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Tl;dr: Anyone got any dirty personal sex stories with any of

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tl;dr: Anyone got any dirty personal sex stories with any of these specific circumstances?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? Your GF's/wife's mom, sister, relative, or best friend? Or a friend's wife, girlfriend or mom?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone for sexual favors?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and then blackmailed them in to fucking you/sucking your dick in order to keep quiet. Or if used your position of power (i.e. a boss over an employee) to get a female to do something sexual to you.

3.) Have you ever had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

4.) Any especially dirty cheating stories? Like, you fucked someone's wife or girlfriend while they were passed out in another room in the same house, or had a girl suck your dick while you're giving their GF a ride home/to drop them off with their boyfriend/husband.

I find these particular scenarios really fucking erotic, so I thought I'd ask on this board and see if anyone has any personal experiences like these that they might want to share. If so, greentext stories will definitely be appreciated!

> Pic related: A picture (that I'm aware is 'shopped) that I find to be really fucking dirty and sexy.
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And here's another post/story that was posted a few weeks ago and a picture of the girl that is described in the story.

> Yes to 2 and 3.
Actually, what happened was I hooked up with a girl from craigslist for rape roleplay. I am engaged, she has a boyfriend. We hooked up, it was awesome. Then, I missed the opportunity to see her again, things fizzled out.
Started trying to again, and she had some issues come up - rescheduled meeting me about 5 times. I got sick of being blown off, so yesterday I made an xvideos and xhamster account for her, with all her pics (including face), with the profile name "(Geographic region) Slut".

She met me last night, after saying our safe word to take the blackmail down. Fucked her several places, took pics when we had proper lighting.
Pic related, her blowing me in a campus bathroom last night.
(The ad she responded to was "Big Dick Domination/Rape Roleplay"
File: 1417795155861-.jpg (114KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy posted 3-4 pics of her, I think. He also mentioned a Photobucket album by name that has several pics of her uploaded to it (and of some others, possibly, iIrc). He mentioned it in the same thread from a couple days ago and I have that thread it archived, if you want me to try to find the album name, let me know.
File: 1417799459905-.jpg (96KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And another reply from the same poster:

Plenty of pics. I'll add as I check back up on this thread, but I will be on and off today - I am a TA and have some teaching/research duties.
She loves this dick.
She did compliment me on it.
It gets 10" fully hard, but usually is around 9" when fucking around.
Fiance knows about experiences in the past, but not now.
Once we are married, no. That's why I'm hitting CL so hard nowadays.
I have met and fucked at least 25 women from Craigslist. Some extremely fine, some not so much. Been using the internet to hook up with women since I was 15, over a decade of doing it now.
>sorry for potato quality pics, I have a potato phone to save $$ monthly on a shared plan with my woman
File: 1417795030346-.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 1280x960px
And one more pictures of this female.
File: 1416621488504s.jpg (3KB, 125x116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x116px
find the file name
File: PS3vwKN.jpg (140KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 1280x720px
And someone else posted this with the picture included with this post:

> An anon posted these pictures claiming it's someone's fiance. He never posted a video.

> However, some guy posted videos of him fucking and getting head from his married boss and I foolishly accidentally deleted them. So sorry.
File: QysP2WM.png (980KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
980KB, 720x1280px
This picture, too.
And this picture, too.

Btw, does anyone know anything more about this girl or have any more of these pictures?
File: 662_1000.jpg (77KB, 500x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I found the photo album page that he mentioned, but, what the fuck? Does no one else want to try to contribute to the thread?

>1 fucked two of my friends sisters. Got blown by my one friends girlfriend years ago (never told anyone of them, ashamed of the girlfriend one)

>2 wouldn't say I blackmailed but couple times I made drunk girls fuck/blow me for a ride or place to stay that's normal shit tho

>3 dicks not that big, but I was fucking an 18 year old once who said it was and we started fucking mainly cause she asked me how big it was Kek 18 year olds know nothing

>4 back to the first 1. The friends girlfriend was a drunk mistake but was awkward the months after hanging with my friend and her.
>also the one friends sister I banged during college at their parents. The next morning was kinda hot eye fucking each other at the breakfast table
mine fulfills the first 2 i guess

>be 16
>had a friend whose mom was the "cool mom"
>dad was a prison guard
>she went through a mid-life crisis, started drinking a lot
>one day im bullshitting with her while friend is in basement
>she is drunk, but we always talk about my sex life and stuff
>currently had gf and was telling her shit we do
>she starts confessing all this shit to me about how she has been cheating on her husband for months
>"i cant believe i kiss my kids goodnight after knowing what ive swallowed" - ill never forget that line
>im taken pretty aback and dont know what to really do with the information
>we are cool enough with each other that we text
>i text her the next day from home and ask her what she remembers
>she says she remembers and was sorry i had to hear it all
>i could tell she sounded really panicked
>for a while i didnt do anything, id ask her every now and them if she was "behaving"
>she said no for a while and eventually said yes
>after awhile me and the friend grew further apart
>i started texting his mom more than him
>one day i get into argument with my friend and he tells me his mom was talking shit on me the one day
>i was pretty mad cause i always thought we were close
>i texted her and said i heard what she said and i was inclined to tell her husband she was cheating
>she was begging me not to
>finally i said fuck it and i got up the courage to say i wanted her to suck my dick and i wouldnt say anything
>she thought i was kidding and i texted her back saying it was that or im telling him
>my phone was quiet for over an hour and i thought maybe she was telling her husband
>i was nervous but i kept telling myself that she has more to lose than me
>finally she texts me back "ok..."

File: 2 - Fat Ass.jpg (46KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 - Fat Ass.jpg
46KB, 480x640px
Those are all pretty dirty stories. Did any of the friends (brothers or boyfriend) find out about any of these things that you did? If so, what happened? Any violent confrontations?

Also, got any pics of these girls that you're willing to post?

And the friend's GF who sucked your dick, did you cum in her mouth? Did you fool around with her at all before getting your dick sucked? And how exactly did it start/happen?

> Pic related: Just a fat ass that I wanted to post to try to bump the thread.
And here's a screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
Please keep posting! The more details, the better. And please describe what she looked/looks like. Big tits? Fat ass? Tight body? Pretty face? What all did you do to/with her? How many times? Did the friend or her husband find out?
It's a fatass not a fat ass.

Remi La Croix has a fat ass. That is just a fat fuck.
File: srigV4IuId.jpg (12KB, 171x228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 171x228px
Are you implying that you would not want to fuck that woman doggystyle? Seriously?

> Pic related: What do you think of this ass?
> Pic related: Or this ass?
Yes, I'm serious. What the fuck is wrong with you that you would degrade yourself to the point of having to stick your dick in it.

>and No
File: 422q7XjIoz.jpg (11KB, 171x228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 171x228px
Or this ass?
File: 661_1000.jpg (78KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 500x667px

> Pic related: And what about this ass?
Why do men shave your pubic hair? What are you, faggots or something? Shaving pubic hair is for bitches. Do you wax your armpit hairs while your at it? Your chest hair as well? You really feel like emasculating yourselves and conforming to pussy bitch standards is something you need to do?
Are you still greentexting? Or did you just troll us to leave us hanging??

>we set up a day to do it in one of the houses she cleans, shes a self employed maid
>apparently the guy she was cheating with would meet her at the strangers houses she cleaned and fuck in their beds and stuff
>i met her there and she was just sitting on the couch
>she looked really afraid and i thought she was gonna cry
>she said she didnt know if she could do it, and i almost pussied out right there
>all i could utter out was like, "well lets just take it easy"
>without even making eye contact she asked "on the couch, or?"
>i said yea sure
>i sat down next to her and took my pants off
>she looked at me, looked away and closed her eyes as she started stroking my dick
>i let her go a few seconds while i got harder
>i started feeling up her tits and told her to take her shirt and bra off
>she did it, faster than i expected
>she started stroking me a little faster when i leaned over and put one of her tits in my mouth
>i pulled away and i was gonna tell her to start sucking my dick but when i did she bent over and started doing it on her own
>i just threw my arms behind my head, i never felt anything like that before
>i was looking at her and her eyes were still closed
>when i said "oh god" she opened them and looked right at me
>we made eye contact, my dick was in her mouth, she maintained that eye contact for what seemed like 5 seconds, and she kept sucking
>i started fucking her mouth a bit
>i told her i was close and she just said mhm
>i held the back of her head while i busted in her mouth
>she sat up, wiped her lips and went to the sink


she was curvy but not really fat. mom tits, really nice ass, eh face. have more to come
is this girl's name Ashley?
No no one ever found out.

Fuck no I'm not posting pictures for you degenerates.

>yeah she spits tho
>we went to party together (I was friends with her as much as him)
>neither of us know anyone there I forget who's party it was
>get wasted
>end up making out
>she drove but I end up driving home (wasted)
>end up my place make out more
>start fingering her on my couch
>she starts blowing me
>tells me she's not gonna fuck me
>wake up the next day with her in bed
>just looks at me and says "we never speak of this again"
>feel like shit
>avoid friends for a while
Fuck yeah! This is a good story! By the way, how long ago did this happen? And where? if in the U.S., just a state/city, if you don't mind telling. I just ask, because the details seem to help make the story more intense and erotic.
I think you are her son /b/ro... im sorry
Dunno, but she was/is a /r/gonewild poster. The guy Mike was a cringy gonewild commenter who asked for a blowjob thinking she was single.
File: 1415576403032.jpg (1MB, 1080x1716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1080x1716px
Dang, you're really smart! Yes, I started this thread on /b/, then this story coincidentally get posted and I'm trying to get more details about it. Please don't be that much of a fucking moron. I just like the fucking details, because it makes the story more interesting/personal/enjoyable.

> Pic related: What the mom's ass may have looked like?
If this poster actually finishes this story, I'll post the Photobucket link for the rest of the pics of this girl >>590123531
>Got this bitch pregnant
>Break up with her
>convince her to help me cook for a date i set up
>Total beta bitch does whatever i say
>7 months pregnant
>Set up a mock restaurant with pregnant Bitch cooking
>Success second pussy gives me head at the dinner table
>Fuck her raw and cum inside
>Pregnant bitch hears and sees what's happening she rushes out and forgets wallet
>Call her After and tell her she left it
>She comes back and i tell her she has to fuck me to get it back.
>Make her suck the other girls pussy off my dick
>She makes some comment about the taste
>Shut up slut who's in charge here
>bust inside that tight pregnant slit
>Never pay child support
>Still fuck her on the side, always degrade the little slut
>feels good man
File: fuszuD1.jpg (419KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
419KB, 2592x1936px
And here's another story that someone posted in a previous thread:

I'm married to a cow who also happens to be a bitch. I decided I hated her and I would do whatever the hell I wanted. Started drinking a ton, partying, and hitting this shitty dive strip club in the country. Started hitting on this stripper there who was married too. Her and her husband were separated but they still lived together and would be on and off, so she said. Really I think he was a cuck. Anyway, ended up meeting up with her a couple of times outside the club. Made out in a parking lot of a restaurant once. Then, the next time, in that same parking lot, she sucked my dick, just outta the blue. Took her on her first date to a proper restaurant (80 dollar plates) and then fucked her in my truck in the parking lot in front of her apartment with her husband and kids inside. I used to pick her up after work sometimes and drive her home. It was early in the am and her husband and kids were always sleeping upstairs. I used to fuck her on her couch like that. One time when I went to see her at the club I paid for a private dance and she gave me head and wiped my nut underneath one of the couch cushions. She was awesome and I still miss my little freak. Pic related.

> Pic related: It was attached with the post, so I'm assuming this was the female from the story.
This was a follow-up post/reply to the story that was posted here >>590131315

This was like 3 years ago. Lasted about 7 months. I know she was fucking other guys but she denied it. I used to find open condom wrappers in her house. She claimed her kids would go through her stuff sometimes and find them and open them. It was bullshit I'm sure. I have a big head on my dick and she loved it. She claimed it barely for in her mouth. She was a sub too. She would ask me to smack, bite, and especially choke her. She would complain if I didn't finger her with at least three fingers when I fucked her in the ass. She liked to be stretched I think but I never explored it much past that with her. We still talk but I love far away now. The wife found out and want too happy about it.
And the child ?
Turned out fine probably not mine but who cares i would never trust that bitch
10 years ago in Northern Pennsylvania

>reality starts rushing in about what just actually happened
>i felt really ashamed as i was putting my pants on, like i was gonna puke
>she puts her shirt and bra on and sits down
>she didn't look like she did before it started
>her "you cant say anything, about any of it"
>me "i wont, i promise"
>we sat on different couches facing each other
>silence for a bit
>her "was it good?"
>i laughed nervously, "yeah it was"
>more silence, i sat there thinking about her looking up at me with her dick in my mouth
>i started getting hard again and i asked her, "can we do it again?"
>her eyes open wide at me, "what?"
>"like right now"
>shes just staring at me, mouth agape
>i stammered out something about how its the same day so it should count
>she just goes, "uhh yeah.. i guess...youre ready now?"
>i just stood up and took my pants off again
>i walked over to her with my hard dick swingin
>she straightened up and put her hair behind her ears
>i was standing in front of her and this time she leaned right in and started sucking
>she kept pushing my shirt up so i took it off
>she started kissing my stomach and stroking my dick
>that was when i started to think she was getting into it and it only made me hornier
>i start grabbing at her tits again and she pulls away to take her shirt and bra off
>she licks my cock up the shaft and sucks the head
>i was in complete bliss and uttered out "itd be quicker if we fucked"
>she stops sucking and pulls my dick out of her mouth
>her "anon.. thats not.."
>"itd be quick" i said, moving her hand up and down on my dick
>she was looking at me increduously
>"at least take your shorts off"
>she lets out something of a sigh and starts undoing her shorts
>i sit on the couch
>she asks "on my knees?" referring to sucking my dick again
>"no, just lean over"
>she does it, and i play with her tits and rub my hand along her body
>im taking forever to cum but it feels amazing

1 Yes, best friend's gf
2 No
3 No, she was just high and horny, my dick's barely made it to 6 inches
>really should get rid of some fat
4 Nope

Wow, I'm surprisingly not that scummy
File: 1416806430969.jpg (23KB, 450x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 450x600px
Dude, keep posting! The details are fucking great! Do you happen to have a picture of her that you'd be willing to post? Also, do you have a big dick? Did she comment on it? And after you're done posting the details of this story, please elaborate on the situation. Specifically, did you fool around with her again after this day?

> Pic related: Just another fat ass that I wanted to post to try to bump the thread.
File: 1391241762197.png (115KB, 264x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 264x240px
>fucked best friend's girlfriend
>not that scummy
How exactly did this happen? Did you pursue/instigate it? Did your best friend find out? If so, what did he do? Fight you? Confront you? Are you still friends with him? Did you fuck her more than once? What did she look like? Body type? How long ago did this happen? Where did this happen?

> Pic related: Another nice ass that I wanted to post to bump the thread.
my personal story, first time i tell it to someone and it's probably gonna be the last time. 1) 3) and 4) i guess.

> have this friend i know since elementary school. very intelligent, always got good grades and was also very good at sports. always the teacher's pet and stuff, we all know someone like this. i've always been a bit jealous of his talents, we've been classmates almost all our school life and studied the same subjects.
> due to circumstances (i went straight to work after high school, he went to university) we grew apart from each other. i heard from a common friend that he also found a gf. i saw him like maybe 5 times a year by then and i didn't really mind, had my life to care about.
> fast forward 5 years, he's still with this girl. the company for which i worked at the time hired a new secretary/accountant, guess who she was?
> we shake hands for the first time, she says she knew who i was. since i didn't know her i asked how did she know me and she presented herself as my friend's gf with big surprise. she's not that hot, has an ok face, small tits, thin with some fat on her ass. whatever.jpg
> she spent most of her work time in a remote office, i was always away to some client's office so we didn't really meet/talk to each other very often.
> another fast forward of 2 years. our company was bought by a bigger company, many of us were leaving, and so she was. She had about 1 more month to work there and she was moved to my office. i was often in the office at the time to work on a project. start talking more to each other, she starts coming to work with make up, perfume, nice dresses, high heels etc. i noticed it and it was quite exciting.
> She now lived with this friend so their relationship was apparently lasting. one day she comes to work with a new haircut. i go bring a coffee, she follows me, asks if i like her new haircut. i said she looked very nice and ...sexy (i'm definitely not good at talking with women).
Keep going.
File: p159612159.jpg (27KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 350x350px
Keep posting! Details are great and will be appreciated! Also, if you have a picture of her that you'd be willing to post, that's be pretty fucking cool!
>be 17
>Best friend leaves for summer to visit family
>Tells me to watch out for his GF
>She has blond hair blue eyes, cute AF
>Take her out a few times as she has no friends and lives out in BFE
>One day chilling out by her pool
>Her Mom is smoking cig on patio
>in water, she grabs by dick
>tell her that's not cool
> she keeps doing if
> "Put it in me"
>me "Your fucking mom is sitting right there"
>she grabs my hand and puts it under her bathing, fingers immediately in warm pussy
>Dick is a mile long
>She smiles
> Mom not paying attention and reading book
> I slide in, wondering a little how I'm gonna fix all this later
>Mom eventually gets up, I play coy like we are just pushing each other around
>She eventually runs out to store
> I pound the living shit out of her, barebacking and cumming multiple times.
> we fuck like rabbits all summer.
>best friend eventually comes back, she stays quiet for weeks
> calls me up on side, tells me that she misses my dick - barely feels her BF.
>says she can still feel me inside her
> I crack first, tell the dude I boned her
> He punches me, I take it like a man.
> Loved the sex, but lost a life long friend
> eventually broke up with that crazy bitch
> Lesson learned: bros before hos - its not just a catchy phrase.
nah my dick is slightly above average, not porno big but like around 8ish on a good day.

>i start testing my boundaries by playing with the waistband of her thong
>she didnt do anything so i slipped my hand further down, not quite at her pussy yet
>i felt her stop and she turned her head for a second to look, then she went back to sucking
>i figured i got the green light so i started rubbing her clit
>she let out this soft little "umph" moan on my cock
>i started teasing her pussy hole and her breathing got a little heavier
>i pushed my fingers inside, it wasnt as tight as my gf at the time, but thats tough to beat, regardless, it wasnt bad
>im fingering her and she really starts working on my dick, taking it out of her mouth every now and then to rest her head on my lap and just moan
>im still not even close and i said it again, "we should just fuck."
>her head was buried in my lap, dick in her hand, and she just lets out this moaning, "okay"
>she sits up and pulls her panties down
>i grab her jaw and kiss her, she kisses me back
>i stand up, and she immediately turns to give me her ass
>i was so horny i immediately started fucking her hard
>she was moaning pretty loudly and buried her face against the back of the couch
>we fucked doggy for a little and i felt like i was getting close so i pulled out
>"did you cum?"
>"nah not yet"
>"do you want me to get on top?"
>"yeah sure." i sat back down
>to this day i havent had a girl ride better than her, ive probably had better sex overall, but god damn she could work a dick
>she braced herself on my shoulders and proceeded to brake my dick off
>her eyes were closed and her face towards the ceiling
>she was moaning really loud and i wasnt really close anymore so i started sucking her tits
>her moans were getting faster and louder and i figured she was gonna cum
>she did, and her thighs shook as she buried her head into my neck and just started biting and sucking

con't for finale
> she thanks me for the compliment and goes away. later she sent me a message on my company mobile and asked for my personal number. she then writes me and tells me she's always been into me and stuff.
> start texting and IM'ing a lot in the following hours. she's at her working desk and writes me she's wet and horny. boom.jpg
> tell her to go to the bathroom and finger herself, then meet me at the coffee machine to make me smell her scent
> she goes, fingers herself, comes to the machine with the horniest face ever and i sniff and lick her fingers while looking her in the eyes. she's blown out
> back to our desks, she messages me that she liked a lot how i ordered her to do such things. i've always had a dominating fantasy but never found a submissive girl so i immediately started texting her some kinky stuff.
> i told her to go to the bathroom again, take her panties off, take a photo of her pussy and leave both her panties and her phone behind the vending machine. she promptly executed and i found her panties (which i still have) and her phone showing a close up photo of her vag.

typing everything in real time, sorry for the delay.
underrated post
Bumping so you can finish.
I'll add, the worst part of this while story is that my bud lived one block over. For years he had to look me in the eye knowing I was wrecking his girls cooch. He eventually became a drug addict and to this day I feel guilty AF
>never found submissive girl
U wot, m8? Most of them are. I'm neither; I like everything. Occasionally I have very submissive fantasies though. Girls who are willing to dom are much harder to find in my experience.
>be me
>25 and out of the military going to college
>gf of six years
>history class
>professor is hot as shit
>visit offices hours because im a good student
>hit it off, she's 34 and has two kids
>start fucking her by second week.
>do all sorts of nasty things with her
>make her go to class with my cum inside her
>make her suck my dick when I'm on phone with gf
>fuck her while she is on phone with her husband.
>finger her to orgasm in public pool.
My ex cheated on me and then talked explicitly about how big his cock was on Skype. It was text based with 3 girls.

I also have her texts from after we broke up where she's texting guys talking about how much bigger they are than me.
Bump so he can finish greentext
Bump for finish
Your ex sounds like kind of a bitch.
Best friend's ex-gf (about a year after they broke up)
> Used to live with her, while they were dating (just for three months)
> became good friends during that time, nothing ever happened
> moved away for a year
> came back
> she keeps asking me to hang out
> eventually invite her to the after party of a wedding
> told her I had hooked up with someone the night before (I had, we were friends, common for us to talk about this stuff)
> she's all over me
> tries to make out with me a few times, but i don't give in
> eventually both of us are hammered
> she sits on my lap
> make out begins
> immediately leave in a cab
> get to my house, immediately head to room
> she's reluctant, keeps saying it's not right
> proceed to get the best head of my life anyway
> try to fuck her
> she says no, it's not right, I back off
> out of nowhere she starts sucking me off again
> keep trying to fuck her, she keeps saying no it's not right, we do this dance, between me getting bjs and rubbing her pussy, for 3-4 hours
> eventually she begs for it
> i cum within a minute
> laugh it off
> proceed to fuck each other on and off for the next few months
hurry up man
> be 19
> start uni
> move into house with 8 girls
> clubbing with some of them
> one time all go home except me and hottest one, 8.5/10
> go home later
> tells me she wants to cuddle
> lie in her bed
> kiss
> fuck
> she has bf not at uni
> keep fucking on the reg for couple of weeks
> bf visits
> she breaks up with him
> continue fucking her for few months
> stop becuase got weird
> later fuck other housemate
> only 5/10
> feelsbadman.jpg
> still fucked two housemates


>this alone got me pretty close again so i threw her onto her back and started fucking her missionary
>i think she saw i was close and said "tell me when"

fuck i completely forgot to mention i wasnt wearing a rubber

>somehow i managed to say okay while i worked my way on top of her to climax
>she again started moaning again and hugging my neck and head
>i was fighting back cumming as long as i could but finally i had to and i said hurriedly said "now" and pulled out
>i started to cum on her stomach but she quickly sat up and started sucking my cock while i came
>afterwards we both just kind of fell back on opposite sides of the couch
>she gets up first and starts cleaning everything up
>i get dressed and after a while, same thing we are just sitting there
>"i cant believe i did that" she said half laughing
>me "yea im sorry"
>were looking at each other and i genuinely felt bad
>she gives me a smile like, "its okay im not mad" and i smile back and we just start laughing
>she said she actually had to clean the house so i said id leave

i fooled around with her regularly for like 2 years. she eventually got really guilty and said we needed to stop. i didnt actually care that much cause i knew where she was coming from. i had stopped hanging out with her son altogether while we were fucking and i think thats why she was the most uncomfortable believe it or not. i moved for work and we lost touch. 2 years ago i did go back home for 3 months and hit her up mostly as a bootycall but i was willing to catch up with her. apparently she got remarried (shocker) and it was going really well so i just didnt even bother asking. over the 2 years i fucked with her though we ended up doing all sorts of shit like cuffs, hot wax, anal, and choking
File: vfy1t4a.jpg (493KB, 3590x2693px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493KB, 3590x2693px
Gotta appreciate the heavy photoshopping on OP's pic though.
Not really like a bitch; more like a lousy fucking slut-cunt-whore.

How did you find out about this? Is this why you broke up? How do you have texts from her to other guys after you broke up? Do you hate her? And do you have any pics of this awful bitch that you'd like to post? Also, how big is your dick? Are you small? or was the guy just really big? And do you still keep in touch with her?
> she came to my place after work telling some excuse to her bf. when i took out my cock she was very surprised (i'm a big dude) and she started sucking it in complete ecstasy. she was acting like a nympho or something, i could tell she was really horny. we fucked for about half an hour, then she had to go back home to her bf.
> the following day she told me that i destroyed her pussy and i responded she could still use her mouth. we started doing lots of stuff in the office or immediately after work, mostly blowjobs, very wet ones. she's a real cum hound
> fuck at my place from time to time, when she can find an excuse good enough to get home later. i start getting more rough with her and she likes it a lot. choking, slapping in the face while pounding her, stuff like that.
> she started working for another company and we saw each other less and less. we eventually stopped seeing each other for a couple of months, after which i texted her asking if she could come to my place and she responded that she was pregnant.
> we always used condoms, so it was not my problem. she also told me that her and her bf were looking to have a kid but it meant we had to stop seeing each other. whatever2.jpg

caught my sisters bf being blown by my mom, now mom and I have a secret to keep and I can have his cock too.
Wow, yeah someone did a good job with that

I jail broke her iPhone so that I could ssh in to it and copy the sms.db. I also edited the database so it created s copy in the database of everything she received, so if she deleted texts I could still see them. I was suspicious of her and found texts one day to a someone saying someone left their watch at her flat (we had been together years but she was living in another city for work for 6 months) and then when I went to see her at the weekend I viewed her texts while she was showering and saw the guy saying he had a gf and they couldn't see each other and her begging him to come round the night before I got there.
File: hst 18.jpg (26KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hst 18.jpg
26KB, 500x500px
When my ex gf cheated on me, I
>dumped her
>moved out
>fucked ALL of her friends
>didn't take her back after all the pleading
>watched her develop a crippling heroin problem
>learned how to speak Swedish.
>lived happily ever after

No fucks given.
bi guy here, Most of the odd sexual things I've done have been with married dudes. I sucked and got fucked by a guy while his wife was upstairs sleeping. no quilt, it was super kinky and fun
had a female cheat several times with me because I can fuck real good.
This story is not mine, happened to a good friend. Have to share for lolz.
>be 22 year old college student
>Dad popular realtor in town, son well known
>Dad sends son to do odd jobs in summer off from college
>Cleaning rental house, meets MILF tenant
>"You look just like your dad"
>strikes up small talk
>"can you help me put the Christmas tree back in the closet"
>Goes back to closet, woman puts hand on his hip
>"Can you help me with something else"
>he turns around , she unzips his pants.
>Fucktimes commence on bed.
>cell buzzing, ignores because pussy is pussy
>After an hour, hears knocking on door, then keys rustling
>Son grabs pants and runs to closet
> Voice in hall "There you are, have you seen my idiot son?"
> long pause
> Are those for me
> long quiet
>Then wet slapping noises in living room
>(dad is "happily married")
>son slips out back door, see's dad's caddy in driveway
>goes home and takes long hot shower.

His biggest mistake was telling me about it
That story was fucking hot! I will be screencapping it and posting it in future threads like this to get things going. I hope you don't mind?

Do you have any pics of her that you could post? Nothing that shows her face, but shows her body type?

So, did you ever cum inside her? Were you the first person to fuck her in the ass? Did it hurt her? Do you think her son or husband suspected anything between you two? And how many times do you think you fucked her total?

And what was it that caused you and your friend to fight/argue in the first place and stop being friends?

And I'm not sure if anyone cares, but here's the link to the Photobucket account that this guy >>590123531 posted http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/durtydan000/library/?sort=3&page=1

1-Fucked my boss from work, if anyone ever found out we would both lose our jobs. Stopped doing it when she wanted more out of it.

3-In frosh week university I fucked this girl I had met, she told me she had been seeing someone for a while now but he couldn't do what I could for her. This went on for about a month before she left him for me.

4- With regards to 3, I met the guy she was seeing once, he was a colossal douche and I felt no pity for him, when ever her and I were out of his sight I would grope her and rub her.

It was alright I guess.
> fast forward 2 and a half years, last summer.
> never saw her again but thought of her from time to time. i was a little pissed off i couldn't try some of my fantasies on her, like tying her up and using toys on her while filming, etc.
> one day i was out shopping and there she was, with her bf (my friend) and the little kid. me and my friend greeted each other and talked for some time, first time i saw him after i started fucking her. she was acting quiet but i could tell by the look in her face she was getting horny because of that situation. we salute each other and i go home.
> that evening i received a message from her, complimenting with me about how i handled the conversation.
> to cut things short, we started seeing each other again. she comes to my place while her son is at the kindergarten and her bf is at work to bring money at home (she's now unemployed)
> started tying her, blindfolding her, slapping even harder, talking really perverted to her. taking photos, movies, etc.
> i stretched her tight asshole with a plug and started fucking her up the ass with amazing results (she was virgin there, or so she said. now she has orgasms from me fucking her in the ass).
> one time while she was tied to my table and blindfolded i was pounding her pussy hard and asked her "what if <her bf/my friend name> saw you now?" she immediately came
> she's pretty much my slave when she enters my home, as soon as she exits she goes back to be a nice mum and mate. they're getting married in 2015, no plans to stop fucking.

the end. questions?
File: image.jpg (33KB, 528x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 528x275px
Idk if this counts but
>be 17
>have 8/10 gf
>been together for 9 months
>Hear rumor that gf is cheating
>Blow it off and continue life
>One day she breaks up with me
>just out of nowhere
>Left dumbfounded as she skips away
>notice she embraces another dude as she leaves.
>plot revenge
>I notice her 7/10 best friend of 10 years
>she has been neglected by her friend
>I comfort her and eventually we someone have sex
>Having sex with her best friend wasn't enough for me
> I ask the friend if it's ok for a little revenge
> she's ok with it
> I take a picture of my dick inside her
> angled so you can see my dick and her face
> I send the picture off with a comment saying
> " I have moved on"
> mfw I get frantic texts and calls immediatly
> mfw I Ignore all of there
> (her)fw me and her best friend went on to have a life together
you know what's really hot?
Fucking a pregnant slut and then blowing a huge load inside her.
Her bf/husband won't know that some random guy came inside the woman he loves, and propably his baby felt his big fat cock inside of the mothers pussy.
Also cum is nutrition for babies.
You just fed someone elses baby girl with your cum LOL!
*someone was supposed to be somehow

i meant i never found a girl who made her fantasies so obvious that she basically allowed me to do whatever i wanted.
i'm a nice guy, i treat women well. i was also a bit vanilla, cause i was scared to hurt girls with my cock (again, i'm big, and it happened several times).
now when i meet a new woman i try to explore if she's into certain stuff, but never found someone like her.

Hey, I posted those pictures in one of your older threads. FYI I found the videos of the guy fucking his married boss. I remembered that he uploaded them to motherless.

Here are the links


The first two are blowjobs, the last one is a short clip of them fucking. I'm hoping he uploads more but I haven't been able to get hold of him.

nice quds

Kinda hot yeah

>Post pics of any of them
Don't have any photos but I had an affair with an office woman where I work. She's an older woman (52) and has been married for over 20 years and surprisingly attractive. She has lost about 20 lbs over the past year and really started dressing sexy. I have hinted here and there that she looks really good not creepily or anything just be nice. One day we get to talking and she mentioned her hubby hasn't seemed to notice her improvement and I asked is he blind you look hot !! At lunch she asks me to come help her put away office supplies. Once we get into the supply room she grabs my crotch and asks if I'm up for fun? I was shocked at first I was like Lisa you're married and what if someone comes in ? I lost all that inhibition once she opened her blouse and got on her knees to pull my cock out. She sucked cock like a dirty whore I fucked her very hard and deep and dumped what felt like a gallon of my seed into her. We never did pur the supplies away and I think the other office girl knows what went on. She says I'm the biggest cock (7") she's had probably true she's been married awhile either way I don't care I got a good fuck out of it.
>screencapping for future
go for it; its a true story but i was so tempted to walk the dinosaur on you guys haha

nah i honestly dont have facebook otherwise id say yea.

>did you ever cum inside her
not on purpose, theres been times where i couldnt help myself and busted a little prematurely

>first to fuck her in the ass?
cant say for sure but id say yes based on the discussion we had about it. i asked her if i could and she playfully acted like she was nervous and new to it. she was a trooper though, i cant imagine anal is all that great for women but she made it very enjoyable for me

>do you think her son or husband suspected anything
im not sure. her now ex-husband was kind of clueless. like i said he was a prison guard and would work really long shifts sometimes pushing 12 to 16 hours. he was also a manlet gym rat and car enthusiast and i dont really remembering them two spending a lot of time together.

>how many times
its tough to say man, once i got my own car at 17 it seemed like almost every weekday id meet her at one of her houses. it was a lot and i think there was a time where i thought i might be falling in love with her but i talked myself out of it really quick. we spent a lot of time together

>original fight with friend
he was a shut in type kid. only child, really weird and shit. not popular in middle school so i reached out to him. idk why, i felt bad for him i guess. when we got to highschool, i was fairly popular and tried getting him to go places with me and my friends and he'd always say no. i guess it was my fault cause i called him out on never wanting to do anything because hes afraid of public interaction but i guess its cause i cared about him and desperately wanted him to be normal. but when he told me that him and his mom were talking shit on me the one day (because i was hanging out with him less and "being a douche" which i probably was but i was in high school and moving on) i just gave up on him.
i'm a fucking saint...

fuck this shit i should go be more promiscuos

How tall was he?

Are you a guy or femanon?
the dad or son?
Banged my best friend's mom against my own will. Sort of. Nobody will ever believe that.

>hate own parents because they're distant and alcoholics
>best friend's parents treat me like a prince since I meet them because they probably understood
>met them when I was like 8, but her husband died a couple of years later
>Feels like I spent the next year or so after that holding up my best friend and his mom as well as putting up with my own shitty parents
>things start to get better, and his mom treats me better than ever
>one day when I was 16 his mom comes to my house after she heard something i told her son about my mom
>she screams at her and shit, and my mom just tells her to take me and fuck off if she cares so much
>she does
>I feel grateful but also kind of like she shouldn't have done that

im not even that tall but he was way shorter than me. so id say like 5'5
File: vts0x.png (449KB, 704x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449KB, 704x480px
FYI, in case anyone is interested in being able to save and view this thread later, it's been archived: http://4archive.org/b/thread/590123263
> Pic related: Omar comin', yo! His character may have been gay, but dude was as hardcore and cool as they come!


I'd kill myself if I was that short
Keep posting! Also, details, please! When you get a chance, describe what she looks like/her body type, please. Also, do you have a big dick? What all did you do with her? Did you cum inside her? Did your friend find out? Are you still friends with the friend and/or the mom?
i feel the worse about him though because he was such a nice guy. i think he thought of me like a son and appreciated that i was looking out for his
>I spent the next week entirely at her house and felt bad for freeloading
>but i did have fun chilling with my friend for so long
>never masturbated the whole week, it just felt like I couldn't in that house
>his mom seems weird in this time though, bright like she hasn't been since before her husband kicked the bucket
>wearing makeup around the house and shit
>oh well, at this point she's basically asexual to me so I don't give a fuck
>one evening my friend was out with his gf
>at the time tfw no gf
>really want to rub one out
>consider just doing it in the shower
>his mom's in the shower
>start watching tv instead
>about at half-mast the entire time
>eventually she comes out into the living room in a towel with another one wrapping her hair
>even someone you've never thought of that way can be hot in this mood
>she's not a fucking rat but she's not ugly, just plain
>the towel tells me she's got good hips and a rack that might be a couple of years past its best but still big
>she's already put makeup on, wut
>she walks over and sits next to me just watching tv
>jeepers batman this is uncomfortable
>9-10 inches
>dick all the way down her throat
Bullshit lol

A lot of these stories are bullshit
your story should just have a big brazzers logo on it the whole time
Go on
File: 1419924435141.png (983KB, 612x957px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983KB, 612x957px
I was in a 3 year relationship. The first year was great, the last 2 years were fucking mentally taxing. She was a nice person (I guess) but she had practically ZERO interest in sex and she was pretty closed minded. I cheated on her about 5 times throughout the last 1.5 years of our relationship.

1. Messed around with one of our mutual friends. Blonde, blue eyes, nice tits, Education major blahblahblah (I'm still friends with her.)

2. Straight up emotionally cheated with the one girl I could have actually had a future with. Artsy, Photography major, slender, sexy, free spirit. She died in a car wreck the middle of my senior year in college - feltbadman.jpeg

3. Fucked around with a percussionist (Music Education major). Good with her hands.

4. Fooled around with this french hornist from another school when I went home for the summer. She smoked me out in my car then proceeded to give me the absolute best head I have ever received.

5. Emotionally cheated and then physically fucked around with the lead actress in a musical I was playing in the pit for.

Been single for a year now. The ex will never know. Also, I'm pretty sure this is her but I didn't take it...so apparently she's dated another /b/tard.
are you me?
>she asks me if I've got a girlfriend
>hand on shoulder, tells me not to worry about it, I could have my pick etc. etc.
>I'm thinking I'm making this weird because I'm horny
>She's just being flirty and shit
>I want to go shower right fucking now
>she leans over me to grab the remote
>I blatantly stare down her cleavage because 16
>she smelled ridiculously pleasant
>Didn't notice for a few seconds the height of the boner I had
>she mutes the tv and looks in the other direction leaving me baffled
>turns back and hugs me hard
>return uncertainly
>Then she kisses me
>she probably went for cheek and missed right yeah must be--
>tongue in my mouth
>I have no idea what to do
>Eyes darting around the room
>feel hands getting in my clothes
>Praying for convenient distraction
>She breaks off and starts kissing my neck
>she managed to pull my pants just down enough
>first handjob of my life begins
>I mutter something about this being a surprise
>she mumbles something about 'needing it'
>a feeling of responsibility sets it
>I start justifying it all
>I've been freeloading, she's stood up for me, she's been lonely etc.
>Still wicked uncomfortable
>She doesn't start blowing me and when she stands up I think she's finished
>Towels down, both
>She hops right on and fucks me
>Wet hair slapping me in the face
>I'll admit it was the greatest pleasure, and for a while I totally loved it
>Kissed a lot
>Came in her, though she seemed surprised and worried about that
>She left me alone and cleaned up while I just sat there thinking about it
>We never spoke about it again, but by sheer force of pretending she managed to make it seem like everything was normal with us after a while
>I still see her, but every time I have to conceal minor discomfort.
Hey, sorry for not replying sooner. I checked out those vids and that woman is hot! Do you recall any more details about this guy fucking his boss? And did he post in a thread on here about that? I was thinking you were referring to the woman in the vids being the same blonde females in those pics.

As for that blonde girl in those pics, do you know any more about her or that story?
We meet again.
File: 133687537832411.gif (2MB, 390x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 390x285px
>be five
>playing toy story on ps1
>sitting on computer chair
>my sister about 12-13 comes in wearing nothing but a bikini and sits on computer chair with me
>she asks for a go so i give her controller
>she start bouncing up and down rubbing her ass on my crotch
>puts controller down
>she grabs my hands and makes me rub her nipples
>shes got tiny boobs
>her nipples were hard and i had no idea wtf was going on so i just passed it off like it was nothing

few months pass, I start preschool. 2nd week I got the flu so I had to stay home, both parents work so my sister also stayed home to babysit me

>she is on the couch
>tell me to come to her so I did
>she pulls down her underwear
>she pulls my pants down
>she grabs my butt and pushes it near her crotch
>my penis is inside her
>its rock hard
>she starts pushing my butt back and forth
>i have my first orgasm
>weird as fuck so i went to my room
>everytime I touched my penis I got this insane tingling feeling
>mfw I was raped by my sister
>cum is nutrition for babies.
No, that's not how placentas work.
I am Groot.
1) Yes, I've fucked a girl who was in a relationship. Fucked a black girl (I'm white). Friends gf sent me nudes a few times.
2) Nah. Had some opportunities but I'm not about that.
3) Yeah. A friend found a magnum condom in my wallet and started asking about my size. One thing turned into another and we fucked.
4) Not really. Fucked my friend then fucked her cousin a few hours later, neither of them know. Fucked my ex in the ass in a room full of friends who may or may not have been sleeping.
WE are groot.
Craig's list.....works?
Almost fucked a gorilla-looking girl off there. She was about to get the motel but she was too ugly. But it works sometimes.
Groot. Post moar nudes.
No, but you did guess another friend's name, so my sphincter reacted a little.
File: charlottes butt.jpg (544KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
charlottes butt.jpg
544KB, 1280x960px
>dun dun dddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
Yeah lol, this dick barely looks like 6 inches. I think I'm bigger than him, and I'm NOT 9 inches.
8 inches is something like 99.8% in the US

Is this what's really qualifies as "big"?
If so, I'm fuckin hung.
that cant possibly be true
timestamp meow
7" or bigger according to my friends
b8, average is between 5 and 5 and a half.
File: wam.jpg (58KB, 577x748px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 577x748px
Tell Groot about Groot's woes.
That girls name Lindsay by chance?

Nah, he posted in a cheating thread I started. He told me he posted a lot more. He greentexted some stuff but I lost most of it. Wasn't anything detailed or special. The videos are the best. I messaged him on motherless asking for more. We'll see what happens. He was last active 2 hours ago.

As for the blonde, still a mystery. Those pics were also originally posted in a cheating thread I started and the dude claimed it was someones fiance but I don't know any more than that.
Had a girlfriend at the time, made out with a buddies ex a few weeks after they broke up, asked girlfriend for a threesome with said buddy's ex and proceeded to fuck both. Wasn't that good because of severe whiskey dick.
Groot tried suicide twice in 2013 and managed to live through it. Groot very unsatisfied with life even after making progress. Groot stayed up in bed last night thinking "I stayed alive for this?".

Sorry he told me he had more, but he never posted it, just 3 videos.
i pretty much did this once, though she was single and i stopped trying to reach for pussy and settled with tits and ass
>be me 14
>in room with friends gf
>playing xbox
>360 noscoping the scrubs
>gf says she is bored
>sits on the arm of the couch
>i put down controller, and look at her
>she says with the most fucking sexiest voice ever, im really horny ;)
>mfw omg it is time
>she sits on my lap, we start kissing
>put my hand up her shirt and start playing with her boobs
>Ragging boner waiting to be free
>she slides down and unzips my pants
>dick springs out, she is surprised from the size
im only about 6.5" then
>she starts to rub her hand along the shaft
>then starts sucking
>and sucking
>and sucking
>then i blow a load in her mouth
>she swallows it and keeps sucking
>she stops and pulls of her shorts and panties
>lays down on floor
>i return favour and lick her vag
>after like 5 mins i move up and slide my dick on top of her vagina, then i insert.
>mfw it feels so fucking good
>blow a load in her vag
>she looks at me like wtf
>she said dw ill sort that out
>she goes back to giving me a blow job
>i say im cumming, and she lets me blow a load on her face, then she licks it all off

Best day of my life so far
Keep thinking that
fuck's wrong with you

Nice fantasy faggot
Which part
> Ragging boner
File: bsNrs1u.png (132KB, 1050x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 1050x680px
Average is between 5 and 5.5.
i cant believe you got trips with such a shitty fake story.

>ragging boner
Great you made your sons mom a whore. Way to be a dad
I was 17 and it was around Christmas time. I was at a friends house and his grandmother was staying for the month but, let me get on with mys story. I was sleeping on his couch because he had been partying at another friends and behold hid grandma come out and woke me up. She had said that her husband had died two years ago so, I said I was sorry about that and she said"I want you" so I went to guest bedroom and we fucked. She gave me a bj and she let me do anal.
File: Untitled.png (1MB, 1913x1171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1913x1171px
let me guess your a jew and she isnt
File: 3.jpg (77KB, 604x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 604x453px
My ex (left) and her "childhood friend" who she ended up cheating on me with. I walked in on it. Swore of women for about 2 years.
thats fucked dude
File: ForeFather0051.jpg (34KB, 312x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 312x237px
ill raise the boy
the sunglasses say it all. they were meant to be together
cheated on my fiancee with the girl in the photo.
fiancee didn't care much for having sex as much as I did.
this girl posted on craigslist wanting a nsa thing.
met her in a parking lot, we went back to her house while her husband was out of town, she put her kid to bed and I fucked her like she's never been fucked before(so she said).
I also came more in her than I think I ever had before. Nice size tits with great big areolas. Super wet pussy.
>tfw actually fucked your mom

post moar of her
re archived
>hit up ex
>ayyyy lmao
>she has new boyf
>albino beta neckbeard but has cash
>one day hes at work
>she tells me to come over
>fuck her three times on his bed
>she tells me how I'm bigger than him
>she tells me how I have so much more stamina than him
>cum like a thousand suns
>eat his sandwich that he was looking forward to after work

feels good man
yea. a while back my dad actually asked me if i ever had a thing going on with her so im not sure how sneaky we were. i obviously told him no though lol she shaped my sexuality though and i can attribute most of my fetishes to shit we've done together.

Mine was an encounter from craigslist like a year ago?

>browsing clist
>ad says I just want vanilla sex
>find some girl, looks cute in pics, w/e
>go to her house that night, pretty big apartment.
>says her friend is sleeping on the floor.
>be quiet for his sake, he's always wanted to tap that ass.
>get down to it
>fuck her for a good 20 or so minutes, cum in her mouth.
>says she wants round 2 when I'm ready
>I ask where the bathroom is(I have to pee after I cum)
>says right across from her room
>I enter, its a fucking babies room.
>tell her that was the wrong door
>says oh sorry, its the one next to it.
>ask who the guy on the floor REALLY is.
>My husband and I are getting divorced soon, so I don't count this as cheating.
> after I take a piss, I continue out the door and leave her ass for good after blocking her number.

I'm still salty about it.
have a shit load more at home
beta. shouldve fucked her in babbys bed

>Those disgusting nips

Into the trash it goes
Bro I can almost guarantee we were in the same small circle of friends from 8 until the end of high school.
when I was 17 I fucked this hot single milf down the street. she calls me a few weeks later and asks me to come over. go over expecting crazy sex but says she wants me to watch her 14 yr old hot daughter for the weekend while she goes off to fuck some sugar daddy. I balk but she says if her daughter is game I have the go ahead to fuck her lel. I was in heaven with that little slut sub for 4 yrs till I moved away for work .
My whole life is dirty sex stories
1. Yes a couple of my girlfriends friends, and my sister. And my roommates girlfriend.
2. No
3. I don't have a big dick so no
4. Roommates girlfriend when he was passed out drunk. My sister in the upstairs bathroom while our extended family was having a bbq in the backyard.

>my favorite fuck ever just because of how fucked up it was
fucked my best friends fresh ex when he was in the airforce.shit was cash right about to the point when i fell in love with her.
The baby was in the bed lol. And I dont like being a part of someone cheating. I feel like a scumbag
>learned to speak Swedish
Oh also fucked my neighbor after she spent the day with her boyfriend... Who was in jail and it was his birthday

That we pretty cash too
Groot can get wood whenever Groot wants wood.
>the baby was in the bed

i know man. thats the point!


No lol

Am I the only fucking guy on earth who doesn't photograph every sexual encounter??
No lol

Am I the only fucking guy on earth who doesn't photograph every sexual encounter??>>590153556
That chick was responding to a request by mike that she write his name on her body.
>average erect length: 5.75 +/- 0.83
> mfw you think 5<5.75<5.5
in high school my friends mom had a threesome with two of my other friends

>What are facebook photos
gf is a teacher in high school. I once fucked a student of hers.

She was smoking hot and hit on me at a party, we ended up in her van, fucking, until gf knocked at the van's door.

She still doesn't know we were fucking.

Pretty inappropriate, isn't it?
when i was 19 i fucked the chief of police's 14 y/o daughter while he was home

can greentext i suppose if someone wants
A friend of mine has naked pics of my gf who has big tits and shaved pussy after I drunkly sent them to the wrong email account. She doesn't like my gf and display shows her Freinds them and tells me what they think which bothers me but also turns me on!
not you again HAHAHAH
No everyone on b has an 8-10 inch monster

>we are the .01%
I heard that story before!!
These are all hard to believe having actually happened. Do you have any pics of any of these females? Is this sister you refer to a biological sister? And have you been confronted/violently assaulted by any of the boyfriends of these females you claim to have fucked?

Did he find out about this? If so, what did he do to you/her? Did he confront you? Try to fight you? Do you have any pics of this female?

I am the OP of this thread, and I patiently waited for him to post this entire story, and I am inclined to believe that this actually took place. Unless, he made the shit up as he was greentexting, or had it pre-written and then took the time to delay posting it, so that it would seem to be authentic, I'm pretty certain this is a real encounter that he described.

You want to elaborate on this story? Did the friend's whose mom has the threesome find out about it? If so, what did he do/try to do to the friends who fucked his mom? Are they still friends? What did/does his mom look like? Big tits? Fat ass? Nice face? How old was she/them? How exactly did it happen? And where/what city/state did this take place?

I'm pretty certain that you've posted that story before; possibly, more than once. You were actually able to talk your GF out of thinking that you had been fooling around with the girl in the van, right? And she was tall and really sexy? And you only fucked around with her that one time?

Please post these pics you refer to! I like big tits and while I prefer a pussy with hair, I also like shaved pussies. May we see these pics, too, please?
How did you explain this away?
Nice one, dudes. Indeed, I talked about this story before, on similar thread. And indeed, I spoked with gf while fucking the girl. Pretty weird!

I've been with gf for 8 years and this is the only time I fucked another girl. I kissed some girls, but nothing serious, you know.
My gf would lose her kind if I posted her on the net!
File: chuckling.gif (1MB, 800x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 800x533px

We didnot get naked, we kissed furiously, she was wearing a dress, so I removed her panties, pulled my dick out and started fucking her. So when gf knocked at the van's door, I just put my dick back in my pants and get out.

She was very angry, anyway !

>be me, 19, didnt go to college
>kind of a loser, hung around high school parties
>hooking up with one girl at a kegger i threw for the high school kiddies
>she was young lookin, like a freshman but i figured whatever im not 21
>she had a tight little ass, perky b cups, dark black and wavy hair, creamy white skin the kind you wanna lick
>anyway im basically groping this girl in public and i was gonna take her upstairs but she said she had to go home or her dad would kill her
>i wanted to fuck her, and im no stranger to danger (its actually my middle name), so i asked if i could go
>she said yea and so i kicked everyone out and walked with her to her place
>im playing with her ass and kissing her the whole way
>we start talking a little and i find out shes in 8th grade.
>eh whatever, still not the youngest i thought
>she also told me she was a virgin and her dad is a cop
>these two things were also not firsts for me but all at once? i began to think i was getting in over my head
>sure enough we get to her place and theres a cruiser in the driveway
>she tells me to just be quiet and we can make it to her room without him knowing
>sure as shit we do and she begins to blow my mind
>for a teenager she could suck dick good
>when i fucked her, she started to bleed and scream out and i panicked
>i covered her mouth and told her to shut the fuck up
>i didnt realize i was still fucking her when i was saying this and she started to cry
>fuck it i was hell bent on finishing
>i was so close when i heard, "hailey!? whats going on are you alright!?"
>her dad busts in the door and sees his deflowered daughter underneath me and my bare ass and stupid face looking back at him
>i recognized him as officer jenkins, he was the police chief, an older guy, the force had taken to calling him Old Man
>he was still in his uniform and he drew his gun on me
>get the fuck down! old man jenkins screamed
>get on the floor!
>everybody walk the dinosaur
post her nudes
Yes she is biological
I have fickrd my girlfriends friends... Why they never told her I dot know girls are fucked up.

And idk his girlfriend had a crush on me probably she was pissed and wanted to get at him the only way women can (with pussy)
>threesome story

i always thought she was ugly and i dont really have a story worth greentexting. she was a single mom and would let him throw parties in high school and my two friends fucked her. he was sucha faggot about it though and acted like he didnt care
>at university, have a girlfriend who I live with (and three other guys)
>have the ground floor room which I share with her
>one day she's out partying with a bunch of people from her drama group
>I have 4-5 friends over at the house, one is a 6/10 1st year student who clearly is falling for me
>I've sexted her a few times, actually a virgin
>Everyone goes home but her, she sleeps on the couch because her residences are too far to travel without taxi and she's poor
>I go to bed, about 3am gf comes in drunk and immediately goes to sleep
>4am get up and go to the toilet, walk past the sleeping girl, remember she's there
>in the bathroom begin to fantasise about this girl, get a boner
>haven't had sex all day, horniness overrides common sense/cowardice
>take a couple deep breaths, go back into the living room
>she turns her head, she's clearly awake but doesn't say anything
>she's in a sleeping bag (it's winter and cold), kneel down beside the couch and whisper in her ear "are you ok?". She nods but doesn't say anything.
>Slide my hand down the front of her sleeping bag, she's wearing a vest top but no bra, gently squeeze her tits and rub her nipples
>slide my hand further down, she's soaking wet
>motion for her to sit up, sit down where she was before, she lies back down
>Pull my cock out, she doesn't even hesitate but just starts slurping it, manages to get a respectable amount down her throat
>stretch and begin to rub her clit, she comes almost straight away
>five minutes later I blow my load in her mouth, i'm a heavy cummer and it was loads but she swallowed it all, or most of it, couldn't see well in the dark
>kissed her and went to bed, front of my boxers wet from her saliva and my cum

>next morning gf woke up really horny like she always is with a hangover and we fucked early. Told her she'd have to be quiet because friend was sleeping on the couch next door


>when i was in high school, this good looking Americanized/hispanic chick had a huge crush on me
>had ENORMOUS tits and an average build elsewise
>i wanted to fuck her, but not date her
>she wasnt having it, since she was a virgin, so i moved on
>soon after, my slightly beta friend and her start talking
>they begin to date
>they date all throughout the rest of high school and go off to the same college together
>we all hang out with other friends, and she seems to always have a lingering crush on me
>at the time of this story, they'd been together around 7 years
>one summer, she comes home but he stays up at school
>we're talking online and somehow start talking about fucking while her bf/my friend is still away
>we make plans for me to come over


>i go to her house
>we watch some terrible fucking movie
>i try to make moves during movie, she gets super anxious and shy
>we make out, but dont fuck
>she tells me "come back tomorrow - i promise we'll do it then"
>so i go home, rather disappointed, but return the next night
>almost immediately we start fucking
>she's very self-conscious because she's only slept with my friend and isn't sure if she's good or not
>she's also never had an orgasm before and isn't sure if it's her or my friend's less-than-stellar peen
>while fucking her, she's dry like sandpaper, so i know it's probably something about her and not him
>i suggest lube

>so some other night, we get lube, she lubes up, and we go at it again
>this time, she cums and quakes and shivers and screams and goes fucking bananas
>her first orgasm
>now she's fucking addicted to me and my dick
>i'm now seeing her on a regular basis and fucking her, and i'm worried she's falling for me
>on one particular night, i go over to her parents house, where's she dog-sitting, while her parents are out at some concert
>i tell her i want to fuck her on her parents pool table

>she's worried about me fucking her on the pool table because it's right in front of the front door, and if someone comes home, they'll catch us 100%
>talk her into it anyhow
>i'm tall, so i stand next to the pool table while she lays on the green felt and i fuck her hard
>her giant tits are flopping and she's moaning and quickly oblivious to anything other than her pleasure
>i suggest we go fuck in her parents shower
>concern about her parents come home has vanished and we head toward the shower
> be new years eve 2 days ago
> have like 6 friends and gf of 4 years over
> we're all drinking a lot
> I go outside to smoke a cigarette with a buddy of mine
> Come back inside
> find my gf and one of my close friends in basement
> they're both wasted
> she's jerking him off while he grabs her tits
> I'm literally too drunk to care
> go back upstairs
> 30 minutes later they come back up
> they still don't know I know
File: disgusting-wwe.jpg (67KB, 680x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 680x477px

>personally, there are certain things i enjoy as much as the sex itself
>one, is the pursuit
>two, is watching a girl get undressed
>there's just something about watching a girl take her clothes off in front of you- for you, while she's aware you're watching her
>so you can imagine how i felt when i watched this girl with enormous tits get undressed in front of me in her parents bathroom
>we get into the shower, and i fuck her up against the ice cold wall
>then i fuck her up against the glass wall, pressing her tits against the glass and watching the reflection through the mirror after wiping the steam/condensation away

>we get out of the shower, and i prop her up on the bathroom sink counter, wrapped in her towel, and continue fucking her
>at this point, she has never made me cum
>a few weeks later, our friends are having a get together
>everyone gets drunk, and this chick needs a ride home
>i volunteer
>no one thinks anything of it
>her and i know what's going to happen
>on the way home, i pull off into some parking lot and she climbs on top of me
>i start pumping like a mad man, extending my legs really hard, trying to get myself to cum quicker
What's the difference?

>rather than bringing myself to orgasm faster, i give myself a charlie horse right in my god damned ass cheeks
>so i have to throw her off of me, and i start groaning like i'm going to fucking die
>i turn all red and keep groaning and she's asking what the fuck happened
>i tell her what's happening and she thinks it's fucking hilarious
>needless to say, sex was canceled and she still had yet to ever make me cum
>so finally...
more pics of her?
8/8, i think

>so, finally, my friend comes down from college, and i think the sex is done
>we're having another party at a guy's house, and we all head over there
>the host needs ice, so he and my friend (the girl's boyfriend) leave to go to the store, leaving me and his lady behind
>without any talking or permission or planning, she starts stroking my dick while i play video games
>she unzips my pants and starts giving me head
>i tell her she better be careful, as i'm sensitive as fuck and going to blow really easily
>she tells me to let her know when, cuz she hates cum and warns me she may puke if i cum in her mouth
File: image.jpg (53KB, 480x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 480x720px
>I've fucked a mutual friend of me and my girlfriend
>so has she, so technically it's not cheating
>it was in secret though
>because she could feel my 9" erection through my trousers
>she swallowed, promised to stay quiet about it
>fucked my girlfriend less than two weeks later
>mfw we almost landed a three way relationship
Got a blowjob from one of my best friends girlfriend. They were both cool with it. His gf is descent looking but he knows id never do anything with her without permission. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?
9/8 derp

>so she's going down on me, and gives me AMAZING head
>my buddy had told me how awesome her blowjobs were
>he was right
>she sucks, twirls her tongue, and strokes with impressive intervals and timing
>within no time, i tell her i'm gonna cum
>she takes her mouth off, strokes me, and i bust on her chin and lips while she's giggling, "i made you cum! hahaha, i finally made you cum!" etc
>she wipes her mouth off, we go back to playing video games, and our friends get back in another 15 minutes or so
>she kisses her boyfriend, my friend, and i feel bad for him

the end. they just broke up a few months ago after having been together for 11 years. he never found out about me fucking his girl
You're an asshole.

Just die.
are you me?
Was he cool with it beforehand, or did you let him in on it after the fact?
If a woman is going to cheat, it may as well be with you. If it isn't you, it'll be someone else, so why not enjoy the forbidden pussy?

If no one finds out, no one is hurt.
Fucked my married cousin a few times. Received the best blowjob of my life. She's leaving him and moving nearby.
lel back to bumblr

>fast forward 3 months or so

>girl now has a bf, ugly as fuck guy who loves her a lot
>she still wants my dick and occasionally sends pics and stuff
>always had a fantasy to have sex in the university library but gf was never up for it
>there were these quiet study rooms which were infamous for it, booked one out for like 10 days pre-exams, two hours a week or so.
>couple weeks later I text her and ask her if she's going to be around university tomorrow
>she says yes, so i tell her I've got a room booked and she should come for a study session
>she says she can't because she has bf and feels really bad, and she loves him etc
>I tell her the details anyway, tell her to come if she wants to

>About 30 minutes into my study I guessed she wasn't coming and actually started concentrating
>She turns up, she's wearing a dress (it's spring) with no tights and heels
>literally looks like she's on a night out.
>she comes in and I lock the door
>Only one chair in the room, I tell her to sit on my knee
>pull up her dress, she has no panties on underneath, says she took them off in the toilets on the way
>her pussy is wet already, I bend her over the table and start licking her pussy
>She tells me to fuck her, I get out a condom and make to put it on but she says she's on the pill cos bf
>Pull out my dick and slide it into her, takes forever because she's so tight and apparently her bf has a bit of a microdick (I'm not huge)
>After a few minutes of frantic fucking, I pull out and turn her over so I can see her face
>start fucking her again... suddenly vibration noises
>she looks panicked and I pull out, she opens her handbag and it's her bf calling cos she told him she was in the library studying and he's turned up looking for her, can't find her.
>She tells him she's unwell and she had to go to the bathroom because she was worried she'd throw up
>whilst she's talking to him, she's still on her back with her dress up
i'm just gonna leave this here...

I fucked my wife's mom. I've actually never told anyone that.

We were all drinking... Friends leave... Wife passes out upstairs in bed... I'm up... Mother in law comes over next to me... Asks me if my wife has nice boobs...


I said yes... She says hers are better...

i was hoping to find some stolen sister nudes in here
kewl did you fuck it behind you laptops back?
American Pie is a good movie
no stop faggot
True Story... But Nevermind
the Nirvana album? what about it?
i dont believe any married man has typed the words dafuqshesaid
pics or GTFO
top kek
Yea, that happened. Mock restaurants breaking out all over town.
Omfg faggot fuck off with your shitty 10000 question threads I told you before
Continue fucker
lel its doing pretty good
you mad bro?
why post?
Femanon here, so I can't exactly match up perfectly with what you've asked for, but I did once fuck my friend's boyfriend basically the moment she left for work. Also used to have this routine with this guy where he would drop off his girlfriend at her house for the night, then immediately come pick me up and fuck me in the middle of the night.
Fucked my friends mom once

>lonely milf divorced
>they had a new tv
>watching the movie on couch
>friend is sitting on chair
>his mom sits next to me and is watching
>friend falls asleep
>his mom and I keep getting closer
>friend still asleep
>fuck yeah make a move
>make out with his mom
>get herbalist off
>she is running my junk
>realize friend is awake
>we all state at each other
>friend gets up and goes to his room
>I fuck his mom on the couch

Sort of killed the friendship

>push her legs open, she doesn't really like that but do it anyway
>slide back inside her whilst she tries to reassure her bf that she's fine
>start to pound her pussy mercilessly whilst she goes practically cross-eyed trying not to make any noises to give her away
>eventually lets out a moan and panics, literally feel her pussy/ass clench through my dick
>tells her bf she's going to throw up and puts the phone down on him
>i put her legs over my shoulders and go even harder, have my hands on her thighs and she grabs my wrists with her eyes rolled into her head and orgasms hard
>few seconds later i push balls deep in her and fill her womb with sperm
>spend a few minutes in that position then she digs panties out her bag and goes to meet her boyfriend to make sure he's not panicking
>later tells me that she had never had an orgasm during sex before
>says that she could feel it in her all night when they were together at home
Dump her u cuck
I have recently done 2)/still do:

>girl in my class is solid 9/10, but also hates me
>we have different opinions on pretty much everything and she always starts stupid discussions or bitches about my views
>also bitches at my humor, at me being sexist (she actually isn't a full blown feminazi, but she still gets mad about "sexist" remarks) and pretty much everything
>I enjoy teasing her and making her angry
>we end up always competing in class
>she's pretty smart, it's good competition
>important test coming up
>make her so angry, she agrees to a bet: Who scores higher in the test gets to own the other for a day
>actually win by one point
>she may be a bitch, but she keeps her word
>for one day she does everything I say
>obviously use this to fuck her
>have fantastic hate sex
>she actually seems to get into it quite a bit, even though she's to proud to show it at first
>I also take pictures of her
>she thinks it's over
>next time I meet her in the hall, I grab her ass
>she gets angry, telling me I had my fun and to now fuck off
>just remind her of the pictures
>end up fucking her whenever I want
To be honest, by now she'd probably fuck me even without getting blackmailed. She got more and more into it over the time. But she also turned out to be pretty submissive and this shit seems to turn her on, so I still occessionally remind me I have her in my hand. And she mostly plays along, probably because she's still too proud to fully admit to enjoying getting fucked by me.

I have also done 1) by fucking my sister's best friend once, but that's not much of a story.
It needs to be said; what a sorry bunch of faggots and rapists. There are days when /b/ plumbs new nadirs of emptiness.
Hey, she looks like this other hot girl I know.
Just like every fucking thread, so many questions that it makes things boring.

Just shut the fuck up and let people post their shit.
Be me 12
Have sister 14
Her n friend in bathrrom
Need something they say come in
Both in bra and underwear
Friend says let's see your dick
Sis yeah you've got a nice one
Pull it out
Friend starts touching it get hard
Gets down starts sucking it
Sister laughs says WTF
Eventually they are taking turns and making out too
Finish on Friends tits
Moar stories. MOAR
>by fucking my sister's best friend once, but that's not much of a story.
Sounds like a story to me
holy fuck back to twitter/tumblr/fb you fucking faggot
so long gay boy!
File: photo.jpg (73KB, 360x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 360x359px
this dinosaur story reminded me of a real story

>be 19, attending university (2004)
>spring semester is winding down
>my ritual for this time of year is to talk to all the girls i know back home, to see which ones i'll be spending my time with, and hopefully fucking
>i also start using the MySpace "browse" feature to find girls back home that i'm going to try and fuck while i'm down
>while searching, i come across a girl who lives about 30 min from me
>she's 16
>we talk for weeks, i play it honorable so i dont seem like the perv i am, and she buys it
>one night toward the end of the summer, while chatting, she tells me she's going on vacation and won't be back til X date
>i tell her i'll be gone back to school by then, and there's no way we can meet
>"unless we meet tonight"
>it was like 1am, but i took a super fast shower and drove to see her about 30 min away
>her house had an alarm and her parents were sleeping, so she had to sneak me through some sliding glass door that was deactivated or some shit
>we go to her room and i'm feeling major adrenaline
>her parents are only a room away and i'm a college kid trying to fuck their 16 year old daughter
>we go to her room, make out, she grinds on top of me a bit, but tells me she isn't sure about the sex part
>i pull out my usual line
>"we don't have any mutual friends. so even in the worst case scenario if i tell everyone about our sex- (which i wont do)- no one you know will ever find out. even if they tell all theyre friends, it'll never get back to you. our circles dont cross at all"
>bitch recognized the logic and felt more comfortable
>so i start to take her shirt off, and she tells me to leave it on in case her parents wake up and come in

File: 1420226170707.jpg (42KB, 329x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 329x265px

Jesus Christ, it's like your knowledge of how people react to things comes solely from low-budget daytime soap operas.
>parents come in
>we all have a good time
the end
File: sadf.jpg (207KB, 724x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 724x720px
>so, again, i use logic
>"if your parents come in, we're already fucked. whether your clothed or not wont make a difference"
>again, success
>i proceed to undress her
>i decide to not mention the condoms in my pocket
>she's 16, she's too inexperienced to have any STDs
>so i go bareback
>she's only like 5'0" (i'm 6'3"), so my dick fucking her is like plugging a pinhole with a watermelon
>she was able to muffle her screams rather well, but her bed was squeaky as fuck
>i was concerned her parents would hear, so i made her get on the floor
>nope, no dinosaur, true story
>she cums, breathes heavy, and tells me to finish up, after reality starts to sink in her (presumably)
>so i thrust faster and feel like i'm gonna cum
>so i pull out and jerk it all over her stomach and some on her tits
>a few years later, she attended my same university, but the one time i saw her she was on her period, so we never fucked again
I see a lot of greentext, so I'm bumping.
>be me
>be 20
>adopted father needs wingman at a club celebrating his birthday
>he's hitting on this 40-year-old woman
>she's stacked as fuck
>she tells me the story of how he helped her fix her laptop
>realize thats why he had me on the phone asking me computer questions
>MFW it was me who fixed her laptop
>tell her the real story
>suddenly we are making out
>go back to her place
>fuck like wild
>wake up, fuck like wild again
>her kids bust thru the door
>they are my age
>go home
>have buttsex with girlfriend

no regrets
>kids bust through the door
>they are my age

so 20 year old kids busted through their mom's door to wake her up and shower her with hellos?

worst lie ITT

show tits?
shes probably fat and has a problem with stealing other peoples dildos
how did she lick all of the cum off of her own face? you fuck a giraffe or something?

I had sex with my 56 year old grieving neighbor after her 90 year old dad died.

Is that inappropriate? Felt bad when I did it and she sort of stopped talking to me afterward
lol this is what my gf and I do all the time, aside from cumming in her
File: fuckYeaMan.jpg (188KB, 400x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188KB, 400x299px
>Be 44, ex-con, that turned my life around
> very few people know I did a dime in TDC Coffield
>22 y.o. blackmails my 14 y.o. daughter into using web cam
>Old cellie owes me a solid
>mfw, Detective tells me that perp seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth
Banged a 63 year old I picked up from a bar due to a bet. I was 20 and about to deploy, no regrets. Oddly enough she wasn't as dry as Death Valley.
>"Big Dick Domination

she probably stopped seeing you because you lied about having a big dick.

we can see it. it isn't.

she can deepthroat. she may be worth face fucking after all.
Worse I let my 15 year old cousin give me a blow job at my grandmas wake

He was there at the time. She had a crush on me for a long time and kept asking for a 3some. We went to to it but i just felt guilty the whole time and couldnt fuck her so she gave me my first bj ever. Came buckets was great but overall experience was kinda awkward cause he was watching the whole time
В этом сборище долбоебов и дегенератов, очевидно жи есть.
holy shit. this was nice
My story contains both 1 and 2, I guess.

>have pair of hot identical twin sisters at school
>my best friend is dating one of them
>other one is single
>tried to get with her, but she can't really stand me
>my friend is on vacation
>me and his girlfriend go to some party
>he told me to watch over her
>spent the party together, drinking and talking
>there's obvious sexual tension, the alcohol helps
>offer to drive her home
>once we are there she invites me up for another drink with her
>tells me how she misses sex since her boyfriend is away and how she's horny half the time now
>one thing leads to another and we fuck
>take out my phone to film/take pics
>she's too drunk and/or too horny to care
>let's me take a nice pic with cum all over her face
>never talk about this again, my friend never finds out
Some months later:
>the single sister is a bitch again
>gets angry at me for some shit, annoys the fuck out of me
>remember the pictures
>decide to get back at her
>send her a message, telling her to come over and fuck me
>she writes me back, how dare I, never ever would she, etc.
>"But we already did have sex"
>"wtf are you talking about, asshole?"
>send her some pics from her sister
>she's obviously shocked
>but eventually tells me this was her sister, not her
>"and who's going to be able to tell the difference?"
>tell her to let me fuck her or the whole school is going to see what a slut she is
>keeps whining that she isn't a slut, that it's her sister
>I explain to her that her sister is in a relationship, she isn't
>people will be more inclined to believe her a slut than to believe her sister cheated
>everybody thinks her sister is madly in love with her him
>everybody knows I am his best friend
>nobody would believe we fucked each other
>and neither of us is going to admit to it
>everybody will think her a whore; if she tries to blame her sister they'll just think her a lying whore
>she gives in
>I get a personal sex slave for the rest of highschool
Was she pissed about it or did she eventually come around and enjoy it?
too drunk to care bear
Been fucking this girl that her boyfriend won't have sex with lately because he lives with his parents. I still do as well, but mine are totally oblivious to us fucking. Anyways, she wants more because I can make her experience orgasms she hasn't felt in a very long time. Somehow her boyfriend can't make her squirt, yet I can make her squirt tons of times with out any real effort. Shit, even when she's riding my dick she squirts, I don't know what the fuck her boyfriend is doing wrong because she took my virginity and I'm definitely inexperienced. She's totally fucked up and has daddy issues, so she's way more kinkier than I am, but she still wants to see me because I am willing to do some of her kinks her boyfriend won't do. But I've been thinking of breaking it off anyways, she's just too fucked up mentally. Well, first I have to slap her around before I do that because I found out she's into being degraded.
>> Lesson learned

wrong lesson.

Lesson: NEVER tell. EVER. And deny the fuck out of it if she tells.
She was pissed, but came to accept and later enjoy it. Actually improved our relationship. We are still friends, actually, though we don't fuck anymore.
Thats fucking hot man.
cheaters gonna cheat.
if true, you are a good man.
4 years ago I was blackmailed by my boss to give her sexual favors because of a huge fuck up I caused and she took care of it and let me keep my job.

I had a girl friend at the time and she told me if I wanted to keep my job I'd have to be her personal fuck toy.

She would text me to come to her office, the bathroom, the parking garage, even her house and we'd fuck until she was satisfied.
She was a 7/10, 35 year old woman who was married.
Eventually I got more assertive and aggressive during sex since I stopped giving a shit and started to use her as my toy. She loved being submissive by the end of it.
Not my story but I met a guy who claimed he had sex with his sister the morning of her wedding.

He said he was like 22 and his sister was older and she showed him the dress and I guess they fucked cause she didn't really want o get married?

Idk how Simone could do that but he seemed serious and the guy got laid all the time so I believe him
>>be me 14
>Best day of my life so far

it was yesterday
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