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Why didn't any of you fags fuck your teachers at high school?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Why didn't any of you fags fuck your teachers at high school?

>pic related
I did. feel bad about it now.

I did. But I was in first grade. I feel bad about it now.
> be me, tail end of 10th grade
> walking home from school one day, when my biology teacher pulls up in her 80's volvo
> "Hey, Anon, need a lift?"
> Been struggling in biology lately, but never turned down a free ride
> get in
> "So, Anon, do you always walk home from school? Your parents don't pick you up?"
> "Nah, they are always working."
> disbitchisbeingwaytoonice.jpeg
> I fidget with the seatbelt to occupy myself. My house is only like a mile and a half away, so it won't be much longer.
> Knew I was going to fail bio, never understood anything that was going on. Went to tutoring but it never helped.
> "So, Anon, you're not doing so well in class... have you ever considered tutoring?"
> Bitch, I've been in tutoring for the last semester. Hasn't helped
> "Yeah, I dunno, it never really works..."

I fucked two of my middle school teacher.
Does it end in fucking?
Would there be some other reason to greentext a story in a "fucking your teachers" thread?
do it fgit
Tell us the story anon
post it already you nigger
well i did my bio teacher too. It was last day of school before vacations. I stayed till late, she started some lose talk and well i joined in and i banged her on her desk. Shit gets me hard thinking of it.
dude he gave it away in the third line she's giving him a lift

> We pull up to my house.
> "Whoa, is this where you live?"
> "Uh..... yah, I guess. It's my mom's house"
> "That's awesome. I live three blocks over on [xxx] st.... Since you live so close, I wouldn't mind giving you some one-on-one tutoring if you came over. What do you say?"
> "Uh, okay. I gotta go."
> Get out of the car, run into house. Hate that bitch.
> When mom comes home later, tell her about the offer.
> "Anon, you've got to take it! You know you're not doing well in her class. If she's offering, you've gotta take it."
> dammit.png
> "Okay, fine."

> Next week, schedule a time and walk to her house on a wednesday afternoon.
> Tutors me for 2 hours
> shesactuallyprettyhelpful.bitmap
> She explained things pretty well and I actually started to grasp them.
> Plan to meet next Tuesday as well.

> Next tuesday rolls around, go to teacher's house
> "Hey, Anon, have you done your homework already? Class is tomorrow"
> "Uh... yeah, I did it last night. Want to look at it?"
> "No, that's good. I just wanted to talk for a moment. I don't think you like me very much. I've noticed that you kind of close down during class. Why is that?"
> whatthefuck.wav
> "Uh, yeah, I guess. It's difficult, and it feels like you're kind of taking it hard on me"
> "Anon! I'm only hard on you because I think you're very special. I've always paid special attention to you."

lol if someone in germany say ur kind a special... it means ur a tard... so OP is a tard?
You talk like a fucking troglodyte. Shut the fuck up you mouth breathing krout.
i wont mate i wont...
Not everyone here is a fat americunt and not all of our first languages are english. get cultured you little fuck.
File: my-nigga-thumb.jpg (16KB, 304x304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 304x304px
> implying I'm American
Shove your retarded world view up your "cultured" ass faggot.
File: image.jpg (99KB, 752x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 752x500px
Lego OP, less goooo
I don't think so.

Sorry, /b/ro, not pre-typed. Didn't know this thread wasn't going to happen. I'm not OP.

> Starting to get really nervous. Starting to realize that this is a really weird situation. Teachers at my school don't generally tutor kids on-on-one.
> Excuse myself and go to the bathroom to steady nerves.
> Sitting in bathroom, trying to calm down when I realize that there's a laundry hamper in there.
> mfw still to this day I have a panty fetish
> Decide, fuck it, this can't get any weirder, pop open the lid and find a sexy striped pair of panties near the top.
> ohmygodshesawfulbutwhydoihaveboner.rar
> Throw them back in, flush the toilet and run the sink in case shes listening. Go back out.
> "Are you okay, Anon? I hope I didn't startle you."
> Starting to realize she's actually pretty attractive. About 35, short, curly black hair, round-ish face, but with a great body. She always wore those "professional" skirts that really highlight the ass, which helps.
> Teenage hormones kick in, along with inappropriate boner.
> "No, no I just thought that you hated me"
> "Don't be silly, Anon. I don't hate any students.... Well, almost any students." We laugh.
> "So you're hard on me because you like me?"
> "Yes, Anon, I think you're worth much more than you lead on"
> She. Fucking. Put. Her. Hand. On. Knee. 13 year old boner turns to diamond and launches towards stars.
> "Uh, okay. But even with this tutoring I'm still not very good..."
> Her hand still on my leg, see her eyes dart toward my pants and notice the bulge.
> "Do you want a soda, Anon? I've got Sprite and Coke."
> "Coke, please."
> As she stands up to get the sodas, I notice that she's wearing tight woman-suit-pants, and that I can see a peak of her underwear sticking out the top. Boner swells to three times the size. Almost hurts

is the dude on the screen in jail?
You were 13 in 10th grade? Nigga what.
Abandon thread
File: IMG_0835.png (5KB, 309x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 309x246px

am monitoring
continue, anon
Good story annon we don't even care is not real so go on
google told me 10th grade is 15-16yo
OP obviously had a new dick transplanted on him when he was 3, isn't it obvious?
Sorry, typo. What is 10th grade? Like 15? 14? Can't remember. Remember most of this by grade, not by age. Nevertheless, my boner was just as juvenile at 15 as it was at 13.

> She comes back, hands me the coke. See her eyes dart back to my crotch.
> fuckshedefinitelynoticed.7z
> "I'll make you a deal, Anon. I'm going to quiz you on some questions, and for each one you get right, you get to do whatever you want to me."
> Nearly spit my drink
> "I'm sorry? Do whatever I want?"
> "Anon, I want you to learn, and it's pretty clear that you're interested in a deal like that." She nods towards my crotch again. "I really don't mind. Let's see if we can encourage you..."
> boneruncomfortablyhard.tar.gz
> Can't recall the specifics, but she quizzes me on a few questions, get them all wrong. Finally asks me an easy one along the lines of "what does DNA stand for?"
> "Deoxyribonucleic acid!"
> "Good work, anon! I knew you'd get one! Now.... what do you want to do?"
> ohfuck.php
> Initial thought is to unzip my pants and just start ramming my dick into whatever I can touch it to, but I quickly discard that option.
> Beta... I mean omega self comes out, decide to ask to hold her hand.
> "Oh that's sweet, Anon." She places her hand in mind.
> She asks me another series of bio questions, all of which I barely understand.
> As we get deeper in the questions, she starts looking distracted.
> Finally I get another one. She fucking beams.
> "Great work, Anon! What's up next?"
> ohfuck.lzma
File: image.jpg (13KB, 215x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 215x240px
> She. Fucking. Put. Her. Hand. On. Knee. 13 year old boner turns to diamond and launches towards stars.
> "I'll make you a deal, Anon. I'm going to quiz you on some questions, and for each one you get right, you get to do whatever you want to me."

I sincerely doubt any teacher has said that in the history of teaching
File: manny.png (598KB, 859x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
598KB, 859x512px

YEAH OP, don't let me down!
>decide to ask to hold her hand.

thaha u autistic shit


honestly holding hand at that moment is more awkward than if you just pulled your dick out and peed everywhere in her house and on her
You should consider the Ancient greeks
I bet the thread 404 before he gets to the punch line..
bump for curiousity
If she was on to that shit she probably prefer it than holding hands.

Think golden showers
go on..
File: 1392333866874.jpg (4MB, 3480x6000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3480x6000px
haha agreed
College professor here, speaking from the other side:
>Go on tinder
>Start getting matched with students on my campus. None in my classes
>Swap numbers with an 18yo hottie
>Panic and delete tinder
>Keep texting with hottie
>She comes to my office and closes the door
>We chat
>She's wearing yoga pants and a sexy top
>Super fit body, sexy legs, visible camel toe, sexy lips
>Make a move and start making out with her
>She's shy but horny
>I rub her pussy, get her tits out and suck them
>She plays with my cock and I finger her wetness
>She gets nervous and leaves
>Keep texting and then sexting
>Keep this up for a few months
>I move to another job
>mfw I got to play sex games with a hot, horny 18yo in my office with no bad consequences
>Would do again
File: 1333374981343.jpg (83KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 640x480px
shit girl
Because they were either fat, ugly, male, or old

>tfw no qt 3.14 teacher in her 20's
Almost fucked a student teacher.
Glad for her career and hopes and dreams that we didn't.
Cry myself to sleep each night wishing we had, too.
60 year-olds don't know how to use Tinder.
File: 1402247842900.png (3MB, 1264x2012px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1264x2012px
got a problem?
Nigga I would've fucked even some moderately ugly teachers just to say I did. And I KNOW you would too.

Obviously.. She wants the kid, she's just leaning into it slowly.. Doesn't want to startle him. Plus she's playing a bit. Do you not know the game?

Fuck sake you betas piss me off.
MFW No Face

Because he was fucking me OK...BECAUSE HE WAS FUCKING ME!!!!
Dunno what to tell ya, bro.

Sorry guys I'll hurry. Sorry if I gloss over stuff, but I'll try to get to the "good stuff" quicker.

> In a struggle between brain and boner, decide to man up. Few male influences, so this was big for me.
> "Well... you're really pretty." She blushes. "I've never kissed a girl before. Think I could try it?"
> She smirks. Leans in and gives me a peck on the lips.
> "Tell you what, Anon. I'll give you a bonus on this question."
> She leans in and kisses me. Like, for real. Nearly spaghetti.
> I try to lean back in for more...
> "Not yet, Anon. More questions!"
> More questions, get a lot wrong. Crazy distracted. Finally get one right. Ask to touch her breasts. She clasps her hands above her head in a 40's-beauty-esque pose as I feel her up. Can tell she's trying to look serious, but she's being driven crazy.
> More questions. Get one right finally. Feeling really bold
> "I've never seen a girl in her underwear before. Would you take off your pants?" She smirks, stands up and leaves the room.
> A moment later, she comes back in a sweater and panties. They're brief-cut, but they've got horizontal colorful stripes. This is my fetish. Boner might as well turn black and fall off at this point.
> "Is this what you were thinking, Anon?"
> "Definitely."
> She comes back over and quizzes me a little longer, we kiss a few more times, and make out, but never go much further.
> We decide she's going to tutor me Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on. Only 2 more days until next lesson.
30, not 60. And yeah, smart phones exist.
File: OlUw1uY.jpg (193KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 1920x1200px
no but i wanted to fuck my senior year English teacher so much at school, nearly got a chance later on though.

>went to school reunion
>GF stayed at home
>I went, thinking I'll stay for an hour, then leave
>Miss Hottie was there
>Talking for a bit
>I told her just for a laugh.
>I had a crush on you at school
>I also wanted to fuck you so bad
>She said well i can't fuck you now what about a blowie instead.
>Thought she was joking.
>She grabbed me pulled me outside
>found a nice quite spot, a verandah on a demantable building.
>she went straight to business
>started sucking away
>fucking great shit
>not enough
>i need to see her pussy
>pushed her down
>knelt down
>pulled her dress up
no struggle

I second this..
The hottest teacher I had in highschool was my chemistry teacher and she had 3 metal crows on her teeth.
Almost look line a pirate but now that I think about it bitch was game..

I wonder how many of my fellow class mates actually went deep in there.
i can't believe you are making light of this. a 16 year old child was raped. that's funny to you? this kid will spend the rest of his life dealing with this, being hurt and confused and NEVER being able to trust or to feel safe.

bitch deserves the death penalty
I tried but my 11th grade english teacher never took the bait. She was so hot, and single.
File: 14054835278652.jpg (4MB, 3923x5745px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3923x5745px
16 year old


Pick one..
>implying this isnt a bait
Its the best thing that ever happened to him shut the fuck up.
File: IMG_1281.jpg (44KB, 595x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 595x599px

>"Is this what you were thinking anon?"
can't i have both at once? ;)
> Come back on Thursday, she's still wearing the same clothes from school.
> "Hold on, Anon. I just gotta change."
> She comes out a few minutes later wearing a different sweater, and this time, a thong.
> "Shall we pick up where we left off?"
> Boner goes from 0 to 60 so fast it nearly flies off.
> She comes over and sits down right next to me, grabs my text book, and puts her feet up on my lap. She starts asking me questions, and I am 200% too distracted to even know what's going on. Finally she acquiesces.
> "What's wrong, Anon? Are you uncomfortable?"
> "No!..."
> She and puts the book down and slides over, eventually basically sitting on my lap (I'm a decently big guy, was probably 6'1", 180lb at the time)
> "So, Anon, what's up?"
> "I, uh, I'm distracted."
> "By what? Me? Awww, that's adorable."
> She shifts, and is straddling me now. She leans in and kisses me. Boner goes from 100% to over 9000%.
> "We're just having fun here, Anon. I like the way you look at me, and I can tell that you're interested in looking. This shouldn't be stressful."
> "Yeah, but it's kinda wrong, I think"
> "It's only wrong if either of us feel it is. Do you feel wrong, Anon?"
> "Definitely not"
> "Good, me neither"
> She leans back in and gives me another kiss. This time much deeper. She's basically sucking my soul out of my face. I wrap my arms around her and we start making out passionately. During this haze, she starts basically grinding on the five-inch pickle-shaped stone in my trousers.
> Before I know what's going on, she's gotten off and is tugging my pants off of my ankles. I'm sitting on her couch in my boxers sporting a distinct tent.

ctd, one last part, i swear
stfu faggot
> under 25
> not a fucking child
Underage retard spotted.
im sorry but that isnt far enough.

the fact that she hurt a child means that the people around her are also monsters as they didnt stop it.

everyone shes ever associated with needs to be rounded up and executed.

in fact, id go 3 degrees of association at least.

everyone shes met, everyone theyve met, and everyone theyve met all need to be killed

this is the only way we can prepare for the invasion of earth

Listen buddy we already have a good green going don't you butt in
Bump so thread is not kill
File: 1409554941466.jpg (26KB, 514x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 514x540px
Fuck off more is good.
File: 1413956377391.gif (610KB, 255x154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
610KB, 255x154px
get on with it anon, im becoming impatient
File: B4KR0l.jpg (79KB, 640x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 640x487px
I guess I'm interested
>Shove your retarded world view up your "cultured" ass faggot.

why you so mad

I would mind specially that annon is preparing the grand finale...

Did you her puss annon?

captcha chapter lercedu
fair enough anon. just about to post the rest but i won't
Or you not be a faggot and just post it. The more the merrier.
File: image.jpg (13KB, 300x168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 300x168px
Bump for moar
That's a nigger wolf
I don't know man. I just don't know anymore. I think its self hate more than anything.
File: 1414174026388-3.gif (724KB, 160x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
724KB, 160x255px
dont be a fucking bitch faggot
well..... i agree that she's a monster.....
Fucking post it
File: 1298453082911.jpg (7KB, 251x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 251x251px
tha fuck nigga
Sorry, last post here.

> She shoves my boxers down over my package and 'mires.
> "Oh my, Anon. You're very excited, aren't you."
> "Yeah, well..."
> Before I'm able to finish, she's wrapped her hand around my unit and is stroking. Full mental concentration keeps me from ruining her couch instantaneously.
> She gets back up on my lap, facing me and we start kissing again. Before long I realize that somewhere in this mix she's lost her underwear. She's literally grinding her clit against my dick.
> Baseball. Star Trek. Scary homeless guys. DO. NOT. CUM.
> She pauses and reaches over to her purse. She grabs out a little flat square, which I realize is a condom. She grabs my hand and leads me toward the back of her house.
> We get to a bedroom (her bedroom, I'd find out later,) and she pushes me back on the bed. She starts fitting the condom around my junk.
> "Did you always find me sexy, Anon?"
> "I, uh, didn't really think about it until I came over here. But I guess so."
> "You guess so? You don't think I'm sexy?"
> gonnafuckingexplode.swf
> "Hell yeah"
> She jumps on top and and I lowers herself on top of me. I'm met with the warm, wet feels.
> Still wearing her sweater, she bounces up and down on my dick. About 7 pumps later, I'm done. Try to pretend like I'm not.
> She realizes, and cuddles up next to me
> ashamed.m4v
> "It's okay, Anon. You're still terrible at Biology. I can tell you're going to need a lot more tutoring."

there's more, but that's the end for tonight. thanks for bearing with me guys, i'm a little drunk, and it's late.
Don't please the faggot please the annons

I want to know what mommy like figure teacher pussy taste like.

They spent most of their life standing it must taste good.
Staten Island fag?
Hurry up anon
Because there was one female teacher in the entire school, the Latin teacher Mrs Mizon. Married to the English teacher.

I remember we would just sit there looking at her plump calves and drooling. Probably the least sexy woman on the planet but 400 teenage boys found a way....

I do love you anon
her pussy tasted grand


okay but after writing it i think it might be a lame story

>pulled her stockings and panties down and off
>mythic pussy found
>stuck a finger in
>nice and wet
>I planted my face
>tongue lashing
>she sat up and pushed me away
>she stood up and over me
>she positioned herself in a 69
>she went to town on my cock
>i reciprocated
>10 minutes later a blew my load in her mouth
>she stood up and smiled
>she went to grab her panties but did first
>these are mine
>she said okay fine
>gave her her stockings back
>she put them back on
>we fixed ourselves up walked back to the hall
>went in drank and danced
>grouped each other during slow songs
>fingered her when the lights went down
>leave later a quick pash
>I said, I still didn't get to fuck you
>she said, Maybe next time
>ahh my dick
>say goodbye
>get in the car, drive away and think about for awhile
>shit she will be 46 next reunion
>i'll be 38

she better still be be fuckable
Gg anon
Because all but two were all fugly or obese. There is one that is now the principal and total cougar milf, and I'd fuck her brains out any day. She was going through a divorce while I was in her class and I'm pretty sure had anyone tried, we could have fucked her.

The other one was super young and decently hot, but it's been like 4 years and her looks quickly faded with age.
File: reallydickhead.gif (44KB, 739x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 739x426px
>>wore a condom
>>warm wet feels
Not that I ever believed this bullshit, but I couldn't suspend my disbelief any longer.
Fuck you man you got to give us another lesson
> (her bedroom, I'd find out later,)
Why was there any confusion about who's bedroom that was to begin with?
Nice final line, anon. And no fucking dinosaurs.
Thnks for the story anon, crazy beautiful story
Fuck I just jumped In here, but at least I only have to wait for the last part.

Wouldn't even care of fake
i think the same
Warmer and wetter than my right hand, bro. It was my first time.

Not tonight, sorry. If I see another teachersex thread I may contriboot some more.

Yeah, there were like 3 bedrooms in the house. Not sure why I thought it was worth mentioning.

Not a single one.

Hope you enjoyed as much as 10th-grade me did. There's a lot of stigma about this kind of stuff, but, honestly, it's still some of the most erotic stuff I can imagine. I'm probably really fucked up, but, hey, whatever.
10th graders dont have fetishes you fucking weeabo
>I'm probably really fucked up, but, hey, whatever.

Why that? There really is nothing bad happening in the story.
no, no, 13 in 10th grade is believable

I was allowed to skip two grades, so I was 13 in 10 too.
okay, 6'1", 180lb at 13 years old
are you master chief
corrected this, I was 14-15. I was in 10th grade, don't remember how old. Dates/times are not my strong suit.
No more greentext stories?
Stfu jew
lol told'm im from germany... tellin me im a jew... because fuck logic
>me being 14
>German teacher is hot but a total bitch
>I suck at German
>Spend a lot of time with her in the breaks talking about how to raise my grades
>Stare a lot at her cleavage when I think she doesn't notice.
>She has a very nice ass too
>One day I have to retake a test during break in a classroom alone with her.
>During the test she drops something from her desk
>She bends over to pick it up, ass facing me, she doesn't even bend her knees.
>She is wearing super tight skinny jeans and I just stare at that amazing booty.
>She suddenly looks back and looks me right in the eye.
>See anything you like? she asks
>I start to blush and look at my test while trying to concentrate.
>This is not enough for her so she walks up to my desk and says: I asked you a question.
>I answer with: I don't know what you mean miss.

College prof at 30? Do they not require much schooling to do that or are you a fucking genius who don't need to school?
>She says that she is not stupid and she has seen me looking at her.
>She continues on about it and that she knows I do it all the time.
>She then tells me she doesn't mind and considers it a compliment but doesn't want me to lie to her.
>She goes back to her desk and tells me I have 10 minutes left to finish my test.
>Can't focus on the test so I completely ruin it and leave for classes.

>A few days later
>She marked my test and wants to discuss it with me (I failed the test again).
>During lunchbreak I am alone with her in a classroom again.
>She wants me to sit opposite of me on her desk.
>I noticed she had unbuttoned her top button but it was warm that day.

File: reagan_flags.jpg (534KB, 3000x2337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534KB, 3000x2337px
graduate at 21. PhD takes 5 years. Several years in between to fuck around. Prof at 30. It's not uncommon.
>While we sit at her desk she starts talking about my grades.
>She tells me that if I continue to mess up German I will not pass this year and will have to do this again.
>Meanwhile her foot finds my foot under the table.
>She is just touching it. Enough to be suspicious but not enough to say something about it.
>She asks me how it is that I keep failing tests.
>Eventually she asks me if she is a distraction.
>I ask her why she thinks that.
>She explains that she has seen me looking at her and thinks I might fantasise about her.
>I tell her I don't think she is a distraction and try to stear the conversation in an other direction.
>She tells me she told me she didn't want to be lied to.
>I look up and she is staring me right in my eyes.
>I feel that I am starting to blush.
>I tell her I do but that I would never act on it.
>She asks me why.
>I tell her because she is my teacher and she would lose her job so she wouldn't allow it and I would only make a fool of myself.
>She says that such things will only be a problem if it comes out.
>She puts her hand on my knee under the desk.
>I now have a boner.
>We just sit there and stare at each other for what feels like forever.
>Eventually I lean in towards her.
>Halfway there she leans towards me.
>The closer I get to her the slower I go but the faster she seems to go.
>When we meet we kiss.
>At first it is just a peck on the lips but it soon turns into a french kiss.

yah nigga lets go!
You fucking retard, I remember thinking panties were hot as fuck in like second grade.

Fucking lol

say what?
I did. My English lit and French teacher. natural redhead and blonde respectively.

I was 15 nearly 16. They were 29 and 33. It's hot as fuck and all but honestly looking back it's kinda wrong. I'm not gonna report them or anything as I wanted it and actually touched my french teacher as a dare a few times prior to her flirting.
I quit college and went to construction... I thought it would take way longer than 5 for a PhD. My baddd
>When we stop kissing she stands up and walks toward the door.
>She locks the door.
>She goes back to her desk and sits on her desk.
>She asks: Anon, get over here.
>She is now sitting on the desk while I am standing between her legs.
>she has her arms around my neck and I have mine around her waist and we continue kissing.
>She removes one arm from around my neck and unbuttons her shirt some more.
>She then grabs my hand and pushes my left hand inside her shirt and left boob.
>I squeeze her boob and she seems to like it and her breathing gets heavier.
>I decide to be alpha and but my hand inside her bra.
>She doesn't stop me.
>When I start playing with her nipple she pull me closer to her and her breathing gets even heavier.
>After some time she gets of her desk and continues to hold me and kiss me.
>Her right hand goes against my chest and starts to make it's way down.
>Eventually I can feel her hand on my trousers stroking my cock.
>I get harder and harder and start to touch her more.
>The school bell rings and she lets go of me.
>She buttons up her shirt unlocks the door and tells me to not be late for my next classes.

>Dates/times are not my strong suit.
thankfully neither was biology
Moooaaaarrrrr for the love of God, give us moar, anon!
File: 1414616766499.jpg (12KB, 500x509px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 500x509px

>I now have a boner.
>insider her shirt and left boob
This nigga went in her boob?
But seriously, you're 14 and not intimidated at all by this?
Top kek
So much bullshit in this thread but dick is hard as fuck,

I wanted to fuck a few of my teachers from middle and high school but I never got the chance. Good thing too because I cum in like 30 seconds and the rest of the classes would've been so embarrassing if they know. But god damn, my 9th grade algebra teacher was fucking you and hot, it was her first year and she was already engaged so I never had a chance.
Another teacher always flirted with a guy I know and still to this day I wonder if anything happened because she got pregnant later that year. She was in her 40s so probably married.
Of course I was.
But I was also horny and this was my fantasy getting played out in front of me.
Horny > thinking capabilities

>I go to my french classes still having a boner and being horny as hell.
>It is Friday so after today it will be weekend.
>Won't she my German teacher until Tuesday.
>after the rest of my classes I go home and jerk off.
>The weekend and Monday were uneventfull but Tuesday I start my day with German classes.
>Can't focus the entire hour and keep staring at her.
>At the end of the lesson she tells everybody what our homework will be.
>Then she says: Anon, your German vocabulary is not what it is supposed to be. I checked your roster and I saw you had the fifth hour off.
>I would like you to meet me at D14 so you can learn and I can check your progress.
>I tell her I will be there.
>Since I am really shit at German I think for the rest of the day if she is serious about me having to study German or if she wants to mess around some more.
>When I get to the classroom my legs are shaking.
>I enter and she tells me to take a seat.
>After I sit down she walks up to the door and locks it again.
>She walks towards me and asks me why I am shaking.
>I tell her I am nervous because I don't know what to expect.
>She sits on my desk and looks at me and says: "I taught this is what you wanted".
>I tell her I do but that this might be wrong and all.
>She tells me it is not wrong because I want it and that I am old enough to make my own decisions.
>She then gives me a kiss on the lips and hands me a list of German words.
>She says I have to learn these words and she will test them this hour.
>If I do good and get a 7 or higher she will give me something special.
>Mildly disappointed I start to learn.
>After 20 minutes she wants to test me.
>I completely fail the test because I really suck at German and score a 3.
>She tells me to try again and she will test me in 10 minutes.
>The next test she gives me I score a 6 (so close).
Young and hot*
fuck man, so many of these teachers, still trying to fucking teach. I guess they really do have a passion for education.
bump, dont die thread
True, true.
Any pictures similar to what she looked like or actually of her? I mean, it's not like it could get traced back to you..
Inb4 NSA

Also, how old are you now and how is the sex life? Fucking an older woman has always turned me on and is a huge confidence booster.
I fucked my friend's mom a few times if anyone wants to hear.
Jesus Christ anon post moar, I'm on my lunch break and there's only so long I can have my cock out in the staff car park for without people asking questions.
Do tell, my friend.
File: 1377882939373.jpg (21KB, 216x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 216x265px
Fucking underrated comment

I also fucked my friend's mom'a friend. I was 17, she was 26 and already had 5 kids. Fucking whore.
I also saw her a year later with a baby a few months old. Someone told me it looked like me but I didn't see it and all infants look the same to me. I did cum in her 3 times though so I was worried.
I'm nearly 24 now so it would be like 6 and I haven't heard from her since.
Will try to find some picture but don't know if I will find one.
Currently 22 and have a good sex life with my 16 year old gf.
Greentext that shit I always wanne hear about that.

>She then comforts me saying that I at least passed this test and showed a lot of improvement.
>She then says: "Because you tried so hard, do you still want it?"
>I say sure not knowing what is going to happen next.
>She moves away my desk and starts sitting on my lap and kissing me.
>I get rock hard and she seems to feel it because she starts to smile and move her hips a bit.
>After a few minutes she gets of me and gets on her knees.
>She unzips my pants and whips out my rock hard dick.
>She starts to jerk me off very slowly while maintaining eye contact.
>After something like 10 seconds she moves her head down and kisses the tip of my dick before opening her mouth and taking it in.
>It felt amazing.
>First she just went up and down a bit but then she started to make circles around the tip with her tongue.
>In for a minute or so when I feel I am about to cum.
>I tap her shoulder. no response.
>I say: "miss, I am about to cum"
>She says nothing but adds her hand and starts jerking me off while giving me a bj and she is getting faster and faster.
>I can't hold it anymore and I cum in her mouth.
>She stops jerking off but continues to make circles around the tip (fucking glorious feeling).
>She gets up and looks at the clock.
>She tells me my classes start in 5 minutes.
>She then makes out with me before she tells me to pull up my pants and unlocks the door.
>I went to classes and couldn't wait until Thursday because then I would see her again.
I'll tell about the 27 year old first because greentexting on iShit sucks.

>17 year old me had developed an early drinking problem
>no one to buy me booze so I go to my mom's work begging her
>absolutely not, she hated me drinking
>best friend's mom's friend is there and tells me to cool it, I don't need it
>tells mom she is gonna take me home

Cont but thread needa bumped
File: 0.jpg (15KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 480x360px

Cum in mouth kissing, you were in the deep.
Heyyy hahaha
This is cool Any pic related to teacher any porn starlet that looks related.

Or if the gods allowed an actual picture of her that I can jerk off.

Just remember that..
> the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact
bump the shit outa this thread
go on the website of the school u where in and search for pics maybe? in germany a lot of schools got websites where pictures from teachers showing them are.
This thread is too good to die ):
Cont plz
>driving and she asks what I want
(Must have been closer to 16 because I wasn't driving yet and got a DUI early-mid 17)
>"I'll get it for you but only if you drink it at my place"
>not a fucking problem, she was kinda hot
>we stop at liquor store and she grabs my bottle for me
>at her house, me drinking alone
>she stops me halfway through the bottle saying I had enough
Now, I'm not sure how it came about but we're kissing and shit
>takes me to a room upstairs and I start eating her pussy like no tomorrow, pretty sure it was a first for me
>whiskeydick and can't get up so eat it for what seems like hours
>pass out later

Still to this day it was one of the wettest pussies I've ever had

That part sucked but bare with me
Fuck are u talking about I want annons German teacher, I am an old neckbeard

I am so fuvking old the school I went to is not even a school no more
Because all the teachers at my school were males, feels bad, man.
fk u oldfag
Because it's illegal and could send the teacher to prison along with her getting a sex offender charge.

So I opted for blowjobs. Quick and nobody gets hurt.
then he should check his school website out
>Thursday I have German again.
>Spend the entire hour looking at her and smiling.
>She notices but does not acknowledge anything is different.
>She even tells me a few times to pay attention and do the exercises given.
>When I drift of again she tells me that she did warm me before and if I can't manage to work then I'll have to continue working during the break.
>Not really sure whether I was being punished or if she was trying to get us alone again.
>When the class leaves and I am left behind to continue working she sits at her desk doing teacher stuff.
>After a good 5 minutes she walks up to me and asks me if I am here on a bike.
>I say yes and she asks me if I know my way in this neighbourhood.
>I had lived there my whole life so I told her I did.
>She then asked me what time I needed to be home.
>Since my mom works and my dad left years ago I only need to be in time for dinner which is at 18:30.
>She ask me how late my last class is finished and I tell her it is 16:00.
>She asks me if I am interested in coming around.
>After I say yes she explains how I need to ride there.
>After school I get on my bike and ride to her house.
>Since she owns a car she is already there.
>Ring the door bell and she lets me in.
>She has an apartment where everything is on the same floor so I see the kitchen livingroom door to the bathroom and a big door which I guess will lead to the bedroom.
>As soon as I close the door she pushes me against the door and starts to make out.
>I show that I stopped being all passive after this and grab both her boobs with my hands and push her to the dinner table.
>All the curtains in the house are closed so I guess she planned this all.
>She leans back and starts to lie down on the dinner table.
>I lie on top of her and continue making out and groping her boobs.
>After sometime she pushes me of her and stands up.
>She takes my hand and walks me to the big door.cont
fasta pasta
bump bump bump
so did you ever get good at biology?
I had already dropped out and went to rehab by 17 so this is during the week..

>next night I go over and her friend is there
>friend tells me she told her how she made a big mess but I did really well cleaning it up
Why the fuck would she tell her friend about fucking with a minor?!
>think maybe I can fuck them both and don't get drunk that night
>nothing happens and I go home

>hit her house again on the weekend
>act like dad and play with them all day
>night, kids are asleep
>spooning on couch watching a movie and talking
>starts playing a little with my dick
>she adjusts
>I didn't know but she pulled her pants down
>feel warm, wet and loose pussy but it was so hot I didn't care
>fuck her spooning, cum almost immediately
>like 5 minutes later I tell her I want it again
>cum and go to sleep

>like 5 in the morning she wakes me up and takes me in another room
>lay down, she starts stroking me
>climbs on top riding the shit outta my dick
>feels fucking amazing but half asleep so dick going soft
>asks if I came, say no but she climbs off anyway
>fall back asleep and wake up like wtf did I fall asleep for

I quit talking to her after that. Saw her about a year later with a baby that might be mine. That was 5-6 years ago and I still wonder sometimes.
Refer to earlier post.
bump for this nice thread

captcha: glamer sword
>>I say: "miss, I am about to cum"

fucking great line
File: 139403881177.jpg (98KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 720x480px
Nude/Nonude teen models at site in picture.
>still putting both words for captchas
File: 1408716462575.jpg (81KB, 372x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 372x492px
bump with nigger
Because they would get fired and id get expelled.
Shut the hell up you fucking commie

When I fucked my friend's mom I already knew she wanted me because they way she always flirted.

Not the first time but one time she calls me over to smoke a bowl

>get there and before smoking she starts kissing me
>tells me her husband wants to watch us
>weirded out and say no
>make out more, he calls her to the room so I split

I fucked her other times before that and it was so fucking hot the way she moaned and listed so hard over me at 20, her mid-late 40's
>We are now standing at the foot of her bed in her bedroom and continue making out.
>Suddenly she stops and wraps her arms around me before dropping herself on her bed (taking me with her).
>I am now in bed with her on top of her and she continues to make out with me.
>Her hands are now under my shirt and I start to unbutton her shirt.
>She pulls up my shirt so I have to stop kissing her so she can pull it over my head.
>At the moment that I can't see anything because of the shirt over my eyes I feel her lips touching my nipple and she starts sucking it.
>When I am freed of my shirt I decide to return the favour by unbuttoning even more and taking of her shirt.
>When she is without I shirt I see a wonderful red bra filled with two beautiful cup D boobs.
>I start kissing her boobs and groping them while she is just laying there.
>She grabs my hair and pulls me toward her and kisses me.
>She then pulls me away and looks at me and says: take it off.
>Take what off I ask her.
>My bra she says.
>Fumbling at her back with both of my hands some time and finally manage to get it off.
>She takes of her bra and I am looking at the most perfect tits since ever.
>I remember her sucking my nipple and I decide to suck hers while groping her boobs.
>Her breathing tells me she enjoys this.
>When I start to kiss her again she rolls over and is now on top.
>She passionately kisses me and than stands up.
>She is standing besides the bed, boobs showing.
>She takes of her pants and socks and is just standing there in a thong.
>She looks at me and I look at her and she says: "Do you like what you see?".
>I answer with: "Yes very much".
>She lies down besides me and asks me if I remember the bj she gave me.
>of course I remember and tell her how great it felt.
>She asks me if I can lick her.
>Since my only experience with sex comes from porn this makes me nervous.
>She looks at me and tells me not to be scared cause she will guide me through it.
God tier story
Incredible story, but you should've had it pre-typed, based anon
File: DSC00517.jpg (72KB, 857x1143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 857x1143px
never did, though i did flirt with my english teacher an awful lot in 11th grade. i have a pretty big dick, soft it's like six and half inches long, and early in the year there's a "spirit week" where we have a certain traditions we follow every day of the week in preparation for our rivalry game in football. one of those days is pajama day, where we all wear pajamas to school. well, i wore kind of a loose, thin cotton material, so my dick was really showing. so i'm in english class, and approach her desk to speak with her an turn in some work. i don't remember what was said, it wasn't anything of note, but i remember we spoke for maybe a minute. the entire minute, she stared at my crotch. the conversation ended with me when i stopped talking and stood there in silence for a few moments, just kind of taking it in that she's staring at my crotch, and i adjust my cock from the pants and ask her "...you doing alright, ms. ------?"

she looked up at my face for the first time, smiled, and said "i'm doing great, ------. you can take your seat, now. nice pajamas."

she got married to another teacher that year
File: 1414077112063.gif (1MB, 350x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 350x219px
>> Boner goes from 0 to 60 so fast it nearly flies off.
>topkek anon
>8:22 AM

Pick one.
>confirmed autist not knowing what timezones are
File: 1412489802404.jpg (241KB, 989x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 989x1024px

free live
If she obviously was salivating for the d why you didn't offer?

10/10 your a fag
I'll tell you guys about when we got caught

>drinking with buddies texting her and gf
>gf is on her way but still a couple hours away (away for college)
>tell friends I need to high tail it home for her, they're down but questioning why since they know where she is
>I'm drunk and just wanna get ready for her
>finally get dropped off, head straight to MILF's house when friends leave
>on front porch smoking a bowl telling her to let me get that pussy
>she says we can't because husband
Apparently he's a cuck but she is only allowed with other guys if he watches
>start kissing her anyway, pull her pants down
>we can't, we can't! Ok just for a minute
>fucking her on porch floor, missionary for a bit
>front door opens!
>get the fuck up and run outside hiding in shadows
>mfw I listened to him drag her inside and beat the fucking out of her
>actually knocked a couple teeth out
>left, leaving shoes, iPod and some other shit
>he starts texting me and I'm scared as fuck and ignore him
I had to explain how I mysteriously lost this stuff later to friends and gf
>mfw I helped fuck up a marriage and put my dirty dick in my ex, raw, in one night

I thought they were just throwing stuff but later found out about knocking her teeth out and he sold my iPod.
Toppest of keks 10/10
there's a kind of leap a person has to take to hook up with any woman. the hotter the woman, the more you desire her, the harder the leap. it gets easier, you get more confident as you get older and get laid more. but as a 16 year old virgin? i didn't lose my virginity until the next year. no way could i have navigated actually taking the plunge with a grown woman. i would have shit my pants.
>She tells me to make her naked.
>I pull of her thong and she is just laying there completely naked.
>She tells me to rub her clit.
>I start rubbing it and she seems to breath deeper and deeper.
>After some time she says I should but a finger inside her.
>I start fingering her and she tells me to add a finger, and again.
>I am now fingering her with three fingers and every time she starts breathing faster I go faster.
>She then tells me to lick her clit but to keep fingering her.
>Her pussy is just perfect.
>Not a hair in sight and it feels so soft.
>I start licking like the amateur I am and keep fingering her.
>After some time I hear her moan.
>After she moaned a second time she sits up, grabs my hand from her pussy and throws me down on the bed.
>She sits on top of me at belly height and I can feel her juice dripping on me.
>She moved lower and lower and she starts to unzip my pants and take them off.
>When my pants are around my feet she throws them of the bed and removes my socks from my feet.
>She lies down on top of me completely naked while I only wear my boxer.
>She moves her hand towards my boxer and pulls it.
>She says: "Any reason this should stay on?"
>I tell her no and she takes them off.
>She reaches for her night stand and gets a condom from it.
>She opens the package and puts the condom on my now hard as diamonds dick.
>She lies down and pulls me on top of her.
>We are completely naked besides the condom I am wearing and I am on top of her.
>We start making out again and she guides me inside her.
>Getting inside her feels great.
>When I am completely inside her I rest for a few seconds because I feel like I am about to cum.
>Then I start to slowly pump her.
>her fingernails are in my back.
>It hurts but it is very nice at the same time.
>We stop kissing and I move up a bit so I can watch her body while I fuck her.
>Her legs close around my waist and I look at her boobs bouncing up and down.
Wait a minute, you were in 10th grade, I.e. 13ish, and you're 6ft 1" and weigh 180 pounds?
>Currently 22 and have a good sex life with my 16 year old gf.

Fucking lol
Boner died, hurry up
my french teacher in my high school was the only one worth fucking and she fucked a guy two years ahead of me and his brother who was one year behind me and a guy from my grade and a girl from my grade.

i found out because the girl from my grade and i went to a school event together and we sat on an airplane for four hours and she wouldn't shut up. told me every embarrassing detail of her life. i became friends with the younger brother in college and he confirmed that his brother slept with the french teacher, but didn't give it up about himself.
Dude I was so fucking scared I got an STD from her. We only used a condom once or twice and I later found out they smoked crack. This is literally the first time I've told anyone about it except admitting it to the girl who told me he beat her so bad. Who is sleeping next to me right now as I use her phone to type all this, lol.

Can you believe rumor got out? I always deny it.
My fucking mom never asked me about it but told my gf it happened.
>no, babe, she probably just said that because she doesn't want us together.
She believed me.
The girl sleeping next to me knew about it and who I am before we ever met, and is from 4 fucking states away!

I also fucked her in an abandoned she's near her house, on a couch that was only springs left. Hah.
Where you from, anon? That bitch sounds extremely filthy, but usually filthy women are some of the best fucks.

Topkek about the girl next to you, tho
Never fucked a teacher but teased the hell out of HS English teacher. Have mixed feelings.
>She tenses up and starts to breath very fast.
>Her pussy gets tighter which is why I can't hold it anymore and I cum buckets.
>I lie on top of her and am completely wasted.
>We lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy.
>She asks me if I liked it.
>I say hell yeah and ask her if she liked it.
>She said she did and she was about to cum but then I came and stopped.
>I apologize to her but she says it doesn't mind and thinks I will get better.
>We make out for another 15 minutes or so and I get horny again and start playing with her nipples.
>She notices and asks me if I want to go again.
>I say yes (still inside her from the first time) and start kissing her more.
>The sight of her, the feeling of her kissing me, the idea of going again, I got hard again.
>Second time was even better.
>We went faster and she pumped back.
>I lasted way longer and she told me to stroke her clit with my hand while fucking her.
>After a while I started to feel her nails again and she started to tense up.
>Knowing what it was I felt her getting close so I started to fuck her faster and harder.
>She came eyes rolling back and her whole body tensing, a few seconds later I came.
>She said I should leave if I wanted to be home in time so I grabbed my clothes and before I left she kissed me once more.

This went on for the rest of the year.
Meeting up at her place and fucking her.
It got better and better.
We tried different positions and I had sex at least once a week for a year.
She never contacted me using notes, e-mail or texts because she never wanted there to be a trace.
After a year I got an other teacher for German and it just stopped.

I never taught she loved me or anything.
She just wanted sex and I could give her that without getting caught.
That's how it ends? You guys just stopped fucking, no contact afterward?
Fuck off, cancerbot.
Abandoned shed*

Their marriage is now ruined but it would've been anyway, apparently he was cheating on her to. I live around the corner from them but he never confronted me after texting me that night. Just gives me dirty looks or looks away while riding by. I feel shame but fuck it.

I never thought of it as cheating, though. I guess because she was so much older. Her son now lives across from me and knows everything but doesn't even care.

She still smiles and waves but with missing teeth, fucking lol. $100 says I could fuck her again if I tried.

>she calls me over (before getting caught)
>says to hurry because hubs will be home soon
>get there and she immediately takes me to their bed and packs a bowl
>smoke, get naked and she rides my dick
>cum, run out back door into woods as he is pulling up
10/10 would wait hours upon hours for story like this again, slow typing but you delivered. God tier ranking to you anon.
Eastern USA, girl next to me is from NY and head over heels in love with me. She is engaged and I still fuck her whenever I want while her fiancée is in prison. I actually have to keep ignoring his calls so I can't tell you guys this.

The woman, though, is filthy. Like I said, I later found out they smoke crack. The thing with her though was she acted like a teenager toward me and wanted passionate sex. Still some of the best I had. She wouldn't leave me the fuck alone though. I lost my phone for 2 days, found it and had almost 70 texts from her ranging from "hey :)" to "lets fuck" to "fuck off then" and back. She was nuts.
I'd fucking die of laughter if I were to see a toothless crackwhore I used to fuck wave at me

Great story, anon 10/10. I'm surprised the husband didn't murder you
nice :P
i would if i knew how, why dont you break it down for me?
I'm a Floridafag.

You just love to fuck women that have other men, don't you?
Bravo. Hope you enjoyed my stories half as much as we did yours.
After this she continued to act normal at school.
We never messed around at school.
She just sometimes asked me after class if I could come over and then we had sex.
We were really discrete and after I had another German teacher she had no reason to contact me again as it would only look suspicious.
Damn anon, it sucks you couldn't keep fucking her. Do you have a pic or look alike pic of her?
because in my day in high school in early 2000's (2001-2005)

we didnt have every single teacher hot young women and notop that willing and ready to fuck students.

we had all old dudes/ladies and fatties there was maybe 1 decent teacher there

you little shits are so fucking lucky today
It is fucking hilarious! I was scared as fuck though being skinny and 19-20 and him like 300 pounds.
Biggest regret is it going around though because when a chick doesn't like me now I'm scared they know and when I tell people who I am and they already know me I'm scared that's why.
But I'm well known around here for being crazy. I took a bus to Kentucky a few years ago and still to this day everyone thinks I hitchhiked so...

Maryland here.
No, I don't like being that guy at all and try not to but when drunk and horny it's hard to think straight. Besides, he is in prison so why can't she have fun?

Actually broke it off with a girl after finding she was still with her boyfriend and even tried telling him on Facebook. She tried to play the pregnancy card after that and I was like gtfo. She now has a child by a 19 year old and still tries talking to me on Snapchat years later.nope.
File: bbb.jpg (22KB, 368x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 368x331px
Just checked my old school's site but it has been changed and I need a password to see pictures of employees.
boobs looked like pic related though only her's were a bit smaller.
Are you from Burling academy
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