, anon, and not even the mods of today are THAT faggoty, to ban someone over words.

Kek Underrated post
quantity measured in months
Of course anon, around 11 is the best.
I can't wait to anal fuck some girls now that I'm experienced in it.
Is that the end of the story? Did she actually tell her dad?
Just to clarify, if the minor's parents aprove the relationship, the age of consent is 14+, else it is 18+.

I had sex with a 14-15yo when I was 23. I was an engineering student and she was still in school. I basically found her in a party, we kissed each other, and after that we started a relationship.

It was pretty nice, but after 2 years of relationship, it ended.

I don't think that I am a pedo or something, even though in the US I would be considered.

Pic kind of related, the right one looks like her.
Same but she was 15 and I never got around to doing anal.
>be 17 year old senior
>goal was to lose my virginity before I finished high school
>loner, barely had any friends. Mostly hung out with anime and vidya nerds.
>some of the girls had a rep for being slutty.
>one of the freshmans caught my eye. A bit on the chubby side but she was more hygienic and better looking than most of the females in the group.
>hook up and we fuck
>completing my goal I then avoid her and the group, finish senior year lonely
>never see her again after high school
>mfw it's been almost 4 years since I last got pussy
she was 15 and i was 18, i was house sitting so i had a house to myself. for about a month she came over everyday and we fucked
With any luck that's the end of the story.
that's me.
that bitch never texted back this morning.
Anywhere to find stories like this?
shit yeah nigger, I had a blister on my foot from the last time I fucked outside without socks on
youve fucked once? congrats on not being a virgin i guess
16 I was 17
asstr is the closest you'll get
>>597152695>but.. she doesnt say anything
>looks at her sisters head going up and down on my dick
>moves her hand
>shifts blanket
>view for uncle anon:
>8yo touching herself
>rubbing her clit
>cumming hard, try to be as silent as possible
>holding samantha's head, shoot my load in her mouth'
>thrusting in it
>samantha tries to swallow it all
>chokes on my cum
>10secs later, still coming
>close my eyes, shame hits in hard
>after 30secs shuteye, look at lisa: pretends she sleeps
>samantha stands up, gives me look. Goes to room
>After few secs silence lisa goes to room too
>i stand up, we all walk the dinosaur to their room

The fucking end!
This guy knows what's up, the older girls are the more experience they have so you can just sit back relax and let them do the work.

Hot body or not, someone that hasn't the faintest idea of what they are doing means the sex is shit.
fake or not, that was a good story. thanks anon
it was inevitable
ty based anon
File: Clapping.gif (540KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540KB, 400x300px
or xnxx, although most of their writers are shit. Gotta dig to find anything good.
finally thanks anon, top writing skillz
she was 15, i was 14
that took for fucking ever. didn't even end in pregnancy. boring
Maybe at sucking dick but pussy is still pussy and ass is still ass.
I may have been bitching the whole time but it was only because i wanted you to be great. and you were anon. well written.
File: 1414529890738.png (321KB, 814x702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 814x702px
I came at the
>i stand up, we all walk the dinosaur to their room
No regrets, no regrets at all.
>hurr emoticons are gay, secret club, /b/ is for bad people only etc.

Just fuck off

Hey bro, I'm 30 too. Totally know your deal.

I have recently started having sex with a 17yo qt3.14 that I met at a Korn gig..

Problem is I told her I'm 22 (I look young as fuck, skinny) but it won't last forever.. She'll find out at some point unless I break it off soon but man, teenage bodies are insane, the pussy is unreal and they do anything.. Anal creampies and breasts like bee-stings. It's heaven!

I am the second guy inside her, I'm hung like a horse so I've spoiled her.

She's the biggest age gap I've fucked, 12 years difference. I started masturbating when she was 1 year old.. Jesus.

Age of consent here in NZ is 16.

The youngest I've fucked was a 14yo girl when I was 18 and in the fucking Army.

The best sex you'll ever get is from teenage girls, the older they are they less interested and energetic they become.

Jesus Christ.

Best girl I've fucked that wasn't a teenager is my age, beautiful Croatian girl.

It'll all fade away soon so you have to make the most of it before your time passes forever.

Beak the rules, give teenage girls anal creampies.

this is confirmed for a true story.
that site attracts three things: young horny kids, old pedophile men, and weirdo fucking RPers
You just made a bunch of guys cum in unison. Pat yourself on the back, anon
first gf was 15 and i wad 18, nbd.
but when i was 25 i fucked a girl who was 16, one week from 17.
great story anon
She was 12 I was 14
File: greatstory.jpg (49KB, 625x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 625x341px
>8yo touching herself
>rubbing her clit

great story anon...but:

an 8yo spontaneously masturbating in front of incestuous child abuse?

nope. this did not happen.
13 i was 13 but hit 21 Fucked a 13-14 -16 year old they live in my building there parents never hom druggies so they hang at my place watch movies and such obe day the 13 yr old let's say ashly came up her parents locked her out wtf she says there not home and has n. Way to get ahold of em feels Man invite her in tell her she can crash on couch and such . But not be for I was done programing with my pc. This happenend quite often after a while she's over almost three nights a week one night she came up was crying felt bad held her her mum flipped on her because she didn't have enough cash for drugs and had hit her blaming her for it so I said stay the night this time i gave her my bed slept on couch in middle of the night she came to me whilst I was sleeping and cuddled me I didn't care figured she wanted comfort a little while on felt her rubbing my stomach and going a little lower and after a bit she was rubbing my crotch I didn't. Stop her. I then grabbed her took her hand and sent it under my swets she started to run me and such I played with her small boobs a little bit then went down to her soft pussy itwas shaved :3. She was.veirgin so didn't put finger inside played with clot after a lil she asked if I would put it in said okay and we had sex she loved it and so did I now married tehnimy been with her since she was 13 i was 21 now 26 she's 18 getting married in a few months
it's how old they are that matters, not how old you are. I'm 31 with an 18 year old girlfriend. And I lost mine at 20. Work on yourself.
You two have obviously never read a real greentext. Get the fuck over it, you entitled little fucktwat.
Youre doing the Lord's work, son. Please, continue with the story, and ignore these faggots.
File: Suggestive brows.gif (922KB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suggestive brows.gif
922KB, 400x225px
It happened in my mind and my hand followed along though. So all is good.
Please screen cap this shit!

Holy fuck i lost my lungs from laughter!
>shes not preg and I ended up moving out 3 weeks later to my current house

All these fucking stories end with "I ended up moving out the next day"
18. a hooker in the philippines. she was horribly inexperienced, it sucked.
jesus man. had no idea I was into that. have to take a hard look at myself in the mirror now. good story, I guess
File: english.jpg (62KB, 625x439px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 625x439px
21, i was 17 :P
File: 20080110-001.jpg (134KB, 601x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 601x800px
Me 30, wife 28 go out drinking. Come home. Baby sitters (16 and 17) there. I pop out some X, start the party. Engage foursome mode. Fucked all three. Repeated this for a couple of months.

Pic kinda related. Looks like the 16 y/o,
Holy shit thats me:8
13 I even have videos and pics because she was a stupid slut and i wanted to dump her but keep some fap material while nogf mode
well you know what to do
How do you feel that your patriots had to pay to win every super bowl they've ever been too?
>Tfw went to a trap/edm show last night thag was all ages
>4:1 girl guy ratio
>80% of the womenz were actually like 16
Twas a good nite
... y-yeah?
31, fucking a 14yo who told me she was 18. Zero fucks given. Haven't told her I know she's 14, make her call me daddy, beg to cum, repeat "I'm daddy's good girl" while she's cumming, then thank me after. She's going to make some anon very happy after I finish training her. She hated the idea of anal but is getting into it with the quickness.

I make her wear a plug to school, she showed her friend and we may be hooking up a three way soon.
Anon that was complete horseshit
I can almost guarantee you you did NOT miss out on the best years of sex. Teenage girls have no idea wtf they're doing because they're young and stupid. College-age girls are the ones you want. They're feeling more and more confident as women and their sex drive is bumping up because they're hitting those "baby making" years. Also, college sluts.
that was probably fake but same, i was already sexual since a young age because one time i saw porn in the tv and that change everything, by the age of 6 i already would masturbate myself rubing my clitoris on the bed or in a pillow, i use to do it on school and everything. now i look back and i cringe so fucking much
I win, since I was TEN at the time!

Pick one, faggot.
Virgin 22 year old fag dating a virgin 19 year old.

It'll take a while since most virgins are prudes but shes more curious than anything. I've at least fucked around a little.
When I was 22 I was banging a 16yo (legal where I am). She was so petite and tight. Could only get my dick half way in. Her pussy was great, tasted like fresh spring water
File: 1422036842383.gif (1MB, 320x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 320x279px
we were both 13. I'm 18 now...Wanna fuck a 12 year old.
> growing up had f cousin about 9 months younger than me and she had two sisters; 1 was 3 years older and 1 was 1 year older.
> when we were really young took baths together
> growing up we would "inspect" each other, look at privates, etc
> around 10 started getting in 69 position to play with each other, started licking and she started sucking.
>by 13 we had real life oral sex and fingered etc a lot.
>had busted my nut in her mouth 50+ times
> get caught by oldest sister (16ish)
> older sister says she won't tell if I eat her out
>hairiest, sweatiest pussy ever
> be 13 - n fuck given
> then tells her younger sister to fuck me
> first time in pussy
> shoot load inside her
> older sister wants sex too
> gt hard again quick
> fuck older cousin
tkes longer
>cum on her bush
> have sex with the younger cousin for 20 years after.
lost so hard . been lurking here for 3 years now, first time i audibly lost. thanks based anon.
When I was 23, I banged this 18 year 0ld girl I met 0n 0kcupid. It was kind 0f h0t because she was still in high sch00l.
I w0uld pick her up after sch00l, bang at my place and then I'd take her h0me.
File: 20140127-003.jpg (135KB, 680x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 680x1024px
Me again. Typo in there. I was 35 at the time.

My largest difference was a few years ago. She was 19 and I was 49. She lived with me and my latest wife for about six months. Split up because she wanted to party all the time and do harder drugs that I wanted to.

Pic related.
16 year olds.
One when I was 16 too and one when I was 19.

The youngest girl I did sexual things with was 15.

BTW: 15 is the legal age here.
Your the best based anon.
pics or it didn't happend
File: 034.jpg (431KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
431KB, 1200x1600px
Was 17, she was 16, both virgins.

She was pretty hot, won 'prettiest girl' in her HS yearbook. Slim 5'11, small round tits, long perfect legs... Went out for a year, sex all the time.

But best sex memory was making out with a friend's 12yo sister while fingering her at a party when I was 18.
Thank you thank you

She's the football fan not me and I'm sure she's fine with the ass kicking the Patriots gave seattle talk about clutch
I was 18. She was 14. I was with her sister. She asked to fucke her younger sister because i was a gentleman
You're right they pay Tom Brady's contract and they win Super Bowls. You're fucking retarded.
You fuck a 14yo and got her to wear a plug to school?

Holy fuck I don't know if you're for real or not.
of course it's fake
>be me 21 at my mates house for a party
>it's his little sisters sweet 16
>pretty decent party about 60 teens
>break up a few fights and shit.
> teaching them beer pong
>party finishes about 3am
>I head up to the bathroom to have a shower and this chick follows me up talking about bullshit
> says she wants to help me shower
>not sure what to do but she's 17 so fuck it.
>we both strip off and fuck in the shower
> then in bed
>this chick was tight as all fuck
>gave me a blow job after.
> woke up and went again

A week later I found out she was 14.
I did the same thing but she was 13
Also - be 15 and at grandparents...
> other sets of cousins there too
> young cousin likes to play gymnastic games
>might be 10 or 11
> sleep next to her
> finger her
> she moans
>3 fingers in
> thumb in ass
> she reaches over and jerks me
>seems to know what she is doing
>rolls on side so I can slide in from behind
>cream her hoho
>end up playing with her a few more times
>once on her farm she showed me how the lams like to suck dick and lick pussy
>Be 27 or so and she grads from college
> "can i come visit and look for job?"
> still looks 12 with no tits and tiny ass
> fuck her thrice daily
> moves in with me
> 3 somes, etc
> goes fucking insane and says I've been raping her since she was 10
> says she hates men because we are all rapist
>says dad stated having her suck him off when she was 4
> and her brother would fuck her and get his friends to ganging her since she was like 8
> feel really crappy
> Tell her I am sorry
> hug her
> she says forget what she said before, love my D
> wtf?
> can't say no
> but know I have to get away
I just started dating this 23 y/o Croatian girl
> I'm 21
This girls body is literally perfect, at first she was all hidden and now she's freaky as fuck. I literally do whatever I want, then she goes back to being a teacher at a high school in the morning.
would put it up but they're on my external hdd i keep for backup of old shit. it's been years since then.

I'll try get it in a few days and upload. it's at my grandma's house
Anal Creampie? No? Amateur
Can we plz just post some vola so I can finish?
14 years old. My bros little sister.

Im 20 and I decided to stay in my home city to go to uni. But my friend moved away to Bristol and left his sister unattended. Her high school is near my uni campus In Manchester so I saw her after school one day and got her drunk at my halls and fucked her. It was great.
I was 13, lost my virginity
>let them do the work
lol this guys a virgin
File: 1417553367227.jpg (58KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 600x800px
>be 20 in the army
>come home for summer block leave
>go to Summerfest with homies
>walking to the ludacris concert
>random girl comes up to me and holds my hand
>recognize her from twitter
>tells me shes 17 turning 18 that weekend
>i can dig it, looks 20
>grind all night at concert, make out, little finger bang
>go back to my place
>things getting hot and spicy
>wont fuck me shes still virgin and wants her first time to be special
>oh well i can still eat the kitty
>mfw tightest cutest virgin pussy ever seen it tasted like a natural water spring waterfall
>ate that shit for days didnt wanna stop
>she returns the favor, subpar blow job
>happens for a couple days till i go back to my duty station

But she was actually only 16 at the time, turning 17 that weeknd made the whole situation way hotter when i reminisce in my head about it all.
Pic not related.
14. Came in her pussy for a year. My first gf.

I was 17.
Ayyy I live in Bristol, what's his name
Harry Pitt-Scott. He is in his 2nd year now.
Can I ask her first name?
girl i lost my virginity to was just barely 14, i was 15. she kept her pussy completely shaved, and was a very petite girl.

>be at my parents house with gf, parents not home
>she brought some weed and a little bowl
>smoke on back step, get a nice high going
>go back upstairs for teh sex0rz
>fucking her missionary
>weed is really beginning to kick in
>looking down at my fat donger plowing into her tight little pussy
>even though i was only about a year older, still feel like fucking a child
>feel kind of weird
>decide idgaf keep fucking
Yeah man, this 30yo Croatian girl is from the Dalmatian coast, long tanned legs, slim body, perky b cup tits, long brown hair, big soft brown eyes.

Great vag too, beautiful labia, keeps some hair down there.

Her butthole is like a perfect tubular ring of muscle, my tongue and fingers got in there every time.

She's a real lady on the streets and totally demented cum gurgling whore in the sheets. Her only drawback is that she's my age, but she looks 21, no wrinkles..

I am going to try to go back to her after the 17yo ends.
Trap is a genre of music phaggot.
File: nice.jpg (25KB, 550x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 550x336px
18, I was 15
trap music you mouth breather
why? just why?

My wife.
No. With the name of the brother already on this thread that would be too much information and it could be traced back to me.
Bro it's like we have the same girl. On the streets she's like so sophisticated and shit. Probably why it feels so good to dump loads in her perfect little asshole.
File: hanson1.jpg (293KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293KB, 1200x800px
Not sure how old she was at the time, but I fucked the girl from Hanson back in the 90's.
I never did get too into anal. She was my first one, too, so maybe there's that, but even doing it right is alot of fuss over not much, in my opinion. I do love eating ass though. Which I never did with her 11 year old ass, which I wish I had...but oh well ;)
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