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My life is no longer worth living, /b/. I’m going to OD on

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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My life is no longer worth living, /b/. I’m going to OD on painkillers after I tell you the story of the greatest man alive.
>Be me being born
>I have a twin brother
>At birth I took most of the nutrients while I was in the womb and my brother was about to die because the cord was wrapped around his neck
>Doctors were astonished that he survived
>He lived with critical brain damage for the rest of his life
>They said he would only live for about two years
>We’ll call him Barry.
>Barry survived what the doctors labeled him as and was now a major part of my life
>There is a fine line between people that are fucking retarded and people with actual disabilities
>Actual retards know what they’re doing but decide to use their disability as an excuse for acting like faggots
>People that are actually mentally challenged try to make friends and be social and know that something is wrong with them but decide to do anything that is within their power to make friends
>It’s sad really. People sometimes may be scared of them, or don’t know how to react, or smell their weakness and try to cause problems
>I fucking pulverized anyone that I caught making fun of Barry
>It got so bad that many schools saw us as problems and decided not to take our bullshit
>I didn’t care
>Even my own Mom, (Who was a clingy bitch and a cum dumpster for my Dad whom left her) treated Barry like shit
>Always fed me bigger portions and always treated me better
>I didn’t care about me, I wanted my brother to live his life to the fullest
>It’s not like she full on hated Barry, she was his Mom. I just think she had a very cold heart towards him
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you are an idiot.jpg
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fuck off pasta
Continue the story, yes. But don't an hero
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is berry( obv. your living motivation) dead?
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thread was better with loli lead in imo
I’m sorry /b/.. I may be a little tipsy..
>I grow up with Barry throughout high school
>Fucking niggers just can’t seem to stop picking on him
>I’m twice most people’s size so as soon as they saw me behind my bro they would fucking bolt as if I was George Zimmerman
>At this point he’s my only one and true friend
>It doesn’t matter to me because he’s all I’d ever need
>He’s really smart too, took good classes and learned German in only one semester
>I liked to focus on the sports in that school like baseball and water polo
>It’s the day of graduation in our senior year and everyone is dressed up and giving their gay little speeches
>Finally it’s my brother’s turn
> No I’m not going to give him some weird stutter or whatever to fit the context of the story
>”It is with great pride that I accept my first few steps into adult hood. Whatever lies ahead I know I will be able to face because there is one person that will be there by my si-“
>Some white swag fag interrupts him, “Loser!”
>My brother being mentally challenged stands there in disbelief
>People laugh at him and he goes out of sigh off stage
>I’m out for fucking blood
>I find the white guy and I grab him by his collar and drag him onto the stage
>I have him in a head lock so tight that his head is turning purple
>”Take it back.”
>He’s coughing and gasping for air
>”TAKE IT BACK NOW.” I yelled at him
>People have looks of shock and disbelief as I pull his head really close to the mic
>I let my grasp go a little and he says, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!”
>”You’re lucky I’m not.” I throw him on the ground and he takes a huge exhale
>Arrested for assault for a week. Thankfully he didn’t press any charges and I was left off with a restraining order
>Prison is the actual definition of hell
I got more to come one sec
not that i like loli but at least it made it funny
Pre write this shit OP/
>bump for interesting story
also in wich country do you live op? >>590853475
I’m saving this just incase thread 404s, if I go out I’m telling his story in full length god damnit
>We have a good laugh about it afterwards
>Me and Barry decide to play Basket ball
(He has the mind of a 13 year old boy which I was unbelievably thankful for because in some cases they have the minds of 6 year olds and 2 year olds).
>”Hey Anon?” he asked me
>”What does sex feel like?” (He knows I’m not a virgin because he’s the only one I’ve told)
>A little hard to explain to someone like him, I still cringed whenever I think about it
>”Well it feels like a better form of fist fapping but feels pretty awesome. Why?”
>”Before I turn 18 I don’t want to be a virgin.”
>So I decide to take him out to a party. The stereotypical kind with people passed out on the couch and some low budget DJ named DJ whatever
>I introduce Barry to some strangers and they seem generally nice to him
>Then… Swagfag showed up.
>I swear he was wearing a fucking leather biker jacket when he spotted me and Barry
>The music stopped and the room went silent
>”So you’ve decided to show your face, asshole? How bout we settle this shit right fucking here. Or better yet why don’t you just let me fight ole retard over there?” he has a smug grin on his face
Here’s the list of events that my brother told me:
>I was already towering over him when I heard the word retard
>I punched him so hard in the face that the bone in his nose shattered and was sticking out of his cheek
>People saw and new that he was the one picking a fight and was a general asshole
>Couldn’t get any charges of assault when he was the one who was going to fight, (They found a pocket knife on him)
>Me and Barry are heroes in our home town
>He got a kiss on the cheek from a very cute 10/10
More? Thinking about the whole thing makes me happy.
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how old are you?
Yes, please continue.
Alright getting pretty close to the end
>Barry has developed a heart condition and now has to stay away from anything physically demanding
>I’m there for him every step of the way
>Then 9/11 happened
>It was so intense, people crying and random strangers hugging each other
>I enroll in the army
>Say goodbye to Barry before my departure and hug him
>”You’re my best friend Anon.”
>Ma is there crying and all proud and shit
>I tell him to take care
>Boot camp is actually not half bad when you get used to it
>Free food and you get to shoot guns
>The enforcers there are really fucking strict
>If you so as much say a word they’d make you take 3 laps around a mile long field
>Thank fully I stayed on their good side
>And the training wasn’t bad when you got used to it
>They send me off to a base in Sand Nigger land where I fight blah blah blah
>Send letters to my brother every night, apparently Mom died and he’s taking care of himself
>I try to get home but am stuck between a rock and a hard place
>This goes on for 7 fucking months
>I’m a completely changed man, I gain a purple heart medallion for losing my sense of hearing and my right kidney in while saving two men from a frag grenade
>Leaves me nearly deaf in my right ear
>FINALLY I get home and meet up with Barry
>When he answers the door I almost faint
>He gained so much weight, he didn’t know how to take care of himself
>Get back together and figure out that he’s been DATING SOMEONE
>Yes, my mentally disabled brother was DATING SOMEONE
>She’s a fucking solid 11/10 (In my opinion) I’m so happy for him
That's all?
She wants him to marry her but he doesn’t know if he can do it
>Arguments like these happen every night
>One night they’re cussing at each other while I’m over for dinner
>Suddenly Barry clutches his chest in pain
>He’s bleeding from his mouth
>I call an ambulance and they arrive in almost a minute
>I’m getting asked all kinds of questions, what’s his blood type, if he takes any medication, any conditions
>Tell them everything
>Something went wrong in with his heart…
>We stay at the hospital for a couple of days, Barry CAN NOT move or have visitors
>Finally a doctor approaches us
>It turned out that there was nothing we could do for him, he was going to have to have extensive major surgery that would cost a lot of money. Even if they were to perform the transaction he would live the rest of his life as a vegetable
>I decide to have one last time with him
>He says goodbye to 11/10 first of course
>It’s now my turn, I’m balling like a child. I don’t want to lose my only friend
>”Anon.. I wanted to let you know that you were my best friend. You made my life worth living and were my only friend. You’re my brother.. You’re-
>He flat lined right then and there…
>The doctors come in and attempt to revive him, I’m screaming and everything seems like a blur
>Later in the lobby the Doctor approaches us once again
>”Mr. Anon there was nothing we could do. Your brother died of heart failure before we could stop the bleeding. I’m sorry.”
>I decide it would be best for me to see him one last time
>I go into the room and take a huge gulp
>I’d seen many horrific, terrifying images, but this… This was true beauty.
>He had a smile on his face when he died
>I’m crying my eyes out before I say one final thing to him…
>”Now you’re just some Barry… That I used to know…”
>Guess I’m a faggot.
>Fucking retards.
its makes me happy and sad at the same momment
>im proud of you anon you have my respect that you was there for your brother..
>barry got more girlfirends already than me
>”Now you’re just some Barry… That I used to know…”
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Thanks OP
Some Barry? Lame. Doesn't work.

Shit copy pasta.
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my english isnt my native language so i cant help you there much op but firends come and go you will probably make new friends and mind that barry wouldnt probably want you to kill yourself or shit like that
If yer gonna kill yerself, post all yer info. I mean full name, address, friends names, etc. It's not gonna matter to you anyhow, you'll be fuckin dead. Oh? What's that? Of course you won't, yer not gonna fuckin do it. Bunch of faggots posting that shit. If yer gonna kill yerself, let us have some fun with it, otherwise, fuck off man
you can leave if you think this is a b8 m8
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Thread images: 10

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