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ITT: that one time we had sexed with the same gender >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: that one time we had sexed with the same gender

>be younger me
>used to be kinda chubby, but then lost a lot of weight from growth spurts in puberty
>have somewhat of a big butt
>have this friend i was comfortable jacking it with
>we have even jacked eachother off
>parents are visiting grandma, leave me at home
>invites friend over
>play vidya, then go to porn
>we look up buttjobs
>asks to try it with me
>uses baby oil and buttjobs me to finish
>we never talked about it again till this day
tried with somebody else?
nope, oddly enough i've gone relatively straight since then
I think jerking each other off already counts as sexing them
File: 1343739116520.jpg (31KB, 608x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dude, you're gay.
I did the same thing with this kid from church. He blew me though.
When I say I did the same thing i mean I almost literally did the same thing with a boy a few years younger than me. Cute thing. Blonde blue eyes and all that.

I was 17, he was 14 turning 15. Used to jack me off all the time and only wanted me to call him my girlfriend in return. Blew me and let me rub my dick on his ass often. It was amazing. Wish I still had his number.
you fucked up jim.
losing a number like that.
File: Astonished_Face.png (13KB, 264x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Youth errors...
If I could go back I would have fucked him. Cutest face around. The kind you could put a wig on and pass for a girl. Plump cute lips. Hnnnng getting diamonds thinking about it.
Noooo, how could you?!
Maybe now he is a trap or CD. Such a waste!
and i mean since i've moved i've gone relatively straight

we did that several times before i moved. since i moved i've had no contact with him.
The thing is I met him in military school. He was a total straight jock around everyone else. Which is weird, because he was petite as shit and had a really cute ass.
here is one i have never told ANYBODY!!!!
>be me in Jr. High
>stop hanging out with old friends
>new guy just moved
>we start hanging out
>become bestfriends
>become blood brothers
(got a knife and cut each others hand and shook hands)
>invite to hang out one day
>play some vidya
>talk about sex
>watch porn
>he wants to jack off
>so do i
>i go in the other room
>begin jacking it
>fucking boner
>want to see his
>go in room
>laying on his back
>doesn't even hide it
>after seeing his 6-inch uncut hard dick
>my mouth starts salivating
>wanna touch it?
>lay on floor above him
>pushes my head down
>let him
>lips touches his dick
>i pull back
>its ok
>pushes my head back down
>suck his dick
>pushes my head trying to fit it all in my mouth
>blew him till him came
>played more vidya
I don't remember what happened to him but he moved and i fell back into my old friend crowd never spoke a word since. But since then i've questioned my sexuality
But yeah, no way he's a cd or trap now. He's probably all puberty'd up and has a girlfriend and shit. He's a 10/10 guy or girly boy.
Stale pasta
nice try faggot but thats all true
Do you really need to point that in a thread about fucking dudes?

I once blew a dog. I am a huge faggot because of it.

My dick was diamonds after.
>that one time
Guess I'm out
Just to go into further detail (hard as a rock atm) he made me promise that when he showed me his ass I wouldn't fuck him. He was scared I would rape him because I was taller and stronger than him. This was AFTER he blew me once or twice and jerked me off countless times.

I ended up rubbing my dick against his cheeks for a while but wanted him to finish with his mouth. He was clean as fuck, hairless and all that so he agreed. I made him deepthroat me for the first time sort of forcefully but he told me he liked it. I went a little overboard in the moment and he started crying after I came in his mouth and long story short we ended up cuddling in my bunk for a while before he had to go to bed in his hall. My roommate was literally my best friend and he kept this secret for a long time. He also got off on it though he never admitted it and would always walk out whenwe did our sexy time. I really wish I still knew you taylor.
friend and I discovered porn together around 6th grade. Found out we had cinemax when he was staying over one night, spend multiple weekends staying up until morning watching porn together.
>eventually leads to us jerking off at the same time on the same couch, but propped pillow up so we couldn't see each other
>one weekend, we being teen boys that can't contain our hormones, decide its a good idea to create a "pillow doll" to rub our junk on
>use all couch pillows to create a hole and a couple rubber balls to make fake boobs
>throw blanket over for realism
>friend is super excited, porn on in the background, wants to go first
>strips down to his boxers and "mounts" our creation
>hes blonde hair blue eyed, tan skin, just hit 5 ft tall and is starting to show some muscle from basketball
>I'm sitting on the other couch watching the video, but I can't help but watch him going at it
>have boner from watching the girl getting railed on the video, but now im getting even harder looking at my friend hump my couch
>never noticed how cute my friend was, his facial expressions of pleasure as he worked up a sweat, his muscles contracting each time he slowly moved his hips, his butt clenching the thin fabric of his boxer briefs each time he pushed his cock between the makeshift vagina
continuation please?
>I begin fixating on his ass and cant help but think how much it reminds me of the ass of the girl in the porn now getting anal
>I trace my gaze down his back from his low cut buzz cut, across his shoulders, down his spine and stop at the dimples lying directly above his round little cheeks
>mfw same dimples as the girl in the video
>dirty thoughts enter my head but hormones say differently
>get up with boner poking through my boxers, causing a tent in my t shirt
>be me like 8 had friend over at the time
> we both camp out on trampoline
>ill show you mine if you show me yours
>touch each other fall asleep in same sleeping bag
>later a sucked a trap off hot as fuck
>now is a pan
country of origin?
I see you like to tease!
>walk over to where hes at and tell him its my turn
no way anon, I'm not done yet
>that's not what I meant
>get behind him on the couch, and place my hands on his ass
>start rubbing in circles and in between his cheeks
>he looks back with a confused and frustrated look not sure whats going on
>before he can say anything, I start rubbing his balls from behind and he lets out a loud moan
>he goes back to humping the pillow lady in sync with the video while I keep playing with his sack
>get on the couch down on my knees behind him
>I release my diamond hard dick from the restraints of the elastic in my boxers
>separate his cheeks through his briefs and start grinding between them in unison with his hips bucking into the couch
>friction hurts like fuck, but I dont care, too fixated on imitating the video
me and my brother blew eachother and even fucked a few times
usa i was in oregon at the time
>be me
can you fuck off with this redditor shit?
a few minutes later I could feel him spasm and he collapsed onto the couch
>I crawled forward and pulled his briefs down, now sitting on his ass
>I spit on my hand and start rubbing it on my dick
>continue grinding my dick between his cheeks, but now its skin on skin
>feeling is unbelievable
>cum for the first time, and end up shooting it on his back, it pools up in the divet from his dimple and I laugh
What the fuck did you do anon?!?
>that was fucking awesome
HOT!! Did you continue to play with him?
We didn't go much further than that, the occasional jack off sessions eventually became mutual though. That is however until we started working together when we were 16 several years later. We were stocking the walk-in freezer and making hard nipple jokes due to the cold. Ended up feeling each others nipples and somehow it led to me fucking him over the boxes of garlic bread. Nobody ever seemed to question the amount of time we were in there, but I just couldn't resist his amazing bubble butt and his dimples made me weak in the knees anytime I saw them.
Your Dick steered you the right way
are you together now also pics if you have them
more green text pls
nope, he grew out of it and has a gf now. I consider myself bi with a strong ass fetish. There were countless times where he would show up to my house commando in thin athletic shorts and just tease the shit out of me. He was big into wrestling and the deal was I could have him if I could pin him.

He seemed to lose everytime he took his shirt off before hand. I wonder why that was :)
ill post my full detailed story since everyone else did

>i invite my friend over
>we start hanging out like normal, started with video games
>we start talking about girls
>we get horny, i notice he starts getting a tent
>was during a weird part in my life, figuring out sexuality, etc.
>we eventually make our way to the unused laptop
>start looking up videos
>i strip to my boxers
>he does the same
>we look up ass videos, as per his request
>our dicks are out of the boxer holes now
>both uncut so we didn't need lube
>we get to a point in the video where the guy is getting a buttjob from the girl
>he has started fapping harder
>he then stops fapping all together and pauses the video
>"dude what the heck"
>he turns to me and asks me if i could do him a favor
>he asks if he could put his dick between my cheeks like in the video
>im like "dude isn't that gay"
>he says my ass is almost the same as the one in the video
>bargain out a handjob from him
>he says yes and instructs me to lay down on my stomach
>i go get some baby oil first for him to use
>i come back in he's rock hard again
>i lay down, dick rock hard from the situation and pointed towards my feet
>he straddles my ass and puts his hands on it
>i look back and he's practially drooling
>he squirts the baby oil in my crack
>he places his dick between my cheeks
>i feel his hot dick on my ass
>he starts grinding and gasping
>i get turned on by his noises and feel my dick jizz a little
>at this point its just the sound of slapping and soft panting
>he suddenly squeezes my ass around his dick
>he's moaning at this point
>i feel his hot jizz shoot onto my back and pool down by my ass
>he pulls away and sits back, still panting
>i roll over to reveal my dripping dick
>he jacks me off and i cum onto myself
>i was the only one that had to go shower after that
>buy first house at 24
>good but a bit tired, gardens need a lot of work
>spending every spare hour in the front/back yard pulling out bushes and various other small tasks
>50-something neighbour always appears at the fence to chat to me every time I'm outside
>always manages to slip in some reference to his hot tub or pool table or gym equipment
>always decline, slowly start wondering if he's trying to flirt with me or something
>always been curious about having a dick in my butt
>horny one day, accept his offer to come over and soak in hot tub
>spend about 30 minutes in the tub having a beer and chatting as he slowly inches around the outside and gets closer to me until he's close enough to start rubbing my leg with his foot
>horny, curious, inebriated - go with it
>gets me to take off my board shorts
>takes off his
>gets me to suck his dick
>cums in my mouth
>has me turn around
>fucks me in the ass
>cums on my back

>next day
>fuck wtf that was really gay last night
>end up working in the garden again anyway and neighbour eventually turns up
>looks a little guilty and just kind of blurts out that he's sorry
>shrug it off
>he says I can come over any time and goes back inside

>after a while start taking his dick at least once per day

And that was about 3 months ago.
Damn, this thread is so fucking DISGUNTING.

Kill yourselves nasty homos.
File: 1405829655347.jpg (63KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No u.
File: image.jpg (61KB, 411x381px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your a faggot
so what? its 2014. get over yourself.
Suck my shit covered Dick
File: 1401863862304.jpg (48KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking newfag
been here since 2009 actually.
>roody poo
File: 1382644269981.jpg (208KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All you fags should kill yourselves
File: 1393043541515.jpg (143KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right away, sir.
Last Year when I was 17
>Suck guys cock a few months back
>He's like 30 years older than me so kinda sucks
>Go to his house
>He eats my ass for what seems like 40 minutes
>Starts fucking me hard, ass isn't too loose so it hurts like a mother fucker
>He slows down, my cock starts getting hard as he plays with my body
>He then pumps awkwardly and just cums right there
>I quickly drive home with my dick still semi-chub
>Get sick the next day with flu, think it's some form of super aids from creampie.
I never tell people how I lost my virginity
there's really not much more to that story. we just ended up jacking eachother off that night again
Bump for more green texts
File: 1403275349866.jpg (156KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 1280x720px
>not preferring older men
I do like older men, I'd just like one who's dick isn't dying. So like someone 10-15 years older.
The hottest part about it was being fucked in front of the pictures of his daughters who were 7 years ahead of me i believe.
File: KeiraGIF1.gif (391KB, 360x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sure why not. I will post how i found out i was bi.

>be 15
>be always curious
>discover this wonderful site called "omegle"
>discover the term "bisexual" and "bi"
>RP with another guy on omegle and love it
>RP with a girl and love it
>started getting handsy with this gay kid from school
>he was 15 too and we talked for about a month
>by this time i labeled as bi and he knew it
>hanging out as his house playing a little vidya
>his parents go to the store
>start getting closer and closer
>kiss quickly followed by the most red face ive ever seen
>fuck it
>go in and start making out
>one thing leads to another and i am on top of him, both of us nude about to put it in
>no lube so saliva is what we had to use
>fuck him in the ass
>we both cum
>be 19 now and happily together.
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no it was a few times after that, as we were both spent after the adventure that night. He started coming over every day after school to watch cable porn with me before my parents came home. We eventually ditched the pillow to separate us when we masturbated and a few times we helped each other out.
File: 1385270908405.jpg (296KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please tell me that's you

Been questioning if I'm bi or not, still haven't put my dick in a man ass yet, only been with girls

Me too. I really want to take one in the ass.
First time was when I was 18
>Go to friends party
>meet guy, talk, enjoy eachother.
>point out which girls we find out.
>Eventually turns to guys we find hot
>Comes out I am curious about men
>Offers to fool around with me and I accept.
>we leave party go to park behind house
>Look around and when he feels like we wont be seen pulls me in starts making out with me
>its alright, not a fan of kissing but I feel him press his waist against
>feel his cock get hard, mine gets hard too
>undoes my pants and pulls my cock out, I do the same.
>dude is rather large, around 7 or 8 inchees very soft cock feels amazing.
>tells me to turn around
>starts rimming me.
>freaking out as I was expecting maybe jsut a blow job
>feels too good let him continue
>slipped lubed finger into me
>freaking out more but feels good so let him continue
>he finally stops, figure he has had enough so turn around to stand up...
Mine would have to be with a really femmy guy, these trap threads have spoiled me

Yeah, if I was fucking a dude I'd want a smaller one too. Cd would make it even better
>he pushes me back down and I feel something big press against my hole
>feel it pop into me as he places his other hand back on my shoulder
>pushes it all in in one go and I feel his waist against me
>let out a gasp as I wasn't expecting it, look between my legs to see his balls against mine
>he just shoved himself into me
>freaking out internally, no pain, no pleasure, just a weird feeling so not panicing enough to get him to stop
>begins pushing himself in and out of me
>weird feeling intensifies but still no pain
>start to heat up and the weird feeling starts to feel good
>start to breath harder and the good feeling is turning into pleasure
>begin matching his thrusts which causes him to go harder
>begins grabbing my ass, spanking, touching me where he likes
>moaning real loud at this point, feels too good
>starts calling me names, telling me I am a good little slut
>loving it, dripping precum all over the place
>continues for 10 more minutes
>finally does a few hard thrusts and pushing all the way into me and finally collapsing on top of me
>while he cums I reach under and jack myself off and blow load into grass
>as we recover he finally pulls himself out of me and i see he has no condom on
>instantly get turned on again knowing I took a relative strangers load in me
>go back to party and hang out like nothing happened rest of night
>go home and masturbate to what happened.
Yeah basically feel the same way, and small cock too, don't know why but the smaller ones turn me on unbelievably
File: 1400260631798.jpg (49KB, 500x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It isn't me, no.
We're all /b/i here.
File: btXEb.jpg (28KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 500x500px
>be me
>be 22
>attending university for computer science
>get invited to party
>Pretty excited. I took school really seriously, and didn't have many friends
>show up, have some beer, actually having a pretty good time
>all of a sudden
>literally the most attractive girl I've ever seen shows up in front of me
>stumble over to her
>don't say anything, but she smiles and grabs me
>pulls me on to the dancefloor
>starts dancing, grinding up against me
>hardmode engaged
>song ends, don't remember what it was
>irresistibly drawn by her
>get to a private room
>try to make conversation, but she silences me with her lips
>oh god
>darts a hand under my pants
>I take her shirt and shorts off, start to kiss her neck, work my way down to her mound
>tongue drags down from her neck, to her nipples, all the way down
>start to work on her through her underwear
>we pull apart, I'm fumbling for condom
>she gives a breathless laugh
>says the first words shes said that night
>the first words she's said to me ever
>"Fuck that's good bro"
>she takes off her underwear
>mfw post op tranny

the sex was still pretty cash
That's pretty hot

Ah man not me, I love the big ones, there's something powerful about them. Just want to get them all up in my mouth and ass.
When I read your comments, I imagine your voice being that of a cowboy. Like John from Red Dead Redemption
File: 1407401048812.jpg (64KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 640x480px
I need a good femmy bottom with your attitude, I got a 7inch cock so maybe some femboy will get all hot and bothered
File: 1391983655300.jpg (36KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 600x800px

That will get attention for sure
File: 1384491725292.jpg (535KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
535KB, 1280x960px
Hot fucking story
File: 1402634944274.jpg (48KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 640x480px
I miss my little butt slut on steam.
yeah no its not appealing with a fucking sissy faggot does it... get the fuck out of here you fucking fag
oh fuck i dont care if its straight or gay the sex on OP´s pic gotta feel so good. kinda hard for even about thinking that penetration.
Just gotta get the balls and somehow find one, ive met very few gay/bi people and even less femmy enough

Plus I'm nervous as fuck, not sure how to find one either
File: 1399788831489.jpg (45KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 800x600px
It's pretty appealing to me, faggot.
What are you gonna do about it?
>be on vacation, couchsurfing through Europe
>staying two nights with a guy in Amsterdam
>he's a nudist
>we have a bunch of drinks together and take some ecstasy
>I let him fuck me in the ass one time and I fuck him in the ass several times over the course of the next couple days
>only told one person, my female fwb back home, and she didn't care and never asked any questions about it and never brought it up again
>he was 6'6" and had a penis eight inches long and wide as a pack of cigarettes

Me too man, no idea how. I'm thinking craigslist might be the way

God that sounds good/
What the fucking fuck.
Not nearly enough detail
sage niqqa!
File: 1396326701339.jpg (749KB, 1392x1392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
749KB, 1392x1392px
Cute boy with a nice butt who used to cyber me on steam for items.
Pic not related.
I've tried just looking through it but I find it so hard to really trust anyone who uses that site. Sure I'd always wear a condom but eh
File: 1400184769536.jpg (113KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 1280x720px
Look out guys, he's saging.
ded thred is ded.
I was blew on a dog.
Had a fly on its nose or some shit
The first night I was there I was already enormously drunk and rolling face by the time we were naked on his couch watching porn together. I got a boner and he offered to suck my dick and I told him to go for it. I didn't cum but I let him do his thing and after a while he asked if I wanted to suck his. I figured why not so I blew him and did it the way I'd want to get my dick sucked and he came from that. We ended up in bed together and it wasn't too hard for me to penetrate him but it hurt like crazy when he tried to fuck me. Eventually with a lot of lube he was able to get it in and get going and I let him bang me until he came. The next day my ass was very sore and I wouldn't let him fuck me again but he still would suck my dick and have me fuck him.
Any pics?
Thred ded
The fuck is a buttjob?
Mmmmmaybe just one.

Yeah, I'd rather meet someone and gain a bit of trust or something.
Yeah that's how I feel

Don't do it dude! A gay friend of mine hooked up with a dude on Craigslist on friday and ended up getting roofied and raped. It's not worth it man, trust me.
File: 1402883328686.jpg (402KB, 1280x1003px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402KB, 1280x1003px
File: 1414024363224.png (10KB, 262x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 262x233px

Oh jesus christ
You are in a gay relation with a 50 years old faggot.
Soooooo, he got what he wanted realy?
File: 1404443004868.jpg (1MB, 3250x2287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3250x2287px
I'm jelly...

Best I ever got with anyone was mostly kissing some girls and fingered 2 a little bit, but never had sex or did anything with a dude.

Too busy with not caring in school, never really gone to parties, and played games and cards.

Wish I did more or had a bi-curious moment, got a big ass and about 5-6 incher, and been curious in getting fucked in the ass.

Just saying, enjoyed your stories!!
Could you imagine man, lnao, going somewhere thinking I'm gonna get my dick sucked, then waking up with 2 niggers spitroasting you, monkey cum everywhere, lol
File: 1396327153193.jpg (59KB, 820x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 820x820px
File: 1397845514628.jpg (39KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 300x300px
I would fuck the absolute shit out of that big femmy ass

Holy shit
If it makes you feel any better anon, I'd fuck you in the ass
>be me freshly 19 in college
>tired of being virgin
>knew I was by so figured why not try craigslist
>find a guy to fuck me within 2 days
>go to him
>chilling on the couch super nervous
>oh fuck what am I doing here
>he eventually pulls me into his lap and starts rubbing my cock
>it was already rock hard just from thinking about it
>drop down to my knees to blow him
>8 inches at least and super thick
>he eventually fucks me
>kind enough to provide lube
>didn't feel as good as I thought it would but still great
>get creampied
>lay there blissfully while he cleans up
>hear "uhhh, aren't you gonna put your clothes on?"
>look up he's already dressed looking at me like why are you still here
>awkwardly say thanks and bye
>feel like a piece of trash who will never be good enough for anyone every day since then

so yeah, big regrets. 21 now.
contrimooting my own ass

Yeah man, don't fuck with that shit, it's no joke.
Even Grindr is iffy, since it's almost only used for hookups which is good way to get an STD.
You'd be a lot better off getting the Tinder app.
And if you ever go to meet anyone, take at least one friend for protection. You don't know just how fucking many freaks there are out there until you run into one.
File: 1384544337543.jpg (105KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 1200x800px
We all would.
File: 1401400094940.jpg (164KB, 865x895px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 865x895px
>Be me
>Get on /b/
>Go on a gay thread
>Gets rock hard by reading stories, even though I'm straight
>Start questioning my sexuality
Anthony is that you?
opi safag
welcome to /b/, enjoy your stay, love
Think titjob but with a butt
Don't have car anymore, was not in good working order so scrapped today, don't trust Craigslist, and wouldn't mind going to a gay bar or gay night at a bar but too chicken and always been shy around people, submissive I guess, and by gay terms I think I might be a bear, I think, not good with thee lingo.

Do you think a non-straight guy might find that attractive?
File: nice.png (230KB, 517x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 517x316px
>last year
>pal from out of state visits me and our mutual pal
>stays at his place
>i go over there
>me n outta state preop tran but nice/hormones in the bed grabby and spoony
>friend who's bed we're actually in in a chair at the foot of the bed facing away from us watching the movie
>grind some
>'she' pulls me out of my fly
knock on the backdoor
>get in
>hormones make it hard for 'her' to get hard/get off, but still enjoys
>out pal didn't suspect a thing
>find out later she was 4-5 years younger than me
>my face when

too bad she turned out to be a bit psyco-bitch, but just after that me and my current guy got serious so it worked out
File: 1390367943117.jpg (367KB, 1280x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
367KB, 1280x850px
1st experience.

>Be 15, be super stoned for the first time.
>Me and friend laying in bed together casually like usual
>I "accidentally" poke him with my boner to see if he notices
>He slides his ass on it
>my dick is diamonds
>he reachers around, starts giving me 3/10 handjob
>he pulls his boxers down and rubs his ass on me diamond member more
>other friend comes in the room
>sees us
>were under the blankets
>"lol u fags r cuddling"
>he plays xbox
>me and my friend are 3 feet behind him dry humping the fuck out of eachother

i have a few more experiences too
>gender isnt the same thing as sex anon!
>lets use gender to confuse peoples sexuality
>suggests male vs female
fuck you
That's what happened to me

Saw a thread like this and just checked and started reading cuz I was curious

Before I knew it I was rock hard and jerked off, got scared ass fuck at first

Then realized its just a sex thing and I could only be a top (things in my ass do NOT feel good for me, tried) and couldn't be in a relationship with a trap/dude/sissy.

Still love pussy and girls wayyyyyy to much, would need a very femmy trap or dude to be able to get pleasure from it
File: image.jpg (108KB, 500x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 500x700px
Stating the current year is a terrible argument no matter what the context or argument. Makes your whole side look dumber
Anyone can get on Encyclopedia Dramatica and look up old memes, try harder faggot.
Amen, fucking homos deserve death
>preferring men at all
Your parents must be real proud. Your Dad actually believed in you once, way to go champ he regrets having you literally every day when you two are in person it probably takes every ounce of willpower to not hit you, start crying, and/or tell you to your face how much he hates you
Jesus what a beta you are, you go and ruin your life and for what? You got to jerk yourself off later while some faggot fucked your ass and permanently reduced you to bitch status. Have you actually started to enjoy getting ass fucked or do you still just do it because you're scared to refuse/know that's the only sexual contact people are willing to have with you?
thanks love
File: 1409187141125.gif (1MB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x200px
>one time

you mean just today?
oh god this reminds me, i need to go make a CL horror story thread.
Dude, CL is a hook up, Not a dating site. You're not going to find romantic souls there. What state are you in?
Why not? That sounded fun

i got a femalefriend who found her currant husband poking around for romance on CL. last i talked to her they were seeing a doctor because she was having trouble getting pregnant.
We go for about 7 months pretending none of this happened.

Then suddenly
>be spending the night at his house again
>cuddling in his bed
>rubs his ass on my diamond
>i pretend not to notice
>"come on, i know you want to" he says
>diamond is harder than diamonds
>pull out bottle of lotion he uses to jack it with
>lube up his asshole
>slide it it
>shit feels so good
>i cum after like 5 minutes
TN. The word romance never crossed my mind I guess I just expected more.
File: 1411785586616.jpg (8KB, 238x212px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 238x212px
Can't you find him in your yearbook and then find him on Facebook?
File: 1413936616218.gif (2MB, 250x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 250x300px
If he looks like a female painted nails doesn't look masculine by too much I'll hop on it
Probably because he's had so many stds he's sterile. Exception, not the rule.
A week later

>decide he should fuck me now
>everything goes the same way as the last time
>he slides his dick inside me
(probably the most painful thing i felt ever)
>pain goes away, all i can feel is his dick in me
>can feel his balls swinging back and fourth hitting my taint with each thrust
>best feeling ive ever had
>ended up having a prostate orgasm
It's a shame you aren't closer to me, in DE the state, not fucking germany. I'm a mostly straight older dude, haven't done anything bi in probably 20 years. I'd make you feel much better about yourself.
I'd let you fuck my ass yo
last one
Fucking a trap in chastity, fuck that's the dream
Aw, that's it? Alright, these stories work better when someone posts pics!
He has a hot tub though.
Prostate orgasms turn me the fuck on, just the fact you're Cummings from getting ass fucked

Fuck I'm hard now
my butt got too /fit/ to be feminine
Yeah I really need some more good stories so I can cum
sorry, love, there doesn't seem to be too much interest
ITT: A bunch of disgusting cock-guzzling faggots
Those are nice lips, would love to see them wraped around my shaft
>be about a year ago
>put an ad up on craigslist
>put ads up before, but never found anyone I wanted to fuck me
>one guy answers back that seems like a good match
>he comes over
>expect to just blow him, not ready for full on buttfucking yet
>after a few minutes, he flips me over and grids his cock against me
>legitimately felt like one of those anime girls that say stuff like "there's no way I should be this turned on"
>ask if he has a condom
>proceeds to ram me good and hard
>hurts at first, but the pain fades away a lot more quickly than I expected
>nearly fucks me into the bed
>came really hard
>i've pretty much been his fuckbuddy ever since
At least got a dick pic or a spread cheeks pic?
I know, isn't it awesome
Got any hands free orgasm stories, I love that shit
You bet you ass I'm cock guzzler. So good.
Oh, quick question, has anyone ever gotten on all fours and had a guy behind them like doggystyle, but instead on rubbing on ass, rub their dick on the underside of your dick?

Been curious how this would feel, something kinda want to try
Another thing I want to try, rubbing cocks together, I hope someone's got a good story about that
I'm sure you would, babe

maybe, if the thread picks up
Kek good one m80 2/10 made me reply troll harder fag. Everyone knows the 99% of gays that just choose to do it are either drug addicts that do it for dope/money, attention seeking special snowflakes, or just whores that just want an orgasm no matter what it takes. The 1% that don't choose it and are just mentally ill usually end up as one or more of the above anyway tho
>over time, its apparent he likes to change positions a lot
>like the mad hatter
>fine by me
>eventually get comfortable doing it face to face
>he likes pushing my legs up onto his shoulders
>turns out that feels amazing
>keeps driving his cock into my prostate
>literally can't hold back an orgasm
>he keeps pounding
>i go from flaccid to hard to cumming again within a minute
>have to ask him to go back to doggy style cause it feels like i'm going to burst a blood vessel or something
We have a map for that.
I want to see your eyes booooo.
What's your skincare routine, bro?
Would love to see you bent over with your cock and balls tucked back, hot stuff, or a full body shot
>about 2 months ago
>I've been always curious but a little repressed, always used to think about me as straight
>find out that when I'm horny sometimes I start to crave dicks
>think "maybe I'm bi"
>I tried once to get hooked up with a guy over craigslist, He was damn hot but I was so nervous I almos puked when I went in his house
>leave said house feeling pretty bad
>try again some days later, found a sissy ass boy, decent looking.
>went to his house, now I was gonna be the active, boner don't fail me now.
>sissy boy opened the door wearing only a towel, "ohhgodwhatimIdoing.gif"
>he was alone so we go to his room, he tells me, "sooo, what do you wanna do?"
>retardedresponse.exe -- "uhhh lets chill for a moment"
>he gets near me, cuddles with me, I was about to leave because I felt unconfortable, he then gets his hand in my junk, it begins
>he starts to kiss me in my chest, I was like meehh, dont really mind, but then, ohhh good lord...
>starts sucking my jimmies, my woman doesn't really like to give me bj and when she does she hurts me with her teeth, sissy boy doesn't
he starts doing deepthroat, the inside of his mouth was so soft, grabbed him from his hair and start pumping, I was diamonds right then, he took my 7" like a trooper.
>I couldn't take it anymore and came with the force of a thousand suns, he takes it all in his mouth, swallows showing me his tongue proving he did a good job.
shit was so cash
I still wanna try being below for once, looks so much fun
Anyone got some really good webm's of prostate orgasms?
File: edgelordfaggot.jpg (67KB, 305x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 305x269px
and your point is?
Doo it, got more peeple who want to see!!
Fuck man, I wish. that shit is hot as hell.
I love it
>had thoughts about sucking dick, getting sucked by a guy
>go to craigslist
>find a post about a guy that's into blowing young guys
>bit older but slim like a twin
>meet at a dark park
>think I'm getting a knife stabbed in my head
>see guy
>he says hi and immediately drops to his knees and undoes my pants
>soft cause my first time, nervous, outside.
>start relaxing and enjoying get diamonds
>after 15 minutes of the warmest most moist tongue lick my balls I start to get close
>says he wants my teen load all over his chest
>nut a massive load all over his smooth chest
>he starts rubbing it on himself and licking it
>all I could think of was "it puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again"
>chuckle to myself
>asks if I can go again
>fuck him in the ass and blow in him
>he squats and pushes my load on his hand and eats it

26 now and still fuck him here and there.
Nice, not sure which I'd rather be, both sounded good
literally don't touch my face. your face's natural oils won't ruin you if you just don't get dirty, skin conditions notwithstanding
I might be able to do that
I would agree. I kinda wish I didn't live in a small homophobic town. It's really hard to find femmy dudes that are actually or even willing to just have fun.
Actually out*
Yeah I feel for you, I just want to fuck around once in a great while when I'm randomly in the mood, no strings
not a cock but content nonetheless
Your ass is ridiculous dude. If I didn't know I'd guess you were a chick.
I would pound you so hard you'd see stars
Small town here too, this girl I babysit for thought I should have been gay, cuz this guy from our school had last name of Sweet, and with mine we would have been SweetHart
File: 1406697815651.jpg (84KB, 960x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 960x686px
Reading this right before me and my boyfriend light some candles and make love. Stop being a faggot anon, kill yourself.
Lol, perceptive kid.
My point? Did you read my post or are you really that dense?
My point was to call out that anon and to point out for the rest that the idea of romance in a queer relationship is either a joke or sad delusion. Whores and one night stands have no romantic dimension, same as homosex. Same idea. Romance is for people generally interested in each other both sexually and personally. How that possibly be experienced by fags? Gay sex is motivated by a lot of things, but never romance. There are some who actually believe that they are experience genuine and mutual romance in their queer escapades, and those are the ones too sad to make fun of and the ones that actually deserve help. Their self-esteem/life stability/mental health is so shitty that they actually cling on to the romance aspect for validity/hope/stability and those are the "good ones," the ones that aren't evil at all but just plain broken people like a battered wife or something, they deserve help, not ostracization and beatings like the rest of you fags. I imagine 4chan has a lot of these types given it's nature
File: 1407896750360.gif (2MB, 350x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 350x266px
you're dense and wrong. Go lose some weight and shave that neckbeard of yours, maybe you'll find out what love is one day.
if you were willing to bend your view, I could be your chick
this guy lives under a rock it seems, I bet 3 dollah he is a gay in denial shouting out excuses to his repressed side
Jesus you are one thick bastard aren't you. Go preach on a tractor,
No bending needed, I'd bang as is.
Bumping because of the hard on this thread is giving me.
Kik/LINE anyone?
File: 1405577666870.jpg (30KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 320x320px
I bet some girl rejected him and he just barely managed to stop himself from shooting up the middle school, and turned that rage into pure homophobia and idiocy.
Promise, I'd treat you like the new chick in town and show you what a real man can do.

Definitely wanna see your cum
The harder you try, the more you know deep down it's all a sham. Do the candles help you push away the shameful thoughts until you reach orgasm, or are they there to hold back the years after the orgasm, or (probably for you) are you so far gone that you generally believe what you're doing is natural and that you and your "boyfriend" aren't just using the fuck out of each other for your own sad needs that you can't handle/satisfy/solve like normal people?
You could be boy or girl for me, long as I get something in my ass too

Why would there even be shame in the first place? We go on dates, live together, and just sometimes have sex, if we're feeling into it. Super sweet guy, makes me very happy. Sex is nothing in a relationship, love is what holds it together.
I think when I was 8 or 9 a would suck off a friend of mine and ge would suck me off. We would hide in the closet (ironically) amd make out never talked about it with him or anyone since, 21 now. Find myself bi-curious and half tempted to get drunk with him and see if I csn bring it up and maybe have some fun like old time sake
Also, I'm not sad at all. I love my job, I have tons of friends, and I love my life, nothing I would ever change. Im probably the happiest person on this website, really.
Because this guy is twisted fuck and there is clearly no swaying his bigoted ways.
File: omegle-ht32.png (114KB, 313x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 313x333px
I've ordered this one around online and I don't normally like guys
File: image.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x1936px
I see I struck a bunch of nerves here, if you really thought I was so full of shit you wouldn't have relied
6'3 190 lb 22 year old software engineer about to propose to my girlfriend of 4 years (dating all through my undergrad) as soon as I get the promotion to assistant oroject manager (probably in 3 months, when we wrap up our current project for the DoD). Oh, also going for y masters in mathematics in the spring, boss says that's the priority and don't worry about work, school first then business. Doesn't matter when you're on salary, something you will never have the luxury of enjoying. So nice try but all you fags that disagree with me be jealous and know that all your shitty comebacks are invalid and that you chose the shitty life you now have. Buncha betas and bitches. A few of you will actually learn from what I've been saying in this thread and eventually will benefit from it and that's why I'm here, to help the willing and instill doubt and shame in the test. You fags all know I'm right but admitting it would cause you major internal conflict.
>talks about "normal people"
>mother fucker is a "straight male" with rustled jimmies on a gay 4 Chan thread trying to shame the gays into being hetero.

Oh, anon, you're not normal either, and you'll never be happy. Happiness isn't found on a 4chan thread reading gay porn.
Ive really upset you havent I? also, youd be better off if you actually got in shape.
>post in shirtless pic on gay thread
Gr8 b8 m8

You should get checked out for gynecomastia, though.
I just explained I'm here to help anons that still have hope. Shame is a very good thing, it serves to punish us for our indiscretions when we seemingly "get away" with them. I imagine a lot of anons here have felt shame from reading my posts and seeing the parallels in their own lives, and that's a good thing. Those anons will one day be healthy, happy people too.>>575381575
Never had sex with a guy but I've had a couple times where I've browsed CL for a hookup. Never went through with it though. Just once I'd love to get fucked in the ass or find a young little twink/fem to fuck.

Also, anyone have any tips for reaching a prostate orgasm? I've tried but never managed to reach it
ita okay babe, we know why you're here. just slide on in, I'm sure you'll fit nice. girls around there don't have asses like this, do they?
File: image.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x1936px
Let's see your pics fatass. Too busy working 50 hour weeks to keep going to gym, party too hard on weekends to go then. When I worked construction in high school (forgot to mention I'm bilingual, took a Spanish class every semester in high school including 2 at local community college and one online) with a Mexican crew I was in a lot better shape. Never the ripped 6 pack type but I was in better shape. Perfectly willing to admit my own flaws over here, mature enough to know I'm not perfect and that it's not the end of the world, unlike a lot of you. Again, there's def some good people in here but I'm mainly talking shit to the ones like y'all and trying to help the rest.
>oh yeah, got a pretty nice 6x5 in penis as well
Pleas go back to singing the potato chip song, and jacking off to your forbidden fantasies involving cocks and rocks.

Just hope your pic has no GPS data embedded and your shirtless in nu ndo doesn't get back to your fiance, cause it's gonna be awkward explaining your posts and continued involvement with gay threads on 4 Chan.

Good luck on your lif e
>keeping nude pics on yourself on your computer
>Posting them online due to insecurity

I'm 6'4, 175 lbs, burned off all the body fat possible because in high school I began caring about my body.

>community college

you're mad <3
Also how would one find a twink to mes around with in the STL area idk if I want to try cragslist
jeeesssuuuuusss +1
Shame is bullshit. Sounds like you're drinking the kool aid. You will never know how awesome it feels to dump a load in a femboi and then wear that fuck juice around your dick when you go home and tell your wife you love her and kiss your kids goodnight.
File: image.jpg (141KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 640x960px
No exif data on 4chan pics retard
Just took the shirtless one now faggot to disprove the butthurt anons
>read the post
Community college during high school dumbass, I did my undergrad at Clemson University. Good for you on getting in shape though /b/ro I wish I had the time but good on ya for losing the weight, shows discipline
And this,
>bicurri causes
>bi-curious causes eternal faggotry
Even 4chan's captcha algorithm knows on right kek

Gonna get nosebleeds again.
everybody here thinks you're retarded brah, go somewhere else with your catholic bullshit
The babe is giving me shit for being on my computer, so i'll at least leave you with this. Why care? It's easier just to live your life and be fine with people living their own lives. Otherwise you look like a smug douchebag who thinks he's better than everybody else, especially when everybody around you is in mutual agreement that you're wrong. You become just like that kid back in high school that everybody just avoided talking to because he's annoying and confrontational. Just mind your own business if you arent going to change your opinions.
I had to stop talking to a friend cause he started being overtly confrontational. Guy turned into a total douche and there's just no talking to him. He thinks everyone one of his statements is undeniable fact.
Very good anon! 8 years of parochial school definitely gave me the edge to succeed so much in high school and college. Gf is in RCIA to convert by the time we get married.
You guys start giving me some valid arguments and I will admit when I'm wrong and you're right, I really will.
But I think a few anons here will remember what I've said and maybe think on it and that fleeting doubt and shame will (in a minute degree) contribute to their eventually rehabilitation.
Open to honest and rational debate here guys, I WILL acknowledge when I'm wrong and you're right. Who knows, a smart anon might teach me a thing or teo
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