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Life Hack thread. Post you're best/most useful lifehacks.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Life Hack thread. Post you're best/most useful lifehacks. This should cover a lot of them.
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Anyone wanna help this guy out?
Too bad aluminum foil cost more than dryer sheets
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more like saying that you bag is a girls bag.
enjoy beying arrested for stealing your own bag,
Some of the ones in the OP are idiotic.

For example, it recommends eating complex carbs instead of starch. Starch is a complex carb.
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You could always use a different bright color
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I eat noodles with chops sticks, not because it's easier, but because it's more authentic. Doing that shit just takes away from my finger exercise
OP here. Not sure if you understand the "Life" part of "Lifehack".
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I stopped at 10. Date older women.
The greatest thing a woman can do in a relationship is look hot. If you want money and someone who wont run away, stay at home with your mother.
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most unnecessary hack ever
also the most likely to go wrong given different bowls/rotating of microwave
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Tired of extension cords lasting reasonable amounts of time and not needing to be replaced?

Tie them together like a fuckwit!
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Tested it out with noodles, worked perfectly
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Last One, hopefully someone else contributes
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Last last one
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Stupid explanation, But true
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this one is gold.
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fuck you
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well i'm out of lifehacks so i might as well start posting bananas
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And #10 needs to be stickied on /adv
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When picking out broken pieces of egg she'll. try using one of the halves of larger shell that didn't break. The small piece gets attracted to it .
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holy shit, it even got rid of all my add-ware off all the porn sites! Thank you anon!
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anything for you :)
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banana 025.gif
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MFW lifehack thread is become banana
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Holy shit this actually works!

But it didn't get the battery up to 100%. Only 85.. But that's still pretty neato

Thanks anon
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i think it actually worked wtf
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People can have many facets from this pic, but the question is how many are from the botton, middle and top.
Jesus Christ, I don't even have to buy new RAM anymore! Boosted me like 30 FPS!
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i actually really like this one
dont you dare die on me!
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Oh mein Gott.gif
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>Cooling white wine with grapes
Only amerifags would use icecubes or grapes to cool wine ... The civilised part of the world cools the bottle in the fridge and then put it in a cooler BUT NEVER EVER puts ice in the wine .
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Thread images: 61

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