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As requested, it's crazy family stories that scarred you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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As requested, it's crazy family stories that scarred you for life!

>greentext edition
>be me 6 years old
>mom says she's getting married
>flower girl is my job
>get drunk under the table on accident
Were you ever raped op?
indeedelie doo.
but i'm not bitchy about it.
it happened. its over.
lurking for stories
don't know how to green text but here's one of mine:

be 5 years old
walk in kitchen
dad on floor with blood all over his chest
mom standing over him with bloody knife
scream, cry, piss.

Turned out it was just ketchup, and they were joking, but fuck...I was five years old
>crawl out from under the table
>puke all over dress
>blackout on the floor
>wake up two days later covered in bruises
>cant move body
>doctor tells me i've been hit by a car

>go home weeks later
>find out from friend of moms
>overhearing conversation
>"i can't believe you beat her in front of all those people."
>"she doesn't even remember it. it was MY wedding. MINE."
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>doesn't know how to greentext
The newfag is strong in this one, thought summer was fuckin over already
>don't know how to green text
Really? Really? Now really? Don't you notice patterns?
It seems that particular event has damaged your brain for life.

be 8, and feeling bratty
tell mom I hate it here and gonna run away
mfw she packed a suitcase and dragged me out of the house.
Put me out on the side of highway 40, Kingsland GA
So many tears.
>visiting biological dad
>wonder why mom hasn't called
>call neighbor while dad isn't around
>says mom was in a house fire
>commence crying
>tell dad
>dad says she was burning because she was bad

>week goes by
>dad puts me on airplane to arizona
>i end up in atlanta
>mom picks me up there
>"you're alive!"
>"honey, we have to change your name. what name do you like?"
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Wow, your mom is fucked! Gotta have a showed op. Keep going, I'm lurking.
Lol yep. I've lurked for years but just recently got me one of them fancy smart phones and started posting from work.

In the words of the descendants, it must be pretty cool to be you
>"okay. you're name is grace"
>living in a strange old house at the end of a road
>miles out of town
>mom introduces a large man to me
>let's call him Jay
>Jay is an ex vietnam sniper
>carries a .45 on under his pit
>has a southern accent and calls me
I don't really care that much lol. It's hard enough entering these dumb ass captchas
...For the love of god, I am sure your "fancy smart phones" can use google, yeah?
Enlightenment is but one search away, my friend
it might, I don't know. is Google a place or a browser?
or an app? I'm really liking apps
Nah it is a widget, looks like a green crocodile
>one night mom is making spaghetti
>she hasn't been the same since the fire
>she gets this glazed look in her eyes
>asks me "Hey anon, wanna have a food fight?"
>i shake my head and go back to homework
>she laughs this laugh i'll never forget
>sticks her hands in the boiling pot
>rubs the noodles all over her face
>throws the hot pot at me
>flings noodles at my face
>i run to find Jay
>he's walking home from the corner store
>drops the bag and dashed towards me
>picks me up
>puts me down near the truck
>says "stay here sweetheart"
>commence terror
Was your mom possessed by Satan himself?
>i walk inside just in time to hear
>"god damn it, Jac. The hell is wrong with you? put that knife down before your daughter has to come in here to find where i blasted off your hand. whats the matter with you! snap out of it"
lurking, OP
>pic definitely fucking related
>there's a struggle
>mom is silent
>no sound in the skirmish
>Jay is grunting and all of the sudden
>there's a clink
>mom tells Jay to get off of her
>he sits on her until she calms down
>after awhile i walk in
>mom is crying
>scooping up food with her hands
>looks so pathetic
>my heart sinks and i kneel to help her
>"Anon, i need a shower. you want mommy to wash your hair?"
>i nod
>we get in the shower and she hugs me
>"i'll never scare you like that i again, i promise"
>it was a lie

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This is not you're story
yes, based OP
>a year goes by
>in this time Jay teaches me how to throw daggers, shoot a rifle, hunt, skin, and cook
>teaches me to track animals, sounds, and even remain undetected
>one day i decide to call him dad
>we're at the dinner table
>mom serves me first
>the last thing i remember seeing is Jay's face looking concerned
>i'm tired
>so tired

>theres the sound of an engine
>im rocking
>floating sort of
>someone asks me if i want water
>i drink it in gulps
can we get a pic of you to? or of the noodles
>when i can remember again i'm in the desert
>an apartment complex
>i walk outside with numb legs
>greet a hot sun
>look around to see cactus and a barren sky
>no trees
>wander into the living room
>everything is quiet
>find mail on the desk
>addressed to mom
>555 Apartment 234 Tucson, Arizona
Hurry up faggot, Im about to cum...
>start to panic
>look for Jay
>scream for Jay
>just then the front door opens
>its mom with groceries
>shes chipper
>asks what i want for dinner
>i ask her where we are
>she says "arizona, dear."
>condescending like i'm supposed to have known
>i ask her where Jay is
>she says he had to leave
>"where did he go?"
>"who knows? we don't need his services anymore. probably followed the money."
>i feel the pit of my chest sink into my spine
>i loved him
>he was dad
>why did he leave?
>why were we here?
>was it me? did i make him leave?
>what did I do...
>probably followed the money."
I came
Hold on for fucking second, wasn't there a thread earliet about some faggot talking about how his bodyguard became like a dad for him/her and then after mom took OP from him away, OP found bodyguard only to find out he had cancer? (Pic was provided with a book OP has written)
>be me 15 years old now
>learned to fight and hold my own as a white girl in southern arizona
>it's my birthday, i'm skipping school
>go to check the mail
>see unmarked letter addressed to me
>open it, expecting money

>"Hey, midget. Found you. Hope you enjoy your birthday. if you ever want to talk, call me."
>$500 in wrinkly bills stuffed in every inch of the card

>step away from it
>balling with tears
yeah, that's me. i was told to explain my story.
>call the number before mom gets off her shift
>hear his voice
>ask why he went away

>"your mom thought we were getting too close. her ex husband found out where you were and she didn't want you to trust me entirely. she drugged you that night, and i knew about it. it's eaten me up since then that I let you go. I've missed you."
Keeping it alive
>that night mom comes home with a cake
>i tell her i got a letter from Jay
>she explodes on me
>says i'm betraying her by speaking to him
>opens the cake and throws it everywhere
>smears it in my face
>tells me he left because of me
>because i gave away our hiding spot by letting my friends know my real name
>tells me Jay couldn't handle me
Yeah made a new thread faggot pay attention
Does anyone here have Skype? I'd like to go in to detail for the rest of this story and I'm afraid of the mega 404.
my skype name is i460ad.
we can start a large group or one on one and i can share the whole thing.
you guys are the only people to know.
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come on, finish it here. you can do it!
Give me an email?
we're a long way from auto sage - how much more is there?
I've heard this story before a year or 2 ago
>She kicks me out of the house
>i go to my friend Sean
>he lets me sleep in his van

>wake up to odd sound
>look up
>see seans face
>"just be quiet. im not going to hurt you."
>i keep my mouth shut
>"what are you doing Sean?"
>"I want to fuck you."
>Sean is 22
>i'm 15
>does not compute
>do not want

>slides off my pants
>i know better than to struggle
>presses on my clit with the head of his dick
>im scared as fuck
>pushes in
>excruciating pain
>"Sean, please stop. Please."
>he ignores me and thrusts

>after about 10 minutes he cums on my thighs and leave me in the van
>i lie there for a couple of hours, not wanting to move
>2 months later
>homeless and dropped out of school
>decide it's time to get home
>see mom leaving for work
>she looks at me like "i knew you'd come back."
>hands me the house key
>tells me to have the dishes done before she gets home
>i let myself in
>room is just the same as it was
>everything is pristine
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>i do the dishes
>wash my body
>change clothes
>use the computer to file for a GED
>make myself a warm meal
>watch tv
>and look at the phone

>in 2 months i didn't call Jay
>didn't ask him for help
>i could have
>at any moment
>what stopped me?

>family finds out uncle raped/molested his own daughter for years
> other brothers beat the shit out of him
>police send him to jail. He is murderd in jail as child molester
> family says good riddance
> cause of this aunt becomes an alcoholic and resents her daughter
> bad relationship
> cousin becomes a drugged out whore
> in and out of rehab, has a deformed baby
> first husband does of a heroin overdose

Some time later
>sister tells me she fucked dad in high school after they found out about uncle rapist

Yep that's pretty fucked up
>1 month later
>mom tells me since i have my GED i need to apply to college
>its been tough living with her again
>she says she met a guy on eharmony
>he lives in Key West
>wants to marry him
>she wants me to go there first to investigate him
>make sure he's not a axe murderer
>fine fuck you

>fly to KW
>proceed to watch Forrest Griffin's bloodiest UFC title fight during hurricane Katrina
This is where the story gets hard to follow. There's drugs, sex, rage, fist fights and more of my mother being a crazy fucktard....
continue, this is a worthy read.
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Relevant to my interests
>new step dad's name is Kevin
>we're going to call him Kevin
>he's a great chef but works as a consultant for a major development company in apartments and such
>makes tons of money
>spends it all on me
>living in a 2mil dollar condo
>i decide that even though I have a GED i want to pretend I dont and live that last bit of HS
>school is right next to a beach
>so many beautiful ladies
>decide to fuck my way through my graduating class of A+ sluts looking to "explore their sexuality".
>meet a girl named Kayla
>Kayla is cheerleader
>gets me addicted to oxy

>so many nights fucked up on oxy
>one night before all hell broke loose
>we're drunk and high
>i cant tell if i' hungry or horney
>i bend her over on the bed
>pull me corn dogs out of the microwave
>grab mustard
>fuck her in the ass with a strap on while i squirt mustard on her lower back and dip my corndog in it to eat
>be me
>few years back about 15
>parents been divorced since 4 live with dad
>mom pissed off again
>she calls me telling me shes gonna kill herself
>shes coming to my house to kill me my dad and gf
>she has an assault rifle
>doesnt come to me only tries to kill herself
>get call form grandma saying she took abunch of pills and ran into the ocean
>shes at mental institution for a while
i got alot of storiesabout her being crazy to tired to make greentext exciting tho
>somehow family doesn't notice i've been banging chicks
>i don't look like a faggot
>so it guess it's not obvious

>mom and kevin want to move to missouri
>end of the school year
>i tell kayla i won't miss her
>she slaps me
>we fuck in my car before i drive 20 hours
>worst choice i ever made
>post orgasm driving should be DUI
>my god
Forrest Griffin didn't fight in August 05. Was it a rerun?
I should mention that about this time, I started writing a bunch.

>Get to missouri
>huge house
>take the largest one downstairs away from everyone

>i realise a little too late that when Kevin is drunk, he's violent.
>mom is never around
>Kevin comes down stairs one night and just stares at me
>i ask him what's up
>he gets lit and starts tossing my shit
>barely shove him
>he falls on his ass
>gets up and starts pointing at me
>"you lazy worthless cunt! nobody love you. youre a piece of shit!"
Finally, a thread that fits me

>be 10
>come home, mom has her new bf over
>its a fucking creep, and an asshole, never gave a fuck about me or my siblings and only wants to f my mom
>having an argument with my mom
>he gets involved and tells me i should go to bed
>i dont have to take this shit
>they kick me out the house and lock the door
>kick the door in, fail but break glass
>take my bike and go over to my father
>he aint home
>climb fence to the backyard, no keys under the math
>wait outside for hours
>eventually see lights go on, he has new gf over
>sleep on the concrete floor to the gentle sound of my dad getting laid and assuring his girl that i dont hear a thing

another one, i eventually lived with my father for awhile
>he has to go to one of his girlfriendswhile i stay home, he has to leave but hes expecting people to buy some computers and stuff so instead i got to make the deal
>if anything goes wrong son, theres a harpoon gun under my bed and you can always call me
>2 dudes show up, came accros country to buy this stuff
>it did not match their expectations
>i should call my father about this
>he doesnt pick up the phone
>luckily, they just decide to leave even though they got screwed
>dad shows up the next day
>"i cant pick up when im with my women, what if they find out im cheating"
>t-thanks dad

life wasnt boring when i lived with them. if anyone cares, i got more stories but i guess youre all just here for the wincest
that is entirely correct. both been in passenger seat with afterglow driver, and driving after sex, looked drunk to people. man...
>all the names he could think of
>and for some reason
>this makes me cry my eyes out

>start drinking about 1 handle of jack a night
>lose so much weight i look ugly
>mom is working so much which is typical
>kevin never apologizes
>turns out mom was there the whole time
>didn't want to "interrupt him" because he was "just a little mad you didn't do the laundry"
>start to fall down a small spiral of sex, oxy, ex's, and writing
bump for interest. You're gonna finish this fucking story here OP
>be me
>parents split up and divorce
>staying over mother's for the weekend
>mother has a new boyfriend
>meet my new step father
>mother goes out for wine
>step father waits for her to leave and locks the door
>starts shutting the curtains
>I turn around from the sofa and notice
>he looks at me and licks his lips
>I detach my spinal column from the base of my skull
>engage upper jaw rotation
>gust a molecular shift of 5 star quality towards stepfather's torso
>begin to devour his soul as my twisted, translucent body thrusts a level ten tide into his bloodstream, our souls now as one we masturbate our new lifeform together
>date this asian girl named Amy
>we date for 5 years
>episodes of mom wain here, largely due to the fact i didn't speak to her

i should explain

>in 2007 i was in a car crash that rendered me unable to speak, walk, or computer simple things
>amy was the girl i was fucking at the time
>told me that we were together
>the lawsuit from the crash nets me 105k
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>mom takes all of this money by drugging me and gambling it off at the casinos
>never knew what i had anyway
>date amy for 5 years

.....that's it's own story. anyway, let me wrap this up....
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bump for interest
>wanted to be a professional wrestler my entire life
>get to 14
>tell my mum I'm joining a wrestling school
>always tells me she'll love me no matter what
>hear her calling me a massive faggot to my brother, auntie and grandmum
>they all piss themselves laughing
>realise they've been doing this for years
>give up my dream
>rarely socialise with my family except younger brother who liked wrestling
>I'm studying to be a lawyer now
>still regret giving up
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>be 8ish
>dirty room
>lose pair of pants
>tell my mom
>she beats the shit out of me
>dont even know why, for losing a pair of fucking pants?
as i grew older i found out she had adhd/bipolar

>on a 2 hour road trip with my aunt / mom
>live in Northern Cali, coming from Sac going to San Francisco
>as we pass Dixon, I say something like 'Hey look it's dicks... In.."
>mom flicks my lip
>lip starts bleeding

Those 2 moments will be forever imbedded in my psyche, but again. I hold no grudges against her.
still hold no grudges against her.
Fuck. Off. Respect the story bro...
>the moment u dont know if new or troll
either way gtfo
This is a gr8 story m8. Don't want to make her stop
>hadn't talked to Jay in a long time
>reconnect with him in Missouri
>sitting at his table one night
>we're talking about movies and my book that came out in december
>he wants a copy
>i tell him i'll get him one in a few months when the new batch comes in
>he gets that concerned look in his face

>"I don't have those months, baby. I have cancer. I've had it for a few months now. I've got 2 months left, now. I refused chemo after the first round."
>why? why? WHAT.
>"Can you get it sooner?"
File: 1407261552052.jpg (125KB, 1338x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you shitty idiot have no idea when to say tits or gtfo.
File: 0812141918.jpg (3MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Yeah, of course Jay....
>"thanks baby girl. I was hopin' to walk you down the aisle one day. but i think i'd rather die with one of your crazy stories in my head."
>I...love you, Jay.
>"Nah, baby. Call me Dad. :)"
i searched this image, didnt found it, thanks

read this, newfags
Can someone screen cap this? Plox?
op, i really need to say, im sorry for you, cant imagine what you were going through
working on it, only getting the story
No problem /b/ro. Had saved it somewhere
Great Story OP. Worth the wait. No 404, see?
File: 0827141732.jpg (2MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's no thing. Thank you, though.
here he is with my book.
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You went full bullshit right about here. I didn't believe it from the start but next time try not to give it away so badly.
Post it when you finish
look at those pics, op did prove it, see jays tattoo?
reverse image search didnt find anything
Yeah, you got me. :) Thanks for listening.
Summer never ends on the internet, Anon.
Your amazing.
I'm being told I should write a biography. Ha.
File: vick.jpg (24KB, 300x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mfw OP is making this bullshit story up to sell her fucking book
File: 1254191359694.gif (154KB, 423x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 423x316px
Allways here to listen to some interesting story. Now go and make your "Dad" proud, midget.
man i wanna give you a hug coz its either story's real and i feel sad for you or its just to endorse your book in which case i still feel sad for you
File: 1408115103762.jpg (94KB, 1080x1776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MFW it's true and you're too narrow minded to want to believe someone is emotionally stronger than you.
bumping to keep alive, half done with screencpa
Awesome /b/ro
wait, what happened to amy?
That's a whole notha' story. :)
bumping till screencap posted.
OP is this you?
Shit, hadn't seen it.
Sorry OP, you're a cool guy (girl)
How does that make any sense? I'm simply saying this is bullshit and you're dropping product placement in here so everyone will know about your fucking book. Also,
>Learn to greentext newfag

YOu cant just leave me hanging like that
That was my old haircut, yeah.
>another story to the tale
Go on then spit it
How old are you now, Opie?
Not like I care about your book. I'm gonna be honest with you since you were honest by telling us this is some kind of advertisement for your book. I come on /b/ to read some funny/sad stories. I don't really care for something else. Other people have stories too. I hope you understand this.

inb4 shitstorm
You can join my skype group chat?
>learn to greentext newfag
>entire thread is greentext
2/10 made me reply
File: meow on that tree.jpg (806KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
meow on that tree.jpg
806KB, 1920x1080px
shit was cash
File: image.jpg (58KB, 500x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll buy the last copy left on Amazon if you time stamp
Finish op
I'm 24.
Should I do an interview on skype? I think that would be neat! to talk to people.
I suppose I blanked on that, not my proudest moment, but be that as it may this is just some shitty attempt to advert he book
holy fuck,girl...
the biggest bad ass i have ever found over the internet or the best storyteller...i don't care...
and you got the looks too...fuck this...
i wish i was a girl so you could dip your corndog on my back
almighty quads. let me get a pen and paper. what day is it?
oh god
and I thought I had a terrible childhood
I hope you're doing well today OP
some crazy shit you have written here
>well at least as fwell as a 4chan user can be
Gonna say OP's skype is legit. Just added her
and shit now im crying
trying to upload image...
How's that screecap coming?
File: storyoftheday.png (835KB, 1366x7087px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
835KB, 1366x7087px

got it done! not the best cap, but it gets the story down. i stopped after the story did
I had to send it to myself on Facebook......fucking....god i'm retarded...
the few times op is legit
i cri
Holy Fucking Shit

If this shit is true I really wish you all luck for your future and would advice you going in psychotherapie
it's not that bad and it will definitely help
True /b/ro! Thanks anon
Are you gonna do a skype interview? I actually wanna ask you about your favourite authors

its what i do to apologise for all the other idiots my age on this site
Thank you for this, OP.
Anon I love you. Also you're beautiful.
>around 6 or 7, maybe younger
>Tell parents I wanna run away for some stupid shit
>They put me in car and drive 45mins up local mountain peak
>Pitch black outside of car
>Set me out and tells me to run
>Drives off
>10mins later comes back
you are definitly top 5 OP's of the last 3 years.
>be 19 years old
>always thought there was something strange about my uncle
>he always seemed aloof and secretive
>didnt really fit in with the rest of the family
>get told one christmas by my grandmother he was a heroin addict for nearly 12 years
>it almost killed him a few times
>by this point hes clean nearly 20 years
>hes never been quite the same though
>Can tell hes not a habitual user if at all

>around 5 months later
>uncle has broken up with his psycho girlfriend
>he hates her but they have 3 kids so hes trying to make it work
>she is after money and thats it
>hes been staying in a hotel for 3 weeks at this point
>i get asked to go pick him up and take him to his new place
>in nice area and shit so im happy for him
>he hasnt seen his kids though
>girlfriend went to cops saying he was violent and threatened her with murder
>they insta-banned him from visitation pending an investigation
>know hes real cut up about it
>arrive at hotel
>explain to receptionist why im there
>without pressing me any further she tells me his room number and shit
>find it weird she doesnt ask me for ID or some shit
>go to his room
>knock on door
>no fucking answer
>try again
>must be out
>go to mcdonalds across the street
>decide to sit in there and watch for him coming back
>nearly 2 hours pass and nothing
>isnt answering his phone
>go back to hotel
>Explain to receptionist whats going on
>She offers to let me into his room
>this time asks me for ID to be left behind the desk
>takes me to room
>just inserts the keycard to open the door and walks away without opening it
>walk into room
>curtains are closed
>room smells like absolute shit
>can barely see anything

fucken greentext newfags
toxic trash
>flick on the light
>theres clothes and garbage everywhere
>cant see carpet for just shit lying everywhere
>notice blood spatters on sheets and shit
>cant see him lying anywhere
>check bathroom
>uncle is slumped against wall
>sitting on floor
>has obviously shot up
>vomitted all over himself
>try to rouse him
>yell for help and dial for ambulance
>paramedics show up and cart uncle off
>Tell me hes OD'd but will be okay
>cant get in to see him for the rest of the day
>police are quizzing him about drugs and shit
>hes obviously dealt with it before and tells them nothing

>few months later he goes to court over visitation of kids
>hasnt shot up or anything since
>turns out the hotel room incident was literally a one off
>first time hed shot up in decades and hed overdone it
>ex girlfriend uses his abusing in the past against him
>20 years ago, his oldest kid is 6 so hes been clean their whole life and more
>she then brings up the hotel incident
>no idea how she found out about it
>no one told her
>things are looking bad for uncle
>eventually gets denied custody
>total shutdown
>everyone in family taking turns to sit with him to make sure he doesnt fall off the wagon again
>Do this every day for 3 weeks
>he eventually gets some life about him again
>Tells me that he has some shit left at his old place where his ex is living with her new boyfriend
>asks me if i could pick it up
>Sentimental shit like photoalbums etc
>go over
>confronted by girlfriend and dudebro boyfriend
>tells me to fuck off, she burned his shit
>go tell him
>he tells me its hidden in the garage, she has no idea where it is and is full of shit
>asks me to try again
>go over a few days later
>no answer at the door but can hear kids crying and shit
>garage door isnt locked so open it and go in

wtf, hurry the fuck up
Brutal dude
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Are you trying to respond to the anon with the story?
>find what im looking for
>realise all i can hear is one of the kids crying
>nothing else
>no tv or anything
>open door between garage and hallway
>peer down hallway
>Can see youngest kid in his playpen thing crying like fuck
>older brother is on the sofa sleeping
>older brother is fucking filthy
>decide to check on kids just to make sure
>settle kids youngest down
>leave older brother sleeping
>cant figure out where the adults are
>open door to their bedroom
>uncles exgirlfriend is lying in the bed
>shes grey
>needle in arm
>the whole shabang
>boyfriend is face down on the ground in much the same condition
>quietly close the door
>go give uncle his shit
>lie and tell him that i think his ex had went out and left the kids home alone or some shit
>could hear them crying with no sign of her or the boyfriend around
>uncle calls cops
>cops go to house and obviously find her and boyfriend dad
>kids and seized
>ruled as accidental death on both counts
>kids are given to my uncle

in the space of like a year id witnessed my uncle almost die from an overdose and saw the bodies of his ex and her boyfriend dead from an OD. The short route to my work goes past their old house. I drive the long way round there just to avoid ever going near that place.
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Is this really true bro? Any news clippings or anything? It's not that I don't want to believe, but This is /b/
lol im stationed at kingsbay

this was like 15 years ago man, the court date i was in october 99 so if there is shit going around for it i wouldnt know where to find it. The only thing i remember seeing in the papers about it was the boyfriends obituary where his mom made out like he was the next fucking nobel prize winner or some shit.

The police did just rule it accidental death so i think that might be why it wasnt ever really in the news either. If it had been suspicious circumstances i think it mightve been noteworthy.
The system does suck
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