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ITT: Things you did that you are ashamed off. I had a sexual

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Things you did that you are ashamed off.

I had a sexual relationship with my younger cousin.

>be me
>5 years ago
>17 then
>Senior year starts
>Heard a party is going on
>Alright cool let's go get fucked up
>Playing some drinking games, dancing like a fool, just having fun
>Feel someone tap my shoulder
>"Hey anon! It's me, femanon, Your cousin?"
>Wtf is she doing here she's only 14 right now
>give less of a fuck and just kept drinking
>cops come
>fuck this shit I'm out of here
>running away, struggling cause I'm near wasted already
>femanon cousin comes and helps me get away
>we get to her place
>"Parents and brother aren't home and aren't gonna be here tonight so you can stay. They wanted to go out somewhere for the day."
>Thought it was a good idea cause I didn't want to get home with a smell of liquor on me
>Blood rushing to my head from all the running
>Feel even more drunk and uncoordinated as fuck
>"Ummmm, want to take a quick shower? You can borrow my brother's clothes"
>Sure, why the fuck not. I think I smelled like shit anyways
>try to get up and cousin helps me to the shower
>I tell her to get out now when we reached the bathroom
>"It's ok anon, I'll help you. We're family anyway, it's no big deal."
>Thinking yeah sure, she's right, I let her undress me
>She takes off my shirt and ran her fingers down my chest and stomach then took off my pants
>Started getting hard but felt bad cause she's family and I know she is helping, or so I thought
>Goes down on her knees to take off my pants
>My rock hard dick gives the nazi salute as my pants and underwear are removed
>She just stares at it with eyes of curiousity and lust
>I apologized to her, said I couldn't think straight cause I was so damn drunk
>"It's ok... you're a guy after all"
>Tell her that's enough now and try to get into the shower
>I nearly trip but she catches me
>She grabbing my dick why holding me up
>Try to ignore that fact and said thanks
>"L-Let me help you anon..."
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>She starts taking off her clothes
>Well fucking developed for 14, hourglass body 8/10 tits, 10/10 ass
>"It's ok... like I said, we're family anon"
>I try to push her out but too damn weak right now
>We sit down in the bathtub together
>Go back to back cause too embarassed to look at her right now
>"Hey anon..."
>"Remember when we used to take baths together when we were little? And I used to visit your place all the time?"
>Yeah why?
>"Oh nothing, this just reminds me off it. We're older now so our family wouldn't dare let us do this"
>Didn't reply at all
>Awkward silence
>Feel something on my back
>These definitely feel like nipples and two soft breasts
>Ignore this feeling and thought I was imagining it
>I feel her breathe on my ear
>She whispers "Hey anon... I really like you. I like you ever since we were little. I know it's bad but I can't help it"
>She starts washing my body gently and slowly reach down to my dick
>No femanon, you can't. This is wrong...
>"We're cousins so it doesn't count. I just wanna learn about this stuff with someone I like and can trust"
>I start feeling dizzy
>My face feels extremely hot
>"OMG Anon! Are you ok?"
>Pass out
>Find myself in a room
>I'm naked and someone is sucking on my dick
>Think I'm dreaming so I go with it
>Start having sex with mystery woman
>She seemed really inexperienced and hymen wasn't broken
>Thought was adorable and was real gentle
>Her pussy feels tight as fuck but it kept convulsing like it was massaging my dick
>Pumping like a champ right now, no signs of stopping yet
>She keeps moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me anon"
>She curls her toes and arches her back and she lets out one final moan
>Femanon is now lying on the bed, breathing heavily
>My dick is still rock hard and kept going
>"Wait anon, I'm really sensitive down there right now! I can't keep going"
>This is a fucking dream I thought why should I fucking care
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>She starts screaming "OH FUCK, HOLY FUCK!"
>Start to feel my load building up
>Blew my biggest load ever inside mystery girl
>Makes the most disgusting of noises as I pull out of her
>Tired as hell so went to sleep
>Woke up with my cousin all cuddled next to me naked and the smell of jizz
>Fuck, I just fucked my cousin
>Try to sneak away
>"Anon are you awake?"
>Err yeah.
>"Anon... I love you..."

After that, she wanted to be in a relationship with me. I was scared of her telling the family what I did to her so I agreed and we had to keep it a secret. I tried taking her out to small dates but in the end she would just end up wanting to have sex or at least suck me off. This went on for months and I decided to end it somehow. I did all I could to get her to hate me and break up with my willingly. Was successful after she "caught" me having sex with another girl. I haven't talked to her ever since then but it seemed like she never told anyone in our family.
That is something to be shameful about, being me without a female cousinI can assume how hard to resist it must be. Pic of her?
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Sorry no picture of actual cousin but this pic is the closest thing. This is around how she looked at this age.
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Nobody has a story of their own?
Can yiu give a face that looks like her?-
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This girl's face and hair
I threw a doge off a balcony, want greentext?
Seems like a classy person
what the fuck you waiting for, anon
Haha alrity then, keep the thread from 404ing while I type
This will be probably new 4chan


▲ ▲
no more walking dog after balcony accident
I would like to mention that I was very young and very stupid, what I did will stay with me forever.
>be say around 3 (I remember pretty far back)
>the week earlier we had gotten a nice beautiful whige puppy dog
>no more than three to four weeks old
> wake up one morning
>everyone still asleep
>I want to play with doge
>grab the little puppy and play with him
>pupy not motivated to
>grab him and take to bathroom
>shower him ubder sink, was him and all
>put soap
>soap got into his eyes
>still washing then dry him
>still not playing
>get mad
>hit the dog square in the snout
>throw him across the room
>he for some reason never made a sound
>still pissed
>grab dog
>take him outside two story apartment
>look from tge secobd floir down concrete floor
>hold out doge
>let him go
>does three backflips
>hits the ground on his side
>as he hit the groubd his legs extentended very far and moved his feet as if running but laying on his side
>he wasstill twitchy his eyes were closed
>grab himand takehim inside
>wether thw doge was kill yet I dobt know
>feel that I can extend his back meaning his back broken
>I can literaly feel it
>he still doesnt plays
>throw hi macriss the room
>take him outside
>put him under a drainage ditch

I feel ashamed for what I did, my parents found out I remember one of them saying about his back being broken. Got a goid spanking from dad I deserved it.
I'm sorry you have to live with that
Fir such a thing I did I don't desrve an apology, going to plan on making up what I did by helping out thise animal rescue people for while. Also it was my brother's dog that was given to him for his birthday.
I could give half a fuck what happens to humans most of the time, but the only thing that will ever choke me up is when a dog dies. Atone OP, Atone.
If you aren't religious now, go become Christian for a bit just to confess. Then go back to being whatever you believed in. Fuck that's harsh.
Yeah same here, but back then I have no idea what was goung through my mind.
Why yes im Catholic, gonna confess this and all the other shit ive done
I used to have gay sex with my 50 something neighbour for money when I was 18/19. Never really enjoyed getting fucked and taking money for it feels dirty to this day.
I accidently put my hamster in the dish washer
What kind of pipe problem did he have?
Did he die?
I am so fucking triggered right now. How DARE you assume on the internet that something is automatically masculine. You are completely discounting the struggles of trans/poly/non-binary/fluid genders and you fucking REEK of cis privilege. Fucks sake. I cannot believe this is still happening. Fuck you, die in a fire.
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Well when I got him out, half of all of his bones were fractured from hitting the spinning propeller. And some 3rd degree burns from the scorching water, but he smelled nice; but sadly didn't survive..
Thats unfortunate, all he wanted was to be a boy
You were three years old and left the second story apartment you were living in to fetch the dog you tossed off the balcony? Fucking bullshit

I wasnt in a urban area, usolated small town, and as I couldv bee three or diur, but not five.
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 8

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