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What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone sleeping /b/? Here's mine:

>be me
>be 15
>at a female friend of mine house
>were hanging out and talking about our daily life struggles.
>she tells me she thinks she has a crush on this one guy but isn't sure he'd go out with her
>me and her had a thing going on at one time but decided not to go for it because she was always indecisive
>tell her she won't know if she doesn't try
>she shrugs of the conversation and we just talk about stupid stuff
>get a text from my grill
>answer it and grill asks what I'm up to
>tell her I'm at best friend girls house
>she gets mad but that's expected
>tell her that I haven't seen her or talked to her in a long time.
Pretype t.
>tell her if she has a problem that well talk later
>she throws a bitch fit and just hangs up on me
>shrug it off but I can't seem to get over being mad
>my friend tells me why do I put up with her and don't just dump her
>contemplate why my life decisions aren't better
>she tells me that if we went out we'd have a fun relationship because we'd be like friends
>friend girl gets tired and we decide to go to sleep
>we share a bed because we're pretty close and don't mind
I know, i started it on impulse
Moyr. I like where this is going.
Please OP, may I have some moar?
>wake up a few minutes later and notice that my friend girl is almost in a state of consciousness and unconsciousness, as if she still hasnt gone to sleep
>ask her if she's still awake but she doesn't reply
>lay back down and stretch my legs
>start to daze off work then I feel something nudging up against my leg
>open my eyes only to find her rubbing her butt against my leg
>think to myself that she just might be asleep
>play along and push against her force
>hear sweet moans escape from her tender lips as the moon light creeps in through her curtains
You sure can
>hear sweet moans escape from her tender lips as the moon light creeps in through her curtains

Faggot detected.
> get too drunk
> fuck at her place, fall asleep
> shit self in night
> she's still asleep
> wipe shit all over her asshole so she thinks it was her
> gtfo
that last line
George RR Martin is that you?
lol more details, weird halfy
Turn towards her and put my arms around her
>whisper an almost mhm gesture asking if this is okay
>hear what I interpret as a yes so I begin to slide in hand down from her heavenly hips to her round scrumptious ass
>grope her nice ass with content
>at this point my cock has increased tenfold
>grab her tits with my other hand
>she doesn't bear much above but below she's more than enough
>be 15 year old me
>11yo sister and her school buddy are having a sleepover
>they were going to share a bed and earlier I heard them joking they better not wet the bed
>go to sleep early, wake up 3am
>sneak into sisters room, peel back covers
>they're only wearing tshirts and undies, I peel her friends undies to the side, fap to her tiny pink bald pussy
>cum on her pussy lips then put her undies back to normal
>start getting worried, the panties are soaked and she might notice they're crusty in the morning
>brilliant idea
>piss all over her pussy and on my sisters pussy, start to fap again
>they start stirring and I disappeared like a ninja
>kek as they wake up and freak out, blame it on each other, have a fight
>her mom has to wake up and picks her up at around 430
>her mom was hot and I fapped at my bedroom window as I watched them leave, came on the wall and watched it drip down while they didn't even realize
>kek and sleep
Lol, i just like to add more details sometimes.
File: 1379911053200.jpg (82KB, 700x714px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Waiting for the spagootr or dinosaur part!
So your cock id a full 3 inches now...Faggot
says the guy imagining how big his cock is
>press against her force for a while more >thingsgetstarttogetheavy.mkv
>she finally lays on her back
>decide to reach down into her pants only to stop to ask if it's all right
>she makes a yes sound, or what is assumed was a yes sound at the time
>start to rub around her clitoris
>Slowly slide her shirt to the side but her bra is latched onto her like some oyster
Try to get it out of the way and she actually moved it in a way that loosens it
Kololololol xDxDxD1!1!
File: 1409482137933.jpg (252KB, 686x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 686x640px
>Suck on her small tits as I rub her clitoris
>at this point she's trembling a bit from the pleasure calling out yes or fuck yes every so
>start to rub my finger inside her lips
>can fell her wetness drooling out
>slowly slide my finger inside her pussy and start to finger her
>she moans out loader and grabs my hair
>she opens her legs more and continues as i do
>and after a while she let's out the words "fuck yes Marty"
Lemme guess, your name isn't Marty...
File: 1418783748122.gif (3MB, 323x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 323x386px
Mfw marty isn't my name

lemme guess, is your mother.
Nah his name is prick mcdick

and you >>589533517 you dumb asshole
post the full copypasta of that story.
100% real story

>be me in college
>friends younger sister, 19, comes to visit
>we throw house party, everyone gets piss wasted
>friends sister passes out on her stomach on the couch
>me and my roommate and her brother are talking in the same room
>we notice she puts her hand down her pants and starts dry humping the couch
>me and my roommate are dying laugh and my friend just face palms because his sister is a notorious whore
>night wears down, everyone leaves
>friend and his sister crash at our place, him in my room, her on same couch
>i go downstairs in my nothing but boxer briefs to piss
>im drunk in the bathroom and cant help but think about her fingering herself in her sleep and i start getting hard
>i go out to where she is and shake her awake
>"do you need anything before i go to sleep?"
>she says yea, she left her contacts in
>i help her take her contacts out and i cant help but eye her up the whole time
>she asks me what i was looking at and i basically eye fucked her in front of her
>she laughs and goes back out to the couch

keep in mind this whole time she is completely trashed

>i keep fighting the urges and i go to walk upstairs and i notice my favorite blanket on the other couch
>i grab it to take upstairs and she says "waaaaiiittt"
>can i use that? and i said noway its mine
>lets share it, she says
>i cozy in next to her and before i even get completely settled we start making out
>shes so drunk she can barely find my mouth
>i go right dont her pants and finger her senseless
>shes moaning in my mouth and rubbing my cock through my underwear
>i take it out and she leans over and starts sucking it while i finger her
>it was just sloppy drunk head
>i asked her if she wanted to fuck and she said yea
>i flip her on her stomach and rip her pants down
>she says wait and grabs for her pants but i stuck my cock in
>she said no wait stop
>but i kept thrusting

Con't, its almost over

Director's Cut
>She somehow got pregnant
>Mom checks, still a virgin
>Girl's mom thinks its a miracle and that your bastard son is Jesus #2 but doesn't want people to think her daughter is a whore
>You lost a child and didn't even know it
>It was Jesus

i just hope you continued your road to fuck.
File: 1370267383166.jpg (15KB, 200x178px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 200x178px
toppest of keks
File: 1418355487877.jpg (18KB, 360x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 360x270px
>instantly freeze with confusion
>start to wonder what life choices i made that lead me to this point
>wonder why she told me she wanted to go out with marty if it was obvious she liked me
>decide that I'm a huge faggot and why bother stopping
>keeping going for a but eventually stop because I've lost my boner
>get up and go wash my hands
>i can't get the smell of her juices off of my hand
>get back in bed
>go to sleep in shame
To the Delorean Marty
This is why i love /b
File: 1419849775733.jpg (14KB, 249x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 20 first house party
>guy throwing it singles me out of the crowd
>"lol who's this faggot I didn't invite you"
>me "uh well I'm blank and I was invited by blank"
>"I don't give a fuck bro I don't know you"
>he starts getting pumped up by the onlooking niggers and skanks and its obvious he's getting brabe enough to swing
>"well my bad man, ill leave I just wanted to share some buds and have some chill times with new people you know"
>ppl start taking my side, say I'm not doing anything bad I'm cool I should stay blahblshblah we smoke some joints of some headies I brought, everybody's chill
>the guy gets super wasted and has to be carried upstairs by 2am
>I wait til the party starts slowing down and sneak up there
>steal about 4 grams of really good coke right from his pocket, take $180 from his walket, steal an unopened bottle of ciroc from his closet, steal his glock 22 and some tacticool accessories, steal about a quarter pound of shitty buds he had
>write MS13 on his tv with a paint pen cause there were some shady looking mexican niggers there earlier and he'd probably blame them
>punch him in the face really fucking hard, he starts snoring weird and choking like he can't breathe, probably cocaine and alcohol poisoning
>kick him in the side of the head super hard
>mfw I found out he had to be taken to the hospital cause of severe alcohol poisoning and cocaine overdose, they think his injuries were from falling and the theft was some beaners
>finally i could tell how hard she was pushing to get away and i pulled out
>she rolls over and pulls her pants on and has this pouty look
>"i just wanna go to bed" and her head it the pillow
>i sobered up instantly and my dick was softer than a serta mattress
>thought for sure i was going to get charged for rape
>didnt go to sleep at all, plotted how to get away with it
>finally around 9am, i kicked her awake
>she springs up and looks at me, a look that told me she remembered something
>"we fucked around last night" i said
>"you came onto me and fooled around but eventually i stopped because you are my friends sister and i cant do that to him. so i wont say anything if you dont"
>she says okay.
>same day i told her brother what "happened," how she was blackout drunk and came onto me
>3 weeks later she comes back, gets drunk and tells everyone i forced myself on her
>friend defends me over her
>got away with it scott free

funny story is i fucked her completely consensual about a year and a half later. sober she was amazing.
> I have killed animals (dogs, cats, racoons, possums ... usually for funor because they annoyed me)
> I have set fires, I even once started a 2,000 acre fire (the fire was on purpose, not the size of the fire)
> I raped a girl in high school (me be 17, her 15), she got prego, never had the kid thoug (never did come to life it was me)
> I hit a guys car while drunk driving, it was parked, I hit it (reported that my car was hit while i was asleep, insurance fraud)
> I raped a girl in college (me be 21 her be 17) never got prosecuted
> I beat my brother's girlfriend when she got pregnant (she had a miscarriage)
> I used to seel pot, framed a dick I knew in college for it(then I sold coke too)
> I raped a girl at work (I used to be a professional landscaper -- I mean gardener) She was 14 I was 25

What do you think was the worst thing I've ever done, besides visit on 4chan?
visit 4chan
File: PARTYAT1.jpg (390KB, 1064x605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
390KB, 1064x605px
like your style, but you're not invited to my party

>Be me
>Girl falls asleep on my couch wearing nothing but panties.
>It's cold in the room
>Go to my room to get extra blanket
>Cover her with it
>Go to my room and fall asleep
>Cooked her breakfast in the morning
Lie on the internet
same but i gave her a bowl of eggs
No one ever lies on the internet
Everyone Lies on the internet ... until you tell the truth which is sometimes so outrageous it looks like a lie ...


And she couldn't leave until she ate ALL OF THEM
i fucked and came in the hand of my sister
I love you anon

I need that picture for situations like this. Can a kind anon provide?
14, free?
My little sister sucked my dick when she was asleep once
I'm actually a dog.

Have a happy new year boy


I wish I had it
I had it bit deleted it to make space for Lolita porn>>589537320
wat? I fucked the babysitter at the house I was working on, It wasn't consensual, never saw her again
Dubs confirm
File: image.jpg (58KB, 453x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 453x576px
Saging with an image
>make space for Lolita porn

lol nice one
I made a girl cum in her sleep, just like in orgasm girl games
I had a shit ton of greentext but my memory got clutered with the already existing 2gb of porn on my SD card
Since it's NYE, reminds me of a past one around this time...

>Be me 19
>Planned to spend NYE with gf who was 17 at the time
>Night before group of friends want to throw hotel party
>I can go, gf can't if she wants to be out on NYE
>Group of friends says please come anon
>I go, use fake ID to buy shitton of alcohol
>We all get wasted
>Start talking to friend of friend of gf
>She's about 6/10, black hair, Italian, chubby but not landwhale, decent tits
>Night goes on, we keep talking and laughing
>Have been talking to gf periodically via phone, that stops
>Friend of friend is super blitzed, can barely stand
>Stumbles onto me and falls into my arms and laughs

so much cheese pizza
We woke up the next day and I pretended that she had a wet dream. To this day I'm not sure if she just played along and her bipolarity mad her chicken out at the last second
No just regular porn. A few beast and some hentai.
File: 500.jpg (40KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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touched and jacked the dick of my friend at a sleepover...
Well actually that's a lie. The ratio of hentai to regular porn is 1/1.2
>666 trips
>Jesus dies
beast with horses?

cheese pizza would be better, wouldnt it?
have you talked to her any more? does she avoide you
I've never found any on here. Nor do I think I'd want to go away for having any
Trips of truth
We stopped being friends because of my grill. I actually broke it off with her recently
Still friends?
Okay, but know that since I'm posting this you have to eat them all.
Damn that blows. Go after her again m8
No >>589538476
>"Haha you're pretty fun anon"
>Eyes meet...yup this is going down
>Start full scale makeout in room full of our friends
>Realize what we're doing...ohshit.jpg
>Friend of friend says she's getting tired and close to passing out
>Party winding down and there is an open bed
>Get her to it and lay her down
>Party for a bit longer and it's bedtime
>Nobody has said anything about our makeout who would if they heard or saw so I'm safe
>Realize there's nowhere for me to sleep
>Climb into bed next to friend of friend
>She's semi passed out but still.conscious
>She mumbles I hoped you'd come back anon
>Asks if everyone is gone, I say they are and.go back to making out again under covers
>She is really forceful with kissing and jams her body up against mine

nice dubs

lurk more, you will find cheese pizza sometimes
aw shiiiiiet
She's too much for me. She can't decided if she wanted to go out with me or not. She's the kind of "wannabe scene" and always says she has bipolar disorder
What ever you say anon.
>Week before my birthday
>plan to have a party at my dads house while he's on holiday
>start off inviting close mates and some girls
>girls ask if they can invite their friends
>soon word gets out that everyone has to bring a friend
>fast forward to my birthday
>around 8pm and 1st group of people arrive (people I've never seen before)
>invite them in anyway
>about 2 hours later there's a house full of people about 70% I actually knew
>at this point I'm already drunk and start stumbling up the stairs
>see 8/10 grill laying at the top of the stairs laughing to herself
>ask if I can join her
>tells me it'd be better if we were in bed
Your point is
Go on
>me and bro got fucked up on some jack
>remember stupid bitch in high school who I liked and gave a lot of attention to decided to stop paying attention to me and go after lil bro
>lil bro dont even want to touch that with a 10 foot pole
>anyways I was a bit heartbroken
> that same night me and lil bro walked to her house
>shat on her stoop
>pissed on her car
>lil bro fucks up and throws empty jack bottle at the house
>light comes on and we bolt the fuck out of there
>turns out she didn't live there no more
>tell lil bro next day
> kek hard
>Makeout turns to me kissing her neck
>She starts moaning and then pulls back
>We shouldn't be doing this anon, you're going out with femanon
>I'm wasted and horny so no going back
>I make up some shit about how we're basically broken up and don't talk ever, blah blah blah
>She buys it and goes back to making out
>I start lifting up her shirt, she resists at first but gives in
>Suck on and play with her tits for a while and go back to the moanspot on her neck
>Her hand starts reaching for my cock through my jeans
>She says "you want me to suck your dick anon?"
>Sloppy drunk head ensues although one time she briefly seems like she's choking back puke from drinking
>I go for the kill and reach for pants
>Have them unbuttoned and hand moves down
>Reach her vagoo and engage clitoral stimulaton

you all live way more adventurous lifes than I do
I squirted toothpaste and mustard into my friends mouth and nose
i know dat feel bro
I have a story about how I fucked a girl in a refrigerator once
Prewriten and all
File: 1401611327808.jpg (10KB, 194x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 194x259px

Simply evil
>Be me only a few months ago
> at party in many suburbs over(1 hour away)
> know no one except the guy whos party it is
>slaughtered girl drunk(8.5/10) i was punching above my weight
> playing beer pong
> manipulate my way in there and make out with here
> her friends are angry cause shes so drunk
>send her upstairs to bed
> like a thief in the night i go upstairs
> lights off she can hardly talk we begin to make out again
> next thing her bra is off, skirt up and im between her legs
> she is on bed i am leaning against the bed with knee on floor
> her friends keep opening door
>mfw tthere is no lock
> tells me to lay down(expecting a return)
> never returns, find her crying in bathroom

broke up with boyfriend of 2 years that day.....fuk she tasted amazing
>so I drag her up and she's laughing saying I'm being rough
>basically pull her to my bed and tell her to get on
>"whyy are you rushing?"
>she then flops down into bed and lays there on her back in a nearly unconscious state
>ask her if she wants to have fun
>no reply
>stick hand down her shorts and begin rubbing her
>barely a reaction from her think she's fine with it
>undo her shorts and panties and pull them down to begin fingering her
> she begins to moan slightly
>rock hard at this point and think now is the perfect time
>strip naked about to fuck
>door opens random grill appears
>"what the fuck! She has a boyfriend you sick bastard"
>try to explain that she came onto me
>im there naked and 8/10 grill is laying in bed barely awake with her shorts down her ankles
You fucked up
>She violently pulls back from my cock
>Begins crying
>I can't do this anon, so wrong, I have a bf too, blah blah blah
>Yes you can, nobody will find out, etc.
>No we're drunk and it's not right to your gf
>She puts her clothes on under covers and runs to bathroom where gf friend she knew is passed out
>Hear her go in and door lock
>Dick has.softened and trying to figure out how to avoid losing gf
>Also in drunken state think I can get her back out here to fuck
>Begin knocking on bathroom door
>gf friend says she's staying night in there, go away
>Try a few more times and give up
>Pass out on bed and wake up in AM
>Girls are gone already and after last person leaves check phone
>Nothing from gf so no clues
>Get pissed at the world including myself and angry fap into hotel sheets
>Heard from friend later that day
>I don't know what happened between you two since she won't tell me
>If gf.heard about this it would crush her so with no proof I am not saying anything
>However a few weeks later found out she was telling people I tried to force myself on her
>gf found out, freaked to me
>I talked my way out of it, she believed me
well carry on than
File: ass_refrigerator.jpg (24KB, 309x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 309x247px
Here's a story of me overcoming my betaness also known as the refrigerator incident. You'll see why.

>Be me
>be 16
>go to a party for a "social group" from Myspace
>my cousin Ronnie tags along as my wing man
>as we drew near the streets near the party were filled with the usual shitty party music
>the misfits that ran the party hired a bouncer to work the door
>walk up to the door
>the bouncer takes one look at me and says that your not on the list crap
>decided that for tonight i wasn't going to be beta
>tell the guy to step aside because i happen to be good friends with the misfits that run the party and if he knows whats up he'll check himself
>he seems perplexed as i tend to give off an aura of discomfort due to my roughed look and looking hair
>he let's us pass
>i side him a 20 for being a good sport
>pure euphoria envelopes me as I feel some sense of alphaness
>go to a table and serve myself and my cousin a few drinks
>some chick next to me says she saw me at the door
>tell her that sometimes you gotta put your boys in line and reward them for being good
cont fegt
Part 2
>she smiles and giggles a bit
>pay no mind and give Ronnie his drink
>shoot it down without a care
>it was a mix of raspberrys, rum and vodka (gotta have that shit with them to savor the flavor, not to mention the after taste)
Go ahead call me a faggot
>she asks me what brought me here
>tell her I heard their was a killer party going down but this place seems to chill to be a party and that I've been to wilder parties
>she says then why don't I show her how wild the parties were
>freeze for a moment thinking to myself if I should just go on
>fuck it I'm too deep to back out now
>tell her I'll show her on the dancefloor
>I'm lucky I took dancing classes with my cousin Katherine when we were kids
>she follows after and I start getting my groove on
>finger fucked my gf while she was sleeping
>she would get wet but eventually she would wake up

>she usually lies on her stomach to sleep
>spread legs
>she likes to fell asleep while I grab her ass
>when she falls asleep I slip my index between her pussy lips to make it wet
>slid it between her butchecks and finger her ass
>during summer she doesn't cover herself so I just spit in her asshole and finger fuck her deeper
>grill goes downstairs calling for some lad
>shit need to get dressed
>gotta go fast
>about to put shirt on when this short guy with glasses comes in asking if im raping his grill
>I have no idea what you are talking about
>8/10 grill still on bed passed out behind me
>calls me a sick bastard and pushes me says he's gonna call the police
>call him a pussy and he has no proof
>he stands there staring at me
>tell him i won't hit him if he forgets what happens
>he agrees and goes over to his passed out grill and gets her dressed
>walking out I feel a bash in the back of my head and fall to the floor
>get up and see the little shit staring at me
one time i jerked off all over my gfs hair
Part 3
>start moving back and forth
>people are noticing me and moving away from me to see
>go up to some chick and grab her by her hips and move around with her
>i only know how to dance tango and walts so I'm not sure if i know what I'm doing
>she starts to move her ass more
>look at table girl as i dance with this girl
>she has a smirk on her face
>go up to a girl with some guy and dance it up with them
>he goes along with it and in my mind I'm thinking about how stupid I look
>everyone starts dancing and the party is getting riled up
>20 minutes l go back to the table to get myself a Heineken
>table girl tells me i had sweet moves and liked what she saw
>notice more girls eyeing me
>decide to go for a better looking grill while the irons hot
>tell her to go upstairs and I'll meet her their
>hand her a glass of hard liquor with a lemon wedge
>make her take three shots before she goes
>she stumbles up the stairs
>after she leaves i walk up to the crowd of women eyeing me
Fuck you faggot

I like where your story is going, /b/ro
I thought I was the only person who successfully did this in this way. Are we fucking the same grill, guy?
KEK you done good anon
That's it. No need to thank me
I tried this multiple times but they always woke up before orgasm.
Anyone reading it?
I got really drunk at a friend's birthday party and fingered and almost fucked his sister. I was 17, she was 13, I cheated on my girlfriend at the time, nearly ruined my life and went to work hungover at 17. Anybody want the story? It's kinda long.
>go to swing but miss, too much drinking
>tell him that I'm gonna threaten him with rape on his own passed out gf
>go downstairs and shout that someone upstairs is trying to rape a passed out grill
>shitstorm as people see the little lad coming downstairs saying it wasn't him
>he leaves and the party continues
>go upstairs and see the grill surrounded by people asking if she's alright
>mfw everyone thinks the little guy tried to rape his own girlfriend
>mfw the 8/10 grill believes he tried to rape her
Part 4
>tell them which one of you fine ladies wants to hang out with me
>three walk up to me
>tell the second one to split because she isn't "classy" enough
>bitch gets pissed and walks away stomping
>start making out with both of these broads
>can feel my betaness creeping up on me
>heart starts beating hard and I start worrying if they'll notice
>they both start grouping my crotch
>get an instaboner
>they start getting hot and bothered
>feel like I'm about to spaghetti when Ronnie staggers to me
>look up with relief and almost hug the fucker
>he's wasted and starts slurring
>tell him I got a broad waiting for him upstairs and to enjoy himself
>man up and go back to swapping spit with the girls
>pause for a moment to check my phone for texts
>see a message from my mom
>contemplate on wether to check it
>betaness gives in and stall for a few
>get up and to the door to check my phone
>mom is pissed that i didn't come home to help my cousin Aerith with her home work
>tell her I'll be home late
>she texts back and is raging hard
>ignore her
>man up and push my betaness aside
>turn to grills and one of them blows chunks on the other
>mfw mom saved me from total annihilation
>look to the side and walk away
Ops picture is from a great movie ast
Sounds exactly like a girl I had a crush on 2 years ago. It went on for months like that, she was really indecisive and after a time I got really fucking pissed. One night we got wasted and fucked, never talked to her again kek.
I'm game to hear. I have to have a talk with my ex grill about shot that doesn't matter but my bro wants me to so I have time to spare
I fucked my wife in her sleep. I was asleep at the start and woke up in the middle she did the same. She didn't stop me and didn't seem to mind.
I'm glad I didn't get with her. She's too shorty
Part 5
>sit at table an contemplate my life
>look at the party and wonder why I'm not enjoying myself anymore
>debate on wether i should just go home
>feel hungry so scout for a fridge
>when out of nowhere is see a nice ass in light blue booty shorts sticking out of the refrigerator
>muh dick skyrockets to boner
>see that it's some redhead beauty looking through the fridge
>start thinking about grabbing her ass and doing nasty shit to it
>all the different animu scenarios play though my head
>start to feel like shit because of betaness
>tell myself fuck this
>today I'm not going to be beta
>get up and walk up to her
>She notices me and gives me a smirk
>the kind of smirk that says i dare you to do something
>tell her that she seems full their
>she says, you think so, while slowly waving her as
>look at her round scrumptious ass and say, maybe i could give you a hand
>she smiles as i start rubbing and grabbing her ass
>as i grab more firmly she starts to get all riled up
>her sweet succulent moans put me into a fit
>slide her shorts down and rub my fingers over the top of her thong
>Bend down and start eating her out on the spot
>she's half way in the fridge holding to the side as i lick her up
>toss my betaness out completely and start undoing my belt
>rub my hard cock against her lips
>she says to me, "getting nervous are we?"
>take her up on her challenge and forcefully shove my cock inside her
>her face goes full euphoric as she quivers from the pleasure
Probably for the best, chicks like that are a huge pain in the ass.
OK, let me catch up on the other stories first, they're kinda interesting.
>was at a con, room full of people
>I wake up, because I can't get comfy with too many people around
>one couple on the bed I'm next to
>girl's tit is hanging out
>feel her up, cuz why not, she's got big titties
>murmurs, turns towards me
>whip my cock out
>ease it into her mouth
>she starts licking
>oh yeah baby, get money
>licks, sucks softly
>gonna nut
>pull out, blast all over her hair
>sit back down, morning comes, everyone showers, leaves
>never heard a word
Alright should I start another thread after I finish this one >>589542814

Ps is anyone reading it because I won't post more unless at least one person replies to it
I know that feeling.
No, son, keep this going.
People don't reply until you are done.
yeah I do
Indeed we read post the end
go ahead with your fairy tale
I'm reading man

Part 6
>my cock envelopes her jet tight pussy
>i start getting goosebumps from the cold air that swells out from the refrigerator
>start going full force and pound her uncontrollably
>she starts yelling in long bursts
>lift one of her legs up and start nailing her profusely
>see her mind go blank and it starts getting me hot
>the hot feeling being turned on and cold air from the fridge give me a tingling sensation
>feel like I'm going to burst
>can't think straight and just cum inside her
>start to show down as i finish up
>let her leg down and slowly pull out
>my musk is so strong that i can feel its heat hit me
>she falls to the cold floor as my cum oozes out of her
>she's sitting on her pussy with her legs to her sides breathing desperately
>the sight gets me hard but i hold restraint
Part 7
>she looks at me with wishful eyes
>i quickly smile and act as if it wasn't anything
>casually pull my pants up and buckle my belt
>she pulls herself up and smiles at me while sliding her red thong on
>as she does i can see my cum dribbling out a bit and as her red thong covers her creampie i shuder a bit
>her smile filled both with content and lust riddles through me
>she looks at me and falls into my arms
>with a sexy and dearing voice she says, "why'd you have to be so mean kitty?"
>i play it cool and tell her "why'd you have to give on me sweetheart?"
>think to myself how much I've wanted to call a girl sweetheart
>then i hear a loud scream and stomping coming from the stairs
>i turn to look and see the table bitch naked and covered in cum from her face to chest
Did tell her about a few years later.
Has a huge rapeplay kink, so I occasionally "assault" her now.
>Everything went better than expected
Part 8
>she starts hammering about shit no one can understand and moving her hands like she's swaying a pogo stick
>she grabs a bottle and chucks it at my direction
>misses completely and hits a picture frame
>the guy who owns the house rages and has the bouncer toss her out
>he assumes she's drugged up and starts grieving over the frame
>Ronnie comes down the stairs pausing halfway
>he's completely naked and drinking some beer
>he takes a swig and yells, "I'm the top man of mount Everest!"
>then goes back up to do whatever the he does
>everyone laughs and the party resumes
>by 4am the party simmers down and most people are leaving
>decide i should get going before my mom gets even more pissed
>tell the lovely lady whom I had the fateful encounter at the refrigerator that i must be on my way
>think to myself that sounds so Fedora and internally facepalm
>she says she really enjoyed the night and wonders if she'll see me again
>tell her a beauty like you will find her way back to me
>get up from the porch and turn to her
>look at her and smile
>Leave for home

The rest is epilogue
whats the prob

Yes cont.

Epilogue part 1
>walk home and contemplate on my night
>look at the sky for Orion's belt
>half way to my house when i realise Ronnie is still at the party
>check phone for messages
>see one from my cousin Aerith
>read it, she tells me that she'll wait up for me and hopes I'm safe
>begin to wonder why I'm going to parties like this
>remember about how me her and Katherine use to play as kids
>smile and wonder how things have changed
>finally arrive and my mom is asleep on the couch
>take off my shoes
>get her a blanket and kiss her goodnight
>hear her mumble something in her sleep
>walk upstairs and feel the warm carpet between my feet
>open my room door and Aerith is laying on my bed reading a magazine
>she looks at me with a content smile and says, heyy anon!
File: 1406595457029.gif (732KB, 274x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
732KB, 274x150px
FAKE as hell but still a good story
8/10 whould read again
Epilogue part 2
>Aerith is one year younger than me but in still consider her my baby cousin
>she's autistic and is really good at math but suffers at history
>hey Aerith, sorry for being late i was at a party
>it's okay anon, i don't mind is stay up till Christmas if i had to!
>she's learning about the war in the pacific during world war two, the part with the island hopping
>i won't bore you with the details because I'd bore myself
>she asks me what kind of party i went to
>try not to lie and say an adult party
>remember about the refrigerator incident and gulp
>she looks down at her homework and says that, your so cool
>i wish i could talk to people and hang out at parties like you do
>start to feel sad that she's upset and kiss her head
>Aerith had a problem talking to people so I'm the person she naturally got attached to
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Epilogue part 3
>tell her that she doesn't need to change and that I'll always be here for her
>we finish up and i take a shower
>wash extra good around my crotch because I didn't wipe it off and my trousers are pretty moist
>finish up and get changed
>go back to my room and see that Aerith is still their
>ask her if she needs something
>she says if it's okay if she sleeps with me seeing as how it's been so long since I last saw her
>why not
>get in bed and turn off the lights
>get cozy and look up at the stars hanging from my ceiling
>Aerith asks me if i remember the time we went stargazing at Yellowstone
>tell her yeah
>she says will we ever go again
>tell her that well definitely go again, no doubt
>i see her smile in my peripheral view
>She hugs me and goes to sleep
>look at stars and slowly start to drift into sleep
Thats it, who wants to know what i ate for breakfast?
Was it some autist pussy?
you must be a dark skinned anon
That's a story for another day anon.
nice story
did you eat eggs like a boss?
Epilogue part 4
>next day we have sex
>mom comes home
>she opens the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Why not today based autist taster?
you sound like a mexican piece of shit
Kek no. We had blueberry and raspberry pancakes with a side of raisin bran and coffee. And for Aerith I made her a potato Bread crisp
ok here's mine but a little backstory
>be me
>17, last time i smoked was like 2 years ago, so my tolerance is shit, i weighed like 110 lbs and was like 5'6, absolute girl drinker
>me and gf of a year have a shitty relationship, constantly arguing, i always tell my friends about how much we argue and shit
>from the outside it looks like a perfect relationship, but it was seriously shit

ok now to the story
>17, friend's birthday party there's weed and beer, i brought a bottle of jager and some amp, and rockstars (energy drinks)
>walk into the house, it's calm
>friends are just hanging out in the room sipping on beers and playing vidya
>i bust out the bottle of jager and everyone goes batshit calling me a hero and a beast shit like that
>since i'm the one who brought the bottle, i have to show off since none of them have drank liquor before
>down 3 shots and get fucked up from those and play some vidya for a bit
I'd have to write it out and that story is no doubt 20-30 parts. Now tell me are you fags patient?
Topkek thanks Satan
I'm patient. I guess I can wait. The others however, I doubt they are.
I'll write it up, [email protected]
I'll message you when it's done so you don't miss out
I was shitting and it all fell out when I laughed at this
I'm glad I could help based shit anon
Thanks based anon
No prob dubs anon.
just realized i suck at greentexting
>after playing vidya for a bit, i drink a couple of beers
>(remember i'm fucking 110 lbs)
>i'm feeling completely trashed and still trying to shit on my friends on cod
>my friend michael walks in the room and says "anon come smoke with us"
>get up and walk into the different room and go smoke
>feeling really lightheaded and floaty from drinking and smoking
>party host's mom gives me a gummy bear and i ate it with no question
>ask if there's more
>she says no and that it's a thc gummy bear
>friend's sister comes in to see whats going on, smokes a bit with us
>she tells me to go outside and smoke with her
>a couple of people are already outside smoking
>i sit next to friend's sister on a big chair outside
>we're like pressed against each other and she's trying to help me use a pipe
>at this point we're getting really weirdly close
You'll get the hang of it
>[email protected]
Also, first response when I Google your email is a huge dos list. I.e, even though it's likely illegitimate
>[email protected],John Lion,317 West Park Apt 108 Santa Maria CA 93458
You sound just like me aside from the no tolerance towards drugs
Lucifer is such an edgey faggot
Kek that isn't even my address
I fingered the fuck out of this passed-out drunk girl i was sort of seeing. Was pretty drunk at the time too, and i remember really stretching her open....
No way. A nigger wouldn't have waited until he fell asleep. That's some white folk passive aggression right there.
Literally though, it's someones address. Send them some boxes or something
I'll send some dragon dildos
>i break the weird close tension by garnering attention from my friends
>i down beer #1 like a fucking champ
>picked up beer #2 with no hesitation and pretty much inhaled the damn thing
>my friends are all cheering me on
>as i placed the empty cans on the table, everything got really dark and i had to sit down
>i sit there completely fucking out of it for like 20 minutes
>friend's sister has her arm around me making sure i'm okay
>i'm just staring at the ground
>gummy bear starts to kick in and i start to feel like i weigh over 9000 pounds
>i quietly tell her i need to lay down
>she takes me into an empty room and i lay down on the floor
>ask her to stay with me
Or you forced your dick into her mouth and thrusted
>be me 2 years ago
>friend of a friend was passed out drunk on my couch
>draw a hitler moustache and swastikas all over his face
>wrote "THUG LYFE" on his forehead.
>didn't tell him a thing
>he only saw it after getting home, having travelled by public transit for over an hour.
>no one told him anything
She suckd my dick just happened to be out
>be me
Stopped reading there
Did you give her the old lickaroo?
File: 5663266kasey1.jpg (138KB, 760x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 760x1024px
I know I have seen the movie op's pic is from but can't remember the fucking title help. Also have this random picture while I wait for an answer.
>she's standing up and i'm laying on my back and we talk for a while
>something about my relationship pops up
>she asks how me and my gf are doing
>i say we're alright but she's really mean to me all the time and treats me like trash
>she gives me some pity and i tell her its fine if she lays down next to me
>i'm completely fucking trashed and i'm constantly falling in and out of sleep and i'm looping in and out of our conversations
>after a while we're pretty much spooning
>i told her she could turn around and face me so i can hear her talk
>(i was really fucked up, i thought i couldnt hear someone without seeing their face moving)
>so we're laying down facing each other and we start talking about my relationship again
>she gives me more sympathy
>i tell her how nice she is for listening and she's so sweet and stuff
>i go to kiss her forehead to show her that she was being sweet to me, having absolutely no fucking clue what i'm doing
>she says she always had a crush on me and likes when i hang out with my friend because she gets to see me
>says she's sad she never sees me that much anymore
>(i stopped hanging out with my friend because my gf is a bitch)
Not that bad but
>be me
>16 on holiday with 14 year old step sister mom and step dad
>have to sleep in the same room as her
>haven't jacked off for 3 days
>horny as fuck
>step sister was pretty fine, nice tits and a nice ass
>earlier in the holiday her swimsuit top slipped off and I saw her tits
>in bed lying next to her
>horny as fuck
>she's facing me asleep
>pull down the covers and pull down her panties
>start fapping and end up cumming into her panties
>she wakes up the next morning and asks what it was
>tell her she must have jizzed herself when she slept
>got away with it
Sleeping Beauty mayne
File: 9310130-3.jpg (23KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 400x300px
Thanks I remembered the whole story line about her willingly being drugged asleep for creepy dudes to do shit to her. I just couldn't remember the name. Now I feel stupid for not remembering something so simple. Also have another random pic of the same chick.
Should have cum on her face dude, jopefully she'd have stayed asleep, but if she woke up you could tell her she waa sleep-fucking & sleep-asked you to do it like a dirty little slut.

"In retrospect i wondered why you had your eyes closed as you sleep-talked to me."
this one is part 3, i accidentally linked the wrong post
>i give her some sympathy and say awww thats so cute i never knew you had a crush on me
>i hugged her to show my appreciation
>she goes straight in for a kiss
>she quickly apologizes and says sorry and she didnt mean to
>"it's fine, i sort of liked you too, i'm sorry i never hang out with your brother, my gf is so rude"
>i kiss her back to show her it's okay that she kissed me
>she says "what about your gf?"
>i say "no worries, i'm going to break up with her, she's mean to me and a total bitch"
>she responds with "but i feel bad, you guys are still going out and i kissed you"
>i say "it's alright, i don't care about her anymore"
>i kiss one more time
>we end up making out
>she gets on top of me and we're kissing and she's wearing a loose-fitting skirt thing
>i'm wearing thin ass shorts
>she's pretty much grinding on me and i can feel her warmth on my dick
>i'm fully hard
>she starts to feel guilty and says feels bad about my gf again
>i start to feel guilty too
>we lay back down and i fall back asleep
>i woke up and we're still spooning
>i ask if she's still awake
>she responds and i told her i sort of have a crush on her too
>she turns around to me and asks "REALLY ANON!?"
>i say yes and i always thought she was pretty cute and she's so nice and treats me better than my girlfriend
>she kisses me
>we end up making out again
>she gets on top
File: 1360032553905.png (451KB, 872x804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
451KB, 872x804px
Yes yes yes
>i have my hand on her thigh while she's on top of me
>she starts grinding on me again
>i could feel how wet she was
>i get on top of her and start like grinding my dick on her pussy through our clothes
>she's like pulling on my belt loops pulling me closer to her so we're grinding even closer
>i have one hand on her thigh and i start moving it up
>i rubbed her pussy through her panties for a bit
>she's moaning in my mouth like crazy
>i move her panties aside and finger her for a bit while we're still making out
>i take my dick out and rub it against her pussy for a bit
>i get just the tip in and she moans really hard
>i took it out and started rubbing it on her pussy again
>she's insanely wet
>out of the blue she puts her hand over her pussy and says she cant
>she says "i'm still a virgin"
>"i don't want to lose my virginity like this, you have a girlfriend, i dont want to do this to her"
>i apologize profusely and tell her that it's fine and that i forgive
>she apologizes to me too
>i forgive her

i fingered her another day too but we didn't fuck either, does anyone want that story?
kek nice
I'll thank you anyway. Thanks, ya glorious bastard
oh but to add on to part 6, after that we just spooned and went back to bed, i woke up hungover as shit, went to work, had to leave early because i felt bad
didn't tell my girlfriend about what happened
friend's sister wanted to tell my girlfriend that we kissed at a party and it was her fault
i told her to keep it a secret
she already told her brother and her brother wanted to tell my girlfriend too
Topkek nice one /b/rother
dump your gf
go out with the girl you almost fucked
You're an asshole.
did you broke up with your gf?
me and my gf broke up next week after i told her about what happened at the party
the only thing i told my gf was that i was at my friend's party and i got way too fucked up and got blackout drunk and woke up on the floor with my friend's sister under my arm and we kissed once and that i was sorry
she absolutely fucking blew up on me and we broke up, she was calling me a cheater and shit and saying i'm worthless scum, she pretty much tried to tear me apart
later that day, my gf called me on the phone telling me to visit her and she's sorry for talking so much shit to me and she wants to work our relationship out and she was crying
i drove to her house and she was like crying her eyes out and i just stood in front of the door and she held her arms out and wanted me to hug her
i hugged her and she was like crying and had her head on my shoulder and it made me feel like total shit
she only knew the part where we kissed and not even the rest of the story
she was like begging me not to leave her and she's sorry for all the shit she said
we sat on her couch for a bit and she was crying on me and i got up and she like screamed DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE and ran towards the door
i was just trying to take off my shoes
we ended up staying together for about 2 more weeks until i told her i need a break from her and i don't want to hang out with her for a couple of weeks and i want to spend time with my friends, she told me the only way she'll let me do that is if we break up
so i broke up with her and she didn't want me back and said she was over me after like 2 days

she's a psycho manipulative bitch
Top fucking kek
Say it NOW

dumped my gf, the only good thing about the relationship was i could literally get sex when i wanted
after the whole situation at the party and wouldn't have sex with me and she would constantly like tease me and turn me on and it'd piss me off, but i wouldn't show it or tell her that i was pissed
we like almost fucked once, i fingered her and i had my dick out and she literally said "nope, you havent earned that yet" we broke up the next day lol
after we broke up, she had a month long period due to stress and i thought it was the funniest fucking thing ever
date someone not a psycho manipulative bitch

personally I don't think I could be a psycho manipulative bitch because I have fears of being all 3 of those things
I really like this thread.
File: 1416916505172.gif (999KB, 250x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999KB, 250x197px
>Director's Cut
Fucking kek satan
that whole relationship fucked me up emotionally
she'd constantly be on my ass about things and give me zero freedom
she'd cancel plans with me to hang out with her friends
like one time we planned to hang out like a couple weeks prior
she told me she was gonna hang out with her friend the day before
she always did shit like that and i never got to hang out with my friends, she hated my friends and thought they were annoying and always complained to me about them

but i am doing better now
glad you're doing better
sucks that she was a cunt
File: 1412614614810.jpg (46KB, 530x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 530x600px
Fucked my ex while she was half asleep, she asked me "are we having sex?" i said "no, im just playing with your ass", she responded with "its okay, have fun". In the morning she asked me what we were doing at night, i said "nothing i was just horny" (didnt lie). Thats how she lost virginity, she doesnt even know about it by now.
> go on date with 8/10 blonde
> get drunk and catch a ride to my place
> start fucking around
> she's not resisting and even spreading for me
> passes out 3/4 of the way through fucking
> I played with her and did whatever the hell I felt like before blowing a load all over her
> didn't lose a nights sleep over it

Had a coffee a week later together, and she felt taken advantage of. I pointed out we were both drunk and she never said no or stop or any motions to indicate such. So I finished after she passed out. She was more guilty because she has a 'good girl' rep and we had just met. Stopped talking after she figured out I knew some of her coworkers.
best decision bro.

if you werent happy with her, it woulnt make sense to stay together. to change your life for better, you need to make decision.

ask your friend if its ok to date his sister and get to know her better. maybe you will get happier with her, because she has a crush on you and really likes you
things like that really take a toll on a 17 year old, especially after the relationship was a year long.
i had to pretty much stick with her, she was jealous of every single girl and would be pissed if i hung out with my friends and there was a girl in the group, even if it was a friend's girlfriend.
to be fair, i did end up cheating on her but i guess it was out of drunken frustration and me doing all the shit i never got to do all in 1 night

but i'm also dating her used-to-be best friend. the funny thing was, when her friend would send her snapchats while i'm with my girlfriend, she would purposefully like aim the phone away from me so i couldn't see them, she said her friend was too pretty or something like that
maybe she wasn't virgin, you fool. otherwishe she would have known that you fucket her while she was asleep
Oh matey, she was. Im sure.
nice trips, but no i don't want to date his friend, i was telling her all of that shit while i was drunk and she's like 4 years younger than me
my friend was pissed about what happened at first and was like "stay away from my sister"
he weighs like 90 lbs and is skinnier than me so i wasn't really intimidated by him
he forgave me later and we're like best bros again
we got closer again because my girlfriend was sending him messages from my phone saying "your sister is a fucking liar none of that ever happened" and my friend got pissed and thought it was me, and i showed him that it was my girlfriend so he forgave me, then me and my gf broke up and he was "like thank god dude she was fucking crazy especially texting me from your phone and calling me and my sister a liar, i was so pissed when i thought it was you"
i didn't want to date my friend's sister* i've been up all night
File: 1404608431812.jpg (21KB, 249x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 249x250px
This girl woke up, but since she was tied up nicely, she couldn't do shit.
>What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone sleeping

I once drew a swastika on someones forehead and wrote the word HATE on their chin. Next morning he was late for work and ran out the house without washing his face or looking in a mirror. Nobody told him till he had been at work for an hour why the fuck they were laughing at him
well bro, if you really like your friends sister, i don't see any problem why you shouldnt date her. just ask your friend first. tell him you have feelings for her and if he is ok with it.

but well, you're still a young anon. you should enjoy being single first. fuck all the girls you want instead being a gfs prisoneer. when you're older and had enough pussy, then you're ready for a gf.
...Didn't you think tying her up while she was asleep is worth mentioning in this thread?
File: 1418586093617.jpg (559KB, 1200x1793px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559KB, 1200x1793px
>girlfriend and i are laying in bed cuddling watching the doctor who 'Last Christmas' episode
>bitch keeps falling asleep
>she got me this big thing of ferrero roche chocolates
>slowly start taking the tiny stickers and putting them on her forehead
>get bored and eventually fall asleep
>next morning were both being lazy trying to prod her to wake up
>bitch it's almost noon come the fuck on
>channel my inner Tien
>grab phone turn on light and shout SOLAR FLARE and wake her the fuck up
>starts freaking
>covers her face and finds stickers
>starts smacking me while i laugh hysterically
This. Enjoy while you can.
>Be me
Can't you summarize it you piece of shit?
Aww man and she get in trouble, not for the pen marks, but for partying the night before! That sucks
i think you replied to the wrong person amigo
File: n.png (268KB, 338x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268KB, 338x533px
>Make party in my place. All my friends are nurses.
>I like one of them when we are in school. Awesome ass.
>She gets drunk and I take it to bed. She wants to sleep.
>She still was wearing his white uniform. I love uniforms, makes me horny.
>Start to pulling off her white pants. Start smelling her white underwear. She was working all day. It stinks like ass and vagina mixed with girl sweet. Makes me hard.
>Take her underware off. Start rubbing my dick on her ass. Cum on her vagina.
>She wakes up and slap my face but keep sleeping after that. Put his clothes on again. Sleep like anything happend.
I enjoyed being single for a bit, spent a shitload of money on alcohol, went to a lot more parties since i was single. started a thing with some girl, fucked her a day after i met her, took her virginity, completely ignored her after we fucked because she started telling people we were dating.
i even had a ldr for about a month.
got drunk and fingered a girl's ass and didn't know until the next morning, woke up the next morning spooning a girl, had no clue who she was and i smelled my fingers and told my friend to smell them, then we high fived, i noticed something was wrong with the scent, my index smelled like ass, my middle and ring fingers smelled like pussy. no clue how that happened.

now i've settled down with a girlfriend. i learned to control my drunkenness and how to handle a high.
i stopped drinking and smoking and going to parties.
though i did go to one party while i had this current girlfriend, it was right when i started the relationship. i told her i got invited to a party and that i didnt wanna go and she said "that sounds like a fun party, you should go" and she let me go without her. i got shitfaced and high and that was the last time i did anything of the sort.
File: image.jpg (21KB, 290x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 290x218px
I will tell my daddy
>be 17
>younger bro out dirt biking
>turns out he also was wrestling intensely with his buds
>comes in exhausted and literally covered head to toe with mud, sand, and filth
>proceeds to sit down, play video games, joke around without even changing or washing up
> falls asleep on the rug, mud everywhere
>parents will kill me
>take off his shoes and other clothes and throw them into wash
>left with a half naked and still dirty and sleeping boy
>have to pick him up, carry him upstairs to bathroom
>pull off his undies awkwardly
>put him in tub, fill with warm water
>pray he doesn't wake up
>get down to business and lather up his chest and belly
>arms, legs, neck
>turn him over carefully, wash his back
>consciously avoiding washing his junk so as to not wake him up
>notice his bits are dirty, have to wash them anyway
>get extra lather, clean his groin and little bush
>gingerly cup his nuts and clean his scrotum
>try to clean his shaft as quickly as possible
>carefully pull back his foreskin
>he's getting hard
>try to clean his glans and foreskin lightly without *exciting* him further
>manage somehow
>turn him very carefully over, wash his cheeks
>look at crack
>not much hair
>soap his crack and try not to touch his butt hole
>rinse all over
>no body hair other than bush and the little sprout in his ass crack so it's fairly easy
>towel him off without rubbing his package to vigorously
>finally put some underpants on him to protect his modesty
>tuck him in bed
>sound asleep
Thought it was mum lol
every 25th of december, a big party is thrown at the biggest and fanciest hotel in my country,
>Me and GF party one night with friends
>Both of us get pretty drunk. Her more so.
>Everyone leaves and we go to bed
>I'm horny spooning and gesture to have sex
>She says she just wants to sleep.
>She passes out, I push panties aside and rub
>my dick against her pussy (still spooning)
>No sign of her waking up
>I rub her pussy a bit more and slide it in
>I fuck for like 20 seconds and bust my nut
>I fall asleep
>no fucks given.
i took a pis on them and spilled more warm water on them so they would think they pissed them self

I did it on more than one ocastion

I also pooed on some one

shit was so cash
holy shit i think that was the gayest thing i've ever read
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