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Drug thread OP's question: When/how was your hardest trip?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Drug thread

OP's question: When/how was your hardest trip?
when i accidentally misplaced my right foot as i traversed a rocky terrain outside my habitat known as a pavement which resulted in an unfortunate desolation of my exterior upper body
when I realized literally every aspect of the human psyche is horseshit
Horrifying. Scarred me for life. 6 months PTSS.
tripping to hard is not fun OP
What did you take?
450mg MDMA crystals

You're retarded to do 450mg of MDMA, a regular dose is 125mg.
Tell that to the past me.
I was new to the scene, I was foolish, I was with a psychopath. He tricked me into believing things that aren't real. MDMA, the love drug, truth serum, and he completely fucks me over.
if you fukcing laughed at that you are srsly impaired

Sorry to hear it ended up like that, but it's your own responsibility to know what drugs you're taking and what they do.
>"Don't find things funny that I don't!"

You might actually have autism.
I completely agree. I had faith in that my friends knew what they were doing. They didn't...
I tried X on defqon a month ago.. I got the same thoughts and paranoid mindset as I did when the psycho had brainwashed me.

I might try taking it alone once, to cope with the rush and realize there is nothing to be afraid of.

I hear ya. I can tell you that doing MDMA alone is fantastic. It's known as the party drug that makes you dance, but to hell with that it has SO much potential when used in other ways.

I did it alone myself in my room 4 times at 125mg the first three times and 160 the fourth time. It was absolutely great.
I accidentally a half gram of Ketamine. I didn't really do many dissociatives in the past, and K made it easy for me to cope with reality at the end of a day, whereas blow and meph, simply tricked me into functioning.

I actually kept the notebook I wrote my thoughts in, during this truly terrifying K-hole, and it's in my office somewhere. That event served as the catalyst for me to get help, get cleaned up, and now I'm 2 years clean and living a relatively productive and fulfilling life. Best bad decision I ever made.
>Not Rob Ford
Took 5 hits of acid (supposedly. was probably way more due to the guy i was getting it from being in the middle of a 2 day trip).

Ate a soaked piece of printer paper in acid.

About 3 and a half years ago now. Tripped for 24 hours straight.
its like the ultimate sociopathic move to give people drugs then fuck with their heads
fuck that must have been gnarly. are you alright?
>if you fukcing laughed at that you are srsly impaired
>fkcking laughed
Drink bleach you fucking autistic faggot.
Perfectly fine. But dude I thought I was never gonna come down. I was afraid I'd trip for life.

I haven't touched acid since. But if I ever did I wouldn't take 5 hits ever again. It's just too much body load at that dose.
I have been clean for about 5 years because of work and this may sound dumb but I hear morning glory seeds can be like acid. Anyone ever try it?
It all started in December during finals. There was this stupid thing at my school with people running around in their underwear in the freezing cold for no good reason. I don't know why I went. I met a girl there with whom I stayed in contact. She begged me to take her to a rave. After she asked several times, I decided to be friendly and consented. I kept my word and we agreed to buy our tickets online. Shortly after I realized that I had just committed to taking a total stranger into a situation in which I will be vulnerable, but she seemed like a nice person. I've been really busy this semester like always and didn't have the opportunity to get to know her. The week before however, she asked to meet for coffee. I went down to Culver City to meet her, and she could only stay for a half an hour, which was weird but ok. She goes to school, she's vegetarian, and she speaks three languages, so I assumed she must be halfway intelligent. She had also noted cannabis use. So I figured, ok, seems like my kind of person. After that I ended up going to Venice and randomly met up with some friends I haven't seen for ages at the drumcircle, which brightened the day. We were dancing down the street banging drums and freaking people out. Then on Friday I met up with them again, and the weekend got off to kind of a bad start. I was going to a club called live to see my friend's band. I brought a good friend with me. Now I'm ******* serious, not 10 minutes after I got off the 10 freeway, I somehow I was in Hermosa Beach.
WTF. It's like we were abducted and dropped there. It took over an hour to get back. I had someone with me and we were in no kind of altered state, so this was not just some delusion. When we finally got there, the band had just got off stage, but we sat around and had an intelligent conversation over drinks for a while. Then one of my friends' sister slapped the girl she brought and most of the rest of the night was full of bad vibes and trying to keep the two of them from clawing each others eyes out. Totally not peace and love.
It sure can. I have tried it.

You have to eat A LOT of them. And you feel pretty sick usually. If you can keep them down long enough and eat enough you will get the euphoria side of acid. Not so much visuals. But the confusion and good feelings will overcome you.

It's worth trying. But not something I'd really do again unless I was desperate for a moderate trip

Morning Glory contains the psychedelic drug LSA (Lysgeric acid amide) which is an analogue of LSD (and vice versa).

It'll make you trip but it's not like LSD. Also it has some pretty hard side effects like intense nausea and vasoconstriction.
So the next day was the day of the big dance, How Sweet It Is. Now here is how MDMA is supposed to go. You meet up with friends who are going to roll at the same time as you and you go to a large party, usually involving electronic music. Now a rave, as I define it, from late 80s/90s culture is a discreet party out in the middle of nowhere or in an undisclosed location which is revealed to the invites just before it starts. This is to prevent law enforcement interference because MDMA is banned by the federal government, and because these gatherings are usually without permit. This type of event is rare nowadays and has been supplanted by extremely large public parties, attended by big name DJs and put together by Insomniac and other corporate ********. It seems most people under the age of 30 or so actually think this is a rave. So of course they nominally ban and check for illegal substances, but everyone who goes knows that MDMA use is still the focus of the event, it's extremely easy to sneak in, and you'll usually be solicited or asked several times for pills throughout the night. The event is usually conducted on some kind of fairgrounds dressed up in a semi-psychedelic fashion.

Lysergic* lol my bad
As for company, it's ideal to bring a drama-free boyfriend/girlfriend/fuckbuddy/intimate friend with whom you can fully experience the 'love drug' in an appropriate manner in public, but a tight-nit group of mature but youthful/upbeat friends who you can trust to maintain peace at all costs, love unconditionally, act with unity, and respect each other's boundaries and feelings is also just perfect. You need to have the kind of people who you can trust to pick you up when you fall down, help you walk when you're stumbling, and pull you out of dangerous or stupid situations. New age hipsters who dominate the subculture surrounding the drug came up with the acronym PLUR to make it easy to remember the key words of this ethic, no matter how ****** up you are. You would think this would be universal knowledge within this subculture, as the drug, the ethic, and the music all go hand in hand as the basis for these parties. Though after being strangled by some ******* who wrestled me to the very front of the colliseum at EDC last year, I'm already aware this is not the case. I have not had any majorly bad experience at these parties otherwise. Though it's possible to experience ego emotions such as jealousy, envy, or fear at the sight of such things as couples making out while you're solitary, people you perceive as better looking or better dressed than you, girls 'out of your league', or the fear of others' sexual advances etc. But a large part of the spiritual growth one achieves at these events is in letting go of these defensive thoughts that our larger corrupted society has implanted in us to agitate and exploit ego to sell their products and to maintain the gender/class control system. Eventually us sages will conquer these demons with undying love, but that may be too late to save our civilization. The use of psychedelics such as MDMA in a ritual or positive atmosphere makes this transcendance process much easier.
hey all, just rolled some molly about 45 minutes ago just starting to hit me now, feels awesome. I smoked some opium a few hours ago too

Cool I might try it
The first time I rolled was at a private house party with my sister and a couple of her friends after a faire. We watched the Party Monster Shockumentary which was amusing. One of her friends is a dumb, ugly ********, which was kind of annoying, but whatever. I took three pills across the night, which was a rather large dose for a first time, and I'm sensitive to most things, but the individual pills were rather weak. I discovered the meaning of the epithet 'rolling' while I was literally rolling around on the floor, touching my face in unbelievable extasy. My sister and I finally opened up after a lifetime of general conflict and abuse. In total, it was a positive experience. The second time I rolled was with my ex-girlfriend's sister's friends, who were acquaintances who pretty much became my friends that night. They were extremely nice people and I had an awesome time. In retrospect, I'm beginning to realize that the mood and general experience seems to be largely dependant on the environment and the people around you. I have never tried rolling alone, and never plan to.

As for the trip, to anyone who uses psychedelics or are interested in the subject, I recommend reading the works of Dr. Timothy Leary, who pioneered the American custom of using drugs to unlock higher parts of the mind, especially his work titled The Psychedelic Experience, based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Written by Tibetan Buddhist monks, who have experimented with entheogens in the remote (and now in diaspora due to persecution by the Chinese) temples of the Himalayas for centuries, as a manual to the afterlife, these ancient scriptures describe how a trip goes, how it's supposed to go, and provides mantras for guiding it in an optimal direction.
tripping hard on overdose mushroom, thought i am a ghost trapped in time and universe, that shit was intense

I'd say to go ahead but check your dosage and everything if you're new to psychedelics.
The seeds are freely available
The trip, induced either by a mind altering substance, proper ritual, or both, is in fact a type of death, hopefully a partial deconstruction of the ego which will return one to the path of happiness and facilitate spiritual progress in rejoining with the great unity that you might call God. At the onset of a psychedelic experience one transcends the self and the mind completely, all thoughts and mental constructs disappear and for a moment one is truly free from this retarded game of struggle and suffering that we collectively delude ourselves into believing is reality. In the severaly damaged American culture, the ego generally pulls one out of this phase of the exerience almost as soon as it begins, out of fear of the unknown, since we fail to teach our children the true meaning of death, and because of the extreme attachment to the material world, conditioned in us by a lifetime bombardment of advertisements intended to educe shame and guilt for selfish motivations. As one begins to come down, the second phase involves re-entering the game in an altered state, usually involving hallucinations of external beings such as angels, demons, aliens, etc. It is this phase that typically lasts the longest and is most familiar in popular culture. In your childhood, you've most likely had this experience with or without drugs, but you likely do not remember. And finally, as the entheogenic substance of choice or your ritually excited neurotransmitters begin to wear out, one descends into the third stage of attempting to regain "sober" consciousness and return to the game of suffering. This phase is of course, the least desirable, and it is especially important to have a sage/shaman/priest/DJ/good friend guide you back to reality in a supportive manner.
If one is especially attached to the material world or foolishly undergoes this journey in a non-supportive setting, the first phase is likely skipped entirely, the second phase may consist of frightening or negatively perceived hallucinations, and then finally struggling to return to reality. This may be due to subconscious issues that the subject failed to work through prior to the trip, ignorance of the the process described above, or negative social stimulus or 'drama'. Unfortunately, there was a ton of drama at How Sweet It Is. The evening started off just fine. It was a long drive there. I wasn't in the mood to talk much, and we just listened to music most of the time. Then the annoyances began when I turned onto the 215, San Bernardino had failed to succesfully direct traffic, and there was about a mile and a half line that I waited in for an hour and a half, just sitting there burning gas. But we made it and found parking on a backstreet. It was around 10:30 by the time we had gotten dressed and entered the park. We explored a bit and got pizza. She realized she didn't have any money once she had ordered so I payed for her.
I mixed up LSD (2 1/4 tabs, pic related), MDMA (0,4 g), Hash (3 g), Speed (about 1/2 g) about 2 years ago.

It was awesome, great and powerful experience. All colours were fucked up (people were changing colors). Color changin along with nystagmus made me see some weird shit.

Btw, the hangover was really really bad...
Then while we were eating I began trying to contact my friends. The first major burn of the night was when it turns out that the main person I know in the group I was meeting couldn't get in beause her boyfriend's ticket had been jacked. So then I tried getting ahold of her friends (the same people who accompanied me to TAO), but the defacto leader was barely conscious at the time. We tried to get into the building we thought he was in several times, but the building was "at capacity" the entire night and guarded by five mounted horsemen. What a ******* rip-off. There were just bad vibes all around that party. So we wandered around looking for them for an hour and a half until finally we encountered them. The girl and I had been getting along just fine up until then, though neighter of us had been very chatty most of the night. So we got our pills, which I payed for by the way. The effects of MDMA tend to kick in about 45 minutes to an hour after oral consumption. After trying one last time to enter the guarded building and being chased away by horsemen, we spent the rest of the night by the DJ out on the grass. It was kind of chilly, but a sometimes convenient side-effect of MDMA is raise in body temperature, so things were feeling just right. My friends and I were re-acquainting and telling stories, and even though they had already had drama of their own concerning the lost ticket and such, the atmosphere had become jubilant by now.

1 year ago, not 2
I pulled a joint out of my shoe and passed it around. So just as I was starting to open up and go around saying nice things to people, my companion went into ***** mode. I said to her something along the lines of "sorry the first half of the evening was so lame, stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, and looking for my friends for an hour and a half, and me being all quiet and introverted, but everything's cool now. I really do enjoy your company, do you enjoy mine?" And then out of nowhere she started saying "I don't like you" and walking away from me, and then avoided me like the plague the rest of the time she was rolling. Whao, wtf. If it was a girl I was trying to get with, it would at least make sense. I could see how that type of behavior might be justified if I had kept trying to make out with her and she just wasn't into me, but this was completely out of nowhere. I had barely even touched her besides leading her around through the crowd by the hand. She's kind of fat, pig-nosed, and has a weird looking face, so I'm not attracted to her in any sense of the world. I was just being friendly in taking her here and introducing her to my world which she had begged me to do. So my trip and the whole night was just ruined from then on. Plagued with nonsensical thoughts of betrayal, rejection, abandonment, etc, my trip on the first pill went straight into phase three and didn't last very long.
Good looks, I've dabled but drugs are just like a once in a while thing for me.>>560172115
Smoked weed laced with LSD
Spent two hours looking at a lava lamp thinking the smaller bubbles were the Spartans and the larger were the Persians
Was great.
In a type of desperation to regain my well-being, I took my second pill. I didn't realize at the time that introducing more of the psychoactive substance while in a now non-supportive environment was a very bad idea. These were 'triple-stacked' or very strong pills. Now an unfortunate side-effect of MDMA is bruxism (teeth-grinding) and trismus (lockjaw). The MDMA molecule has not been properly engineered to minimize these effects because it's legitimate develpment was cancelled by the federal government decades ago (same fate as stem cells until recently). Injury from these effects is prevented by keeping something in your mouth, which is why you see people walking around with pacifiers (not just because they're trying to regress to a child-like state).
took 3 tabs of DOX or DOB cant remember which it was also i didnt know it was that i thought it was acid then had to walk for 3 hours in the dark and rain with a couple friends home from a rave while tripping i got so messed up i literally could just see infinite question marks spiraling into themselves :P oh and i kept trying to walk infront of cars my friends had to like walk either side of me to stop me and i coudnt speak all i could say was random words with no relation, i coudnt even stringf a sentance together :) and that was before we got to his house thats when shit really hit the fan

I lol'd
I rolled harder than I ever have. I literally shredded my pacifier until there was nothing left, then I went to work on my brand new neon scarf, shredding tears into that as well. I remember noting, 'this is the real reason people wear scarves'. A bit of humor during a time of mild trauma. Much of the night is a blur. At some point I remember entering into an REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state, and stumbled around watching the world vibrate. For the first time ever, I was in the negative state of mind euphemized as 'e-tard'. The bitch didn't even give a fuck when I was stumbling around in a barely conscious state, falling on the grass. Thank fucking Goddess I had friends around to help me get through it and drive me home. So then coming down on the car ride home, we were all talking about coming out to our parents and such, and I think she got a slightly better picture of who I am. She sort of half heartedly apologized for her behavior earlier and claimed that it was because she's "had bad experiences with men taking advantage of her in the past." No fucking excuse to ruin my night. I would like to hope that she didn't realize what she was doing to me, but her behavior was just so unusual, and confusing, and ungrateful, and hurtful, that I can't just let this go. I drove her a 150 friggin miles to San Bernardino and back, bought her MDMA and her pacifier, bought her food, and was ready to guide a young soul through her first time in this experience. After providing everything to give her an amazing time just out of kindness for a supplicant acquaintance, she decided to do everything possible to ruin mine.
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450mg DPH/ 250mg DXM
DPH is horrible, but it's probably more intense than any trip most people have ever experienced. It's not comparable to psychedelics, it's far more realistic and you have no idea what's real, what isn't, what the fuck is happening, or how to form a coherent sentence. I've done DMT, high dose DXM, shrooms, acid, etc. but nothing comes close to DPH as far as intensity. Unlike those other drugs though, it's not even fun and you feel like shit.
Pic related, it's what it's like to take dph
Autism detected.
at opne point i was poring water into my eye while chewing a plastic bottle i ofund on the flloor because i thought i was tying a noose around my neck :)
story time nigga
Perhaps I had failed to explain to her the philosophy and ethics of what we were doing. Perhaps I was being foolish in trusting a stranger to behave properly in such an immersive initiation. Perhaps I was foolish to initiate someone I don't know and trust while I myself was in a vulnerable state. Or maybe this is just what I get for talking to an 18 year old ditz who I found running around naked at my school. >_< To complicate matters, I discovered this morning that she left her wallet in my bag. I am not burning another fucking ounce of gas to drive this cunt back to fucking Culver City. And I'm too angry to deal with her right now. damn, this dick holster is lame.
I know man.
Same guy gave my best friend benzo and then "opened" up, and "cried".
I've been telling my friends what kind of monster he is. No one listens. So they don't deserve me. Fuck them, I'm better off without junkies unable to steer up their lives and stop sinking even further into the shit.
Protip: ”triple-stack” or any variation of the phrase is a meaningless buzzword used by dealers.
As for my own health and safety, I don't think there was any dental damage. After dropping the girl off, we went back to our friend's house. I walked in, layed down on the floor, and fell asleep. She layed down blankets for me. I am so thankful for the hospitality and moral support of my friends who helped me through this experience. When I woke up there I said goodbye and went home to bed, and spent most of the day sleeping my brain chemistry off. When I woke up later in the night, I had a locked jaw, which I've been massaging and trying to relax ever since. It's gotten slightly better throughout the day now, but my jaw is still in trismus. Trismus as a side effect of excessive MDMA use usually goes away after a short period of time, so hopefully this heals in the next couple of days. So for now, I'm definitely done rolling for quite a while, and I think I need an extended break from this scene in general. I think my next trip needs to be on a more traditional entheogen in a ritual setting with a shaman, so that I can spiritually heal before I go back out into the secular world of 'raves' to preach peace and love throughout the land.
Sorry. I have to walk my dog.
If thread is still alive in 15-20 mins, story time.
Weed laced with LSD.
Nigger, youre so fucking stupid. You can lace a joint with LSD, the heat would destroy it.
> You can lace a joint with LSD, the heat would destroy it.
>You can
You should learn to English.
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Got totally blown out of the universe on salvia once. But that wasn't really that bad.

My worst trip was on weed actually.
>be 16ish
>some kids i knew found 15 plants in the woods
>cook all of them in 3 liters of milk
>me and 3 friends take 2 bottles (2 chicks 1 bro)
>drink 1
>wait for 15 minutes
>bro says his head feels like hiroshima
>laugh for 30 minutes straight
>can't take it anymore
>throw up
>throw up 10 more times
>can't even call an ambulance cause keys on phone are too hard to press
>my whole vision looks kinda like this pic
>get caught up in the worst thought cycle ever, think i'm going insane
>3 hours later, finally able to move
>zombie walk home
>mom asks me wats wrong, I say "weed milk"
>calls me a retard
>go to bed
>school next day, im still high as fuck but comfortable
>was high for 24hr straight
I had bought 200 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. I'm tall and husky so it takes a lot for me to get high/trip/etc so I took around 20, most people take 8-10 to trip. 1 hour in I puked my guts out, and then I felt really intoxicated, euphoric (m'lady), I felt like I could see through my nose. I'm unable to get visuals from any drugs, kinda sad. Oh well, 8/10 would recommend unless you really hate puking.
too much 25c-nbome

i went completely nuts infront of two friends

scared my soul for life
God forbid my phone auto corrects "can't" as "can". Typing while tired as fuck at 3am also probably doesn't help.

lost my shit to this, my first edible experience was when i was new to the holy herb aswell, wayyyy to much, fucked off my face, i sware i was ever so slightly high for the next week

cap; Montgomery
Every time you take a new psychedelic it is a unique experience but my first time taking shrooms was intense as fuck only 2gs baked into chocolates and I swear I didnt trip as hard when I have eaten a half oz.
maybe you guys can tell me how to get some quality coke in amsterdam? in eastern europe or spain usually its the black guys you have to ask, but dont wanna get scammed, busted or robbed.
help me out /b
you never really know whats gonna happen when you take shrooms regardless of dose
funnily enough on one tab, i've done a quart of strong shrooms in one sitting which was nothing compared to the one tab, i left reality behind and felt like i was on the brink of insanity.
that sounds scary

it reminded me of the time I took a drug which I'm not sure exactly what it was (it was sold to me as LSD but I had taken LSD before and it was not like that)
Anyway, I took about 1 hit and in 15 minutes, when I was smoking a cigarette, my body started to shake real hard
I lied down in my bed and started to see hair/tiny worms coming out of my walls, and everything was purple-ish. Then I started to feel really sick and dizzy and after about 30min I started to puke the weirdest shit I've ever puked. When I was puking I actually thought I was dying and some tears felt from my eyes.
After that I lied down again, still feeling sick but not puking anymore, and stayed like that for the whole night (like 7 or 8 hours).
I had the weirdest dreams and thoughts ever, and every once in a while I would look at the puke (I hadn't cleaned it. Trip was too intense) and wonder if it was real or if it was my imagination.
Also, in the end of the hard trip I started to dream/think that I was going to die (again) but this time I was feeling really really really ok with that, as it was going to free me from something. It was a good thing, and not a bad one.
Also I have a dog and when he came to my room I was really suspicious about him, I didn't trust him. I felt completely alone and hopeless and friendless.

The next morning when the trip was manageable I was depressed as fuck. I wanted to die and couldn't stop thinking about how my life was worthless.

I know that leg!!! tell me it's you This was a good experience.
I tripped 25c 3x and every thing looked like it was stop motion and I was seeing the land form in front of my eyes as if it was loading, I was also in a public park with my two best friends.
Dude I took dxm and had such an insane but uncomfortable trip! My buddy was watching the dark knight rises in te room next to me and I was laying alone having a bad trip and I could see the movie playing in my eyelids. I've seen it so many times it was so clear to me like having a screen in my mind. Also anything I thought about I could see as a scenario in my head. Was making stories in my mind. Powerful shit.
File: 1321658087143.jpg (541KB, 1528x1567px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
541KB, 1528x1567px
Sounds like you took a really strong 25i blotter. It makes you puke, has an awful body load, and gives off exactly the kind of vibe you're talking about. It's a far more negative headspace than lsd. As for DPH, it is fucking scary. In addition to the hallucinations, delusions, and confusion, you get a constant feeling of impending doom, it jacks your heartrate, and the body load is just generally awful. I would say it's worth doing once for the experience, but unlike psychs or dissociatives, you are very liable to fuck shit up or endanger yourself so you better get a sitter and not be around anyone who would freak out if you were obviously fucked up to the point of not speaking coherently and looking like a schizophrenic tweaker.
dph at lower doses is okay. i took 250mg dph and it wasn't too bad, kind of interesting. nowhere near as fun as acid or shrooms though
When I tripped the 25c I also felt like I had spider webs all over me and my phone screen felt like it was slick water. The skies were kaleidoscopic and smudging. The mountains looked like they were jumping up and down. It was the hardest trip of my life.
DXM alone is a pretty neutral trip. It might be uncomfortable if you're unfamiliar with dissociation, which is what happens once you start getting into 3rd plat territory. It's not scary at all, but it is really fucking weird and everything you've ever known seems completely alien to you, such as the concept of emotion. I was using the DXM to potentiate the DPH so I wouldn't have to take as much and to take the edge off the body load. It's pretty hard to have a bad trip on DXM. Now with DPH, it's basically impossible to have a ”good trip”.
I took it in a high dose and low dose two completely different experiences
250mg is nowhere near a trip dose unless you add DXM. You'll need minimum 600mg of DPH alone as a general rule to hit true delirium. May still not be enough, and if you're fat it can take way more.
It was only scary because I felt this rush of hot needles coming over my body head to toe like a wave. And it was like that feeling when your leg is asleep but constantly flowing from end to end on my body. But besides that the trip itself was so intense and vivid. I was creating scenarios in my mind. I wish I could tell you how much I took but it wasn't a planned experience. Just happened.
That's because of the histamine release. 50 - 100mg DPH or a bit of zyrtec will clear that right up. Both of those also potentiate the trip as well.
250mg for me was like a body high and super mild and emotionless trip. this was also before i had done any type of psychedelics and i was 130lbs at the time
is there a way to hide post by ids?
Yes, a friend of mine who took it as well did a research and said it could be this 25i. I cannot say it was just a bad experience, because the moment i thought I was going to die I felt in peace like never before. I really would like to feel that peace again when I'm dying for real.

I'm very used to have bad trips, even on weed. My mind is fucked up and I usually don't enjoy much the trip, so I do psychedelics like 1 or 2 times a year. After everything bad happened I can see some good things about it, like it really makes me see the world in a different way and I feel that it helped me becoming who I am now it is scary.
I might try this DHP some time, but I don't know if I can find it anywhere here and it'll be hard to find anyone who won't make me fucking psychotic when I'm tripping hard.
This thread is probably the best place to ask this.

How do you get out of a thought cycle/loop?(dont know how else to describe it, if you ever had it you know what im talking about)
I know that benzos and other downers help, but what if they arent avaliable.

Happened to me last week when i did shrooms and it was kinda scary.
I really ought to write this down for copy pasta..
>Close friend with a bunch of stoners
>Have great times, trying MDMA, LSD, Shrooms..
>New face in group, older.
>Seems like a cool guy. Nice, generous, daredevil, bretty gool kuy
A year passes..
>Starting to notice that you can't really tell what kind of person the new face is..
>Makes me feel uncomfortable
>Start to pick up on fallacies in information
>Starting to unravel lies, and deceit
>Take shrooms with him and 2 more (closer friends)
>I took less than them and noticed he was manipulating one of my friends, and trying to mess with me in various ways.
>Realized that was what he was doing, trying to mess with me. Moment of clarity, this guy's a fucking shit. Not a person anyone should be friends with.
>Start to spread the words around my friends
>Shock for everyone, but they also agree on oddities in this person
You can buy DPH at any pharmacy. It's just benadryl.
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Go away, juice
if you don't usually enjoy acid don't do dph
I had 6-7G of shrooms once which was pretty crazy, I'm molly right now but my hardest would be a tie between cocaine and opium
you focus on something, get up, go to a new position, and think about something else. It's not that easy to do sometimes.
Benzos/antipsychotics will flat out kill the trip. If you still wanna trip and just get out of the loop, try to relax, maybe smoke some weed if it usually calms you down, shit maybe drink a beer or a shot or two (don't overdo it, you'll dull the trip). Mainly though just try to occupy your mind with something. Play a videogame no matter how bad you are in your current state, watch a movie, put on music; anything to stimulate your mind and distract you
Sstarted drinking and smoking blunts about 7pm. Got ahold of some 2cb pills and snorted some lines. Had some other unknown pills that were meant to be ecstasy but weren't. Bumped it up a notch with some meth throughout the night and more lines of 2cb. Tripping balls by midnight, seeing energy trails and footprints embedded in footpaths etc. Eat a tab of acid at about 2am and smoke some more meth, drinking and smoking weed continues. Start having crazy synchronicities in conversations with the boys, borderlining on telepathy at times, we didnt even have to say anything to start laughing at the same jokes in our heads. Very strong feeling of connectedness between us, one of my mates got cockblocked by some drunk fag and everyone on the level could feel his sexual frustration seeping through the floorboards into our feet, I felt like I needed to have a fap for him. Drinking continues, insane visuals, nothing else too crazy until girls show up in the morning with mushies in honey. Eat mushies, keep drinking, cant sleep run outta meth and uppers, start smoking weed to wind down but visuals and epiphanies continue til later that evening.
Not my hardest trip. I don't like talking about my good trips since i tend to sound like a retard describing what happened.

> take 400ug, highest ive ever taken
> new source, supposedly 99% pure lsd, highly reputable
> tripped on these tabs once before as a test, 100ug, no problems
> 2 hours in, i notice my face is numb. there was no contact numbness in my mouth, just the surface of the right side of my face.
> severe vasoconstriction all over, my body is extremely uncomfortable
> start panicing, think im having a stroke, take a bunch of klonopin and spend the next 4 hours freaking out and being scared i'll never be the same again or that im going to die

I still feel the numbness in my face from time to time. I'm not entirely sure whether it was caused by whatever i took, or whether i just became hyper-aware of what was already there.

Anyone know what would cause this? I want to believe it was 25i, but its a very reputable source and i've always had alot of vasoconstriction from lsd, but this experience has made me scared to try it again
>Start to distance myself from him
>He becomes a different person, wanting to hang out alone with me, trying to bond with me.
>I fall for his charm and lies, becoming his friend again
Summer passes..
>Make up an event, "October Fest", to take MDMA and have a masquerade party
>Start to realize what he is again, this time I analyze him like a test subject, realize he qualifies for like every point for Psychopathy
>Day of "October Fest"
>Wake up, morning routine, everyday-day
>Meet up with friends to get high, pass time til night
>Friend 1: Gotta pick up our stuff with friend 2
>Psycho: I can't drive us, my car doesnt work, but I got things to do, so you'll have to leave Anon
>Me: Okay, cya later
>Hour later; Psycho: Anon! Meet me at the station, we're meeting a few people.
>Nope.jpg, I'm high and won't meet a bunch of strangers whilst being high.
>Psycho: I just had to drive these guys to the city, cya later
>Lolwut, but you just said...
Fastforward to evening
>All are gathered in the appartment of tonights trip
>Weighing up dosage.. 250mg in one bomb, 200mg in the other (I regret this deeply)
>Time to party, all drop first dose.
>All go crazy, dancing, talking, hugging, rolling
>Time pass, 2nd dose time
>200mg extra on an already intense trip
>Hyperspeed activated
>Friend brings out glowsticks, everyone go batshit crazy
>Make bracelets and goggles etc
>Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
>½hrs later I notice psycho is missing
>look for him...
25i is notorious for extreme vasoconstriction. LSD causes some vasoconstriction, but 25i causes dangerously bad vasoconstriction. It's not at all uncommon to feel tingling and numbness because you're not getting good blood flow on 25i. Lots of people die/go to the ER because they wanna candyflip and they think they just bought lsd, so they pop a few tabs and some pills that may or may not even be MDMA and they just can't get enough bloodflow. Not sure about your source, but these are just the facts.
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I have tried a 200/300 and a 300/300 DPH/DXM combo once each. I have had experience with DXM before but never with DPH.

On the 300/300 combo I saw ant trails going up my walls, small black beetles on my floor, brown insects in the ceiling corners, computer cords going invisible few other small things. Not worth it though for the horrible dry mouth that made me puke. I never throw up too even after guzzling large amounts of syrup or when I binge drink.

What I did enjoy about the combo was it made everything have a..magical, eerie feel to it. It made me feel like I was in Luigi's Mansion. That feel when the lights were on yet everything still had an eerie vibe to it sorta.

I also had the awake dreams stuff but I saw them on objects like my wardrobe and ceiling. It was like having your dream/imagination projected onto an object and watching it play out likr tv. Saw some cartoon girl walking somewhere on one of my chest of draws. Super cool. I didn't think too much of it at the time because I was in that super dreamy drowsy state.
This is starting to get interesting, if any one else has a story would they please post it. I love reading drug story's and trip reports
>Find him sitting alone in the bathroom, breaking every glowstick. I interpret this as sabotage.
>"What's wrong psycho?"
>Psycho:Oh anon is that you? Come in and sit down! And lock the door
>Psycho: Are you alright? You look like you're ill..
>I'm fine psycho, reeeeaaaally fine niggayoudontunderstand.jpg
>Psycho: You sure? You look like you're troubled (He keeps pushing)
>Nah man I'm fine
>Psycho: Ok, but you know you can talk to me if you're feeling bad, right? (Pushed the right button)
>"Well... It feels like Friend 1 is "in charge" here tonight, like he is ruling over everyone" (One paranoid thought)
>Psycho: Naah, well... He's not the one in charge
>Psycho: He's just sitting very safe
>Me: What are you talking about?
>Psycho: Well, we made a game...
>Bla bla bla
>He manages to make me believe that there is a ranking system amongst us
>I'm scared, but not terrified just yet
>We leave the bathroom and join the others
>Psycho: Lets play a game!
>Everyone: Okaaaay!
>Psycho: We'll shout out to the music, one at a time
>Friend 3, Psycho, Friend 1 shouts. I shout at the same time as friend 1.
>Game aborted, let's try that again (Angry glance from psycho at me)
>Friend 3, Psycho, Friend 1, Friend 2, Friend 4 shouts, then I shout. (At this point the ranking system he told me about is starting to manifest in my head, getting really scared now)
>I go to put on some music, and psycho drags me into the bathroom again
>Psycho: Did you not understand what I told you earlier? (Very hostile at this point, I'm trapped and very frightened)
>Y-yes. sorry.. won't do it again
>Psycho: Wanna try again?
>Leave bathroom, fullblown psychosis at this stage. The reality I has was shattered and replaced with the thought of my friends ranking eachother, and being OK with that.
>Terrified, absolutely mortified.
>New event: The Crown of Light (A glowstick ring we put on our heads...)
>Friend 3 has it, then Psycho, then Friend 1, Friend 2, Friend 4..
hurry up fgt I need to get to work
tripped hard from some shrooms got from a family member. hank hill was talking to me through brothers tv saying im acting weird and need to come back to reality. watchd Eminem video rap god thought the shrooms were talking to me at the eginning telling me they were about to make me trip hard as fuck. words on the tv screen kept changing telling me they were gonna hurt me and shit. looked in mirror "i look fucking amazing in this shirt"
I know, if this ends up being a troll story then i'm going to be destroyed.
This is getting fucked up. I'm really cautious with the psychadelic scene because I've met so many sociopathic and delusional people in such environments.
I injected like 5 marijuanas. That was intense shit, I almost died
Your gay ass meme shit isn't funny
That's a hard one OP. Last summer I smoked DMT for the first time and blasted off although I think the large dose LSD trips were the craziest. I once got dosed with PCP seven hours after a micro-dose of LSD but seeing as how I blacked out for roughly 24 hours and then ate a gram of mushrooms. First thought was that I had a dime bag in my pocket but nope, they were mushrooms and so I ate those as well. it's hard to say. I do enjoy "hippy flipping." (LSD + Mushrooms.) I eat the acid and wait till around 30-45 minutes and then eat the shrooms. Mostly my trips are 50-50, good times/bad times but mostly crazy as hell.
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This thread is 10/10. Keep going with the stories, i'm intrigued.
>Same ranking as before. Same as he had told me in the bathroom
>I refuse to ask for the crown, but eventually I do, after 10-15 mins or so.
>Everyone stops what they are doing
>Gather around me, I have to kneel (I feel so small, still mortified, this is humiliating)
>They all like dub me, and "welcome me", and I interpreted this as "Welcome to the gang" or something..
>Night goes on
>Trying to signal to Friend 1 that I am feeling like shit
>He just stares at me, doesnt notice it
>I feel lost
>New event: Bottoms up!
>We gather in the kitchen, in a half-circle, everyone with their glass of water
>Someone puts on the song from American History X
>Everyone does Sieg Heil
>Including me (to horrified to do anything else than play along)
>New theme to my psychosis
>My friends are ranked to to being nazis
>All hope is lost
>Take my part as the lowest member
>I feel like a dog. I do their biddings, fetch this, grab that, do that, hold this, etc.
>Psycho: Anon come here! Sit next to me
>Do so
>Psycho: You're not going to tell anyone about this (threatening), ok?
>N-no, why would I?
>Psycho: Good. But really, you cant talk to the police or anything, understood
>Night goes on, leading to an end.
>I sleep on the couch, feeling like I took one of the higher ranked beds..
>Wake up, still psychotic

I smoke a joint with friend 1. Trying to calm my nerves, cant find myself. I'm shaking with fear and anxiety. Suicide tuesday only it came directly.
I tried to talk to him. Couldn't. He didn't understand, which I was tricked into thinking meant "Don't talk about it"

I left for home, slammed the car door. Never spoke to anyone from that night for 8 months.
I was paranoid for 2 weeks straight, every car was them, trying to get me for leaving the nazi-gang.
Everyone was out to hurt me, mentally or physically, even my father.
Calmed down.. 1 week later I had the same paranoid episode (PTSS)
I had recurring episodes for 6-7 months. Paranoid, thought my father was a psychopath, many times.
Went to see a shrink. Started dealing with my thoughts. I am much better now. I am my old self, my old stupid self still wanting to do drugs. Does this crave ever go away?
How you doing now, dude?
So much better! I still get strange sensations, like I'm shrinking or that energy is leaving me, and I am slightly more paranoid in a lot of things I do. But nothing I feel bad about actually. I worked my way out of the psychosis on my own, but had to talk to a therapist for the PTSS.

Overall, I'm fine! I'm just very lonely. But I am making new friends in my new town!

Unstable people shouldn't take drugs.
That must have been crazy, I understand what you mean about having a group of friends and a new person comes a long but you're the only one who notices the true side of that person but all your friends are oblivious to it but you can't rally say any thing about it
Good to hear.

Drugs are powerful, man. The CIA used psychs for mind control projects and it's clear why. Sociopathic people can definitely abuse stable people just like in any relationship.
I was never unstable until that night.
I couldnt manage 80mg X in defqon, got the same thoughts (I've made friends with them again afterwards) that I got that night. That there was a ranking system.

I was, for a while, crazy.
Yeah.. all my friends were either too immature, to stupid or too dulled to notice what was going on. I was superior (no really... I was and still am) to them in every way, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, but I NEVER used them for my personal gain.
The only one who could battle my intellect was the psycho. He won because I took too much MDMA, and lowered my guard towards him for a moment, and because his brain does not have serotonine, hence he was clear in his head, while mine was foggy as fuck.
With four of my friends, I buy them some tabs, we take two each plus any additional drugs we had for personal use. I take two tabs, some coke, a bowl, few beers. Sit on a comfortable couch with my best friend across from me. (3 am)
Put on the doors, sit in same place for 5 hours straight coasting, seeing colors, deep convos about life.
We get hungry, it's 8 am, we decide to get some burgers, I'm riding bitch and just enjoying everything. Colors, music, moving 80 mph and everything looks like it's moving slow like that inhaler shit on that dredd movie. Eat, get back home, trip until 8 pm maybe. Sleep whole next day. It was great :')
My first bad trip was when I was 16 i was smoking weed, I don't get bad trips a lot, and when I do they aren't really bad. Though all I smoke is salvia and weed

>wake up at 5 am to start smoking
>have to leave for school at 8
>cat recently went missing
>thinking about my cat cause Whenever I smoked he wanted to come into my room
>once I smoked all I can think about is my cat and I keep thinking that its dead and bad thoughts
>window is open and I hear crow outside
>listen to it to try and distract me
>after listening to it for a few seconds it sounds like its saying my cats name
>I start freaking the fuck out
>close the window
>still hear it very well but it sounds like a demon or someshit
>decide to watch tv
>go downstairs still spooked a bit
>keep thinking of painful stuff that made me cringe

I won't say what it is in case there are people here who are like me and I don't wanna fuck them over though if people ask I'll say. It's nothing special

>keep thinking thoughts
>thinking that its gonna happen
>get up an look at myself in the mirror for no reason
>just stare at myself
>start freaking myself out thinking that the mirror me is a real person
>feel like I'm gonna throw up
>go to bathroom
>see myself in mirror there and think mirror me is trying to kill me
>throw up
>go upstairs then go back to sleep
>woke up around 9
>feels like a never left my bed
>I ended up not going to school until around 12 so I was happy about that
>not relevant to the story just wanted to mention it

My cat ended up coming back a week later
>Plagued with nonsensical thoughts of betrayal, rejection, abandonment, etc, my trip on the first pill went straight into phase three and didn't last very long.
Holy fucking shit this is my defqon experience.
What painful stuff?
No need for this kind of sensitivity on /b/, although it's nice of you.

Also, I've also heard voices from smoking weed. Amongst other things.
Tripped pretty hard from 2cb based pills, had 3 and snorted roughly 2 good sized lines - 2 bongs later
>smash bros wii ft friends
>cant even distinguish who's who
>all wig out and decide we'll chill in my mates room with heaps comfy bed
>4 ppl cramped into bed looking at wall
>all see and describe the exact same patterns we were experiencing on said wall
>able to talk via brain and none of us speak for 4 hours
>come down, puke my guts out, have the worst hangover
>damn dat trip doe

full kaleidoscope shit happening, and everyone was seeing it at the exact same time. Dont remember alot of what happened and considering i really didnt have much I was surprised at how fucked i got. Confirmed for 2cb dealer told us 1 or 2 more and we woulda OD'd. Not sure if legit
File: 1391137931558.jpg (451KB, 1000x1188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did a 800mg DXM trip and smoked about two cones of weed during it.
I felt like I was seeing the world from a different perspective. I went outside and everything was super bright and glowing. My vision was so distorted it felt like I was seeing everything from third person through my eyes sort of. Not sure how to explain it but the world looked amazing. It was like a blurry tunnel vision and what I saw in the middle of my vision was so intense and bright and beautiful.

I looked up at the clouds in the bright blue sky and they were beautiful. The sky looked like it was on a wall and the clouds on it were stuck to it and it reminded me of how the sky looks in that paper collage style art you sometimes did as a kid.

I went inside and into my room which is used for meditating because it has a view of the garden and gets lots of sunlight. I started feeling the most euphoric energy present in the room and just laid in the bed in the room. Had the usual dissasociation but the bright sunlight was hitting my eyes as they were closed. I opened my eyes and I had some of the psychedelic patterns you usually see when on high dxm doses or with weed. Felt like I was experiencing reality with such an intense happiness and like I was in an alternate world the entire trip. Mad mad.
I had a similar experience while on acid with a sociopathic friend of mine. its fucking terrifying. he also tried to key me into his fucked up ways of empowering himself and feeling superior to those around him.

Write out exactly what he was trying to tell you. get his ideology down on paper. it will help you sort through it.

I feel comfortable around him now, bit only because I am on to the fact of how much of a piece of shit he is. If I saw him on fire in the street I would put him out with gasoline.

Psychedelics are like candy to manipulative people, being around people who are tripping harder than they are is like better than sex for sociopaths.

I feel for you anon.

This lasted for a long time.
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Another trip report

>acid tab, first time, decide I would do it on my own to get myself comfortable with it
>at my house, take tab at around 11pm
>shit kicks in after 1 and a half hours
>start tripping ballsacks
>at one point i was on my couch with all the cushions off watching spanish news and I had no recollection of how i got there
>everywhere i move it feels like my conscience moves ahead of my body resulting in a lag like feel
>decide maybe LoL wasnt a good idea even tho i raped 16-3-16 karthus in aram
>lie in bed, cover myself in a fortress to keep out the orcs
>orcs everywhere
>no orcs
>somehow manage to put on the wolf of wall street in some magic feat
>wolf of wall street is best movie on a trip
>hilarious when they are taking drugs and it sort of calmed me down cos it made me realise how little drugs i take in comparison
>leo decaps face doesnt know whether it wants to be a walrus or not the whole movie
>dont sleep the night, crash next day at 5pm

pic related what the sky looked like when the sun came up.
anyone got that story of that dude that tries weed, mdma and acid for the first time at a festival and gets tied to a tree and forced to watch his girlfriend fuck some other dude? shits the heaviest drug story ive seen on here i think, top thread tho
beyond brutal

exactly the kind of shit I would expect from hardcore heads
Few hits of DMT at the peak of a mushie trip
in the UK people seem to regularly take between 500mg and 1000mg at raves and it is considered a rarity to hallucinate... what was that shit you had? Was it like 90%+ pure? Pills tend to hit harder than crystals in my experience
Being outside on a nice summer day on high 3rd plat is insane. The intense dissociation coupled with the change in perception makes it seem like you're living in a painting. I've found that being out at night has a totally different vibe to it though and it's far more confusing and disorienting (not that a hefty dose of dxm isn't always confusing).
This descrepency between American and European doses comes up a lot in MDMA discussion.

I think its because American MDMA is adulterated with speed and interaction causes much more intense effects at hearty doses
What kind of things was he doing?
also had worst experience with weed, similar to you just got absolutely stoned (on a come down from mdma actually so may have contributed) and was semi hallucinating and didn't know where the fuck I was... would literally not be able to form a sentence or even a thought and at times felt basically unable to move
I know him, and how he empowers himself. All of my friends are sheep. I was somewhere between wolf/sheep, or however I should put it. I was not the one to mess with, not for long. My friends never reacted though, no matter how badly they were treated.

However I am too terrified to face him, I don't know if he is capable of killing someone because they could expose his nature. I'd gain nothing from keeping him in my life, so I cut him out like cancer.

I would do the same to this psychopath. Well I dont know if he is a socio or a psycho. (Yes there's a difference for those who wonder)

What did he try to do against you?

Goodbye sanity. Sounds too brutal. I would probably kill myself if I couldnt kill the others.

I've gotten the vibe that hardcore heads are really disturbed and most likely have destroyed their brains chemistry beyond repair.

Crystals. 90-100% pure idk, didnt test it.
Ofcourse crystals are more pure, pills are cut with all kinds of shit!

Another if anyones reading

>unknown substance in pill
>take 6 of said pill, not in sequence but spanned thru the night
>at friends 18th
>my mates dad is on pills and dressed in pimp daddy suit to compensate the 'pimps nd hoes' theme of the party
>party of 6 go back to friends house
>all drunk and on these unknown pills
>this dude arrives at saids friend's house
>him and i have history with getting at eachothers throats coz.. well i stared at him apparently? Fucked if i know
>we sweet now
>'if someone gives me a bong ill give u free pills'
>bong given, pills recieved, crushed up into 14 fat lines on a ping pong table
>three lines straight up (after 6 of these motherfucking pills)
>then bong
>one of friend is heavily drunk and on pills, vomitting and shit.
>friends all freak out cos we might have to call ambulance
>friend says he's sweet, and seeing as he was passing out in his own vomit wearing a 'hoes' outfit i wasnt one to argue
>luckily he was conveniently placed right infront of the couch in the games room
>all those who arent passed out use said friend as a foot rest for remainder of night playing gamecube

Didnt really trip from these pills but I was fucking off my head especially after bongs. Apparently they had heaps of different shit like mdma mdxx xanax benzos meth.
In the UK most MDMA feels pretty much the same and doesn't seem to cause surprising effects apart from what you're used to - so I can believe its cut with less stuff...

Also do people take Ketamine in other countries? Is almost as common as MDMA here... on a night out you'll often come across a fully grown guy just completely incapacitated, frozen in an uncomfortable position on the floor
He just explained to me his fucked up way of viewing social interaction in a metaphoric way, like in your story. In his eyes he is the most "powerful" in our group due to his ability to manipulate all of us.
I honestly cant remember how he explained it to me, but it imprinted in my subconscious and I found it disturbing, as I am a trusting individual and a good friend, and this guy is the exact opposite. I remember thinking that he was like the joker, or the devil, or some other kind of embodiment of evil.

Let me guess, this guy you know is small in stature?
What I cant shake is the concept that the entire counter culture is out to destroy me. they claim to want to "enlighten you" and all that nonsense but they really just want to break you down
Pills hit harder due to the shit cut into them. Amphetamine amongst other things, much more energetic and rave like. Pure mdma is more a constant flow of well-being and love, and orgasm. You can even get sleepy.

He was lying, making up things, distorting facts. He would also make attacks on something that is dear to you, or directly at you. Then he would say "Just kidding" and my friends would laugh halfheartedly and let it slip by.

On the shroom night he would ask me to pick a song. He then showed it to me, asked me if that was the right one, then delete it. He did this with 3 of the songs I picked. He tried to throw me off balance on a shroom trip yknow. He also tried to "trick" me into thinking he was tripping balls, which he fucking sucked at.
He had 4 spliffs in his hand, called my name to get my attention, then he stared "blankly" at them, shake his head and say "Shit I cant see how many they are". I smirked at him and said "Okay, sure"
He would then do it again, hahaha, and when I gave him no fucking reaction whatsoever, he threw them at me and said "take the fucking joints" hahaha that made me laugh internally.
>cut with speed
If only. The fact is, most pills have zero mdma in them. They're mostly just presses of RCs, which is why you should always check pillreports before dropping and never buy cutouts. These RCs can get so bad you'd honestly be better off if you had gotten a methbomb. You will trip balls on these chems, but it usually is horrible unless it's one of the better ones like Bk-MDMA, but i'm pretty sure they made that illegal, so it's mostly just nasty piperazines. Fuck pills, it's almost as bad as gambling with street ”acid tabs”. Just grab mdma crystals instead, and not the powdered shit.
that's just a theory but it comes up across the internet. On bluelight people from the US are like "don't take 300 mg! are you fucking crazy!"
people from the UK are like "I take 300 mgs before I go to work lel"

I really don't think the Europeans are rolling that much harder than the americans
File: 1406937025967.webm (3MB, 720x540px)
3MB, 720x540px
Some years ago i accidentally drank all night from a 1,5 Liters bottle with GHB. I did not smell or taste it as i had snorted a huge load of speed before and finished about 2/3rd of it.

That night i literally saw the devil inside of me and it has sort of scarred me for life and altered my perception of reality forever.

Plus i fapped for about 8 hours straight

One more, this is my first trip experience ever

>16 yrs
>no weed one weekend so buy $300 worth of strongest synthetic bud called 'ash inferno'
>starting off it was meh, a cone got you high but wore off in 30 mins pretty quick
>resulting in me and friends having around 19 bongs each of the stuff by the end of the night
>friends face is morphing, changing shapes, his eyes were replaced with his mouth and when he talked his new mouth eyes would move in sync with his mouth (wrap ya head around that one lol)
>be in bed
>friends bed is right across from mine
>right next to me yet 100000 miles away
>all sense of direction is lost and im still high the next day.

synthetic is fucked. Dont recommend.
Ket is great, but it's so rare and expensive in the US. I hear it's dirt cheap and common in the UK. Here you can expect to pay $80/G if you can even find it.
Yes! That is a good way to describe it. Along the lines of what I was thinking while looking at the sky. I have been out at night on 600mg doses and yeah I agree. It is like an eerie version of the daytime painting feel.

Nature is so trippy on it. I love looking at nature on it while listening to trippy peaceful music and then going inside on that euphoric feel and closing my eyes and just letting my mind wander into space. I have not done many drugs ( heh, yet ) but I feel like DXM will always have a place in my heart. Have you tried DPH/DXM combos?
So he tried to appeal to the empathetic you in order for you to internalize it and become sympathetic, and let him in?

I too thought that guy was the devil or some kind of demon, placed on earth to cause havoc and pain.

No, he is actually the same size as I am, 1.82-1.85cm tall, maybe 85-95kg. Or what do you mean by stature?

The world is run by sociopaths, no doubt. I feel that the world would be a better place if we just assassinated them all, and had controlls in school to determine which people are psychopaths/sociopaths and then have them killed.

Yes, my hate for the wicked evil is strong. I still might throw a molotov cocktail into his aparment while he sleeps. Just to hear him burn.

Tbh ive had pure crystal and Ive had MDMA based pills, every time the pills are just way more effective and on the comedown/backend is when u trip the most. Had 2 pts of crystal after long use of pills and it did fuck all tbh. Made me have a really good sleep lol
this may be a bit of a stereotype but people in the UK definitely enjoy getting utterly fucked up rather than just nicely buzzing (hence the popularity of drugs like Mephedrone and Ketamine) so I think the immediate and regular use of high doses creates higher tolerances to an extent
I tried LSD for the first time a few days ago, and I can see why it changes so many people's lives. On just one tab the simple act of living was better than sex, everything was more beautiful than any art I'd ever seen.
is normally like £20 a gram in London although there has been a bit of a drought lately (and a spate of deaths with people being sold fake stuff),
He more tried to explain that empathy and sympathy are weakness, and it takes a brave and mighty person to be an asshole. Like my moral code means nothing, and just holds me back.

you really have to understand that you are in the right and he is in the wrong.

he acts all buddy buddy with me after this happened, like nothing happened. I always talk curtuously with him like we are old friends, but send him messages with my eyes, like "I hate you, I would kill you if I could"

Its crazy how similar to this experience mine was. how long ago did this happen to you
did you perchance do any nitrous oxide while you were tripping? Honestly remember it transporting me from like the 5th to the 21st dimension when I took acid
Yeah, i've done some combos. 100/700 dph/dxm added a lot to the dxm trip. Got way more visuals than usual. Also did a 450/250 something dph/dxm combo and that was really fucked up. >>560172941 posted this earlier. Basically your standard horrifying DPH trip. Spiders, wasps, shadow people, phantom cigs, talking to people who weren't really there, etc
>saw the dogs from blops zombies running around
>gigantic gigahuge shadow spider guarding the stairs. If I got close he would jump on me and I would feel a shock throughout my whole body
>hallucinated that I was pissing everywhere
>texted ”i want you” to friend during blackout
>thought I was in hell because my friend was setting shit on fire and running at me. Blacked out then because I guess the fear was so strong
>fought demons during blackout. Apparently was swinging around and talking in old english style language
>thought I was a squirrel for some reason
>kept forgetting I took drugs
Yes, we are in the right. We are what humanity needs and is all about. Compassion.
I started doubting my reasons for being compassionate after this happened, but I realized that is who I am, and that is how I get pleasure, by being nice.

It happened mid-October last year. So 10 months ago.

Why do you keep seeing him?

Also, it takes a brave and mighty person to be loving and caring. It takes a predator to kill and hurt.
Being 'evil' is fucking easy therefore it's weak
>doubting my reasons for being compassionate
dude this is crazy
this happened to me on new years. I was spun out for about 4 months, and have been recovering for about 3. No lie I lost a lot of myself that night though.

Really great for me to chat with someone who has had an experience like mine.
someone archive this thread yo
definitely had some psychosis for a while, sometimes I still do. I am suspiscious of any media that is suggestive of drugs, as I am suspiscious that it is trying to troll me like he is.

did you have depression following this?
Ugh.. so it's still fresh for you too..
Well how is the recovery going? Good I hope!

This might sound a bit crazy, but a bad lsd trip can be fixed with a good lsd trip. Worked for me. I've had so many shit trips, I don't know why I do drugs.

How does the psychosis manifest itself? It's most likely a panic attack or some post traumatic stress. Psychotic people dont know they have psychisos. So relax! You are still sane, even though it gets tough some times.

I don't know. I think I did have a depression after that. But I cant tell when it ended.
Haven't had a horrible trip. Sure, once I thought I was going to die of vasoconstriction, but then I got okay with not existing. Then again, I'm a pretty analytical person, so my trips are pretty much just empirical experiments in ontology and epistemology.

Shit gets interesting when you realize you are ripples on a boundless ocean. What happens when the wind calms?
Hmm yeah I think I will hold out on a higher DPH/DXM combo for a while then if it can get that intense at those doses. I posted a 300/300 trip I did earlier. I enjoyed my 200/300 dph/dxm trip, it had that eerie yet pleasant magical feel to it.
I think I will do a high DXM low DPH dose you did. Maybe 600/100 or 700/100. I enjoy the CEVS when mixing the two. They are shaky and more mysterious than when usually just on DXM. They tend to appear in my vision shake about then slide up or away and a new shape or something will slide in and shake around. Reminds me sort of like how sending a text bumps up yout last message. The shapes and images do that.
>experiments in ontology
Same. Im always messing with tracers to see skips in time. And group psi.

Verdict so far? All mental or something more?
>22nd birthday, i was on 5 hits of blotter, 5oz of delsym (dxm polistrex) a few xan. bars, maybe 60mg of addy, and smoking lots of bud.. one girl freaked the fuck out and ripped off all her clothes and was spinning around naked on the floor throwing up and pissing at the same time.. seriously most fucked up shit i ever saw, cops ended up coming at some point and i remember being handcuffed to a hospital bed and she was in the other room screaming, i thought i was going to prison forever lol.. spent a night or two in jail and let me out cause never found anything cause i'm not a dumb nigger.. she ended marrying and having kids with some local dumbass
Whoa dude.. Are you on shrooms right now?

What do you think happens when the wind stops blowing?

Also, who is to say that you can't be the wind, rather than being a ripple? Fight for something good!
Skips in time? Group psi? You crazy if you believe that.

What I experiment with is logically deriving information about the structure and function of the universe.
600 or 700/100 is good. It's even better if you stagger the dxm dosing too. Just take half your dose, then take the rest like 45 minutes later. I got a really interesting trip this way. I was seeing balls of rainbow energy and I could manipulate them with my hand. Never had vivid visuals like that on DXM until then, even though i've fucked with higher doses.
I'm sorry if my answer seems lame, but to me, the wind and the wave are one and the same.
Me and others have experienced group psi so I'm not 'crazy'.
It manifests itself as anxiety.
Nasty vibes like I am keyed into the real workings of human interaction, and everything is meaningless.
I feel sometimes like the majority of media is there to get radical thinkers to destroy themselves, shit like the grateful dead bothers the shit out of me.

I was a pretty experienced drug user before this happened, I had used painkillers, cocaine, DXM, shrooms etc many times.

smoked weed daily and drank alot

this night however I broke my own rules and drank a drink with a light dose of MDMA in it, and then on the advice of a bunch of people I respected I dropped a tab of acid like an hour later. both were drugs I was not as familiar with, and I was in fucked up badly.
That's when this dude I know decided it would be a good idea to toy with my psyche. shit was fucked.
Before I dropped it, I looked him into the eyes and asked him "will this be chill?"
he was all "dude nothing to worry about"
I've known this guy since I was in elementary school
What you have experienced is enhanced intuition. Do not for a second mistake it for supernatural ability, that is the ticket to looneyville.

I've had similar experiences whilst tripping, except i find smoking weed actually brings on psychosis for me.
Legit thought I was schizophrenic after experiencing some sort of 'time loop' of super intense Deja Vu with my group of friends.
Pretty fucked up.
I don't smoke weed any more
Recursive and looping thoughts are very common on heavier doses with pretty much all psychedelics. It's because the connectedness of our neurons forms a graph with cycles in it. Psychedelics kind of amplify or mimic our brain signaling, thus producing self-similar thoughts and visual and auditory percepts.
Thanks man, I'll try exactly that then. I'll do it on another beautiful sunny day and see if I see anything cool. A part of me also wants to try maybe 300/300 outside in that setting one time. It'd be interesting what I see compared to when I do it in my glowing mostly dark room.
This thread looks the right place to ask something.
What's the dose of pure mdma I should take to not have a erectile disfunction?
probably like you, I was able to smoke any amount of weed and feel fine. But now its just an ordeal, must be the THC content.

Yeah i'm a neurophys student, so that makes heaps of sense. But i've been trying to find a logical explanation for what I experienced.
It was almost like I was 3 seconds ahead of time and everything my friends said felt rehearsed, like I'd heard it all before. Similar to Deja Vu I guess.
Not lame. Very harmonic, but maybe I missed your metaphor. Isnt the boundless ocean, life? And ripples the people, and the wind the forces moving the people?

Sorry, I'm not so spiritual anymore. Life does that to you.

What's group psi? I googled it.. didnt get anything.

Try to pinpoint the triggers to your anxiety, it will help you deal with it.
Dissociation/Derealization, very common in anxiety attacks. Just wait it out, and retreat to a safe-zone, but don't think negatively, stay positive even during the attack. It will lessen the effect it has on you the next time, and will go away more and more with every attack. That's what it did for me at least!

I had used drugs for a year and a half when this happened to me. I smoked almost daily, tried speed, xtc, painkillers, shrooms, lsd.

Knowing him for that long and he does that to you is even a bigger reason to dump his fake ass. You're gaining nothing by having him around.

I cant smoke weed anymore without getting extremely paranoid. And afterwards I am exhausted by anxiety, so I've quit.
The boundless ocean is the point within which everything resonates. What resonates within produces standing wave events that are discrete within the resonant function. These wave events have a deterministic sequence and their interactions are thus also deterministic. This produces a multidimensional directional graph of events and their causal relations. This causal set is complex enough to experience itself as a multidimensional structure. This is what we are, people.
Holy fuck, who knew there would be a wikipedia page on that. I've been thinking about this for over a year.
Thanks Anon, I wish you well.
This is way too spiritual for me. I was never a psychonaut. I don't follow.
I will not waste any more of your time.
I don't know about spirituality – what I'm referring to as a boundless ocean is my under-the-influence experience of consciousness and reality. The other parts are where my mind has bridged the gap between quantum mechanics and subjective experience.
I've experienced it as well.

Best of luck to you. To all of you. I'm going for another walk with my dog. Thread will probably die.

And kids remember! Don't do drugs!
This is an excerpt from my 10 hits of LSD 1 gram of MDMA DMT trip
The very last letter, of the very last word, of the very last sentence, of the very last paragraph, of the very last page, of the very last chapter, of the very last book.
And it all starts and ends with bullshit.

Time is cyclical

10 hits of acid, 1 gram of mdma. various amounts of dmt snorted and smoked.

Experienced death many times over

begged for the end to come faster

relived my entire life many times

very intense experience

parade of the undead passed by my house, some of them entered my yard.

very scared

Time is cyclical
This is also the trip that kicked in my latent schizophrenia. be careful out there /b/rothers you never know what crazy shit you can have going on in your head
What do you mean by schizophrenia? What do you experience?
That's when the voices started, the thing most people don't understand about schizophrenia is that the voices aren't coming from inside your head. you actually hear them as if they are spoken. and they come from all around as if you're surrounded and there is no way out. they've always told me to kill myself and just how worthless of a human being I am. shit sucks bro.
I also see cats now everywhere I go, for a while though I would hallucinate people stalking me peering their heads around corners and ducking out of sight once I saw them.
Yeah I remember seeing some video where a neurologist scanned the brain of someone hearing voices and is showed that the brain lights up as if its legitimately hearing external sounds, pretty weird.

That sounds pretty scary mate, hope something comes good from it.
fucked that up.

Last post addressed to >>560197762
If anything my schizophrenia has taught me to cherish my good moments in life because the bad times can get super bad and I end up in the psych ward for weeks at a time. which is basically like being in prison but on a constant suicide watch
DMT, of course. Forget the "how".
File: 1386986052986.gif (2MB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 480x360px
>out clubbing with friends
>had been smoking fat doobs with said friends shortly before heading out
>already bought 50bag of MD and a few bumps of ketamine
>intend on getting completely destroyed
>head outside for a smoke and start bumping MD
>head back inside and buy a pint because I had cottonmouth
>besides feeling like I really needed to dance, nothing seemed to be happening
>decide to bump the rest of the MD and the ketamine
>dancing with some really hot guy for about an hour before he asks me if I wanna head to another club with him
>stumble over to the next club and we head straight through to the bar, get drinks and head to the smokers lounge
>I'm pretty gakked at this point and I keep trying to touch my new friends nose with my drink
>new friend asks if I want to keep the party going
>he pulls out this bag full of pills, tells me they're 2cb
>I've never been so ready
> he hands me two and a take them straight away
>FF 30mins
>the 2cb has kicked in and I'm absolutely destroying the dancefloor
>I'm kind of just jumping up and down while flapping my arms around my chest
>I realize that I need to settle the fuck down and make my way back to the bar
>turns out my new friend has left without me
>I get really upset and run out of the club
>It's 4am, freezing cold and I'm still going hard
>I dance my way over to the train station and end up passing out waiting for the first train home at 7am
>get woken up at 2pm by a security guard asking me whether or not I'm homeless
>turns out I vomited all over myself and nobody wanted to go near me
>I cleaned myself up, caught a cab home and made myself some french toast
Ugh, sounds awful /b/ro. Keep strong though.
Ever thought about taking a heavy psychadelic trip to fix it? Like a really large shroom dosage.

Just a thought.. what do you think would happen?
I continue to do heavy does of LSD my normal dose is around 600ug. it helps to refresh my perspective on life and keep me positive
Way to party.
>makes french toast

yea this story was bullshit even before you revealed what a giant faggot you actualy are.
Where do you get your LSD?
I'm interested in taking it again. Alone this time, with my best friend, me.
Mixed 1200ug of 25i and 4 pills of either valium or benzos forgot which. more visual then shrooms and lsd combined. I swear the shit i saw was fucking crazy, Monkeys jumping out of the wall in animation form and sky changing vivid colors and houses looking like the house from fosters imaginery friends
If you get it from anywhere get it from blackmarkets, SR2, Agora etc. otherwise people will sell you rcs cause thats the cheapest shit out there
I was with a guy like this when I had 25-i, He convinced me that no one was real and I was sleeping, That I had gone insane and everyone was a figment of my imagination
Just yesterday I tried LSD and it was fucking amazing.
Took 1, didn't feel shit after 40 mins, took 1,5 more right away and tripped balls.
Saw some pretty fucked up shit, but I didn't feel like a bad trip.
That's what I will do if I do it.
Are the blackmarkets often legit?
Will I get LSD and not some rc 25i/c bullshit?

Yeah no. 500-1000mg of MDMA would be too much for almost everybody. However, methylone is flooding the UK and europe as an MDMA substitute and its not unheard of to binge through a gram of that in a night.
I got mine from SR, reviews were legit, some tested it for LSD and it was good.
Just do some research on the vendor if you feeling paranoid about that shit.
That mustve sucked.. How long were you messed up?

And what makes you think that crystals and powders can't be adulterated? you sound like you have absolutely zero chemistry experience.
also when this happened I was camping with just me and 4 other people and after being told this I was left by myself to sleep in the car in the middle of winter, I had no blankets and the trip ended up lasting 2 almost 3 days
Yeah blackmarkets arent your neighborhood drug dealers. Their businessmen in a way, they count on good reviews to get customers so them fucking anyone over would be them fucking themselves over. Just read vendor reviews and youll be fine, and dont be sketched out by it being sent in mail, people never get caught from it, atleast to my knowledge and experience
I still thought I was dreaming for like 5 days and hadn't had a wink of sleep the entire time which only further made me believe it. Also when I was camping we were out for 3 days and all I had to eat was 2 cans of spaghetti and an apple, I also only drank like 1 liter of water in the 3 days
There have been some people caught. That's what my countries local media has told me.
But the ones who got caught ordered like 100g of weed or bigger supply of hard substances.

My LSD was nicely vacuum packed in the envelope.
wth, tabs I get, MDMA, I get. But fucking 3 grams of hash?
Shit son, that must have been some cutted shit.
Would be able to manage 3 grams of speed, but 3 grams of good hashish.
IDK. Are you sure you smoked that much?

I don't know how much I took, but I had a blackout for 5 days Woke up strapped to some sort of bed while a nurse was injecting diazepam into my arm. Was also fucked on high doses of haldol and nozinan they had to give me to calm me down. Ended up with renal failure and dialysis for 3 weeks.
Yeah that makes sense it is hard to get away with that much substance, lsd is just thin paper so its harder to get caught with, my friends get it past airport security all the time hehe
Powders can be, sure.
Crystals not as easily without being discovered, as you would need something to match the colour and the solidity of the crystal, whilst still being able to bind nicely with the original substance. My crystals were yellow/dirt-brownish as MDMA crystal can be.

You can cut amphetamine with just about anything that looks like wheat powder... dextrosol or whatever.

Welcome to the thread, now share a story you massive faggot
Are you fucking kidding me faggot, nothing mentally scarring can come of MDMA. At best you get some weird hallucinations. Also, 450mg MDMA is a heft dose, but nothing too crazy. There's a shit load of people who do loads more. I myself took 6-7 180mg pills a night on a weekly basis, nothing went wrong. Try taking 6 tabs of LSD, see how mentally scarred you come out of it. Stop being such a fucking mentally weak pussy.

Are you retarded? You make a mixture of different drugs and dissolve them in a volatile liquid they arent soluble in. That way they will crystallize out and you wouldnt be able to tell from the color.

"uhh my MDMA is brown its so pure", get your facts straight pure MDMA is white. The brown shit is leftovers of isosafrole.
actually you could say white mdma is "cleaned" mdma
It actually looks like granite powder in some cases.
Ok let's bring this down to your level of conversation
>hurr durr muh chemysteri

Anything else?
try ten tabs you fucking lightweight. get on my level... which has fucking pirate ships made of pure energy and is manned by a crew of iron lobsters that breath fire and hum NITZER EBB tunes. the wind in its sails? hold on to your weenus, fadgepacker, cuz its motherfucking compounded sentience radiating from a prism located in the lush gardend of the forbidden dimension. 6 tabs.. pfft. fucking casual.

Do you even know what you're talking about? lol
MDMA can cause PTSD in people who have personal issues and are prone to it.
So edgy
Many wow
Such cool

Read the fucking story you dumb fucking piece of shit. Your social skills makes me wish you will be out through the same thing.

Read the fucking thread faggots.
worse trip was when i smoked pot
was terrifying
never again
I've done mushrooms and LSD but my hardest trip was when I drank two bottles of DXM syrup and took 300mg of dph because I was in highschool. That shit was crazy
Last summer, took 3x 170mg ish LSD tablets, dont remember exact amount on them. Friend told me I dare you to take a bonghit. Took 1 nice big hit and staggered to the couch. next I remember is I felt like I made a backflip into the couch and entered a alternate universe or some shit inside the couch where everything was fluffy and crazy.

Friend wakes me up as I lay facedown in the couch. Once again staggers to the bathroom to wash my face in some cold water. As the water runs down my hands and face it looks like my skin is melting of with the water. After a while the rush calms down and we got out on the porch and sit there and talk and watch the sky do all kinds of crazy magic shit until the sun came up.
dude that shit fucks with you i thought i was dead after getting naked and tripping on 3.75mg of sublingual 25-i i have the trip if you want to hear it
My good sir I do believe you are talking about ug micrograms
Yeah sorry

It was great. Really. I snorted it the first time (Stupid idea, works better orally) and I remember just feeling so surprised and full of amazing power and energy, I could take on the world.
Along that came a lot of feelings and emotions that was easy to process regarding my current life situation. Had no hangover, infact I felt amazing for like two weeks after.

I didn't fap, the thought simply didn't strike my mind. Besides, I can hardly keep a boner on several stimulants, this counts for amphetamine, 6-APDB, 4-FA, methylone and MDMA itself.

One thing more, I have always preferred to do drugs alone or at small gatherings, not at parties. I can't be bothered to deal with the social stigma that's surrounding drugs nowadays.
those trips when you dont know if youre dead or alive are usually the most intense ... last time on 4grams shrooms i pissed on my living room floor cuz i thought im not a living human being anyway so i just let it go ... that happened twice by the way ... not that it meant something i just had to pee at the time ... when you face infinity you dont care about urinating anywhere anymore i guess
cool and cool, i fap too much anyway.

also, to contribute to the thread, i just got some great LSD (took to a friend who has a testing kit) and was the happiest i've ever been and stayed happy all month
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