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Lets get a /b/'s favorite movie list. >over rated >under

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Lets get a /b/'s favorite movie list.
>over rated
>under rated

doesn't matter, give us your favorites.

i'll start with a few of my favorites.
>fight club
>reservoir dogs
>usual suspects
>hang em high
>oldboy (no not the shit tier us version)
>django unchained
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I agree with everything on your list and I add:
enter the Void
Lawrence of Arabia
i like
>On The Waterfront (1955)
>The Apartment (1960)
>Goodfellas (1990 i think)
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tried enter the void, but dont think i ever finished.
others are top tier too.
City Of God
Django Unchained
District 13 (not the shitty alien movie)
what did you guise think of american hustle?
>the raid
>I saw the devil
>step brothers
>shutter island
Denzel played the part well
Wrong movie was thinking American gangster
inglourious basterds
a clockwork orange
american gangster rocked! did you like it anon?
>the prestige
>That new John Wick movie
>fight club



Never saw it



Some more god tier films:

>Training Day
>No Country for Old Men
>Black Hawk Down
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clockwork is great
inglourious basterds
american gangster is amazing too
seven's ending made up for its length
can't wait for tarentinos new film, hateful eight. look up the supposed cast if ya'll haven't heard of it yet
no country is crazy good too

anyone like the v/h/s series?
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
kubric is that nigga!
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No country for old man
Usual suspects
Rear window
Citizen Kane
Apocalypse Now
Dr. Strangelove
Lucky Number Slevin
Shit, I was so into watching Fargo. And gone girl.
>Shawshank Redemption
>Step Brothers
>The Wolf of Wall st
Bullshit taste, man, so common
>new dawn of the dead
>cabin in the woods
>fear and loathing
>this is the end (that first watch was great)
>good, bad & ugly
>so common
Kill yourself
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>Good Will Hunting
>Pulp Fiction
>Tears of the Sun
>Voces inocentes
>Sin Nombre
>Remember the Titans
>Resevoir Dogs

Some scenes of Reservoir Dogs were shot in my town, has a greater feel to me
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>the watchmen
>there will be blood
>no country for old men
>american gangster
>eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
>cannibal holocaust
Favorite movie of all time: Starship troopers. And yes I know it's a bad movie.
3 favourite Nicolas Cage movies:
>Ghost Rider
>Bangkok Dangerous
>Con Air
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how did i forget pulp fiction? have a damn poster hanging a few feet from me.

but srsly, remember the titans?
pic related

really enjoyed good will hunting, just saw it for my first time about a week ago.

what town?
cannibal is great, how about serbian film/120 days of salo?

cage sucks, only good in joe/frozen ground imo
the lion king
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i watched serbian film with no subtitles and really enjoyed it and somehow followed the story, for a gore porn it was pretty good and the soundtrack was baller

cannibal ferox should get you where your going if you liked cannibal holocaust

>cage sucks
>mfw vampires kiss was a masterpiece
File: 1411810168344.jpg (152KB, 500x500px)
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All right then paths of glory, if remember the titans is too faggoty.

And Resevoir dogs was primarily filmed in Highland Park,Los Angeles.Inside scenes idk where those were filmed in.
Fast and the furious 14
This thread is dead man, gotta work in two hours, later faggots
last attempt to keep thread alive
anyone still here?
Still lurking
thought it was great, cast well and all round good performances from all.
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i know it was really hyped,
but this was a damn good movie

anyone seen any good releases lately?
most of my top pics have already been listed, but
>in bruges
>seven psychopaths
also loved trainspotting

but was way too high when i saw the dead baby scene. those feels
couple ones i havent seen in this thread yet:
the departed
godfather part 2
new world (korean)
lord of war (nicolas cage lelel)
Mörder sins inter uns
>>fight club

>>reservoir dogs

>>usual suspects

>>hang em high
haven't seen it

>>oldboy (no not the shit tier us version)
Didn't care for it.

>>django unchained
Good, but overly long. Pulp Fiction still remains QT's best

Gripping, from start to finish. Great film.

Personal choices follow. Favorite film by my favorite directors.

- Taxi Driver (Scorsese)
- Godfather (Coppola)
- Chinatown (Polanksi)
- Memento (Nolan)
- The Wrestler (Aronofsky)
- A History of Violence (Cronenberg)
- Evil Dead 2 (Raimi)
- Terminator (Cameron)
- The Grand Budapest Hotel (Anderson)
- Trainspotting (Boyle)
- Alien (Scott)
- ET (Spielberg)
- 2011/Paths of Glory/Strangelove (Kubrick)
- Brokeback Mountain (Lee)
- Mulholland Drive (Lynch)
- Badlands (Malick)
- Grand Illusion (Renoir)
- Brazil (Gilliam)
- Annie Hall (Allen)
- Do the Right Thing (Lee)
One flew over the Cuckoo's nest
Ghost in the shell
The good, the bad and the ugly
has anyone heard the idea that planet of the apes, is really a metaphor for blacks taking over?
>The Godfather: Part 2
>The Professional
>Harold and Maude
>The Empire Strikes Back
>True Grit (the first one)
go on...

That's a really disgusting idea. Those films are a rallying call to unity between the races.

Harold and Maude - really a beautiful film. Dare I say it? The greatest love story our time. Woogie-approved.
>natural born killers
don't really know anything about it.

i work at a vidya and movie retail story btw, and a co worker told me about it. imma google and see wassup, i mainly ask bc im watching the new one right now

also this>>584226470
great movie
john wick was awesome
would you recommend the new one? is it better than the one that came out a few years ago?
yeah imo rise kinda sucked, couldn't take franco seriously. but this new one is really good. almost finished, wished i would have seen it in theatres tho. blu ray none the less!
Nice. Well then, I know what I am going to watch in a few hours.
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Thread images: 11

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