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>tfw 18, senior in high school >tfw no gf >tfw kissless

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>tfw 18, senior in high school
>tfw no gf
>tfw kissless virgin
>tfw every girl ever has rejected me
>tfw ive missed out on the golden years of life
>tfw ive missed out on teenage love
Also, general feels thread
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youre just like every other newfag who found this site and realized everyone here is like you.

Youll never get dope sex from my GF.
pic related
just got done my sucking dick
shit was so cash
Not a newfag, been here since I was 14
Whoever came up with the whole "Teenage years are the best years of your life" idea was probably some high school varsity quarterback who peaked in life after winning regionals. Guarantee the same man is now alone and broke wondering where it all went wrong.
Mfw I graduated last year and I still have those feels.
any /b/ros got stories about life getting better after high school?
fuck your feels. notearsshed.

its a cold world out there, best to stay frosty
Your "golden years"?
What the fuck is wrong with you OP if you really think the next 70 years of your live will be worse than fucking highschool you should just end it now.
it actually does,you finally feel free to do your own thing
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You've only been here since 2010; that means you're a newfag man just deal with it.

I'm in the same boat only I'm turning 19 in two weeks, it isn't something that bothers me. Being a NEET without a license bothers me a lot more than tfwnogf and shit. Get over yourself.
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>kissless virgin

Oh boy you must be one ugly fuck
>tfw same here
>tfw summer after graduatin get girlfriend
>tfw still together
just wait anon, something good will come around
Honestly im a decent looking dude im just depressed as fuck and I only talk to like 1 girl a year, and that 1 girl is usually out of my league but no fucks given
Niggah. Niggah.

Let me lay some mothefucking KNOWLEDGE down on your ass.

You're 18 when you graduate.

That's 18 years of being alive.
That's 16 years of being able to consciously stop yourself from shitting your pants.
That's 12 years of school.
That's MAYBE one year of freedom and the ability to think like an adult.

If you GENUINELY think that life DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER when YOU'VE LITERALLY JUST FUCKING STARTED IT, you're not only a moron, you should kill yourself.
Life starts after high school imo, my best years was from 19 - 23 then shit went dwn hill 4 abit lel, drugs what u gonna do
Come on faggot you obviously care when you make a fucking thread revolving around how you're /r9k/ incarnate.
OP, teenage years fucking suck. "best years in life" are whichever years you feel best. for tons of people that's not youth because when you're young you have a huge fucking disadvantage compared to later:
you don't know yourself, don't know people, don't know the world, etc
stems from lack of life experience
this is why you make so many mistakes when you're young
of course you continue making mistakes, but they begin to come less and less from the fact that you don't really know who you are or how you personally can best deal with other people and the world
good chance you will be happier later in life
you don't know how you are going to feel or what you're going to think looking back
you are extremely ignorant about your own life right now
so are all your peers
some people thrive on that, others don't
seriously grow a pair, talk to girls, show confidences it's not hard despite how u look
-Dropped out at 16
-Started going to community college immediately after GED
-Transferred to uni after completing basics
-Got an associates when everyone graduated highschool
-Got a masters when everyone was in their second year at college
-mfw dropping out at 16 and missing all the fairy tale bullshit you guys have been brainwashed to be essential life experiences was the best thing to ever happen to me.

98,000 a year
Information Security Analyst
-Beautiful Girlfriend like what the fuck? bitch is out of my league but fucks and sucks like a champ.

I'm 24 and shits pretty golden op. Never went to one dance in high school.
tits or gtfo
Shit son forgot muh face.
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>drop out of 9th grade
>work at mcdizzles for a couple of years
>go to community college for automotive technology
>graduate with associates
>go to university for mechanical engineering
>TFW more successful than most people i know

Ohh no poor OP your life is so miserable you are literally the only person on earth who is as miserable as you are.

Nobody cares, fag. You'd get laid and, then, you'd still be a depressed little bitch nigga because you have a defeatist attitude. No girl is gonna want to touch your dick if you cry about it.
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I am 19 and I am a kissless virgin who never had a girlfriend before and I am fine with it. I had chances to date some girls in High School but I honestly couldn't see myself in a relationship so I didn't do it. I would have fucked it up majorly so I feel like I save myself years of pain.
>Teenage love

What, you mean fucking dumb ass chicks who are so naive and stupid they'd sleep with anyone with a driver's license or a job at McDonald's because that's "making it big" to them in that current moment in their life?

Life doesn't even start to get straight in your head until you are in your late twenties. Good morning, fag OP, you still have quite a long way to go!

Your life just started, if you think being 18 makes you an adult just because it's the age they decided you are an adult, think agian, you are fresh out of highschool, you are still an ignorant baby, you don't even know what exactly you want out of your life, but you think you do, you're still an arrogant little prick and you feel like you constantly need to prove yourself to the world. To everyone else who are past their twenties, 18 years old are still fucking babies.

You're still nothing, live a little and, then, come back to cry.
Teenage love is meaningless and shallow. You're only 18 and you have your whole life ahead of you. You'll grow up eventually.
Yes. Also kissless socially awkward virgin. Went to college. Joined stuff. Made friends. Get introduced to current girlfriend. Get paid internship in my field. One semester away from graduation, job prospects look pretty good.

It does get better. High school is absolute shit.
i've fucked 6 different girls in high school from freshman to senior year, one being a teacher.
fucked 3 different college girls
fucked two of my friends GFs (they're still with them)
fucked one of my friends' mom
fucked my own mom while she's drunk/passed out
fucked my grandma while she's on sleep meds
fucked my sister since we were kids.
fucked my cousin who's married
fucked both my nieces
and fucked my female great dane many many times, and if you're wondering, yes female dogs can have an orgasm
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>tfw i was the outcast during my childhood
>tfw the friends that i had were not real friends
>tfw i have tried to make it better but it wont
>tfw i accepted that im just not suitable to be with other people so i shut myself down and just sit alone all day every day
I-I guess i dont need other people.... r-right?

Big deal, I had sex with my washing machine and a spider.

You're lying to yourself, don't do that.
The thing about highschool is the degenerates, retards and jock are supported by the school system and their parents, but once they get into the real world, their nobodies because nobody is going to tolerate their shit. The people who work hard to innovate and create are the winners
That's young as shit. You still have time and college to get laid. Try being 27.
same poster
high school girls don't know shit about fucking and they expect everything to be perfect, but then you get in the zone and they cry cause they can't handle it
older women know how to fuck and most times they'll do all the work, and you don't need to hold back cause most of them have done it thousands of times.
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> golden years of life
i've had sex with a woman dressed like a spider on top of a washing machine
clap, clap, clap
>bitching at 18
>implying you'd get a serious GF before 18, or even before you're 21
>high school girls are mostly bitches and cockteases
>LOL GOLDEN YEARS!? they haven't come yet, TRUST ME
>teenage love is overrated, and fake, and never ends in full relationship status.
OP, shut the fuck up, graduate high school, get money, watch your hygiene and shit, go to the gym, watch bitches line up, or at the very least it should take nothing but a quick how-do-you-do, if not oh well move on to the next girl who's not a stubborn cunt.
TLDR high school is stupid for getting sex, i've been rejected like 30-40 times, and i've gotten sex 6 times, none of which was a relationship it was a meet-and-fuck and go about the year.
short summary of my story
>be 2 years together
>was her first bf, sex etc
>she breaks up under blameshifting
>gets together with her best guy friend couple o weeks later
>tells me that hewanted something from her 2 months ago
>know that she didnt cheat physically but still emotionally
>1 year passes
>i get a job, workout, am happy with myself
>they break up
>i text her
>goes back n forth
>she turns 21
>i congratulate her
>day after ask her if meeting up casually would be ok
>"i dont have much time this weekend cause i have to work"
>halfassed answer nothing i can work with
>tell her that she can text me when she does have time
>week passes

here i was thinking we could meet up again, work something out, even if itd take time and maybe gie it a 2nd try.

but looks like shes reluctant to meeting up, eventhoug she cant say a clear yes or no.

i was thinking of asking her if she actually wants to meet up in general or not, instead of giving me some half assed answer
Like everybody ever..
The only people who think highschool is the best time of their lives are the ones who can't hack it in the real world and end up in dead end jobs that make them give up on their dreams.
Even then, they only say it because that was the part of their life when they experienced all of those things that you're complaining about missing out on.

Lucky for you, all of that stuff can be done just fine in your twenties or thirties even. And you'll have the mental and emotional maturity to do it all without knocking up a girl who's still a child herself and ruining your chances at enjoying the real best years of your life(20-40, if you don't let things slide)
Holy fuck are you me? I'm turning 19 January 3rd. And I cant learn to drive because all we got is a fucking manual transmission.

was thinking about logging into her fb account, reading some messages.
i know i know, you shouldnt do that, but i want some closure and im just gonna read and contain myself to the last week

LOL why would you even want to get back together

I was thinking maybe give it up because getting back with your ex is a terrible fucking idea.

Dude, don't. It's over.
Move on, she already did long ago.
As much as you would want that perfect love back again, you have to realize that she will never, ever kiss you the same way she did before.

For your own sake, move on anon.
ask that bitch straight up if she wants to even have a relationship with you
i've seen that half-assed answer, shit, 90% of the time it means they're trying not to be mean and hurt you (irony is it hurts more when they lead you on)
either there's a reason she's reluctant to meet with you or she's actually busy with work and life in general
of course, bitches be crazy, so in her case it could be something way out there.
oh and, general advice, don't tell a girl that they can call you when they have time, most times they never will, or they forgot or they don't even care.
of course i'm not saying blow up their phone calling them or w/e but ask once in a while to meet up.
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Seriously join the army, it really changed me to the better
this, all freaking day, year, lifetime.
beacuse throughout the year we were apart, i met a couple of different girls, all nice in their own way but none of them had that ...that feeling of connection you know what i mean?
not even a prior gf...

i understand you guys, really, despite me being happy with myself here, id like to give it another shot, i had my time mourning, thinking about why it ended and whatnot, moved on, got a job, started getting fit etc.
but still, i miss her as an individual person...
>ask that bitch straight up if she wants to even have a relationship with you
well, she told me a couple of weeks after the breakup, cause i texted her in that "after breakup i am sad" phase, that she doesnt want to be together with me anymore again, but that has been a year ago
and she did respon to my texts initially, although sometimes they felt like she was texting some random guy.

calling here is too much i guess, but i might just ask her if she wants to meet up in general, but since the christmas holidays are upon us, i might just wait for that...or not
anynoe her?
Anyone who calls high school golden years peaked waaaaay to early. My late 20s has been far better for me than the teenage, college, and early 20s
And I know that feeling too, but don't, it's over.
If you weren't worth it before, you won't be now.
Eventually someone better comes along, but getting back with her would only fuck you up completely.
yeah well, to be able to get together again, we would first have to meet up... and since that isnt happening as of yet...

Did you confuse this thread with /soc/ or some shit.

this isn't "give me attention" in here, gtfo to /soc/
What you need to do is get out of that repulsive depressed mindset. Self-pity is a selfish and useless emotion that has no place or bearing in modern society. No one's gonna buy it save for your mom and tumblr kiddies, and let's be honest, you don't like being the object of that incipid pity bullshit anyway.

Now I won't deny it's hard to get out of. It's too easy to throw yourself into a vicious circle thinking about how pathetic your attempts are. Hell, even I have those crushing lows every once in a while where I don't want to live anymore, everyone does. It takes practice and control that your 18-yr old hormonified mind likely doesn't have.

My best approach whenever I get like that is to sit down somewhere and stare at a wall for 20 minutes, 3 hours, however long it takes for me to realize what a goddamn blatant waste of time it is. Once you sit down and let yourself reflect on how fucked up everything is, you inevitably start thinking about how awesome everything could/should be. So then I thinking about my wildest fantasies... living an amazing life, lots of friends, great job, great body, qt girlfriend. Then I eliminate them to possible futures. Like something out of a movie. Going from this shitty depressed life to an amazing life, making huge leaps in personal growth and emotional strength, crushing everyone's expectations. And by this time I've decided that one of this possible futures would be *fucking amazing*, and all it would take is for me to pull my head out of my ass and start trying to behave like a normal person.
gonan bump
man up fuck

you don't need a girlfriend to have sex

just find a bitch you want. Tell her

"I'm made of rubber, you're made of glue, i wannna stick my fucking cock inside of you"
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>be me as a kid
>all the girls hated me
>later as a teen
>they still hate me
>young adult
>no interest, because I'm ugly and rude
>after university degree
>still nothing

Fucking women. At least I have a master degree in physics.
be in high school
girl of my dreams
we hang out during class, and ate lunch in the same place, and hang out outside of school a dozen times
straight got her valentines day gifts cause i ain't a punk, and she liked them and everything, got a hug out of it
next day ask her if she wanted to date
says she was really busy with school and other stuff and working at church as volunteer on weekends.
slowly after that she stopped hanging out with me, and i saw her less and less
year later, i see her again, talking to her cause it's been a while since we talked
she's dating someone now, said she's sorry for ignoring me, leading me on, yadda yadda, long hug and we're on our seperate ways
about a week later one of my friends was telling me how this other girl was saying i was dating a bunch of girls at once (by this point I didn't date anyone by the way let ask anyone else out)
same friend was saying how that's why she didn't wanna go out with me.
confront other girl about this, straight bitch about it saying "i know how you kinda guys are" this and that shit.
girl i like is now here in the middle of us as me and other girl were seconds from swinging at each other (i would've swung at her too, dyke bitch)
so i got fucked out of a relationship because of what some dumb dyke bitch told her.
even though girl i like knew the truth, she was already dating someone else.
and the climax?
she got preggo from her BF and he skipped town as soon as he found out.
seriously high school people are stupid.
I wish I had missed out on teenage love, it's not even real and the breakup still haunts me to this day. She was a great girl until I broke up with her. Now she's a vindictive little cunt who keeps rubbing how much dick she gets in my face while I'm sitting here with zero pussy to my name.

Just wait, you'll be shocked at how much college will change everything. When you meet a girl who's mature then that'll be a hundred times better than a relationship based solely on not wanting to be alone and jealousy.

I sure as hell don't miss all that stupid highschool drama.
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