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Tell about your story of you first time having sex. > be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell about your story of you first time having sex.

> be me
> be 17
> friend sent me fb of slutty girl he banged
> text her for 2 weeks
> tfw parents are out of town
> sucks my dick in my room
> nailed her
> nice.png

pic related
be me in homeless hostel
talk to goth girl, shaved side of head, tattoos, etc
suggest a screw in my room
she agrees, go to room
get nakey
get on to of her and.....
near gag with the smell of body odour from her armpits, it was bad, so bad i near threw up

was a awful experience.
how old? lol
>be me
>Love girl for 4 years never spoke to her
>But party tickets for her as a friendly meeting
>Kisses me half way through, don't stop kissing for end of the night
>she tells me that was her first kiss.
>3 days later we go to my house, parents out of house.
>we bang
>I didn't finish
>Finger her she finished 3 times and I asked her out
>Still going out 6 years later.
>Gonna propose soon.

Feels good
>be me
>never have sex
need that pic in bigger quality
also post your dick
>be me
>really fat, about 170kg
>in love with anyone who gives me attention, always get "friendzoned" cuz beta as fuck
>meet this girl at a rock concert
>we text for a good 6 months
>live a few cities away from me
>go to visit her for the first time
>she is ugly but has a nice body
>she has a terrible personality, use drugs, hate her parents and stuff
>we go to a party at her city
>go back to her place high and drunk as fuck, start making out
>she sucks me

We only ended up fucking a few months later when she came here. This was my only sexual experience while I was a fat beta faggot. I now lost around 72kg, work out, am much more confident, 1,98m tall and got my life straight.
Is it just made or dies it look like OP's girl has a dick
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be 16
been seeing girl for year plus
everything up to sex covered
have house to self, dad away at gfs
rent god awful movie "be kind rewind"
movie so bad inspires her to want to bang
terrible, shes super thin and tight
shes comes, i don't
shower after, walk out naked to father
he looks at me, pendulous nads hangin
"wish my night went as well as yours"
love ya pops
gayyyyyyy take it to reddit faggot
>be me
>be 16
>have sex with a guy
>loved it
>be 17
>summer break
>go with friends to house party
>drink and socialize,meet a qt russian chick
>talk all night and start making out
>ffw 1 week, she is at my house
>start making out but no progress
>she gets phone call from dad,needs to be back soon
>closes phone,continue to make out
>geting undressed keep making out
>she asks if i have a condom,i dont
>says fine "but if you cum inside ill kill you"
>takes off my pants,semi hard
>"maybe iff you suck it it will get harder"
>finish sucking,goes on top and puts it in
>grinds for 5 minutes,we change position (fucking from the side)
>about to cum,pull out and cum on her stomach
>calls a cab and leaves,me being the kid i am call my friends over to gloat

Been with her for a month,shes in canada with a familly now,thats life
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>be 19
>be awkward lanky faggot
>chubby gril likes me but has bf
>invite her to my house
>playing smash bros brawl
>making out to final destination music
>fingering to final destination music
>get condom on and get ready to ram her
>last like 10 seconds
>pull out and condom broke
>we are both freaking out
>drive to walgreens to buy morning after pill
>50 bucks
moarr pix?
>tfw 25 year old kissless virgin
"Nadia Virgin"
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799KB, 320x240px
Thats why Trojan comdoms best faggot
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>Be me
>Just turned 16
>Be with gf of couple of months
>Making out on her bed
>Suggests we "go all the way". Pulls out a condom.
>Pic related
>Have clumsy sex in missionary position
>Go home feeling like a boss regardless

Still with her today actually
>be me
>be 18, shy and insecure, but good looking fag
>find this girl online, she's 21 and way more expert then me.
>flirt with her for some weeks
>she lives 2 hours away from me, but wants to come and see me
>we organize that, she comes by train
>i bring her to eat something in a nice place
>as soon as we get into the car she jumps on me
>she blows the shit out of me
>go home
>have sex

Was my GF for about 1 year, i still see her from time to time, but she's engaged with a friend of mine.
>Be me
>15 years old
>girlfriend of 6 months
>we leave my niece's birthday party early
>shes about a 6/10, pretty chubby
> then again im not one to complain, i was 256lbs.
>She was begging me last time i saw her but i didnt have a rubber
>Super Mario Brothers music was distracting me
>tfw i lasted 20 minutes and we fucked twice within an hour

>be me
>be 18
>im a super senior in highschool
>give this hoe rides home all the time in mah car (she said she was 16, found out she was 14 later)
>we have late start on wensdays
>tried once before but it wouldnt fit
>MADE it fit, she loved it
>left a sign on the door for the mexican cleaners not to come in her room
>they did while she was blowing me
>shit was so cash
>be me
>be 21yo virgin
>be dating 7/10 grill for 6 weeks
>grill talks the talk of "Good Christian"
>random night
>kiss for first time
>drive back to he place
>condescending roommate is home
>grill gets condom
>fuck in FRONT seat of my '85 Toyota
>last about 15 minutes
>never look back

Broke up three months later.
>>really fat, about 170kg
shieeeeeeeet america
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>dating a light skin black chick with a perfect ass
>she's a slut
>always grabbing my dick and jerking me off
>finally bang her after awkwardly spaghetting the condom on my diamond hard dick
>cum on her ass
>make her clean it off while I roll a joint

America doesn't use metric, faggot.
me and my childhood friend was 14, we did the gay things for about 2 years ( suck and fuck both ways, i thing i was the initiator ) at age 16 met in party wit drunk grill from school --> drunk sex, first puss- nothing special. after that rock n' roll, skinny rock dude who looks like Jim Morrison, many grills etc. at present, drinking, working blah blah b browser . I think i am already drunk.
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>Dating 6 years
>Still hasn't finished
File: Rapeface.jpg (6KB, 122x94px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, hooked up with chick online
>she came to see me and we hung out, went for food etc
>that night, my room, watching Critters on VHS
>had awkward fumbling sex
>didn't cum
>mfw I had to fap in the bathroom
>pretty shit experience
>but god damnit I love that film

Pic related: mfw
> be me 17
> new years eve
> drunk and high as fuck
> girl about a 7 body wise 6 face total slut
> takes me to friends mums bed
> lick her out for about 20 minutes
> fuck
> she wants me to lick her again
> to drunk to complain
> she cums
> don't cum arms hurt
> feel shit
> sleep back to back
> still to this day pretend it didn't happen
>be me
>be 16
>my gf asks me if i would like her to get on the pill
>i tell her that i would highly appreciate that
>about a month later she tells me that we are now safe
>bang her
>still know the song playing on the radio: paparazzi by lady gaga
>inb4 shit tier radio station
>actually quite unspectacular, after about 20 minutes we agreed on rather making out
>from then on it got better every time
>still think about her from time to time, i wonder if she thinks about me sometimes
no fucks given if you don't believe me.

> be me
> go to catholic highschool indoctrinated with virgin 'til marriage stuff
> say to myself "i'll stay a virgin until marriage unless i get the opportunity for a threesome. Then i'm taking it.
> get to college, no sex freshmen year
> sophmore year i'm dancing at a party with two girls (well basically just the whole party is grinding and i've got one in front, one in back)
> pull one of the great moments in hookup history
> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome
> executed smooth as fuck, both agree.
> fuckin bolt the party with two girls in hand so they have no time to back out
> go back to my place
> technically only fuck one, the other was just third base
> pass out drunk, 3rd base girl leaves
> wake up a few hours later, bang the girl again

seriously a page out of "great moments in hookup history"
That last sentence was sweet as fuck. I fucking hate you for making me even think that you fucking faggot.
> "be kind rewind"
that's actually an awesome movie.
anyway, well done, anon.
>making out to final destination music
>fingering to final destination music
made me laugh so much idk why
If you didnt stick it in the second girl you dont get full credit

still awesome if true though
>be 17
>this girl comes over alot
>has a boyfriend
>casualy make out now and then
>ask her everyday for about a month just to joke around 'why don't we fuck?'
>actually fuck her after she texted me "you know when you always told me why don't we have sex? let's have sex"
>feel alpha like fuck
>be 14
>feelin horny
>take a shower
>stick finger in asshole
>imagine my finger is in vagina
>get poop on finger
>turn gay
>never talked to a girl again
Sorry for giving you the feels bro, didn't want to hurt you.
Not going to green text because I'm on my cellphone and felt like this would be worth sharing. Screwing girl whose mom died a week before in my basement on my moms washing machine. We had three cats at the time I was 15 she was 14, long story short she got all puffy, she's allergic to cats. Mfw I came inside and she texted me a week later saying she was late. I still haven't said anything to her, 20 now
>homeless hostel
>people having a clue about basic hygiene
what the fuck were you expecting op? fresh roses?
>has bachelor party
>hooks up with 5 strippers
>goes home bangs fiance
>still can't finish
File: sad frog.jpg (17KB, 400x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad frog.jpg
17KB, 400x388px
32 y old virgin reporting in
my dick was in her mouth, but yeah, didn't unlock the threesome objective in the purest sense. For my first time having sex, I sure as hell made an excellent attempt at it.
> be me
> be 6
> live in naval housing with no parental supervision
> live next to twins who's mom has lots of porn, and cheats on husband a lot
> constantly copy pornos we watch in rooms
> bust first load at 10, have them swap it

>Be me
>Be 20
>Dating girl for a couple of weeks
>Not really attracted to this chick at all
>She's fatter than I thought and I can't get a hard on because of it
>Fuck her with a semi
>Worst experience of my life.

I dumped her a couple of days later because I wasn't attracted to her, now I'm dating a girl from college and we have fantastic sex.
>fat fuck all through high school, had zero confidence
>gradually lost weight and started feeling okay about myself freshman year
>crush on 6/10 sassy girl in my class
>hang out all the time, too nervous to make a move
>sitting in her room one night, she finally gets frustrated and tells me to kiss her
>commence hardcore makeout
>move on to actually t-touching her tits
>sucking on tits for about 30 minutes
>she wants to fuck
>too nervous to get it up
>make out some more, finally boner
>"we'll have to go slow I'm really tight"
>she wasn't
>literally couldn't feel anything, rattling around in that cavern like a damn bell clapper
>whatever, having sex
>eventually fake orgasm due to boredom
>quickly rip off condom and hide it in hand
>"by the way I'm kind of a nympho, we'll be doing this a lot..."
>she wasn't, we didn't
>dated for a further 3 years
>many faked orgasms
any magic yet?
>be 13

>over at Gfs place after getting wet in rain, her Mom brings us cocoa by fireplace and leaves us alone, she kisses my ear

>a few days later, we are kicking soccer balls around at school field after school, she say her Mom said I could come over tomorrow and bring my tall friend too
>she has a few friends overs and my friend knows most as his family runs the bowling alley
>goes well, some of us brought snack, V's mom makes some, party breaks up around 9PM, I stay to help clean
>we start watching some movie on the VCR and snuggle a bit under the blanket, our hands holding while she rubs my crotch a bit.

>her Mom gets a call and has to cover someone at the hospital for a few hours and says I can stay until she gets back

>V and I go outside and lie on the trampoline looking at the stars and making out a bit. She shares with me that she's on the Pill

>We go have sex on her bed after a 5 minute 69 session and I come in her after just a few minutes.

>We talk and kiss some more on the bed and she shows me how she likes to touch herself, spreads her legs and rubs her clit and lips until she comes.
>I am excited by all this and get a rod again and we go at it again, and she comes herself this time before I join her.

>we are watching the movie when her Mom gets back and we pile into her car so she can drive me home.

>v tells me in school next week her Mom knew something had gone on while she was gone cause the movie was still in the first hour when she got home

I still think about Vicky as she moved next year, and I never heard from her again
http://www.leaguecodes.org/?rid=94b3ad6937 ...
>be me
>be 19
>bring home girl from bar
>next day, after she left, dad asks "how was it?"
>tell dad not too bad, kinda drunk
>dad replies "so how much does your ass hurt?", laughs and makes me coffee
File: busta.jpg (149KB, 960x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Me and gf just turned 13
>Same birthday
>Chillin at her place
>Parents having a party
>We sneak out
>Go to school playground
>Fuck on twisty slide
>It was actually pretty sweet
>Vivid memories still fresh in my mind
I havent been with a lot of partners but cmon? not being able to cum

Only times i wasnt able to cum was due to whiskey dick or the girl was a buzzkill
> be 16
> dating girl for about a year if i can remember
> go to party with her
> she gets wasted at my friends party
> her 8/10 friend with a big ass )way better than current gf ass)
> end up screwing both
> kept secret for around 4 months until my birthday came
> gf tells me she knows and she is into it
> firstthreesomeomgimsohappy.jpeg
> annnnndddd then i got her pregnant and shes my wife now lol
> kids pretty cool tho
>Vivid memories still fresh in my mind

How old are you now? 13 and a half?
>be me, 22 virgin
>gf was my first gf ever. She was not a virgin, had had sex with multiple guys before me
>Although I'm the virgin, she was constantly hesitant, holding us back, never taking big steps, almost afraid to have sex.
>I practically go insane with sexual frustration during the 3rd month
>whenever I initiate anything, she cancels it
>eventually shit gets bad
>start worrying about her having someone else
>worry about it all the time
>go to psychiatrist
>apparently I go insane when I have no control over situations
>shit with gf goes bad when she gets an acorn on her head
>not shitting you. wish I was
>she thinks she has a concussion
>has me wake her up every two hours because of procedures and stuff
>I do it
>stuff calms down, still no sex, not even close
>closest I get is fingering her after watching hentai together to turn her on
>after a while she hits her head again
>mfw the waking up shit again
>after first 2 hours ask her how she feels
>"I'm okay"
>decide not to wake her up again during the rest of the night. she's crazy anyways
>next morning shit is on
>she's angry as fuck, dissappointed in me for not waking her up
>breaks up with me
>we still try to do stuff together and stay friends
>stuff don't work like that
>in evening she completely breaks down due to everything
>I comfort her the best I can
>take her back to my place
>coax her into sex
>I last about 5 minutes and have a crappy condom.
>I am dissappoint
>sex and relation got way better after that point though.
Be me
Be 17
Got first real girlfriend
Was her first real boyfriend
She was 14
She was a slut in middle school
Her mom went out to mow the lawn
Went downstairs
Not bad/10
File: image.jpg (32KB, 620x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 620x350px
>be 16-yr-old me
>be pre-gaming with friends in the park for a Halloween party
>having fun, many beers and much cheap pot consumed
>be too lazy to go home and change into costumes
>switch clothes with best friend so we can just go as each other
>get to party, bang girl on pile of coats in someone's spare bedroom, dressed as best friend
>dispose of condom in flower bed outside
>mfw my best friend lost his virginity to the same girl months later
>about a year later, at another house party, we have to break down the bathroom door because we think she's passed out
>mfw we burst in, see her sitting on the toilet, naked, diddling herself, and singing 'nobody does it better'
fug mane
>be 21 yo kissless junior wizard, /pol/ack
>meet a 19yo 7/10 blonde aryan grill
>she is quite conservative, so am I, bla bla bla no sex before marriage
>first kiss like two weeks after we met
>a month in - she kinda loses control- make out one day, touch each other all over
>she says she doesn't want to go further but not really objecting in any way to further moves and even starts undressing me
>it was awkward as fuck but we were at it for good 20 minutes and was quite pleasant
>both enjoyed it and no remorse whatsoever
>she is okay with the fact that I'm a Nazi /pol/ack

To all the wizards out there: Don't stop believing
>Be 17-y-o me
>just got broken up with by gf of 1 year at end of high school
>never banged her because super christian chastity belt.
>fuck it, I want some pussy, wizard powers arnt worth it.
>class slut has been hitting on me
>hook up with class slut
>bitch is psycho as fuck, but wants sex
>I bring her home to watch movies at my house for first date
>finger her while watching movies, she doesn't get tired of it at all, parents are upstairs in living room.
>parents go to bed, tell me to bring her home before 11.
>fuck slut on couch, pussy smelled a little dank, but it was strangely tight
>take her home
>she has me stop car alongside the road
>she wants to fuck again
>dick not ready, dick protests, limp dick no fuck
>try anyway because pussy
>end up just fingering her until shes happy because of limpy dick.
>Break up with her two weeks later after another "date" that goes about the same way. Bitch too psycho to put up with.

Now I have a rash on my cock, hopefully unrelated.
>> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
>> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome
File: CPCyPTN.jpg (373KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373KB, 900x1200px
Hahaha oh fuck

>playing lame ass MMO - Conquer Online
>faked age as 28 as you had to be 18 to play
>meet some bitch on there I figured was a dude
>bullshitted for awhile found out it was a chick
>she sent me these face model shots that made her qt as fuck
>said she was 18
>told her I was 28
>this continued for 6 months of general cybering and what not
>one day she says she bought plane ticket from Idaho to Pittsburgh (Where I live)
>the fuck
>I agree to meet her but confess that I'm 15/16
>she ends up being some fat redhead hairy italian woman thats 21 and about 200 pounds
>take her out to dinner as a courtesy
>have awkward obligatory sex since she spent over a grand to fly here
>talked for a week after
>be 17
>i post some stupid german songtext on a social media, something like facebook
>talk for a month
>go to cinema with her, twilight...
>go to her place
>parents arent at home
>her boyfriend (or ex, dont remember, if boyfriend she didnt tell me) calls her, asks if he can come inside, hes in front of the window (we are 2nd floor), she declines
>making out with her, shes so damn wet
>finger her, lick her, she cums
>half boner, she blows me
>fuck her, cum quite soon
>fuck her 4 more times

chat with her from time to time
>15 years old
>freshman in HS, dating Senior at same school
>3 year or so gap, but idgaf
>She's graduating and going out of state to college
>"We can't keep dating while I'm in NYC.
>She comes over for a party with my sister/her friends.
>No social life atm, so I stay in my own room, doing nothing.
>It gets late at night, she comes in my room, naked with a condom.
>"Stay quiet and I can show you everything"
>Shut the fuck up like a good virgin and let her do most of the work.
>No rhythm, no clue how to fuck.
>MFW she wraps her legs around my waist and makes me cum like a firehose.
>New fetish aquired.
>Out the corner of my eye, I see my sister.
>Literally fucking watching me lose my virginity.
>No words, literally embarrassment.
>Close the door as fast as possible and keep going.
>Raw sex this time, no need for condoms at this point.
>Still no idea how to sex properly, but with guidance, cowgirl obtained.
>Out the corner of my eye, I see my fucking father.
>Literally staring at us.
>Embarassment overload, I can't even describe how I feel.
>She gets up and goes back to my sister's room.
>Next day my entire family knows.
>Fuck my life.jpg
> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome

>Be 15, myspace days
>Slutty mexican messages me saying >im cute and that she bets ive got soft lips
"I bet you have wet ones"
>Meet at park
>She gives me head
>I return favor
Tastes like tortillas, am not alright with this
>"Close your eyes ive got a surprise"
>Bends her over and Shoves it in in one fell swoop
>Accidentally into butt
>All of her screams and shit on my dick
>She doesn't notice said shit and tells me to fuck her right
>Shoved shit dick in her and gave her super UTI

Came home to her blocking me, probably after realizing i fucked her with a load of digested burritos

Top kek
>be 21
>talking to spanish girl in my class
>ask her out
>take her on date and she invites me to her dorm
>have sex
>after she says i was shit
>never talk to her again
This gif..is that really a whole watermelon that crashes into her fucking face? If so I need go know what kind of damage she took from the high velocity melon to the cranium..iv seen this gif a hundred times and always wonder the same thing..
File: 3a.jpg (282KB, 1031x1741px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
282KB, 1031x1741px

>be me
>be 22
>never had sex

underage b&
You all are complaining you didn't come. I would become a white fountain if a girl even touched my dick. (btw I'm 16 so not so hopeless yet)
>be me
>kisless virgin
>get car
>cruising the red light district
>in the daytime
>pick up some junkie whore
>drive to the graveyard and park up
>she gets her tits out for "stimulation" and starts to blow me
>tits are like bust water balloons but with massive peg nips
>put seat back
>she takes off skirt and knickers
>stench is almost fucking visible
>finger her anyway
>she climbs aboard and fucks me
>cum quick
>drop her off
>driving home, smell stinking fish fingers of a week of accumulated piss and other dudes jizz
>after she says i was shit
>never talk to her again
File: lappilaineneebini.png (256KB, 659x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 659x503px
>be me
>be 18
>be 4/10 at best, if even that
>my co-worker starts messaging me all the time
>she´s 8,5-9/10
>go to the bar a few times
>decide to fuck her
>bros courage me to do it
>after the bar has closed we can´t find anywhere to go
>finger her in a nearby park
>2 days later
>she comes over to my house
>stage fright
>try to fuck her with a half soft dick
>put the condom on the wrong way
>basically fucking the condom
>came over her face
mfw she has a boyfriend and she´s my boss´s daughter
oh and she was tight as fuck, never even seen on the interwebs a tighter pussy
>be 17
>have gf for about 1 month
>really like her but she's hesitant
>go down on her alot because I'm a pleaser
>1 week before my bday
>dad home
>ask her if she wants to go play pingpong in the basement
>make it downstairs
>fuck on couch for 10 minutes
>multiple positions
>both cum together
>she falls to the floor and passes out
>I whip out my phone and play an emulator
>hear dad coming downstairs
>wake her up
>she barely gets her clothes on in time
>sweaty as fuck
>"must've been a good match"
>"yeah dad"
Shit was great. I'm lucky to have as good of an experience as I did
still with her
File: 1415213107666.jpg (142KB, 1376x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 1376x800px
>femanon, 15 working for my parents at their diner
>they have a 35 year old {married} Italian guy cooking for them
>his wife also works there
>parents almost catch me smoking a cigarette behind the building
>he saves my ass, I subtly offer a blowjob
>he goes for it, comes over the next morning, fucks me on a table in my parents garage before our shift while theyre both working
>we fucked three times a week until i was 17 or so.
>now i live across the street from him and his wife with my husband and almost fully gestated baby.
File: 30aa.jpg (73KB, 691x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 691x644px

i lol'd
>she finished 3 times

let me correct that for you

>she faked 3 times
He's not OP, newfaggot.

File: asdfkljsg.jpg (225KB, 960x1096px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225KB, 960x1096px
>Somehow date 16 year old
>'are u a virgin anon'
>wtf of course I fucking am
>says we can fuck, she'll show me
>awe yis
>condom is black
>shit is too fucking uncomfortable
>bitch smelled like curdled milk in the hot sun
>mfw I love my virginity with a black dick
Love? Lost* fuck.
>I love my virginity with a black dick
I know, i kekd too
>are u virgin anon

There was almost no sensation to fucking this girl. I may as well have just been thrusting into a plastic bag. It was all I could do to stay hard, most of the time. I've been with several girls since and have no issue, this chick was just really agonizingly loose. If she wanted it, I could have fisted her without much issue.
File: 1404618664927.jpg (34KB, 292x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 292x257px
> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome

fucking kek gonna try this at New Year
In that case i hope i never get to feel a tank hanger pussy
>Be me
>Got a handjob once
>Still a virgin
>Fail at life
> be 17
>be camp counselor
> be on time off
> all some 30 other counselors know I'm virgin and desperately want me to lose vcard
> honestly great group of guys. Love them.
> hang out with some 7/10 ginger at beach
> get back, be 11
> she tells me to come to laundry room
> be in smoke room (only place where allowed to smoke cigs bc kids r everywhere)
> tell everyone the good news
> cheers my
> go and fuck her
> came on her face without permission
> she's cool with it
> "OK anon just don't tell anyone
> run back to smoke room
> tell everyone the good news
> get picked up and thrown in river by friends cheering for me
> fuckingfeels.jpg
> she gets angry cuz everyone knows
> proceed to have an alternative anal with her and never speak to her again
> bang three other girls
it was probably the greatest summer of my life, except I got fired for trying to cover for one of my friends who was selling weed on site
> mfw only two days left in the summer
File: image.jpg (119KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 640x1136px
>be 19
>Virgin but done everything else
>meets 8/10 on omegle
>finds out she lived an hour from me
>add her on skype
>this be summer holiday
>meet her in real life for the first time, she's shy and I act cool and not desperate
>second time we made out at my place i took her first kiss
>she comes over alot
>small mouth so blow jobs are amazing
>flash forward a week, we be grinding and I have a high sex drive
>tells me 'just take it'
>puts on a comdom
>I try to put it in but she's too tight(Asian)
>we laugh about it
>next week buy lube and try again
>it's in and and it's so tight
>does not bleed
>go slow at first but gradually she enjoys to love it
>we have sex for 3 hours and i cum 7 times and she lost count
>she comes over again and we always have sex for over 1 or 2 hours with me cumming more than 3 times and making her cum countless
>we have phone sex and sext
>will never meet a girl like this
>now my girlfriend
Pic related
Hit that bitch up on facebook
>be me
>at a party
>its all cool and shit
>I drink a beer, feel funny
>start getting dizzy
>tell my friend I think I've been spiked
>he laughed and called me a faggot
>grill offered to drive me home
>get in van
>takes me some where else
>"hey my house was over there"
>pick up 3 more chicks
>start grabbing my cock
>making out with me
>start getting my dick sucked by 4 grills
>dizzyness is wearing off
>start to see better
>4/10 fat chicks sucking and fucking my cock
>mfw I got drugged and raped by whales
Yeah it's pretty unfortunate, especially as I'm not ill-equipped. She wasn't a slut or had a kid or anything, just had a natural spelunker's vagina. Her last boyfriend had told her she was super tight and she believed it. Last I heard she was getting married, good luck to whoever's getting stuck for life with that.

Details<more Nao
That still sounds PRETTY fucking good. Honestly speaking. I could tell you about the sex deprivation I've been through.
> be 19
> praise the chestnuts
> Have sex while collecting chestnuts
> BE A arrested
>be me
>milfag on active duty
>stationed temporarily in California
>start talking to a friend-of-a-friend from back home in NC
>talking gets romantic
>get transferred to a base in NC
>have a week of vacation for the transfer
>spend the whole week shut-in at a Holiday Inn Express with her
>ate her pussy 2 days before actually having sex
>used a condom when we finally had sex, went at it for 45 minutes, didn't finish
>tried again later that night
>came after 2 minutes
>having sex
>on /b/
pick one
fuck, were you guys dealing to the kids?
most epic counselors ever
You wont believe this but fuck it.

>be me, 15
>been together with gf for 3 weeks, born on same day, same year
>starts blowin, not quite well, but we're both inexperienced.
>both virgins, only oral and hands
>says 'i wont ride a guy ive been dating for three weeks, im not that kind.'
>that didnt feel good but whatever.
>somehow she gets turned on, hornier and hornier by the minute
>suddenly picks up a blanket, tosses in my face
>pracitcally blindfolded me
>i let her ofc.
From here on I can just assume that
>she licks her fingers
>plays a few seconds with pussy
>licks my cock a last time
>sticks it in
Awesome. We took each others v cards, thats quite romantic, even if you consider that way too young (we were healthy teenagers fucksake, in europe)
>after her bleeding and pain and etc we start doing it real
>dunni how long, i suppose it must have been short, she comes.
>thats kinky as fuck, I do too.
>no birth control
>mom came home from 150km away from a vacation and got us an emergency pill
>it worked, two years relationship.
Loved every moment except the breakup. That was fucking sad. Like movie sad. French fuckedup drama movie sad.
File: 13.jpg (278KB, 1600x1067px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278KB, 1600x1067px
>been hanging with friend and his cousin all summer
>over at his house
>we write on our phone so no one hears us attempt "dirty" talk
>"oh yeah you want my penis"
>"yeah i do"
>friends's dad owns some land, fields everywhere
>big shed behind house
>decide to do it against the back of the shed in field
>tell friend we're going out for a walk in the fields
>"okay bro, i'ma finish watching dragonball Z, you're missing a good one"
>we go out
>get her trousers and pants down
>whip out my tiny 14 year old wanger
>rub it up against her hairless slit
>getting boner
>try to get it in, can't quite get the angle
>keep trying
>feel some tension on the end of my penis
>then *blammo* wetness
>she makes a little moan
>"is it in?" because i have no fucking idea what I'm doing
>"yeah, do me babe"
>awkward pumping
>neither of us really enjoying it
>carry on for 10 minutes
>"we should get back"
>go back in the house
>friend goes to local pizza place for supper
>"let's do it on the sofa?" I say
>"ew no people sit there, let's do it on the stairs"
>still no better
>we meet up after summer at my house
>fuck like nasty little pigs
Nah me and my frienfriend were local and most of the counselors were out of state. We used to scoop a quarter from our dealer and sell it for a huge mar up since these guys were rich and didn't have any connects. I'd never sell to a kid. Or do anything bad to them. I was like thein big brother. Although older kids would always ask us we'd tell them to fuck off.
File: 0565025015.jpg (127KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 600x800px

> be 11, visiting some friends of my dad, rich foks, cattle farm
> oldest son is blond, in high school, athletic
> we go to barn after dinner
> we play games, he eventually gets me to play with his dick
> says it's a lazer, we have to shoot Megatron
> of course I suck it
> eventually bends me over
> it hurts a lot at first
> I feel a POP
> Gets easier
> he fucks me, nuts
> says it's not sex because we're both boys
File: laughing.jpg (24KB, 453x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 453x453px
>Be me
>Be 20
>Go to another city for Halloween weekend because my own city is shitty as fuck
>Couple friends came too
>Pre-drink at house party
>Drunk af at around 12
>Go to bar
>Dance and all that
>Go outside
>Friend outside
>Says there's a girl alone couple meters away form us
>Talk to her for a minute
>Go for a walk, chat about why she's having a bad time
>Walk back to her place
>Ask if virgin
>Make up shitty bullshit excuse
>She says she's done other guys multiple times
>Make out for half hour
>Strip each-other's clothes off
>Asks if I got condom
>Back pocket
>Fuck for like 45 mins
>Takes off condom, sucks me off
>Finger her
>Barely came, she did twice.
>She spots that there's blood on her sheets
>Mfw she had her period same time as we fucked
>She gets all embarrassed and tells me to leave
>Walk to hotel 5 mins away
Good times, think about it every Halloween now and say that weekend was awesome.
that is a lie, I have issues with their condoms breaking a lot thank god for plan B
> be me
>be 19
> dating same girl for 4 years
>her mom is all you need to be safe anon
>tell her we;re both still virgins
>later on in hot tub ask gf why we haven't done it
>MFW "I'm just waiting for you anon"
>Step 1 penetration
>Step 2 cum in like 10 seconds
>repeat steps 1 and 2 6 more times in quick succession
> first and only time I've cum multiple times in quick succession
>felt amazing but was totally embarrassing
This was on a tv show called "the amazing race" you can probs search it online. i think they go into more detail about what happened on the show
>20 almost 21
>moved out of parents house and into a female friends house.
>really like this girl but beta as duck
>gets me to start watching firefly
>watch firefly a few episodes every night
>start cuddling closer and closer every night
>still too beta to go further
>one night after episode ends she rolls me over and starts making out with me
>takes off her bra and has huge tits
>suck on her huge tits for awhile
>jerks me off that night
>day or two later we fuck for real
>on birth control so no condom
>date for a year and a half fucking almost constantly
>she loves anal
>best time of my life
>ends up leaving me to fuck some older dude
>completely destroyed
>implying he didnt have his birthday within that month timeframe
>says it's not sex because we're both boys
you just had to ruin it, didn't you?

I was 11.
Party thrown at house by room mates
7/10 comes over is friend of my buddies gf
she takes one look at me; comes over and Intro's herself to me
night goes on, drinking, weed, xtc, couple lines of blow and dancing/general foolery going on
I go up to use the washroom she a minute later, I exit bathroom she's standing in the hallway.
Asks where my room is, I take her hand and lead her in. Shut the door and started kissing her and we banged. Was actually quite a sexy moment leading her there and here being almost a complete stranger.
Meant to say was 18 had just moved out of my parents place a couple weeks prior
>be me
>have curious female friend
>both 14
>father leaves porn just laying around
>she has obviously been looking at it
>dry humped a few times while laying on top of me.
>slowly experimenting with why touching down there feels good to her
>recess at school one day
>laying on top of me again
>I start to get hard becuase puberty
>she asks to see it
>proceeds to run her bare vag on my dick
>I cum after she starts to work the tip of my dick inside her
>goes all over my shirt
>she cums at practically the same exact time
>she immediately get embarrassed and start to cry
>we both act awkwardly for about week becuase we had no idea what happened.
>she moves in with her mother about a month later and I never see her again
>I fuck her sister in high school on a regular basis
>see her again years after becuase of the sister connection
>she is a fat cow now, acne,stringy hair, low self esteem
>asks me one night if I remeber when we did "that thing" when we where kids
>I say no
>she gets angry and starts acting like a bitch to me
>me and her sister go out that night and I have anal sex for the first time and tell her her sister is ugly
>the end.
And the douche of the week award goes to....
if this actually happened then you are probably the luckiest 16 year old male ever.
last bit made me laugh, thanks anon
Reading these stories, perhaps my sexual experiences with females in my youth weren't mind controlled.

I remain quite displeased though.
them ghetto times be good as it is yo
bump, want moar stories
>> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
>> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome
is this the secret to life?

that's a good story.. you got me at

>she wasn't
>be me be 16
>gf of almost a year wants the D
>no one seem to realise yet ima autist
>creamed my pants each time she touched my pee pee
>always thru pants, she neva saw b4 doe
>things get going on
>i cannot get any more erect
>she tells me she do not want any mayo in face or inside her
>takes off my pants to put on rubber
>fires my mighty load all over her face and hair
>silent shame

so thats how I became a virgin beta, aspiring wizrd
File: 1343068098187.jpg (204KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 1200x900px
>be me
>be 8 or 9
>girl 10 or 11
>always playing house with girl down the street
>do this for maybe 2 years
>we do everything mummy and daddy do
>always jumping in bed naked but dry humping
>I get it up for first time and was like wow
>fuck it feels good
>dry humping still
>then say you have hole i have peg lets try and fit (or something like that)
>we try and try but it hurts and feels good at same time
>we manged to work it out
>then every chance we got we would play together
>got caught by her uncle one day fucking in the park
>she was forbidden to see me
>then they moved
>All I know is her name was penny
File: post it note stack.jpg (460KB, 1520x2688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
post it note stack.jpg
460KB, 1520x2688px
>2006, a year after hs graduation
>girl who ignored me in hs starts talking to me on myspace (remember that?)
>bitches about her bf constantly
>one night, says she wants me to come over to talk face to face
>go over and talk for a while
>she moves closer and closer all night
>eventually kisses me
>whispers in my ear, "Come lay down with me."
>leads me to bedroom
>we make out
>she reaches into my pants and grabs my dick
>pulls her dress up and puts my hand on her mound
>make out and fap each other for a while
>she pulls down my pants and guides my cock into her
>I only last about two minutes
>we make out some more and she tells me to leave before bf gets home

We had sex a few more times before she stopped talking to me. They're married now.

Pic not at all related.
>Be me, 13yo, look older
>Meet 15yo 8/10 mod chick at summer camp
>Have done everything but fuck with 14yo GF back home
>15yo is a local
>Washes dishes, cleans, goes on our trips
>We like same music, hang out a lot
>Hiking in woods, she kisses me
>Get dick sucked
>Eat her, learn how
>Hike back with taste of twat on mouth
>Unattained goo in the vagoo status is causing rustling in my teen jimmies
>Play it cool, we plan to bang last night of camp
>She goes home early, fired for drinking
>MFW she calls my camp dorm
>"Anon, sneak over. Parents not here for a week"
>15 miles in unfamiliar terrain
>Remember local kids drinking spot is on mountain nearby at weather station
>Remember ridiculous church club kids offer rides home to kids who do not want to be in drinkers' cars
>SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving)
>MFW 800 number
>Tell girl next day will be there.
>Get permission for camping night with 3 older "trusted camper" friends
>Hike to weather station, they party
>sneak down to pay phone
>"I need help. Friends are drinking on mountain, cannot stay here."
>Give girlfriend's address
>Car arrives, I am good child for not drinking
>SADD delivers me to GF and gives me coupon for free pizza
>Go inside. Drink with GF.
>Fuck 4 times
>Tell her story
>God-tier Bad Boy status
>Fuck Sat, Sun, try all kinds of shit
>Order a pizza, delivered, go with girl and her friends to weather station
>Don't drink, older campers glad I made it back
>"What were you doing?"
>Serena answers, "He was fucking the hell out of me, mostly."
>Go home, girl visits over nbext year several times.
>Camp sends long letter of rejection to father for next year
>Father reviews details
>"That's fucking genius. I am pissed, but, well congratulations."
>Kids who gave me a ride knew the girl
>One had father who was camp director
>Pieces came together
>Took all fucks, none given back.
that's.. that's something bro

I was raped when I was 12, does that count?

I have never had consensual sex.......
>be 17
>started dating this fat 260lbs chick
>I'm 140lbs at the time, just some scrawny fucker
>sitting on her bed watching some movie
>she starts playing the questions game
>finally asks if I'm a virgin so I say yes
>she leans in for a kiss, and out of nowhere throws me back on the bed
>pulls my dick out and starts to suck it (felt fan-fucking-tastic}
>proceeds to undress and get on top (remember I'm a skinny fuck and she's a fat cow)
>feels pretty good but not what I was expecting
>start having trouble breathing
>tell her to stop cause I can't breathe so she gets off
>tell her I want to get on top
>fucked that fat bitch good until she squirted all over me
>get turned on even more by finding out she's a squirter and fuck her again

we ended up dating for about 2 years until the urge to fuck other people was too overwhelming. I gotta say, that was probably the best head I ever got to this day, big girls can suck dick like champs.
You know they always hungry, nigga'
>does that count?
If you're a girl, yes. If you're not, no.
>be 14yo me
>fat 13yo chick wants the d
>don't cum
>next day do it again bust a nut condom comes off inside her #yolo
>she fishes it out, my sides are in orbit
File: tabitha.jpg (70KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 720x960px

yep, actually I'm not gonna lie, I ended up getting married to a big girl. lol

pic related, it's her
was raep deep in pooper?

does this fantasy make you cream your thong?

is being this sexually retarded a sin? no really, I wanne know... for my nips
> be 14yo me
> used to listen in on my older sister talking with her girlfriends about boys they dated and what they didn't like and did like
> fucking... goldmine of information on kissing, fingering and eating pussy
> be 15 visiting family friends
> 15yo daughter, whom I hadn't seen since we were 5 is now quite nice on the eyes
> her 17yo older brother and I hang out, get wasted, invite girl and her friends to join
> girl asks if I'm virgin
> "yep"
> makeout
> she asks if I'm SURE, since I'm good at this, takes me by hand into back room
> naked time, I go down on her, she flips her lid and nearly grinds my face off
> returns favor
> last 20 seconds
> SUCCESS later on several times

Haven't seen her in like 10 years, but hear she married a Mormon or some sick shit like that.

I am guy and I was raped by my brother.

Go incest go
You should expose him and ruin his life. Or torture and kill him. Either one.
File: 552.gif (895KB, 351x227px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
895KB, 351x227px

> turn to girl A, tell her B wants a threesome
> turn to girl B, tell her A wants a threesome

Best idea ever/10
> Be me
> Be 19
> Got my first girlfriend, we are both virgins
> She doesn't want to do anything as she is afraid generally about just being used and left alone
> I am quite frustrated not to be able to do anything with her
> Go to university camp for fresh meats
> Somanygoodlookingchicks.jpg
> On the last day I walk among the tents when some one calls my name
> I have never heard that voice, so I turned around
> Turns out it is the hottest chick and says that we were together in kindergarten
> Could not believe this is real
> Talked through the rest of the day, drank many cups of wine
> Sitting by the fire "Anon, you are shivering, come to my tent, I'll warm you up..."
> herewego.jpg
> End up in her tent, kissing ensues
> She has like huge and nice tits
> Bbut-but Femanon I do have a girlfriend..."
> She stops, looks at me in the dark, and kisses me slowly
> Fell in love with her on the spot
> No time to get down all of the clothes
> Have a quick power fuck
> She is on the pill - I came buckets inside since could not fap for two weeks
> Next week my girlfriend says she is ready, and she is standing before me naked
> I think "Anon you can't take her virginity, you have cheated on Her"
> Thinking back after all these years, that still would have been the best thing to happen her
> Come up with some bullshit not fuck her, although boner almost kills me
> Later I end the relationship by making up some other bullshit
> Started to date chick from kindergarten, had awesome sex for years
> Actually still loving first girlfriend also
> Still depressed losing them, fucking polyamory and whatnot
File: 1410348533132.jpg (85KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 720x960px
>be me 15 years old
>go to my friends house with a group of close friends, one who i was actualy supposed to fuck and still regret not doing even now
>one of the girls brings a new friend ive not seen before
>anyway i have my first ever bowl and friends stitch me up big time
>so ended up in a room with the girl and her friend (also a girl)
>theyre clearly having a convo about me and so say to me i should leave the room
>new girl says "if i get with you will you leave"
> coolwithme.jpg
>anyway next thing i know im banging this girl all over (for like 20 seconds) whilst her friend rubs her clit and kisses me and shit
>end up sobering up i guess and realising what i was actually doing, blew my load instantly and my friend started licking her friend out
>shit was nasty
>anyway now one of my mates is dating the friend i didnt smash and has no clue what happened
>fml she still talks to me and snaps me talking about that night
>it wasfucking 6 years ago!!
like seriously fuck

Can't remember how deep it was if I was even penetrated, I blocked out those memories.

Anyway some sick shit but here is the story

>I was 12, brother was 17.
>Playing some old ass video games on a sat.
>Parents come into room and tell my brother to watch me while they run up to the store.
>Brother starts making sexual advancements.
>Removed my clothes and I am frozen in fear.
>Masturbated me, had me masturbate him and did this thing called frot or frottage.
>Told me he was going to rape me.
>Made me lay on my back and I felt his penis in the crack of my ass.
>Black out.
>Wake up or next memory is crying in the bathroom.

He did it couple of more times before I told my parents, they didn't believe me but it stopped after that.
plz expand on butt fuckering im so close
>be 14yo me
>7/10 girl in class confesses she felt 'captivated' by me
>get really stressed since i didn't really care much for her
>feel guilty for not feeling the same
>time passes, less fucks given each day..
>she understands i don't really feel the same but seems to be OK with it
>talk regularly on msn ftw
>one day get invited to her family's cabin
>just me, her and a friend of hers (friend is like.. 4/10)
>bring beer, tobacco pouch, deck of cards and my guitar
>reach comfortable level of intoxication
>she gets p. clingy, i dont mind
>the later it gets, the higher the sexual tension
>gets really late, her friend goes to sleep in one of the two available beds
>we stay up a little making out
>get into bed w. her, hands are all over
>realize bed is too small to do serious business
>go back to "livingroom", put blanket on floor
>make out some more, pull of her panties and fuck her steadily in missionary pos. for about 15-20 minutes
abit anti climatic but stil beat my dick to it. thanx anon, god speed
File: Marissa.jpg (22KB, 290x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 290x600px
>13 year old me
>total nerd, but tall for my age and not bad looking
>neighbor has a daughter who is 12 and a son who is 9 or so
>ask me to babysit, which was weird since their daughter was old enough not to need it
>realize in hindsight that daughter asked for it since she had a crush on me
>hanging around, having more fun with the little bro than the sister since I was growing out of my girls are icky phase
>sister is oddly possessive of me even though we literally just met for the first time, though she had seen me around the neighborhood before
>that is, until we went swimming in their pool and the girl wore a bikini
>suddenly she's a lot more fun to hang out with
>little bro takes a nap
>hang out with his sis in her room at her request, watching a movie
>she sits in my lap and slides up and down
>feels good on my dick
>eventually pull her shorts down and fuck her for the first time
>finish on her leg, my first time is incredibly awkward sitting doggy style
>doesn't matter had sex

She was 90% the instigator with about 8% coming from her mom's help and about 2% coming from my dick being smarter than I was.

Pic very related.
i don't believe you
> Be 6
> Uncle dies
> Father gets uncle's dildo collection
> Run after me in corridor beating me with plastic shaped dicks
LOL ok

>When he had my lay on my stomach (Not back, sorry mistake) he held my hands above my head and pinned me down
>Couldn't fucking move
>Fought back, didn't help
>Felt penis slide into the crack of my ass
>Can't remember how deep but started to cry
>Felt something wet, asked my brother what it was, said it was saliva but could have been cum
>Black out at this point

Sorry I can't give me, seeing as how I blacked out and shit
>good times
happened to me alot, only my mother did the beating then penetration while dad filmed. such
warm and fuzzy childhood memories. Ima cry myself to sleep now
>be britfag virgin
>sexually frustrated as hell
>friends say that i'll definitely lose my virginity at university
>first day of university, i'd just moved on campus that day
>get drunk, go on club night
>somehow impossibly confident
>grind against qt grill with a big butt
>she grinds against me, partly because it's so big
>go back to qt grill's flat on campus
>still somehow impossibly confident
>fuck her for hours without a condom, don't cum
>she loves it, later found out that she was considering giving men up (bi) before she met me
>possibly came on her chest, can't remember
>snapchat my friends to say i've lost my virginity while she goes to the toilet
>still with her because everyone knows losers mate for life
>had never been that confident prior to that night, have never been that confident since
>be 14
>gf is 13
>do nothing for 3 months
>finger her first week of 4th month together
>we talk about not being ready for sex, let it happen when it happens
>next day
>making out/finger her
>grab condom
>not ready
>don't care
>she cries, I came
if you told your mum then there's no way you were normal teenagers
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tom fucl.gif
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YLYL make me laugh faggots!
does it ever turn you on? my gf was raped when she was young and she admitted to fantasising about it on occasion

I masturbate about the high school guy fucking me in the barn all the time.
>not even greentexting
what is this
get the fuck out of /b/
>be 15
>out in some field with gf
>sucks dick
>decides we could try anal
>lube up
>fuck her brains out
>mfw I had anal before vaginal sex.

It was actually pretty good, not that awkward at all.
You faggots aren't going to believe me, but I don't give a shit. So here we go:
>still a virgin at 27
>fat basement dweller, all I did was playing wow and fapping to waifu
>finally getting my first job
>I had a nice university diploma
>first day at the office, met my colleagues
>8/10 woman with a GREAT personality
>she was 24
>madly in love with her but never asking her out
>lost some weight, still a chubby basement faggot
>one day she comes out of nowhere and asks me for a cup of coffee
>'who else is coming?' I asked like a huge faggot
>she laughed
>I laughed out of sheer awkwardness
>4 months into dating I'm looking good now for the first time in my life
>discover that after all the weight loss I have a pretty decent dick
>fuck the shit out of her
>be me
>be 14
>7/10 17 yr old kinky as frick
>on last day of school, go to her house
>4/20 blz it fgts
>obliterate the pussy
>next day talking to her
>she wants to adopt me as her sex slave thing
>"flesh doll"
>totally into it, but moving
>dad finds out
>takes everything of mine away
>still grounded and 16
How old is she now ? Would bang
>still married to this day
>kid on the way
Can't believe I wanted to an hero so many times
First of all
Get out.

Second, no, I am not from the US.
> be me
> Be 21
> Goto Abu Dhabi for company paid training for 4 weeks.
> End up going to bar in the top of a hotel called "49ers" with teacher and classmate
> End up fucking asian hooker.
> Don't regret it.

23, though in that pic she was around 19 or 20.
Fuck off, Brett
I have to go so this is my last post, sorry guys.

But yes I fantasize about being molested quite a bit, honestly it used to bother me a lot. But I've kinda healed from it enough to not be bothered by it anymore.
>I got drugged and raped by whales

still laughing
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