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Does anyone have Sofii's new FB? Her old one got deactivated.

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Does anyone have Sofii's new FB? Her old one got deactivated.
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I know one of you faggots has it come on.
sauce? Post MoAR!
Who is this bitch?
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It's Decime Peetii, now find someone to get her FB
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My god this is pathetic. Stalking some hoes fb.
>Browses /b/
>Calls others pathetic
Yeah I saw that too, I've had a FR pending for a few hours but I figured it was fake.
You're welcome.
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Stale/10. I wanna see new pictures already
Well, you probably know this one already also:


She is very funny, kinda /b/ style.
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Someone link it already please?
meh needs more ass
Fucking age/2 + 7 rule...
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Would you look at that. A girl from my country has you all dripping for her ass.
(sweet ass I must say)

Go for it.
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You're from Uruguay and don't have her FB?
Uruguay is big. Anyhow, there are lots of girls with that epic ass. From Formosa (Argentina) up to Brazil, girls have just... GREAT asses.

I love my country.
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>Uruguay is big
File: 1410416646325.jpg (75KB, 719x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What country is she from?
yup! Lots of girls. And they are kinda easygoing. Anyone can hook up with them, as long as you are not some weird fedora-wearing neckbeard fat bastard.
Also I stumbled upon a potential Soffi masturbation video. Anyone seen this yet?

Uruguay, but the easiest way to find videos is to search for "pulguita chilena"
Fuck, I don't think I could magic that one...
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>Uruguay is big.
uruguay have like 3 million inhabitants
how old is she?
and mostly your girls, with great asses

I tell you, if I go downtown, I have to bring some napkins for my constant drooling
fake shit
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Yep. The answers are too smart for a girl with this sweet ass
yes i want to know is just that if she is minor u /b/astards have a really big mental problem
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Making an xvideos account right now just for that.
Good lord. Does anyone have an imgfap or a rar or somesuch full of her existing pics? Help a /b/rother out!
my girlfriend has bigger tits, and that bra is the fucking heaven
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So youre turned on by her but you dont wanna feel guilty. Fuck off shes old enough.
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She just turned 18 recently, fap away.
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>Decime Peti
It means "Call me Shorty" in argentinian spanish if it help (with Peetii being Peti, from Petiza, which is a girl of low height) s, a lot of retarded girls do that kind of shit on facebook here.
that right
No problem. By the way, lurked the thread for a bit and it seems she's actually from uruguay, but what I said about argentinian spanish still applies since both countries share a lot regarding the language, including internet teen's stupidity.
Girls with retarded names on fb is normal for latinas. Teenage Puertorican chcks are the worst. "Tuh neniitah shulah" "lah mameh sweetieee" etc etc etc
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Can someone please link her FB already so I can admire that ass even more
There was a download to all her photos somewhere on mediafire/megaupload.
I know., right? some names get to a superhuman level of carefully destroying the original word, the amount of hard work on those things is unbelievable. At least it works great for screencap comedy, even when it gets old after all these years of FB's existence.
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So much new...
Yup. I dont get it but as long as theyre hot i couldnt give less fucks. My gf and girls in general misunderstand when guys say "id never be with a girl like her" refering to these (mostly) brain dead skanks. Wed fuck them furiously and look at em and fap to them but wed never be in a relationship with them. Two very different things.
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Porno with Stallone!!
U must watch how Stallone f*cks!!
1st porn video of Stallone!!
(change comma to dot)
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>Please anon let my pictures free
Lel spam lvl: ADRIAN!!
Any sofi is excellent
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Don't worry /b/ro I won't let this thread die
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Can someone make a .rar album with all her pics?
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There is a blog named "pencils" or something where over 200 pics of her were published. Can't find it anymore though. Maybe some others can help
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Bampin for more.
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I remember the pics she used to post on her old FB were fucking gold. It's ashame I lost them all

>Also dem feet
do you even childporn? >>581514714
she's 18 faggot

in here niggers
what a pity...
beside that, now she´s 18
she looked better at 12
still remains cp...
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Jesus Christ getting access to her FB or any pictures within it is nearly impossible
she´s gaot the access to my anus... so do you sweetie
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Thread images: 35

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