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ITT: times you've been severely hurt but couldn't tell

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: times you've been severely hurt but couldn't tell because of adrenaline.
I just posted this in another thread but I wanted to hear stories of other people too
I got a few for you faggots
>be me when I was 8
>sitting on major interstate, traffic at a standstill because they're working on the road
>suddenly hear loud thump and then darkness
>wake up on side of interstate with EMTs all around me
>"hey guys, he's awake! Get over here!"
>look over to my left
>see the truck I was in with my mom, dad, grandma and sister lying in the interstate torn in 2, the bed separated from the cab
>EMTs tell me to hold something on my face
>okay why not lol
>take it off for a second and find out I can't see out of the eye I took it off
>sit up and I see blood ALL over my body. My shirt, my pants, the ground near my face, etc
>ask what the fuck is going on
>no answers from EMT, just radio transmissions going on.
>get up while they're distracted and stagger around hyped the fuck off an extreme amount of adrenaline.
>see parents, wave and say I'm ok
>hear my mom cry "my baby!!"
>EMTs notice me staggering and I fall because adrenaline is wearing off.
>they put me on a stretcher after awhile and load me into an ambulance
>ambulance is pitch black because I'm losing consciousness.
>ask EMT can I go to sleep
>he says "you have to try to stay awake man"
>wake up 3 days later in ICU
Turns out that while we were sitting still, a SUV came flying and hit our truck in the quarter panel @ 75+ mph and we flipped 3-5 times in the air. EMTs were amazed that I was able to get up after getting KTFO'd like that. I suffered a severe concussion, a broken eye socket, and constant temporary memory loss
bumping for interest.
You sure did sweat a lot for an 8 year old. And that emt prolly calling you "man" is really strange.
>dumbass not understanding storytelling
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>implying this actually happened
It happened dude, I won a lawsuit off of it. I got pics Of the documents too for proof
post em faggot

or else i will steal fuck your income with tab cans
Ok 1 second
Wins lawsuit when hes 8. Kek good sir
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Check em
File: image.jpg (972KB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Check em again
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that still wont make me not make not make me steal all of your income with the tab cans
Any more doubt?
I've never heard of those lol

well you better be prepared
I won a total of $25,000 and it has a 5% interest on it and I've had it since 2006

okay you know a what?

how the FUCk caould you not fucking know about tab ? oh my fucking god you ahave to seriously be fucking on a fucking dr pepper to have a not tab can for once in your somewhat entire life? faggot.

Kaylon. Kick ass name dude, u sued the shit out of those suv fucks. Sorry we doubted u bro, so did you get 25k or was that a family sum
Nope, tab sounds gross
Something that post menopausal women drink
$25,000 to me. Everyone else got their own amount. I was hurt the worse so I got the most.

nigga it was the shit
drink it

dO you have ANY idea how many FUCKING TABS I DRINK FOR ONE WEEK AND ITS GOOD? Tab is super good for you it helps your hair become fire proofp

anyway, thank you for proof ing that you Have verify that you make loads of money frmo it

cheers op , thanks for not being fag

but you still have not tried tab
so i guess you're a fag.

come back with can of tab and we'll talk

i might as well contribute I guess

>be me, 9
>grab can of tab
>have the biggest ru

shit i didnt mean for that to post right then

Fuck it I will finish later
I'll be sure to try some for ya

post it to the thread

take photo with you and tab can
kiss it
I'm sick, got that flu strain that's going on around here. Am incapacitated

>be my uncle
>be cop in LA during 1970s
>be 6"6'
>on patrol pulls guy over who's driving funny
>This guys even bigger then he is wtf
>uncle checks his vehicle opens his trunk
>my uncle is hit in the back of the head with a pipe
>Sprawled on the floor my uncle pulls out his gun
>shoots the guy multiple times
>Blacks out
>wakes up, he and the other man are on the floor his gun in between them
>the big guy reaches for uncles gun
>uncle takes out gun hidden in his boot and shoots the guy multiple times again
>Blacks out
>wakes up in hospital and is told he shot the man eight times in the area around the heart and the other guy was going off on pure adrenaline
My uncle could have shot him in the head once and ended it
No u

dont make me steal your income with tab bitch

lets; fight, we're doing itright now bro, 1v1
Had a bicycle handlebar stuck on my inner tight, being high helped with the pain i guess.
pic related
2 years ago a drunk girl hit me head on going like 60mph right after I had pulled out of my driveway, car spun like 4 times and I went into the ditch, caught on fire, pulled my broken leg out of the metal and crawled out the passenger window in like 10 seconds with bone almost coming thru my leg.
Was NOT about to burn to death.
Did he tell you that story before or after telling you about Santa?
Ouch bro
Never met him, he's the outcast of our family didn't even show to my grandpas funeral when I was younger
Holy shit dude, alpha mode initiated
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Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 7

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