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How did you discover masturbation, /b/? >be 11 >out to

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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How did you discover masturbation, /b/?

>be 11
>out to dinner with family and family friends
>mom and her friend are halfway drunk off red wine
>mom's friend tells mom about how she suspects her son is whackin it in the shower
>mom looks over at me
>you always take long showers, don't you, anon? is that what you're doing in there
>mom and friend laugh
>that night while in shower try jerking off
>feels pretty good
>i could get used to this

And that's how my mother introduced me to masturbation.
nice m8. i was introduced when i realized that after u brush your tongue your saliva gets really slimy and i spit some on my 15 y/o benis(yes i didnt know how to please myself till 15) and watched eva angelina get nailed doggy style and busted a fat fat first masturbation nut.
Habbo hotel.
>/b/ in 5th grade
>with friend in 6th grade
>both sleeping on same hidabed
>he tells me about jacking off
>i'm doing it right now
>I just came
>I don't believe you
>feel underwear, they were wet
>all my corruption
>go on to pleasure each other to the point of climax a few times
>fast forward a few years
>ain't worry about nothin
i was like 15 in military school in a room with like 10 other punks

one guy asked if i jerk off im like whats that and hes like brb and went to the bathroom, he came back like 3 mins later with jizz in his hand and it freaked me the fuck out
So scarring
Didnt touch myself for almost 6 months after that after i stumbled upon boobs.com lmao
Got chicken pox when I was 14 and I had to use this lotion to soothe the itching. Applied it to my dick and realized how good it felt when I stroked it and a few minutes later I was blowing load.
bunks* but i guess punks works too
>be 13
>sleeping over at friends house
>friend throws on some porn on his computer
>friend starts jerkin it and asks why I'm not doing the same thing
>start whackin for the first time on other side of roo
>mfw he asks why im over there and not next to him
>tell him I didn't know and walked over to where he was
>he looks at my cock and back at the porn and keeps whackin
>he cums
>I cum
>this happens again on several different occasions even one time finding his uncles flashlight and switching off with it
>fast forward ten years
>I find old friend on FB
>MFW he's gay
>MFW I realize he came me while I jerked off in the same room as him
>MFW we hung out so much and he was in to me
>MFW I was likely his experiment that confirmed his homosexuality.
Fleshlight* fukken autocorrect bullshit.
>6th grade
>heard a kid talking about a porn site
>gave in to curiosity
>got hard but didn't know how to masturbate.
>told my friends what a vagina looked like to feel cool

Experimented with humping the bed for the next 2 years before I thought of using my hands. The sudden convenience corrupted me completely and I began my long journey into the world of fapping, never turned back.
>Be 12
>friend tells me about this cool new thing called 'wanking'
>ask him what it is
>omg how do you now know anon
>you must be a fucking pussy anon
>just go to pornhub tonight
>gets home
>goes into toilet
>opens pornhub
>clicks first video, where a man robs a bank and fucks one of the hostages
>confused af
>dick starts getting hard
>touch it
>touch it a bit more
>starts vibrating
>dick keeps feeling as if its vibrating
>nothing comes out
Nah. Young teens wack off together, it's super normal. It's nothing sexual between eachother, it's more about sharing the same experience.
>nothing comes out

I remember those days, lol.
ah, no need to clean up, wanking 3 or 4 times a night under my blankets. good times
Whatever you need to tell yourself you fucking homofag
>in spa
>jets feel good everywhere else
> put peen in front
didnt even know i jizzed till i started doing it properly
I'm probably going to watch eva get fucked now. goodnight /b/
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any1 remember when you could wank like this fully erect? Those were the days
Believe it or not:
>be me, 11, like OP
>be on mom's queen sized bed
>be comfy as fuck
>try to get off
>as I was in my undies, balls touch fabric
>rub balls on the bed cover for a long time
>feel pressure from penor
>cum, but ran to the restroom to avoid major trouble

I can masturbate, but I have to imitate sex positions to do it (like rubbing the penis on the bed). Sounds weird, but it works wonders. Also, how many of you anons do the same?
never done a greentext story, too lazy, but here goes

>be grade 7 or 8
>parents just bought this dope cottage
>has a guest cottage
>dad decides to set up satellite tv for main and guest
>me and him flip through the channels after install
>see playboy tv
>wait till the coast is clear
>sneak to guest cottage
>go to playboy tv
>channel locked, parental restrictions
>shits just been set up, the code must be 0000
>oh shit it works
>first porn ever, some slut in a store showing her tits
>jerk it
>precum, think its the real thing
>on monday go to school and yell about how i finally jerked off to my buddies that were teasing me about it
>yell real loud like an autistic faggot
>get made fun of for rest of middle school

part 2 of when i actually accomplished the objective, anyone wanna hear it?
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>Be about 11 almost 12
>Summer trip with family, staying at "beach house"
>Had my own room while my siblings roomed together
>Had been sleeping naked for some time now
>Get erection, notice it feels great when rubbed on things
>Being a weird kid, I found out that it felt incredibly to rub my cock between the back top of my calf and lower thigh with my leg curled up
>Would bend leg and rub penis in it
>Masturbated like that for like a year... I even found out most people used their hand but i just kept doing it that way, liked it better than hand
>Finnaly switched over to using hand
YES! This is me! Can't do it the usual way either. Started out with the bed but I developed a hand technique that mimics the sensation. It works through clothes so it's super convenient :D
>Be 11
>playing WWE smackdown on ps1
>Trish Stratus loading screen appears
>penis gets hard
>start touching penis
>precum oozing, put it against tv
>parents in next room
>dad walks in
>sees me trying to fuck tv
>beats me
>sends me to catholic school
>get handjob from priests
>discover masturbation
>Watching lp of indie game called Braid
>Get sudden boner
>sudden urge to look up porn
>urge to grab dick and violently masturbate
I masturbated by watching an lp of an indie game.....
About 15. Had a boner before etc, but never actually figured out what the end game was.
Got around parents internet 'moral safety' settings by using German words to find porn sites.
Dick got hard, rubbed it over top of jeans.
Sudden urge to piss. thatisnotpiss.jpeg.
Jacked it pretty much every day since then.
>Be me
>Had a stuffed bunny
>Accidentally rub it around genitals
>Rubbed it more through shorts
>Penis tickles but no cum comes out
>Tickles too much afterwards

I got messed up too early

>be me 9
>be in 3rd grade
>be in apex so we get to screw around a lot
>we look up funny stuff in the dictionaries
>Asian kid finds sex definition
>definition references something called masturbation
>we look it up
>it completely describes the act
>go home and try it out
>have done it literally every day since sometimes up to 5 times
>I'm 24, been masturbatind every day for over a decade
>be 11 and naive
>have a boner in bed for some reason
>start touching it, rubbing it on pillows
>feels good
>finish myself with hands
>jizz in hand
>have no idea what just happened
>think that i hurt myself so much that my soul came
>honestly believe i was holding my soul
>the guilt i felt made me feel soulless
>find a cup put my soul in it
>furiously read the bible the entire night
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smug sulu.jpg
10KB, 441x408px
>Be 8
>Be reading Archie comics
>It's good for the mind
>Betty is in swimsuit
>Veronica egging her on to a fight or some shit
>Betty bends over
>Her pussy is literally outlined through her bikini bottom
>Mein kuk is now pencil.
>Au naturel, I grab er
>Ride em tiger
>After some good rubbing I began pumping air from my dick

And then for years I'd masturbate to Archie comics. I still have a crusty old one which had many-a-use
>be 12
>meet friend in school at class
>he tells me about how he has pictures of his sister naked
>tells me if u stroke ur "pee pee" to pictures of naked girls you feel real good and weird piss will come out
>be night time
>search for naked girls
>my dick gets hard instantly and start stroking
>3 minutes later I cum
>at that time I thought that this was what pissing yourself meant
>told my mom I pissed my self
Fucking kek
be 9
found hentai on newgrounds
made dick hurt
thought to scenes from movies
trys it
now gets turned on by kids fucking older women hentai and is large contributor to rape culter
>from very young age would rub my dick up against things and it will feel good
>few years later, maybe 11 or 12
>find out about porn
>search "porn" on google
>find this website called bustybabes or some shit
>fap it, it feels amazing
>complete fucking mess all in my boxers and trousers
>wiping that shit off with tissues and throwing it in the bin

And thus i perfected the art of masturbating whilst holding the foreskin over the head of my penis and squeezing it shut as i cum keeping the cum from falling out, then emptying it down the toilet or into a tissue.
>15 years old
>nothing comes out

late bloomer
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I miss those days
that belongs in a "things you only thought you did" thread even though i figured it wasn't strictly a genius move
op is cunt
>be or 5
>usually sleep face down in bed
>someday discover if I move up and down my thing feels different
>keep doing it until it feels good
>start doing it almost on a daily basis
>start thinking in girls running naked for some reason whiled doing it.
>around 7 get tired of it and stop doing it.
>Dad tells me what masturbation and sexual pleasure is when I'm around 12
>kinda dissapointed because I knew it for so long.
>3 minutes later I cum
>at that time I thought that this was what pissing yourself meant
>told my mom I pissed my self
my sides
Fucking kek/10
>be in 8th grade ish
>like bondage (ever since I was a kid I like B horror movies for the scene where the female protagonist was tied up and helpless)
>Occasionally look up pics of bondage (all of it pretty soft core stuff)
>Realize if I rub my crotch I can feel really good
So yeah I started out by pretty much schlicking which is weird.
>in 6th grade
>fast forward a few years
underaged b& faggot
>How did you discover masturbation, /b/?

with my hand on my cock
>with my hand on my cock
omg same here!
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>How did you discover masturbation, /b/?

> many many years ago before the internet or VHS porn existed

I was about 11 or 12. An older friend (about 13 or 14) gave me an x-rated paperback.

In the first chapter, this girl's step-dad promises to buy her a Camaro if she'll spend the night in bed with him but promises she doesn't have to "do" anything but cuddle.

He breaks the promise. The book talks about how his dick is out and he rubs it against her belly until white ropes of cum shoot out.

She leaves the next day, never got her Camaro, and proceeds to fuck her way across the country.

That night I was quite interested in the part about rubbing a dick against a belly and making something come out. That sounded pretty cool to me so I wanted to try.

I decided it was easier to rub my cock against my leg than my belly.

I rubbed it back and forth across my left thigh since I'm right handed.

I remember suddenly my dick felt hot and tingly. I got kinda freaked out and stopped... for a few minutes. I went at it again and sure as shit, white ropes of cum shot out of my dick.

For at least a year or two after that, that's how I wanked, by rubbing it against my leg. Then I noticed that I was leaning to the left and was worried about that, so I learned to wank in a more traditional way.

Good memories! Thanks for the topic!
>be in 5th grade
>take usual shower
>deep thoughts
>"whats so special about masturbation?"
>tries it
>reaches climax
>"what sorcery is this?"
>tries it again the next day
>and the next
>and the next
>and the next
>and the next

And it all went on from there
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>be young me
>had an erection plenty of times
>felt good to hump bed but never knew how to cum or even what that was
>12 years old now
>friend from school always watches porn on his phone in class
>says he masturbates to this at lunch time
>ask him what "masturbating" is
>tells me about jacking off
>that night in the shower try masturbating with my hands
>stop before cum because it hurts
>shit scared
>go to sleep feeling dirty and soiled
>next day attempt it again in the shower
>cum this time and it feels amazing
>body is trembling
>can barely stand
>losing my shit
>didn't know if this was supposed to happen
>told friend at school the next day
>laughed at me and said I did it right

Then slowly I started to do it more and more, it began to feel good. Now here I am 10 years later still jacking it daily.
>be 11
>be antisocial loner
>be sent on summer camp
>get special attention from one of the adults
>get VERY special attention from one of the adults
>spend nights with him in the forest.
>lol, our secret
>he likes to touch
>he likes to be touched
>he fingers me and licks me
>dat tingling feeling
Sad story incoming.

>Be me
>Be around 13
>Reading through Purves Orians Heller biology textbook from I don't know what fucking year
>Flipping through pages until suddenly
>"Sexual reproduction in land mammals"
>Flipping through pages genuinely interested
>Get to page with a man and a woman side by side, in cutaway view showing interior and exterior sexual characteristics
>Get hard and wonder wtf is wrong with me
>Start stroking
>Hnnnngggg yes

>Mfw I had my first nut looking at a half skinless, badly drawn caucasian chick with a massive flaccid cock picture next to it.

Also I soon transitioned from straight to gay because of that fucking book.
>>Being a weird kid, I found out that it felt incredibly to rub my cock between the back top of my calf and lower thigh with my leg curled up
>>Would bend leg and rub penis in it
>>Masturbated like that for like a year...

You too huh? I rubbed against my thigh, didn't get as creative as you, but kinda the same experience. Also after a year or so figured out how to just use my hand.

>mfw I realized I didn't even need to use lube, I could just wank dry.

>transformative. could wank all the time everywhere
>friend in school watches porn on his phone in class
How the fuck was he doing that 10 years go? Underage faggot
because you COULD do that 10 years ago, dumbass
also not sure on the exact year, just said 10 for convenience. was roughly 10 years ago.
>because you COULD do that 10 years ago, dumbass

LOL. yep
Point me to a phone that could play videos let alone reach the internet 10 years ago
I was in preparatory 10 years ago and we downloaded porn images and videos to phones.
They probably were 120x180 and no longer than 2 or 3 seconds, but it was revolutionary at the time.
I had this phone

its 2014 bro
File: ot557.jpg (10KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 250x250px

Cant explain my feels when "10 years ago" had me thinking 90s. Feels pretty sad, time is racing away...
I know, we are getting old as fuck.

Can you hear me now?


File: 1416371935591.jpg (20KB, 244x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I know, we are getting old as fuck.

see my reply.

I started wanking literally before there was an internet. Before there was VHS porn in the home.
dont tell me those things, anon
This reaction is exactly how i look right now. Seriously. Didnt think I'd still be on the internet talking about touching my dick with strangers
Imagine trying to explain what the internet or ┬ĚD printing is to your great-grandparents.
kids today have never experienced what life was like before internet, cell phones, computers, etc.. i feel like i was born at the best time as i got to see such technology rapidly advance and change the world forever
13 years old, just pokin' it until it got hard, poked it some more and then I came.

Then I got to rubbing it.
> goes into toilet
> opens pornhub
so you already had smartphones when you were 12? Underage pls go
I will never forget what it felt like to use the stylus on my first Palm pilot touchscreen. Thats when i was truly like "this is the future"
Some nokia phone used to be able to do that. I had friend about 10 years ago that would constantly get new nokia phones and offer to let us watch the matrix on them
I didn't get to use internet until I was 13 about 10 years ago. We didn't have it because we were poor but I was still able to use it at school.
*3D printing
fucking kek
>so you already had smartphones when you were 12? Underage pls go

we were ALL underage when we learned to wank. duh.
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>be 11
>at a sleepover with bros
>one of my best bros at the time was talking about if you stroke your dick up and down for like 20 mins
you'll eventually feel something good
>tried doing it then and there, didn't work because it felt kinda weird
>be a few weeks later, kinda forgot about it
>best bro comes over house to hang
>he begins talking about jackin off again
>we're both on my bed laying next to each other jacking off our dicks
>we both do this simultaneously, going back and forth "pee-pee feel good yet?" "nah, feels kinda good though"
>get kinda bored, but then it hit, that sweet, warm feeling in the dickie
>"ohasofhapgd holy crap"
>mfw best friend and I from primary school learnt to jack it together
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>be six
>1st grade
>conservative home
>watch movies only approved by parents
>no cable
>have small tv with VHS slot
>one night
>parents asleep
>put in "The Spirit of Mickey"
>watching Trailers
>Kiki's Delivery Service is one of the trailers
>get aroused by the camera shot of when Kiki goes to save falling person
>get aroused
>stuff a pillow into my Buzz Lightyear jam jams
>replay Kiki's Delivery Service trailer several times just for the camera shot
>stop when I hit my climax

I don't understand why I did it but it felt good. So I continued and haven't stopped since then.
>be at Breckenridge
>be 13
>get in hot tub
>push groin against jet
>masturbate from then on

>Probably 9-10 something
>One of the older boys in the back of the bus puts a baseball bat between tighs and strokes it and the other one goes, nah man you gotta do it faster.
> Go home and try it out in the evening, orgasmed but didn't ejaculate, insta-addicted
Mine is a bit unusual.

>be 6
>at summer camp
>blonde same age, pulls me behind bleachers
>tell me to spit on finger, rub her on that ruby cherry
>do it, am disgusted
>run away
>didnt actually jack it myself until 10 y/o
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I only recently discovered the art of "holding the foreskin over the head of my penis and squeezing it shut as i cum keeping the cum from falling out"

File: 1416153234606.jpg (50KB, 914x992px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i just laughed so hard dude
totally agree with you, we had the best of both worlds.

Same here. I used internet for the first time around 2003 (I was 13), on a relative's computer. I started looking for videogames and cartoons and shit like that, and eventually discovered hentai and softcore porn.
>was 12 or 13
>was browsing porn on my dreamcast
>bring up big close-up pic of moist pussy
>"Hrrmmm...maybe I should touch my dick."
>start stroking
>feels better the faster I go
>"Oh my gaaaahhhhhd... what. the. fuck."
>am a real man now
File: 0551832264.jpg (79KB, 720x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 720x474px
seriously do not do this, it fucks your dick up
I know it feelsgoodman.jpeg but over tiem itll ruin your sensitivity and make cumming during sex hard
>be 9
>have older sister
>she's 14
>seen me naked several times
>teases me about small penis
>says that I don't know about jacking it
>asks her what she's talking about
>we're relatively close, she says she'll show me
>okay, fair enough
>brings me into her room
>jacks me off, orgasm approachin
>think i'm dying
>scream and say i'll tell mom
>she says calm down, reassures me I'm fine
>finishes me off, best feeling ever
>jacked it ever since
I miss those days. You used to have to go outside to find entertainment, now I just sit in my chair posting on /b/, wasting my life. Fuck I hate myself.


didn't use that technique much tho. I usually held it with 2 fingers and thumb, then 3 fingers and thumb, then eventually full grip

I wonder if females experience something similiar.
any more stories of your sister?
>think im dying
i never laughed so hard in my life
how are you going to tell your mother if you're dead?
File: 1318861869776.jpg (88KB, 460x559px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 460x559px
my 1st time online was when i was 11ish, so like 1997. AOL 4.0 56k on my fam's new/1st PC. my school's tech lab back then only had 1 imac that was online, students couldnt use it.

pic related
>flipping through channels one night, see a woman jumping up and down
>her and a dude fucking, shitty tv porn
>dick gets hard start moving it back and forth like a joystick

few years later

>new friend tells me about redtube
>go to it search in big boobs
>dude and chick fucking, see penetration for the first time
>came so much it was like water coming out of my dick
>I used internet for the first time around 2003 (I was 13), o

LOL. I used the internet the first time in 1993 when I was 29 and the Mosaic browswer came out (to become Netscape). Yep, found porn that early on. Videos of Cindy Crawford skipping rope. Lots and lots of actual hardcore jpgs.
File: snoogans.gif (1000KB, 500x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000KB, 500x205px
>Not sure but I think I was 11
>my younger sisters and cousins friends are over
>they're all roughly 8 years old and we're all chilling in the pool
>Somehow or another, the idea comes up for everyone to give piggyback rides or some shit
> I end up "riding" my sister's friend
>she's ferrying me around one of those 4 feet vinyl pools that we had at the time
>I instinctually start dry-humping the shit out of her
>no one suspects a thing
>when i get out of the pool, my pants are sticky from some residual semen

I guess I basically stealth-raped someone for my first sexual experience. i guess its considered masturbation since i'm the only one who felt anything
File: 1416371647818.jpg (53KB, 236x248px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 236x248px
File: vegeta smile.png (969KB, 1281x712px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
vegeta smile.png
969KB, 1281x712px
I thought I was dying, I threatened to tell on her because I thought she was killing me (I thought the orgasm was killing me)

Yes. We sustained a weird-pseudo sexual relationship. Until she was 18, she would occasionally jack me off. When I got older (around 13), I started to think it was sort of weird and maybe we were doing something wrong. Ever since she went to college, it stopped and we don't talk about it anymore.
Any femanon stories?

pls no wincest thread

captcha: sirrah nutonsu
File: hilarious.jpg (34KB, 400x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 400x422px
>kids run around playground
>7 year old runs up to me and tells me to try something
>start wanking
>pretty soon everyone is running around with their dick out
>dicks on the slide
>dicks on the monkey bars
>orgasm onto a girl
>lose my job as a teacher
>sent to court
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosuar
buddy, it was my sister's FRIEND as in no relation.

don't group me in with that deviant >>581080702
some of us actually have the decency to molest people outside our gene pool
>be 5 years old
>getting changed into pajamas and my dick brushes against soft flece
>standing in my room rubbing the underside of the tip and trembling the whole time
>feel dizzy and like my legs are going to go out
>stop and then kinda forget about it for a few years

>morning of 10th birthday, wake up and its hotter than hell in my house
>getting undressed and dick rubs against soft blankets
>Start feeling really tensed up down there
>dong starts twitching and the rest of me thrashes about

Probably the most amazing thing I ever felt. Addicted ever since. I didnt figure out how to masturbate with my hands until about 13.
Kek, I was molested not the molester.
>Be me, middle school
>schoolyard, recession
>All other kids are able to climb a pole but I've never made it
>start climbing pole; rubbing intensifies
>the joy of finally making it to the top of the pole. Thrilling!
>Slide back to ground. "Get there".
>bell rings, all kids go back in
>I stay there for a few more minutes trying to figure out what happened
it is ok, guy. I'd trade my experience for yours, [spoiler]If you were telling the truth, you pipe-dreaming /b/tard[/spoiler]
do it

>How did you discover masturbation, /b/?

Father Shaughnessy showed me in 4th grade at St. Augustine's Catholic School.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand dead
I have always been fascinated by those catholic priest stories! If true, please supply details as to how it came about.
>be 4
>be in a household with a 24yr old housekeeper
>take daily nap one day with her
>housekeeper puts hands in my underwear
>have no objection just want nap
>housekeeper hands on my kid dick
>first time boner
>pretend to sleep
>she stop and pulls hand out of my undies
>I remember telling to keep going
>be uncircumsized
>she pulls how normal jacking off would be
>I say it feels better rolling the dick end around her fingers
>she does
>stiffen up and have first orgasm
>emulated her hand motions ever since
>jacked off that way until 5th grade
No femanons?
>be 13
>one night, laying in bed, I touch my glans
>start thrumming frenulum with my fingertips
>first orgasm, holy shit
>get creative and use a lego technic clectric motor with propeller blades for glans stimulation, even had the lego train transformer to change the speed
>mfw I build a fap machine from lego
>start fapping each night like crazy
>curious about my cum, start tasting it, gets me even hornier
>think i might give myself AIDS by eating my own cum, slightly panic but go on anyways
>never heard of lube, so after a few nights foreskin gets sore, think i need to slow down
>soon after, i started to take long showers and watch porn
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