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>be me at the supermarket >see 10/10 qtpi 11~ year old

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>be me at the supermarket
>see 10/10 qtpi 11~ year old
>she's wearing short purple shorts showing off her perfect tanned legs
>her mum stops to look at some shit, so I stop and pretend to look at the stuff in my trolley
>she pulls up the sides of her shorts so they're like panties, showing off even more of her delicious legs and outlining her glorious ass
>she turns round, looks at me, and smiles
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post cute true stories about little girls
go on....
more cute girl stories pls
then her mum walked off, she went with her, and I went home to post this thread
>Be me on plane, see this cute but upset 14-15 year old girl on a plane. I am seated next to her and I noticed that her mother is on the other aisle. So I give up my seat to the mother so she can sit next to her daughter.
I guess I can post another story
>at a friend's place
>his 12 year old sister is pretty into me
>she's trying to convince me to play table tennis with her
>I'm reluctant 'cos I don't want to show too much interest
>it's pretty late, she's wearing her dressing gown
>flashes a leg at me
>obviously intentional
>the look she gave me so seductive
>is she even wearing anything under that?
>can see her entire leg
>still regret not going to play with her
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what a good guy
did you have any more contact with them on the flight?
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bruh, you plebed hard
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yeah but on the other hand I'm not in jail
>implying not worth it
>implying you couldn't just an hero to escape prison assrape pounding
That was nice of you
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>implying I'd rather have that one moment of glory than keep the long term relationships I have with other little girls going on
Story time!
Hey let's not
>implying these arent artistic works of fiction
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>tfw I was practically the teacher in Kodomo no Jikan whist teaching in a Korean elementary school, albeit without the lewdness
are you that anon that would share pics he took in some bumfuck korea-esque area?
being the white dude with the camera, all de bishes love
so you ere just a fat creep who watches anime creeping on some children in an asian country?
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I lold pretty hard
no. I am not white
ok another artistic work of fiction
>same girl
>her little sister comes and tells me her big sister hurt herself and I need to come check it out
>go to their bedroom
>girl is lying on her bed with her skirt pulled up almost to her waist
>play it cool, ask what's wrong
>"my leg is sore, anon"
>ask where
>she touches her inner thigh
>I pussy out again of course
>end up sitting in their bedroom talking with them for a while, was gud
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tell us about the girl(s?) who had a crush on you
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brb, don't let this thread die you faggots
>be 2012
>22, at park, reading
>see cutie run out of the house across the street and head strait for the monkey bars with her friends.
>all wearing skirts except one, in shorts
>one on the monkey bars flips upside down, shows panties for the smallest second
>spend an hour watching them fuck around
regardless, i remember an anon a lil while back posting pics of the school he worked at
pretty sure it got him fired and in a lotta trouble cuz once everyone was done jacking off, they had a pang of moral code

so dont be silly
how very kind. You did good Anon
dayum, you strong.
>years ago
>be 20something
>age gap bread
>"looking for younger female"
>pull good jailbait
>says she's 18 in email
>awesome rack
>says she's 15 via text
>fuckit.jpg, totally worth it
>maintain text/picture relationship with her

>months later, hadn't met
>change of heart/morality grew in me
>break it off next year
>"regrets, I've had a few..."
>be me, 14 years old
>sister is friends with neighbor, 12 year old girl
>I go over sometimes to play with them
>neighbor has a thing for me
>go over one day. Am friends with her parents, so make small talk while her and my sis play
>sis has to go home. walk the dogs or something
>I keep talking with the parents. Eventually, the conversation dies
>"Hey anon, why don't you play with our daughter?"
>she blushes, looks away, takes me up to her room
>closes door behind her, just me and her alone in the room
>tells me to sit, then lays across from me on her belly with her knees bent, ankles crossed, playing with her hair and blushing
>we make small talk. she won't stop stuttering and never holds eye contact for more than a few seconds
>I get bored and go home
>she invites me over until she is 15 and I am 17 but I turn her down every time
>no regrets.

Was never into her, but she let me do some weird shit to her. Nothing sexual on my end but I have a feeling she got something out of it. Anyone want to hear?
I do.
shit nigga, i need more bread...
yeah, what kind of weird, non-sexual shit did you do to her, and did she have a horse-face or something? I don't understand why you would pass up free pussy
it's easy when you're a pussy and you're worried about doing anything in front of her sister
in hindsight, the younger one would have been dtf as well
>Blushes and looks away

Somebodies been watching too much romance anime
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little girls are god's purest and most arousing creation
word. Thread is quiet. Have a few short stories. I'll prob remember more as I post. Just tell me if you want more as I go and if there is still interest I will post.

>sis has neighbor chick over
>chick is 14 now, I am 16. Her and my sis don't play as much anymore. Mostly she comes over to see me
>I don't really give a shit. Play with her because she was fun and played games with me, which none of my sister's other friends did.
>"anon, why don't we play 500 together?"
>(I used to play 500 with my sis, my friends, and my dogs, but one day neighbor chick was over so that's why she asked)
>"You sure? Dogs are tired. They just went for a walk. Sis doesn't want to play"
>"It can just be us two"
>meh. All right.
>Playing 500. Calling points out and drop kicking a football. Sometimes she would catch, sometimes not, but every time she got close to 500 I would either make the points reach just below 500 or call bankrupt (points get reset to 0)
>she loved it. Kept playing. I just kept tossing and calling numbers, each time her getting it and bringing it back to me
>"this is really fun, anon. We should do it again tomorrow"
>"nah. Hockey."

I always knew she was into me. She always wanted to be with me and used my sister as a cover once she got a little older. Felt bad about it. One thing in particular I felt bad about, which I can post next. May take a while to post though, because there will have to be a little backstory about her younger brother.

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feels good to not be in jail though right?
but damn I jelly
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>be me
>gets doubles
I was never really attracted to her. Plus I got annoyed because sometimes she pulled that "push and pull" type thing, which I find to be a huge turn off. Not a fan of girls who try to bait my attention by pretending they are somehow superior.
yeah man give up the details
Sorry line was occupied. Doubles indubbing
fair enough, but I mean you could have taken charge...
man, you dun goofed
that would have been a sweet relationship
girls with crushes will do all kinds of shit for you
post more stories tho
my dick demands it
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younger girls ok?
>hanging out with friend
>5 and 6 year old girls fighting
>younger girl starts crying
>pick her up and sit with her in my lap
>ask what's wrong
>"she hit me"
>ask were
>she indicates her upper leg
>too good an opportunity to pass up
>rub her thigh while cuddling her
>she settles down and stops crying
>we watch some of their movie together
>she puts her arm around me and cuddles up tighter
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>pretty into me
>willingly shows skins
>seductive look
>doesn't go play with her

fucking pleb
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thinking about getting back in touch with her
I wonder if she remembers
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Okay. Story 3 here. This gets into the dynamics that her, my sister, myself, and her younger brother had.

Her younger brother was about 2 years below her and was CRAZY. Like this kid did ANYTHING for attention. One day, he heard a nice cream truck while he was in the shower, so he chased after it naked until it stopped for him at the next street over. Every time I went over, he would jump on me and try to kiss my face. Kinda annoying but hey, kid was like 10 when I was 14 and probably looked up to me, especially because his older sister, one of his role models, was crushing on me super hard.

Anyways, when the 4 of us hung out it would usually be me deciding what to do, my sister going along with whatever (she is quiet and doesn't usually speak up for or against anything), the girl doing anything to spend time with me, and her bro just being weird.

>one day, playing basketball with my sis, the neighbor, and her bro.
>earlier that weekend my grandfather showed me how to make handcuffs out of rope
>told the girl and her bro what I learned
>bro, being weird as fuck, tells me to tie him to the post of the hoop
>I do. I tie it tight. He tells us to hit him with the ball and he will try to dodge
>do that for a few mins. Luls were had.
>girl asks "anon, can I be next?"
>tie her up. Tells me to go tighter. Tighten it until the ropes are digging in.
>tie her ankles too, because why not
>her bro thinks it's hilarious. Hits her with the ball a few times. My sis gets a little weirded out
>I ask if she wants to be untied
>"nah, I like this anon. You are really good at making these handcuffs. I'll stay like this for a few minutes"
>laugh at her, keep her there a few minutes, then despite mild protests I untie her
>wrists and ankles bruised up. Felt bad about it. Went home, apologized to her the next day
>"No, it's okay. I wanted you to."

Whatever. Was weird. I have at least one more if interest is still here
bump for interest
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jesus christ dude I bet she was wet as fuck
post moar
>still on 4chan
>still in thread
>dick still demands it
haha nah dude. This girl was weird. I already had it made with another girl that was more than enough for me ;)

However, if she came to me now I would totally be down to fuck. She is 18, I am 20, and her and my sis are both in school. One of my sister's friends who was crushing on me is fucking crazy for my cock. We started fucking like 4 days ago and just earlier this evening we got caught by the cops for fucking in a church parking lot. Fingers crossed my sis doesn't know
>be 17
>Over at a friends during a party, drink for the first time
>Everyones outside but his sister and her friend, both about 12-14 at the time
>Go lay on my friends bed because I couldn't handle my alcohol
>Pass out
>Wake up to the girls trying to prank me or something
>They jump on top of me, one sitting on my chest holding my arms, the other right on my dick holding my legs
>Pretend to be trapped
>Girl on my dick is sliding back and forth
>Dick is diamonds immediately
>Hear someone come in and immediately panic, push them both off me

Fuck I knew they were into me, but that's the first time they ever really acted on it. That was a strange weekend
stop trying to post as me faggot
since when did /b/ get infected with a real faggots like you?
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>all the little girls currently alive are now too old
since /b/tards were real people
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Ehh, at the time I would have been okay with that outcome. It had been a pretty depressed time in my life. I later got better, which probably inspired my change of heart. I'd still like to track that girl down - she's old enough now.

Have two more stories along the same lines. I love you, 4chan

>be me
>couple years ago
>age gap (does this sound familiar?)
>land a whole shitload of bait all at once
>one of them kept up emails
>wrote a ton of emails
>wrote DD/LG erotica for her
>she sent video of her cumming while reading it
>shit's cash
>sends video of her peeing (muh fetish!)
>she turns 18
>contact dries up
>anon lets it go

She sent this one after she turned 18 so these are legal tits.
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stop trying to post as me faggot
god damn dude she sounds like the type of woman who grows hotter when she's older. Look that shit up on facebook, go punish her butthole. Bring handcuffs.
Fucking nice pun bra
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dude I am legit jealous of your life even though 18 is really too old the childhood friend aspect just makes it hot as fuck
dubs demands answer
I've been here since summer 2008
File: 1410819313190.jpg (67KB, 600x848px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh shit I only just got it
been her since 2088
using this thread to roll
been here since the byzentine empire you newfag
seconded, she sounds kinky as fuck
I'll use your asshole to role motherfucker

John Titor's back, guys
File: 1411075450041.jpg (153KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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been here since the year 3000
last roll
>not much has changed but they live underwater
>me 12, at friends house after working with uncle
>dirty and all, wanting a shower
>friends parents say "Julia hasn't had a bath yet either"
>Julia is friends 9yo sister
>reluctantly agree to shower with loli
>she strips down as soon as I turn on the shower
>my cock is diamonds, not easy to hide but try to play it cool
>we chat a bit and wash ourselves
>she asks why my peeped is pointing up
>I say idk lol
>asks me to wash her back, I agree
>get carried away, wash her lolibutt, reach for lolipussy
>"teehee that tickles anon "
>I freak out and behave for rest of shower
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339KB, 1400x946px
at least post a story if you're going to roll, jeez
oh shit. You'd love to hear about my first gf. I don't think anything can describe blind childhood passion could be described even better. This is the kind of chick that would, when I was talking with friends, sit on my lap and gently rock her ass (which was, and still is 10/10 btw) on me. Always wore spandex or yoga pants. Used to give me head between classes in the stairway of the school. I refused to fuck her (she would literally beg me, on her knees, with my cock in her mouth) to fuck her but I declined because she was 14 and I was 15. I have literally hundreds of stories about us, both when we were dating (age 15-16 for me) and later, after I broke up with my second gf and we began fucking (age 17-18 for me).
"we are the champions my friend" duh duh dhuh duh
File: 1411641793512.jpg (255KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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jonas brothers is literally the only thing faggier than watching boku no k-on
holy shit that second sentence is supposed to read

"I don't think anything can describe blind childhood passion better."
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>implying it wasn't easy as fuck to hide that cute 12 year old boner
nigga you are gay
sweet lord
why did i go to an all boys school?
(because my parents are faggots I guess)
When you're totally naked even a shotaboner is hard to hide if you're washing your hair. Plus I kinda wanted her to see it...

File: 1411158080489.jpg (79KB, 520x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 520x730px
how about some more highschool stories
at the the time this really freaked me out because of how close many parents were.

>be me about 16
>go to my little brother's friend's birthday party.
>i think he turned 7
>little brother has a small group of about 6-7 friends who always go to each others parties.
>one of his friends is the real cute girl that i always thought would grow up really hot
>always got along with my little brothers friends cause i liked to play pokemon/yugioh/beyblades. which was all the range at their age
>this girl though i get along with more than the others.
>party is coming to a wrap so on of the parents puts on a kids movie
>turns lights out and parents leave the kids in the room with me to keep an eye on them
>i take a seat on a 2 seater lounge.
>girl comes up to me and sits with me and leans against me
>she puts her hand on my thigh and i get and insta boner
>shift slightly to try and hide it but she notices
>she rubs her hand along my thigh and runs into my dick
>shit is so hard im about to burst a vessel
>pretty ure somehow she knows what she is doing and dry rubs me through my pants
>look around to make sure no one can see us
>all good
>she keeps at it, going very good
>im getting closer to bursting
>she looks up at me and gives me the sexiest smile
>shit sends me over the edge and i come in my pants
>pretty sure she knew i came and rubbed a few times and stopped
>i go to get up and go to the bathroom.
>she lays down and places her head in my lap
>insta boner again
>so i sit there and watch the movie for a while
>i slowly lift up her skirt and start fondling her ass
>manage to reach further and get her tiny cunt through her panties
>start rubbing and she starts squirming.
>hear one of the parents start to walk in so i quit at it.
>looks at me and girl doesnt bat an eye
>probably thinks its cute
>when she leaves the room i get up and clean up
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it's ok man, the shotaboner only makes it hotter
any more encounters with the loli?
I knew a kid who went from a normal middle school to an all boy's school, and he was a creepy piece of shit faggot long before the boy's school got to him.
>be 7
>cousin younger by 4 months finds her dads porn stash
>shows me
>wants to try it out
>we 69 many times
>get caught. entire family finds out. traumatized.
all sex feels incestuous to me now
eh. Looking back I am surprised I was so good with women in hs. I was awkward as all hell but I managed to get 2 gfs and have very consistent sex beginning my junior year.

what do you want to hear? Before we started fucking, when we would sneak into classrooms after hours and sometimes get caught, or once we get older and begin to explore our town and the great outdoors?
yeah but think of all the straightfags having no girls around
if there were any female teachers I guarantee they were the cause of so much spent semen
Cont, still have a few more of her

>About a week later
>Friends sisters birthday party
>Whole family is in my friends bedroom playing pokemon pearl
>Lights off, playing a movie also
>Her and I are in bed together, everyone else is around the room (2 brothers, and another sister)
>I'm under the covers
>She slides her foot under it while we're doing the capture the flag minigame
>Kicks me, I kick her back, continues
>She slides it up a bit more and starts pressing against my dick
>She keeps doing it for awhile, dont say anything, keep staring at my ds
>Look up, shes smiling, knows im hard
>Move my feet between her legs and push it against her
>Their mom comes in and I immediately slide back away

I have another story of her, if anyones interested.
>I babysit a family friend's daughter sometimes in the summer
>she's 10
>play video games with her, she really likes zombie games
>chase her around the house
>toss a tennis ball back and forth over her dog's head
>make her food and watch music videos with her
>It's pretty fun
>she's also very precocious
>picks up her cat, looks at me and says "look at my pussy~"
>asks questions about sex
>walks around in her pajamas
>one day she brings me into her mom's room
>says she wants to show me something and starts digging through one of her mom's drawers
>think she's going to pull out a dildo
>it's a tiara
>says "my mom will probably give this to us when we get married"

Feels good man
File: 1413685347513.jpg (46KB, 498x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 498x600px
>all sex feels incestuous to me now
well at least you've got that going for ya
holy shit I wouldve sweat bullets if someone came in.. The balls you've got for touching her ass is something else
... and I came. You lucky son of a bitch.
File: 1417520255187.jpg (367KB, 967x1400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
367KB, 967x1400px
fucking faggot die in fire

>tfw when almost post the wrong pick from folder
Nothing as forbidden, but later on, well after her bro and I stopped hanging out, my folks and I went to their place (parents still good friends) and she (17 now) was flirting with me pretty good. I was hanging with the bro playing GameCube drinking a bit, and she asked me to make her a gin and tonic. Bro seemed chill so I did, drank it with her on the roof, and got sucked off in the bargain. Fairly shitty head, but I thought about her 9yo bod while she did it and it was fun
tell the best story of how you got caught
or the best of how you nearly got caught
shit tier hands
File: 1413686348844.jpg (199KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 600x800px
I wish young me realised how illegal it would be to have sex with lolis once I was old
i hardly see her anymore but when i do she always smiles my way. might watch her as she grows up and see what happens
need just a bit more...
>be me 6
>in the back yard with my step sister says she wants me to come inside and watch tv with her
> its futurama its a kissing scene without thinking i kiss her me and her start making out

i hate you.
fuckin shit...
File: 1413688989847.jpg (365KB, 1000x708px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365KB, 1000x708px
can't believe I missed the original post
foot play is hot as fuck man
post more
>picks up her cat, looks at me and says "look at my pussy~"
she's a keeper
not if you're going to ask for attention every three lines of text.
ITT: We listen to pedophiles be pussies.
More of this girl or..
File: 1413820411487.jpg (1MB, 1600x1230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1600x1230px
what's the age difference at?
the girl I'm into is like 20 year younger than me, feels bat man
kill yourself
Hm. Best? Not sure which one that would be, but the funniest would have to be relatively early on.

>been dating first gf for about 3 months now. She asks me regularly to fuck her. Decline. She is 14, I am 15.
>her parents are strict as fuck. She isn't allowed to leave the house unless it is for school, so the only time we have is after school for an hour or two, maybe 3 on a good day.
>each time we hang out, we search for an unlocked room.
>picked her history teacher's room because it was one of the only doors unlocked
>in there. I am sitting on a table, she has her shirt up but not off and we are making out/rubbing each other
>she starts getting really into jerking me off
>so do I
>we going at it, dont even notice the door quietly open.
>I notice some movement out of the corner of my eye and absolutely freeze
>janitor has walked in and is changing the garbage, which is just next to the door he walked through
>he doesnt notice us. Girl is still going. I am frozen like a statue
>slowly I put my hand on hers and motion for her to turn around quietly
>she turns as the janitor looks up
>we stand still for a few seconds. He shakes his head. I put my pants on, he tells us we should go somewhere else, and we leave. >Eventually pick up where we left off. Luls were had.

How I nearly got caught? Idk. I have a bunch of good ones for this. I will post it then, if there is still interest, I will post another but otherwise I am going to bed. It's 5am here
File: 1413690248963.jpg (403KB, 827x1116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403KB, 827x1116px
please post moar man
I wish the girls who cuddle with me were that aware but they're so innocent
lulz were had
>implying you can get it up for anyone over 14
Age difference is 12 years. To be honest I don't expect anything to happen. She'll probably forget all about me in a few years.
i dont know about you niggas, but i'm archiving this thread so quick after it 404's...
17 is too old for that to be hot for me, but I'm happy for you
File: scruffy.png (74KB, 200x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 200x376px
was he scruffy?
fuck you and these feels nigga
File: 1413820901948.jpg (188KB, 800x1122px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188KB, 800x1122px
see that's the childhood friend aspect
even if they don't grow up that hot you have an accurate memory of their childhood to make it bonerworthy
show some interest man, she'll be all over you
I'm a pedo/hebephile who also has a fetish for milfs and grannies. Does that even it out a bit?
File: 1413689242320.jpg (158KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 600x800px
post moar you turdburgling faggot
at least we don't have to listen to you being a pedophile, you pussy
Yeah, makes it totally legal.
Keep going faggit.
Almost got caught story here. Same girl, btw. Same crazy parents, same deal, except we are not in a relationship and we fuck regularly, aided by my car and the fact that we can travel (meaning we are not limited to the school to do "things").

>class gets out for the day
>usually we do track together (she is a high jumper/sprints girl, I am a distance/mid distance guy) but we skipped in favor of fucking
>went to a church parking lot. It is usually quiet there. It's broad daylight and next to a busy road, but the praking lot is huge so we take a spot that people would not usually walk by.
>casually fucking, having a great time, music playing from my car stereo, not giving a shit about anything but each other
>things going great until I hear voices
>this is unusual because someone would have to be walking through the parking lot to come close to my car
>peek through the glass, which is completely foggy from the activities
>see old friend of mine and 4 of his friends passing through with a basketball
>her and I hit the deck. Totally silent. I swear my heartbeat registered on the Richter scale.
>they came so close that I could literally see the fogged up face of one of them while laying down on the floor of my car
>they passed by and we got straight back to fucking but that was probably the closest we have ever been to being caught without actually getting caught. Either that or when my teacher walked by the stairwell while she was giving me head, but that's another story for another time.
I would kill to be you or the girl
or even the fucking janitor man
Got it, will continue.
>Lose contact with family for a few years, their parents were divorced and moved away
>Friend is kicked out of the army, start going to his apartment where he lives with his sister and hanging out
>She's overly nice to me all the time
>Started smoking cigarettes, we regularly take smoke breaks outside together
>tfw smoking fetish
>After a few weeks of hanging out, texting, and a couple phone calls, see her walking home from high school
>Offer her a ride and take her home
>She invites me in, I say okay
>We sit on the couch, start watching yugioh or something
>She asks if I liked her, talk about times in previous posts mentioned
>Asks me if she can see my dick
>Heart racing, not sure what to do
>Fuck it
>Pull it out, already hard
>She grabs it, neither of us are saying anything
>Strokes it a few times
>"Oh shit anon, we can't do this"
>Goes into her room immediately, slams door
>Sit there for a few minutes, then knock on her door
>"Go home, anon"
>Drive home
>Fap furiously to the memory to this day

She's 18 now. Oddly I only saw her one more time, I was helping her family move out. They live hundreds of miles away now. Had a lot of strange experiences with their family.
awww anonnn you've been blessed by the gawd daym loli gods
it's cool mang, there are always more girls
just make friends with a breeder
man, I guess childhood was really fucked up for you to result in those fetishes
>she is a high jumper/sprints girl
did almost getting caught make it even better?
post more stories man, you owe it to your /b/rothers
File: 1419220213024.jpg (462KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
462KB, 1600x1200px
When i was 14 years old i had an 11 year old asian girl suck my dick at an impounded car lot, her mom had just died and i made her feel better, made sure to cum hard down her throat.
In all honesty, those high school years were the years where I was probably the most sexually satisfied. Yeah, I have consistent hookups now, but this chick was the kind that would genuinely get upset if she went for a few days without playing with my cock. It was great. Bad at giving head, pretty bad at handjobs too, but incredible at sex. Plus my fetish, if you can call it a fetish, is enthusiastic consent. Nothing is a greater turn on for me than a girl going everything she can to sexually please me out of pure desire.
or maybe you just have shitty standards and are grasping at whatever clam walks by. Go out and talk to women.
File: 1413690455874.jpg (238KB, 1000x909px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 1000x909px
oh man
you should have stayed

but I guess the memory wouldn't have been as fappable for you if you didn't get blue balled
fapping after those tantalising encounters is amazing
>be me, 19
>neighboors girl, 14 y/o, solid 9/10
>whenever we were outside in summer she´d look at me and touch me whenever she could
>one day we sit outside and for some reason all the other people we hung out with left
>so we´re alone, and i create conversation
>apperently she plays the guitar and reads actual books
>talk about that sort of thing, since im a reader and musician myself, conversation goes easy
>she asks me to cover if I want to listen to her play and maybe show her some stuff
>sure why not

File: 1413690575536.jpg (155KB, 1036x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 1036x1500px
more details on the relationship between you two please?
the relationship is what makes it hot
I guess I'll tell some other stories

>watching a disney movie together
>one scene has a girl on a guy's shoulders at the beach
>asks me "wouldn't it be scary to be up that high?"
>ask her if she wants to try it
>she says no, she'd be too scared
>kinda disappointed but keep watching the movie
>after it's over she asks if she can try it
>we go to her room so if she falls off she can just fall on her bed
>at first she's really scared and hanging on super tight
>so I fake falling over backwards so she falls off onto her bed
>she actually starts having fun

Was a fun day overall
haha I guess I can post more. I really gotta sleep soon though. And no, getting caught or almost caught doesn't do anything sexually for me, although it does get my heart racing and make for good stories. I will share for you one of our adventures in the arboredum, a place that was infinitely significant for us in our relationship that I will probably only describe in brief. I can cover a whole thread with just details about it
File: 1417220508805.jpg (117KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 720x960px
I am fapping to this thread anons.More greentexts for the glory of Zeus!
dude, you don't even know. Part of me wants to post pics but I would never do that to her lol
File: 1413820985833.jpg (110KB, 700x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 700x710px
yeah man nothing feels better than a girl letting you know that you dick is what her world revolves around

so did those young hookups make you a pedo, or are you a normalfag now?
Ohh shit
pdfile is the best file
File: 1417220286753.jpg (274KB, 1280x1612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274KB, 1280x1612px
Oh anon,she will never know.Do it
Gtfo faggot, anons are trying to fap
File: tooru.jpg (85KB, 700x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 700x800px
>not Geb or Nox
>apperently she plays the guitar and reads actual books
I'm hoping the girl I love turns out like this, she's currently artistic as fuck, but young, so who knows how it will turn out
pls continue
File: 1413820929066.jpg (154KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 750x750px
cont. when
this looks promising as fuck
replying to this before I post my story

I am only 20 now, but I feel no attraction to younger girls. I have always loved girls around my age. 2 years below me is the lowest I have gone, even though I have been asked to go lower. 4 years above is the highest I have gone, but I have a 25 year old waiting for me at uni and I want to try out. I would say that's pretty normal, right?
File: 1334350916857.jpg (23KB, 270x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 270x360px
I know, anon. I know
This is her now, think it might be worth hitting her up.
My childhood was actually completely free of turmoil. I have no idea where the granny/milf shit came from but I've been a pedo since fucking day 1.
>7-9 years old
>be extremely precocious lad
>like I had to go see a doctor because I was developing way too fucking fast
>have cutie female friend who was equally as precocious (if not more).
>we are both horny little critters and would constantly play sex games
>would constantly feel her up and grope her ass and her pussy
>she would always ask me to show her my dick and to let her touch it.
>would get naked and try to fuck her (couldn't really get hard at the time so I just rubbed my flaccid shotadick against her pussy.
>even licked her pussy once.
Funny thing is she was the one who started it for the most part
nah man, childhood memories are strong
just show up in her life in memorable ways
File: 1418998242695.jpg (297KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297KB, 1200x1600px
>So since she lives literally 5 meters away from my door, I decide to go over for some fun
>I knock, she opens, we´re alone (go figure)
>she´s wearing those flashy pink hotpants, that are a little bit lose the further down they go, so sometimes you get to see her ass
>never seen a creature with such pervect legs
>she´s just 14 but 1,70cm tall (im 191cm)
>we drink something and she pulls out the guitar to play
>we talk and laugh, play on and off, its all fun
>for whatever reason i cant remember, we start to squabble, in a fun way of course
>so much body contact but i manage to not boner up
>its a lot of fun and we end up laying next to each other breathing heavy while laughing

continue of course
I cum bearing gifts my anons! Enjoy and thank me later.
File: 1413627153946.jpg (39KB, 399x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 399x444px
don't let it 505 faggot
I am turned on and have hooked up with girls of my age group. Women just turn me on at any age I guess (not necessarily proud of this).
>women in highschool..

Btich please bunch of horny teenagers
fuckin fine
one person says precocious and it becomes the word of the fucking day for people who have never used or heard the word in their entire life.
File: image.jpg (9KB, 100x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 100x184px

it was like an on going relationship she was in love with me, but i just thought she was that annoying younger girl. I had just hit puberty and liked older girls who would let me fuck them, etc. I just used her for messing around, but i actually ended up catching feelings for her after all the blowjobs, she was like my friend / blowjob machine. She sucked with such a passion for an 11 year old...
oh man, some more details?
reminds me of a story
>visiting friend
>he's busy with a uni assignment or something
>his sister his home sick from school
>she's about 9 or 10
>always been kind of cold to me
>take the opportunity to hang out with her
>let her play with my phone
>carry her round on my shoulders
>colour in pictures with her
>she takes some selfies and videos
>fap to her voice and pictures later
>mfw the phones dies and I have to throw it out
m8 don't you think you're being a bit too precocious?
It's a word that describes how I was back then. Are we in a fucking english class all the sudden?
as I said before this girl would regularly stay in her pajamas when I was there

>I get there before she wakes up so her mom can get to work
>when she wakes up she comes out and says hi, DS in hand
>make her breakfast while she watches tv or plays a game
>she lounging around on the couch
>glance over at her as I'm saying something
>she's not wearing panties
>realize she does this all the time
>when we would tease her dog by passing a tennis ball around sometimes she would hide the ball between her legs and smile at me a little
>now I know for sure she wanted me to go for it
yeah man keep it going
surely the heartbeat rush gets your blood pumping and fuels the boner though right?
damn that guy was a pervert
post cropped or something?
let's be real
if you posted those pics anywhere else, they would be lost in the flood of teens and jailbait
in this thread they will be treasured and used to fuel a thousand boners
I wish I knew how to tell stories because I have some good ones.
if you want mods post some cp
obviously not, because people who stay in school know better than to use the same adjective repeatedly in the span of two sentences.
she smiled because she has manners you mentally retarded menace
>she asks me if i want to come over again
>I say sure, tell her she can come over to me too if she wants
>after this, a whole day passes, we´ve only seen each other outside while hanging out
>tfw everyone notices how close we´ve become all of a sudden, sitting a bit away from everyone else, talking, laughing
>at first I dont care, but then I realize that she´s 14, and im 19
>well, whatever.
>her mother works on night shifts a lot of time and the only person that lives with them is her 16y/o sister, who is the biggest bookwork you can imagine
>we decide that tonight i´ll come over to her place since her mother wont be home and all

yeah you're normal as fuck
I guess the lack of highschool hookups is what makes a pedo
fuck my life
this is one of the many stories about "the arbo", a sort of nature-y area in my town. Lots of flowers, pretty big place with some small trails and a bog. Great place to walk your dog or have a picnic and is in the center of town. This is where we had our first "date" (closest thing to a date. She wasn't allowed out of the house so we had to be sneaky and, being young, had no way of transporting ourselves other than by foot, and it was near the school).

>go to the arbo one day, for some hand holding and a good nature walk
>yadda yadda, love love love, mushy stuff that, while some anons can do it, I can't transfer via greentext.
>eventually finish a loop of trails, sitting under an apple tree cuddling in the sun
>not far from us is a couple having a picnic, an old man with his (I presume) grandson, and someone with their dog
>kissing happens, caressing happens, then suddenly more than just caressing happens
>decide to climb the tree
>eventually climb up. Not much room, was a small tree. We were no more than 2 meters high
>she unzips me, pulls it out, and goes to town
>meanwhile I am choking back laughter, as I can see through the leaves and branches (which were NOT THICK AT ALL) basically all that is going on.
>things getting intense
>start fingering her. She almost falls (she was WICKED sensitive so any stimulation of her meant she was incapacitated).
>stop fingering her, but she really wants the cum
>eventually cum. Watch the love potion spurt out onto the ground. The two of us laugh, get down from the tree, and pretend like nothing happened.
>few minutes later watch another couple sit down under the tree
>talk about it for the next week

Gosh, I feel like I could share so many. I literally have hundreds of these stories. I'm not exaggerating lol. Are you anons enjoying?
6/10 face
10/10 memories
you've got nothing to lose, man, go for it
File: 0571363120.jpg (3MB, 2560x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2560x3200px
>I'm sorry I committed the sin of using the same adjective more than once while greentexting about my sexual experiences as a child.
lurker here. the almost got caught stories reminded me of my story.
>be me 16 years old, gf is 15
>she lived in Sparta Wisconsin me in St. Paul
>family comes up to go to MOA
>I come along since they loved me so much
>gf is crazy as fuck and we wander MOA
>go to arcade And start feeling each other up
>she gives me head on the ferris wheel
>10 minutes pass after the fact and were so horny
>we decide to find elevator by arcade
>go inside and start fucking
>3 adult chicks walk in see us fucking and turn around and leave
>we continue till I cum.
>leave and find out that they never went to security
>still absolutely mortified
fast forward 8 years and now she's in jail for all sorts of shit and has 3 kids
Did you fuck the brother?
Went to an all boys school and no, generally not. Most of the female teachers were uggo as fuck
>have cutie female friend who was equally as precocious (if not more).
mfw my childhood attempts at sexual exploration were rebuffed by my overly religious childhood friends and relatives
Real lolis are the best.
Kik: Axsteve
you should be. There's a saying: Stand by your shit. If you're going to do something that is terrible, at least make its quality worthwhile.
not really. was caught by a cop literally earlier tonight when I was fucking one of my sisters friends. He let us off, just wanted to make sure everything was okay, but I had trouble getting it up after that (also blame condoms. those things suck). Was a good excuse to get loads of head before fucking again, though.
File: 0571397164.jpg (499KB, 1350x1718px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 1350x1718px
File: Cannibal.jpg (24KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 400x300px
Thanks anon. For believing in me
>I guess the lack of highschool hookups is what makes a pedo

Do you think that could be the reason ?

I am totally obsessed with teens as I grow older. I never had any experience in my teen age. Now I have a lot of sex with my gf which is really good at it and satisfy me more than I could imagine but still I can totally crazy when a teen is around. It somehow bring back memories and frustrations. Like I need a revenge or something.
Dem cuts on upper left arm
Are you some kind of 30+ pedophile.
File: 0571362990.jpg (2MB, 2560x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2560x3200px
type faster pls m81
File: 0571362832.jpg (1MB, 2560x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2560x3200px
Yeah, guess I am pretty normal. I never really understood "abnormalities" (pedophilia, fetishes, homosexuality, etc) but the way I see it is that it's something you can't control. Going off of that, I don't think your adolescent or preadolescent stages really change much, unless through experience happen to stumble upon one of those "abnormalities", in which case you become aware of it and, as you grow older, begin to identify it with yourself.

Then again, maybe it's just getting late and I think too much lol
File: 1413726892650.jpg (798KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
798KB, 1920x1080px
>go over
>she´s wearing her pink hotpants again, this time she´s wearing some weird black brah thing that isnt really a brah, its just black tight cloth around her chest, guess she doesnt need a brah since she literally barrely has any tits
>its just around her chest too, no t-shirt so she´s belly free
>tfw she got slightly visible abs, must be from doing gymnastiks for years
>Im getting a rapy feeling here
>we start off with some talking, guitar, all that shit
>she wants to watch a movie
>okay why not
>put in the movie, cant remember which one it was
>during the movie I said something to insult her, as a joke of course
>we were sitting directly next to each other, my arm around the headlean of the sofa, around her back
>she takes it "serious" and we start to squabble again
>this time its more sexual
>she rubs her leg intentionally to my crotch
>semi boner inc
>she´s on top, but i flip her over
>hold her arms left and right to her head by the wrist
>eye contact for a little while
>tell her that i want to try something
>then kiss her
>she tenses up for a second, but then melts away
>we kiss each other for a while

>after that day she still doesn't wear panties
>keep getting small peeks
>her mom comes home
>asks me how the day has been
>general small talk stuff
>say goodbye
>just as I step out hear her ask her daughter
>Why aren't you wearing any panties I can see everything
>never been so nervous as I head home

Luckily her mom wasn't mad she just made her wear shorts underneath her pajamas when she walked around the house. Her pajamas were basically a light dress that came down just above her knees.
fuck off mate
File: 1413690199953.jpg (164KB, 1235x1109px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 1235x1109px
dude, what happened to the relationship?
it sounds beautiful
nope he does have a point unwise anon
Just post them shittily.The only way to get better is to do the thing, right? Plus, if your story is good, it doesn't matter how you tell it.
I think I'm gonna take time to write then on my computer and I'll post them an other day.
File: 1413686705594.png (348KB, 600x756px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348KB, 600x756px
I don't really care why she did it, it was hot as fuck. It was already hot, and the smile made it even hotter. You're just jelly you didn't get to see her sweet legs first hand.
nice dub dub
File: 1415134847520.jpg (389KB, 707x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
389KB, 707x1000px
>we fell asleep wrapped around each other
>her sister wakes us up at 5 in the morning
>tells me i have to go home since her mother will be home soon
>a little embarrased tbh, but her sister is cool as hell
>i get my ass out of there

from that day on we started "dating" and hanging out more like a couple, if anyone is interested in hearing more stories, tell me.
....What the actual fuck is wrong with you?
File: 1419004659423.gif (408KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408KB, 250x250px
Gr8 b8 m8
dodged a bullet on that one
cont nigger, you take hella long
holy shit that is hot
you really capture the sweetness of teenage sexy times with your posts
please keep going
of course we are. Fuck you. Keep going. Type faster fuckwit
File: 1413687790843.jpg (535KB, 1000x1376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
535KB, 1000x1376px
Someday I'll make a girl as happy and turned on as you made her
Noo need to ask to cont we just going to lurk lruk lrukrlklrull urlu rlr uurl lrlk itlsrj lgjhketjseh eqt aerghwrgwr garg as g in this bitch
pro tip: write them into 4chan's message box anyway, and then transfer them to your writing program. There's a character length to each post and if you go over in Open Office or whatever, you might have a tough time dividing stories up easily when you do want to share them.
okay. I will post ONE more, then go to bed. It will be the story of one of the greatest adventures of my life, made possible by this girl. It may take 2 posts, but I will try to get it brief so that the thread doesnt 404 and so that I can get to sleep. It may take a while but I will type it up ;)
I've gotta tell you right now that I had plenty of normal relationships in high school and I'm still attracted to girls aged 10-45. It's different for everyone and I think it's just something hardwired. Luckily I can have normal relationships but sometimes being attracted to young girls feels like a curse.
You poor bastard. At my high school there was this one amazing teacher. I think she was french or something. When a boy did anything noteworthy (do well in sports or a test or something) she would kiss them. On the cheek or something so it was legal or whatever. But she would kiss so close to the lips. A friend of mine got kissed on his chin so close to his lips. And I got kissed on my cheek so close to my lips it practically touched. She was 8/10 so it was all good.
r u ok, anon??
if you want me to be honest, you can't. Let me explain briefly

It comes from her. Not you. She makes herself that turned on, all you can do is enable or encourage it. That's the secret, dude. Now I will post 1 last more, then sleep
File: image.jpg (56KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 640x360px
Tell us all the juicy encounters.
got teenage sex, avoided teenage pregnancies
yeah the brother sounds bangable as anything
>2001, senior in high school
>in creative writing class
>slutty girl in class always teasing me/chatting with me
>end of the year, class has nothing to give us so we talk for the entire time
>standing, as bell was about to ring
>she's talking about breasts to a girl nearby
>I'm right next to her
oh anon, you want to see?
uhh... ok
>pulls her shirt, look down and see cute lacy bra
"I think I'm going to miss you more than anyone when we graduate ___"
>bell rings
>she grabs my hand
"come on, I've wanted to cheer you up for a while now"
"what? where are we going?"
"shut up just come with me"
>in mens bathroom
>no idea what she was going to do to me but my dick had a fairly good idea
>blushing like a goddamned virgin
>she hugs me and says she's going to make me smile for once
>she drops to her knees
>pants down before I realize it
>watch my dick almost smack her in the face through shorts
>shorts down
>dick springs into action
>takes it into her hand and gives it a quick kiss
>thank you Jesus
>she jokes about seeing if I'm still going to be quiet
>she starts sucking me off
>the entire time I'm trying not to make a fucking noise, terrified and ecstatic
>people coming in and out, they have to know, she has a noisy mouth
>hear “grats man get some whoever you are!”
>she's smiling and looking at me with a look in her eyes I've never seen before
>I'll never forget that beautiful face
>manage to utter “I'm about to cum”
>she goes crazy
>filled her throat with cum
>she swallowed, coughed, and started laughing
>helped her back up, and kissed her, I didn't give a fuck
>she wasn't expecting that but she seemed okay with it.
>she said it was adorable that I was so nervous about it
>I told her that it was fucking wonderful
>she left the bathroom first, not giving a fuck
>I left after a while hoping nobody saw me
>nobody caught us aside from those two dudes, thank god.
both seniors but I don't give a shit
y u hate sexy childhood stories?
u jelly bro?
why the fuck didnt you turn to kiss on her lips
second part
After what I still maintain is the best blowjob of my life, she and I had actual sex once. It was after graduation, and we just happened to bump into each other that summer. Remember this was before cellphones, facebook, and AIM was pretty much the only means of communication we had outside of land lines.

I'll spare the stupid details- we bumped into each other at a store, and chatted, I said I was just riding out the summer at home before college started. I was alone that day and just coming down to the store to get something for dinner
“oh lets go hang out at your place! We can have some fun!” (her actual words)
>I immediately went red in the face again- I was seriously a shy motherfucker when I was younger.
>we get to my house
>go to my room
>she likes the size of my bed, queen size
>asks if I share it with anybody
“no, not right now.”
>she gets in close and presses her chest into me, her lips inches away from mine
“wanna share it with me?” (she was seriously the master of flirting and that's what I remember most about her)
“sounds good”
>I moved in and kissed her, which again surprised her
“you really like kissing, don't you?”
“yeah, it's nice.”
“well we can take our time since we're not at school this time”
>made out with her on top of me on my bed for a long-ass time
>I start undressing her
>see her tits in a cute dark purple bra
>matching panties
>she's already wet, panties are soaked
>she tears my jeans off and straddles me, guiding my dick into her
“wait what about a condom?”
>insists she's on birth control
>still skeptical but dick has taken over and holds Veto power
>she's grinding me like she's on a sybian, I'm happier than I've ever been
>holding her hips, slamming my cock into her as hard as I can
>switch positions constantly
>I'm on top of her when we finish, and I held her tightly as I filled her with cum
>her legs tightly wrapped around me
>I think I'm in love again
>kiss her again
Nah see there's a difference between getting caught, and the sweet tension of almost getting caught

>she's getting dressed, I'm happier than I've ever been
>she tells me she has to get going but she's happy to see me before she leaves for college
>my heart sank and my face must have showed it
>I tell her I wish I had gotten to know her earlier
>she takes off her pants/panties and gives me her underwear
>unceremoniously stuff them into my pocket, trying to ignore the fact that I just filled my pocket with my own semen
“you can keep those to remember me by”
>walked her home, she lived a bit of a distance away but I didn't care
>gave her my number and told her if she's ever in town again to give me a call
>she gave me hers
>walked home, understanding the definition of bittersweet for the first time in my life.
>never heard from her again, she went to college at the other goddamned end of the continent
15 years later and she was one of the best women I've ever been with, and I hate that I not only didn't get a yearbook to remember her name, but I have no way of getting in touch with her again. I also lost the panties she gave me when I moved which pissed me off like nothing else.
tbh I think all of us pedos will come up with different explanations for why we are the way we are
I want to blame my religious upbringing and childhood/teenage sexual frustration, but who knows
True, I feel like it's a curse but isn't true that most of men get a boner watching teens ?
Aren't we made to find teens sexually attractive because for thousand of years, the life expectancy was about 20-25 years.
Fuck, I'm gonna stop thinking about teens for a while to calm down.
>implying she's that old
>that memory of her grabbing your dick and stroking
>god tier fap material
pick both
File: 5848.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
My fucking mind is filled with shit for 'what if' scenarios
I dunno, there seems to be a difference between pedos who hit puberty and were never attracted to tits, and fags who hit puberty and were never attracted to tits, and people like me, who just ended up attracted to adult women and young beautiful girls
jesus christ
That's what we wanna see
>veto power
Top fucking kek
File: 2138493421.jpg (163KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1413689776425.jpg (884KB, 1500x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So does this story continue? It better continue.
>mfw samefag
mother probably would have swapped anyway keeping you away from her daughter.
File: 1413689432670.jpg (63KB, 400x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do you not feel bad for the anons sharing this thread with you who will never get to see your stories?
its not that easy to memorize everything accurately, I dont want to tell anything wrong

>meet her the next day
>she kisses me the moment we´re close enough, pretty much jumps onto me
>that feel man.
>we go for a walk
>tell her that we should keep it a little secret, our whole relationship thing since she´s so young
>she´s cool with it
>we start to make plans regularely and hang out, its waaaay more sexual now, we kiss each a lot and she´s pretty much dryhumping me every time
>this doesnt go on for long, one day i decide that i´ll eat her out
>the moment comes
>we kiss, i move down her throat, neck, shoulders, belly
>start to kiss the inside of her tighs
>she´s breathing heavy, makes cute sounds
>i pull down her hotpants (not the pink ones, damnit)
>cutes little panties ever see, they were grey with pink stripes on them
>kiss her vagina through the panties
>she lets out a loud squeal the moment i touch her vagina, even though there´s still panties
>pull them down
>during all the years on 4chan, and having seen literally millions of vaginas, this is the cutest pink tiny vagina i´ve ever seen, honestly
>start to like her
>her squaling turns into moaning, i talk a bit to her, tell her to relax and trust me
>works wonders
>her inner tighs start to vibrate, she pulls a pillow to her face to dampen the moaning
>she orgasms
>her entire body tenses up, she gets some damn good abs when she flexes, me being a bodybuilder, i can tell man
>she´s done
>i lay next to her, facing her
>she looks at me and i kiss her
>she then falls asleep in my arms, and i join her a couple of minutes of just watching her sleep later
30 more posts to go nignogs
Where do I find loli copypasta you nerds. Do I never see it because of the pedo association nor something? I have a 2D filter in my head so it doesn't affect me but still.
sister = cool/10
Still waiting as well
I'm not talking about finding teens attractive. I think finding girls 14-18 attractive is totally normal. However 10-13 feels a little wrong but I'm still attracted to them.
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Excellent story, don't let it die
File: 0516623403.jpg (138KB, 800x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ily man, saviour of the thread
Fucking Christ at 14 you were shit
I feel bad because a story need to be well written otherwise it is not exiting.
Plus I'm scared of forgetting important details. Those are not fictional stories and I don't want to forget any detail or add fantasy to it.
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holy shit that needs to be scientifically tested

>only had one girl ever when I was 17
>had sex with said girl couple of times
tfw not-a-viring-anymore
>almost 30 now, never had any other girl in my life
>cum hardest when thinking of lolis
>also get hardest for weird shit like pick related
because I was like 13
let's just take a moment to image the story with genders reversed
would everyone have turned a blind eye to a 25+ year old guy kissing all the young girls
So jealous of all of you peeps...Why must random opportunities be not in my favor..
last one before bed. This takes place my senior year of hs, so I was 17 or 18 and she was a year below me.

>things between her and her parents getting worse.
>more fighting, probably the junior year stress and shit plus their absurdly strict tendencies
>she wants to meet with me to talk about something. Of course, I'm always there
>we meet. She wants to run away for a few days. Has an older bro (only heard about him at this point. Sells pot, gets intro trouble, but has always looked out for her. The kind of guy that you would only like if you were myself or her).
>she wants to go to NYC to stay with him for a few days, but wants me to accompany her more than anything else
>of course
>it's a 4 hour drive. Decide it's best to have me drive us to Boston then take a bus
>plan it for that weekend, only like 4 days away
>get clearance from parents to "sleep at a friend's house"
>The time comes, the journey begins.
>once we get on the bus, we cuddle literally the entire time. I take some pics of some scenery we pass, but mostly we nap and just enjoy each others company
>was the first time really being alone together after years of seeing each other
>by some miracle make it to her bros house. He has hookah set up for his friends. Girl and I try it out but not much, as we are both runners and care about our lungs
>hang out. Dont let go of each others hands the entire time

fuck this is bringing back memories. The nostalgia.. I wish this girl didn't hate me.

>fast forward. Her bro is drunk. It's midnight. He says it's time to get food
>we leave and follow her bro, seemingly aimlessly but he apparently knows where we are going.
>get food. Most delicious shwarma ever. From a street vendor, eaten at 1am, in the middle of the city's night life
>go back to his room. Make it there by 2 or so.
>the bro has something he needs to take care of. Me and girl are tired
>previously, she asked him if we could sleep together but he declined
see I'm doing stupid mistake
This is the best fucking thread ever
this is /b/, not some sort of educational career training course. Don't limit yourself by this imagined level of standard. If you're really determined to write, just write, and save what you've written. Come back to it later, and edit as needed. Take out errors, add in other places. Fuck negative commentary, we're all /b/tards up at 6:00 am on a fucking Sunday night/Monday morning. You're not going to be discredited for quality by the likes of us.
so what you're saying is I need to enable/encourage it with enough teens that eventually it becomes a reality

challenge accepted
9.5/10 thread
No one? Damnit, I guess teen and childhood reminiscence stories are nice and all but I guess it just doesn't hold my attention that much. Doesn't even have to be full on pasta erotica story thing, q.t. shit like at the very beginning works.
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