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weaboo story time typed live ill give you the low down >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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weaboo story time
typed live
ill give you the low down
>be me
>be girl in high school
>be chinese
>be in murico
>average, flat chest, no ass, no assets really
I want to fuck the hell out of you already. You sound perfect, fuck you.
>started 2nd year of high school
>everyone already knows everyone
>teacher comes in and is like hey yo new guy in class
>dont really give a fuck
>he sits next to me
>its some greasy asian kid, probably chinese
>slightly obese
>slimy hair and long sideburns
>fucking whatever
>first few days go by without a hitch
>one day i dont bring my pen for some retarded reason
>so i ask the fucker "hi can i have a pen please"
>he giggles really fucking creepily and smirks
>he gives me the pen and touches my hand whilst doing so
>it felt like he was trying to touch my hand because he felt me up with his fingers before he gave me the pen
Go on?
>next day i actually bring a pen
>he realises
>in science
>he passes a note to me with some random fucking anime girl drawing on it and he says its me
>ill play it off obviously he has fucking autism or some shit
>next day i walk into the form room
>theres a can of orange juice on my desk with a note
>its a confession note
>he gives me his email (what) and his deviantart (the fuck)
>theres another anime drawing of me on it
>he keeps glancing at me in class afterwards
>i decide fuck it ill talk to him after
>after class i ask him to stay
>he giggles in excitement
>im like "yo i dont really like you, sorry"
>and then he says "are you a tsundere?"
>"can you come with me really quick?"
>he proceeds to grab my hand and drag me down the hallway
>i start fucking screaming
>everyones fucking gone
>where the fuck am i going
>he gives me the low down
>"hey my sister is coming over, and she really expects me to have a girlfriend"
>"could you please help me...... desu?"
is anyone actually reading this shit
Am reading.
Go on....
Yup, keep going...
this is so fake it hurts. reading it anyways
>i say fuck off and start running home for dear life
>he doesnt say shit for a week or so
>im walking down the corridor
>i hit a fucking box with my leg
>i fall down in the hallway
>guess whos there to save the fucking day
>autist mcgee
>hes runs over to me like a fat boy to a icecream truck
>he tries to pick me up in that fucking anime way and bring me to the nurse
>he cant lift me
>im a small asian girl and i weigh like 100lbs
>i limp up
>and limp away
Pics or you arnt real
Requesting pics of flat Chinese chest.
>Yours, in particular.
>end of semester
>last day
>game day
>you just do random sack races and shit
>you can sign up for the 3 legged race but its optional
>im sitting down with my friends
>my name is called up with autist mcgee
>i pass it off because i probably misheard or some shit
>autist mcgee comes to me and my cronies
>"senpai, are you going to race or not?"
>he winks at me
>he cant wink
>he just blinked at me
>"i signed us up for the three legged race!"
>because my friends are bitches they persuaded me to go
>as i was walking up i realised
>fuck i have to touch this guy
>so they tie us up
>jesus christ this guy is so oily and sweaty even the fucking us would want to invade him
>he tries to synchronize and take the lead
>can this just end please
>he fucking trips and i get rekt in the ankle
>this motherfucker
always happens with weaboos. They can't accept that they're unlovable losers so they try and blame it on the girl having some unreal anime trope.
>i have to go to the doctor and shit so fastfoward till then
>they discover that shit went down because i didnt just get rekt in the ankle
>my knee is fractured
>what the fuck
yeah op, tits or gtfo
is that the end or is there more?
>my holidays
>so then one day im inside doing fuck all
>someone knocks
>"hi come in"
>its the fucking chromosome god
>hes holding an apple and a knife
>what kind of fucking black magic gypsy ritual is he going to perform on me
>he gets a chair and sits next to my bed
>me being in the bed i literally cant do shit
>rooms are soundproof
>he closed door
>he starts using the knife to core the apple
>then he starts to peel the apple skin
>"what the fuck are you doing"
>he cuts his thumb and doesnt realise
>blood on the apple
>i scream and say what the fuck
>he just thinks im being a "tsundere"
>he tries to feed me the aids ridden apple
>are you serious
>i dodge and he nudges the slice against my face
>finally he fucks off and just sits there
>brings out a book
>not any book
>puella magi madoka magica
>volume one
>i see more books in his bag
>hes going to be here for a long time
>im fucking furious but i lost my voice long ago from telling him to fuck off
>nurse walks in for check up
>she looks at me and him
>nurse is like 70 something, wrinkly like a ballsack
>i tell her this guy is trying to rape me
>she makes him get the fuck out
For fuck's sake OP, moar
Also, requesting pics of OP's flat chest with timestamp
fucking fake
had me going until the rape part.

OP probably looked in the mirror to get the description of the weeb
you actually think its hard to believe that she lied about the guy trying to rape her? she obviously knows he wasn't going to as she said he was going to sit and read manga the whole time.
>is trying to rape me

>fast forward two weeks
>shit should be fine as long as i dont fuck around too much
>on facebook one day
>get friend request from "Yamato Kurosawa-Kun"
>he/she messages me on facebook
>"ohayo! its autistmcgee"
>what the fuck does ohayo mean
>"i see you've been to ____ park!"
>that was 3 years ago
>dont say anything
>"dont you kind of look like tohru honda?"
>he links me a picture of this anime girl
>what the fuck
>i block him and go on with my day
>school starts again
>quickly grab desk near my friends
>teacher walks in
>"what are you doing?"
>"who said you could sit there?"
>she proceeds to shuffle the whole fucking class around
>its fine at least autist mcgee isnt here
>i get put next to some kid with red hair
>wait what
>doesnt that look like autistmcgee
>what the fuck
>he dyed his hair
Tell him you're Chinese.
he fucking knows im chinese
>what the fuck
>his hair looks like goldfish dick
>wtf is this shit
>he smirks at me
>continue class
>at the end of class go to teacher
>"can move spots pls?"
>she firmly says no
>"there are too many people wanting to move, you might as well choose your own place!"
>fuck me sideways
>next day
>teacher announces class trip to some gay ass museum or some shit
Keep it coming
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>his hair looks like goldfish dick
If I continue reading this will there be tits at the end?
>goldfish dick
actually kekd out loud, please continue
Much like the weaboo, this story has too much fat. Get to the good parts about him raping you or whatever.
He obviously thinks you're Japanese. Call him a racist or something.
>i really dont want to go to that fucking trip
>friends convince me to go
>we go
>everythings fine, until lunch
>i go to the loo to do my business
>i walk into one of the stalls, get down
>someone walks in to the stall next to me, cant see though, already in stall
>in the middle of it where someone knocks on the side of the stall
>a strangely familiar voice calls out "toilet paper please"
>yea sure i guess
>pass down the toilet paper beneath the stalls
>see feet
>"down here"
>i see something peer over the stall
>its the element chromosomium in its purest form
>its fucking autist mcgee
>he smirks
>oh my fucking god
>i scream for dear life as he peers at me
>teachers come scrambling in
>find him with his pants half down in his anime schoolgirl underpants standing on the toilet
this i all i have on christmas...
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The autism never ends
a rape allegation is pretty serious, most places would immediately call the police and hold him there til they arrive. Something would definitely be made of this you lying sack of shit.
>he gets fucking rekt
>hes dragged away by the musuem popo
>"WHY DID YOU FRIENDZONE ME?" he screams as hes being dragged
>holy shit that didnt just happen
>strange feeling of what the fuck and joy at the same time
>next day he ends up getting expelled straight up for sexual harassment
Entertaining story, but where are those perky Chinese tits?
i made it up
>not the end yet, but near
congratulations on being a massive faggot OP. Sentiment still stands if you aren't OP.
hurry it up i got shit to do
i made up the rape part, he wasnt actually going to rape me dipshit
he was just going to read manga, but i said that so the granny would tell him to fuck off more urgently
Tits or merry gtfo
More to this? It's a weeaboo slaughterhouse.
>fast forward about two years
>in uni/college
>walking around campus
>see this fat weeb kid wearing a fedora
>some other guy giving him shit because hes wearing a fedora
>he replies "its a trilby you mongrel"
>kept walking
>saw his face
>holy shit its autist mcgee
>motherfucker holy shit
>hes gained at least 100lbs
>hes still about the same height, a proud 5'5 i would say
>my god
>hes with some giant hambeast
>holy shit he got a girlfriend
>some random weeb, almost as weeby as autist mcgee comes along
>grabs hamplanet's hand
>they walk off
>holy shit he was friendzoned by a hamplanet
>i walk off in a daze
the end
no tits for you
Great read. Thanks op

hurry up and get to the dinosaurs already!!!
I can now sleep
5/5 would read again
1/10, would not bang. Good story, tho. Merry xmas.
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Ok story but I've been waiting for tits since the second post
Merry Christmas, Chinese Anon!
Thread posts: 61
Thread images: 5

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