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Story time 4chan >Be me 16 >4/10 super BETAFAG >Best

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story time 4chan
>Be me 16
>4/10 super BETAFAG
>Best friend freaking 10/10 really hot like really
>Always tease me
>One day by accident i tell her i like her
>She says that's ok.
>She says if i was you i would do the same
>Says that it is a nice dream but nothing more than a dream
>I say ok but you are still my friend right?
>She says always, i will always be your friend
>A this moment masturbating to a facebook pic of her crying share me your stories of frienzone 4chan
Well you shouldn't aim that high. Your fault.
>be me
>fucked your mom while your dad watched
I know i was foolish now i am 19 i would say a solid 6/10.She is still my friend but i don't think i can ever tell her i still have feelings for her again after that tragedy.
Quit being a faggot. Start hating women then you'll feel better
lose weight you fat fuck
I hate my Mom no problem bro :v i r8 8/8
Im not fat im just pretty ugly.Can't change with what i was born bro.
welp dis thread is dead goodbye B board no storys were shared thats so sad ;-;
>be right after first serious girlfriend and rebound fuck
>socially retarded from year long gf and rebound fuck
>girl that always flirted with me since 7th grade
>we are both single and seeing each other at school on a regular basis
>tells me "we should hang out some time"
>exchange numbers
>be on soccer team with her ex
>never told him about it, he was kind of a fag
>no time to hang out with her since soccer season started up
>flirting through text the whole time and when we see each other at school
>season ends for us but football team goes to state championship game
>she was texting me all day, telling me we're gonna sit together at the game and hang out finally
>5 minutes into game she leaves me and I turn around and she was hanging out with my (older) brother and her ex
fucking cunt man, never hooked up with her and she always teased me even after that shit happened. I should have known better though, she was a notorious tease but the thought of being the first guy to get in that ass was all too tempting.
Thats sad m8 but it happens bro thanks for sharing your story feeling really down right now.
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Yeah, it's not exactly the same but it was close.

I have a really similar story to what happened to you but it was me perma-friendzoning a chick (in high school) it goes deeper though I'll tell you if you want.
Yeah m8 share it no problem.
alright lemme get a bump in real quick this could be pretty long
Take your time bro i got all the time of the world
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>be middleschool with gfs for no reason
>never kissed a girl til highschool really
> a couple in middleschool but just pecks so I don't count them
>ever since sixth grade the "werid" girls always were attracted to me
>no big deal, I'm a nice guy, that was probably why they felt they had a chance
>one girl in particular, C
>C was the one that got the most shit from all the guys, she wasn't fat or anything
>she was the "witch" girl
>pretended to be wicca (or fuck, she might have actually been, I didn't talk to her a lot about introspective stuff back then)
>always had something for me, remember this fact, because after everything that I've done to her I'm 100% sure she still would be with me if I could make it right

>anyway, everyone is a dick to her, "C is a witch, be careful or she'll put a spell on you!!!!" I jump in on it when she isn't around but since I'm actually nice I know she's not weird
>she would play along with it, eventually started wearing all black
>which now that I think about it is fucking funny as shit but I might or might not touch on that later
>she starts holding her hands up and chanting stuff when people make remarks about her being a witch
>she even started wearing the five pointed star necklace and black nail polish
>she was a 5/10 preteen so in my mind no chance at that shit ever happening
>we don't have classes together again until high school but during middle school she made friends that made all the shit she got at first ok
>"that's ok"
>"if i were you i'd do the same"
>"but its just a dream"

geez that's the most brutal gentle letdown I've ever heard
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friendzoned again.png
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1: become recluse Omega basement dweller
2: No social worries
3: ?????
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me right now.jpg
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When i think about it she is a great person and i still love her even after she told me that.
She is the love of my life.
I only went to school because of her.
She is my dream woman.
She is my friend.
She is a dream.
Only a dream.
Nothing more.
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>I was 16, the year I was to turn 17
>I would talk to her here and there throughout the preceding years when we saw each other
>apparently she got into her older siblings' circle of friends who were about 5 or 6 years older so she's a lot more mature than most people our age
>I was always one of the "stoners," everyone knew i was a pothead but people rarely ever saw me high
>back to the meat and potates of the story
>before I had my first serious girlfriend C and I had geometry together
>not only this but she sat in the aisle beside me
>we would talk all the time catching up on god knows what had happened to us in all those years we never really had time to talk in depth
>she was a really cool friend to have at that time
>around the end of the semester, decemberish
>she gets me a birthday present because mine is in early december
>hers was a month or two before mine
>she got me a shirt
>it was actually a cool shirt
>I try not to think of it as more than it is, but a few weeks later she tells me
>"it's funny how most people get their classes changed each semester and aren't friends anymore."
>now I knew for a fact what that shirt meant
>tell her "C, that's just the way high school is, and how it will always be."
>she threw a huge fucking tantrum about this shit to me, in front of everyone on the last day of class
>"wtf are you doing I thought we were just friends"
>I could see her heart break right in front of me
>apologize to her but the damage was done
>semester ends and we hardly talk anymore

never talked to her a lot after that during high school, which sucked because she was genuinely cool; always saw her hanging with her friends and felt good for her that she didn't get caught up on it or anything like that
is there a gif of this woman smiling and rolling her eyes? ive seen it before, think its her
Damn man ;-;
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About three years ago we reconnected being like 10 of the 200 people from our class that didn't leave this town for college, well, she actually left for college but went to school for music and they closed the music department the year she was to be a senior. We were about 20/21

>I don't remember how we started hanging out we sort of just started hanging out
>at first we were just chilling all the time at her house
>then we start going to the local park and just catching up alone instead of with her friends around
>she turned 21 a few months before me, so we start going to a karaoke bar she is a regular at and her friends all go there
>we start hanging out for about 3 or 4 months like this
>just hanging out, I'm having a really fucking good time with her now
>no longer 5/10 anymore
>7/10 considering personality and looks
>plus she's nerdy as shit so right up my alley
>convince myself that we are just friends
>she is always taking me places and paying for me since I'm a piece of shit broke no job faggot
>takes me to upscale vegitarian/vegan place and looking back on it now that shit was definitely a date but at the time I was oblivious

>then the "double date" happened
>I had no idea this shit was a double date

>we go to this hookah bar where she hangs at with some of her middle eastern friends, I had been a few times and everyone there was really fucking surprised at my enthusiasm to whatever soccer league that was on the tv that they were all fans of, the younger kids our age took a liking to us
>we played pool all the time and shot the shit with them
>even taught us how to play the middle eastern version of spades
>but back to the double date
>we go there with one of her friends and her ex boyfriend
>I remember thinking wow wtf are they hanging out for
>then it fucking happened
>"let's play truth or dare"
>I just stood up and started walking away
>C stands up and asks me "where are you going"

not done
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Thanks for your time bros i think this thread is coming to an end but i love u all please dont freaking copy paste this story it 100% true i'll hold this thread in my heart forever i love you guys
Don't let this 404 before the anon finishes
Holy freak i thought u left keep telling me my story dear friend <3
It's up to 4chan if this dies or not bro ;-;
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Bumping for feels
Thanks friend i too want to see the end of the anon story. ;-;
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you can jump here anon >>595824922

That thread is popular
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this i like.gif
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dubs command it here you go
>was about to walk home
>keep in mind it was a 40 minute car ride to the hookah bar down the interstate
>"I... I-uh... I have to pee."
>she had that look of about to cry but not sure what's going on all over her face
>go in there for probably 15 minutes
>thinking about the next ten years of my life
>"do I want to date her? what the fuck is about to happen when I walk about out there?"
>splash some water on my face and prepare to literally be left here at what my answers are going to be
>get back to them "we decided while you were gone to play the questions game"
>one rule, when a person asks you a question you have to answer, then you get to ask a question
>it starts off slow
>weirdest place you've had sex... all that stupid shit
>a question from her friend (no doubt orchestrated while I was in the bathroom) "who was the one person you wanted to hook up with in highschool that you never did"
>say girls name who I was really close to (not the one from earlier) but she had a BF who was on of my friends so it never came to fruition
>tried to turn the tables on C, return the question to her
>she says a name of a guy I played soccer with, wasn't expecting that
>then C turns and burns a hole in the side of my head like superman's laser eyes are being used by her
>"reluctantly turn my head"
>these fucking words verbatim "If you could do anything within reason, right now, what would it be." as she gives a smile to try a look cute
>the fucking implication was so strong I just had to cut it
>"I'd take a shit, because I didn't get it all out earlier."
>her face dropped and after I returned from "shitting" they were ready to leave

we didn't talk for a few days after that but eventually she got over it after I explained a lot of my answers to her due to her inquisitiveness.
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Thanks a lot guys first time i get so much replies in one of my threads i freaking love u guys <3
Don't ruin it faggot
no no no noononono.jpg

read pua forums, there is no such thing as the friendzone. change yourself anon, you need to make yourself mor sexually accessible. get that shit. it was three years ago your out of hs now, dat booty is yours. time to collect muthafucka.

also give us a pic
Why the fuck didn't she just ask you out? She's forward enough to do all this shit, so why not just ask you out and move on when you say no?

Fucking bitches I swear
this happened to me
>dating friend
>2 weeks in
>new years day
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Show us pic, fag!
I really don't want to post a picture of her in 4chan dude.And if i do it i'll blur out her face or something man idk really. I'll see if i deliver.
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After a few weeks of hanging out sparsely we continue our almost nightly rituals of hanging out

>we go to target for her to get something
>browsing the dvd section for anime movies or something obscure like that
>daria on dvd, all season
>oh shit jackpot.jpg
>she really liked that show too apparently, we go to her place and watch it
>stay awake all night talking and watching daria
>at one point she changes into pjs and brings in a cosmo issue that's like 99% about sex
>motherfucker not this again
>I start trying to make light of the situation laughing at the columns and taking about how wrong they are
>she tells me she can suck dick really good
>"how would know"
>"she tells me "All my boyfriends tell me I am the best they've ever had."
>the innuendo was so strong

It was clear she wanted to fuck but I was unsure about if I wanted to date her (because I did start to like her at some point, mind you we had been hanging out for like 5 months at this point) or stay friends with her.

>I just let it roll of and it goes nowhere
>we continue watching daria and she eventually falls asleep on my shoulder
>fuck, I was so beta at that point man, I had time alone to myself to let shit mull over and all I had to do was make a move but I never did
>hate myself for it to this day
>she wakes up about an hour later
>sun is up
>her parents are up downstairs
>they leave and she makes us some coffee
>about an hour later I go home and pass out because 14+ awake isn't fun
>a few days go by without us hanging out for me to think about shit
>we finally hang out again and we go to the karaoke bar again and she's singing emotional as fuck songs
>I knew something was coming
>the night ends and on the way home she is telling me about some dream she had
>like a fucking choad I goad her into telling me what it was about
>her and I kissed, and after I got it out she confessed her feelings for me for the first time after like 10 years of knowing each other

not done
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dude your fault. not like its a big deal tho. hot chicks are a dime a dozen, plus you can still steal that shit back. be cool, be james bond, dont get all needy.

chicks will always make the easiest decision when it comes to relationships. so there can never be any pressure from you(except in certain circumstances) .use the internet and learn.

this thread is beta and im trying to change it.
This newfag is gooing to share his story of how he used to be a pathetic pussywhipped fag. Here goes.

>Be 15
>Be a huge socialy akward beta 3-4/10
>Develop a huge crush an a girl
>Way out of my league 7/10.
>Too akward to make a pass.
>One day she facebooks me.
>We talk for like a month.
>She tells me she likes me
>I go along with it.
>Next day i try to go talk a bit with her
>Gets all angry at me
>Tells me i told everyone she liked me
>Mfw i never did
>Stops talking to me for a week or so
>Messages me after a week or so to pick things up again.
>We kiss and stuff at a party
>3 weeks laters she says she kissed another guy
>Beta-me said it was fine
>Big mistake
>things get gooing again
>2 months later i get dumped for a shorter guy
>Also a pewdishit wannabe
>Right in the pride
>She says we were never official
>Mfw she called herself my girlfrend infront of others
>Months pass, she stops seeing pewdifag guy.
>Wants to get back with me
>I was still too beta to say no
dont even bother if you know you're a beta kid
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dumb nigga, you ask her out. thats how it is.
Waiting for final part.
File: her.jpg (84KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ok i will deliver for me she is a 10/10 but thats my opinion this is the girl of my dreams.
As if that anon wants to fuck the weird bitch
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And here is where I did something I think I can never forgive myself for.

>Tell her I like her too, but that I was tired of being jobless faggot with no money so I was about to go into the army
>no point in getting attached if I'm gonna leave her in a few months
>she pleas for "let's just date and see where it goes."
>I shoot her down for a long time but simultaneously telling her that I have feelings for her
>in the back of my mind I just wanted to kiss her and keep hanging out like usual but not label it
>eventually tell her it's just not a good idea and that we should just stay friends
>she tells me I don't think guys and girls can be "just friends"
>I thought I convinced her that we could try, and that I would change her mind about that
>she quit talking to me 100% after that night
>I couldn't really fault her, I forced her to tell me about it, and then borderline patronized her by saying "I like you too but don't really want to date you."
>a few months go by and I see her at work one day
>we talk like nothing happened
>I had met a girl online and started doing the long distance relationship thing, a whole different story
>she tells me she is going to move to chicago
>my tongue slips "that's where my girlfriend lives!"
>she quit smiling, bagged up my shit and told me "you should probably leave."
>about four months after that I got super shit faced one night and saw her on facebook and messaged her about it, this was after things fell through with my long distance relationship (who knew)
>told her sorry, that was one of the top 3 fucked up things I've done in my life and that I wanted to clear the stuff up about it with her
>passed out mid convo, but it was cool she knew I was drunk
>the next day she asks me "Do you want to talk about what we discussed last night."
In a classic fucking movie script drama I replied
>"What exactly?"
>she took that shit the wrong way comepletely, thought I was trying to act like I didn't know what she was talking about
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Part 2.

>Get back together sort of
>Go though the whole fedora phase in the meantime
>Mfw i actually said class is for men swag us for boys.
>Mfw also watched and collected MLP stuff
>Summervacation.exe has started
>She went to her country to visit her familly or some shit
>She says we need some space
>I knew where this was gooing
>Turns out she made 3 boyfriends or so there
>I found out through another bro she was playing with
>The whole thing gave me the strength to break the chains of being beta.
>Started taking less shit from people
>Gave away all the MLP toys i had to my 4 year old cousin
>Threw the fedora into the leger des heils collection bin
>Started working out a little, and beeing more social.
>Summervacation.exe has stopped working
>Back to school
>She tries to spin it in a way that i should apologize for her privacy
>If only i could have saved that moment
>Mfw she never messaged me again

The story of how i broke out of beeing beta. Full of newfagness and typos, but i hope it was somewhat amusing to anyone who reads it.
>"I'd take a shit, because I didn't get it all out earlier."

fucking kek
Literally could not be more pathetic

-10/10 move to some shitworld and live a shit live like you deserve
Horrific writing style and grammar, but a fairly uplifting story and a story that confirms my women are bitches bias

File: lel2.png (70KB, 1030x605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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damn man your story is fucking awesome
>7/10 female
>no friends

here is the pic man
waiting for the final part.
Why in the name of everything are you still her friend? You sorry son of a bitch
>be me
>give everyone leftovers
>took this beta fags gf
>beta fag dates an ex ive fucked
>ex still wansumfuk but an alpha never eats the same food from a buffet twice
>win at life
Dude she is a lovely person i really still have feelings for her i think personally she is a one of a kind person.
I hope i don't sound pathetic.
Thanks, Its my first time writing a greentext so there's still a lot to learn.
Then fucking change yourself to make it worth for her, Ye fagget
Very pathetic you fuckin faggot
File: annie5.gif (792KB, 500x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
792KB, 500x455px
>really just wanted to know what part of the conversation she wanted to talk about first
>no reply
>to this very day; 4 years later
>not a single reply in the ten attempts I've tried to talk to her

She was damaged goods, but I kind of loved that about her; I can't explain what happened but I really grew to love her a lot in that last year we had spent together and I just had not been in a relationship in so long that I had forgotten how to act in those types of situations and the type of things you have to let go when you want to be with someone. The shit bothers me so much that I can't explain that I was being stupid with everything that happened with us, and I know I'm just caught up on it but I still haven't let it go; can't really let it go either. I just want to tell her what was going through my head at that point because I can only imagine how fucking embarrassed she must have been that night sitting in my car telling me what she told me.

I guess I just miss being friends with her, she had a fucking rough time growing up and she told me that I was one person she knew she could always be honest with and she knew I wouldn't judge her (not for what she had done, but for what had happened to her). She told me a lot of shit about herself and the thing that attracted me the most was that she thought she was weak but god damn was she strong to keep going throughout all that shit.

she got beat up a lot, ridiculed her entire childhood, got jumped at school once by a group of dudes; lots of other bad shit too but you get the gist.

I just miss that relationship of being able to be 100% honest with someone all the time and not having to be somebody someone thought I was.

>worst part is she looks like annie clark and I thin that's why I like st vincent so much
Dude, you're the woman of that awkward relationship. She's dying for you and you give her vague and pussy excuses to not be with her. You sure you're not a girl and she's a lesbian?
I'm going to try bro and if something happens i'll post something in b board again.
you know, social constructs, girls don't ask guys out

she wasn't popular and to my knowledge had never had a boyfriend before, I doubt she had the confidence either dude I really do.
welcome to /b/ where everyones got the right answer to life for everyone but themselves.

You know what /b/ro i salute you its a fukin smash to your manhood to just get let down like that but to not turn that in to hate for her and women overall shows a great strength of character.

Now fuck you faggot before i start giving good advice to every cunt.
I'm sorry dude but i really love her.

Not much else to tell about all that really.
She hasn't changed much since then, and still beta-hunts a lot. As for me I've come a long long way since then. Lost 30 pounds in fat, dropped down a level of education, which in the end turned out to be a great thing. The people i met there were far more awesome than 90% of the fags i associated with before. The beta chains have been completely broken and trashed. Now its just the matter of reclaiming my testicles from that wench and getting asking a girl out myself for the first time.
Im not saying this to hurt you, but to help you: get some fucking self respect. By still hanging around the friendzone of this uppedy cunt you eliminate your chances with others. Jesus christ this isn't rocket science, you dense faggot
Thanks /b/ro
Your advice is sacred.
just sent her a fucking huge/big sms explaining everything. if she doesn't reply you should start to pray
Dude, are you sure you're not gender confused? You're a man. You need to be decisive. You fucked about playing with her like women usually do to men.
File: bond says.jpg (634KB, 1536x2304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bond says.jpg
634KB, 1536x2304px
attractionforums, puaforums. get to work bro, use the internet, pickup is different then being a player.

you have to be cool bro, shes cute, and attainable. NEVER corner her, NEVER get emotional, NEVER let her see your feels, NEVER pop the "how do u feel about me?" question. as far as she is concerned, from now on you are the coolest, suavest, most uncaring alpha there is. if she breaks plans, you DONT care, if she doesnt txt back, you DONT care. if shes with another guy, YOU DONT CARE.

the other side is learning how to neg and distance yourself, women like to chase too. so you have to set up the game to make yourself chase-able.

men have been learning this stuff for ages in all different ways, its practically a lost art, and its not about disrespecting women or just getting laid. its a way to cut through the BS, present yourself as someting that women want, and get a better idea of what they want.

get to work, get that chick. and a bunch of others too if your feeling frisky.

Dude but i just can't forget her.
She was and still is a essential part of my life and i just can't stop loving her bro I've tried dating other people but in the end i still freaking love her.
I just didn't know how to tell myself that at the time. I was more caught up in what everyone would think rather than how I would feel with her.

Trust me, you're not going to tell me anything I haven't figured out myself by now. You can still berate me though I need it for what I did to her.

>filename not related, just posting more annie
It just seems weird that she would do all this stuff for you and pretty much offer you sex, yet didn't have the confidence to ask you out
File: gianna.gif (637KB, 214x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying fucking a wierd bitch for a night is bad

wierd bitches do wierd things in the sac. why do you not know this? where do you think we get all this amateur gifs on /b/?
Fuck man you are a god /b/ro thanks for the advice i'll use it.
I'm not implying its bad, I'm implying anon doesn't want to do it, hence why would he ask her out?
I have thought about it, but she's been with this guy she is with now for a year now, I'm not trying to start some shit over a really fucking long apology

Maybe I am, I have fapped to traps before. I get what you're saying though; I was young and dumb man it happens to the best of us. Only ever had one girlfriend so I'm not socially the best with women.
Like I said man, she was mentally fucked in certain ways but I could read her like a book so it didn't really bother me.
File: kermitwtf.jpg (50KB, 745x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 745x742px
women are not bitches, you are just really fucking bad with them.
what a terrible idea
You're the saddest /b/ro I ever got the chance of meeting, you fucking faggot
Bro youll spend your whole life regreting your life wasted on a cunt like her. You could be making fucking history for all i know with all this time youve spent yearning over her love. The world has an abundance of pussy ready for slaying, and you my faggot bretheren have it inside you to continue on what manhood is all about. A true man does not give a fuck about anything that comes in his way and deep inside him it is imbeded to destroy competition. Be a wolf not a sheep and adopt that mentality not just for your love life,but every aspect of your life. Ill tell ya right now if you love yourself a little, maybe groom yourself , and go out there buzzing with that confidence youll find some bitch thatll make you forget about her before the second blowjob. To be honest if i knew you in person id slap the fuck out of your delusional ass and force you out of the house for a round if drinks and some hookers coz lifes too short mate. The first part of building confidence is accepting yourself for who you are and saying to yourself you dont give 48 fucks about what anyone thinks, but youve gottta believe that shit. Man if you really want that girl you're inlove with work on lowering your eastrogen levels coz when you place her on a high horse shes just gonna walk all over you and blow your alpha friend. Get the fuck up tommoro morningn, shave your neckbeard, lose soke weight if you're a fatass and start going, get yourself some fresh clothes and a haircut for that oily wig you call hair, trim those nails, spray some of those pheramones on (no bitch perfume only cologne) and start changing yourself and watch this bitch crawl over to you and worship your dick brah
I think I am clinically depressed so maybe that contributed to everything as well.

I could be a faggot.

>filename not related still posting annie
well then you need to stop being so fucking beta and learn how to get the girl, see this post dammit--

File: right in the feels.jpg (59KB, 747x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
right in the feels.jpg
59KB, 747x599px
>14, foreign dude in America, 8th grade in middle school
>lightskin girl, falls in love instantly
>asks her out
>turns out she's dating my best friend (current best friend at the time, didn't have much friends)
>was nice to both of them until they ended
>he ended it because he thought she was cheating on him with me
>a month after that me and her started dating
>a month after that dumped
>a month after that I dated her best friend
>a month after that dumped
>three months after that dated my previous girlfriend's best friend
>2 weeks after dumped

File: slickback.jpg (23KB, 600x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 600x337px
No, you don't. What you have my friend is called Bitch Dependency. You miss the moments and memories but not her. If you really loved her you wouldn't have done what you did so cut the bullshit. She's moved on and with good reason because after what you put her through? I wouldn't want to be with you neither.
Excuse the spelling, drunk as fuck and on phone but my point still stands sperglord
Tl;dr, but could tell you're 13 or something
Probably because you're a faggot who can't hold a relationship.
19 and my perception of the world is better than your euphoric solutions to life. Bet you're an athiest and supreme gentlemen aswell kek
Friendzone stories? All right, let's go.

>Be me
>16 year old
>Was always beta in school, was trying to reinvent self after leaving it
>First step: Reactivate shitty Facebook account
>See a message on it from 2 years prior
>Some chick who wanted me to get the account. I made one and deactivated it because the site fucking sucks
>Since it happened, she started to hate me because of completely unrelated reason
>Didn't talk to her for a long time
>Was really good friends with her prior
>Just to fuck with her, I replied to a message she sent two years ago
>She put "No". I put "Yes." Two year gap
>She replies, with the typical "why the fuck you messaging me"
>Shit ends
>Think about why we stopped liking eachother, realized I was a dick
>Talk more
>Hang out again, basically back friends
>Realize we like eachother
>Semi intense at a lot of times
>Eventually she starts acting weird
>Texts me with typical "yada yada like you as friend" bull-shit
>Think that I might as well stick to see if it will be salvaged
While we was going out she was also talking to some Pakistani faggot who played guitar. Swear to God. This nigga was fucking as cliche as far as cliche goes. It's part of the reason I got friendzoned. Ace.
>Eventually she gets a NEW boyfriend. Some fat fuck
>We grow apart
>Cracks form
>Cracks turn into holes
>She kinda doesn't like me anymore, and around this time, something new happens
>Some friend from my old school goes to her college. we get talking, and I find he's miserable because he's got no friends apart from her, and she treats him like a joke
>She did that a lot. Even in school. Always was a pompous bitch who thought she was better than my friends. Told me she thought they were all losers
>Kind of pissed, but I keep my cool
>Message her about it, no insults, nicely
>Tells me to fuck off, and says I'm starting shit
>Now I was pissed
>Tell her to get bent, and tell her she doesn't deserve a friend like Tom
>Never responds
w8 4 2nd
File: thumbs up.jpg (35KB, 600x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thumbs up.jpg
35KB, 600x480px

get it
Bet you wear minecraft t-shirts with a fedora as you listen to dolphinsfuckinginadumpster.mp3
;( it's very true
be patient my friend. think positive. soon she will be 6/10 and you will be an 8/10 maybe more. she is almost at her peak now, its downhill for her after that
>use ballsack cologne
>flirt with her
Thanks dude many alpha friends have told me that. Thats why im not the same 16 year old betafag i was before (well according to /b/ im still beta as fuck)i changed but what i really think is that her feelings toward me never have changed.When i was 16 i was a wimpy little kid but some guys told me if you get "alpha as fuck" she'll fall for you and so i did bro i've worked out a lot i practice soccer now i'm not the same little fag 3 years ago but her perspective upon i think hasn't changed and thats the problem even thoe i've certainly improved i dont see any change in our relationship i try and i try but i think like i said earlier i think in the end it's a dream and sadly i can't let go of that dream.
File: aXkqKyb.jpg (18KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 413x395px
>>implying wemin is something to hate
>being this mad when your fridge runs out if mountain dew
Says someone that just called out my advice/lifestyle because it goes against the holy neckbeard trinity. Remember you're only athiest because you cant justify god creating such a fucking NEET like yourself. Stay mad man
File: 1422805926087.jpg (251KB, 1036x1266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 1036x1266px
king of sex does not approve
That's not getting friendzoned that's being a fucking ugly ass beta faggot
File: Bitch.jpg (110KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 612x612px
>41 days later after this happens, I get a reply
>An apology
>Basically mentions that it was all part of her plan for me to get over her, like it was a really hard thing to do
>Says "too much hate in the world"
>Actually fucking fuming
>Asked her if she ever got around to that thing about my friend I mentioned
>Didn't respond
>State that I wanted an answer
>She said she didn't want to give one
>Write a long-ass fucking text about how much I fucking hate her. Tell her how much of a horrible person she is. How fucking disgusting she treats people, and how I don't need her at all, which she acted like I did
>Tell her to take her "apology" and fucking choke on it
>She never responded

I have never hated someone so much.
Pic related, It's her
Continue in getting better in all your life aspects man, if you dont snag that specific bitch dont worry coz someone better that actually appreciates everything about you will come into your life and youll forget about her in no time because your good qualities will shine to them. Glad to be of assistance bruv, cant stand to see a fellow man being belittled by someone with a vagina.
Also, any questions are welcome. Will answer
7/10 would fuck
The story would make more sense reversed and it probably is

I don't get how telling a woman that you like her is going to automatically make them like you. Just be likable and don't be all gay about muuuh feelings where you sound like a beta
All you had to do was dominate her sexually you scrub
File: 1398919918934.gif (787KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787KB, 500x281px
As you say, supreme neck bread savior.
Bit hard to do when she isn't attracted to you.
File: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.gif (1007KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1007KB, 300x225px
You fucking got me there m8

thought you was being genuine for a minute
You liked each other at some point

You did good for standing up for your friend, but he should have made some other friends

but then again there's probably 80% of the story I don't know
>I was 16, the year I was to turn 17
dude so was i r u my twinbrother
You sound like a dramatic faggot.
Are you sure you're not gay?
There's a fucking lot of side bits to this story, but that part is no simpler than the fact that he's a bit of a beta.
Thanks /b/ro most of my friends say that i should move on too.I think i'll move on i'll try and i can say one thing i've improved physcally a lot because of her at least i got that going for me.I'll do baby steps and i'll see were i go where it takes me and try to grasp reality and see if i can at last forget i think about it always man but your comments just make me realize that i am a delusional bastard and i should man up. Thanks 4chan and after all realize that she was only a dream.
Key word: Sound
I agree. We have a little porker here
Good speed /b/ro youll make it
>what is a calendar year and how is it different from time between birthdays

It was 2007, I was turning 17 that year.
I wish i was fat back then because at least i would have fat and then after i worked out for more than 2 years i would be more bulkier.
I say i was a 4/10 because i was really wimpy.
>4/10 super beta
>Best friend 10/10
give me a break faggot, she is probably a dump truck
no 10/10 has a 4/10 super pussy as a best friend
She looks like that girl from The Lovely Bones right before that thing
File: OPs dream girl.jpg (80KB, 1326x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
OPs dream girl.jpg
80KB, 1326x645px
found her famersonly.com profile. still out of your league phaggit
File: lel.jpg (83KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 512x512px
here is her photo /b/ro she is a childhood friend thats why she actually coexisted with me.I'm glad we met when we were kids because man she is great and i never think i would be her friend if i met her later in my life.
Sorry, came bacfromfukkg your mom. I'm agnostic, by the way. Those "big" words you feel like using are probably bigger than your dick, eh?
>I'm agnostic, by the way
Congrats for launching my sides into the deep cosmos you faggot. You're still a shit kicker that's afraid of the afterlife. Atleast fedora fags have the self dignity to denounce their faith in religion, you however are an edgy faggot. Dont spill your starbucks in response man.
File: lol.jpg (52KB, 403x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 403x403px
LOL these guys fighting while im feeling ;-;.
File: good.jpg (58KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 645x773px
well i think it has finally happened i think the thread has died i will cherish this thread when i feel down /b/ros whenever i think about her i will think about all the arguments you have said today i will never forget until i forget her so /b/ros you will always be in my memory thanks for the advice thanks for everything thanks 4chan thank you all.
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