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How'd you lose your virginity /b/? Don't spare dem

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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How'd you lose your virginity /b/? Don't spare dem details. Gif related.
I wasn't born last night
I know these hoes ain’t right
But you was blowing up her phone last night
But she ain’t have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh
Nigga, that’s that nerve
Why give a bitch your heart
When she rather have a purse?
Why give a bitch your inch
When she rather have nine?
You know how the game goes
She be mine by half time, I’m the shit, oh
Nigga, that’s that nerve
You all about her, and she all about hers
Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos
And I done did everything but trust these hoes
(CB fuck with me!)
Well, I was 6, and my uncle raped me.
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I haven't yet.
I almost lost it when I was 19, to the one girl I actually wanted to. We had been off and on with each other for most of my sophomore year of college, made out a few times, dry humping, etc. She went home for the summer, and then when she came back, we went out to dinner and came back to my apartment for drinks. We made it to my bedroom, started making out. I took off her shirt, perky tits, made my way down and slowly started taking off her panties. She said, wait, you've never done that before. I said, I know, but I want to. I ate her out for a while, not sure if she faked orgasm or not. She took off my boxers, had my dick in her hand, and said - I don't think we should do this when we're drunk, I want your first time to be special. I gave up, and went and jacked off in the bathroom. So sad.
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>be 17
>met some 22y/o mexican chick at a beaner friend's relative's wedding, got her number
>call her up, bring her to a bar with a couple friends where they serve us underage
>make out in back seat of friend's car on way home
>couple days later call her again, she picks me up
>park in secluded spot down the street, start making out
>getting hot and heavy, go to make my move
"Anon, I have two kids"
>mfw I just want to get my dick wet
>fuck her raw in the driver's seat
>last quite a while because I had a few drinks before she picked me up
>cum in that whore's pussy
>drops me off back at my house

A day or two later she sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to another wedding with her. Didn't respond and never talked to her again. Maybe I have a little beaner baby running around out there somewhere.
Last night I lost my virginity to a 36 year old 6/10. I'm 18
I screwed a girl I met on an imageboard (not this one) in a friend's house. Pretty good. No awkwardness at all.
She seemed to have a wrong idea about what kind of guy I was. She gave me a footjob, deepthroated my and swallowed.
new years eve, fucked an underage girl. not sure if she wanted all of it but she got it
>2006 (year after i graduated high school)
>popular girl who never talked to me adds me on myspace
>we message back and forth a little and she starts confiding in me about her shitty relationship
>goes on for three months
>invites me to their apartment one night when he's out
>we talk on couch for a while and she kisses me
>kissing gets heavy
>she says she wants to lie down
>take her to bedroom
>kiss awhile
>she hikes up her skirt and unzips me, then guides my cock in
>holy shit! i'm actually having sex!
>i last about two minutes
>she tries to get my dick hard again after i pull out, but it doesn't happen
>she says i'd better leave

She never talked to me again after that. The only other time I've had sex after that was with a fat chick at a party. I wish I wasn't too much of a pussy to off myself.
Was 14
Was making out with new girlfriend
She said what I was doing to her felt good.
Told I could make it feel better
She asks how
I Told Her To Take Off Her pants.
She did!!!!
I got laid!!!
Fast forward two years later. I am a bagger at a grocery store, and this one customer always comes in and I always walk her to her car. Eventually she tells a coworker she liked me, so I agreed to go to a party and hang out. We drank a little wine, and then I said I had to go, because I wanted to go to a friend's party. She begged me to stay, and said, don't you want to spend the night with me? I said, fine, I'll stay. We laid down on the aerobed set up in the living room, and then starting making out. She asked if I wanted to have sex, and I said sure. She went into the other room to ask for a condom, and then came out. I put the condom on and then tried to find her opening through her massive bush. Once she guided me in, it was so steaming hot, pretty unbelievable. We fucked a little while that way, and then I said I wanted to try doggy. The condom was too try to get in, so she gave me a new one. It was impossible on the aerobed. We went back to missionary, and then I came pretty quickly. She played with my dick for another 4 hours when all I wanted to do was sleep.
>be freshman t college
>house party, everyone is drinking
>refuse to drink sketchy prepoured beer
>wander upstairs because I'm pissed that I'll have to drive everyone even though I wasn't the des driver
>some dude follows me up
>"you ever been with a man before baby"
>excuse me
>"i got a big dick"
>he did have a big dick
>but he was too drunk to keep it up
>i fucked him instead
>left him on a couch, returned to my friends
shes 15, im 18
That's fucking gnarly that she played with your dick for 4 hours after you came, I would have pissed on her.
Not underage enough to be interesting.
18 lost my virginity to a 15 yo virgin

>i stuck my condom wrapped dick right in her pussy

was nothing to brag about now that i look back on it but it was amazing when it happened. the sex was awful and awkward as fuck.
File: 1333139891795.jpg (69KB, 273x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was an absolute nightmare.

>turned 22 a week before
>went to visit a girl from my country I had met while abroad a month earlier
>first out of 3 nights there
>at party. get drunk

>at her place
>sleep in same bed
>start fooling around

>I don't know what to do
>no condom, but vaseline (had no idea how much foreplay was needed)
>missionary for literally 10-15 sec
>go down on her
>"no anon, i'm on my period"
>I so horny and excited, do it anyway (no blood though)
>lick her for 10 sec
>get up again. She blows me for 15 sec
>me on my back, she about to ride me
>Nervosity got a hold of me
>totally flacid
>tries to push it in, but fails
>she keeps riding and kind of moaning
>I ask her "Is it even in?"
>she replies "I don't know"
>we stop
>i blame the alcohol.

>mfw "I don't know"

ended up being together for 2 years though. needless to say it got a lot better.
Lost my virginity last night to a 36 year old milf. AMA
Been there, I was 18 and my ex was 15 at the time. Big double D tits, still find it hard to resist the urge to jerk to her IG photos. Life's a bitch, I peaked too soon.
i was 18.. met a chick from aol in a chat room. 19.. asian. talked for a year and change. she flew out to ny from cali. fucked for a week.
Post pics
Did you at least cum in her?
Hey Reddit, what's the cutest cat you've ever seen? xD
>Playing LoL all night with buddies
>3AM 7/10 coworker starts sending dirty texts
>I'm a little confused but i go with it
>Starts sending me pics of her tits
>then sends video of her cumming
>tell her to meet me in 15 minutes
>she shows up, fucked her raw

and that's how I started fucking my coworker
Don't have any pics from last night but ill try to find one she texted me. I did not cum in her because i tried to grab a condom but she said don't worry about it, so I wasn't having any of that. Pulled out and jerked off on her, got it in her hair
>be 22
>be drunk at bar where i go all the time
>4 in the morning
>time to go home
>sister and her friend (8/10) are here too
>ask them to share taxi
>when at home, i ask sisters friend to come upstairs with me
>shes like "ok"
>mfw :D
>sister gives me wink, goes to bed
>go to room, start making out with sisters friend
>remove shirt and bra, suck her fat tits
>throw on bed, fuck her
>actually it goes well, pound her for like 30 mins in various positions
>im kinda too drunk to cum
>she wanks me, blows me but no way
>fuck it im tired
>fall asleep
>next morning wake up
>try again lol
>again cant cum
>realize shes more like a 5/10
>huge tits tho
>tell her to tell noone
>next day sister knows -> everyone knows
>stupid bitches
>next week sister tells me her friend actually has a boyfriend
>god damn stupid bitches
>like a month later, fuck a different girl
>actually like the girl
>actually cum inside her
>dont even care shes only a 7/10
>mfw :)
>few month later
>go to my bar, see sisters friend
>we both drunk as fuck
>fuck her on toilet
>cant cum
>theres something wrong with this bitch lol

tl;dr fucked my sisters stupid friend, didnt cum but was not too bad after all.

sometimes i think my 1st time should have been more romantic with a girl i actually love,
but who cares lol

btw im now 25, fucked 6 girls in my life. feelin good =)
Unlike two of you guys, I didn't lose my virginity to a woman in her late thirties, but that was my second lay. I wonder if those ladies settle for everyone or actively look for young guys.
File: DAEcutecats.png (417KB, 434x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You dun goofed
Should have cum in her
cougars aren't looking for child support or some bullshit from younger dudes

>be 16
>have girlfriend
>go to music camp
>older counselor seems really into me (too good to be true)
>start to flirt with her (three years older)
>shit is working
>kisses me one night after bonfire
>camp ends, head home (live in same town)
>take her out to dinner, go back to her empty house
>she makes vodka drinks
>watch movie
>start making out
>stumble to her bedroom while making out/undressing
>finger her, handjob, etc
>she wants me to put it in
>tell her I've never done it before and I can't
>keep doing other stuff, agree to hang out again that week

Continue? It gets really good
Still a virgin, pretty sure I'll lose it soon with my gf
>be me
>13 years old and hanging out with my female cousin and her 15 yr old friend in the summer holidays
>hanging at this girls house and my cousin goes for dinner
>hey anon have you ever seen a porn film?
>no what's one of them?
>she puts on this film where a big dicked devil man is ploughing some woman with his massive knob
>i'm all 'wtf'
>she's all 'is your dick hard?'
>and i'm all 'um yeah'
>and she's all 'show me'
>and i'm all 'no'
>cut to the chase and she ends up taking my v card and my cousin walks in as she's wanking me off
Nah I fucked her for a bag of McNuggets man she's cool.
she definitely wanted me to cum in her because she kept holding on to me with her legs trying to hold me in, but that was fucking up my rythym you know what i mean. Everytime she did that I would slow down and it would delay it so after railing her for like 20 minutes i said fuck it and pulled out and jerked off on her
Bullshit, LoL players don't get laid

I know from experience
>Went to party with friend (17 and 17)and my little sis (15)
>went because the party was in a rather bad area
>didn´t want sis to go there alone
>party was in a small apartment
>got eye-contact with lil-sis friend (15y)
>started to smalltalk
>somehow the people decided to play hide-and-seek
>me and lil-sis friend hides in the bedroom
>everyone got found quickly beacuse small apartment, wtf did they think?
>me and lil-sis friend got found last
>decided to stay in bedroom
>had loud sex while lil-sis, friend and everyone else sits in the livingroom awkwardly silent
> Waiter at high end restaurant, 20 y/o
> Setting up before opening (3PM)
> Girl and friend knock on the door asking if we are open
> Girl is eye-fucking me half to death
> Say fuck it, let them in, convince cook to make them an appetizer
> Eye-fucking continues
> They leave
> No tip, pissed off, but whatever
> On back of receipt "Here's your tip. -Girl's name and phone number-"
> Don't call her
> End up phoning her a month later because fuck it, why not? Horny as fuck.
> She remembers me, super down to meet up
> Turns out she's 4 years older than me
> Take her out for dinner on Friday, eye fucking me to the extreme the entire time
> Walk to a park, make out and dry hump on a bench for like 30 minutes
> Head back to my place, sucks my dick on the way home
> We fuck +15 times over the entire weekend
> Came in her mouth, pussy, on tits, errywhere
> She never found out I was a virgin

Still to this day one of the best sexual experiences of my life
I told myself that for two years until we broke up. But you'll get there sooner or later.
File: 23.44.png (11KB, 240x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Go on first real date with this girl
>shitty Italian, whatever
>forget wallet in car
>She says its ok, she pays for it
>feel retarded, probably more then a feeling
>figure I should be a perfect gent
>outside I lean in to give her a kiss
>her kiss is bad, like, trying to eat me
>take her home, walk her up to her door
>"You should come in"
>DIdn't really want to, but PERFECT GENT
>Her roomate is home getting stoned
>Her roomate takes a hit of LSD, smokes the fastest blunt ever, and yells "I'm going for a walk in the park." Then runs out of the apartment.
>Browsing /b/ with girl, loling at newfags, and raiding some jew.
This was back in 2009, before the great Meme wars.
>Decide to see how far she will go
>kiss her lips, then neck, then chest. She moans
>Put my hand on her tummy, she ok with my hand being up her shirt.
>move my hand up to her boobs, she is ok with my hand being on her tits
>game on
>Kiss her, and rub her tits, she lays down
>take off her clothes, and rub her snatch
>she is so wet, decide to go for it
>put my dick in, at first it doesn't feel like much, just warm and wet
fucking chronic masturbater here. Jerk it two or three times a day.
>go in and out a bit, push it in all the way
>there is like, a rough feeling deep in her, feels great
>start pumping like I am airing up a tire
>jizz early, orgasm is muted
>keep pumping, cause fuck all I am getting some
>after 20 or so minutes on in pussy time decide I had enough.
>Dick has a quarter inch lay of lady cum on in, dont even clean it up.
>she cant stop talking about all the time she wants to spend with me
>creepy.exe, then I realize, its cause she is a virgin too
>wake up next morning, for the morning jerkin
>dick feels god damn great
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>how'd you lose your virginity

>implying i lost my virginity

And then what?
As long as your unranked or still Bronze, LoL players can get laid
Don't take this the wrong way, but I can't stop staring at this photo and laughing my ass off. I've finally calmed down enough to be able to breathe and type, but holy shit! It's just that fucking look on your face!
every lol player my age i know irl is married

just saying (i don't play but i have a few that do)
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>was pretty young
>little cousin says"your peepee looks different than mine"
>im like "oh right. weird"
>seh says"can you put it in me?"
>dunno lets try
>didnt really work
>but thats how i lost my virginity
>she was 6, i was about 28
yes i know

go ahead it's fine
This dude looks a suspicious lot like that inspirational fitness guy with dark skin and blue is. Are you him before he shaved his head and went to the tanning salon?
i was so embarrassed i try and avoid her as much as possible for the next 4 weeks.

turns out though it was something that the other girl planned.

she just came back too early.

>agreed to hang out again that week
>in the interim tell myself to stop being a pussy and should fuck her if get chance again
>she is house/dog sitting for a friend
>empty house, she invites me over
>more vodka drinks (I'm 16 she's 19)
>put another movie on
>heavy make out, start rubbing her pussy (totally shaved, super hot dancers body)
>she gets on top, guides dick into super tight wet pussy
>say "oh my god this is amazing"
>fuck on couch for awhile, cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle
>she says we should go upstairs
>go into her friends bedroom (I know the girl she is house sitting for)
>fuck on friends bed, cum inside her with condom on
>excellent first time

Long story short, I'm now 26. The girl I was dating at 16 is now my fiance. My fiancé thinks I lost my virginity to her, actually lost it to this girl, the camp counselor. Counselor is now married with two kids to the same boyfriend she was with back then.

Fucked all summer all over her house, her pool, her backyard, she worked at the UPS store and we even fucked in the backroom one time.
My cousin and I were watching porn. We were like 8. He asked if I wanted to try it. I kind of went along with it, and got my boypussy fucked.
>inspirational fitness guy with dark skin and blue is
yo elliot?

no i'm in horrible shape (i could at one point dl nearly 5 plates though, that's almost comparable to what he does for reps)
Aaaah, man. Okay, okay...but for real, you're not that bad lookin'. Just get confident, stupid!
>out with a bunch of friends drinking
>Night winds down to just me and two of my good friends drinking.
>apparently both have had a crush on me for months
>getting quite sloshed
>"hey anon, come back to my apartment with us"
>well I guess I can break my monkhood with a threesome
>precede to have crazy sex orgy
>kissless virgin to cain in one night

one was 6/10 the other was 8/10

Went on a romantic getaway with the 8/10 the next weekend.
>24 years of age
>meet really nice girl online
>shes a bit chubby but in a really good way
>talk for a while then meet
>hit it off right away and start going out
>im going over to her apartment every night and spending the evening with her
>each night ends with us all over each other, blowjobs, handjobs, tit sucking, fingering, eating her out, all of it
>no sex sex because she says she isn't ready(?)
>a few weeks go by and we decide to go our separate ways because we are stupid
>4 months go by
>get a text from her, "Hey anon, Ive been thinking about you"
>think why the hell not and start talking again
>she says she is seeing someone else but continues to talk to me and express her desire for my dick (she says she is ready now)
>go over to her place
>as soon as I close the door her drags me to the couch, pulls my pants off, pulls her pants off starts sucking me off
>im hard in no time and she then grabs my dick and slides it into her super tight pussy and starts grinding and bouncing
>i last a surprisingly long time and when I say Im almost there she hops off me and gets down and starts sucking again
>i blow a massive load in her mouth and she swallows every bit of it
>proceed to finger her/eat her out until Im hard again
>bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind
>about to cum again, pull out and spray it all over her ass

>underrated post
>meet girl on net
>date forever
>family visits, they let us have the hotel room for a few hours
>fuck like rabbits
1 night at band camp...
File: 1419856247498.png (3MB, 918x1377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 918x1377px

Any sauce on this GIF?
I had sex
Could have lost it last night, and 5 other times. I either never have a condom or back out because they smell. I would have done it though, but it was 1 am and no place to purchase
File: 1378164541422.jpg (36KB, 394x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>at some chick's cabin at the lake
>fall asleep in the living room
>she jumps on me in the night and just goes for it
To this day I have a massive hardcore hard-on fetish for sex while sleeping, them or me, doesn't matter, but it's ruined a couple relationships with girls who were 100% not cool with it.

Despite the cliche its pretty accurate. However, did not fuck at band camp, waited until camp was over, lived in same town
Buahahahahhahahah. V-card. I take it this happened last week.

1000 ways to die
>no place to purchase condoms

gtfo you under age faggot
>be 16 ( 6 years ago)
>be in highschool
>have girlfriend
>invite her over while my parents weren't home
>watch movie
>have sex

Yeah wasn't that special, broke up with her about 2 weeks after that and now shes addicted to heroin.
File: 1390291616607.gif (2MB, 333x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 333x194px
>first serious girlfriend
>fucked after school
>feel like a man
>can die happy
>lasted 1 minute
>smells like burnt rubber from condom
>puts tied condom in wallet
>smalls all around
>throw condom on garage roof while i skip home all willy nilly
SAME HERE. bruh, did we fuck the same chick? We were at my girls cabin and I was passed out and she hopped on it. Another time, I was drunk at home with my gf, she passed out, and I was passingout too but I got a huge boner, and fucked her while she was asleep, it obviously woke her up but she said it was the best sex she'd ever had.
>>puts tied condom in wallet
nigger why
1 more year and I get my wizard powers.
>Be 18 (3 years ago)
>Alone since 15
>First girl messages me in 3 years, was too pussy to do my self
>Girl from my highschool I had noticed 8/10 in my rating, average tits nice ass, real nice, 7/10 face nothing impresive but good looking
>We start chatting, she confesses she had crush on me for a while now
>Holy shit m8, better not be trolling
>We talk for a couple of days, meet in school talk a bit, really like each other, end up kissing each other since we've been talking real close for a couple of days
>First kiss in 3 years, almost forgot how it feels
>A week goes by and I am at her place
>Lay on the bed watch a movie
>She cuddles up to me, like I am on my back and she is on her side one leg over my groin.
>Get hard as shit m8
>She starts moving her leg rubbing it
>Ask what is she doing
>She goes down, unzips
>I get nervous as fuck
>She keeps rubbing it, shit restarts
>Starts licking it from balls to base
>Starts sucking it
>She takes her clothes off
>Puts my dick in her and starts riding
>Still nervous surprised that I lasted pass the bj
>She keeps riding but for some reason cant cum
>She asks wana try something
>Try missionary feels good m8, a lot better
>Ask for doggy, lets me
>Fucked her doggy style
>Best fucking position ever
>About to cum ( bareback btw, I am a fucking idiot but I didnt care)
>Pull out game strong, pull like 15 strokes before I cum ( fap practice has helped me a lot)
>Cum over her ass and watch my cum drip over her little asshole and slowly fill it up and drip further
>Best fucking feelin ever, best fucking view ever
>Now with her for 2 1/2 years, have tried anal with her. Awesome relationship
I didn't lose my virginity to her then, we had already had sex many times prior
Sicko I hope you burn in hell for saying that.
i had no where else to put it, her parents would of found it if i put it anywhere else
My first time was in one of these. I was about five.
File: 587830504.jpg (120KB, 515x515px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 515x515px
>older gf (16)
>get naked
>cuddle and tickle on bed
>insert penis
>comes naturally
>"shouldnt we usw condoms, anon?"
>go on for a while
>put on condom
>doesnt feel as good, come anyways

Strong post right here
File: 1325972054483.jpg (116KB, 720x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 720x540px
>in car with damaged chubby girl
>pretending I'm into her, just want to fuck
>keep asking for sex, she eventually gives in
>get in back seat
>ask her to suck my dick
>"I don't really like doing that"
>struggle to get it up
>get it up, she drops pants and lies against the car door, legs open
>move in, fumble
>she slide me in
>couple of thrusts and then immediate urge to cum
>so hot, so soft, extremely stimulating
>try to slow down, think of ugly thoughts
>doesn't help, cum inside her before I can pull out
>try to tell her I came
>she's not impressed, not on birth control and no condoms
>says will get morning after pill
>asks for hugs
>realises I was just using her for sex and says I'm just like all the rest
>we both get dressed and sit in near total silence until I drop her off back home

>mfw had been waiting so long to finally get sex
>tfw you get it and it turns out you have premature ejaculation problems so you can;t enjoy it
>tfw still got those problems and have never lasted more than a minute
>tfw scared to have sex
>tfw want to die
I know that feel Anon
>be me
>be on the bus on the way to bf's house
>know we have the house to ourselves for most of the day
>we've done everything else but not sex yet
>I know he wants to but he's been really good and hasnt been too pressurey
>decide I want to do it today
>be in his room a little while later doing usual stuff
>be nervous and almost change my mind but dont
>ask him if he has any condoms
>he does
>get really super nervous and panicky when its about to happen
>he cant get it in bcus Im so tense
>take a deep breath and try to relax
>finally he gets it in
>hurts a bit at first but also feels amazing
>doesnt last that long and I didnt cum but it didnt matter
>lie there afterwards with head totally spinning but feeling amazing and really happy
>we do it 2 more times in the afternoon before his mum gets home
>wonder what I was so nervous of and decide yes pls I want lots of this
>get a lift home later
>feel kind of weird in my room like it belongs to a different version of me
>big sis gets home, tell her straight away and we talk about it but I cant stop laughing for some reason
>tell mum a couple of days later and she was really cool, asked me if it was what I wanted and if it was ok and were we safe etc
>tell her yes and that it was nice
so yeah it was pretty normal I guess but it was really nice
how old?
A microwave?
File: 0.jpg (192KB, 846x694px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 846x694px
A washing machine?
File: spergmountain.gif (1MB, 383x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 383x322px
>after being friends with this indian girl for a few months
>you might say she had a pornstar body and a not too bad looking face
>you might also say she had a bit of a moustache
>lying in her bed with her one night
>making out suddenly, now's the time
>anxiety comes on as our clothes come off, somehow manage a boner anyway
>only go limp two or three times while fucking her to the point of my orgasm and her disappointment
first letter of every line is my reaction
put penis in grill
le epin
>In mosh pit at a show
>bump into 7/10 punkette
>she smiles
>I bump into her again, grab her by her waist and we start making out
>leave show
>go to car
>finish and leave
>never saw her again

Being 16 was fun, at 36 there is no way in hell I'd try to pull something like that, or that it would even be received well. Despite being way better looking now that I've aged.

Daily reminder that without a hymen male viginity is in your head and a social construct

That being said I lost it in a threesome at 17

I went firm kissless to threesome in 1 night

Ever since can't keep a relationship. I think I did it too fast and now I can't put in any effort to find a nice girl. All I do is sluts and fuckbuddies but I'm gettin lonely :(

25 btw
Too loose to lose it :D
Ayyyyy Mazel Tov
Fucked an asian massage provider.

Worth it.
it was actually amazing, and i miss her.
Drunk slut when i was 19 shit was ok
Lauren pls go
Back of a pt. Cruiser. Ex girlfriend. Was cool.
i want to cum on your face.
I am not Lauren
Met a girl, went out with here once. Went up to her place after date. Took clothes off, asked if she wanted to fuck. She said yes. We fucked. Now we're married. Storytime is over.
16 or 17 y/o. She was the same. Dating a girl from my group of friends. We were at a party my friend was throwing. Got drunk together and locked ourselves in a bedroom. Did it on the floor. I don't have a vivid memory of the event. In my memory I have a bunch of still pictures of it. Like a slide show. I guess it was too much for my young mind to deal with.
Mah nigga
Same here
defiantly a microwave
>The night was 6 of June, 2006
>Horny as fuck, just got a car
>Eventually decide to cruise for hooker
>Grab nigger hoe she offers half n half for 20
>Mount her in shady neighborhood
>Ejaculate in plastic bag condom
Super bowl Sunday
Peyton throws the game
Watch the law few commercials
"Come on"
Boom boom pow
>be me 17
>gorgeous 15 korean (i think) girl
>smoke some weed with her after school
>some days later cut school with her and go to my drop out buddy's house
>we drink and smoke
>we go downstairs and fuck in his sisters bed
I never told her i was a virgin. she probably knew though. oh and i was completely unkempt, like a fucking jungle lol
Watched 40 year old virgin with girlfriend hung out in my room we had sex shit was so cash
My sir, that's a hadron collider. Get your facts right.
lost it
Oh and i didn't bust my nut. That was the day i learned how fucking shitty blueballs were

Thanks mayne
>been talking to this Asian chick i go to school with, 8/10
>tells me how her BF cheated on her an how she she misses him, blah,blah,blah
>after a bit of shit talking she invites me over
>i drive over, she greets me an we walk down to her room (it was in the basement)
>we talk a little, an she starts kissing me out of no where
>clothes start coming off
>put her on the bed
>take her pants off, notice the lips are are like 10 shades darker then what they should be, but whatever dick still like diamonds
>go to push it in
>feel some resistance, feels really tight an not really that wet, but fuck it, push it in all the way!
>instantly starts moaning, telling me im amazing an so much bigger then her ex.
>after about 10-15 minutes of pounding we're both really breathing heavy
>not even close to cumin, she already did twice
>this happens roughly 8-10 times that day, so nervous tho didnt even get to finish.
Always trim up if if there is a chance
Greentext on your phone is bothersome, but here we go:
> be terrible with women
> not shy at all - overconfident even, but always say the wrong things
> by age 19 i REALLY wanna fuck!!!
> have gf for a week or 2 but no sex yet
> told her i'm not a virgin
> be afraid she's gonna find out i lied when we do it
> pussy out and go to brothel
> fuck the living daylights out of an average looking whore about my age
> ready to fuck gf
> she'llneverknow.jpg
> she brakes up with me
> all of my what?
> i lost my virginity to a whore for nothing?

Ff many years and i've got some 50 girls under my belt. Late bloomer. Oh boy.... Did i bloom or what though hahahaha
>over horney girlfriends house
>we'd organised it
>we start have sex, doggy style
>i last less than a minute and cum inside
>pretend i couldnt get it up
>we have something to eat
>20 minutes later i finger the fuck out of her
>last 15/20 minutes
>she orgasms multiple times
> be 5yo
> neighbor girl babysits all the time (chubby teen)
> neighbor girl's skinny older brother borrows my dad's playboys
> skinny brother has me up to his room, shows me playboys, asks which girl looks like my mom naked
> so confuse
> takes out his penis, pees in glass, tells me pee tastes like lemonade
> takes out my penis

> be 7yo
> girl classmate reaches into my pants and grabs penis
> she was the only other white kid in my class (lolghetto)
> move to suburbs after that

> be amazingly horny teen, mess with boys because i couldn't find girls to talk to. geek/spaz/every-negative-stereotype.

> 19yo, find AIM, get 22yo internet girlfriend
> fly to florida, spend 3 days fucking
> could not eat due to nerves. just fucked.
> could not cum due to condom. i wanted to cum in a girl not a piece of rubber.
> fly home
> fly back out, fuck more, girl is less amused at my continued inability to eat with her
> and my inability to cum in a condom
> fly home, get dumped online
> find out a month later that internet girl is pregnant (not mine, of course, no cum)

> still 19. go on date with phone-line old cubby (phone line dating, that's how old i am)
> called herself a bobcat not a cougar (she was 37)
> ditched her on our first date, did not read signals correctly that she was DTF
> told her i'd be interested in a "purely physical" relationship
> came all up in that bitch, every way every place

So that was it for losing it. Spent my 20's in a couple of long term relationships and marriage. fucked around with hookers a lot (it's just easy.) Wife died. Now I'm married again, this wife is a freak who indulges all my perversions. She's mellowing out though, so I might start going for paid sex again. Who knows.
Unleash the Kekken
>be 15 - man level 0/10
>meet girl at friends
>have first kiss/makeout under a blanket - Man level 2/10
>first hand to titty - man level 3/10
>she starts rubbing my dick through my pants - man level 4/10
>3 days later ask her out
>take her to a movie that night
>go home
>making out on old wicker couch (used it as my bed)
>she tells me to stand up
>undoes my pants and pulls my dick out
>starts blowing me - man level 5/10
>the warmth of her mouth was the greatest feeling ever felt
>20 mins pass
>look at her and say "can we fuck?" - man level 6/10
>she shrugs "okay"
>she takes off her clothes
>put it in raw dogged - man level 7/10
>hurts because tight foreskin
>fuck it keep going
>starts to feel good
>SNAP back of wicker couch breaks
>we fall though
>she finishes me with another blowjob
>dated the bitch for a year
File: 1419048824683.jpg (29KB, 300x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 300x220px
>at party friends threw
>come from rich town, rich kids plus inner city kids = drugs n kegs
>get girl into hot tub, tell her its warmer where I am
>6\10 huge titties
>make out, proceed to sex
>never came, too drunk and gaped bitch
>she tells every I dislocated her jaw during
>friend congratulates me as his eskimobro

Kinda wish I'd lost it to one of my girlfriends I got after that but at the same time it was nice to have hookups
If you could put any law in place, what would it be?
File: 1419974011335.jpg (28KB, 500x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 500x669px
>be 21
>be a britbong
>meet 8/10 mexican american on fb
>parents are pretty loaded
>flies over to meet me in london
>we stay at a hotel
>she slowly comes on to me
>boner into outer space
>finally start to kiss
>she gets on top and does her thing
>comes after 15 minutes
> ok my turn
>flip her over
>so nervous i cant come
>after about 10 mins of pounding i finally get there
>blow my load inside
>get up and go and get a burger

Then we fucked 5 more times that night until i had no semen left amd my dick was as raww as a dinosaur
Be me 20 on cali thread on /b/
Find chick who is not too far from me
She's cool 6.5/10 messaging on AIM
Meet up that night she's 18
Fucked her a week later in the back of my truck felt good
Ended up fucking her like 6 more times
Helped to up my game and confidence started going to bars and getting laid regularly
Now I'm married with 2 kids

Tl;DR lost my virginity to a femanon I met on /b/ in a cali thread.
That's incredible except it never happened.
File: 1417314394383.gif (481KB, 499x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 499x315px
>be me 15
>christmas at grandparents
>female cousin who was also 15 there
>feel sick
>everyone talking about going out somewhere
>cousin volunteers to stay with me
>laying on couch watching tv
>cousin asks me if I had sex yet
>tells me her boyfriend wants to have sex but shes a virgin
>doesn't want to embarrass herself to her boyfriend
>asks if i want to help her
>shes gives me a toothy blowjob but a blowjob is a blowjob
>start trying to eat her out but have no idea what im doing
>just sucking on the clit
>she starts moaning
>gets kinda wet
>put my wiener in
>going for about 2 minutes
>tell her im gonna cum
>says to keep it inside her
>cum inside her almost pass out from that orgasm
>bang again an hour later
>thanks me for helping her
>find out a month later shes pregnant
>says its her boyfriends
>asks me to come over since her parents are gone
>15 year old me stayed home and played viva pinata

After that she started getting fat and crazy so I kept away from her.
this exactly but in the fitting room of a dillards
>be 17
>tell everyone i'm not a virgin
>be at a party
>be in a circle of people talking
>chubby girl says she'd fuck any of the guys in the circle (it was on topic)
>no one says anything
>i shrug and raise my hand 'i'll take that invitation'
>everyone's like LOL YEAH HAHA
>i'm like 'nah for real let's go'
>take her to an empty bedroom
>lick her out for a while
>she's like 'you have done this before right'
>'PFFFT of course'
>her pussy is sopping when i put it in, her tits are nice and bouncy, her chubby ass feels good on my balls
>don't get much sensation because of the alcohol
>she's going crazy and screaming and stuff
>after i'm done (45 mins bcos of lack of sensation) she says 'wow you can tell you've done that before'
>no fucks even given
>had regular sex since then
>tfw you transition seamlessly from virgin to normalfag without anyone even noticing
>Maybe I have a little beaner baby running around out there somewhere.
My first chick was cool with me fucking her while she was asleep. Shit wad cash,id get 4 or 5 nuts out a night
a law for you to suck my dick

>How'd you lose your virginity /b/?

I had sex.
Be me
at a new years party this year
get super fucking drunk
hot girl I knew from college is there
think "fuck yeah" my chance
Dont think ill have the balls to do anything
end up under blanket with her
friends leave us alone
mfw talk about lotr for 5 minsw
she leaves
fall asleep whilst rest play poker
find out next morning she would of fucked me if i had tried something
mfw im still a v/irgin
>both 18
>6 months being in LDR (college in diff places, same state)
>meet finally
>in college dorm room
>awkward, both virgins
>do a bit of foreplay, not very good
>eventually tries sticking it in
>too tight, stop
>try more but it won't go in, way too tight
>give up, still basically virgin
>got dumped a couple months after, still virgin
>drug cartel
sounds legit
File: 1420354514306.jpg (28KB, 245x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 245x282px
>house party
>fizzles out around 2 am
>we stumble back to my friends house
>he goes straight to bed
>other friend sleeps in his room on an air mattress
>go down to sleep on couch like i normally do
>friends sister is watching some shitty chickflick
>7/10, brunette, 16, had flirted heavily with her in the past
>"oh, did you want to sleep?"
>"Just sleep in my bed, i'm going to stay up all night."
>think nothing of it, go to her fucking bed and pass out
>all i remember is waking up, it's still dark and her face is a few inches from mine
>she's just staring at me
>i'm still drunk, and very tired
>i can't remember who kissed who
>but we were all over each other
>rest is a blur
>i remember missionary and not lasting very long
>can't remember if i pulled out
>woke up needing to piss
>it was light outside
>put my clothes back on
>after wrestling with my first post-sex forked urine stream i went downstairs and went to sleep on the couch
>woke up the next day and nobody even suspected

properly dated her like 6 months later
that is exactly what she would say and your story is identical to her's, but you are a dude.

What was the chick's name in the 3x?
Looks like someone's butt is still hurting even after all this time
Since im on phone I'll be brief

>Be 7 years old
>love playing in the woods in out backyard
>one day a stranger around 30-35yo woman comes towards me
>ask me what I'm doing
>2 days later stranger comes back ask me if she can play with me
>play a couple of hours then she goes away
>a couple of days later she comes back and after a while of playing she say she has a new game
>"I'll show you mine if you show yours" she says
>tells me to lick hers, do as told
>she blows my mini semi hard dick
>tells me to put mine inside of hers
>"this feels fucking great!" I say
>after a couple of minutes of her thrusting herself on my mini D she say bye and I never see her again.
Shit didn't think of that
yeah, the source of every rich spic
show me tits
i applaud this story
>Get back in touch with old friend from High School
>Hang out for a while
>Start to like her
>Ask her out
>She says yes
>Fuck yes.jpg
>Dating for a while
>Family leaves country for weekend to visit relatives
>She comes over to hang out one night
>Tells me she has a surprise for me
>Asks me to leave room for about ten minutes
>Come back and shes standing there in a lace corset
>My dick is now diamonds
>make out for over an hour
>Feeling brave and go for 3rd base
>She's loving it
>Reach into drawer for condom
>Go with the flow and just put it on without saying anything
>She's looking excited and biting her lip
>Oh shit this is finally happening.png
>Put my dick inside
>This is more than I could have ever hoped for
>Have sex for About half an hour
>Cum with the force of a thousand suns
>Stay inside her and make out for another ten minutes or so

We're still friends and god she is still the hottest girl I have ever met. What I wouldn't give to just be with her one more time.
File: 1408915715817.jpg (22KB, 154x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 154x200px
Bro same story

>are you me???
I lost my virginity to a lady of the night. I have the story if anyone is interested, allthough not pretyped
i want to believe
>dem trips

okay i believe
>be 7 years old
Jesus, is that you buddy?
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