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OK, the old thread 404's, but it's archived here:

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Thread replies: 75
Thread images: 24

OK, the old thread 404's, but it's archived here: http://4archive.org/b/thread/583167637

So here's a new thread, for some old stories to be continued and some new ones to be shared.

Anyone got any dirty sex stories they want to share? MILF stories? Cheating stories? Getting cheated on stories? Inappropriate/dirty sexual situations?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom/wife/girlfriend? Your wife's or GF's mom/aunt/sister/best friend?

2.) Have you blackmailed someone for sexual favors?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and threatened to expose them, if they didn't fuck you/suck your dick.

3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/fuck you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated and pics of females welcomed!

> Pic related: A filthy pic of a sexy girl and a big dick
> Pic related: A filthy pic of a sexy girl and a shooped dick
Just bumping the thread with a pic of some MILF tits, to try to get some stories posted.
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493KB, 3590x2693px
You are correct, sir. However, the 'shopped version is much more erotic, if you ask me.

Do you have any stories or pics you'd like to contribute to the thread?
fuck you
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Here's another pic that you might like.

By the way, anyone looking to post some stories this morning?
To give an example of stories that I'm looking for, I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's girlfriend lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
sauce on this pic?

i need fuckin more
>be me
>trying to fap to a good sex story on 4chan
>all 4chin faggots are virgins
>thread is kil
Here's another bump to try to get some stories posted.
File: 2 - Fat Ass.jpg (46KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 - Fat Ass.jpg
46KB, 480x640px
And another.
File: 658_1000.jpg (108KB, 640x1055px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 640x1055px
And another.
Here's a story that was posted in a thread yesterday (I think it was):

I drunk raped my friends wife once. We were out drinking, and my friend went home. Me and his wife keep drinking. Were walking bar to bar, start walking thru a park. I'm drunk and horny, so pushed her to the ground and shove my cock in her mouth. She doesn't fight back, starts slurping like a champ. End up fucking het in park, theni crashed at their house on the couch. Next day her husband leaves for work and she comes naked to couch for more sex.
Kept fucking her for a month, before guilt made me stop.

continued in his next post....

She was very skinny, small tits with big nips. The next day after we fucked on the couch and their bed, she stopped me at the door as I was leaving, got on her knees, and looked in my eyes without breaking contact as she sucked my dick. That was hot as hell.
He didn't suspect anything. Hr almost walked in on us once when he got home early from work. Luckily, the bathroom was through their bedroom, and I Ran I there and got dressed.
Another story, got a hj from an 8yo girl when I was 15. Wanna hear?

I had a neighbor a few houses down who was a kind of cute 16yo chubby girl. She had an 11yo bro and 8yo sis. I went over to her house one day trying to hook up, but she was a total tease. This day she gave me a boner, and then left to get food.
I'm just standing there with a huge boner, and her little bro and sis come and start talking to me. The brother notices my boner and asks I that was my sick. I said yea, and he asks to see it. I'm guessing he's never seen a boner, so show him. Him and his sister look in shock. I tell them how jacking it off works, and before you know it, the 8yo girl is laughing and stroking me off. Her brother is watching, and he starts laughing too when i shot my load, half on his sisters face/arm.
I left and never walked back into that house, I was so scared of getting told on.


Phone's about to die, so ill be quick and get on later.
100% serious. I did wipe the cum off of her with a shirt that was on the floor. The brother said something like "that's so cool". I wonder what he thinks about it now looking back. I never hooked up with the sister, I was afraid the dad would find out about everything and kick my ass.
I have a pretty big dick. I've had girls cheat on their bfs because of girls talking about my dick size.
File: 30.jpg (8KB, 212x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1417792927678.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here's a post/story that was posted a couple days ago and a picture of the girl that is described in the story.

> Yes to 2 and 3.
Actually, what happened was I hooked up with a girl from craigslist for rape roleplay. I am engaged, she has a boyfriend. We hooked up, it was awesome. Then, I missed the opportunity to see her again, things fizzled out.
Started trying to again, and she had some issues come up - rescheduled meeting me about 5 times. I got sick of being blown off, so yesterday I made an xvideos and xhamster account for her, with all her pics (including face), with the profile name "(Geographic region) Slut".

She met me last night, after saying our safe word to take the blackmail down. Fucked her several places, took pics when we had proper lighting.
Pic related, her blowing me in a campus bathroom last night.
(The ad she responded to was "Big Dick Domination/Rape Roleplay"
File: 1417795030346.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy posted 3-4 pics of her, I think. He also mentioned a Photobucket album by name that has several pics of her uploaded to it (and of some others, possibly, iIrc). He mentioned it in the same thread from a couple days ago and I have that thread it archived, if you want me to try to find the album name, let me know.
File: 1417795155861.jpg (114KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1280x960px
And another reply from the same poster:

Plenty of pics. I'll add as I check back up on this thread, but I will be on and off today - I am a TA and have some teaching/research duties.
She loves this dick.
She did compliment me on it.
It gets 10" fully hard, but usually is around 9" when fucking around.
Fiance knows about experiences in the past, but not now.
Once we are married, no. That's why I'm hitting CL so hard nowadays.
I have met and fucked at least 25 women from Craigslist. Some extremely fine, some not so much. Been using the internet to hook up with women since I was 15, over a decade of doing it now.
>sorry for potato quality pics, I have a potato phone to save $$ monthly on a shared plan with my woman
File: PS3vwKN.jpg (140KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And someone else posted this with the picture included with this post:

> An anon posted these pictures claiming it's someone's fiance. He never posted a video.

> However, some guy posted videos of him fucking and getting head from his married boss and I foolishly accidentally deleted them. So sorry.
File: QysP2WM.png (980KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This picture, too.
File: 6lyXAPT.jpg (65KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And this picture, too.
Any stories of gf's just being a general slut in front of their partners?
>Be Junior in High School
>Dating track runner
>She brags about my cock to her track buddies
>Karen, my gf's best friend texts me one night to go thru her window
>Sneak in
>leave her booty hole milky
>Her boyfriend finds out bcuz neighbor told him he saw someone sneak in
>they break up
>no one tells my girlfriend
>keep fucking my gf and her bff for like a year
>life was good
Another story that was posted in the thread a couple days ago

>know my way around a car, fix bullshit problems, not a real Mechanic
> Wife's Sister is alway buying pice of shit cars and asking me to nigger rig them
> Sister is a double loser methhead who can't hold a job, kids taken away waste of a life
>Wife begs me to help fix brakeline in loser sister's POS beater.
>Spend my Saterday at ghetto apartment replacing brakelines
>Finish up, wash my hands in her ghetto ass bathroom
>Sister meets me in the doorway of the bathroom, loose tits in a dity tea shirt with pajama bottoms that barely cover her raging bush
> He hair is greasy and pulled back, her face is puffy dark rings around her eyes, a fucking strung out waste
> I push her down on her knees and stuff my cock in her mouth before she has a chance to say something
> She tried to fight it at first, then resigns to the fact that I am going to fuck her face like the whore she is
>I blow my load down her throat, and keep my dick in her mouth till she swallows it
> Set the money she gave me for the brakeline on the sink and go home
If this actually happened, this is hot as fuck! I've got to think that these track runners haa sexy bodies, so if you got to tap two of them, with a big dick, that's fucking awful.

Got pics of either of these girls that you're willing to post? Also, how big is your dick, realistically? And was the friend impressed with your size?
File: milf-big-tits-06.jpg (56KB, 510x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 510x768px
Is there no one looking to actually post/try to contribute this morning?
Just another attempt to try to bump the thread and get some replies. If no one's interested and willing to contribute, I'm about to stop trying to bump.
She doesnt have that many full body pics on her fb but this was the bff

and it wasnt so much the size, im barely reaching 8inches but id make my gf cum multiple times and karen had never had an orgasm so she was curious
File: Untitled.png (1MB, 631x786px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 631x786px
>derp forgot pic
She looks like she's pretty fucking sexy! Thanks for actually coming through and posting something. If you can get any other sexy pics, feel free to post them.

I'm curious, did her friend's boyfriend find out that she was cheating, but not realize that it was you that she was fucking? Also, Why did you stop fucking them? And do you still keep in touch with either of them? And when's the last time you fucked around with either of them?
Yea she came clean to her boyfriend and they were gonna get back together but since I fucked her better she felt like she didn't need anything from him. We stopped fucking because she got into serious relationships and my gf and I broke up after HS im still in touch with both, Karen I fucked about a year ago, and I got my ex to cheat on her BF with me when she came down for spring break last year
File: Untitled.png (159KB, 413x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 413x183px
Heres another pic so u can see her runner thighs
Thanks for replying and sharing some more details and for posting another pic! Did the friend's boyfriend not confront you? Try to fight you? Tell your GF? And did you know him? Were you friend/friendly with him? Could he likely have whooped your ass?

Also, got any other good sex stories?
He knew it was me, but we werent friends Im not sure why he didnt do anything about it and yea he could have kicked my ass Im like 5'7 and 130lbs. Yea ill greentext one real quick
damn that's a nice huge cock...
what's the story with the pic though?
so fucking hot
>Sophmore in highschool
>weeknight, gf is horny
>dares me to run over and sneak in through her window
>im in sports but im a terrible runner
>fuckit.jpeg run 2 miles to her house
>go in through her window
>shes waiting in a purple silky nightgown
>im sweaty and smell like shit so we shower together
>(her dad is a doctor so she has a big house and he own shower in her room)
>she blows me while using showerhead on herself
>cant take it so we dry up and go to her bed
>fuck for a solid minute and a half and I hear a knock on her door
>its her mom
>I run into her closet wearing only a condom
>"I think the maid put my jacket in your closet,I need it for tommrow"
>gf says she saw it in the laundry room
>mom leaves
>nothing in laundry room
>hide in bathroom
>she gets her jacket and leaves
>fuck till like 5am and then sneak back home
>go to school sleepy
damn i wish you were my friend and fucked my gf
I had assumed that the pics were from a "reality" porn website, but after reverse image searching on Google, it seems as though they might be legit. Anyone know anything more about these pics? Or smart enough to find out some more about them?

Thanks for posting another story. Do you fuck lots of females? Have you been cheated on? Do you have a GF now? If so, do you cheat on her?
Lol i might have, ive fucked a lot of peoples girlfriends--pro tip: if shes single,youre competing against every other guy...if shes taken its just you vs the 1 guy
yeah, i've only had sex with 1 girl and she's my girlfriend.
the thing is, she's straight up told me a few times that i don't satisfy her sexually.
also, she never really had toys, now she has 2 dildos and geisha balls.
there's other stuff too that makes me think she either is going to or already has fucked around, such a turn on!
Im 20 and ive had 11 different girls,and I dont know how many others gave me head, I have only had two gf's the one in HS and the one I have now, both were virgins before me and are really "nice" take home to mom kind of girls so I really doubt that I have ever been cheated on, and yea Ive cheated on her a couple times, I got shitfaced at a party and this girl with huge tits sucked on my neck and asked me to take her home
How many girls do you think you've fucked? Have you been caught cheating? Confronted by an angry boyfriend? Gotten your ass whooped? Have you fucked a GF's mom or ex-GF's mom/sister/relative?

And are you willing to post a picture of your dick? 8 inches is not big, it's fucking huge, so I can't help but doubt your claim. And, no, not gay, and not fishing for dick pics, there are plenty of those threads on here daily; just curious if you're really as big as you claim you are. Plus, it might motivate you to try to post some more pics of females you've fucked.
You're so fucking beta it's disgusting.
white boys don't have dick that big anon :)

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom/wife/girlfriend? Your wife's or GF's mom/aunt/sister/best friend?
3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/fuck you because you have a big dick?

Friend's mother, We took a similar pic but without the paper
Ive never been caught but I did tell the HS gf after we were broken up. and ive only been confronted about it once and it was in public, he was a big dude so it looked like he was picking on me so i doubt he would have kicked my ass then and there but anyway he was making a scene so I asked him "how does my dick taste" and he got mad and left
i know, i'm not really proud of it though. haven't told that to anyone irl, only anonymously on boards
File: 1417573448113.jpg (50KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 500x750px
Obviously, I want to call bullshit on this claim, because it's such a filthy, erotic, and unlikely scenario. However, it's certainly possible that it's true. So, in the case that it is true, are you willing to elaborate on this story?

If so, how did this happen? How old were you and the mother? Was/is she hot? Did she have bog tits, fat ass, tight pussy? What all did you do to her sexually? And why did you take the picture of (what I assume was of) her and your cock? And while it's a longshot, are you interested in posting the picture you referred to?

Also, how big is your dick, realistically? Did you get her to suck your dick? And did you get to cum on her face?
File: Untitled111.png (559KB, 544x435px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559KB, 544x435px
Heres the girl from the party...apparently she did a shoot for a calender or something
>have quite close friend, in the same circle and all
>has hot sister about a year younger
>end up fucking her on the sly for quite a long time
>he dates girl
>they break up
>the next night i hook up with her
>end up fucking her for a long time too
>still fucking his sister
>tfw both on the sly
>eventually he finds out
>head butts me in the face
>mfw we're back to being mad mates again
Interesting story. After he headbutted you, did you try to fight back? If not, was it because you were scared of him/his size and him whooping your ass badly? Or because he was your friend and you knew that you deserved it?

Also, how did he find out? Do you have pics of either of the girls? How did you two reconcile and become friends again? And have you been cheated on?

I know it sounds as a very unlikely scenario but it is true.
I was 19 (20 now), she is fairly hot but chubby, big (silicone) tits, fat ass, the pussy was tighter than I expected.

She had found out that her husband cheated on her. She talked to me about it because I know the woman he had been with. I asked if they were good now (she and husband), one thing led to another..

I have a 19 cm cock and it's thick, she took the picture on her phone so I didn't get it, and im not sure she showed that picture to anyone. she sucked my dick, I fucked her for 10 minutes or so and came on her tits
yeah so the night he found out he messaged me saying "you're fucking dead" and shit, but the next day at school ( we both arrive early on the bus so it was just the two of us ) he seemed to have mellowed out a bit. i know him pretty well so i knew that if i fought him we'd be right again, so i said "i'll fight you then, as long as we're mates after and you don't kill me". we went for a walk and then we had a fight. because he's bigger than me it was pretty onesided, but i did fight back.

i don't remember how he found out, i think his sister told him because she was mad at me at the time or something.
yeah we're really close friends now.
no i have not anon, have you? i don't condone cheating or anything, just free love maaaaaan ahahaha
How the hell did he get an erection with that dyke around.
>get a job at a fast-food restaurant during HS
>Couple, my age gets hired same day
>Girl keeps giving me smiles
>I always smirk back, think nothing of it.
>Bf goes to vacation for a week.
>She slides me her # during a shift
>Fuck her
>He comes back she told him she cheated
>He explains to me how she cheated, with some guy at their school.
>He broke up with her
>Phew, still pancking
>He quits the job, same day hes back
>Fuck her for 3 months
>She wanted a relationship
>Fuck that

She was the best fuck I've ever had she was super short like 4'9 and adorable but she loved it rough.
File: dick.png (275KB, 306x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275KB, 306x398px
Heres the dick pic, was difficult staying hard but i did what i could, also sorry its dirty
Bullshit. Unless you consider Italians and Hungarians non-white.
>be 4 years ago
>be 18
>be dutch (from the netherlands)
>be 24th of december
>Be ski instructor in Austria
>Get drunk everyday and enjoyed the parting more then teaching kids how to ski
>Decided to go this apresski place where a lot of older people come aswell
>still really fun, great partying
>a lot of milfs and a lot older folks getting drunk basically
>i got girls there on a daily basis, and today i was 'hunting' again
>drink beers with some friend instructors
>same music everyday, but who cares, a lot of hot girls today
>notice some women looking at me all the time
>it weirded me out a little bit cause she was atleast in her 40s, but whatever
>30 min go by, and she is still looking at me and coming closer by the minute
>i got turned on by the idea of getting with a older women
>by now it was super obvious she wanted something
>as she walked towards me she said, "so you are a instructor, you must be good t skiing"
>just talk with her mainly about how she wanted me to learn het to ski better
>she is scottish
>she was totally in to me and I was even talking with her friends a bit
>i was still a little bit blown away by the situation, but horny.gif
>20 min go by and im talking with this friend of her which i couldnt even understand half of the time because of his accent
)i notice she is gone, and i ask this guy if he knows where she is
>he says, "i think she went to the toilet
>go downstairs to the toilet area which is a hallway with at the far end the mens and on the right side in the middle the womens toilet
>dont see her down the hallway
>she must be already in the womens toilet
> Meet hot cosplayer chick
> End up going to have lan parties to her place
> She dating someone but they didn't live together
> She gets drunk one Friday and starts showing hints
> End up fucking her 4 times in row that night
> Next day we have other parties and she gets drunk again
> I'm not drinking so I went to bed pretty early
> She wakes me up at 3 am for sex while everyone else is partying downstairs.
> We have sex again next morning
> She feels guilty and tells her bf who dumbs her
>Still fucking her every now and then

Had pretty wild summer.
go ahead dude
>walk to the mens and i didnt even need to piss
>go back to the hallway, still empty
>turn around and proceed to fakepiss.exe
>go back to the hall way, and on the moment she came out of the womens and turned left to the stairs
>she didnt see me coming out and i say: "He caroline"
>she turns around as i walk towards and she smiles
>felt good, her skin/lips felt a little old/used(kek) though
>walk upstairs together and proceed kissing back at the group of her friends
>her friends are not even suprised she is with a 18 year old boy, lol
>one of her friends even tells me, "oh, you are with our cougar now"
>I was pretty drunk at this moment and i needed to eat something
>exhanged numbers and said i will see her in a town tonight to party
>went home

>Fastforward to night time
>She texted me earlier that she was going out and she wanted to see me
>at this point i didnt even care honously, way more chicks i wanna bang
>go to this bar and got drunk with some friends
>she comes in with a friend of her
>whatever i deciced to not ignore her and eventually we kissed again
>my friends found it really weird i was wit this old women, she was 40 btw
>idontcare.jpg, i wanna fuck her
>at this point i was sure i was going to fuck her tonight
>im pretty direct in the things i do and say
>i tell her then and there i wanted to fuck her
>she came closer to me and whispered in my ear: "lets go hotty"
>im going to fuck a fucking milf and she is not weird about it att all
>she never asked about my age and i had the feeling she knew i was 18 and got super turned on by it
>it certainly turned me on
>proceed to walk through the town as i say lets go to your place
>wasnt possible for some dumb reason so we go to my place
>fuck roommate is sleeping
>i got this 10 square meter room where you could hardly walk between the beds
>fastforward to may, 5 months later
>She added me on facebook
>I talked with her now and then, but nothing more then a few words eachtime
>But this one day im totally fucking horny and bored and she was online
>I started talking to her and she was responding directly
>i told how i wanted to see her again sometime
>she wanted to see me again aswell
>she told me she worked for a bank and she needed to be in London for work every two weeks
>she lives in Edinburgh btw
>continue to chitchat with her the following days
>i really wanted to make her good about coming over
>its only 40 min flight from London
>she wasnt sure, but she really wanted to
>proceeded to talk that i was going to be fun and i would show her the city
>she eventually said yes, and we scheduled a weekend
>more SHE scheduled a weekend, i have all the time in the world, the fucking student fuck i am
>but it all fellt weird, but really hot on the other hand
>in Austria it wasj ust the drunken thing we did, having sex
>but now, in real life it was getting pretty absurd for me, going to meet up with someone 22 years older
>a fucking 40 year old women coming over for the weekend and booking a hotel and all
>the date came closer and closer
>the day before she came, thursday, she send me this message on facebook saying:"Im really coming anon, be prepared"
>my friends didnt belief, that this scottish 40 year old was coming to Amsterdam, for me
>friday, she would land in Amsterdam at 4am
>I wake up at 4 am, been playing dota all night
>she landed and i dont wanna fucking see her
>she texts: "i already landed and am at the hotel"
>i dont really wanna go, i only have 10 euros left, how am i supposed to pay for shit and take her out for dinner
>tell a roomate what i should do
>he says: "just go and see what the moment brings"
>great advice lol, but i really wanted to pussy out
>remember she is 40, what if people i know see me with her
>i finally decided to go
>didnt even shower, my stomach was asking for good, but ok, there i went, walking towards the center
>at this moment in was like 6am, and she already texted me like 3 times where i was
>she thought i chickened out
>She told me she was at this caffe drinking a beer
>oh fuck, im nearly there
>managed to act normal and did my hair really quick while looking at window from a store
>oh boy im here
>walked inside, completely empty cafe, only her and the bartender
>she looked the same as i rembered her
>just talked with her about Amsterdam and how we didnt see eachother for a long time
>it was not even that awkward, which suprised me
>still i had to show her things around town and take her to places
>fuck i dont want to be with her the wole weekend
>we drank a beer and we went outside, so i could give her a tour around the center
>took us almost 2 hours and we finally ended up in the bar of her hotel
>she had a suite in one of the most fanciests hotels of amsterdam
>the room came with being able to drink everything for free in the bar of the hotel
>we drunk a few more beers there and then i decided to be direct again
>"Lets show me your room and drink some more there"
>she was fine with that and we took the elivator to the top floor
>at her room we immediately went straight for the bed and we drunk some more beers
>i was tired of talking and wanted to makelove.exe
>she had to go the bathroom
>i was still on the bed
>thinking about the fact i had to leave in 30 min because i wanted to go hang out with a friend of mine with which i would meet at his at 9:30
>She came back from the bathroom and slowly walked towards me
>i pulled her towards me and we staretd making out
>before the clothes went off, she said: "maybe we should do this tonight", so we can have dinner first"
>"no i want to do it now, and.. tonight"
>We started working on the foreplay and boy, this women knew how to give head
>I had some amazing sex with her again and we cuddled some afer
>This women is really liking me lol
>im some poor 18 year old student, like wtf
>After the sex we had one beer and i told her i needed to do something and that i had to go
>"she said: "ok, but tonight you gonna show me this and this area of Amsterdam and we have some drinks there, ok?"
>"yes yes ofcourse im here for you the whole weekend"
>she smiled
>Went off to my friends house smiling and laughing the whole road
>Came at his place told him everything and we laughed so fucking hard
>a 40 year old bithc is eating somewhere in amsterdam, alone, and is here for me, the whole weekend
>laugh some more, drink some more, smoke some more
>few hours later the messages started coming in, fast
>"Where are you", "Why are you not here", "what happened"
>we kekked somemore
>next day got a few texts and messages on facebook aswell where i did not respond to
>got a text on sunday evening which stated
>"You sure are beautiful from the outside, but not from the inside"
>never spoke to her again
>got deleted on facebook
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How old was she and you? Do you have any pics of her? Do you have a big dick?

Same questions: How old was she and you? Do you have any pics of her? Do you have a big dick?
> Pic related: Just a sexy pic to contribute to the thread.
Thanks for posting, and that was a pretty good story, until the ending. There was nothing funny about that. You are a piece of shit. There was no need to treat someone like that, especially, after she had gone out of her way so much to see you. You will surely get some comeuppance for that shit. Seriously, some day, you're going to get fucked over/used/lied to/taken advantage of/hurt and you will be angry and upset, and you will deserve it.
not the person you're talking to but...
dat feel when gf never had toys before (well, one briefly but tossed it), now she's with me and has gotten toys that are much larger than me.
?implying this was me
I was 17
she was 15
she had a lot of pictures on her tumblr, so I never bothered saving any, but she deleted it.
She made it clear I was a lot bigger than her bf, so yes
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