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bad feels thread >be me >be active on Tinder >swipe

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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bad feels thread

>be me
>be active on Tinder
>swipe right on 100% of girls
>occasionally match with a girl
>usually a bot
>when it's not, have tried many techniques to get them attracted to me
>posted images of minor gainz (not much, but I'm working with what I've got)
>acted uninterested
>they lose interest
>go for immediate fuck
>they're put off by over enthusiasm
>try to get to know them
>I'm not worth getting to know

>be tonight
>match with fat girl who lives about a mile away
>unattractive, probably about 110-120 kgs
>meh, what the hell
>make small talk for 10 mins
>heavily hinting I'd like to take a break from my uni work
>she says her roommate is here but she'll be asleep soon
>"we'll see once she's asleep ;)" is exactly what she wrote
>seems horny AF, well up for it
>asks for my facebook
>skeptical but give it to her
>she doesn't reply for a while
>an hour later I ask if her roommate is asleep
>she says she is, but "sorry, I'm not really in the mood tonight"
>"Ok, Maybe another time then?" (alpha AF)
>no reply
>mfw she lost interest when she saw my facebook pics
>mfw I got rejected by a horny fat girl
>mfw even the most desperate girls in town don't want me
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So how bad looking are you?
Pics of you and the girl
Been told I look cute. Probably white lie. I don't think I'm particularly bad-looking, but I've never been attractive.
Go clubbing instead of useless tinder shit
tried. Awkward.
post a pic of yourself so we can give an accurate response
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tinder girl.jpg
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she's the one in the black dress with the drink of what looks like water??
Cute is what women tell to no offend someone. Sorry bro. I am also
File: me.jpg (104KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guessed that.

just become cool, then comes the pussy
You will learn. Do it faggot and don't use some dumb excuses
Same here, its fucked
There's also the fact that my friends (?) hate it when anybody does anything except stand still near the bar. I hate going to clubs because of this. It's no fun. And it's cockblocky as fuck. But I've been on my own in desperation and tried to dance with girls and I just get disgusted looks.
Not bad looking you can grab a girl just do it go out

But this is /b/ so I have to call you ugly and you ate a fagget
I would expect nothing less
Fucking normal to get strange disgusting looks. Get some club friends and do it fagget its possible. Often i go to someone with only 1 person i know,sometimes i dont know anyone. There are girls i talk to them and sometimes its more. Just get chances and sometimes it will work
Get a better haircut, trim eyebrows and fucking smile for pictures, goddamn
File: fuck you m8.jpg (9KB, 240x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck you m8.jpg
9KB, 240x196px
ja jajajajajajaj what a fucking faggot you are OP.
Stop being an emo twat, tbh.
Your conversations are probably dull and uninteresting, because you are also.

Like, damn, dude. Smile or something. Jesus.
Hair needs cutting tbh, this isn't it at its best. But have never trimmed eyebrows. And when I smile for pics I look retarded, vid related

Just stop caring.

Unless you're in the top 20% of men you're nothing to any woman.
post pics of you
File: KjSoimT.jpg (10KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, I got one.

>Be me
>Freshman year of college (university for you eurofags)
>Beta as fuck, but well liked
>Meet this really cute girl
>Gradually get to know her more and more over the course of the semester.
>Spend hours upon hours together, pondering life's deeper meaning.
>She has depression and anxiety, I spend hours talking to her and trying to make her feel better.
>About 3 months after we meet, I decide tonight's the night, I'm gonna tell her my feelings.
>Take her to my place and we talk for a while.
>"Femanon, I've always had a thing for you."
>"I love you, Anon."
>"I love you too, Femanon"
>"...But I just want to be friends, anon."
>Hugs me
>Walk her home
>TFW I got friendzoned by the only girl I've ever loved
>TFW I spent all my time with her only to get friendzoned
>TFW I spent all my time with her when I should have been studying
>TFW I failed two classes
>TFW still no gf
File: 1411319040543.jpg (150KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> finished movie with brother and sister
> walking out I start talking about it
> they ignore me
>I stop talking
> they start talking about it
>I try to join in
> they ignore me
>I stop talking
> we go down the escalator because we're in a mall
>we start walking rewards the doors
>tfw they walk on the other side of the walkway to avoid me
Damn bro, how do you get disowned by family?
File: moral bear.jpg (93KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
moral bear.jpg
93KB, 300x300px
>posted images of minor
when? I'm 20 she's 22 faggot
I don't know
I don't know what I did
I have more of you want them
maybe you should just get one friend who pushes you to not be a pussy. theres a point when it just clicks and you're like "wow... why was i such a fucking faggot?" and you stop being a faggot. it just takes a push
You're going to jail, OP.
Ever try to ask them?
moar pls
Also post more
File: imgres1.jpg (9KB, 177x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nigga it look like your forehead has a fold in it
also check em
aw not jail
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story from my childhood

>be me and my neighbourhood friends
>be all around the age of 8-9
>live next to a small wood and decide to go play in there
>see a balloon tied to a tree
>look closer; there's a piece of paper in it
>pop that balloon and read the paper
>treasurehuntingsuperrichadventure.exe failed to launch
>there was just a number written on it (can'r remember which, maybe "10")
>being stupid kids still get exited
>decide to look around for more ballons
>actually find 4 or 5 more ballons with numbers in them
>had no idea what the deal was with them but still fun to look for them
>after a while see a horde of kids around my age with some adults
>recognize that they are from a "birthday adventure planing shit" idk (I know them because I recently was invited to a friends birthday party who hired these guys)
>anyways you can guess what's coming
>they had fucking pieces of paper with numbers on them
>they still haven't noticed us so we decide to rush home in sheer fear of getting in trouble
>fast forward to today, me being 21
>think back of our "adventure"
>mfw we destroyed this kids birthday party
>mfw those guys had to explain to the children that the game stopped since all balloons were gone
>mfw I think about the parent's raging with these innocent guys
>still funny tho
They don't talk to me
> at home
> videogames are my real home
> just finished cleaning my room for chores
> mom tells me to get of computer to clean my room
> confused, I go look
> it's trashed
>tfw I hear laughter in the other side of the wall
Wow, I had a friend in college that pitty fucked the kind of girls that turn you down and he had severe social anxiety and some nasty diseases. You must be one nasty looking fucker.
Nothing particularly wrong with your looks but I'm betting you simply come across as a drag.

You have to come across as someone's that's positive, in control and generally has their shit together. People don't have time to listen to other people's problems. They want to meet up with a dude that's going places and doing things and is happy in life.

If that's not you, fake it. Fucking fake it.
File: 1419017181920.jpg (37KB, 481x618px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 481x618px
This isn't a sad frog
>>TFW I failed two classes
Thats why you lost, you are so beta that you get this upset over 1 girl that you only knew for 3 months. Youre letting your hormones control you
It's all about your mindset, you just want girls because you want to get laid. Girls see right through that bulllshit. Stop looking for girls to get laid, start looking for friends, everything will work out
Bump for feels
Yeah she's disgusting but hot guys would fuck her (because it's practice).

She thinks she can have better than you. Which she probably can because you're obviously really ugly.

Bet she's well out of your league!
Clean yourself up and start working out more. 30 minutes a week isn't going to make you a big tough /fit/izen. You have to work your skinny ass to the bone harder than any faggot you've let fuck you before. Fuck someone is whistling in the other room and it's freaking me the fuck out.
Think of how many others girls you couldve fallen in love with. But this girl happened to be the one you met because of circumstances
File: 1v1 me fgt smash.png (1MB, 680x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1v1 me fgt smash.png
1MB, 680x680px
If it was me Anon, I'd fight my siblings that shit ain't cool they sound like a couple of little shits
To pick up girls:
>straight back
>chin up
>look into eyes when talking

fucking confidence is the fucking key
I don't tell them my problems. I've googled how to have a decent conversation and I'm getting the hang of it. I ask about them, take an interest, complement them but don't sound creepy about it. Although I think I talk about myself slightly too much. I honestly think my text conversation isn't too bad, but my in-person conversation is terrible.
I too get called cute. Not because of my looks but because of my actions.
I know OP's feel except im actually unattractive.
The only people who even give a shit to lie to me about how i look is my mom and she uses "handsome"
Dude shave off your eye brows and get a Mohawk. Then post results!

Fuck that bitch... MOHAWK MOHAWK MOHANK
>>unattractive, probably about 110-120 kgs
Shes not that attractive, and shes not a hambeast either. She probably ignored you because your face book revealed that you are a loser or something.
More because I'm feelen kinda good
>I had two bearded dragons named some and speedy I got when I was ten
> my brother had fish
> his fish die every so often for various reasons
> no big deal just got new ones
> summer comes along and he goes to camp
>I take care of his fish for him so he'd start to like me
> not one dies
> he comes home
> take to him about fish being fine
> he ignores me
>I go to same camp for 3 weeks
> put him in charge of lizards
> come back to two dead lizards
> starved to death
>Shes not that attractive,
Meant to say that shes not very unattractive, shes about average but fat
>30 mins a week
I actually go the gym and do proper sessions 4/5 times a week. I've been doing it for a year but my diet is bad so it doesn't have as much of an effect as it should. I have a protein shake every day. I'm actually a lot more toned than I used to be, and I'm kinda pleased with the progress I've made. I used to be a skinny fuck.
Also I'd get in trouble if I fought them
And I didn't say anything because I wanted them to like me
Stay away from the fatties - they just keep getting bigger.

Next thing you know, you've got a pet shut-in beast to feed!
My facebook is literally empty. I never use it. She said I look a bit different in my PP, I haven't changed it in like 15 months or something. The only reason it isn't deactivated is it's required for Tinder.
File: Capture.png (93KB, 695x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 695x612px
Hey dude are you doing the Mohawk?
Follow up poem
File: SB 300 Kills.jpg (262KB, 1250x1064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SB 300 Kills.jpg
262KB, 1250x1064px
>Blood Boiling
I can't stand cruelness with no reason to cause it.
I can understand that, but let me tell you Anon I'd fight them.
I was a skinny fuck too, poor as well to top that off. Started going to school for welding and my buddy that was a level higher than me got me to start going to the campus gym. After 8 hours of welding every day I'd go to the gym for another hour pushing myself the hardest I could every day, within a few months I went from 110 pounds to 155 and solved my diet/weight problem. Only weak willed pussies can't make a change.
File: faceofaking.jpg (228KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228KB, 500x750px

Op, let me tell you something: you're a kid. That's right, a kid. Look at your babyface. You could pass for 16 easily. I don't say this to insult you but rather to point out the tremendous potential within and the capacity you have for growth. Focus on improving yourself and your life. Bitches come after. And love comes after bitches.

As hard as it is to hear your self actualization is the most important thing to work on right now. You must first become the man you wish to be in order to get the girls you wish for.

Hahaha you whiney little bitch you're not bad at all.
Try being a 5'6 240lber with an asymmetric massive head with bad teeth, bad skin and a small penis. Then you'll know depression.
Something went so wrong with my head it's unreal, it's so asymmetric it's like it was stretched in a weird place, even so much as to cause localised balding in line with where it seems to have stretched. I'mma fuckin freak.
What about someone who is successful, going places, doing things, but is so fucking depressed and mind fucked that they lack self esteem and confidence and are also unattractive?
I didn't tell my parents because I wanted my brother and sister to like me
perhaps we need to see the facebook page that put her off OP
File: theresyourproblem.jpg (30KB, 399x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 399x289px
>weak-willed pussies
BTW, how old are you Anon?
>inb4 underage b&
>inb4 elborate ruse
>be me several years ago in high school
>smart and quiet kid, friends think i'm funny but i'm asocial outside of school
>the most attractive girl in school rides the same bus home
>tall, beautiful, honest 10/10
>at some point she makes me sit next to her
>we talk every now and then
>progress into junior year when i finally had my first shot with some other girl
>other girl is actually crazy.jpg
>losing my shit because i'm inexperienced, depressed, lonely, etc
>beautiful bus friend becomes my confidant
>she's wild, parties, has reputation of being a slut
>it bothers me but i don't mind in the end because she's becoming a good friend
>we start spending more time together, talking longer and more deeply
>one day she just tells me she likes me and i'm being stupid
>we hang out often and people at school are noticing by now
>one day laying in my bed, i have a knit hat over my eyes because of my ceiling light
>turn head to say something to her and she kisses me
>first kiss ever and it's with this beautiful girl in whom i've confided deep feelings and secrets
>kiss a few more times over few days
>soon it's valentines day, take her to movie
>she's uninterested
>we go to dinner after
>she's bored
>when i drop her off at her home she tells me she just doesn't have feelings for me anymore
>world shatters
>she still wants to be friends of course but i'm heartbroken
>we stay close and i start talking to another girl who's showing interest to try and get my mind off of beauty
>apparently this irks her
>it's off and on like this for weeks into months
>i finally get pissed and give up and say i'm done with her and her wishy-washy-ness
>somehow soon thereafter spontaneously begin seeing another good friend of mine, solid 8/10 and very adorable
>beauty is extremely bothered
>anon i really like you and i want it to be us together not you and her

I can't wait for the Mohawk !!!

TIP if you post your CAPTCHA in your post you don't get asked to do it again for the next ten posts!

I give everything I got and get nothing in return. Fuck this world.
18 almost out of here
RIP Bacon!
>post facebook to /b/
>think it'll be ok
>end up with anons raiding my house
>sister killed, parents raped
>life ends drowning in spaghetti

no thanks
File: feel again.jpg (10KB, 160x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel again.jpg
10KB, 160x213px
>be me on Tinder
>recently got out of a relationship with this depressed chick who cut herself
>she completely fucked up my life
>on Tinder
>get matched with cute Vietnamese girl
>we hit it off by staying up late and talking to her all night long
>after a month of talking I finally have the balls to ask her out
>can't do it
>she can tell I'm depressed
>tell her I've been feeling really lonely
>she says she can't date guys who are sad
>mfw she actually did like me
>mfw she was the fifth rejection I had on Tinder
>mfw I had 0 matches after that
Also the two people below are me
If you were wondering
Good on you, and good luck to you in you're future.
File: Untitled.png (8KB, 299x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 299x287px

Sorry i work hard to ensure my face doesn't end up on the internet...or in pictures.
Here's my artists rendition however.

ok cgp grey

>run image through facial reconstruction software

>we kiss
>mfw i cheat on my first ever girlfriend like 3 days into the relationship
>i freak out and flight mode activated
>i tell her i can't do this anymore and she's not good for me and even though i really want to be with her she just brings me pain in the end
>drop all contact with her
>have a fun but empty summer relationship with girlfriend that ends come senior year
>spend most of year trying to figure self out, trying to get over that "first girlfriend" feeling and generally being stupid
>beauty is meanwhile quickly the girlfriend of some guy
>we slowly begin reconciling at end of year
>"haha yeah we were pretty dumb oh well"
>things relatively normal
>last day before she leaves for college
>we have a huge long talk about our lasting feelings and why things never worked and how we feel about each other
>she leaves across the country thereafter
>continue talking regularly and cheerfully
>she drops contact one day suddenly
>try to reach her but little to no response
>i knew this shit would happen
>mad at myself for falling for this shit like 20 times
>see her once over a break and she's friendly but nothing special
>fast forward to this recent break
>spending lots of time together again
>she always talks about how much she loves me and how we will be married someday
>i'm equally upset at her hijinks as i am transfixed by her character
>when she's here i only see the good
>when she's gone i only see the bad
>last few weeks have been movies and cuddling and other gay shit that makes me happy
>she will be leaving again in two days and has been shirking plans with me all this past week
>mad at myself once again

>mfw she's probably the only girl i've ever been in love with
>mfw she's bad for me and it won't work out
>posts results
>>recently got out of a relationship with this depressed chick who cut herself
>>she completely fucked up my life

You got destroyed by a virus.

At least hitler could get laid...
Fucking idiot
I don't know what the future well give/take me
But I'll go in with a open mind

>telling me things i already know
Dude honestly, you're no lower than average looking. Get some confidence and some humor, thats all it takes.
Dude...this exactly my fucking life word for word. Except I've yet to kiss my 10/10 even though she says she wishes I had
File: 1419740502337.jpg (14KB, 316x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 316x202px
>mfw No good story's to tell
>mfw Just sad for no reason.
>age 16
>I'm good friends with this girl, Jessica
>we don't have a whole lot in common, but we're good friends and we make each other laugh
>we both had a dark sense of humor which we had bonded over
>she's a solid 9/10 on a bad day, 36DD, phat ass, etc
>she's my first real crush, so I had no idea how to act
>one day at the end of school while walking to the bus she stops me
>"Anon, would you go out with me?"
>Holyhorseshit. I wasn't expecting that.
>Heart starts pounding, what do I say?!
>"Jess, I really like you too, but how about we wait a few weeks? I'm really busy at work right now and I get my license next month- maybe then I could spend more time with you and take you on a real first date. How's that?"
>FUCK, it sounds like I just friendzoned the bitch
>"Good idea Anon, I'll wait. Bye, love you!"
>we continue to hang out occasionally, we text nonstop (ily, <3, kissyface, all that lovey-dovey bullshit)
>she proceeds to tease the hell out of me in the coming weeks
>one day while at the pool I'm sitting on the edge cooling off my feet in the water
>Jess swims up to the edge, looks me right in the eyes from below, then drops her huge tits right in my lap
>achievement unlocked: got a massive erection
>when we watch movies together, her chest is my neck pillow
>at school she says "damn Anon, look how fat my ass is, don't you just want to squeeze it?"
>later she bumps into me in the hallway "sorry Anon, these tits are so big I need to get a set of rookie poles" (rookie poles are those rods that go on large bumpers/plows so rookie drivers don't hit shit)
>long story short, she doesn't hide the fact she wants it
>fast forward, I got my license and work lightens up, so I text her
>"Hey Jess, how about we go on that date this Friday?"
>"What do you mean Anon?"
>"I seriously love you, let's go out!"
>She replies with a long message about how she didn't mean "go out" as in bf/gf and she didn't love me as anything more than a friend.
>She didn't mean it

You don't look that bad, you just need some work, that's all. Like many other anons have said, go to the gym, get a better haircut, trim/fix your eyebrows, don't look like a deer in headlights (smile, man), don't look so greasy, and get a better taste in clothing.

Other than that, there's not much wrong with you.

>TL;DR You have potential and you should be able to get pussy without problem
what you got is not what she needs.
The common denominator in these heartbreak scenarios is that Anons are giving 100% to a relationship before they recieve anything. They're being given no indication that the relationship would work, but they're counting on it anyway.

She was looking for a quick hookup

I feel happy that I'm not the only one but sad that you have to share my pain /b/ro. and isn't that shit just the worst? Whenever she talks to me about wishing something had happened back then or saying it's going to happen in the future I just feel so bullshitted
More feels from bad family guy
>I drive my sister and her friends to school and back every weekday
> play my music and pretend I can't hear them
> tfw I know they make fun of me and know I can hear them but won't do anything
I do, it's working but slowly as previously stated

>get haircut
I know, I need one. I'll go soon.

>fix eyebrows
Hadn't considered this, but someone mentioned it higher up. Will give it a go.

Also as mentioned higher up, I look fucking ridiculous when I try to smile. My entire face warps But thanks, I'll try to.

>taste in clothing
I hate buying clothes. I've resorted to plain colours because I don't like expressing anything on clothing. They're there to keep me warm and stop my dick from flapping around. If it were legal I wouldn't wear any. I hate any details, even something simple like stripes, because I worry people will judge my choices. I even worry about plain colour t shirts because I worry I've picked the wrong colour.

jesus christ you pussy mother fucker

>dad died at 2
>step dad beat me, left when my mom got cancer
>mom got fucking cancer
>got better
>has surgery, heart attack on operating table
>grandma gramps raise me and my bro
>grandpa gets alzheimers, grandma dies of kidney failure cause she didnt tell anyone she was sick for like 3 years
>take care of grandfather for 3 years instead of going to college
>join airforce cause I cant get back into/pay for school
>get blown up, get kicked out
>brother has heart attack at 29
>now im 28, no family going back to college with a bunch of assclown faggot 19 y/o that think not finding love on tinder is harsh

you are literally the only thing making me feel bad right now. Man the fuck up you pussy
I know. My girl and I were supposed to hang out together for New Years, and in the texts she flat out said we could do whatever I wanted. But then she flaked on me for some bullshit about taking down Christmas decorations. The worst part is is I found out she did shit with other people on New Years and cancelled on me for no reason. And apparently the people she was hanging out with did some really mean things to her. So the whole time I was like, you should've just been with me
Grow some facial hair and trim your eyebrows into a less stupid shape, and I can't see any reason why you can't get a little ass.

dude you just need an artsy hipsterfag to take some pictures for your profiles and facebook, getting the right filters and angles does wonders

these days most cool/popular people have this sort of shit so people basically expect it
dunno if you have figured this out yet but you are her emotional dildo. using you whenever she needs a fix and quickly drops you when she is done. she may not even realize this herself but still that is what she is doing.

Find your own happiness anon. once that is secured find someone that puts the icing on that cake.
i feel sad just looking at your face. You're like a bushy brow'd ginger feels guy

>After bawling like a little bitch in the corner, I tell her I need some time alone
>we eventually stop talking
>two months later
>Facebook: "Jess Anon is in a relationship with Fat Anon"
>she is dating this obese greasy-headed neckbeard, 2/10
>extremely bad feels knowing you got tossed aside for that guy

>3 months later
>they break up, but I'm in a new relationship
>he was too pushy and controlling, something I never was
>Jess realizes she can do better than him
>we graduate
>we're now 20 and Jess is a solid 11/10, she's only gotten hotter since high school
>bad feels every day when I know I could have dated a qt 3.14, my first ever crush, if I would have just said "yes".
>we're both single now, but I doubt out paths will ever cross again
>all-around bad feels
>talk to a girl plutonic for 3 months
>expect anything but friendzone

You're textbook beta, 3 WEEKS is absolute maximum "getting to know each other" time

>mfw she recently dropped plans with me to go out to the bars and the next day complained about having gone

fuck these bitches


i really like the phrase emotional dildo. i've been wanting to talk to her about it, but she just wants to hang tonight to relax (apparently a family member was hospitalized) so I don't want to like bring a bunch of unnecessary shit up
> been watching anime for a while
> good shit like cowboy bebop
> brother and sister always say it's gay
> brother and sister start watching anime
> see bonding chance
> suggest shows
> they ignore me
>I watch their shows
> it's awful but I wasn't to bond
>t they tell me to piss off
> haven't said or done anything
> tfw they just want me out of the room

i know you may blame yourself but your brother and sister sound like terrible people. that shit isn't normal. i bet they fuck each other and that's why they're so retarded close and weird
What can I do though
I want them to like me
And I do loads of things for them
But I can get them to like me

how old are you and how old are they? since they're your siblings i understand wanting them to like you. where are your parents at?
exercising that often is counterproductive as you don't give your muscles time to recoop.

this leads me to believe you're a faggot who doesn't exercise.
I'm 18 my brother is 19 and my sister is 14
I never told my parents because I wanted my siblings to like me

These stories happened in the past, but they still do things like this all the time

share your fb with us, you'll be a star within minutes

>MFW this thread is full of shitheads who dont know how to use greentext
I get called cute by girls, and then they blow me.

Well, not every single time, or even close to that, but I'm kind of a pretty guy.

:( i feel bad for your situation anon. i would say work to improve your own confidence or view of yourself, and not only will it make you feel better but you will also be less concerned about what they think of you
I guess that instinctive response makes you a FAGGOT. All jokes aside I feel for ya anon.
fuck off you sound like a cunt
Ice worked hard in the past and all I got was more rejection
So I hope things will be different
File: well-shit-yuki.jpg (92KB, 768x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 768x900px
>I can't stand cruelness with no reason to cause it.
Each day I target a muscle group. Today I did chest. Tomorrow I'll do shoulders, then arms, legs, back, then chest again, then shoulders again etc.
File: Gourmet.jpg (7KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 259x194px

Immensely underrated post. One of my best friends is the reason why I'm not socially retarded or an outcast.
And probably the worst
>As I told you video games was my real home
>they knew this
>made fun of me constantly because of it
>one thing I was proud of, because I built it with work money
>worked 2 years to buy the parts
>finally built it with the help of /g/
>games are more fun
> but Mic to talk
> even more fun
> I'm happy
>I can talk with people and gave fun without my brother out sister
> one day on April fools day
> they poor gravy in my computer
> everything is gone
>tfw they weren't punished because it was a "prank"
fine. Here,


commas to dots.
File: 1359332294267.jpg (85KB, 300x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 300x334px
So much rage right now. Holy shit.
File: IMG_0858.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x1936px
I know that feel bro

Fuck your family mate. We think you're cool.
File: 1419737519349.jpg (50KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 500x500px
>be 14
>be skinny as fuck
>can't lift for shit
>high school plans to put on this improvisation shit
>being a theatrefag I went to all the rehearsals
>on the final night of rehearsals we'd have to perform in front of the school
>we were all put into teams of 4
>I was with two girls that couldn't act for shit
>one which ended up dropping out
>and this girl that was easily a 9/10
>basically we all had to create our own little skits before we went on stage to introduce our group
>the 9/10 girl (lets call her Sara) thought that our group should be called Pulchritudinous Sock Fetish
>our skit was basically some gay shit (I won't go into the details)
>the only important thing was that I got to carry Sara in my arms off stage in this one part
>I had no trouble carrying her the other times because I didn't have a crush on her yet
>on the night of the performance we had to do some practice exercises and rehearse our skits in front of the other groups
>it got to the part where I had to carry Sara off stage
>being a skinny fuck I couldn't carry her for more than 10 seconds
>lose balance and control
>we both fall off stage with me still holding onto her
>I try to keep her off the ground as best as possible
>I land face first into the wooden floor off stage
>she lands on her ass
>blood was running down my leg
>pull up jeans
>mfw I see bone
>cry like a bitch
>everyone laughs
>had to go to hospital
>girl got to perform with some ass-hole instead of me
>they end up dating later
>still stay awake at night thinking of what I could have done differently
Thanks man
Sometimes I wish I found this place sooner
So I knew it wasn't normal to be treated this way
Kill your siblings. They're unremorseful little shits who don't have an ounce of human decency. I'm serious anon, or destroy something that holds sentimental value to them at least. You may get punished, but you need to make it a point to have them not fuck with you.
My brother is in college now so can't do that
My sister that's everything my mom buys her like Shit so can't do that
I don't want them to hate me more
I just want them to like me
Not even love me
Just treat me nice
I wouldn't want to fight with them, that would erase all the work I've done
File: Feels.png (5KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 645x773px
I'm in a feels mood tonight /b/, here's what I got

>be 19, britbong
>2am, sitting up alone
>start thinking about life
>only ever used by girls
>cousin died a year ago from brain cancer
>aunt diagnosed with terminal liver cancer
>friends pretend to care but clearly don't
>failed first year of university
>kicked out for failing
>dead end job, shitty pay
>family are 150 miles away
>realise how alone I am

I don't have a bad relationship with my family, but everything just feels empty at the moment. Just wanted to get that off my chest, I need to feel something
you look fine
File: Saddening.gif (774KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
774KB, 320x240px
I'm sorry bro
You're such an omegafag.
You're a fucking doormat to them, you need to stop being a candyass and check them on their bullshit.
I'm the youngest of 7 and my mom was into drugs before she had me so as a result my my youngest brother and sister out of the other 6 moved in with their father and then stayed with my mother. They disowned the shit out of me because I was the "golden child". It wasn't my fault and I had the same feelings, but I stopped giving a fuck. So when they did ignorant bs to me, I did it back and made it look like I was the douche, after a couple of years of that, I just stopped talking to them completely. Eventually , they came around and apologized and explained why. It didn't matter though because they were still shitty people in general to everyone.
You're siblings are cunts. Deal with it.
by month 3 you are watching netflix on the couch every night
It's ok

I just have to wait a little more and then I can leave

I'll prove my worth to them
Here's a little story from when I was very little

>I was born with exema
> not so rare skin disease
> basically rashes and dry skin
> except mine was a extreme case
> until I was 7 I had a full body scab
>my dad had to peel my shirts off
> when ever I could move without pain my mom would let me do anything because I never had any fun
I guess my siblings didn't like that they couldn't do the same things
That's the only reason I could think of, as to why they don't like me
I am dealing with it
Eventually they will like me
It's just a matter of when
If I do sit to them it we'll just make it longer
>hurr durr I have bigger problems so other peoples don't matter
I've got the same thing, in less extreme cases now ever since I started caring about my appearance. I remember my socks would stick to my feet and it'd be the most painful thing removing them
Yeah mine went away when I was seven and it comes back every once in a while
My dad already said the scans would peel off with my shirts and my sheets were blood stained

Go trash the FUCK out of their rooms

Literally go in and break everything

clothes, tvs, everything
I'm trying to get them to like me
That won't help
>mfw I took the b8.
real advice in /b/?
File: 1420303413665.jpg (10KB, 292x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 292x257px
Feel you /b/ro. Knew a girl by the same name and description, that I absolutely wanted to wreck the shit out of. Might as well make a greentext of it.

>In high school
>Freshman Year
>Jessi has been the apple of my eye for a couple years
>Finally confess my feelings for her and ask her to homecoming, etc.
>Mfw she says yes
>Couple days later she gets a friend of hers to talk to me in 7th period
>"Anon, Jessi wants to break up with you"
>"yeah sure whatever"
>Find she hooked up with this dude that would always sit next to her at lunch
>mfw expected it the whole time and never did anything
>Now apparently she has accounts of being the biggest hornball in school
This entire thread has been highly unusual
Not b8 bro

Shit, good anon, thats just fucked up.

But let me ask you something. What do you want their acceptance for?

This may sound like pure faggotry, but you don't need their acceptance. Not theirs, not even our acceptance. You just need your own acceptance to be happy. Once you got that, nobody can't take it from you.

You just got to realize that just because you're blood related, it doesn't mean they're your family.

Just focus on developing yourself as the great person you surely are and when they realize that, you'll realize that you don't need them, because you'll be happy by yourself.

Hope this help you, anon.
I want their acceptance because they're family
I can count on my family in a pinch
And I care about them
I wish they cared about me
Alright /b/ro
here's what you do. Find a party. Literally the easiest thing ever. Use facebook, walk around the local university, whatever.
dress like a swag fag. Use words like nigga, cut(latest song), whip (car), strap (pistol). Talk like a fucking nigger basically.
bring a fifth of ciroc. Stupid drunk girls love that shit. Find a decent looking girl and start talking like a nigger still. Smoke a cigarette. Idgaf if you don't smoke, you do now. Offer her one. Don't get too drunk yourself.
lie through your teeth. Make shit up. Say you sell yayo or something. Maybe have coke on you. Ex change numbers at first. When she's getting drunker start touching her a little and see if you can work up to making oit. You make out your gonna get her pussy.
your not unattractive but you gotta be proactive. I fucked a pornstar, stripper, and a fuck ton of high school girks with this method. I'm actually know known in party circles as chill as fuck cus I act like a retarded gangbanger. Build up a name and reputation and you'll be set for pussy at any party you go to afterwards.
Fuck that.
My blood family has disowned me because I'm an Athiest and I didn't join the military like a lot of men in my family.

The people who have supported me when my blood family wouldn't are my real family.

It won't happen because you're trying too hard.

Human beings are dicks, and when we see someone trying to bee good just for pure conviction, we try to destroy'em systematically.

Don't offer something good for free. Make them earn it the hard way.

I'm sure you haven't try that.
But they're are all I have
I never made allot of friends because the first 7 years of my life I had a full body scab

Something needs to be done to your hair. It's like I can feel how stiff it would be to touch it just by looking at this picture.
don't say 11/10, the measurement scale is in existence for a reason
Just wear clothes that match and look good, it's pretty damn easy
> Be me, french dude in 3ème (8th grade in USA, we did things backwards)
> Overweight, BMI around 30-31, fat, moobs and shit
> Lacks confidence to talk with girls, and girls aren't interested anyway
> I'm funny though, and my friends really like me 'cause i'm always entertaining
> I was semi-happy because at least i wasn't a fucking hermit, but still sad because 14, virgin, no gf
> One day i'm speaking with a gay friend, everyone knows he's gay, some people mock him but most of my close friends don't, and i don't either
> He starts telling me that i'm the best friend he ever had
> I'm proud and stuff
> He starts implying he'd like more
> I think about it
> "Shit, i'm not gay but i want sex, and since i'm a fat ass i won't get sex until forever"
> I tell him i'm bisexual
> We kiss
> At this point i'm half "Shit man, what a fucking mistake, what am i doing with my fucking life" and half "want sex, gimme sex"
> The dick triumphs over the brain, i'm decided, i want sex with him
> We go to his house like we usually do to play some Mario Kart Double Dash
> This time, we're not playing
> For my first time i gave him a BJ, moobjob, we fucked each other
> Actually feel good, i'm like "fuck yeah sex is awesome, I DID IT, NO LONGER VIRGIN"
> Later that day i start feeling bad
> Regrets, huge regrets
> Next day at school i tell him i'm not really sure about everything and things
> He tells me he recorded everything with his webcam, everyone knows he's gay so he doesn't care, but i'm supposed to be straight
> Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
> Spend the rest of the year going almost each and every school day to his place to give him BJ, Moobjobs, get fucked, sissyfied with his sisters' clothes
> We both changed school the following year because high school
> Nobody ever knew, at least i hope
> Still fucking regret listening to my dick that day
That's how to attract the most basic acting sluts.
Decent sluts don't go for that shit. I do agree that you have to put on a front of confidence though.
You have yourself and a bunch of faggots trying to help you.

That must count for something.
>tfw living in a 3rd world country
>tfw you have skills that would be well paid in other countries
>tfw coding 44 hours per week
>tfw earning $550 (USD) PER FUCKING MONTH
God, I hate my country.
>Me, 19yo
>Never had a gf, but told often by girls that I look good
>Have lots of girls that I know they like me, some even confess
>Never really did anything about it because I never really liked any of them
>Pretty lonely, wish I had someone
>Social anxiety, major depresion, killing me
>Meet a girl on internet
>nothing special in looks 6/10 at best
>We talk and hang out playing vidya for some time
>We start talking every day for hours
>I can tell shes crazy about me, but i dont really know why
>mfw she confesses her feels after some time
>I like her, but i dont really feel the same as she does, but I still go on with it
>we sort of start being together
>as days pass i realize i fell in love with her so hard and she became the most beautiful thing ever for me
>shes really crazy about me by this point
>shes all i think about
>skip going out with friends at some nights just to talk to her
>we start talking about how we would start living together
>its that serious
>I promise her I would do my best to somehow find a way for us to live together, as she really wants it and so do i
>fast forward some months, we get in a fight
>just days before she was telling me how afraid she was I would leave her at some point
>day after the fight, she leaves me with just good bye
>i hold hope she'd come back
>message her 5 days later
>"i just don't care about you anymore"
>literally heartbroken, devastated
>decide to let her go and be happy with somebody else
>tfw 4 months passed and I still haven't gotten over it
>still think about her every day and those words
>feel pathetic for even being sad over it
Like what
How would they just now want to start to earn my affection
They've always had it
Even if I stopped I don't think they'd want it
a moobjob

Are you shitting me? That is just...
Fuck no
If not, you have no fucking excuse. Did you grow up in a small town where everybody knows you as scab boy, are you autistic or both?
Yeah there is that
I am happy I found this place
Fucking disgusting, i know right?

But the dude oviously liked it, and the first time i was like "yeah why not" so i did it
>literally heartbroken
Fuck them, theyre scum for ignoring you. Spend your time with people who arent assholes
Basically sluts are hot and have pussys too. I like sluts too. They'll believe anything. "I'm a cartel coke dealer" as far as half the female population of Washington is concerned.
Good for you scab boy. You're one of the saddest globs of smegma I've seen on this site.
That's not what I ment
I never got any social skills for friends
Always made people laugh by doing stupid shit so they would like me
Tried to me the class clown
Always told myself they were laughing with me
What the absoulte fuck, anon? You know what your problem is? It's that you're giving a shit about two people who would clearly rather you dead. Stop trying to impress these fags you call siblings and get some revenge, they're never going to like you. It's time you stop living life by their terms and you live by your own! Not everyone in life will like you, unfortunately in this case it's your siblings. So move on, and fuck with them as much as they've fucked with you, show them just much much you hate them.
File: lemme see.jpg (216KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lemme see.jpg
216KB, 960x1280px
please suggest any tips for me too guys
File: 1420243914081.gif (970KB, 245x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
970KB, 245x245px
how do you close in though? Just tell her?
I don't hate them
They are ask I have
I don't want to push them away
File: 1392649280858.png (133KB, 511x511px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 511x511px
Whats up with your feels guys chin.
Well, do you plan on going to college? Also, where are you from because now that I thought about it, I knew a guy who had really bad excema to the point of scabs too.
And yeah
Listen, anon. You can't let your sibling treat you like shit, because they will continue to do it. You need to earn their respect by standing up for yourself. Don't take their shit.

By standing up to them and showing them that you won't be pushed around, you will actually gain their respect and they will like you more for it.
What can I do to earn their respect
I don't line trading their shit, but I do it in the hopes they'll change
>ignored by /b/ros

that really sucks about your cousin and aunt though dude.

at least you get used by girls instead of just straight up ignored? also maybe you could find some friends that give a shit about you....
Ok, I live in Ohio so you're not the same dude. The bright side is you'll have a clean state when you go to college.
bleach skin
I am looking forward to it
You're just fucking sad.
They are never going to like you, the sooner you get that through your head, the sooner you can move on and be happy. Be honest, do you even fucking like them? Why would you? They're complete assholes that treat their own brother like shit so why are you being such a tool and giving a shit about them?

tl;dr: stop being a fag
You fucking faggot piece of shit listen to me and no one else in this goddamn thread, be confident, even if you aren't, even if your Fucking skin burns you pretend to be the coolest motherfucker in the world, don't ask for her shit other than her number, you let her give you everything, if she asks for your Facebook tell her you'll add her and she will give you her full name. If you take charge in all aspects then youre fine, she's below your fucking league you just don't have the goddamn balls to make sure she knows it
Honestly you look fine, I am way uglier than you and I have never had a problem with girls, you just need confidence. Keep trying tinder, you will find someone.
You do it by showing them that their actions have consequences. You can't be a doormat. If they wreck your room, you'd damn well better do something about it; either get back at them or tell someone, but don't just stand there!

If you live with your parents, tell them about the way your siblings are treating you. Or go to school and make some friends who you can fall back on if your siblings continue to treat you like shit.

Look, I hate to say it, but you don't want to be around someone who wants to harm you or cause you grief, even if it's family. It's not healthy, and if you don't stand up for yourself your brother and sister will continue to act like cunts to you.
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